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Best of the Program | 4/15 - Trolling Is a Spectator Sport? -h1 - President Trump's Sanctuary City Tour? -h1 - It's All in the family? -h2  - Taxed To Death? -h3 

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I welcome the Monday. We have a great podcast for Europe to talk a little bit about sanctuary cities and how their upset and now share is now wearing among. I have we saw that one carbon Corey borchert who apparently we'll talk about sex, very cities and how we can up that to just a little bit. I mean the present all about show. Let's really but on a shocking also Jos pulls job not looking real great, Policy is starting to minimize Theo, see see and the real fanatics accept. That's not going to be sitting well. Also, who should be funding? Who did the government should be funding if anyone, and did you get a tax break this one from the New York Times? You don't want to miss it also, don't forget tonight, five o clock very special
Its part, two of Joe Biden, these dicey history with helping his chin, there's only Joe Biden, excellent adventures in China tonight at five o clock, or we replace, deviation, watch that its place tbd com, Slash Glenn. If you use the probable Glenn you lieutenant stop it something you should absolutely do because they're going to know all this information before it hits the before it hits. The campaign cycle is coming. The answer for this. At some point you made it will be up to Hoddan S, place, DDT, calm, slash and also stood watching game of thrones tonight if it must not watched a single episode now to bring us up to speak tomorrow.
the only thing tat, the data are you dont, nice House, Julia got a nice seeking a lot from when you use you go, I wanna go. Inequity borrow against the equity gives a lot equity in that thing, costly forty bucks to do. That's it, you get the on line. You really get the notary stamp that phasing in disease easy. Look! Good thing is you don't have hope title up now and Sicily had a jacket. The green jacket does not protect. You gets home title foreign said Now, that's what I found out. You need somebody to watch over your home in your title. This is a very easy crime and fastest growing private America. You need home title Lock home title
dot com, you get a hundred dollar search for free when you sign a voice tiger. Woods can be surprised when he says that title locked outcome, that's holding title, lock dot com. I am fabulously. Yes, I feel good today, hell yeah. I do I do. I give a dangerous thing. Well, usually, when you feel good, I'm deaf to deal with pr nightmares for that either. You say that when I feel really bad too Yes, that's true viewpoint, I wonder whether learning here and so here's the thing, Donald Trump today is the day there I love, I love Donald Trump being the President United States, because no one else would have the balls to do this.
He came out and said: okay, so new and help us out of the border. You don't think it's a problem, but everybody else in America seems to think it's a problem, but you don't fact you got your sanctuary city, so I tell you what we're gonna do. We are all these people that you just say: release in to Amerika. What we're going to do instead is we're going to transport them to your sanctuary, city and we'll just drop em off in your city. Good luck with that yeah! I'm I'm interested in this because it so I heard a radical proposal. I know this, he's out of control at first. They just said it was something that was floated in. That was bad enough, but other presidents really really considering it s bad. I just I want someone to ask. What is the negative? Tell you explain to me: but the negative is the only one I've heard is going to cost more, which doesn't mean any sense to meet all Khazars sanctuary Citys around every border in America. So you can ask
because when you know how to go to San Francisco, I could be an option, but I hope it is an option. See that's the thing it's like this is being treated as a troll right by the present United States he's trolling them and the trolling, as you pointed out, he's right really either fact, I'm gonna do I'm gonna I'm going to the eighty. I don't think it's troll enough, but we'll get to that guy. But then I gotta say the trolling part of it is my least favorite part of this proposal. Listen to First, let me tell you my case: how is this bad for the cities? They sanctuary cities, because I here we know all these left wing and people coming out its angle, what we can bring all these people here were king in care for our own and share it with such air. Yes share. She said that we cannot be kept care for our own here in California. Tampering more people here, Wade Our argument, you bet going the guy
you all yours, janitor stand out there. I don't understand how they actually get out and and tie their own shoes and make it in the world. They obviously have not thought these things. That is your argument. Your on the wrong side exactly, and maybe it's so fundamental to their belief that the real the reason we don't want illegal immigrants here is because their race were racists, like maybe that's what they actually believe I've always thought that was just a dumb political tactic. Maybe that's what they actually believe, because if, if you think the only reason we want people here, don't want people hears because we don't like Mexicans, will then you're an idiot, and we were happy to bring legal mexican immigrants into this country happy to do it. The question here
