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How bad is Democrat hypocrisy when it comes to Joe Biden? Ami Horowitz found that many Democrat voters proudly believe all women … except for Tara Reade. Stu is especially frustrated with the Left’s fawning praise of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He runs through Cuomo’s coronavirus timeline just to prove how bad he actually is. Joe Biden does it again! In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Biden tells him “you ain’t black” if he even considers voting for Trump. HOW is Biden going to survive this one?

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Welcome to the package. Is patents do in Fort lend today on of today's programme. In them we talk about andred, Cuomo and his time line of disaster in New York. We go through a brand new cliff that breaks during the show, which is gonna, make a lot of noise, Joe Biden basically telling black people he knows when their black and when they are not, and if they don't fall for him there, not black. Also, you gotta see the latest from Ami Horowitz, so early ass people about whether they believe terror, red in the Biden situation or not on believable, absolutely incredible, video and a whole lot more. We will proceed to seven by listening to the park. Has today no subscribe to this pact has also recommended subscribed to Pat Gray unleashed. Thank your wonderful podcast. You can also watch that any tube ants do. Does America the same thing all available, at least to be at least indeed outcome: Slash, Glinda the probabilities Glenn for ten bucks off, and if you go to Youtube to search for stew and I'll be the first page there I could subscribe as well get all of our shows for free hears about cast,
The only thing came, then stupor Glenn, other Glinda programme. Are you couldn't see my show tat great least immediately preceding this one or on podcast at your leisure anytime, of the day or night, wherever you get your free podcast stew has something going on is well on the American every night at like eastern students, America could subscribe anymore. You have your podcast or what police, tv or anew to just search for stew and, on my dumb facial, be looking back at you still smell like the suit the food we eat. Now, ball to you all and I to you in and then and there I will be a case of subscribe. If you get a sling and we had a weight which we may be sure, do some stuff later on Andrew Como,
because he is like my personal jihad, which, by the way means struggle recur right here, he's my personal. Sending only struggle is analyses struggle. I behold ejaculated, it's a sailor wholly struggle because, as we know, it's mostly it mostly secular them. Brotherhood at least, is mostly secular butter. A yet- and I just I can't understand this- fascination with this guy who has been a in another disaster like overseeing the worst parts the corona virus pandemic. In the entire world yeah running right. United States. The only love him in New York love him. Well, it's fading. It is fading. I mean he was up. Is eighty percent is about time because I mean how do you do such a bad job? In fact, he was sending cold.
Patients to nursing home? I believe it to be the worst single decision in the entire pandemic and he got away with it. He now he's actually trying to blame trot for forced cautious because it works is getting out, while he Eve instituted a policy which give indeed the import of cod, with nineteen pub positive patients In June Nursing homes right where he himself admitted where the people were, were the most vulnerable and then he also to take any sense at all mountaineer you're running when these places. Where are we going to do what we don't even have facilities to deal with a pandemic. We're just like we're. A nursing home is now like we, we can help be no basic matter. Needs. Obviously we know nursing homes have those summum capability for that signed to deal with a pandemic salaries we are not designed to do they all said that by the way at the time state. Why we do not want this to happen net then
ok? Well, if you are, if you have someone in your in your nursing home, they have covered. Nineteen you have Let them back in ITALY You can not, though Import new patients that that our air patients in that our covert nineteen positive, rising and test them as they come in and make sure of their father now here, Prevented the nursing homes from testing the patients so that he could they couldn't even know if they were covered. Nineteen positive- that is its mouth So now you can understand it stand what you would do, let me ask it as if I were going to use it, you know it. We got a real problem with old people. There's too many of them. What's kill em all off Gimme a palace that will do it. Would you desire the different policy, though? That would be the best way to do exactly what you do. A big areas all this guy, this viral video out there, where this guy's punching these people, nurses, punching these defenceless old people in a nursing home. It's
