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Best of Program | 1/2/19 - The List of 2020 Candidates? - Laughter to The Rescue 2019? - Cancelled Due to Whiteness? - It's Alive and Well?

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Hard work into the podcast. Is its patents? Do in four Glenville Glenn is back on Monday. We are starting off with some of the presidential candidates were in twenty twenty season. It might between eighteen, that were in twenty. Twenty already answered go through some of the candidates who have already announced there's couple new ones and the last day or two that you need to know about us we have Louis UK, whose Trouble now for a comedy concert recently Annie's to counter these two countries. We'll delve into that actually made fun of things. I know Obviously you can't do that. You can't make fun of things. Are people lucky and that's that comedic way? That's just wrong. I would say the all time great show that the left is now coming after. They want to go after, like reverse hiss, on the shows. You, Mr Watson, and we have global warming up date. Bernie Sanders is telling us how we have to handle global warming. If your white, I want you to women's Maastricht, that's a good one to plot a great step on the path to estimate
the only thing tat the day. This is the line that programme with stew. Today for Glenn back here, Elizabeth Warren and Pat, I would love to get your initial got react Does she have any chance to be the nominee or to be present in the United States no chance of either Now what you want your underwear? If, if no comes noise on opening, Ojo and events, it s, because you did that last I've been twenty eight. Sixteen year, Philip, I felt pretty good about it and twenty sixteen. I still feel pretty good about it, but not pretty goods, not not enough, which is actually running this time. She's, actually gonna run and she could win, but I really think it's a long shot and the hill.
As presented their initial rankings of the field and at the top of the list They have better Rourke their number. One person how fastest of changes something guy loss, his race, yet only thing he's known for his losing yes, and yet he is going to be there their top dog they just there in love with him there absolutely in love with him. They said There is an old cliche that Republicans fallen line and Democrats fall in love and that's clearly what's happened with that work and it got Ellen love without Obama and they fell in love. We'd, better work and I'll unrove. There's gonna be any stopping him now for the nomination and twenty twenty that's insane. I mean it is we all had those romances throughout our lives, but there are times we follow When we fall out of love, there was a time in which the debates were in love with Elizabeth Warren. You have time is not now they did fall out of love
yes, I don't know, I mean a kind of fields to me like it was the whole native American TV and he just didn't feel like it, but that only pushed over the edge. I think they were falling out of love before the end of that kind of finished off. Some people are like all well, this is what it is. There does not comfortable with a woman at the top of the ticket. That's like that's ridiculous, stupid. First, Alaric Clinton was seemingly a woman right and another thing, because it was Hillary Clinton and she lost. We can't nominated other woman we can't we can yet another older woman is not does not the way to go, which I mean look. You can argue that I think there is a there's something similar about the way Elizabeth, worn Hillary Clinton handle things. That seems equally Incompetent. Yes, and that is not what you need to bring to the table against Donald thrown out. That's the one thing you need to be able to do and the DNA things,
handled so poorly. It was just a, I think. Even the Democrats, they were like ok come on the unfortunate was like one one thousand. Twenty fourth native american rallies. Stop it so bad like a river when these two had those free, HBO Preview weakened, everyone is. I ve never had HBO grown up and, unlike one weekend a year, HBO Beyond, and you get to see each of your Humphrey. That's like what happened with the dna test. It was like a free previewed, your candidacy, and that does not look good. In that moment, when Donald Trump Migs, accusation against her or some big news. We break someone finds something from her past. How are you gonna react to it and they got the free private. What she's gonna do is like all twenty three in me dot com and get them to do a dna tests like it was smiling, competent and so horribly handled that When she found out, she was one one thousand twenty four: she should have just squelched it and not naive brought it up. It should have just been kept private yeah,
it turned out, I'm not that I'm, not Africa, not native American, so and if she would have said It probably would have been. Ok, there's probably was awaiting of handling it yeah and it was certainly wasn't it another way she didn't know, even if you're going to have a test, and it comes out that your aid per cent native american- it shouldn't be: u releasing that information for anyone, a leak it to the New York Times and have them right up some big thing. You could do that. I got news for you. The New York Times would have game for that one and it didn't wanna taken it didn't help the Turkey people came out against. It did not didn't it didn't help at all and its end and better. On the other hand, never had that mean again. He had his controversies, the guy first of all its not even this name right set of all he's on, he had to do you. I mean there's this guy add some stuff it's past, but he is able to whether it and in fact the crews, people afterwards said they were heat. They couldn't. You know they couldn't put him away. It took everything they had just two,
