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Justin Barclay fills in for Glenn Beck. Apparently there is not a firework shortage. The Fourth of July has passed but are we finally back to normal? People are still saying July 4th is a racist holiday. Biden tweets over the weekend, ‘getting the vaccine is the most patriotic thing Americans can do’. Mark Zuckerburg was spotted surfboarding with an American flag. Seth Dillion of the Babylon Bee joins the show to talk about big tech and social media censorship. Should the 25th amendment be used on Joe Biden? Why is the left trying to divide America? Author Adam Davis joins the program to explain why division is ruling America.

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The only thinking, no matter how much they try it. Ah, no matter how much they try to drive that wedge between us and divide US terrorists apart as a nation ha ha ha? It's not working Some of the Good NEWS and I've I've got some. I've got some proof for that,
explained given up just a Barkley and for going back today in the gloom back programme. Do you remember this commercial from the seventies? What's your favorite Osborne Hamley and what your bearing armor baseball dogs, alibis overlay will use your dialogue. America me! Well, you better tell me again desire just my forget we now I know it's superficial, the baseball, the hot dogs, the apple pie, even the chevalier. but you know there's a little bit of nostalgia too. That will just watching about all those things were united hearing. All of those things were were pieces of the culture that we could gather around that we could somehow find a way to rally
Because it doesn't matter, you know who you who you identify as does it matter? What you think you are today. it, doesn't matter the color, your scanner, what Churchill go to we could all. Rally around are favourable small team watching American, pastime. We can all enjoy. some sort of grilled product. I would think it is imperative that I argued still throw some sort of meat on the grail. And that nowadays, that we cannot do that with coffee, maybe a plant based meet. Let'S Roy plant based meat on the barbecue it Does it have to save ring to it? Does it, but.
don't even even things like that are are uniquely designed to divide us, these days, baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and shovel Even in the commercials, even in the advertising Madison Avenue and the rest of her spent millions. Putting all that together do so some cars: how do they? they'll cars. Now, oh boy, you and I both know look at a commercials. Thou here is here's why I think they're not successful in this- is where I think the Good NEWS is. I started to show off by saying boy I heard there was a shortage of fireworks. This year likely other shorted, you know somebody. Shortages are real and some of them. I think our little artificial.
but we have issues in the supply chain for all kinds of reason. It's true, not just the inflation, but of course we ve got the issues with trying to even fine folks to work women in many satellite states, like mine, blue states, like Michigan, having paid the shooting, of course, I'm not gonna go back to work. Why would you do that summer? Time go back to work now now, I'm a course in when the kids are back in school, yeah, I don't know if I could do that either if I'm still being paid, it's probably that probably need to stay home, The kids are gonna need help with their homework. You get the point, but you know there are issues while there are issues that another, the fireworks real or not, because I tell you last night, I heard more, certainly heard plenty on on Saturday, buyer more last night that I heard Saturday in it, I recall last year was very similar,
because we were told last year to stay home and hunger down into shelter and place, it did not leave. Oh my goodness, by the way over we can't Biden, tweeted or somebody tweeted for him, because they got you. We went from a president who own twitter to a president who, who doesn't even know what a twitter is. I mean this guy doesn't although these put in his own sentences together, let alone twitting them on Twitter, on the toilet at four. I am I what I'm saying is. I dont know. What binds doing and the key does even, but yesterday or over the weekend, it was tweeted on his account. Let's put it that way that them Patriotic thing that we can do is Americans is to go, get The job, if we have already done that, I'm boy
a boy when you were when you know, there's another thing that she'd being used right now to divide us last year, they used all kinds of interesting tactics, are governor here in Michigan. she used masks to divide us, and as is Where did the role the language attic at them ass? You know character. For with this. they early on a big I caught a. I think you ve gotta, because she was telling people to go out, Confronting each other out so, which is? Are we supposed to stay six feet away from each other? Are we support? to go up to each other in our personal space in confronting each other. She, People can find each other and people died because of it. I think there are a couple: people shouted a dollar store of an argument over masks and if I think one man,