scuffing guy got arrested. They did find little disturbance, its revolting, but- further, that what Edra Cuomo did worse thirst for thousands of dead people, because Andrew Cuomo and several their democratic governors by the way instituted this policy or version, of it are thousands of people their lives in an inn. What is seemingly the most obvious outcome that could be. Imagine from a policy where you take people who are vulnerable to a pandemic and import intentionally. Sure patients inside of a nursing home. Like Of course this is what is going to happen. Of course, it's incomprehensible that they would do this Finally, after Not I have he with through the policy, but the damage has been done ready. Oh yeah, oh by far, so we ve got to my interest
video to show you concerning Andrew COM or coming up and if his brother to salute nightmare. In their fight over their mom and who is loved mom. My don't care ia. Your mom loved. More, I don't care. I think I do feel like the tides are starting to turn on that large simple are sick of the former brother stick their there. Starting to realise useless. I think there's a little bit of a rally behind the guy It goes on and in a moment like that or you're like you know what he's the only thing we have, we better, I hope, a good job, you're, almost convincing yourself he's doing a good job, but now that that so much a wartime president, you I believe and hope, but we're going to appoint Our people are actually looking at what he's done, and I can't imagine this holds up, but you know like this this is their so partisanship and so much tribalism around the stuff I mean you look at the stuff with Biden your mentioning before with with terror,
do we believe our will? All women are not right. I mean what The hashtag believe women and there was, there was hatched hashtag that was circulating during the meeting stuff- believe women well, ah Horowitz. With that to the test and here's what happened Mommy Horowitz on back these village believe all women has been the mantra of the left since the Cavanaugh hearings, but do they really believe in port? Is it to believe women at exerting points? Very is totally you believe, man? Why don't you believe women same thing or what's this gas should believe women versions and it will always be and someone sexually assaulted and yeah? It's happened in high school and I was told not to do anything about it because the guy,
is the star soccer player in high school. Nobody would believe absolutely important. No one believed me. I get thirty five years in jail for killing my abuser. So I am very sure. I'm feeling terror, red she's, the one who is accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault. Do believer. I think he's an employee of, I think, he's despicable. Do you guys believed carries no, no duly delegations known and now the timing is also very bizarre, or so whatever read it just doesn't seem incredible. I personally don't know why she's coming out now spoke about earlier. We need binding twenty seven years ago are now between seven years ago, Jo Leinen, to be fair maiden, he does remember, we have four breakfasted. I actually have the best memory. He'll come back to the bridge Cavenaugh. I thought they were
she was very groping. You explained to us to the audience: can the difference between tear me delegations and the allegations of crushing Blasi Ford yeah You know, I don't know why. I recall, since my memory is so this specifically say biting did not going around saying you, I don't beer and, like I mean if you saw comment about all, but that was just I think I love beard, crazy, hashtag, believe all women we thank God. I believe all women are guys believe all women to take you celimene, except terror, Reed here, and we will do it. Didn't we make it clear in the first place with a believer women thing, it was all except her us, except
anybody who says something about a guy. We want to vote, for I mean Ami Horwitz has as he does such a child. I was very late. This either something convincing about him. Where does it feel to the people on the street that he's coming off as like I'm making a point throughout Europe Hocker seek somehow able to keep them in this more where they think they're. Talking to someone friendly- and is it that I mean it is sassed her job? so is it really is pathetic. Image shown that entire movement to be a sham by sham, at least as it relates to Democrats in their rear, their their cavanaugh stuff, it so Obviously just partisan nonsense, they don't care yet they never. Here for a second about Chris, in Bosnia for all, never not heard about her. Not what may or may not have happened to her really didn't care. For a second and the facts,