whether we can take care of people who are illegal. So if you are saying that it's bad, it's a punishment essentially for these cities to get these illegal immigrants. You are admitting a foundational part of our argument and if it's not true or then you gotta be happy, it's not a punishment, so you you're not worried unsteady side. However, the immigrants is it bad for the immigrants. Will you tell us all the time that this, ensuring cities are the only people treating them fairly. You tell us that the cities that are so Ensuring cities are welcoming with open arms these people and are treating them better than the other places, so shouldn't be. If we're going to be nice to illegal immigrants, are people claim trying to claim asylum that we should bring them to the cities that you identify as the only places they can be treated fair,
in the United States, yes, is not good for immigrants yeah. So now we thought it's good for cities and it's good for the immigrants. What about the border towns themselves? The border towns that are not a sanctuary cities? What about the seas that they're comin to these illegal immigrants or asylum seekers are going to now that are not sanctuary cities people who do want to enforce our immigration laws and our lead forced to take thousands and thousands of others. Limits that they aren't welcoming new dominance? Is it fair to them, though? It's not fair to them and it's not fair to the immigrants either. The gas undocumented immigrants, because these are dangerous cities for them, because they're not welcomed like they are with open arms in places like San Francisco, in LOS Angeles in New York in an even Austin Texas, eat all your ear, you
An open arms, you're saying come here. What is the point of saying, you're, a sanctuary city because you're saying open arms hey? This is the place if you're looking for sanctuary nobody ever you know Marilla didn't run into the house of the hunchback, you know because like a I want some soda does. Anybody any soda in here. No, she cried sanctuary you can't touch me. You can't take me out of here. You can Do anything I'm safe here. That's why you a sanctuary, city, you're, safe there every place, it's not a sanctuary city, it's very unsafe and is we ve learned nobody wants to feel unsafe. That's us a zone for you, so we don't want to just let them come over to places that are not safe, exact,
the feeling is an important part of this outbreak and again like. I think this can come off as a troll, but in reality no, no, no it if it is like these. These cities are saying we have the resources to deal with these people. We had the retweet. We have the open arms to me that we have the type of people who will accept the legal limit. You guys don't we are better than you. We decided to violate Federal long to signal our learns you on this issue. We should reward that behaviour and I agree with you one hundred and ten percent, and the only thing in the article initially end. Since the only thing they can come up. Those two things: one is it's gonna more that we don't have any money for they hate it's the right thing to do. Oh, but not put a price on the right thing to do, but you do have to put as I would argue in many other cases, as would you that Congress has the power the person there has to be money associated with these types of things. You can't just create money. You can just
money to do this right. So I now look the government s carriage, but I do there are so many to how dear you this. What will it cost us not see again, you're just trolling Nauheim sign, they know shit. It goes off. I said: hey: let's take them up on their arms, sure I understand that, but like there's some listening to anyway. I dont want to just troll in a minute, I'm going to tell you how I want this actually executed. I dont want to just troll. I sit sincerely want this. Happened. I thought with you. I mean I actually l really what I do know what this programme. I believe, if they say there is no money for buses. I believe this audience
will raise the money to bus. These people to Sanctuary said it's, but at the same time, like ok, whether on a bus, Sabena, bus a little bit longer will be more associated cost, I guess, but first of all there are close by that keep talking about San Francisco. That would take a long time, but blunt according to at least ABC News there, not their flying people to these cities there taking their in planes at seven thousand. Hours of our- that their flying people to these cities like well they have to I am a little bit longer. It'll cost more flying back. How is that even a market place they're going to India at big and get out a greyhound bus go to India and others must be set, and that's honor is that re, how boss? I say we just get some yellow school. What whatever point, though, is that the the idea that, if we can hold them in our facilities, which, by the Way Republic have
for additional facility has been rejected by Democrats. Barrymore new, remember so view. Kick you have to put them somewhere, inside the United states me, why would you not give them to the people who say they want them exactly right? That is a good option exactly right and you can do it by the way their border towns there are places all across the border. That are sanctuary city reach it. You don't have to go to San Francisco Marta last year to bring them to the close, certainly money over flights without us reach it now. May I tell you how I would like to see this unfold, at the best of the best program hey, it's land.
I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with bore start your morning, and that is the new who's in why it matters like this show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life. The news why it matters, but for now, download your baby? You know it's great about today. The Glen Back Programme has Mister Peck re on hello, Pat Howard, hello, Glenn, so is not great. It's great right is greatest grow. It is great, and you know it oh great about not only the Glen Back Programme having pat gray on, but we also have still here and we're going to talk about how we can make these sanctuary cities very happy right, an area I'm all about the ban on about it too. We thrilled, I know Mare, Elect Lorry Lightfoot of Chicago is going.
