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Glenn and Pat have a lot of Biden gaffes to discuss, but his message at the G7 Summit was right in line with the Great Reset. Has Texas Gov. Greg Abbott finally returned to putting Texas first? The state plans to build its own border wall. Glenn reviews a crazy story about an out-of-control off-duty flight attendant on a recent Delta flight.

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Hey. It's pat great, coming up on the Glen Back Programme today, Governor Abbot has finally stepped up to the plate in putting Texas first, his master plan expands estates, blockchain industry. Also talking about building a wall. We spoke with LISA Keel. A scottish student who's been investigated, foreseeing the unthinkable she actually had the unmitigated gall to say that only women have vaginas and men are physically stronger than women, while Texas Newspaper is refusing to give a description of the suspect from mass shooting over the weekend because of stereotypes.
And Glyn also warned you about the dangers of indulging in apple pie, because it's so racist. Now, all that and a lot more on today's pot cast the only thing that Joe Biden this weekend weren't you press, wordly, proud I've never been Browed be an american boy? Yes, yes at least I nor President's senile Now, what makes you say that what you see here in just a minute several. Where would you like to start their path? Diving that it's a big big meal, I dont know if we get a new one sitting
Let's look at the side she Dan. What do you say we go to cut for. Please concerning we're in trouble staff? I don't do this railway Jennifer Jacob member. She says at all when you are having these conversations with european allies were very concerned about these sanctions. How'd. You justify that and what are your plans twenty days, Gimme a break the time but you're not having a joint press conference with two? Why not take them? to stand side by side with him and say those things to him with one. This is not a contest about who could do better in front of the press conference. You try to embarrass the future, making myself very clear what The conditions are to get a better relationship with Russia. Gideon for a second, as he was talking about Russia. He
kept saying that early. You know they have real deep differences on Syria and they're. Gonna need to work together, He wasn't saying Syria. three times he called Syria Libya, and I know because I, as I want you like Libya, what no one's gonna. Do you? Luke wherever they had a problem. Davy I'd have we knew hate, but I want you to know the president has been kind enough kind enough to send in a new song, and I just hope I thought we'd played for you here. It's beautiful touch more sniffing touch her
Spain tones Where can I find?
Let me guess no one piece of advice to really really it's time, for you are right,
here's something that he did say this weekend that I thought was really important because the This is planting a seed and he has set it now. This is the fourth time that I have heard him say this he's adopting a seed and its really important that you understand it. This is well outlet, play it and then I'll tell you what it's all about. I think we're I'm not crises with China, crochet contacts with autocrat, autocratic governments around the world as whether not Democracy these can compete with them in Iraq. Lee changing twenty first century I think how we act and we will see whether we pulled together as democracies is We need to determine whether our grandkids look back. Fifteen yours now say? Did they step up our? Marcus, is as relevant as powerful as they have been,
walked away from the meeting with all my colleagues believe me. They are convinced that that is correct to not, I should say now, not just because a maybe they believe that to be the case in sight, you're gonna save just straightforward dealing. with China and again when I'm looking as I've told She didn't bring myself You not conflict where we cooperate will cooperate? We disagree Amu stays frankly, ok, So what did he say? We're in a contest, not with China, but with audit, Riddick governments around the world as to whether or not democracies can compete with them in the rapid Lee changing twenty first century now he's follows this with a very nice little idea of you know that so why we all have to come together and work together for our group,
children in the last themselves. In fifteen years, wow, that's a short that's a short window, isn't it ask themselves in fifteen years whether or not a democracy, if they did the right thing right now, if democracy survive or not, but he's right and the plan, is is not the United States being the United States in England being England and Germany being Germany in them all working together, because they choose to work together, yet they all have their own their own freedom. It's not that It's the great reset where the governments get together. Did you know that one of the first things he did over in over at this at this G7 summit, Joe first thing he did was get all of em to agree
on a minimum corporate tax, so how the world no one will do. No one will tax less than fifty percent will excuse me. they're making a world where you cannot escape it. Is it The definition of a one world government when when Donald Trump said. I put America first, a lot of people like that Reggie Tyres, oh my god, she's Adolf Hitler, no way we should be in competition for the best. Ideas and the best policies. we all should be. We should be in competition, This is a monopoly of governments when they're all colluding with each other, their taking you.