just one that election and they must be clear that I can tell yeah I'm anyone by what too nine almost three points. I think. But he should a one by twenty year and so forth. Well, you look at better, even though we lost as a big candid, and this is where the Democrats are doing. This is because he outperform what he was supposed to do right. I see the the and he was actually not the biggest out performer and which is kind of interesting. They went through this and they said who output- formed the environment and their state more than any other Democrat and they went through the list. Here's a few jellyband was plus three point. Eight percent O Rourke was plus said point two percent, so they think in a normal, a reply. Level wanted. I, like nine, should live by like nine or ten right. That's a replacement level cut candidates there too, that actually Beetle Rourke, which which are interesting and both of them are also being talked about as candidates closure from
don't I know it is she went it? I dont know what I mean way. She when she doesn't have a lot of recognition. In this point. She seems to have has a sort of moderate dish, vibrant from what people tell me that are Democrats. They like they like she's, not like it. You come off as a crazy liberal but she's from a state in the medium and in the west, and maybe there's something there. I don't know, I don't know that. Will she performed yellow, but already s interesting, blue plus eight per cent soak a work was placenta point too, but the number one by by a wide margin, actually a nine point. Four percent over performing was shared brown in Ohio and any gleefully guided. There's there's an element here on this list to yet basic net, because he's one of those guys if he sort of like the its Joe Don't wait just a way. It's Joe Biden, buddies, newer right, like young he's that same sort of vibe. As far as like he's middle class and is no nonsense,
and he's populist and all that stuff, but it comes from Ohio, obviously a swing state. He did very well there in its in it in a time where it's not particularly blue of all candidates. In this entire measure of all the Democrats, Elizabeth Warren, while Elizabeth worn did not have any value above replacement, basely basely finished as any replacement cannon. What the only Democrat with a lower score was Menendez, who is in the middle the corruption trial wow. So that is, I mean, that's a big. She just isn't she's not even loved. I Massachusetts. No, so how are you gonna be? As for the rest, I don't think she is now she is so you had better number one according to the hill Bernie Sanders still. Second, now look this guy would be almost years old by the time, he would become president if he won the election. If you got the nomination, I think he's a pinky seventy
six now. So we will, he be seventy eight and twenty twenty. If he were to win now, when you start out in the presidency older than the average age of death for an american male. It's a good sign, that's not a good so freely, and maybe maybe we enter something into the constitution that may hear your past the age the average age of exploration to run one. You is it right, we'll start ass, more than double edged up exactly what you are now for them. The average age of death for the american mail is seventy six in your seventy eight numb sort. You can't run across the best of the gun that programme so we be ok. These are the top
and Democrats it and go into all fifty year, a hundred or how ever many wind up running they just listed the top ten here and there first at number, one, the candidate with the best chance winning the democratic nomination. They think done in the ill is better work. Robert princes Org Bob Financial Rourke right never too would be Bernie Sanders, whose really not even democratic socialist. I guess there synonymous now it's their pretty much the same thing, because the social party has taken over the Democrat Party, so they don't even care that the Socialists herb taking over the party no longer a racist slur to call a democratic socialist, now almost complement, not yet not yet they love it now is to just gotta keep up with the stuff for Vice President Joe Biden number three now I think, binds got a better chance. Anders Biden has to be number one on this list: the guy's leading the poles, but right once yeah
in other point. I gotta go back to work Bynum just a few years ago. This is the same, waiting to happen with Donald Trump. Air was Guy doesn't really have a chance in his lady by twenty points. It is kept leading by twenty lawyers, and I confirm everything someone's gotta come up here and challenge a market. No, no he's the he's gonna win, and I think there is a chance that this happens we binding- and this, an interesting is the hill points out Biden Lee it's almost all opinion polls at this stage and how you read his chances depends largely on how you how much you think that matters lying matters quite a bit as you pointed out, we drop it mattered. A lot I mean he kept saying. Are these gonna fade eventually nope? No, he didn't he didn't an ethic part of this is my name recognition. There's nobody on the bed overlook has not even close, this penetrates Tom's railroad Right act, we third, but even when you name, recognition for the average person who isn't listening to talk ready, who isn't obsessed with CNN and the laughter MSNBC better work is
lip on their rate or if they ve heard he's right at all. That's very Joe Biden was vice president of the United States for eight years that they remember fondly. You know that you have to have the fact that it is a big deal now, I'm not a hundred percent sure he's going to run, though it does seem that way. Likely seems likely, but you see these little clicks forming Elizabeth Warren end in Bernie Sanders or to have a tough time coexisting. There have a tough, I am concerned battle it out with the same voters. I think the same thing happened with, like you know Joe Biden and everyone who shared Brown or one of these other more moderate candidacies. That's the place he's gonna, take on the common sense Democrat. That's what he's gonna try. It's gonna be tough to win a primary with that, and I think that is but our work will say: I'm just go for right, Elizabeth letting go for it. I think so. Yeah, though, built be the socialist candidate and so Will Sanders and then and then in comparison, look really moderate connected to them, and that might help him