some people waiting, alighted and ice cream shop. while another one That man eventually fled Police caught up with him and shot and killed him. People died because of this division. so, as I mentioned it, and I do believe it's good news last night, I didn't see here. Here any issues with the vision Map this weekend I saw a country more united, I think than almost any anytime. In the nations history. because the truth is every single one of us. I think what very much at least pretty similar. very much the same thing. They want to come together with our family. We must celebrate holidays like the fourth of July. But slowly
And surely just like, you would turn titanic there, trying to turn this nation- and, I think, Something that we should be aware of, like everything else, I think it wise prudent to know. it's going on. I think you got another good news to him: good news is they haven't turned all of us. and there were millions last night that weren't then were turned. There are millions over the weekend they weren't turned. so what I want. I play the audio from this commercial, the bay
sport, the apple pie, that's a little slice of American a right there from the seventies Commercial, I think about the stark contrast and the difference between the commercials we see on television now I'm telling you. It's my God instinct. I just know for a fact, and I think you you probably feel the same way if we, saw those kind of commercials today, those products would fly. The shelves in fact We do see those type of advertisements and commercials for certain products, certain niche industries, certainly. Things like my pillow, and if you don't you, U Novi, the advertised
Because they they advertise right here on this programme and they support. These programmes. But what if, what? If you know the car manufacturers. In all the other company what, if, instead of advertising, how well they are to us in. Knowing how virtual as they are to us in every more commercial and really in a sense trying to drive us apart, Why am I? What have they tried to. Wrap everybody up. In her arms and united together, maybe under that flag I think they would see. A stunning return Products and a response, because of fact that it would just resonate with so many different Americans these things,
deeply embedded their ingrained in who we are. and although there trying to turn us they're, not winning, they aren't winning. Even though the New York Times Is now suggesting. That is the flag its off problematic the flat get self they're getting it back. Today flying the american flag. This is from the times from the back of a pickup truck or even a lawn. Increasingly seen as a clue, albeit an imperfect one to apply since political affiliation and deeply divided nation
I also said like. I don't know, it's pretty clear if, if, if you, if you have a flag outside your house, I probably know who you voted for you: dont need Alongside probably know how you voted at least. although their drawing, Inaction in two way Disturbingly divisive place. They say persons political affiliation in a deeply divided nation. Can't be, Sartain by that flag, they say. deeply divided nation, but see I see it differently. We, being told that were deeply divided. We keep me Told we are the problem.
I just don't think that's the case, I think Why they really dont want is getting together and they didn't through the last year, but especially for holidays. Like the fourth of July. is because when you do u turn, off the tv. he stepped out of your bubble, You join in towns and cities, all across his country, with your neighbors. fireworks celebrations, big flies right next to each other. Regardless of CDC guidance. standing next to one another. Conversations with our dog in one hand. And a cold drink in the other. Talking to your neighbors.
Your friends, your relatives, the people who make up this country. They just other folks, like you and me. The millions of us. Who just want the same thing. a better life for our children. Than the one we have before us the freedom to do so. Get government out of all the rest of the staff that you know that their causes problems. Just let me go to work just. Let me my life, just let me in joy the little but a free time I have with my family. but were constantly being pulled into political. Fights work As you will be told that, where the problem folks.
You're, not the problem. You're the solution: after this this is the best one big programme every every day. There are Something insane happen, in the news literally every day. And as those trees events take place often find the need to check in with it very specific source, but it's not the usual go to You might think of you know about the New York Times of paper record people like that. No, I actually like check in. When I hear some of the craziest things happening.
