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Stu returns after spending too much money at Disneyland. And it’s just like direct democracy! Yesterday Americans voted to increase state spending without having the means to pay for it all. We need teachers who are free to TEACH, not flashier schools! New evidence reveals that there WAS an investigation into Burisma, and the company even name-dropped Hunter Biden to try to stop it! And 11,000 scientists say that the Green New Deal doesn’t go far enough – we must DECREASE the population! Fortunately, Jane Fonda has also agreed to stop buying new clothes.

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Hey welcome to the podcast Steelers back from his wonderful vacation. He is completely flat broke and now be here for awhile. Congratulations on that. We do. We have great stories ABC now caught on tape and ABC Anchor saying we have the story. We had everything on it: Annette Esteem and the network, wouldn't let it run the networks as well as because we didn't have it, but it up. You decide as we talk about this, but that's now ABC am NBC both of editing about Jeffrey Epstein, but I'm sure We can trust them on Brett Kavanaugh, also the whistleblower. Nobody wants to say his name We do, and we tell you why it's so important as we learn how to pronounce it
big, discover, entities, programme and population control being green, stopping eating meat enough. Now we have to reduce the population This sounds like fun all on today's podcast, listen to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Who had a vacation with his family and in this name, California, see the new star Wars thing. I did hear good. It's really cool, like you points, you're, sitting standing in the middle of this area and you feel like you're just in the movie, because it's all encompassing like or you look as just looks like star wars, so that was pretty cool and I mortgage my home sold it
had entity or you can. I had a fire sail on that. I was a little surprised. Yeah kids wanted the eet, while they re Disney too, has hit out at a big elephant, ear yeah. Those things are expensive. They ever ever to me here, but economic power You don't see them at Disneyland. People don't mind spent in fifty four ninety five on a corn dog. There are no its value, nano they die, don't think they do. I think it is a point where it's just like the american people when you get to it where you just have to eliminate the idea that finances exist, things seem great right like there's that there's a fancy- I was walking around in theirs is goofy guy and he's he's p seems pretty funny and there's pluto. It's a dog and he's cool, and I have no more money- and that is the right. This is what happens with the american people write like you go out, and you vote that we are talking about this with Texas TAT.
Texas. This is not California. This is not new. Your taxes had ten ballot proposition thing you could vote. I must now There were attacks a surgeon though they were, they were good. There were good all they were and look at in yours like well. Is there any way to stop? ballot proposition from passing. If you say you're spending money on something, especially if it's, sounds moderately positive, additional taxes, water development board bonds. Should we be doing that in Texas our course? Sixty four to thirty six gets prove hang on just a second, the constitutional amendment constitutional, and these are all constitutional amendments providing for the issuance of additional general obligation, bonds by the water to Texas Water, develop aboard of Mount not to exceed tuner million, to provide financial assistance for the development of certain projects in economically distressed areas,
sort of on the back of Harvey Hurricane Harvey permit the Water Development Board to use bonds for projects in areas of states with greater financial needs, career enough pointed out it further source. We have to tell you that sixty four to thirty six to temporary property tax exemption for disaster areas again all right yeah. Well, you know this is been damaged by a disaster and there's been an official disaster declaration. Let those people get back on their feet. Looks cut the tax or more spending a little less revenue in the first couple here about damn prohibiting state income. Exxon residents, now the horses and don't even have to read it out. You know. Well you don't you want to prohibit. So the answer is actually yes. This is a big confusing thing that was coming down to the line of the vote, but if you want to prohibit the state income tax, you wanna go,
yes, it's a little confusing, but there's a constitutional amendment prohibiting the imposition of an individual income tax, including a tax on an individual share of partnership or Unincorporated association income. The answer is yeah. I don't want any income tax, data text, we don't have saving of tax. Now I- and this is a constitutional amendment- saying- will never have it unless you remember constitution will just not that hard early, not that are now. I don't know. I had seven, which is not seventy percent that this should be. This should be two thirds of the state to Amanda, constitute right this just fifty percent here and taxes, battle pass. Seventy seven two hundred and twenty three, how about sporting goods? Sales tax to fund parks, wildlife and historical agency enforce, while those are good things. So, therefore, the answer is yes we're hunters, and we want to make sure that we take care of her state parks and our wild an type park,
The sugar taking part know what they're per cent of the evil people here and Texas did take their visitor teen percent or ten percent. Eighty seven, thirteen! The worst was the final vote on that one. How about increase sing, bonds for cancer Prevention and Research Institute? Now lunch One can do we want cancer. Of course we dont one cancer. Nobody likes cancer. Cancer, bad in all circumstances, but here's the thing sixty four to thirty, six for more money for it. So now, if, if you ve noticed the pattern here and as this is the California problem same problem, California, problem, Texas, the same problem with everywhere. The has these these constitutional amendments, where the average person can go. Odin him. Instead of a representative democracy. Representative republic, I like we were given. Initially, you can vote for no taxes and all the spending.