Incredibly hardness mom Gordon's yeah fix up half sister this is. This is lorry talking about what she wants to do with Chicago and illegal immigrants. Listen. I dont think that we should take the bait every time. The president puts out a provocative tweet, but I think we need to do is make sure that we are being very clear and speaking our values. We are a city that is a sanctuary city. We have immigrants from all over the who call Chicago their home? They continue to do that and we going to continue to make sure that this is truly a welcoming community for those immigrants, and we want To come to the Chicago loud Hallelujah lorry, as you just said, where a sanctuary said, whatever your voice what's goin on its lorry, just they're a sanctuary city and they are what they want. They love this immigrants from all
Moreover, the world is. She lying she said they want to be truly welcoming community right, and I therefore think we start in Chicago Ed. Here's the great thing, America. This sounds like a bit. This sounds like something we would have had fifteen years ago and there was no chance of this happening. I think this president will do it. That's what I love about this he would. He but he would do this. He would he's gotTA twitchy. I he is he his. It's why his horse in a hospital? It's why he was elected here really. Is it? Is it we wondered the whole time we know now This is why he was elected. Yes, he would do something like this way. He it was his pipe to ship of distinct, worry cities, which I thought that's that's genius. George W Bush would never have done. No president would have ever done then I'll ever here's the thing, here's the thing it won't work. Unless it's a production, it will
work unless you have Pauline loads arriving all at the same time, buses. Yet you ve got to have. It has to be an overwhelming city, and I think of overwhelming seen for one city, and I think you do it to one city and they stop so it be so hard to pick, though, because you got shot mounted on our way way way. Chicago is where it started. Remember. Last week we showed you that the sanctuary city movements started in Chicago, and that was the first one. We draw off. We drop em off at that church that exact address, where nine I love a charitable organisations. Mysteriously have their home Bryce Independent. Yet I think that that makes sense Chicago's one the only about Chicago. Is there because I mean there's a part of this again, that's a troll right where the and that's what I was talking about in that it probably is the type of thing that you make a big production about
everybody, no Chicago's, a big enough city that it can absorb, can absorb allow more than an eye. That may be why they were looking at the small and middle sized cities rather than the current ones along those lines is Cambridge Mass with their merit mayor just talked about this over the weekend. Mark Mcgovern of Cambridge said I'm proud. Cambridge is a sanctuary city Tropez, schoolyard bully, who tries to intimate threatened people, I'm not intimidated. Ennis asylum seekers find their way to Cambridge will welcome them. I'd love to put that to the test. Familiar great one Here's seventy eight thousand from the last month. Good luck, you, I think to the other thing about that is. Is I like? The idea of targeting not a city like Chicago that is absolutely struggling and can even do things for themselves should pick pick up nice rich
immunity, Cambridge Cambridge Massachusetts, a fantastic one. They got thou. Adding a matter is the average salary. Oh yeah. This is that what you're talking about this is the wealthiest nation on earth. Pat courses, help these immigrants elizabetta. While these cities in the world, nation ideas, there m, I t- will probably open the doors. Just just admit them benefiting all at that's. Why it's gonna happen. You don't even have to qualify free college to wishing at Harvard, I think, Harvard if they overwhelmed the city in anyway. I think Harvard would open their Jim doors. You and I am the house,
there and not be great. Does it really nice well and they ve got an endowment of your aware of thirty nine billion. Thirty nine point: five billion dollars now they could take every single one of these illegals and give them free college education for the next fifty years with that to wish, and probably just apply it to educating illegals who come to Cambridge to live in your sanctuary city and they would be awesome. I love this and you know what had happened in Cambridge ass. We ve been told over and over again the crime rates are going to fall. There can draw
through the floor because, as we know them or grants, Carta crime rate are lower their low end. Then citizens, here's that here's, the thing truth is no longer verifiable. We ve taken the search for truth and disconnected it from all kinds of science and reason. Right truth just becomes something that someone says and then someone else equally as important or more important repeats it and then after so many people repeated it becomes true, gay, so v v, we know if sanctuary cities had more people coming into them. The crime rate
what of course fall guy into they tell us right. So, let's just put it to the test. Pat gray, are you willing to say you were wrong if, indeed, we put seventy eight thousand people in Cambridge and the crew, rate, does indeed full impact, our young, William, to say you were wrong. Yes, are you willing Stu? I think I am. I am do if, if you ve all of a sudden, Cambridge just becomes this paradise. Ok, ok, we were wrong, it property values, go up, crime goes down, salaries, go up, employment is better how the pebbly admit I was wrong. I was wrong with as raw Jason was changed. Sides yeah I'll change sides on this, but I don't think he's gonna happen, but you do now put your money put your
own put. Your neighborhood puts your tax dollars where your big fat mouth is because you forced us to do it Forced us to do it. We are all putting our tax dollars into something we don't believe in. We are forced to do it. We live near a sanctuary city. If we, if we have if we live, God forbid near the border, we're all suffering from it. You in Cambridge now not so much well bit seven point six percent hispanic there in and about seventy percent white there. Oh, my god,