Or escape away their taking your right to say I don't wanna live that way. I wanna go, live someplace else. That's why? federal government is supposed to be so small because we have de little laboratories going on in the United States, and you may not like Texas. Access is very different from California as Californians now no and you may not like it. That's fine. Live in California. You want big government you a whole bunch of regulations. You want things that you pay an arm. leg for gasoline have added living California, you also get the nice whether in since you're gonna get. He like in Hell, except it's oh humid, I'm well not sure. If, if Hellas human or not, I I've always thought of it as a dry heat but
sounds too much like Phoenix, which is lovely this time of year, so You know you but you're, free in Texas, your free, the This is all about the great reset by the way, up on the front page, job Glenn back dot com we have a letter to Congress how you could fight back against the great reset please. loaded Glenn backed our com read that letter. If you agree with it, Please send it to your congressmen, your senators Senate to everybody. You know I don't I think they are on top of this, like they should be. and maybe maybe some of em are for it. I don't know, but I don't think you'll be for it. once. You understand truly understand what is what is going on with the great reset by the way,
I don't? Have you heard Donald Trump? Did you ever think you'd miss him? I mean seriously, I'm not talking to Most conservatives, I'm I'm talkin to people like I, scared stand him. I just I just hate him so much for what he says. He's So awful you miss him, yet you miss him. such a liar is he did you see what he said this weekend? Its ever noticed that there are now all admitting I was right about. We think they lied about before the election. Hydroxyl Chloric win works story just came out this last week. We, been telling you that course we ve been banned for that to tell you that Donald Trump you that really early on take Hydroxyl chloric win it works. He said also the virus came from a chinese lab looks like I was right on. That hunt
Bindings laptop was real, not from Russia, Lafayette School there was not cleared by me for a photo up. the russian bounty story, was fake. We, did produce vaccines before the end of twenty twenty in record time. This will really drives me out of my mind, because Biden is now taking credit, and he said- and I quote, we have done winter ahead of us, and there is now going to be a miracle man. There would be a miracle to be alive. The vaccine we're not going to have a miracle and let us leave. There is a vaccine. I I wouldn't take it if if he was responsible for it will now, he can take it because he's clay responsibility for something that he didn't do. Blue sky locked downs didn't work, schools, should be reopened critical this theory is a disaster for schools and our country are some
and border security programme was an unprecedented success. Yap yep wait until inflation hits. Oh you're not gonna, give a flop crap what he says on Twitter. You won't care at all because it places gonna bankrupt many people and you know the hurt. First, the poor people I gotta go story today on b a lamb. The money I want to tell you It happened to the money for White liberal, progressive Democrats there. Headed all this stuff up and beheld global network. They took your money, they see rude the black man yet again yet again, and we told you that bar by a now. We were banned- oh God
Bobo age of mine in fluent sure opera, Joe Thing proudly working for Putin Donation, a m yeah, once again, the White liberal Sky, rude the black community. This is the best of the planned back programme. Let me tell you about Gregg Abbot Grey debate is becoming the governor that we elected and he was until Ovid. I really like Gregg Habit and was disappointed. Adele I did so many people. I can really turned on him night. Turn on him. I actually like him. Still, I'm just disappointed. I want Texas,
the lead, the way some chick black Christie, NOME our or Rick dissent, is I mean there? They have been knocking it out of the park. and and and Governor Abbot didn't any kind of play the middle ground. Don't you think tat you did and that really pissed people off get that angry at him. I just was like you. I was disappointed in now though it seems like he's back on track ease, found his way again well might be for a couple of things he's done. Here's one this weekend. He signed in the law a new bill? that supports Bitcoin he put a virtual currency under the Texas Uniform Commercial Code, man that sexy
man, who doesn't want to know more. What he did was what he did. Was he created a master plan to spanned the master plan. That's why he wanted to do it. We don't use the word master. Oh my car he did a master plan to expand the states blockchain industry? access is the second state to do that way. Arming was the first to recognise blockchain Crypto currency in its uniform commercial code, governs all the commercial transactions? So now we will see than that. At a time when the United its government is waffling. Texas is now standing up and saying we accept it coin as currency in this state it will be interesting to see see happens, but he's it sickly, inviting all the blockchain people hey, come work here in