A great way to do it. It's like go into Disneyland yeah right. You can go as long as you don't care about all this, but its meeting at all the pictures you want with many mouse she's just got to charge a fifty four ninety five every time don't worry about it, you're, not only drown, someone else will, a down the road right. How bout increasingly did increasing distributions to these state school fund? Weak, eight kids, not school skip school and, of course we need that money. Seventy three two hundred and twenty seven, how about a creation of a flood infrastructure? meaning that, of course that sounds good right you what fun! If there's gonna, be a flood You need any there's restructure to go against its that passes. Seventy six to twenty four and other property tax exempt for actually that not just the same. That is actually, though, the one that I look at ago, that one probably should constitutional amendment providing for the creation of flood infrastructure fund to assist in the financing of drainage, flood mitigation and flood control brought a lot of stuff kite came on. The back of her can Harvey what you hit: Houston,
badly in and in all over taxes. If the, I think they have thought him, pull in New Orleans would have done this. It wouldn't have been so bad, but they never did and right here, but here's the issue, there's not anything on this list that you'd look at and say: oh well, we can't we don't need. We don't need a fun cancer research there's nothing on here real. So it's a bad idea course. You want all those things, but that's the problem when It offers all those things. People take all those things and the same as for the taxes, of course, people to want to pay extra taxes for all these things. Yes, they want, they see tax exemption, Things are going to vote for it most of the time, it's almost impossible to find something with the word school or cancer or hell. Or floods or disaster in it. That will not pass in one of these situations, which is why our rounders kind of said. You know what isn't a good idea.
Having all of our expenditures being designated doled out through votes through democracy. This is this. Is this? Was the plan from the progressives you didn't do this before you had arrived? preventative, democracy or republic. You hire you haven't election. You hire someone who supposed to be good at what you're asking them to do and then they go in there and they think the stuff out that you vote them in or out of office right, but you couldn't get them to do the things that progressives wanted. So they started in California and they went directly with these kinds of things for a direct vote, because we all love democracy. Will democracy get you, Democracy is getting us this, so you you look through all of these
es on all of the spending, and any of the taxes are no including property tax exemption for precious metals. In depositors. Now we just built in Texas a massive depository for gold. We got all of our gold back from the Federal Reserve, so all of that goal that Texas held gold that went now index some underground vault that has been built so Texas has its all go. It has all of its goal. Now. Listen to this. It's a constitutional amendment tell me why people voted yes or no for this, The constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation, precious metals held in a precious metal depository located in this state. I would guess that. Less than one percent in new. What
A divorce meant try even know, even though it meets gap. No names out can be like a property accept, have size tax law. I don't really like adds. I think this, the commercial area, a commercial for gold from ad Valori M taxation right. Basically, it's it's a property tax, a million people voted on this did ten thousand know what advert Laura meant, no, no, no right, which is why it was closed. Yes, fifty four no a forty six, because people are like. I had Valori that sums fancy. I don't know that's a trick here. If I dont like those it, whose whose whose writing this thing somewhat speaking, a different language. Therefore, our Lord now they're tricking lighting, honesty. The only thing there that saves that, when it makes a close, is it sounds like precious metals. It sounds like rich people.