know what the problem is. A too much diversity aim now the problem, is they don't have enough diverse in her eye? You know what I mean. Let's loving Texas is twenty five: twenty five twenty five: let's take a bunch of people who don't speak English that have no intention of becoming an American that just want their culture and let's drop them in Cambridge, and I'm wondering if anyone in Cambridge would start to say this place. This places it will become yet just getting better gets what there is now what they'll say course they will. But I am I
well I'm wondering if anyone would say Jesus like we're losing what we were noted. Lotta people do on Saturdays Glenn run it you got nice vacation with a family. He would enjoy the great outdoors in your family. You go camping, Multi would love a tent city in Cambridge. I think, Would love a bunch of tents popping up all over the city for people to live, where you don't even have to go out of the cities for camping? That's imagine I'm right there right. Therefore, you and you know you're talkin about camping. Another place to do it is, is Portland Oregon. That people mother gave. I mean those guys know those guys you want to talk about hearts. They kept up for a long time there yet and they ve got big big, big, big, big, big, big, big hearts in Portland Oregon. They would love to
care of you now. Hardly what I tried to shut down ice completely right so impatient, send we should send them there and and and because they ve got big hearts. They can take care of everything. The city is totally in control. Let's just drop a hundred thousand people into their population, see what happens and may we can even give you know what the left is. So pro choice they always are. We can give the the equal an eagle, illegal, immigrant, a choice. Do you want to go to city a that? The mayor says this or city, be where the mare says this, and we can have put him side by side and say which one would you rather go to, and you know what I've got a lot of them are gonna pick them it says specifically that there are welcoming community new illegal immigrants, the people who say that we bring them here. We want them here. Yet one city is fighting to abolish ice. One city will not work with federal law enforcement.
One city will not arrest you. One city will not ask you any questions at all and if you are stop would drunk driving, don't worry about it. Don't worry I'll have a few on the way home from work, our way it works out thoroughly american citizens because they go to jail well, yeah yeah, but if you're not from here, then it's fine yeah. I would just let you go right. I mean what do you think we're talking about eight muggers? No, ok, yeah! No! So you have that or you have a d w. Why you're not only in jail, then you're deported and that somewhere and the mayor and the city and the police and everybody else there all committed. In fact, they look it ice as a partnership which city do you wanna go to my goodness one important. Now, it's all about your
while corollary Raw Cambridge, your back Chicago LOS Angeles, misery, good good places to go. There's a problem started the movement right. They started the sanctuary city movement, they started the caravan movement, a San Francisco, Scott done Anti policies district right there and we know she loved what if we just drop em off it Nancy blows. His house certainly she'd, be excited about that when she should love the others, a giant Waller under House, though, Are we not work there? In fact, you want. They won't work in this case as if they get it they'll get over that while they want to I'm telling you warning America warning passion, I've kind of I've kind. I have come to a place in the last year where I realized. You know what my job is not to provide answers. It's really got a nun and my job is to
worn that's my job, I'm hot him on the gate. I can see the little there over the horizon. My job is just to warn you so listen to my warning. Heed it don't hate it the clean. I'm warning you now there is going to be such a struggle on our border that the western half of Amerika at some point you will have farmers ranchers being slaughtered and you will have people claiming this is their land and no longer part of the United States. It was stolen from and they want it warning if you continue going down this road, that is what will happen
these are not just all wonderful people that are coming over. You don't know. Would you say everyone in Seattle? Is a wonderful person pick the widest white city in an The? U s whatever that city is, would you say? everybody in that city is great, of course. No, of course not, of course not. You are letting hundreds of thousands of people in you have no idea who any of them are it's ridiculous to think that some do not have ill intent? are not running from the law and not because they were just persecuted. It's ridiculous to think otherwise. Morning. This is the best of the blend back programme,
Our last week It took you through several examples of the way Joe Biden apparently helps is close. Family members secure amazing Business deals while he as vice president, one of those instances involve Joe Biden younger Brother James, becoming an executive of a new. Construction company, even though he had absolutely no experience in construction whatsoever. Six months after he joined the company, it scored a one point: five billion dollar on direct to build one hundred thousand homes in war, torn rack, the yards? Here's a construction company that hire somebody as it adviser as Z,
RO. I let me say it again: zero construction experience and just a few minutes of just a few months, later. He is so good with his advice that that company gets at one point, five billion dollar contract from the United States government. We She's brother is the vice president of what are the odds. It's a miracle, even the president of the company said to investors a kind of helps to have the brother of the vice president as a partner. Oh well. This is in every thing that's wrong with Capitalism is it if you think it's good to be the vice president's brother, it's even better to be his son On last Thursdays, tv show, I did a major chalkboard explaining how Joe Biden, Son Hunter came on the Board of Ukraine's largest private natural gas.