Texas and and will protect your business blockchain. I he's gonna be very, very it's either going to be very good or the bad guy. we'll get a hold of it and blockchain will be the death of all of us. Just say it always ends with a bullet that that's beautiful. anyway, we thank you anyway. He also signed a law banning Sucker Box in Texas at private prohibit Private groups, like the one supported by Zuckerberg from spending millions to administer elections as occur, org and others did in Texas. There's another thing you did. he is unveiling a plan, to reveal a a new wall in Texas. He said If the United States government won't do it, then text swill,
And he made this announcement to law enforcement officers in county judges and mayors during border security summit in Del Rio last week he said Our announced the plan next week. That's this week for the state, Texas to begin building a border wall in the state of Texas, Finally, while finally I mean he's gonna be sued by the United States. Our current paxton is all. Seems to windows are attorney general, always seems to win those by the way? Have you noticed how many law suits the I demonstration is losing right now now how many gosh, you are following this. First of all, the assault weapons ban in California was just overturned. International court you have the thing Wisconsin, where the farmers pushed back and said. Waiting
Oh, I am black, we're all farmers. They just stay aid that and the judge said this- has a very good chance of winning, so no mean stop doing that it's amazing is the real government they. equally said no we're gonna do it anyway, I mean went wit. Where did this big love, for you know our judicial she who right go in oh yeah, So he is building a wall at the same time, the age ass, his cancelled trumps office for victims of illegal immigrant crimes, so what he had said. I was a hot line. If you were a victim, of an illegal immigrant. You could call and it would go to ice and they would help you on this. Well, my gosh
the immigration Crimes Engagement Office has got to go, it has got to go. So they shouted down. Well it in shutting down they just they tweet did a little bit. They they ve tweet did just a little bit now, instead of reporting that you're a victim of a crime purpose, read it on you buy an illegal aliens, now, when you call you, can You know you can say hey. I dont have really, any immigration status can I can you help me, get a visa I'm I'm an illegal alien, and can you help me who spread? hostile out there and I We need some help. So is cheap. it's just a little bit. I mean only a hundred and eighty degrees and that's as you know, half a circle and then away, and then they wonder why
do. We have an immigration crisis at the border region. Keep exactly rice things to invite this problem to get worse and it is getting worse every day, we'll day, so a border malaria doing this, it would be phenomenal. They're doing this. Why While this crisis is going on, nobody is paying attention to the border cities which are just being over run an end. Just the people are going to be destitute, fake. can't afford all of this the right answers. They have no idea whose, on their land, what's going on, it's a really dangerous situation well or a trump came out this weekend. My She advise people who live on the sordid southern border to arm up and get guns response to the surge of migrants that arriving here long or a trump
Joe Biden. Border response was disgraceful, she said, I dont know what to tell the people who live in the southern border aghast I mean arm up, get guns, be ready. I mean maybe they're gonna have to start taking matters into their own hands you'd never happen. These people should never have made this dangerous journey here. Oh my gosh well of course they live The media is saying that she's inciting violence mean by calling on right wing lunatic vigilantes to take up arms. I think she was, I think, what I like to call those people whose ranchers You know people who have had a farm there on the border for a very long time and no seems to help them ever. I think, I think also it. It's why you have again because
it's your responsibility, your responsibility, to, protect your family not to go round a mob live string of up. It's me. It's not that its if I'm a rancher, and I have people that are constantly coming on my ranch and they're leaving garbage and trash, and everything else am I gonna shoot somebody for that, of course not, but- If I don't know who they are- and I know some of them are not entirely innocent. have guns to protect my family and I will shoot I'll shoot you. Right in the head because it always ends with a bullet, madam to say in always Roy of some sort- love to see some of these Democrats own ranches at the border, where they're out there all by themselves. Where would take border agents who knows hours to get to him in some cases where
