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The coronavirus has hit blue states harder than red states, but guess how the media’s spinning it. Why isn’t the media attacking remdesivir as it is hydroxychloroquine? The Left’s double standards are getting out of hand. NBC fired Megyn Kelly for asking a question about blackface, but Jimmy Fallon got a pass after a Saturday Night Live skit resurfaced in which he performed in blackface! A black man died after a Minneapolis officer pinned him down by his neck in a sickening video. Is there any way to explain this other than murder?

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Welcome to the pot. It is. Patents do in four Glenn today we talk today about the increasing amount of craziness, on racial lines will receive a new celebrity with a black face tape. We have eight. Hypertension in a park between black man and a white woman that gets ugly and we have the horrible situation in Minnesota. Put an officer. And someone one or several officers and someone who is killed. Really a lot of ugliness there, but we try to go through it and way through what is true and what is not. Also talk about the media, there a disaster as usual, they are getting frequently caught. Wearing Mass on television and then immediately taking them off The camera shadows over was a great piece. It
the message we see were they just get called out by of has her by who just nails and do we not only have their footage. Remember that receive, and also the guy with the cellphone recording it, and it's really amazing and It into a little bit about Brazil, which is now. Passing the United States as far as the corona virus capital of the universe, the title I'm actually really happy to give up, so that would be a nice think make sure to check out our yes here, of course you can subscribe to this. One of rating review it is well check up. Great unleashed who is available every single morning and stew doesn't every single evening you can watch the those on Youtube or horse catch the podcast right here, no practice practically Stevie Dotcom, Slash glad to get access to all The police is wonderful, programming, he's a promo code, and see ten bucks,
The only thing tat is patent stew in four glands on vacation this week, fascinating graphic released by Pew Research, Pat looking at the covert deaths in red
blue districts. So for some reason this is a thing we're doing now. Where were just breaking this along political lines, to try to prove points, I guess on politics. I don't even understand what the point of something like this would be. The I guess the idea, effort from their perspective is look. Let's illustrate the fact that there's been a big decrease in democratic districts and there hasn't been a big decrease in republican districts. That's that the attempt here is a sin. Since MID April covered nineteen deaths have declined in democratic districts, but have been relatively stable and republican districts and ever helpful graph to illustrate what now what has happened now. Anyone who would think about this for a moment would say well. The worst stuff happened in new. Work, New Jersey in Connecticut and yes, they ve had a big decrease, but from a terrible peak right now, so we would say: ok allotted democratic districts there. It would make sense they were decreasing wearing a state like Texas that never had a huge flare up. It would make sense for them to decrease
Greece from what right like they have those already loves already low. That's that worthy you're, just right at the top, your head impression of someone who said that right, yes, we'll shockingly enough- that is exactly what the graph shows in the graph actually illustrates, that the republican peak in deaths was too per regulates. The average number hundred thousand strong to think of its, I think it's just two per million or to promote thousand to promote thousand another, is that they, the graph, is not labelled exactly correctly, but being the whatever ratio they're using your two for the Republicans was the peak and ask it decrease slightly to one point: seven on the democratic site. It peaked at seven point four, so that is almost four times as many as it ever was in a republican district, and it has decreased largely because of that northeast area. Down to four:
four point. One was still more than twice as high as the peak more than twice as high freak out situation about you rather have would render the republican situation. We pick it too and fall to one point, seven or would you rather have the democratic situation? We peek at seven point four and decrease to four point one now that is not easily it's obvious. When you look at the graph you'd much rather have the republican situation. The deaths have been much more lower. How do you title that graph, the summary being that there's been a decrease in democratic districts but stable and republic? because that impression, you're trying to sell amazing. What are you trying to send their? What's? The impression republican governors have opened up the states and their paying the price right, which is obviously not the story of that graph. The disorder that graph is Democrats handled this poorly at the beginning, waited too long. We have people like Andrew Cuomo
I mean who I hate- to criticise Andrew Cuomo by by saying build. The plaza was right on something but Cuomo was out there. Lighting build implausible, saying we are never going to close in New York and four days later closes New York right right. They they blew this from the beginning in the worst possible way. We talked about the nursing home policy, we about me, wasn't until MID May, where they were saying. You know what big new policy announcement we're going to clean the subway cars. Why what a brilliant idea there Andy it's wow! That's a Europe! You re a cutting edge. Of fighting this virus. After you already have tens of thousands dead, you think you might cleanest, subway car. What a good idea! That's a good idea and