With the Babylon be now don't laugh, actually, there may be ok with you doing that, that's their whole intention. They write. attire and they are dead, Lee Serious and am boy does it sting sometimes is now what attire supposed to do, and so. I thought to myself in when I heard the story that they were being targeted by big tech. Social media censorship is just a matter of time. Why are they coming after the Babylon B, because their effective and their chief soft Ellen joins us now. The Glen Back Programme- South thanks for being here with us today, appreciating yet Four have beyond by the bigger. So so, as I mention, I don't think, I'm alone on this, but every time I hear something crazy happening in the news, which is every day
there's a headline there's something that there's a real story. I didn't gotta go find out. Ok, how did you guys, cuff, because that it'll our ways it right? we dies it sort of shows me like ok and- and this is how I- and this is how I feel I can get while most of us- and I think that's why The popularity of the bees risen. So sharply because peace I feel this way and they relate to that humor theirs. Stinging truth and in all of it it's a rich environment right now for satire. That's that's for sure. In some ways it does make the job harder, though, because satires project, to exaggerate the truth, to make its points he said when we think that when we read the news every day, the news it so insane so absurd. You know it's hard to make it to exaggerate things like reporter standing in front of burning buildings describing situations mostly peaceful, penalizing rapid. It's it's difficult to satirizes, though,
make the job challenging, but yet also it's also good to bring some levity. India, people laughing and- and Any, but also thinking about these things, how often, though, does it happen because I see this is almost like prophecy. The Babylon be prophecy now, where You know I say like you can't make this still thought, but apparently you guys dead and you did it. It may be a little bit in advance and now here's a life imitating aren't right in front of our eyes why I left the child. So ok, the challenges stay a step ahead of reality rate, because reality is as moving at breakneck pace towards insanity weeks I've, read it and to make our points and to make our jokes go through, and some time literally within, like minutes or hours of something Britain, that was satirical at the time he wrote. It comes out a real headlines, so that's happening pretty what made them happen every day. But but you Lee every couple of weeks, there's something that we published
very recently, or even sometimes like one or two years ago, that ends up coming true market down as a filled prophecy, which, as you know, comical on the one hand, but it also find it depressing on the other Why is like, if you think back to this after one is on with its now from Babylon B. I, if you have to think back to maybe the fur swine you remember, or maybe the one that makes the biggest impact on you. It was a story that you guys road or something that you put together and then it it just youth. this was wild, maybe it ever happen within their there. It was real life, I mean there's a there's, a millionaire animals. I mean some recent one, but you get some light hearted one like we made. It shows up back in the middle of the pandemic when things were bad last year about how You know they were increased sales of shirts, but not pants, because was working from home and we should a picture, and I sitting earnest martyrs.
The very next day Yahoo financed published a story about how Walmart wishing increase sales of talks, but not bottles almost two should word like exactly the headline joke about would actually true. But there's other ones to where you know over, which shows that we're right on we're right. With our with our criticism you know them the mainstream or legacy media and help and how they. You know it is trade distorting and covered things from their own narrative, we did story on how President trumped the aim of IRAN's records, ignoring coded protocols and that's what I was halcyon looking to cover right Ciampi, ignored a coded protocols and which, with foreign leaders in three hours later CNN, publishes the headline where that one hundred, I wasn't them down monumental occasion with happening on your screen. It was Trump disregard, Poland protocols and and
disregards distancing of Abraham accords it like that's, not the story here, that's not the story, but that kind of stuff happens, all the time, I think, maybe one the most egregious was when we we made a joke but how black, like matter had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize emitted, actually happen incredible moments, in the history of the Babylon B and itself. I just realized you guys had the adjust reached a big milestone on twitter to you. Never of a million followers followers air sea popularity. Growing by leaps and bounds, and I think it's because your effective matter fact, It's probably why you guys are under attack? What's the latest in what have you found with big tat? censorship right now Isn't this milestone a million followers on twitter? We just recently had a million on Instagram to a lot of people. Point that say what centre what are you talking about? Look at you, gotta huge following you know you people are
if only you and drivers but by our success on platforms, is despite the fact that we're facing huge setback from attacks from the media and suspensions like twitter, page has been suspended. Our facebook page has been, our posts had been pulled. we ve been demonetized several times we ve been threatened with being de platform. Their melchior suspended us right then apologizing. Tell us back on, but there's this Lisbon is like coordinated effort when big tat in the media in the last couple years, as is the crackdown on fake news, is really happening in. They were trying to stop the spread of misinformation. You started sitting or post getting fat, checked all the time and and raided fall and then and then we were getting threatened with being deployed on the continued sharing false information, and we had no defenders. The data is not fake news. This is where it while it is fake news, but it's not fake news and the mislead stagnated and tell it entertainers satire. So we ve been constant. The innocent battle to assert our right to be on these platforms, and
The media, which really interesting that the media is, They ve been trying to generate this narrative. Where were not really satire were pretending to be satire to just get around facebooks rules against the spread of me information. So that's what that's. What happened at the New York Times recently really How does a far right misinformation site that traffic in this information- and I kind of stuff like. I, on the one hand you nobody wanted. We want a joke about that, unlike in make fun of them. For being, you know, four four for Europe, representing us that way and and in trying to make people think that there's something malicious about our satire but on the other hand, we have to take it really seriously, because next thing you know we are going to get a boot. Can these social media platforms on the basis of wide like that is in fact New York Times? Is that running, this information about us the other way round so, has been an ongoing battle, but we ve had some successes and we continue to fight back I've taken any that line. Now. What are you
make about this latest craziness about animals are watching this over the last couple days with Facebook and these warnings about? You may have come in contact with extremists, content in or you and Ass may be extended extreme, as it's almost like D. Do you have to have an american flag flying outside of your house Eve, the Bible. Who did you attend church? Yesterday, you break the extreme work. What what do you make of it? I mean it's so crazy that this is the world we live in, we're starting to see Facebook doing something like this is nuts feels very orwellian. Doesn't it again at a rich, rich atmosphere for sapphire, where we're making poignant jokes about? If I personally concerned, because I had not been warned that it might be an extract or have affiliation with extremists. Have you know, I think I think I have that warning or on me I'm a little concerned that Facebook doesn't think of me that way.