got no idea whose coming onto their property or what they're doing or if they have it intent and see if you I think you should arm up as well. I think you'd well here a different tune if they had to do that. I wouldn't like to challenge the Austin American States, statesmen, the people that work there. Put yourself in the shoes of other people that lost a loved one in that shooting a mass shooting of thirteen people was on Friday night they newspaper wooden say and identify anything of the shooter? It said: Polly, if only released a vague description of the suspect shooter as of Saturday morning and the certain american statesmen is not including the description as is too vague at this time to be useful in identifying the shooter and such publication
it could be harmful. In perpetual eating stereotypes- if my detailed information is released, will upload our reporting. Oh here's what they said at four, a m after this mass shooting Austin Police Department describes the suspect as a blackmail with dread, locks wearing a black shirt, and Skinny build now if you weren't up at four a dot m to hear that press conference g. It would be nice to have that in the paper or to hear that on the radio in the next morning. So if happened to see a guy who was a skinny, build wearing lecture and had dread locks, and he was black, you might able to say hey, I dont know if this is the guy, but there's a guy. That looks like that here and then police could come I mean, if either If the shooter was like he's, why,
I mean really he's albino white he's, so white and white White White White White Andy's, wearing even MR cleans uniform, he's wearing a white outfit with the can. Its flag on the back. I'd want to know that I want to know that somebody is coming in. You know. That's me! albino white or just white and you can tell me that they have distinctive hair. I not gonna shoot the guy, but I go into the back. While I get him a cup of coffee and just hey I just want you know a guy who fits that description is here. Probably not the guy. but could be, Isn't that what we are supposed to do, yeah, yeah and fully
the Austin statement, to claim that they can give the description because it stereotyping and will wait. What's the stereo type, your promoting their Are you saying that only black men, shoe people because I'm, Familiar with that stereo type at a hall were, a bizarre statement as to say that you're not gonna, tell you knock it. It described the some because that fits into a stereo type. Will that's your own recent years because I thought based on the dread locks digits, really. Did I read that description? I focused on the deadlocks because it was just like blackmail, wealth, it doesn't help that really doesn't help, but would you a black mail skinny. Now black male skinny with dread locks. Ok, now I eat your lease narrowed. It down saw me would be like saying you know
a white male, really fat with a mohawk. Ok, there's probably a lot of people that might appear to be fat and widened with mohawk, but we let the police, no one of them, is here in our coffee shop, what this is. This is nothing more than a political Correctness, gone crazy and quick, honestly, crazy white people, trying to just you know just to change the world, because all white people Or so bad- and yes, I know I'm a white person and I'll never forgive myself for being born is that it has how much choice in that and I chose wrong. I chose wrong. I should have been born black, but I know
was born. I was born white and payment. I could have done something. This is the best one big programme. Are you prepared for the next prolonged food shortage in America? As we have recently seen, we are one heck away from losing major supply lines on pretty much anything. It looks like ninety. Eight percent of Americans only have a few days worth food at home. That's what
strongly urge you to get a lifesaving stockpile of food from my patriots. Apply there, the nations pioneer in emergency preparedness and self Reliance and I've recommended them highly for years. I know the people at my patriots apply their friends just go to prepare. We Glenn dot com right now and you ll save twenty five percent of a four weak emergency food kit from my patriot supply food last up to twenty five years of much needed. Two thousand calories Delicious food every single time and you can go to prepare weak Glenn dot com right now, save twenty five percent off their absolute bare minimum that you should have the for weak food. Kid don't wait before it's too late act. Don't react! Go to prepare! We Glenn dot com. Now, it's Friday night. you're in the air partner, Aunt abound flight and Somebody stands up and comedy ears. The public announcement system.