he is the worst at the ambient mourn. The injury, Cuomo Timeline on students, America tonight, because I last time I did that we'd we talked about this on Friday, I started in March, I was gonna. Do the entire time might have all his mistakes that could only get through the first two weeks of mark? So now I need you unsuccessfully to two weeks of March animals from their this, theories could end like, but we after the election, I think educating might occur, is able to call a good listener, in a very rarely do we hear a new network come out make one of these accusations like they made against Georgia and Texas and Floor and when it doesn't go their way and their ways a bunch of people dying so think about what their way is for a second when it was, it doesn't go their way. They they never revisit it right. They just move out like that. They they hit Georgia. They said there can be huge outbreak didn't happen, then they said okay. Well. What about Texas
didn't happen without Florida hasn't happened. All these things have gone on over and over again, because they finally red state governors now Colorado has a democratic governor who opened the state run around the times of these other states and has had no criticism whatsoever. Minnesota is having a much worse time right now, with overnight than any of these southern states, and they don't get any criticism either, because that's just the way this works, I will give a little bit of credit to NBC News who actually revisited their Georgia predictions the other night did yeah and their tone was. They actually said there was no major spike in cases which is good and the fact that they did. That is something We have very low expectations, the media at this point and the fact that they would even acknowledge that they said these things in retrospect is impressive. However, one of the things if you remember when they, when Georgia started opening up salons and such they said
A lot of people are critical. If you remember famously the Atlantic run ahead. Limits of Georgia's experiment in human sacrifice. Those are headline gay, and that was the tone of the coverage, or over the left, including MSNBC part of embassy NEWS who spent day after day after day after day lighting this up really heavy criticism, and they do acknowledge the criticism, listen to the end to hear which criticism they highlight last month, Georgia was one of the first states to reopen and with the most aggressive approach, allowing barbershops restaurants, tattoo parlours and more to welcome customers. The criticism came in droves. They stole the governor. Simply that, I disagree with this decision, but he has to do what he thinks is right, one piece of criticism. We can georgian President romp yeah right because he's been
guy who's been all over run of anti opening the economy up. They couldn't find anything from Rachel, Matthau and their own network. They convey any from Chris Haze and their own network. It can buy anything ever NBC News. They couldn't find anything confinement Atlantic headline. They couldn't find the dozens and dozens of headlines saying everyone was going to die in Georgia. The only then they can they can muster up for criticism was the one time President Trump said. I thought You're opening up tattoo, parlours and and and massage parlors a little early, that's when it came to that was the b, the the First of all the criticism, if you remember pat and land, they brought that back unbelievable. It really is pathetic. Just admit it like you ship shouldn't, we all be thrilled. You were wrong on that You know it's not to say that they will not have an a flare up at some point. They may, but
Clearly, your impression of what reality was was incorrect. Here. If you looked at the Mobility data, you would realise that almost every state in the union is coming out of locked out at the same pace, whether the governor says so or not, and then has to do with people realising you know what we can't sittin here forever. We d go, do these things, let us be careful and that's happening all over the country, and so it wouldn't be surprising to you if you understood the data, that is it's not. What are these things? Were the governor says, okay to states open and everyone rushes to the doors? That's not what happens? People aren't doing that this same thing. It was true when we went into lockdown people went into locked down before the governors said they had to go into lockdown because they were trying to be careful with our own lives saintly. Here they're trying to get free careful with our own economy there trying to get out there and be careful in and go back to work, and none of us should be surprising to you. If you follow
story at any level of death. You know if you're just sitting here in this normal back and forth, cable news box thing were two boxes are ones that article should open up arctic wish to close it down. If that's your life, will then you're not can understand a story at all. When you look at the data, there's no difference between. We know a state like Georgia as far as coming out and and being more mobile and visiting retail stores, and all these other things and tons of other states there's not really difference. There are certain areas they ve opened up that are different than other states, but, generally speaking, there's there be no reason to believe Georgia would have a big outbreak anyway, as opposed to another state, but they don't care about that. That's not their goal. Their goal is to try to. Trash the president trash Republicans, teams, teams, teams, teams, teams, it's just unending, and usually they don't even once they ve made their prediction that all health gonna break loose in Georgia, because their opening up way