it, was proven because as soon as Cavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court had they mentioned are once nope. Don't you remember such unaverred. I've had they have they while charges against Britain happened. I admit that they did because they got an eye for them to say all that was twenty seven years ago. Why now a blow The fourth was thirty. Seven years ago, yeah think about saw link about the differences here. Pat, we have absolute proof, that terror reed work in the office with Joe Biden just start. There were No evidence is far I can remember that Christie, Balls Ford. Even ever met What cabinet, let alone was at the heart of the night of open question, which we don't know what the night is in question, because she could. We all know what that night is. We don't know what the houses? We don't know that date, you know any of it. We do know that People do remember: terror reed disappearing oddly in the middle of a job. For no reason we do
that she said that her mother called in to American Larry King and we use it did happen. She did she did. We do know that she told multiple people over the years that this did occur and they up that story, any better. That sort network that does not mean Joe Biden. Did this right? People like airlines credence to the story for certainly does right. It's. You know that we have a justice system for a reason. Man in a look, if you, if every one if we decided we wanted to take out some important person. We could all easily align our stories and say: ok, say that you say that you say this three or four people absolutely could do that. One not saying that's what happened here. I don't know, but it could happen Larry King things a lot more difficult to do you really difficult because you know, there's a national show just getting on that show. I'm sure at the time was probably difficult for to get on and be able to say that and then have to be recognised as the person that you'll find the tape. So
the rule that nineteen eighty three, what setting up your two thousand twenty allegation right, but I mean exactly, I dont think that that's true, though I would say she never mention rape, rape, she'd mention is a problem with that was set, so we don't know what the level of that accusation was, and I would They too it's possible that you get fired, you create a fiction. You tell people to justify what happened and a return to a long term story? Is it possible? Yes, it's possible in the way that all sorts of easy things are possible people when the lottery multiple times, so it's possible sure it's possible that these things go on. The fairy online to possible monkey somewhat lie out my, but exactly it's just not likely it's not like. I know its not likely persona how many monkeys self cried to store so far. None. Yes, probably the best number two
restore their Gaia but Euro there crazy things that happen rare, crazy things like a guy guy, sad home in the nineteen eighties, any started watching press your luck, the game show. They had a vhf recorder and he must logically record where the boxes bounce around the outside border? I tell you Figured out that one specific block, never turned into a whammy that would cost him all of his money. So we back there and studied the patterns and recognise that it repeated then went to words to the to California. Got the show pressure, luck and was able to win like ten times as much as any other candidate or any other kind. Because he knew all the patterns. He had memorize how the game board worked. That happened in real life, then that guy left with. Of his money and why up losing all of it add various scams and other things
that's a real story. It's a store that actually occurred, and he went on the run at the end of his life before he died, all of them actually happening was going to be whose scheduled at one point be a bill Murray Movie and what a fantastic movie that would have been that ever made it I may do I don't know, I don't know what happened. I might eventually reach a movie Brits great story entity, it's a real of rural guy who did this crazy stories happen but like All of these things. Adding up would at least indicate that goes well beyond the standard of proof. That Democrats have wanted for any Republican in a similar situation. You know any time, and when we remember the James combing situation where the whole it was contemporaneous notes. He took contemporaneous note- and that was proof that bit X Y see happen all the guy. One guy just wrote Dounia this happened, and that was enough for everybody on the left.
