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The media is flipping out over the Dems bashing President Obama's record. The left is begging Michelle Obama to run. The World's Top 50 Thinkers of 2019? No Condom for you!? Great news! The NFL season is just around the corner.

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Welcome to the podcast is. Patents do in for some guy Glenn Beck we're going to be back in a week or so from his lengthy and get away going to Australia as part of the charity, and it's going to be so he's going to have some really great stories coming back from that by the subscribe to blaze, tv dot com using promo Code Glen. Twenty six. Twenty bucks, it's still active from- are a lot of our special. So why not? Twenty it's Glenn twentieth! Please tv dot com! Today on a podcast, we're talking about the debate fallout is still kind of going on. What's interesting about this, is you get these follow up comments now, they're doing interviews afterwards, making statements contradicting themselves contradicting what they've been telling us for years and years and years, especially with stuff, like Obama care, we go. Over that today we talk about fat, lump Michael Moore, claiming that Michelle Obama would easily defeat
done trump in in in the elections, and I sadly I think he might be right he's not the only one who she's got like seventy three percent approval rating. It would be interesting to see if if this race fell apart but be nominated good morning, she's losing by eighteen points he dropped after an initial, it's not impossible now, also you have there's some new fast food developments that you need to know about that we hit today. The return of the National Football League was last night off and just made us feel so special I I just I know better why you should protest it. I can't
I am not capable of avoiding the NFL. I'm sorry now we'll get into that a lot more on the podcast. Today you see a m s n b c pen into you. Watch it every day. All man has a huge fan. I can't go a day without you know. What to a day without MSNBC is like a day without orange juice or whatever weight sunshine. But day, would have to Moonlight cloud cover. That's what I did with cloud cover day without MSNBC like a day without cloud. That's their new slogan is yeah. I did see that if it's not, it should be, it should be so they
a little upset the Democrats went after Barack Obama. This week. Listen was more. Like golfers travels, I mean there was Vice President Biden tied down at the rope. After row for is a long political career, I had to defend every element of the going back, as Michael Bennett, said by fifty years on issues like bussing. It was very hard for him to play defense. He was one hundred percent better, maybe two hundred percent better than he was in the first debate. He need to be aware. He was in a debate which is a start for him, and I thought he was reciting a lot of stuff, in fact a lot of times when he got to the end of a time it was like he is recitation and the weird, sing to me, which I'm having a hard time with is, is it Smart strategy to attack the Obama administration I mean this is a democratic president elected twice, I think he's the only Democrat we've had. You know, isn't with the he's had since FDR that did that remains wild
popular in the Democratic party. It was weird for me to watch about fourteen almost forty minutes of primarily attacks on the Obama administration's policies. It was odd it's almost as if the debate for got who's president, because the attacks on Donald Trump- I don't- I don't remember his name being mentioned that much, and so it was odd for me for these candidates to debate changes in healthcare in there do, policies and immigration as if Trump doesn't exist? Yes, they were attacked a group of other yeah. They spent a lot of time doing that you were in a democratic candidate for president and you spend on that you're you're not make, I think, you're not making progress. It is weird it's a weird approach and I guess there's I don't know what you do right. If you're one of these opponents to Hawaii is it would you say, you're gonna, do that's gonna be better than bite and if you say the Obama administration was great, it's a tough, it's a tough sell, but he broke a bomb. Was approval rating he's among Democrats, this bunch pulls your eighty three to ten.