who soon and then, when that doesn't happen, when all hell doesn't break loose, they usually don't even go back and report on that, so they don't say anything about. It is it's kind of amazing that anything was said by the media, even though yeah you know they they use trump as their as their proof, the unequal attacking them I'm beating of unbeaten that report for that part of it, but I do actually legitimately appreciate yet when they do that. Any does add to their credibility. Yes, you know it really. Does you at least will listen to them if war, these new networks said you know what gash. We really thought. This is going to happen and we were totally wrong on it. I'm not sure why were to try to figure it out and get it right next time that that goes a long way with people my hand, think people are fine. With that approach, I think so
I mean that's what we try to do with there's been plenty times that we ve blown stuff and you just going to say, look look. This is why I thought it you. You heard my rationale right, and this is what I try to do next time to get it to get better. That's all you can do, because when it doesn't fit the agenda you use they, they are so good at just not reporting it pretending. It didn't happen. For instance, what you tube is doing with hydroxide chloric when a day where they just censored the video where medical doctors, these are doctors and saying hydroxide clerk when might help treat covered nineteen, so them they remove. That part. The video from from the Youtube videos. I I mean we are deeply, might learn that little as scientists are in the middle of dozens of studies on how to urge hydroxide clerk when right now, including statewide study and South Dakota, but there is not just a statewide to study
here I mean it's all over the world live in setting this, so this was a Cheryl Atkinson at Measure news report adds He was examining the possible benefits of hard drugs clerk when, as a treatment and the possible financial interests, some parties have in down playing the drug and promoting a separate treatment. The rim disappear at the United they're, not bashing that got us. That's a weird one too, because that was it run. Disappear was mentioned by Trump. In these same press conference, as you have drunk, the clerk went running this idea. That Trump is out there promoting hydroxide clerk. When, because he's trying to be right and show that you, he also called them disappear thing and robbed us of your has shown a clinical study that has improved outcomes. Now, there's been, some studies have hijacked the clerk went that showed mixed results. Some really good, some, not so great right, but, like I like Trump, the truck
court. On quote false hope from that press conference was not false. We mean phantom came out and sit has access thing. It had helped. Some people have some people. We know there was an eighty see news executive who was a who who claims it cured him. We know there's a study in France of a very well respected doktor, whose a little bit of a renegade so there's questions about whether he's right or wrong on this, but he had a study that showed incredible improvement by hydroxide clerk when and reduced, but like try, like they re, trying to say this thing where Trump gets blamed. If we're Hydroxyl clerk, when if it doesn't work out but gets no credit for I'm decibels Would he also mentioned in the same press conference if it does work out which both about she felt she and Burke's have talked about the benefits of rum disappear? Already and by the way, there are some drawbacks: Durham disappear as well. Yeah they're not talking about those anything about hydroxide clerk when that they can say, like people die from it well
You don't know how to administer it or you administrate wrong and not in conjunction with the right combination of drugs and then ya. Think bad things can happen, certainly generally safe to take. Yes, I mean it's been. Take people been taken over seventy year, yet people with Lupus have to take it every day. People with certain types of all sorts of elements in owed. Take it it's a malaria is obviously the one it was initially designed for, but it's not just use for that. Look. Why wouldn't we try these things? You go back to what she has said many many times which is more of let's look into this, I don't know, no doctors don't now, let's tested, and so they are testing it and we may find out they did. It doesn't help anybody or maybe only helps a very small subset of people whatever it does. Let's find out we're in the middle, crisis here, let's, let's find out, why would we dismiss it to another one of these dumb thesis that they just me like the Democrat teen doesn't like Hydroxyl clerk went for some reason. Why hook airs workers Trump mentioned in it
mentioning it bizarre the best of the Glen Bank Programme Video, that's not new boats about twenty years old, Saturday night live where Jimmy Fallon dresses up in black face for a bit has resurfaced for some reason: kind of interesting that it would. It would come up right now, but here is an instance where NBC apparently didn't. I feel the same way in two thousand, as they felt in two thousand eighteen about black face.