People are willing to vote against it, but the bigger issue here, I think, is something we ve all vilified as its terrible. We should all be pragmatic. We should all be Georgia. Just I just wanted to care about. What's right, I'm not ideological. I don't have an ideology, these ideological, the lie, audio logical people are the problem. No an ideology is simply a group of beliefs and policies. That- and this is important work together. So if you believe in lower taxes, what you're saying I want a smaller government that does less, if you believe in, excessive spending. Then you need to believe in higher taxes to pay for it. What we get our people, who don't wanna, play any of the taxes but I want to pay for all the free stuff which side is add, Valori, mom
That's what that's how I am against I'll get. That's the one, I'm again, oh yeah, he sighed. May I may I just point out one more thing. Yes, I'd like to see the Constitution of Texas, because it it's a really crappy constitution, and I don't like to take on Texans on their constitution but proper, position. Ten is a constitutional amendment to allow The transfer of law enforcement dogs to qualified caretakers, in certain circumstances, the long constitution that, when your constitution is covering dog handlers, I dont know if its constitution anymore is more. As a rule book and how that we at least have stuff I warrant yeah they that it's almost like Santa's list at that
police dogs destroyed. I want all those gold holding police dogs that have cancer to die in a flood, That's why? How out about it? No in a lot of us as I would have they should all be paying higher taxes, income taxes. The best of the Glenn Beck program. AIDS, Glenn and you're tune into the Glenn Beck program if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out. Pat gray unleashed is available where Are you download your favorite podcast looks like mad I guess, yesterday, Matt Bevin, lost in the gubernatorial race he has not conceded. Yet, though, has he at least, as of morning who is not. The second is a very close race moves, a few thousand votes
and it looks like he wants to see a recount, which is, I think, within his right. You know, usually something inaction with several thousand boats does not normally get overturned, but its within that range were. Why not look at it again? It's an important decision, nip, I don T, know Kentucky, I think, is going to regret selection and in the future, but you know this is it's it's not only. What for aid for the Republicans, This is what happens when you you hire some. And they put you on a steady diet? It's exactly the thing we ve just pointing out. If you the thing that I am advocating, you lose elections. This is what happens. If you go out- and you say you know what actually people- we can't give you all the free of all the free fun the free schools spending and all the free things. You know what you can: they have. All of that. You can only have a little bit of it when you say that
people, they say, ok, we'll get out of here. There's the door. I see it that you can have all that we can have the whole door walk through. It is really cool the district I live in the school district I live in. They wanted even more money and I'm like. What do you want? Do you want a helipad that the kids? What do you want? I mean, is insane insane how you can just say, kids and school and pass anything, has anything I've never seen one that puts head in there. I've never in my life seen it now, I'm sure it's hot now, it's it, but I've never seen it robbing it. I've loved you. We should be starving these schools to death for money only because they are not working there. Not working out Our school systems in our educational standards are the lowest they ve ever been. Our test returned lowest. I've ever been
even know our history. We should be starving the schools to death and look so much more of this should be private. Country, like the United States, should be much more pride like. Even if you have a system of public schools, it should be a fall back option for places that meet it, not the only option in the main thing people go to, and then we should be looking at this as we should all these things, like school vouchers, used to be important policies that Republicans a push for an we're very popular by the way. But now we ve those things have been abandoned in hospital. The teachers unions near, I think the Taliban to think to reap the Beverly was one of the reasons why we are lost out at all when after teachers yeah- and it was all about the kids in school everybody. All we got to take care of the kids got to take care of education. You don't think Matt Bevin wants to take care of kids education course,
system and you are, you are. Let me tell you something: if a teacher being told exactly what to do in every situation. In every classroom. They're, not they're, not meant to be a teacher. The really hot the teachers who think out of the box. I want teachers to have their own control. I want teachers to be able to come and find a different way to teach, but all of these teachers are told you have to teach exactly this and exactly this way anything from every Robin Williams, movie, I mean this is the essentially his entire career was built on. Is a doctor
red nose doing surgery differently? I closed my eyes and I do not wish hard in one hand and or other areas like I had such a terrible idea, but he didn't differently, and then there was, you know he was. He was always in front of a class a dead. What society with him to be a break up, doing everything differently, all the rules, you throw him out the window and I'm gonna be funny for about twelve seconds in this move, even though your expecting it to be a comment that that's real right and it s. There is an yes. Some structure is good, of course, but in these are people who are trying to create any their good. Teachers can engage a kids mind because their create they're giving them. A different way of thinking of things are excited about. Every kid is different and if you don't capture their imagination, especially in today's world, you got nothing you got. Nothing Tik Tok in five seconds, Marina, watching sums. Stupid video of a person run.