Contemporaneous notes. She told all these people at the time that this went on and on not believe all women anymore, that's dead, it's gone ITALY do we never meant it and when you ask them will we, then what about believe all women and you have someone maybe a little bit more her more thoughtful them. People that army ran into They will say is now what do we believe? All women all the time? No matter what what we want, what we said that we need to listen to women and then you know Obviously we have to do. A process goes on here is describing what we say. We still continue to say today. That's the difference between a lot more people on the left, the media, and the people on the right. I have heard one person, change their standard on the right on this, everyone saying like look, you can't convict him over the stuff you want to because you want to lose the presidency, but that's not the way
operate in this country at the best of the best program on students, America, you been talking about Cuomo lately in the great job that he has been doing, because he has done some got a job you. What is it I'm only a third of all deaths come from New York from this Covin virus it isn't it like. A third of all deaths are lost and the worst of the the entire worlds covered outbreak was in New York in New York and you have to and that that China downplays it a little bit because all of a New Jersey in Connecticut break out, of course, archives of New York City of New York and when you look at the the genetic make up of the virus around the country, but eighty percent of Briggs around the country round or New York, so Jane
other than that the results are there, Pat the results other than that undergo almost done an unbelievable job. He has an oh sure if you can here to any one else in the entire world. No. I mean you would absolutely if, given that there is a draft their quota, you want to run your ear covert. Nineteen response and the choices We're Andrew Cuomo guy who was dealing winning we hear from east from northern ITALY. The University of Northern ITALY, but Lombardy region. He you got him or you can get some random guy selling bats in whew Hon. I think I go on this point. I certainly am going when I hope I don't have the third pic I and stuck with Cuomo I'll, tell you that Cuomo, we are going through, and we ve decided to build a series out of this. Just go through the timeline of Andrew Cuomo thing. About this. This is a market where started March. Only that I won't give him any heat,
stuff in January February, people and necessarily note was going on, but towards the end of February it started really ramping up and in all over, the world March starts. At this point you gotta know, especially in New York, major travel. Have this is a big deal, so March first is the first case, announced out to New York March second hears Andrew Coma. In this situation the facts defeat fear. Because the reality is reassuring metres. Deep is deep breath. Time doesn't take a deep breath, Pat ok, so we need to do here, sounds like we're. Gonna be fine right now, while we are, if you, if you, if you thought that he wasn't taking this health challenge seriously. I can see how you might take that from that particular statement, but you have to look at his website, which is where he puts the real meat of his policy
and he made a major statement, the carried on the website on March Third, and he did it. Egg, serious action against health crisis, and this. Havoc and, of course, by the pedantic I mean the voting epidemic, it wouldn't wrote on his sight, the nicotine nicotine raping epidemic is a scourge on our state and our nation, those March third March. Third, a so everyone else's like hey, covert, nineteenth scatter scary, but what about vapor? now, I will say every what is going to look back and think about March. Twenty twenty, as the month of the voting, the Democrats clearly with the history books, are going to say, and he was right on top of that now, while people were kind of passing this virus all over the city, Cuomo launch a petition against raping and quoting the website. Campaign also includes a new hashtag.
No rape, and why now? If we have only thought- if the virus, with a hashtag time I worked out, forty well, you know but you didn't think hashtag no corona, and why hash down with covert hashtag com. What makes you don't get it? perhaps we can join dont, get it yeah that would do that Could I dine at their baby what we Fortunately, you didn't think about March. Six were up to now we're forty four cases into your Andrew com. Oh a still couldn't I believe that you were worried about it, we have more people in this country dying from the slow. Then we have dying from corona virus. That's one of the things it gets. You kicked out of a media these days If you are conservative and said that what people really report doktor drew dragged through the mud by the left for that exact statement, but Andrew Cuomo doing it. So don't worry about it, just a few