Funny. How wait a minute wait I mean it did huh her have lots and lots of experience to be on the board of a gas company. In the Ukraine. Well. He had as much experiences his uncle did in construction, see row. Tonight on tv, I'm going back to the chalkboard for part to have Joe Biden Profile and as bad as the buttons activity was in Ukraine. It is the tip of the iceberg when you see the deals that had been struck in China now, to give you a quick hint in this? Is that even a preview about how plugged in they are in China? I want to give you a separate story that we don't even have time to get into tonight. This should tell you how big tonight's episode is when this is a scrap. The
we couldn't even get. We had to leave this one on the edit floor, China. Is all tie. Coon YE jamming worked over time to get meetings with his top movers and shakers in the. U S: government his efforts included, but you to tell me stew, you're you're, disturb you just a businessman. You ought to do business with the United States. What do you have to do to get a meeting with like the vice president? What do you think you have to do if, if the vice president under O bomber, what do you have to Deuce message among Linkedin message him on Linkedin, that's a good one that I could get our send in your resolution show how much of a mover in shaker you are gonna, be an ideal. The Abbe, a big deal, get bad some merit behind that or you could donate a hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton foundation.
Tat night. There was another path. Isn't it would seem that the path to so many fish right I mean it was almost a right of passage for any foreigners at one and access to anybody in the Obama administration. But it's it's weird good, because those are separate, rye right right, of course, ok fifteen Mr Ye worked on trying to connect with the Biden family, but by that point, as you will see tonight Hunter Biden, this company was deeply involved with chinese bids this, at first one of MR ease top lieutenants, a guy named Patrick Hull, met with Hunter Biden in Washington DC that lead, Mr Ye himself. Meeting with Hunter at a Miami hotel in twenty seventeen. At that meeting, Mr Ye proposed partnering with Hunter by
firm to invest in. U S, infrastructure and energy will there's nothing wrong with that right. Then, in November of twenty seventeen, Joe Biden, brother James, was in the hotel lobby when he got a random call from Patrick Co. Then this remember is Mr Mr Yees top loot it always was in deep trouble and told the vice president's brother that he was looking for a lawyer federal agents, had arrested hoe in New York on allegations that he bribed african officials in Chad and Uganda for access. Two oral fields: bribery who for even a minute that's awful an awful lot like what was happening who, with the gas in the Ukraine. During the whole trial prosecutor show that Mr Yees company had assign gig not only bribery, but
he also was an arms dealer who was ultimately convicted of, can spirits. He attempted bribery and money laundering. His boss, Mr Ye, is now in chinese custody added an undisclosed location now, perhaps, the weirdest in most cryptic part of this whole episode, is what James Biden told the New York Times when they interviewed him about that phone call from Patrick Co. Listen, carefully. James Biden said he was surprised by the call and believe that huh, oh had intended to reach Hunter Biden, Joe Biden son, so he gave him hunters contact information and then Joe, then Jos, brother James, said This quote: there's nothing else. I have to say I don't
He dragged into this anymore. End quote: dragged dragged into what who's dragging Joe Biden, his brother into something nefarious, presumably the deep web of chinese business connections that Joe Biden facility is facilitated for his son, while he was vice president might be something that his brother does not want to be dragged into. Probably the most disturbing access aspects of the chinese deals or the national security implications tonight, I will show you the partnerships that had been formed in China. I exe, in all of its on tonight's Glenn Back programme. Only on blaze, tv, we also talked to Peter Schweitzer, who blew the lid off. This scandal on vitamins
activity, but no one seems to care. Perhaps it's because they haven't heard the story. They haven't seen it on the chalkboard, Tonight things are heating up on blaze, tv dot, com, Slash Glenn, Blaze, tv dot, com, slack, Gillian an if you haven't joined yet still buying. Of his amazing? Isn't it yeah and his his pulling lead is seemingly I mean evaporated at least one poor. He now trails Bernie Sanders twenty nine twenty four in the latest pull from Emerson which the Gulf pollster, but all sample size. The dates are right in the middle of the peak of the sort of controversy, so whether this is a long term thing or not, we don't know PETE Buddha J