HU a wall That's going to win most of the time unless you're, really, unless you really engaged teachers and how people don't think that our local systems should be empowered to work. This all out and it's like eighty percent of the paperwork for federal government, I mean it's, it's insane one of the best principles round, I read the story about a principal who spends all of her day, just pulling out all the paperwork saying to the federal government. Yeah we're doing all that, even though they're not doing anything mere federal government is making people lie to me, able to have a better school just insane in saying it doesn't work. Where are we Why do we keep voting? For more
we keep giving more money in the scores, keep getting worse and worse and worse. What are we doing? I wouldn't want that to happen to us as radio host. I wouldn't I wanna be the guy who break the rules like the morning, Vietnam, something like that, where you're just the one day, jaded breaking the rules of a military, because people are just starting to take up this. Is the best of the Glenn Beck program, hey, it's gland And if you like, what year on the programme is check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available? Where ever you download your favorite pike ass? I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the pod cask, any deuce, favour and rate us on Itunes, if you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes Begs Char America,
time going this in our charter, a mellow, yeah charm error Is it like? I receive an error in the morning. Air term Ella night at doesn't quite work. I'm writing. I'm working on a song called Eric Charm, Ella or Carmelo or Caramel Malo. I don't I don't I'm not. Maybe that's why they don't want the name out, because no one can forget it with a candy bar. They dont know how to pronounce it. I'm not really sure that to be the media's, his holiness back, because they don't want to pronounce wrong it could be it could be that could doubtful, but could be in about three years for going at a great video like him, ABC News, acres saying how they had this all our Jeremiah STAR down and they won't. Let us go wouldn't let us go when it wouldn't. Let us go with it. I had every aspect of this lockdown. Now here's the game, that's being played on capital here now,
since IRAN's Paul here's ran Paul yesterday being stopped by a reporter ass. He. What are you? What are you doing? You can't release his name here. It is their whistleblower laws, thou reap they protect. Less of lower. You know it's illegal to out a whistle blower kill you you got, there hung to mean we should work on the facts. Here's the thing is the whistle blower statute protects the whistle blower from having his name revealed by the inspector general. Even the New York Times admits that no one else is under any legal obligation. The other point- and you need to be very careful if you really are interested in the news- is that the whistle Or actually is a material witness completely separate from being? so blower because he worked for Joe Biden. He worked for Joe Biden at this in time. Hunter Biden was receiving fifty thousand dollars a month, so the investigation into the corruption of Hunter Biden involves this whistleblower because he was there at the time. Did he bring up? The conflict of interest? Was their discussion of this. What was his involvement with the relationship between Joe
in the process, is a lot of questions of whistleblower needs Dan Year is a lot in a kind of false bar once you know who Eric Carmelo is once you oh who are Carmelo is, and you see All! The connections then you're, like all. We should say the name Eric Carmelo now I dont ceremony or charm Ella, whichever it maybe I'm, not sure I'll. Take it from him. That's the one thing I'll take from life now. Would you believe him if he told you had a pronounced his name? I don't know what I want you to second source. I would need a second sort. You can ban words in name
by law coming out of a regular citizens about. No, that's not the way. The lesson to the country which operates. Listen to me. Listen to me, you we don't know. Even Chuck humor play the Chuck Schumacher Conference yesterday. He said he doesn't even know the name of the whistle of the calls to make public the whistle blowers. Identity are despicable, speck of the whole purpose of the whistle. Lower law to protect people when they have the courage to come forward. This whistleblower is obviously coming forward because he was so concerned about where President Trump was leading America and every single republican senator, including the republican leader. What did announce that this has nothing to do with answering questions about the status of impeachment or the status of the trout. This has to do with what America's all
out and a law that was passed in a bipartisan way. Whistleblowers should be protected no one knows who he is or if you do, you should. Let me know woody knows who he is. Nobody knows who he is. Everyone! everyone knows who he is. This is the biggest lie, Everyone knows who the whistleblower is and the, then he's being protected is because you ask him any question you just look at his job is three. And it confirms everything on our blackboard, firms at all confirms that all this guy should watch out, because it's not going to be a Donald Trump supporter that whatever do anything, this guy could be Jeffrey Epstein in a hurry.