continue to sneeze on each other openings, five March eighth new year, but its triple did just a hundred five known cases. We all know it's a lot higher than that reality. Cuomo can t used to tell everyone not to change their lives around all that much. If you can move to a train car that is not as dense you see a pack train car. Let it go. By wait for the next train same with the, if you're taking a bus. Now I don't know Lloyd, public transmitting. No! No! I just did it: take a less crowded, felt, less crowded, wanna less dense one, and I would argue you should probably try to find a governor, that's less dense. However, I understand I guess his point here- any less he's making a little progress, Kilometer emphasize that the most important thing that new Yorkers could do was basically lay back and she lacks. She been oil and gas
back then I know there's a whole frenzy about it. The facts do not justify the frenzy period The biggest problem we have in this situation is fear. Not the virus. Now iris, we can hand it's the fee here and the fear is just on warranted. That's good to hear that Andrew Promo can handle the virus, and you were so worried, Pat that entire tongue. I can remember Louis Freakin, now editing the governor of south. Dakota makes that statement. It's probably fine. If the guy Why only makes that statement is probably fine. Although it, though people made it since the Republicans they would get trash. Did the media constantly, but Andrew Cuomo is presented as this hero in the situation the very next day will continue to parade the idiocy of people who thought this might be a big problem
context or these numbers. What does it mean? What does it mean? What does it mean all day, long people calling me up and saying here: are these numbers? What does it mean? It means you ve the positives, you reduce the spread what is the bottom line? What does this mean? Yeah people are reacting like this is the boa virus, how this is not a bowl of virus. This stereo that you see. This fear that the panic that you see your pen is unwarranted. We have with worse viruses many times this spreads lights, the flu, but most people will have it and they get on with their lives. There. You go sat easy. Now I will say you may have noticed a tad bitter, an undercurrent of criticism here for me on Andrew Coma and in
most of fairness, this actually turns out to be his best moment of the entire response. Why he, actually got something right. It's very rare, Frederick hormone this period he correct covert. Nineteen is not the Ebola virus fact covert. Night he would go on to kill more people in June New York mean just the first three weeks of April, then able what has in all of human history, and so he is correct. It is not even smaller gold star for that. Little answer from Andy. To March Ninth also the day that Cuomo attempted a media stunt aimed at the early at the vilification of capitalism, but specifically Amazon for their suppose. It ice gouging over
hand synthetize her. This is seventy five first alcohol, it also has a comes in a variety of sizes, has a very nice floral bouquet little. I detect a lilac, ranger tulips were smart. You that clip gives me chills for some reason. I dont know what it is him talking about. The floral bouquet that its it made me like hate changes for the rest of my life. And notice them and in the middle of the pandemic response literally reaches his hand out so than guy next week can smell it. That is The prince governs is basically Como bragging that he can beat the market price with hands. Entities are using prison labour, which is
the easy to be all right get prices when you're musing, essentially slave labour prices, fall all of your employees, which years later we found out, but he wasn't even doing that. He was just bottling there, sanitize her with with the prison labour, not making it so he was lying as well, but that's it. The three thousand most annoying thing about that clip the fact that he's gay people to smell is lilac. Hands is just get grosses me. I didn't want to get Martin March eleventh now. Two hundred sixteen cases in New York known of corona virus, Andrew Cuomo is doing stick at his press conferences, attempting, I would argue, a worse irish accent and even Barack Obama. Listen Well, you know Visor Patrick Turnscrew, our yes hi, so authorization sure well is that eggs. While
I don't know what that is. It makes me dislike Ireland, the entire country it makes irish people dislike Ireland, which It is a really I mean you're. Pretty irish penny. You now hate ironing. Do ok do so. Oh then, he has an interview schedule and, of course, by itself it's not really all that notable Andrew Cuomo love seeing Andrew Cuomo on television more than anyone else in the entire world. He gets that exposure all the time. So there is One place, though he couldn't go to get interviewed. One place CNN with his brother Cuomo. Why? Because CNN had banned crystal although from interviewing Andrew Cuomo, which is best thing for a journalistic organization to do, because you have your host as a journalist. Interviewing here brother or on television? in two thousand thirteen. They insulted this ban it
for seven years and then in the middle of a pandemic. There like al- I guess now is the time for the softest of softball interviews, of course leads to a CNN lifting the ban and It unleashed journalism like this. Governor Andrew Cuomo, everybody else. My big brother, I'm proud of you. I love you. Thank you for explaining the hard part and what's gonna, have to happen so that we can get to a better place in the future. God bless I'll talk to you, a second proud of you, wow, so their borders of each other, both proud of each other's again, do not each other, it's good to know, and that of course, has escalated to. I think, was yesterday the day before Yes, go were now he's doing like carrot, top props and bring out like note nasal swabs of