is up to nine percent. Now is in third place, and then they can a group of other contenders, including Kamel Harrison. Americans may thereby upon those guys Orourke, ended and Warren as well, are right there in eight sets and seven percent, and then everybody else follows well behind. This is a national pull by the way this is going to be. I am convinced you make a lot of. I'm convinced statements, politics that you look later on, say you were not so convinced about or should not have been so convinced about. Yeah I was always convinced I just I was wrong.
Yes, you are, I mean, I'm willing to admit I'm wrong. Now it is now you ve never been a guy who says I can predict politic now I've and where I may not act opposite, I can predict politics. I have no idea. No idea, I mean I can predict predicts. I can predict ah directions, I'm good at direction, Yakima long term direction, and I just feel that this race is going to be one by somebody that is not in the system does not in system, and that would be about a judge or someone. Someone like that. That is that's a complete outsider that when right now, the people who are really paying attention are the people who are politically connected and politically aware. I think the the Democrats are so
over playing their hand that their their arrogance is gonna, be there I'm doing this time around and why I say that is when you see what a yo see, and alone Omar, and all of these people are saying it's too far for the average Democrat, even the democratic vote, or not the ones in Wash even the ones emerging in the ones in Washington or sick, but they, but they are the ones they are not going to get the vote, because people see this game that they're playing and their sick of it. There, sick of it in energy policy, would love to get everything that air sea and we know a lot more are asking for she love all of it, she was she realizes that exactly what you're saying it's too far for a lot of Amerika right, she's used to do.
With the entire caucus. Some people who are in purple districts where they one by one point and they can't come out and endorse socialized medicine tomorrow even though they may very well want it. But here's the problem lit the Democrats because they they hated me and said everything that I said was was you know a conspiracy theory and stupid and whatever that they didn't listen to the warning that I gave not just to the american people, but I gave it.
More importantly to the Democrats, when I talked about the coming insurrection that book from France- and it was, it- was written by the people who were sick of the progressives, they were the actual marxist revolutionaries and its started in what a surprise, academia and they were saying you- people have been in office forever and we are so close now we want it. Just take it. You guys are only doing this for yourself you're, not you don't even believe in this Europe is doing. As for your own power and you're, never going to complete the deal. You're just gonna keep stringing us along and that's why The insurrection was coming in France, which we have seen with the yellow vast. By the way, did you see the police were given permission to use, live ammunition to bring down yellow, vest protesters this weekend things are heating up in France and
is where it started. The real radicals had said we want change now now see. Policy can say she's a progressive. All she want, but progressive ISM was not. The answer it was a, means to the end. The end was to flip us read. Not read state. No to flip mice, totalitarian dictators, All drain the words that didn't have the meaning that they have, Now there is no meaning, in fact, it was stored, Chase but said after world war. Two, we just have to call this system acts now because fascism, communism, dictatorship. Those are all words that have different meaning, so we don't have a word we're just calling it systematics. So progressive ISM was just to put in system acts, which is Tom
down everything we would have known it as communism or fascism or authoritarianism, statism two Pelosi doesn't realise here not in charge anymore. You not in charge anymore. You think you are you thought you could use these radicals. You thought you could bring them in give them a taste of power, teach them.