Look honestly at the badge of honor, win, win win these when people like the New York Times are coming after us in trying to smear off, I would much rather, I've been doing that and praising us in saying that were great. So I think the thing I mean. I think it means that were on the right track, honestly, but the stop and dig tack in putting up those earnings I mean it's very ominous- is needed the it's it's it's, not laughing matter on on one hand, because it there, but their basically looking for you to rat on your friends near neighbors and and expose them for being extremists I need a joke about this. I said you know, I'm concerned that some of my Some of my some of my friends are pro abortion that they're okay with abortion. Does that count? You know it's it's It's amazing how our views on one find the political prestige spectrum are concerned. Extremism, but not on the other, It really is something I am. I wouldn't new guy started. This was this all you're, always the planner. What was there? I mean what what widely? What was that? the spark.
Babylon B, I mean you probably had no idea, you would be where you are today, and that could see this coming now the guy of Adam Ford is the founder of about one b. He started twenty sixteen and he did say that they were the absolutely huge opportunity there in two thousand into the untapped market where people on the right The left is already been very good at satire, mockery, ridicule always been great at and I think a lot of reasons, because they don't have great arguments for their position. They they may resort to ridicule, because you know that's how they think they're refuting you, but but the right has historically been much worse at that. and in so there was a huge void there that the Babylon be filled for the site took off like crazy launched. I think that was you no credit to Adam foreseen, opportunity there and executing on at risk by all. I think about one b were they Do conservative christian humour that
wasn't cheesy and that really connected with people it was. You know it was snark you that was fun inviting in stone on both sides- and I didn't really pull back punches on anybody. You know was one of our biggest targets during his presidency, so all I need to be, there might have been so successful. So sat down with the Babylon, be right now could just last kind of thing it before I let you go. Is you guys must be a fun work environment, the your finding herself in some serious places too in a world. Where do you see all? going You're so much at an off its if it's a prophetic Sanger, if it's you know masking either Crystal ball out or anything, but this just because you're so close to it may be. Where do you see us here in the end and what's resonating with people on your website and the things the content you there's produce and where we're headed as a country? Well,
In just four, where we are headed anywhere but we're to continue to see a lot of these attacks in overseeing the landscape of all the little bit, I think he's attempts to label misinformation and shouted down and suppress? Our speech have failed our victory gets in your time, beginning to retract his statements, as it is evidence of that. But now there switching course and that their tacking from a differ Angolan and we have Facebook now saying that satire is down is not allowed that those companies that are because of hate speech disguised as satire. You got it Yet media outlets like slate writing article later after that policy, has announced that the battle b has a nasty tendency to punch down. So I think that new line of attack, they're gonna, say that were spreading patriot guys satires, that of misinformation on the issues that are so there is great is ongoing battle where we are defending ourselves and our right to speak freely our right to make these jokes that we on the left amongst us to make, because these are protected targets,
I'm in this whole idea were punching down it's just so saying we are pushing back and were punching up at all these, this top down tyranny on the progressive left out there ideas that are being Hold on everyone from the biggest corporation celebrities politicians, it's all. from high up and so will be put, back on that and we fight back. They try to say that were punching down. That's just absurd! Any idea that you can punch down anyway, that you know oh, don't make jokes about women that punching now. Why do you say that or women beneath me? I don't think that no, it was just a we're in where the crazy environment right now we're still defending ourselves against the law that nonsense, but as far as where this is when I try to stay up the mistake- and I hope the pendulum swings back the other way after all, and thank you so much for being here with us get lucky man and we appreciate to keep up the great get the Babylon, be thanks, so much