It's also scary for the general, because, if, if, if bite and is able to somehow win that primary coming off as relatively sensible and again, that's uneasy for now, but if he is able to pull that one off, it's going to fool on again a lot of people who are focused on his actual positions are going to think. While he's more he's more moderate he's the one in them what I can deal with that and, as we mentioned, he had thirty percent support in the CNN, pull last month and number two with Sanders at fourteen, so more than he more than doubled. The second place. Guy battle was back in third at eleven percent and nine percent in another pole. But Biden are unaware. A leading, the opinion polls add number for they have Kemal Harris. Now I don't know that she has that much of a shot either, I'm a little more bullish on a Harris, then what say and Elizabeth WAR in Europe
we better chance and worn began, not as good as Biden remain even better. I think you're right There's this obviously a place for the Democrats, who there's some argument among Democrats to take someone who's different right, yeah like they eat in inviting and better or are in any case a shocking, because his name is better. But these are just boring white. Do it, and here you can talk about a better roar right because that's where guy The Franco Rourke yes area. This is the this is the exact thing that they say the Republicans do right, which is take the view that some white guy you know and throw him out there, that's, ok. Well, Kemal Harris, I think, is gonna. Come at this from the opposite perspective and say women and say in all sorts of I'm different in X, Y and Ways make sure she'll have an identity, politics argument and she's, not as incompetent as Odin Elizabeth WAR and or our stilted.
Like people can say: photogenic, Yengeese, yeah, yeah, she's, a prior prosecutor, so she's like relatively she's, not Corey, occur. If you saw her inquiry Riker, they both did things that were wrong during the cabinet stuff, but Corey Booker looked like an idiot. Do like a buffoon right? He was a degree while her points were just as bad as his points she came off is much more credible, and so she, I think, is more dangerous to normally when the nomination, but also when the election. Then someone like Elizabeth Warren or you know the another example of this in she can't run. Obviously the SAM is ill at Alexandria. Curzio Cortez Bitten, we'll Republicans. If we have a choice between Kemal Harris and a cause, you Cortez defined the Democratic Party they salivate over a cause, you it s because you know she's talking about she's out, she shall say she's a socialist like those things are things right. Publicans desire in an opposition right where in Harris is I have the same policies as a cause: Cortez cartels which negative
in the same way or- and she might also know how the government functions, which is another positive in her favour. That's very true! so we get all the way down to number five before we get to Elizabeth worn on this particular list. Fifth, according to the hill, and then you mentioned shared Brown, the Senator Verbal Ohio and, as you said, he won his Senate reelection by was at nine points over over that and that there were the replacement measure. We are like waiting a winds above replacement in Beijing. S like go its enlargement, like that of young, the best performance among all Democrats yeah, and he he won his Senate reelection race in estate trump carried by eight points over Clinton, so they want to easily pretty big was that it was not up. There was not one that was a close call. As we went towards the end of it not at all. So that was it's pretty impressive and I don't know I mean people in Ohio might know him better
I You are listening to the best of the global programme I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs Louis see. K is under fire right now because he said some things that are comedic way, that the left doesn't really like our now yeah yeah. And if you don't have any, has to be completely politically correct and safe Everyone has to leave feeling good. Yes, thank you there
he can't offend anybody. Comedian who had had a gig looked at a college towards the end of the last year and he got his his thing. It assign to perform and get his money and it was like you have to make sure that you can make sure in and confirm that everyone will have good happy healthy experience and they must be defended and as a be comedian, the beginning and was in print. I did or did he I think he said now. He wasn't it aside. It at any rate, was like a big known guy, but he D Kit, the whole point on comedies. The push you into an uncomfortable place is, I believe, a lot of times. It helps you examine a of viewpoint that you have that. It makes you uncomfortable right like you go to a place that you're not necessarily going to go in a normal with circumstance, a method that the job of comedy number one is to make you laugh and that has gone from every lignite show. Now all you know now is training. It truly trump applause lines clapped her as
cause. It's no wonder laughter clapped her. You just go for that said that guy, like that's the whole level, a comedy now and I I guess that essentially for Saturnia Life, that's what has become very retry, but I'm trying for actual jokes anymore they're, just making sure that we played the thing. I think you're on the show that day pet, where we did the thing they did it with Ruth Bitter Ginsburg, and it was just like it was just praising Ruth Bitter Ginsburg in a song for foreign rap for four minutes rigidity any jokes in it other than it was just a rapid with bitter Ginsberg, which, generally speaking as a funny concept, was just saying how great she is for four minutes. That's what is that so? Who is it? ridiculous and Lucy K is always gone to the most uncomfortable place possible. It is his style of comedy and have you never heard Louis? hey do comedy before this is what he does and he goes to the