How the system works, then let them create their own little viruses and you'd somehow be inoculated against it. You're not. I mean she certainly is dismissive up, and I mean this. This video can we play. Some of this is yes Nancy policy talking about she gets to Elsie in any long term. Are listened to how dismissive she is of them? They I mean at this point. The people have held power for a long time, a heat, this group of new comers. They are not fans, they don't like the idea, that they are getting all the attention they are getting. All the media love! Listen to this from Nancy Pelosi. You yourself said that you're, the only one who can unify everybody in the question is: can you buy it? age, whatever the orientation they came to Congress with they know that we have to hold the centre that we have
go down the mainstream. They know that they do, but it doesn't look like that It looks as if you're its fractured sheet to minimize the conflict within her carcass between the moderates and the progressive you have these wing. Was air sea and heard upon one side: five people. Now the progressive group more diverse and progressive here, no, no you're, not while she is she knows is a remember, actually more progressive, the man she's she's Prague, things slowly, they are going for the revolution career it she but she sees progressive ism as a destination. It's not a death innovation. It is a system to get it's like. I, train, no, no you're. Here, that's not a destination! That's
vehicle that delivers you from one place to another. Progressive ISM is too Grass you to another destination, the people at the other. Destination or saying your trains too slow your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, Also, today is charity day to day at you're, probably feeling your most charitable right. This is how you support other people. You pay your taxes. I bet you're feeling exciting about feeling Natalie charitable, strangely charitable and so very patriotic. Yes,
super patriotic. This is basically July. Fourth part too, and I hope you're feeling that way today. I know I am win them. When the federal government comes into my counters sucks out a big chunk of it than Luvis cited about love it almost as much as I love it when they see they take. It is when I read about they wasted yeah, that's really fun to love when you realise, and there like. Oh, when Nancy Policy says, there's, there's just no scraps left in the cupboard we can't cut any more than you get these. You never is what was the reason you had one. Neither they liked was like several billion dollars in just four big mistaken payments to power, yeah yeah yeah, I was on the college. Thing was it. You know it was on the programmes programmes legislative, sometimes they screwed up you ve already paid it paid again and once in a while, you like to stop and think about it when they say, like
oh yeah. They made of let's say of a ten million dollar mistake, a minor mistake when it comes to the government of United States. Are they made ten million dollar payment to someone who didn't deserve our it just disappeared or whatever you stop and think about it, and that is going to be more money in taxes. Then you will pay in your entire life plus probably everybody you know every dollar they will pay in their entire life and that's that little kicker story that doesn't even is aimed on the front page of the paper. If there was one and on if they put them any more but take the inner ear and the little tiny little section of like the hill dot com, like several clicks it in the way like either wasted ten million dollars on this, that everything will work for for your whole life plus a lot. And that is like when you think about it, how this trust pressing that is, these limits.
Makes these little stories. We bring up video. People's life's work, going down the drain for nothing, nothing you could have every tax dollar you ve ever put in back thus all the tax dollars of everybody that you know back and then some if they had to me that one mister We believe that all the time, why don't we blow it? Barely more than mentioned, I mean you think they every year they release that government waste report. Republicans do that show. Other Corky they spent money on Yahoo spent five hundred thousand dollars on the story to see. If snail, can fly and, like it's all this weird stuff, you're like a hot, that's a funny! That's a funny. Kicker story that day those our peoples life's work, going down the train over and over and over again ever year and nobody notices Ivan you wanna know how bad
attacks. As aren't, I think it's it's were at the point where we need to start making these arguments and making them more profound because they mean listen. Listen to this is the New York Times today. When I do, I just I just did this just a second ago now that, as I'm talking about this listen. This is the gap between perception in reality, on the tax cut appears to flow from a sustained and misleading effort by liberal opponents of the law. To edit as a broad middle tax, tech, middle class tax, increase this, isn't it and wish you all. The time is telling you this time. Yes, they are telling you that It was a misleading effort by liberals that make people not understand this cuttings long sustain NEA were seen now poles as those seventeen percent of people believe they got attacks cut when the real number is well north of sixty
probably even higher than that, we don't have the final numbers, yet they say the effort began in the false twenty seventeen when Republicans prepared at their first draft of this tax bill and one tax policy centre at the independent tax policies under predicted, it could raise taxes on nearly a third of middle class taxpayers. Now, that's not the build up. I continued through trumps signing of the law, even though the group's model showed the same group that initially set it would raise taxes on people, the groups, idle showed that the revised bill would raise taxes on relative rip tap relatively few in the middle class after the law into effect, Democrats played down those estimates and instead highlighted directions that most Americans taxes are set to increase in twenty twenty six after the individual tax cuts are scheduled to expire.