Beat by all of the people in the Dnc, because this guy is a danger to what they are actually hiding. Now let me give you an update. First of all, let me let me just say this. One of the problems with the whistle blower is seven months ago, in April, Senator Chuck rashly wrote a letter to Attorney General Bill bar asking about a text message conversation between two FBI, agents, Strzok and page. You remember them, and that was made into this is just a relationship thing. This is just a guy cheating on his wife. That's all this is well. Is it because Chuck Grassley wrote and said? Can you find out what this is all about? He wrote
Talking with bill, do we want Joe to go with Evanina instead of Charlie for a viber Eighty of reasons. Grassley notes in the footnotes. All areas are known with the exception of Charlie, whose Charlie conversation goes on with pages response quote, I'm not sure. Would it be unusual to have him show up again, maybe another agent from the team. Now, why are they worried about the optics of a Charlie showing up to a meeting with trumps transition team? Why are they hiding Charlie, who is Charlie or
Is he the c? I a guy does if he could assess if there were any new questions or different demeanor. If Cates husband is there, he can see. If there are people we can develop for potential relationships, end quote their using. What we now think may be the whistle blower to go in and recruit more people to turn against the president. But the United States. This is a coup. Now, that's not all the whistle blower was doing. The whistle blower is also he his presence. His presence takes a part, the lies of the day, Mcrat, saying that they had nothing to do at the embassy that they had. Absolutely no
thing to do. They were not doing anything at the US embassy, the ukrainian embassy. In the US. They were not pump, The Ukrainians for information and Lupa music? this sweet little mom, that's a housewife and there's no connection there, we know, that's not true, but we also know because we have her and the whistle blower together working thee. Investigators. Ukraine telling them? You need to find stuff on Trump go back and find stuff on trump we now have them. Is that the whistleblower, because whistleblowers name that's being bandied about is the same name as the guy. Who is helping her now in another update.
A! U S, representative for Paris, Ma Holdings sought a meeting, the under Secretary of State Catherine Novelli, to discuss ending the corruption allegations against the Ukrainian Firmware Hunter Biden, worked as a board member. These memos have been obtained under a freedom of Information ACT law suit. What is it the Democrats are hiding well because of a freedom of Information ACT, lawsuit in which, by the way, is not like some mysterious whistle blower. These are facts. On paper three weeks before baristas overture to the state ukrainian authorities raided the home of an oligarch who owns the gas firm employed, which employed Hunter Biden.
A signal. The long running corruption probe was escalating in the middle of a U s: presidential election. So three weeks before. They re bereavement Hunter binds name in fact, was specifically invoked by the bereaved Marie preventive as a reason, the State Department should help to a series of email exchanges. Among you S, officials trying to arrange the meeting the subject line for the Mena email exchanges just read, simply borri smart, quoting per our conversation Karen Trademark Pram, on whatever Karen of Blue STAR strategies, requested a meeting to discuss with the? U S, representative state by representative Novelli, alleged
Maurice MA of corruption, email between the state officials reed. She noted that too high profile. U S! Citizens are affiliated with the company, including high Hunter Biden, as a board member. They would like to talk to Novelli about getting a better understanding of how the? U S came to the determination that the company is corrupt according to travel Manto, there is no evidence of corruption. There's been no hearing or process
in evidence to the contrary, has not been considered. Novelli was a most senior official overseeing the international energy issues for the state. The other woman was a lawyer working for blue STAR strategies as a Washington firm hired by bereavement, another blue STAR official Sally painter. Both alumni of the Bill Clinton administration worked with New York Base Criminal Defence attorney to settle the Ukraine cases in late twenty sixteen and early twenty seventeen borri small holdings records obtained by or ukrainian prosecutor state, the gas firm made a sixty thousand dollar payment, the Blue star November twenty fifteen. She was scheduled to meet with Novelli. On March, First State Department officials were scrambling to get answers ahead of that meeting from the U S embassy in Keith. So what happened? What happened.