Because Jimmy Fallon still has a job, whereas you look at somebody like Megan Kelly, whose crime was so egregious. She actually talked about black face. She asked a question about being in black face and the question was: if someone were to dress up kid: adding retirement kids weren't they time is Halloween and the thing if someone were to dress up to essentially honour someone who they pray, creative, like Diana Raw Spinal answer your job. Buzz Diana Ross than you use black face. Would that be the same? That was basically question right, yes and that question was so horny was kinda murder right they had do I really was an end and get rid of her, which is amazing. Now we of course, have covered how many other times this is popped up, where whether you are headed the state of Georgia, Virginia
or this country of Canada or whether you are Jimmy Kimmel with car hello, oh yeah, which that would write totally file. Man. Totally five and again there was no. There wasn't even anything to do with making Kelly's question may increase. Question was about something much less controversial right like up, let's say a kid whose dressing up and maybe doesn't even understand the the lines their an dresses up a someone they appreciate or even an adult doing that, but in a complementary way these were always critical or mocking the person who they were impersonating key. I'm alone was just being shown. Basically is dumb. The whole joke was like he can't talk right, but that was the whole joke about Car Malone. Jimmy Kimmel in black face essaying com Malone can't talk. That was the there's another more to it. Wasn't there is no larger point. There was no mean like
Sarah Silberman, whose a comedian as well and super left as well apparently lost a job because she dressed up in black face as well. I don't have your recognising a pattern here on the people who are using the black face. Situation, but I mean Silberman, I think, has a real argument to say it's ridiculous. She was doing a bit essentially mocking racists right where you are, she's utilizing Blackfeet she's using it in a way to mock people who are or who are racist. That is eight, should be a if you're going to use blackberries. That would be the one time you'd think he'd be able to do it now. I don't know why you want to do it: I'll be there that I've ever entertained. Barely everybody in Hollywood, like I can't wait, wait I'm gonna, find a reason to use this is gonna, be wonderful, Sarah Silberman is making a point against racism and she still losing jobs because of it. Jimmy fallen,
is now his tape come out. He has famously done Chris Rock impression before on southern alive. This time you did it in a very interesting way visually here. It is now we're Talkin, whereas man view my guests were not allowed, a black fulfilled, I would like to add the cook. We cannot, of course, life
can anyone having to gather cracked in return when we regard Super brother, the name of Cash Liverpool? I meant it just those are just jokes again. That's his racially origin. Stereotypical Joe, like black people, know a lot about crack. Is the joke yeah? That's that's what the joke is there? The black people know a lot about crack and by people like sneakers. I again like do I think that Jimmy Fallon is a racist, no of wood. Tryst rock actually makes some of those jokes. Maybe I'm increase rock. Does a lot of that type of humor he's doing an impression of Chris Rock, but the double standard is in possible to ignore here, impossible yeah. You know Jimmy Fallon, there's no reason to believe he's. Some big racist, that's doing these sorts of things, but it is a essential
mission, where Megan Kelly for asking a question on the same network, gets fired and This is. This is something there actually airing, not that long ago, this, not nineteen, seventy five or going back to its. It is in this century to fade out two years ago. It's at, a more it's an amazing development. Yet again it is and he's apologized for he has but so did Megan Kelly and that didn't do her any good now, but I'm sure all's forgiven already which we feel it is perfectly fine, don't worry about it. You know, if you play by their standards, he should be fired right it if you're going to apply the same size,
entered to everybody else's you applied to making Kelly then he asked to go to and look their standard suck, and I dont want embracing the right. I know you suck, I don't either and I think it would make an Kelly they utilised that moment because they didn't like her reporting of that was critical of NBC forward sexual harassment and other things you need to utilise. That is a way to get rid of your target her, but the so there are other things at play here, but you're right, pat him in it is the hypocrisy. Is it's a measurable and they have? No, they don't care about it. They don't care that their being typical, right to grow up. They don't because nobody's gonna hold him accountable. You're listening to the best of the global Beck. we were talking a little bit about some of the
the racial issues. I would say that are going on everything from Jimmy Fallon too. Egg a and interaction in central park To now only Minneapolis witches is so disturbing in her effect, a man, the employees who are responding to a man who was sitting on top of somebody's car. I guess- and I think he was inside the car by the time the cops got there, and now the police that he resisted arrest and Anna I've heard that when they pulled him out of the car he was resisting somewhat but later on after they got him in the cuffs he's walking with the cop down the sidewalk, not resisting at all, Then he sort of leans back and sits down against a wall on the sidewalk, the cup to tells him to get up and he gets up complies. They walk back around the police vehicle