at the best of a bad debt programme, people are fighting back, they are standing up, I mean even when it seems like all, maybe Lawson it's hopeless at times. There is some good news, You know it's one of the things I talk about in my book, good news, it there are things happening in. in the world, I think that are worth celebrating. We ought to do that more often. you're, not gonna, hear in the headlines and nightly news you're not going to see it from the usual suspects, but what we see we ought to make sure that we share those things only definitely tell those stories with each other and together. it is one such very. I wanted to share with you. This comes from a dad in Arizona whose gone to school board meeting
First of all, I congratulate him for that parents got to go to school board meetings. We Got to be engaged civically, We ve got to be engaged in our kids. In there education if you're gonna Cinemas public School, especially we got to be engaged in that process. The let these people now that we're watching them, to be a part of it. There were actively participating man is speaking up and also what he says from his per se it was a black man a father what he says about what their teaching nickel race theory, the device of things that are teaching in schools
listen programmer, they do not have any group. This is my eight ten and twelve and we must start to experience things. Thorazine, biker FEMA, my cheerful, because more come home, they ll be afraid and ours ass and what was going on. A dentist are realising that they were tangible stuff. They got my cares about slavery and in civil rights and not an enemy TWAIN, and now you're gonna see see our time and ass. You guys not the bird my case this others will hold them back. Thirty seconds really give em teach him all the history, because I welcome the sore as big as they can be. Without the bird someone say where Europe, press or Ambien lies with why you're succeeding, I want my kids just drive and continue to be kids and grow as much as they possibly. Can you guys just take a look at what you don't want to have the political whole by the case, this experience and all this right now father making a plea at a school board meeting.
It may not seem like. He's doing anything. We have to grant. It may not seem like he's. he is wielding a sword in and out And just completed a battle an income out notoriously, but I I applaud that man because he's and what a lot of folks a more more doing every day and we I too consider doing ourselves kids are not. If your tax bear. You live in a league yet that you live anywhere you're glove times your home values or even tie to the school. like where we live, weeds, great school system. Their own values are tied to that you paying access on, etc, ought to have some input. Especially in that system,
Another place where their seeing right now critical syrian divisiveness, Rearing, its ugly head the place. That is very concerning the fact that, military, Joe to topple over about that, author, Adam Davis, good friend of mine, he's written several books, multiple on an under different topics, but they all really while on the same theme, he's retired police officer, supporting those folks who go out and serve for us whether its in the line of duty on the the here on our streets or in battlefields, ah throughout the world, Adam procedure being here with us today. How are you Justin, an always knowledge speak with my friend- do and will do well here and so Alabama down a dose Alabama and wonderful to us to be able to speak with you again such important matter the recently the military. Is now
going through this work process and it is something that a lot of folks is we're watching it v concerning because you think about this new thick wow? If, if the, if this falls I mean some of the the real last havens in in in income, and service, and is our military. You ve got patriots there that I conservative that our traditional They might call them extremist now, but I think the real extremists are the ones who are. the marxist who are trying to drive a wedge and drive this ideology. It places that it doesn't belong like them, military yeah well done that's the thing you have to realise and I think we're out more and more people are realising it now is, it For the true extremist which are the liberal, awoke crowd. If you what everyone a label mass, the ones they want to destroy the very foundation of fundamental truth of our nation. There is
think sacred to learn, not occur. The two should not our way of life not or not. Military, the church, the school system. They want to attack the very core of who we are and there is no place for such device of teaching and the military, like you or force me yet movies. One gap to be united. And they want to divide every facet of America so that they can conquer America with their social wisdom. Marxist ideas were their communist propaganda. They wanted straw. American turn it into the what they want. They want to make you a slave to their role. That's what they want This is just part of their strategy, and soft immediately determining the military we are also seeing it. The police officers, and I know you serve. You served as a police officer, but now you serve police officers and serve for.