Work is placed in the recesses of your mind, unexploited and makes it into this big deal and take it too ridiculous extremes, but it is up to you know like you're, going to place where you wouldn't normally go. I mean he's in trouble for this before and now the left is all fired up because of disguised hastily. Writer is basically all right, you more beyond doubt, trumps campaign, team, listen, I've got you and it's not ok. Now, because you know they can now go after him. He was this protected celebrity. He was, you know the hierarchy of all comedy. He was the guy, they praise as the most brilliant comedian. There was, and now he had his sexual harassment thing that went on and he's trying to be a cop come back, and now it's easy to throw there. There try to pressure him into being a crazy left us if he was coming out being a crazy left his right now they would not be criticising information about, but, as he's doing the same stuff he was doing for and someone at summits on there
some of its left. He is now he's getting hammer not only by just liberals but like his old friends who are comedians they're. All come out, saying like in his old, be people who he who used him for their fame are now coming up Andrews, hammering him. And in a moment where, let's be honest about it, he doesn't need more. Henry I mean he's been hammer he's had a tuft here and it is in its new studies, made mistakes and he's admitted to that. But so we have the audio from we go through this ultimate yeah. Don't you think you can hear for something to be he's made fun of parkland kids and I never says in a universe mentioned sparkling get but you'll hear where he goes with that and also he crosses lines for the left, you're not allowed to cross anymore you're, not even allowed to even be mildly, critical or asked questions or anything about these topics anymore, and especially with these kids, who in the political arena now they're in the
political arena, and I guess you're still sacred cows, you can say anything about a bets, amazing, really something so here it is at. This is obviously it's Lucy K its can. You know it's stand up club comedy, so it's a little rough as far as content goes. Obviously, it's all believed out, but just in case you with very little kids Listen to this, I hear is Lucy K, making fun of parkland kits Why did the younger generation honestly? Because Fifty one years old, and when I was like eighteen to my twenties, I mean we are idiots. We are getting high. Don't mushrooms and in order be like you, gave together we're like you excited to be my fifties and signal. And there's ways and beleaguered raising these That's why you say that lady
all these other undoing problems easily read me royalty? They tell you what the golden gives it its read me and bade them. Because I tend to gender neutral. Ok, arrest me there. That is why, as a location, I'm alone issue is your mother's can be they have the boy Congress, these kids,
You should be crazy. He should be sued saying I here to tell you everything you want all eyes were kids, that's why you respect some fat man out first of all, at you, you can you can you can do we can play the political games that that is billion stuff, that's very falcon funny very Justice funding has always been, and you know, you're not less help with the left is now he was never funny, and it's not funny now he's he's mocking parliament, its no he's, not he's he's he's saying like look, you know. This is something everybody thinks right. You're like the ass, we all understanding with the tragic circumstance, but that does not make them experts on. Non violence. The right note that that's true every in America knows that that's troop
and then the other modern over and over again bright and so he's making a joke there in illustrating it to a ridiculous extreme right. But everybody knows there's a dozen nugget of that is true, and it is also true that, when you jump into the political frank you ve opened yourself up to criticism and for some reason that doesn't apply to them, will I'm sorry it does need. Does if they're going to start preaching gun control, they ve open themselves up to things like this, and I think you know been there, We have to be able to be debated. You have do here, you can have a person in society crescent unquestioned. This is one of the issues when you talk about when they try to go to this level of like well. All scientists are always right about everything. So therefore we listened everything they say Now look scientists to read about a lot oh and I urge all there sometimes a wrong right and if they were there had there can't be someone with this deity like place in our society
where everything they say is automatically true and respected break you. Your points always have to have an ability to be criticized now, if you're taken shots at you know at kids, who are in school shootings because they're back in your ear, taking add hominem sort of attacks, that's a totally different world and I nothing that's the right world right now unknown thinks it that's the right thing to do, but you have to be able to criticise their points, and I think there is also an idea to criticise their standing. It's fair, it is fair to say: look. They may have valid points but make them making them. It does not give it anymore validity. That does not make it more true that you can't you like. Having a second amendment, I believe, is a really good thing and the left believes is a really bad thing because someone went to school where people were shot does not make either one of those sites more right or wrong.