and he talks about killing everyone. Then there is an on flight scuffle. Then the cap, and immediately, says ladies and gentlemen, this is your car in all able, bodied men. Please come to the front of the plane for an emergency. you're standing there, are your sitting there. How many people do you think it up? Five! That's over specific number. I wasn't actually up, so you really love. Whenever you buy up, I was an amber. Let's see, are your closest without going over our heads, is this game. Where I go over the top of the mountain, I just fall cause. I went too far it's only yes, yes, ok, whoops Johnny, Johnny Web, steady,
I like that. the passengers, said that I was sitting in my chair. I feared the worst. I prayed that God would protect my family and yes, I was gone. He said He and passenger next to him bolted from their seats to help but we didn't get very far have we got nowhere near because based nearly every main man on the plane stepped up. and was a while good in that great yeah so as yet more than five? Apparently I didn't go over that yeah yeah. So, yeah? Why? When there's a mission aside also wound nice in the face as they made their way to the front of the plane, lieutenant said the situation under control. Please return to your seat. He said
It was a very tense, very adrenaline, fuelled moment specially with all that testosterone. That must happen pumping through widen. They asked the women to do it. Are they saying, women. What don't? the body Mass r, r, r, R, somehow or another in unaided to aid in a situation like that. oh, my gosh, you know there are people that are thinking that the plane landed. The unruly passenger was taken into custody and he was taken to the hospital now. The reason I was taken to the hospital is because one of the one of the witnesses was actually sitting in a chair in Erin a seat next to him He was an off duty del flight attendant, and he said that
It was very uncomfortable just sitting next to him. He said I could just feel something was wrong and it might. Then the fact that he was wearing a helmet shoulder path. a new paths. You know that that might be. Are you a football player or just crazy, which which one do you think it is and then he looked at him through the face. mask on the football home it and said, what's your name and whose like burn me, so, what's your now. Do you tell a guy wearing shoulder pads, knee pads and a football home at on the flight? Next to you that you never met to you, do you tell em your name, or do you just give him a fake name him? A fake name me to the I'm a fake name, but no what happened was he gave him his real name and then he took out of me
the paper and wrote it down and then handed it to the stewardess. and apparently it said Steve, Johansson Burg, sitting next to me, is a terrorist Now put yourself in the role of the stewardess. Well, yeah you ve got but a few a guy who works for your company and he is, you know, he's a piece currently oh he's just flying from another city cause. I guess maybe he's just stopped. You know on another flight, so he's flying back home. Perhaps and he it's for your company, any hands, you that do you that seriously I mean yes, he works for the company, but he's also wearing a football helmet, shoulder pads and new paths. Oh? No, it's it's one of those things I've I added to do all over again. I guess I would have listened to him, but he didn't turn out
to be that way. Then he bore stood up from his chair and tried to hijack the plane. He said, kill everybody what's really. Nice is the guy, that was sitting next to him. Listen what he said. Passenger sitting next to the ban said he felt very comfortable, the guy who s a very personal questions and then one his name in spelling passenger said to them, and wrote the note flight attendant, accusing him be hijacker. He said he was rest quite oddly, wearing a helmet with elbow and new paths also not shoulder pets. And He said I was hoping to sleep on that flight, but it didn't really happen because of the guy who is sitting next to me here However, if anything it
Lee brings to light the need for more awareness on the mental health crisis than I think. A lot of people are having having right now, especially aggravate aggravated by the pandemic. Now, if I would, said that, right after I step off that playing I don't know, I was contemplating the great need for You know how many people are suffering right now. I'm sure there's this guy he's like a priest, but I think I mean that's a nice way to end it because a guy clearly was disturbed
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