The vice president, the State Department knew that Hunter Biden was going to be investigated. Bereavement came to the State Department and said you ve gotta help stop this investigation, because Hunter Biden and a couple of other people are involved in this, so the state Department scrambled to do what they Could to figure this out and stop the investigation, which Democrats say never happened. They said there as no investigation, we now have the State department emails showing that three weeks before he goes there is an investigation. They are talking about it. Exactly what's going on, we also
shoujo in the last special, the documents that prove that the general prosecutor in Ukraine kind of, like our attorney general. He went to court and filed the case. Four weeks before Joe Biden came in, so he filed an active case for weeks before. What is the whistle blower know about any of this because he's with the State Department, what's the state department know? And what are they really hiding one week from tonight will show you you're not gonna like it, but will show you
and quite honestly, I think this thing it could end like a Jason Bourne Movie, because this is corruption at the highest levels and corruption. That is not going to sit well with Democrats, Republicans independents. They are not going to like this week The next Wednesday make sure your remember of blaze, tv go to blaze, tv dot, com use the promotion Glenn and you're going to save ten percent right now, don't miss it next Wednesday? This is the best of the Glenn Beck program, like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now- and I too, but while you're their due favorite rate the shell, but I don't know if you know this stupid, but
Donald Trump notified the United Nations. This last Monday were formally withdrawing from the Paris agreement. It seems so much easier to get into these. Instead to get out yeah, it's almost like bricks. Its oppressive the same almost like brain, like in a mini about a year, will have a referendum on whether we should actually get our right of of the Paris echo. Now that the it's a one year process to exit, it will happen when you're process cannot just two years ago, you know I know well between those that what you're right you have the two years in between just a cooling off period, I'll make sure go into a by a gun when you're angry Unita to your cooling off is always cool off now for two years and he's like yep. I still want out of the Paris Accords So now it's a one year deal and it actually will expire. I think right around or on election day
art it better, not got a good data colleague area that are now because Donald Trump thus doesn't care about people the planet, his children, air water, any of it hates water, he hates it, he hates both hydrogen and oxygen. Oh you put the two together in its it. The opposite of the recent peanut butter. Like you put hydrogen in my aunt Jane, you bastard, he hates it anyway. More then. Evan thousand experts now these are experts, do experts there, scientists. Nowhere in the story doesn't say their scientist of what you know. I don't know. Maybe it's you know the science of mechanics. You know science of race, cars or, I don't know their, but their scientists
and their experts, and they are calling for a critical addition to the main strategy of dumping fossil fuels for renewable energy. He d, Eleven thousand now declare from the the Levin thousand scientists from around the world. I am quoting clearly and unequivocally stated planet earth is facing a climate emergency and to secure sustainable future. We must, change the way we live I can population growth are The most important drivers of increases in co2 emissions, so You gotta, stop this economic growth, if just hate that civilization stuff, I'm so irritating, is almost as irritating as water. I know because when we weren't as sophisticated and we weren't is as far as long as we are now
Air was so much cleaner. Like a hundred years ago now my gosh, it was so much cleaner. You know what and then they paved Paradise and they put up a parking lot. A parking in Paradise in Paradise. Homely the paradise of that shopping center down the stream, not the shopping. All my kasza value that used to be Paradise valid. I and now it's a parking lot. Vehicles can carry human being, a hundred miles an hour to hospitals and in shopping centres where they can buy things that help them live longer and live happy what we want better more be. I want more flowers in that lot. Yeah those are doing a hell of a lot of good. We don't little Emily me tell you something: hate, monger. Okay, we need transcript transformations regarding economic and and population policies, because the population is bill increasing by roughly eighty million people per year.