It's just an emotional tie into that argument has been raging since seventeen. Seventy five and it's a lie. On time. People have been talking about this and you don't just because you have an emotional tie. This is white did this is what the left has tried to do after every shooting make. It is emotional, is possible, so people forget the sober arguments for guns. Hate forget it for a couple weeks. While we pass this, then even go back to think whether we want- and that was the problem that I think about what will happen again. Louis Achase, just talking about something- that's very obvious, and this has been very specifically what he's tried to do this company for a long time to come back here in sixty seconds, we're gonna tug of war have, let were let him explained to you exactly how it comes up with a comedy, and this should not be controversial, and this is a way comedy should work. It shouldn't be a controversial point and will give you that end.
What he used to say, which was completely okay with left when he was asking tough questions and it didn't go after their sacred cows. They were completely love. This guy, we're going to Lucy K he's under fire from the left for his bare his commentary. Really, I think, into the parkland thing I think, as it is, is a gruesome it with their upset about him making fun of gender stuff. I think more than anything, Yes, some and so. But hearing here is Lucy K in a previous special talking about it, basically exactly how he comes up with the stuff. He talks about how he finds those our key areas here is here's Lucy K explaining himself is of click, one areas, competition in their brain of good thoughts and bad thoughts. Hopefully they will the good thoughts. For me, I always have all I like the thing. I believe the good thing. That's the thing ably and then there's this thing. I don't believe it, but it is their it's always this thing. In this thing it's become a category of my brains that I call
of course, but maybe that's right. That's everybody has that right here. You know you believe and they did a little thing that it is to be? No, maybe around the edges comes after you. He Louis UK now remember. This is a time in which the left loves him. He's honoured respected this when the specials gone on he's at the peak of his career, Everything he says is gold. Everyone loves the guy, hears him going after the military. Now before us it is clear to everybody in our audience, obviously loves the military, and I love the motor can listen to set up there, there's something he believes you know, strew, there's something out there and remember it's his job to exploit these. The darkness corners right that people don't just what kind of what he said right? This is but this is what you're supposed to do here is quick to, of course, if you're fighting for Europe.
Free and you get shot or hurt at the terrible tragedy. Of course, coins. Maybe maybe If you pick up a gun and go to another country and you get shot, it's not that weird, maybe if you get side by the do, you're just shooting at its heart yeah. Well, I'm not allowed to say that no right now, but the left love is that all who's going down those roads? He was America's biggest here all he could say that only wants and look. He should do. Be allowed to go down even that road as offensive. Is it probably is to you to think about that and bring that I'm in public? it's really uncomfortable and offensive to hear that about biometric right. However, right, however, its up that is his job and it is the it's the way he looks at the world any as he said here,
believe it and when he was soon and stop, we were saying: hey Louis education be silent night. He shouldn't be allowed to speak. Now you shouldn't appear on specials, we shouldn't have any access to Louis see case disgusting viewpoints. Nobody would say now, nobody, nobody and there are so few comedians. If I were comedian right now in the middle of this environment, I dont think I'd be able to deal with a left at all all I might still believe in socialist policies and all the things that make it up with that. Every comedian seems to believe in, like every entertainer does but like how could you take them seriously, targeting you they're, destroying your industry, because as he as Lucy K pointed out, it is this idea there almost royalty, they ve got to tell you what you say they get to tell you how you addressed them. They get to tell you what opinions are acceptable for you to have as a comedian, how the hell can you stand up for that, and you know
few mention any of that as jury. Seinfeld has, then they come after you, yeah yeah and that's Hap you'll happening that rapid in right now, where's that we have the. I have a sword. There's a new list out these thirteen jokes that are no longer acceptable from Seinfeld, the site gosh. I hear this from the show promote from his stead accommodate from the shop thirteen joke. Seinfeld are now super offensive number one, the soup Nazi longer allowed I'd like the soup nazi anymore, never lie You may explain why what might be what the most well known joke from Seinfeld is also one of the most disappointing ones. Maybe Ninety ninety five, when the episode piled the soup Nazi aired, it felt o k for viewers, but in twenty eighteen, when groups of NEO Nazis had become known as a billion a loaded using the term nazi to label, someone has a jug doesnt set so well anymore, but these are people telling us how many is supposed to be. That's unreal, never to the Indian Giver joke
Joking about a native american person. Being an indian giver was never oak and it's definitely not okay. Now, joking, better Rachel stereotypes about an oppressed group is actually truthful is a dangerous road is and cycle probably couldn't get away with doing that in twenty eighteen. Who are these people who lives like this? Also, I might be wrong in this, but the Indian giver is not more slam. Ah, the! U S: government who used to give them land all the time and then taken back at the fact that makes it, as is that more, is slam on the? U S, government that it is the actual Indians ACT ever thought about just I gotta think that may, be that makes sense that doesn't iranian givers. He gave it to the Indians, and then you took away rough justice.