still not still not resisting he's, not doing anything then he's down on the ground, and the cop puts his knee in his neck and throat area he's face down on the ground with his hands behind his back handcuffed and the cop has his knee on his neck for a full seven minutes and the guy pleads with him multiple times. Please I can't breathe, please I can't breathe, I hurt my stomach hurts. I heard everywhere and I can't breathe yes, and he tells him this over and over and sort of people surrounding yeah. The bystanders who were or recording it on their phones are tellin. Him look you're killing this guy get off of him and he doesn't. And he doesn't listen to anybody. He, in fact, it looks like a kind of drives me deeper into the back of his neck and then put his hand in his pocket yeah. As he's sitting there
none of the police officers that are within the other three, they ve all been fired by now, which is not sufficient. They need to be charged with crime here, murder or negligent homicide. I don't know what the exact charges, but they killed the guy. The the officer killed, killed a man. It was really a horrific seen its incomprehensible to us here to watch how just look. I am being supporters of the police supporter, and I know I anyone and these borderline situations a lot of times eyes side with the police honestly, because you know they are in a situation where they should rationally fear were there lives in these in these moments often their families to get home to two eyebrow Britain that this is not the situation. Seemingly, and there is no reason for what this guy did. I can't I'll recent can comprehend of one honestly, like I tried going to try to figure out what's their argument here,
Their argument seems to be well. They had the power they could do whatever they wanted. That seems to be the defence here, which is not a good defence. Look there there's, no reason like there's not a moment and in the video is when he's on the ground you get all of it. I think there's not a moment where they just say to the guy. Look I understand your uncomfortable. I am going to let some of the pressure off. If you move a muscle, I'm doing it again, never an opportunity for him to just lay there and death right. They never gave him an opportunity. Lay there completely and say: look here is a two: if you it's yourself, I'm going to have to do some, I'm going to put my knee back here,
They never gave him even that chance. Now there is not one moment where they have any empathy or sympathy or a moment of humanity. For this man. When he's begging and pleading that I can't breathe, you would think, even if it's just because there being recorded by other peep right self preservation, yeah just get off until it doesn't look like you're killing the guy like there's, not a moment where the I can't breathing reminds you of air garner what we beg story come on and have to be reminded of that, and just say like look you're, not one of these other officers that goes up comes as dude like I want to be in this next Friggin Erin, Garner. Sorry, let's just get off his neckscarf his neck he's not doing anything. If he moves and do it again and you'd have an argument there, like there? Let's get him up and put him in the back of a courier exactly get up get in there. If you do anything else, your major trouble put them
can stand in the air the days or taste or autumn and without pressing the the electrification button for lack of a better word. As you know, not an officer, but you know you put him to bed say if you do anything we're gonna on Burma. The jam this button down and it's going to suck for you, so don't do it at least give him a chance to comply. Nothing like that! Nothing like that, and that is really disturbing. You know. Sometimes there may be part of this that we haven't seen. That would explain why they were so why they they handled it in a very much more aggressive way than you would expect relic. Sometimes there is and interaction where they have done something. Maybe they maybe he did fight back in a way that we didn't see, but none of that would
We have soldiers who go to war and capture, Al Qaeda members and ISIS members and real engendering like this to them right like yes, it doesn't matter what they ve done once they get to a place where they are not fighting Back and they are they are, they have no ability to do anything. We know we celebrate here in this country the fact that we send our fighters to foreign wars where they have killed thousands of our own people. And we still don't do this to them. We are. We have massive debates of whether were allowed to pour water on the lead, shake Mohamed or not. We don't you can't do this and the fact that you would do it. In a situation where you know you're on camera, and you know the history. You know the context of the situation. You know how this is going to be viewed. You know people are going to see it happen, and you know that
risks and you disregard that and you were disregard all of it, because why, right why again we'll have a trial. We don't just before. We know we're not gonna assassinate this guy industry, because you did something he should go Oh yeah, should be due process should be due process, but he should definitely be charged. I think was something something, and I don't know exactly what it would be. I think negligent negligent homicide or some sort of a lot of land. Whenever sounds write to me, they may be fall into the category where it's possible to charge them for murder. In that it might be appropriate. Here I mean it looks. It looks that bad, certainly done always hold backed, is to try to understand whatever context you're missing, but in reality, unless there's something I
can't even think of what the what the thing would be now that would justify this behaviour on the ground face down with his hands handcuffed behind his back. What's he gonna do not that he could do, and it's it's so disturbing because of how many fantastic officers that we have and how great the ITALY are. You can't and as plays right into the whole hysteria about the cops, are just kill in black people left and right yet, which is not the case. Yeah and you know we always say this about other groups right. We say this about. We talk about ISIS moments ago