Chris Cuomo, to joke with his brother about that his size of his nose. You were listening to the best of the Glen Deck Programme, Joe Biden. This is so many somebody reasons to vote for this guy. Here is yet another one. I mean Patsy. We don't start the shed a day. Saying you know what is a smart strategy to hide Joe Biden and not let him talk, is this strategy because they found out today because Today we are deciding to know. We should do let em talk and clip is, believable. I'm worried DIS qualifying for republic to suits, I guess, you're out the races over
Somehow they're gonna try to make sense of this, but I'm I'm curious as this to say, if, if they think I e, if you none. This club, you tell me this guy's gonna survive the them there magnifying glass and I don't see how we land and quite honestly, I don't see how you can he's talking to Charlemagne. The God who, Who does a lot of interviews? We re actually does a lot of big interviews any as a very big audience and, of course Biden into court in Africa can voters here, the exchange, what we did not much that we are time I apologize, you can't do that. The black media, I let my circle, who suffer required just to set this up. I didn't realize this part was included as well, so what you're? is that their inner has been going on for a while and the pr guy steps and ensure to stop the interview. Again, I will say it good move you. So
and Charlemagne his pissed off, because their cunning and often not giving of access- and he says you can't do that- to black media now I don't know why. I guess you can do it a white media. I don't know what that means. Is that white media- maybe I don't know well you can. Apparently often interview short with black media Biden. Try to talk about why he has to leave. Obviously, there is only one I would assume one place they can do. Interviews on energy scheduled. Then he says something that happens at all media by way. Of course, of course, shall Beata. I understand why race with prodded about it's like they did the demo product party is not saying all while we won't talk to black audiences. They want to. They. Just don't want Joe Biden to say things like this when they talk like media here is the clear what we know so much. That's really our time. I apologize. You can't do that. The black media, you got it, that the wide media block, maybe because my wife has to go on at six o clock. Ok, oh
I'm in trouble, listen, you gotta comes When you come to New York. Bp by well, is a long way until November. We got more questions one question evacuated. Fiona problem figured out worthier for mere trump and you ain't black, They don't. I'm gonna do a job it. I know it well that's an amazing statement, I am flabbergasted by him. I mean first of all, the Rindge worthy use of ain't in the middle of that you ain't black. I mean com. If we republic, I have to say it, you say you can finish, but He is now we are now at the point where apparently so, K for democratic candidate, a white guy, too White Splain, two black people, what qualifies them as black? that is now the cool thing to do. Just you like it's ok now for
old white guys to go to black people and say: oh you, you count is black and you you do not envy insinuate that if you do something that he disagrees with? It's? Ok, stereotype men entire race of people? Now I thought that was racism We agree with Syria to high by color of skin would be racism pan wow. Really. I did. I am also the time that thinks if you were to eliminate one of the two genders- and I did say I know to genders it wanted, you genders. If you were to eliminate them, you would be a sexist. However, when Joe Biden has said he will only select a woman to be his vice presidential candidate that is not sexist here. I guess I'll try to give us the same spin, that that is somehow not, rarely insensitive at the very least so insulting, but I mean This is so typical of what back to talking about with Kenya, West Conway
went from a brilliant black artist to a white guy. When he decided to support Donald Trump and that has been the way they have treated him ever since he threw that had on strew and here you see Joe Biden, saying the quiet thing out loud and they re black maybe I'm gonna do a drop in Ireland. That is the type of thing they all think in the Democratic Party they all, Ah the people at the top, all those all the white people at the top think black people, only count when they agree with us. And here they are admitting, it and this is why Joe Biden shouldn't be given any interviews, she decided, because this is what happens- he is now coming out and admitted the thing that the democratic parties been trying to hide for how long. And here it is in full audio full video? He tells black people they are not black unless they vote for him. Can you
believer He would say something. I know no Republican gets away with now, no republic
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