Definition of doubt about free. They should be on board with this. One is crucial in the: U S: government right, I like that Kramer, stamping out a burning prudery, can flag. This episode actually cause controversy when it aired in New York Times reported that the President of the National Porter Rico Regan. What will coalition call it an unconscionable insult its unacceptable that a porter weaken flag could be used by Seinfeld as stage prop under any circumstances. Over twenty years later, the joke is still sour. The joke that someone thinks Jerry and Georgia and a same sex relationship can cast can't joke about that anymore. When Cramer has House guess for Japan, sleep in his dress, her drawers Jack. I don't remember that in the centre will either when Jerry accidently gets a man deported. Oh that's wrong! You can learn about that. Cedric and Bob appeared in three episodes, including a porter weakened episode, each episode. They appeared the two characters who make up a gay couple play up stereotypes with with homosexual male culture. Oh my gosh, you can't do that again,
I mean what was the show willing grace we willingly just put on the air. Initially gets it seen it. It is this big, like boundary, breaking, show it's about gay issues and one of the only issue stories that I've been like that, Willing grace largely was an issue where the they created a show in which they can make a ridiculous gay. Dario Type and make us many gay jokes as they wanted with protection. I swear to you that the wording you must stereotypes in that show or way worse than ever. Other show I've ever seen. Yes, they have won a quota, quote normal guy who's gay, but then they just throw in another guy. Who does every horrible stereotype it has ever been used against, Gape, Michael, and that was praised, we'll Joe Biden said willing, grace probably did more to educate the american public and almost anything anybody's ever
that way for him to run up late? For it's ridiculous? This the best of them said news for people living in humbled, county gap, California, the organ answers for the women's March. That was going to happen there they announced on Friday. It's been spent cancelled due to whiteness we'll do the whiteness lot of lot of white people had signed up to participate and what you can have that it's embarrassing, they just couldn't find enough black anti Semites to, unfortunately, now they couldn't
That said so, there were, I guess, not an blacks and Hispanics for their liking, so they said there still interested in holding an event in March on international women's day, but they did have to cancel this won't do too. And this is a quote overwhelmingly white participants, like it's interesting because this is essentially an implicit criticism of black people and Hispanics right. It's not like they said we don't allow blacks and Hispanics to come to this rally. Right. It's mine would have reason. Blackness banks didn't want it onto the romanian feel like they didn't feel like it, for whatever reason that would seem to be an indictment on minorities right it from their perspective right. Let's wait. Why aren't that, while the blackened hispanic voters or people in and then it will have to be voters, which is people wired,
showing up tour of stupid little rallies almost like they don't care about this issue in a way its critical of them right equality amongst people showed yeah. Why People short, I assume, even men, showed to the women's rally but but not enough black people. The Census bureau data from from this county says: seventy four percent are white: twelve percent hispanic, six percent native American two percent asian and one percent black. So if you didn't least those percentages going, I guess rallies that we're doing they can get percent black- the chauffeur rightly firstly, not well and end. The thing is, of course, there's no actual answer here. If you had thirteen percent hispanic and one percent black for all that ever see, but six percent native American, it will never be enough. Now, then I am seventy. Four percent of this county is white, its it that's about the percentage of the United States in general. The NFL is called racist and seventy five percent of the league is black.