More than two hundred thousand per day, imagine hearing that are you. Why are you so negative? Why're, you and rain, or more people around is not tire. You I'm trying to tell you I'm design. Are you an expert? Obviously, are you a scientist? Obviously not now I'm a doctor who cake, which makes me an expert, I'm a doctor. I have my doctorate. I can't tell you the studies that I had to go through the years of studies and tests in, and you know those big long papers that, after right writers like Crazy free here. What could it be like when you call them that? But I will say that no defence yeah, we are talking about at the population of humans and your doctorate is inhumane it is human on me. This is your pretty much. This is your exodus is this is this? Is this? Is Glenn Central, so shut up our right?
The world population must be stabilized and ideally, gradually reduced. Now this is within a framework that ensures social integrity. So now what their time they were not talking about just getting rid of cows, solid, green, its p blue, we're now talking about people and it's kind of a passive population control. You know they say we just need to educate people better, because once their educated, they stop a birth, a name babies. And until they just they want more education and they want a greater equality of the sexes. Ah, yes, that's a big. I mean make this a great goal, but has nothing to do with
No, it actually it kind of sucks when you, when you do have more equality for the sexes. Women tend to be able to say, get off me. I have already had the year all roar. Yes, you know what true that over and over and over and over and over again, and only every single example of a country becoming an advanced economy and developing a level that we would call a developed country today, make progress. We can have developing come country. Why? Because no highlighting countries put up too much seo to see. This is a problem here. I'm gonna go with that's a terrible idea,
I say it's also completely unfair and mean unfair. You go to a country who we would use to consider third world countries right to stop giving him televisions. They don't have any well. I don't need the stuff. We have what kind of special? Let's let them they can tell their pots or something let them have the hots and not put any more co2. We'll do our thing and will do all the expenses solar power not mean that we can have you disagree with a start for its part, prime directive. Allow pursued. You know I'm right now know you're not supposed to be a prime directive you're not supposed to help. Others has civilization. You can get in the way I can't get in the way you can help them. You can expose them to things like a documentary film maker, I you're just their filming. They tried actually right in your nine allowed to be seen its the prime directive it is,
violated the star Trek, prime directive. All over the world I felt violated the first time we took all the trees and put them in a tree museum, and then we charge the people of dollars. I have to see him. I thought that was the first violation, but no, you know I never made it to that part of this year. The nine uprising, thereby- and I don't want to find out if its counting Crozier Gelatin joanie- are they doing something new that parking they made it our king lot give it people over them. That's what I want to do over the banned as they're playing the song. You know what I like parking lots. In fact, I, like him just plain without any cars, just shoe ups, glass, so anybody that pulls their car in there cuz then they'll have to build another parking lot across the street. That's how much I care about your stupid. Are you anyway,
completely unrelated story completely unrelated. The national health service. Trust has announced in great Britain that they are launching a red card to racism campaign. No, no! Yes, they racism. That sounds good. I don't like racism media, so I guess I support this. I'm gonna vote. Yes right, one following a national trend. Staff have reported that incidents of racism on wards have increased over the past year, so the house but all will be enforcing its zeal tolerance policy against any kind of abusive behavior. That means any patient abusing staff we'll be challenged and warned leading to us. Lord style disciplinary yellow card, and then,
They do it again. They get the final red card, which means treatment will be withdrawn so with you can go to a hospital and they won't treat you if they think you're to racist. Yes, if you're sexist or racist, now. I want you to know that the hospital has just removed the british flag, the I want to get this right, what they call these? I never heard of these, but boy they're, so they're. So good. Here, hang on just a second day was there knife vest the security they don't have bulletproof vest because there no bullets. Okay, so people don't want to the other people accept unless they have bullet, so the lilies security has knife vast to stop people from shipping them an one.