So they're saying your taxes are going to go up. Some acid or the tax cuts go away, which of course, is true. This is but that's them that's their attack. Those though there tax rates which are higher. This is the amazing thing about the New York Times. At times they tell the absolute truth now at times. That now I disagree with what they just printed in the op ed. The men will tell the examined. All the guys would be echoed a hundred times again by all of the rapid call incorrect, so just a cup but sometimes they do rate reporting. It's such a weird thing, if you, are really truly just being a hack for the left. How does this person survive NEA? It's a mix, I'm enough and I think that's import. That is important to note. It means a lot Samson we're talking about real could survive. Arguments were the basis for that. The source of that reliable information is the near times because
it's, it's great to go to the left and say this is the New York Times, I'm showing you, MRS them saying, and not me not in that, Have you not the blaze, not bright Bart here? is right here, New York Times, they say now that three quarters of Democrats say they did not think they got a tax cuts, the law and the overall a share of Americans who said that they got a text that just do throw slightly. Since the initial argument. Experts are divided on whether the tax Latka attacks cut law was a good idea, but there is little disagreement on this core point. Most people got a tax cut. The tax policy centre estimates that sixty five percent of people paid less under the law and only six percent paid more. The joint committee on taxation congresses, nonpartisan team of tax, analyse from every income group, would see attacks cut on average sort of the Institute of Taxation on economic policy, which is a left, leaning, think tank. They went even further. They
Ed. Every income group in every state would pay less on average on believe unbelievable, and what s interesting about that is. People aren't realising these tax cuts because they say a relatively small amount. Some bull got about seven hundred eighty dollars, the middle, the middle middle class They say while in seventeen, eighty two million dollars is thy sued like to get seven hundred eighty dollars, but- and I was a few dollars- invite by weekly checks, and I think I just said this myself, I'm mad that I'm paying a giant chunk today of a judge tax bill to pay today. Unfortunately, but the truth is, I should be happy about that, because my money was in my hands for longer. I was but to invest it. I was able to hold onto it. I was able to make interest. I did not make an interest free loan of the government. You know it's crazy is we use the federal government as a bank and it's the worst?
bank ever and we you simply with social security, ready idea. We we looked the federal government as a bank and we hope we get a tax return, what you're getting them, Are you paid in, but you're, not saving it you're, not getting any interest on that so there are paying you interests now, so you could have put that sea, come out in the bank and said I am going to take less every month and I looked up within the bank, so we can earn interest. I want to put it in a cd, I'm gonna put it in something safe, but at least get five percent interest and then come tax day. I will take that money and I'll cash it out now pay exactly how much I need to pay. Instead, we don't do that. We let the government take all of our money and then when they give us that a year later after holding it in using it. Then they give it back to us without any interest and we celebrate like it's a gift like a whole
thing. Is it give like I didn't know I had any Latvia, I think it's insane, I once it was agent or block last year the data that campaign about like its tax refund day together this great holiday, it's not a holiday, deepen stealing your money for a year I mean this. Is we ve been saying this point for how long I mean legitimately thirty years? Reagan Reagan set it. He said if you at the end of the year, if people had is right a check, then this would be totally different. Why don't we pushed for that as actual policy? what we always talk about it. We don't mention it. I don't know, you know, because make a quarterly checks. Are our monthly hiding whenever it every time you get a paycheck every time you get a paychecks not withheld, after righted and write a check and send it did have to write. It is automatically dino you gotta be able. There has to be some action taken because it just like your point with immigration, if we take all the sacred sanctuary cities and take illegal immigrants and spread them out across, there will be some impact these cities, but most people might not noticed the meaning.
If you do it with a bunch of buses and they all arrive at the same time and applaud them down in everyone's gonna notice, you do with a lot of fanfare. This is what this is. Its fanfare make people notice what they're doing make people accountable to eat out to to the actual people in the money that their spending, because people don't realize it. Now we say that it was a health insurance to people who know what the prices are. This is why they develop this system. They develop this system because they knew you would revolt. If you actually had to do it yourself, so they ve made it. But what what? What thing does the government make easy for? You. The government make any now easy for you can't get a feminist possible to do almost anything, almost anything except digs. Yes, I am your tax dollar they will take. Those tax are now at the end of the year, its
pain in the ass. That's the get your money back alive is correct, but to pay your taxes, every single pay check the old they make that so easy may take that burden away from you. Thank you so much of the blame. Radio network on demand
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