Not, but that's not that still racist stood, especially for like Lebron James that's why you're, not even in the end, if now getting caught now the ETA fell for being the white owners, have a slave mentality so clad after all my leubronn dislike over all these years that so many people are now oh I'm right there will I'm ready I just can't stand this every time he opened his mouth and sealed ridiculous. You really is ridiculous of seriously these men that are making it. Oh anyway, from two million to twenty five or thirty million a year. You have the audacity to call them to call those owners or paying him that money. They have a slave mentality unreal. Maybe you need the law. God. What a slave is caused by definition, they don't make. Any money for play in these games plus are not forced into playing these get my eyes a lotta, probably only the differences,
all the things is everything all, but it is just that possibility. Humph and I know there's never that's an amazing thing now. First of all, look what was once the? What is the problem with racism right? The problem with racism is your taking it of people and your identifying them in a sub you're, giving them altogether right and You are disliking them. I would have arisen, Usanga signing a tendency to all of em best based on their skin color. Exactly tell me how this woman's march thing isn't racist there their first of all, I tend to find people based on race and making decisions based on skin color, which is never a good idea now and make a decision based on skin color, easy role to live by its a freak, an easy one to live by ethnic. So now,
for ever do it period that doesn't that means not giving them all sorts of perks. Above and beyond other colors like saying all black people get more than Hispanics, it's not doing that either and saying black people get less than Hispanics. It's not doing that either its. Neither you never make a decision based on skin color or race, really easy but here they're, saying hey not enough. Black people came so number one they're making this a decision based on race, never to what their employees We say because they believed their organization is good. Is there saying people who are coming are bad. It's. How is it not implicitly racist. This is the best of the programme, the great with great vigour.
You should never is great Christmas and New year's season right up until Friday morning. I thought when I first got attacks. Jeff. He just had a heart attack and like wait, what I'd I mean pretty Pretty nerve shattering, and pretty scary, and so He won't up in the hospital, and the intrude Jackie, shouldn't was hassling the nurses every time they came in was he was hassling the e M tease when they were working on him as he's having a fairly major heart attack, but fortunately he pulled through pretty well by Friday. Whom you sit up and chair next to his bed at the hospital amazing, just incredible, so either it's a real tribute to. First of all modern medical science.
Then and an end, the chances that you have. If you had a heart attack and you make it to the hospital- is pretty good chance, they can save you, which is incredible. I was not always the case right. We talked about this before, with the issue of the rates of people dying by disease cancers in a heart disease. All these things have dropped dramatically in the last couple of decades. We ve massive improvements because it you know. The technology has improved and made major leaps. We don't necessarily like recognize it, but that really was a stark example with Jeffrey. You know, even though are you know, health care in this country? Is so pathetic in rates behind Botswana, like that's right. I still think it's true. I know I don't know I mean I M not saying it's a perfect system. There's lots of issues with it in cost can be a problem at times
but I mean in reality like thank God we live here. They got where we have the the access to to the system that we have and thank God they haven't screwed up. Yet there too try and they're doing everything they can to screw it up. But thank God so far they ve been unsuccessful. And we got somebody on the four now who can actually attests to listen. I pay Jeffrey I can attest to yes, the healthcare care, the help you know like the areas. Workers and the fire rescue guys. While I was, I may have made some comments to them. They didn't appreciate we're great and had it not, and for my wife calling and them getting here saying, you're having a heart attack and yes, but here the hospital right now there would be no more me was no cost. Right, which is but really their amazing- to think of that we could have lost you, but
You mentioned something interesting that your your wife did go, Adam call nine when one which you told her not to do. I did a, but really that last time was, moreover, now but yes call get here now social response to read between the lines that you did. Yes, I did great time for subtly generating growth. Because really- I know you talk about the health care, but in a preventative probably, would have been a smart thing there to watch for copy got a couple of days prior heart attack that didn't go away and I woke up with and I was like I'll- be fine and it went away and it'll be, Ok, you're, probably probably should have said something to someone. Maybe gradually Jack said,
You been rejecting large directly into your veins for years. Rarely what happens when you do that? What side of your heart completely shuts down. He had it's not a good idea. As really scary eyes, I saw the picture of a completely blocked it I mean it's, Gary look, you sleep was a hundred percent right away. One of one or the arteries, a hundred percent, while the gloves at which barely a nickname, the widow maker for good reason, was completely blocked and the doctors told me that you know I didn't come when I did get that what about it? There were made it now, most of the time most of the time, people don't make it which was really killing. That sure is sure you kind of your ears broke up and think. Ok, maybe I should listen to what they tell me now, an early do that its problem