and when there is a terrorist attack, is is yes, of course, we can also how bad it is the most important people to say how bad this is. Our other Muslims, if there's a muslim terrorist attack, if ices is responsible, is why people exuded Jasper are so important to come out and say yes, that behaviour is completely wrong. Those people are doing the wrong things that but that, but there is also a good section of our community as well in their great people. Police officers need to have credibility to do that. Now. We have to also take a step back when it when you, too, about what's going on and what seems to be coming as far as protests. In all of this, we have a decent amount of murders in this country. More than any of us would like they go on are often when they happen, when a when a black person kills a white person, it is not appropriate to say all black people are responsible for that. The person the individual who commits a crime
the one responsible for it the same way and everybody needs to rent. Remember this today the same way that when one police officer, let's say he's guilty complete of murder, which again it looks like it to me. I have no legal expert, but if he is, we should not hold other cops responsible for that behaviour number one and never too. We have to recognise that these things are terrible and they happen and we have a system to deal with them. The best way that we can, if that system reacts the weights posts do we can all be really pissed off what that is mean that we should read out, may be a burning down cities right rum. It's not the way that that should work. They do. Fired immediately. My guess is they get charged within a few days
as their gathering evidence. There has to be some time for the system to play out, but I don't think it's gonna take long and there's plenty of evidence. They had. We been informed by the police department that they all had their body cameras on others, there's that evidence and the people who were filming it that were bystanders begging. These two get off of him and listen to him and to ease up a little bit. Then in fact, several of them said you're killing the guy, and then He was motionless after awhile and they still kept his end. The easy there deal kept his knee and his neck and throw at the very least the guy had passed out at that point at the very least, might have been already dead by that he might be dead and it, but you think of like if you're, in a situation where you're being restrained or you something like the sun was choking. You write, like your body, is going to do everything it can to protect against that right. You're going to your chintz gotta be pushed, you're going to tighten your neck. It's gonna get you some level of protection. When you pass out, you stop doing that.
Right. So now everything just collapsing on top of each other, the windpipe is closing and the fact that you any suffocated just its is inexplicable. Terrific. You know, there's one thing: where mistakes do happen in police work. If you there could be a bad incident, it could be something where your try. You don't realize. Something innocent is happening, any react, you think it's is threatening and you know people been shot in that way. All terrible, but not this This is it. This develops over a long period of time. There's nothing happening there. It's an expert double. It doesn't necessarily mean- and this is Pike S worth pointing out- don't necessarily mean they were doing it because they wanted to kill a black eye. It could just be terrible. Police work right now. Think there's it's impossible to avoid the racial parts of this. Clearly going to be part of the conversation
necessarily mean they. They left the house that day and there are like you know what I'd like to do today is find a black person, but my knee on their throat, but it doesn't like that part is separate. It can be a part of the conversation but separate of who the person is its. It just seems to be absolutely horrific police work at the very least an you know, maybe maybe if the guy resisted at the very beginning which by I didn't seek as it was in on this particular video, but maybe that past him off to the point where I'm just gonna be on this guy's neck. It might not have been racially just might have anger may have taken hold it. Doesn't it all know nothin in the leaves it is it? Is it a lot of times? That is the factor like you see this, Happening Wareham. The good example of this was in the nfl of his last year. Where The guy in Pittsburgh hit the figures, the quarterback. What were they in his head? What it is, Oh yeah, but kept you have to remember exactly two players. It was, it was the guy you hit the quarterback and ahead with his helmet at the end of the game and the law
criticism hook. Obviously, he's gonna get suspended. All this thing in his his come back to that was he called me, the inward now there's no evidence of that. The NFL went through all the tapes did not find any evidence of it. There's no reason to believe it actually occurred and nobody else barely heard it right there it nobody else sorted either, including other african Americans, who were there did not hear it right, but the bigger part of that is, it still would not justify. What he did exhibit would under you'd be understanding why he be pissed off about you'd, understand, yeah, he's pissed off. You go call the racial sir, but that does not mean you hit an unprotected ahead without helmet at full speed. That's not! Ok! Even if you did, you call that and then I think, a lot of times we get locked up in a well well, well how? Why did he? What was his motivation? Why we did
SK. I do something: wrong did commit a crime. All of those things are immaterial to what the action was at the end there when the guy is even if you wanna take the parts where he's a weakened dismiss them. The guy. Clearly at some point passes out any still keeps us That is not on his neck. I'm sorry you just! I can't find any justification. I can't find anything other than this seems to be a case where whatever the legal maximum is, is where it should lead yeah.
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