responders in and folks in the military, as well as an author, you, you write books a lot of times, devotional Caesar. These are things that are better directly serving the souls of these of these folks who probably needed more than any of us these days. I did that their constantly under attack, but you see the same thing same thing that we're sitting down the military been happening with police in police departments, all across it all the cross. The country heard last year about defending the police in how we're starting to see some of those places where they they tried that it didn't and work too well and of course, there have the backtrack on that, but it me easy. in the line of duty these days, no world. You know, factors that they want to erase truth, and they want to read the fine truth, but you can't read the find what the truth is and we have to go back to the basics of who we are, as a country You can believe differently. You, in fact, you can speak things that letter against what I believe
that's the beauty of America is that you can You can have a different belief and without being persecuted by the people. Or behind this critical race barium behind these police and all the divisive movement data in the same way they want to silence? And since sir, the people who speak truth. They want to silence to conserve the movement enable us extremist and way that we can see America grow and continue to be a country land of liberty and freedom is where we all have the freedom and liberty to speak and be true and silence. Those who wanted Divide America, we now we're talking. this earlier today. But why do you why Why are they trying to divide and not just each and I had annulled by the way. I don't think it's working, I don't think Americans are divided as they want us to believe. But why lies at their goal? Why? Why are they trying to do this? You kid
feed a united front that matter first, people are thirty million three hundred billion if an enemy of one billion comes, it gets three hundred million that three hundred million is united and arms, lock shoulder to shoulder. That's why military law, forcible operation or so success they move is one the united. They have won mission, they movies one body you you about marriages marriages that are women, apples are all different terms, whether all differ pay. just whether not united they face conflict with all apart. If there you know There's one in every aspect there more everything. Unity is the beautiful joy it is. It is truly greatest thing of all when you're looking at a country, we are looking at a family? When you look at a business, you need to be united, An opponent cannot come from outside and take down a united front, no matter how many member, how many amateur much they're. So
you say the you see foreign interference, you see foreign adversaries They love the division that they see coming from the media and the states because they see us as an easy target. It is all in it two devout America too, to a further propaganda to take down Christian, not deals down the christian fundamental fundamentals: no foundation HU. We are too redefined fundamentally reshape America. They want to further the communist propaganda, the marxist movement. They wanted. They want everything to go there wakes ores the railway at all. This is about liberty and freedom for them. This is about taking over in conquering America. Adam Davidson, author of several books. By the way. What will tell you about those come up here, a second or what, as you were, serving those who are in service to others? What are you hearing from other? Is military or police? Or what are you hearing?
facing some of the issues are facing on a daily basis: Fortunately, the biggest danger. You see these just absolute idiots collar. Thirdly, funding policeman S, that's all you can label it because they think that the hurting police and they are but the p for the hurting are themselves so defined. The police are still one of the biggest things. But you know what the beauty of it all is to all this. You don't hear about this on a neutral and you talk about it. We don't hear the Good NEWS, you don't hear that seventy percent of Americans. Trust is a poor law enforcement. You don't hear the good things that are happening. people who, let him know they appreciate and support him so out of All of these crimes that get media attention for defined the police, the a majority of american support in love, law enforcement, support version, on love, the military and we're gonna get. where we have a lot more than we have at the EU, take the microphone away from the people who paid America We too want to love our country.
interesting status it over. Seventy percent support the police, seventy percent of Americans. We decide that that study and in It's in my book, a good news. It did the! U S, ranks last among forty six countries entrusted media writer reporting and that that trust levels is down the lowest of all the countries, but down the lowest. It's been ever in the history- and I think, when you compare those two numbers, a wow It's easy to see who America trust in and why they, probably because of their tracker Anne and who they are? I mean we can be of a judge of that fairly easily Adam Davis. You can either people can go grab your book here today if they like to what, let's a couple, those who so quickly. Let's let's run through them the atom Davis dot com is the website. But you gotta come different books, because I know we're going. but the twentieth anniversary of September eleventh- and I know our kids haven't forgotten. I've seen the way we celebrated over this weekend. You may
by giving a copy to someone that do you know that you love that serving whether it's a police fire, some sort of emptier or frontline or somebody who is in the military. What what would you recommend far from first rules, secretly law enforcement would be behind a bad, which is by far the best selling books about the badger, Springer Sixty five daily devotion to law enforcement and welcome one for military and, first responders, all spiritual, combat a co author bulletin, Colonel David Grossman. It is absolute essential handle but you need to understand the source of everything you say go around the World Day and then the latest book, go out with a force. Recon Marine chat robots show how, behind the lines, three hundred sixty five daily challenges for military personnel But we also have bulletproof marriage not a day devotion for military, respond married couples, a call for that
in criminal day Grossman. Of course, you can find all this on my website the atom Davis dot com and will always love to hear from you. listeners and connect with them in the future Thank you, brother appreciate your work and thank you for serving those who, her serving others out of Davis. So gutless, I could just as you did.
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