not a good idea to inject a large directly what are the Tarzan Nicotine's directly to your lungs as I outlined strict the arteries and cause a problem. They are not afraid of that. Actors in the hospitals are not a fan of bourbon nicotine input at all. That was the case. Others the outpouring from our listeners and and so when I go, worker was overwhelming. Really, Thank you all who is really overwhelming at me much so much, and I worked you prayers and well wishes, but work, by the way up revived Vertigo that interesting Eric you have going on traffickers, aye aye, the outpouring was unbelievable, cannot remember ever seen anything like it. I mean it
that's enough, for whatever reason this audience loves Geoffrey and I ve never been able to put a figure on as too high, but they love it, but it was funny to see people who are like my gosh like this is the you know. I can't believe this work pray for you Jeffrey you, then you look at that. The twitter handles like Jeffrey, is fat like now. Can you make your twitter name? Is jack? Is fat and you're not allowed to refer to the fact that really was I mean I honestly, like the people people really like really care, and that's guess it's it's cool ever wondered why you see that in areas while you do, although you find out just really they don't really because in the hospital after at the hospital you for you, if you have to stay there and they take care of you about the third day there, like your dad
get out through and I actually took them as a real sign of. I was amazed by just like the quality of our health care system. In a weird way, would because I saw you yesterday was it and you were up and about and, and they said to you look, you know you can go back to work, whenever you feel ok, like your basically neglect overly restricted to music Noah. A mass obviously have to go see in your heart that now and get his direct input, but because the guy that was called for the surgery just hold on Paul part. Surgeon, amazing. You know about when I left the house here. Apparently I got worse. I my weight Hospital, so I bypassed everything when I went to the hospital, I would write in two and the largest
remember being able to take you out in the surgery had that was it, and these guys are incredible. I mean really that talk about be sitting up. I have some more stories about one of the reasons I was sitting up this because of the great bad that they have their, but the other reason is that in a really it was I was, I was okay, we might just really hurt obvious you know my lungs because of the surgery, but I mean it. I was now. You know, I'm just gonna get my energy back and can be ok, but as far as hurrying in aching at not being able to get up in the day. That's all gone. It's amazing! now Joe you Jeffrey. I wanted to ask you: did you open up the Christmas present I bought for you? I did. I thought I posted there, but it had been posted. You like
they'll, probably crystal. Thank you very much. I had meant a lot of mental out to me that you give me. I recalled letters, while there is a desire to bag of romaine, all wrapped up in pretty Chris S really a thoughtful gift. I guess the ideas in today's world, if you ve got recalled what is in your freezer. You don't know what to do with a given to the fact that the plan- I don't know I thought, You'D- appreciated Jeffrey LAW, we in our, we miss you and your of course can way for you to come back but dont in a typical Jeffreys. I think I might come in on two on Wednesday and what now we're not accepting and on Wednesday sitting, as you say, by at least a few days that you and the fat podcast Will Jeff Fisher will come back. It would its which waiting for you when you come back, but please don't rush backward, deal with another one of these things. I can't hear those
scary too much to do here, Jerry too much too much work to do it mostly It really was scary and again, thank you are boring from the listeners in advance with workers of animals. It surely was overwhelming at. It means a lot to myself and my family for sure heavy tweed out the picture of the e empty trying to push you up the hill, yet he brought. I thought TAT. I just thought I was it'll go stay in house, but I guess you now Sierra. Currently, apparently there will be less than the other empty as they were. Having really take me out of the house left one guy by himself, tries to hold me to try to hold me up against the embryo,
We live out of it a little bit of a hill and she was apparently still make a piece of strong as they used to a gas is currently not married. I struggled dry behold me up against the job. What you don't think of you laugh about that it. Obviously we we have, but have you got that behold me, that's all Another story. You would have been rolled down? The hill would still be going. There is definitely a viral video of Jeffrey rolling out or lack of violence with a gown. I think I'll go and that would weaken the internet, definitely the growth of the internet, but the other day that it was. He also realized guys, will hear her poor guy here and, of course, my wife loving mixed up
I've decided a bigger picture. Yeah yeah! I did wonder how he hasn't pictures. I mean she pretty much. Save your life since are to be critical of the fact that she was documenting. You're loading into the ambulance on social media was questionable. Subject that will not ever get post and probably to all of our benefit when Jeff were really grateful that you're still around you. I love you. You know that we love you met. We love you, but we're not going to admit it here and there the object of ignoring seven. Just that, once from that and then that's it, that's it Jerry, continue to recover and and don't push it all right. She so are at sea the blaze radio network on demand
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