The patience saw the flag, the british flag on one of the knife vests and they ve now removed those vests. I'm not the whole vast, just the flag off that vast because it has been deemed offensive. So those flags from those s are not going to get any medical care I mean when you put those two together there, what they're going to decide when you're to racist or sexist, to give you medical treatment given us by the way the flag of our own country is offensive. Okay, so here it is If you use racist or sexist language gestures or any behaviour would have to use the term toots, I dont think so. Ok, don't hurt him. No! Ok, sweetheart! Now! Ok, if your The king, excessive noise, like Hell power on fire that might they
stop trying to put you out there, you know, because you are on fire if you have abused alcohol or drugs now, that's him everything you go to the hospital not here, this is a regional, don't guess very minute: that'll get treatment threatening or hence of language malicious allegations like they won't put me out because I'm making too much noise yeah an intentional damage to trust property to trust property. Ok, so your view damaged the proper hospital here I am. This is a mean look. This is a terrible idea, and this is just one of many many steps. They have to withhold treatment, slash ration treatment. Money to pay for this crap anymore. They can all say that we are saying too many swears and then not do our surgery right now.
For some people in the hospital that don't like this, but they ve been calling on all of the staff to join its black, asian and minority ethnic network to join them and support, because they want to stamp out racism and sexism, and and that's what you get when you have a Government run healthcare system, and then you inject political ideas into healthcare, then you'll be able to just treat the people who have a reason to live. You know the people who are adding to our society. Why treat those people who detract who make it difficult for people? I mean I'd like to say, go, get of care someplace else, but there is no other place. You can get your health care because it
all been nationalized, oh, how many black alley doctors, therapy is the best of the Glenn Beck program. You be quiet because there is something very important that I want. Jane Fonda is fighting climate change. Do we have that audio? Please I needed something red and so I went out and found. This is the last article of clothing that I'm going to ever by. You say that I will ever buy in my life- may not be going to live to one hundred is also made me think a lot about consumerism. I grew up. One consumerism wasn't didn't have to strangle
when I talk to people about really need to keep shopping shopping, what's that look up. How old is Jennifer Aniston? this! This is beautiful and listen to the listen to the crowd they go while there she is, and she said I look. I bought this red coat cuz I needed. The red Brigades- one, let you gotta, have you prioritize that only honour? I may obviously I needed something read, but she said this is the last one she's going to buy cheese. Sauce
by any more clothes. Now, here is this brave woman who has been in Hollywood and an icon forever. Who probably I mean God bless her if, if she has less than a two thousand Square foot closet your hand here, she is at eighty one saying I'm not going to buy any new clothes now what happens on her birthday at eighty two, if you buy clothes for her, maybe I don't know, maybe she'd reject them, but she's not gonna. Do it. She says is the last one. Now she won't guarantee This will be the last one until the rest of her life. She need something another color at some point, yeah light cheat. She clarified, and not necessarily last when there s my life, then what
does it mean when you say this is the last in the clothing I've ever gonna buy this week today, eleven divides it. I don't know what that means by studying that she didn't have more red, considering her viewpoints. See ya around because a red flag rattling very popular color for her. I would imagine I gave you make the case pretty strong one. I would say that one of the election say everything they say about. Global warming is Gerard, gonna, die emissions, that's the end of, and I'll be all of the world right now you can make a pretty strong case that Jane Fonda is singularly more responsible for this problem than any citizen in United States because she was there. Who start in the China Syndrome, which made everyone scared of nuclear power, yes, which is a in emission free form of electricity electricity
Yes, She starred in the movie that freaked people out so we stopped building nuclear power plants could have actually done something about the emission problem. Instead, she continues to fight against nuclear power. And she continues then complain greener, nice red. We all want to be more. Like France, okay, we just I don't think you want to just say that I know exactly what I'm saying: I'm sure they are not using nuclear energy. Electricity is generated by nuclear power. They are actually doing something about the emissions from electricity within a given their hats on his big tsars, like they have those little brain, that's true. There, they also different. Like our trucker hats, ass plastic, the back those trucker had so things are never gonna decompose. French! Don't have that. So let him have their power plants. Its
hustler, stupid, trucker, hats that is destroying the world, is radio network on demand,
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