Rating eighty eight to ten eighty, three, thirteen, ninety to seven he's a very popular guy among in this yeah Democrat Democratic Party. Yeah he's not not a you know an overall he's, you know he's, so he does. He does well overall, but did not nearly that. Well obviously, I mean you know you that is a. These are really good numbers he's, probably the most popular Democrat in America, with the maybe exception of Michelle Obama. Right is wife yeah. I mean that that couple is probably the two they're, probably the two most popular people in the entire demo. Party, which was mentioned by fat lump Michael Moore again, he said it is in another intersect. There's another idol every other. It's not it's it's it's is it a new means. Name is on Business Carmichael is now is middle name. Fat lump is first and second, these get to middle nineties fat, lump Michael Moore that Lamichael okay
yeah. He said in a that. There's only one candidate up to the challenge to beat president Trump. In fact he thinks he crush she'd crush President trump. He says that candidate is Miss l Obama, everybody watching this right. Now, no she's beloved an she would go in there and she would beat him. I think we have the audio on here. This yeah okay, here on audio of a Michael Moore talking about Michelle Obama running for President who's, the streetfighter that can crush strong and frankly, I think there's a person that could do this if the election- all. Today there is one person that would crush trump. And she hasn't announced yet. And her last name. Rhymes with Obama Obama, Michelle Obama, everybody watching this right. Now, though, she is a beloved American and she will go in there and she would beat him. She would beat him in the debates he wouldn't be able to bully her. He wouldn't be able to nickname her.
And she is beloved all just going to C Span and follow her book tour across the concrete she's playing fifth. One thousand seat arenas in the Midwest. They have to turn people away she takes, stage and she's, so powerful and so good. You just look at that and you think, I'm of course she could win. But everyone is now saying well, of course, he's not going to run. Has anyone asked her many times book tour start every step to come back to you. You have to go back to the White House. Your country needs you if asked to serve if I believe she would serve well, except you were asked to serve where I work, whatever our skill set is. Wouldn't we do that check anymore. Today, yeah I mean I think some of what he says is true, though she's really popular. For some reason I don't understand it, but she is yeah. I'm not not a huge fan myself. I will say those rare when Michael Moore agrees wholeheartedly with Bill O'Reilly. That's exactly what bill said about the election.
He said. If they run out Michelle Obama she's, she would win by a lot. I think, there's a good idea yeah, I'm a better argument to be made there I mean you have to when you've never seen someone run for president there's a big unknown factor of how they actually react in that sort of pressure situation and she's obviously been in this world for awhile she's, never been the focus of it and when she was the focus of it in the first campaign, she did not do well. If you my- They pulled her off the campaign because she kept saying things like I'm, not proud of my country until today. So right she doesn't exactly love America seeming. I mean like you said she was proud for the first time with her husband was nominated for president. That was her first pride in this country, the best of the Glenn Beck program hey,
it's Glenn, and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast. The squad is fascinating because they can say kind of anything and get away with it, because they're only approach to life is to tell you how they've been victimized so every story that goes on with the squad always comes back to how they are a terrible victim. You know like there was a sign of this. From the staffers of Kamala Harris this week when Kamala Harris and Joe Biden walked to the center stage. Obviously care is kind of hammered bite in the first debate, Biden walks up to him, the moment? He says I'll go easy on me kid. What was the reaction from the Kamala Harris staffers kid. She's senator Dare you refer to her and accomplished woman breaking because I can't do this- it's just constant victimization. She,
from the battle, is still a victim. This yeah, it's just nonsense. This is the this. Is the attitude of the squad all the time, always the victim someone's, always oppressing them all please a man there to push them down. Despite the fact that we're talking about a person, who's up bartender a year and a half ago and is running the Democratic Party. That person is telling you that they are oppressed the same thing with the Gillibrand onstage, oh gosh, I mean she's, not part of the squad, However, but she says oh gosh, you know what I'm the right person to be not and uh nominated as the democratic candidate, because I can go to suburban women, an explain to them. What white Privilege Have you ever heard of a more demeaning stand, and she said well, you know, I know I'm a I'm a beneficiary of of white privilege, which I did not the pole.
Or not. I don't know where that so far, she's not part of the next debate. No 'cause. She is not qualified she's not close to qualifying. No, I think she neither one I think she's been over two percent in one poll, he doesn't have a hundred and thirty thousand subscribers Doni showers and you need both and the next debate. Two hundred thirty thousand individual donors, plus you have to hit two percent and I believe it's four poles. Now. That's gonna be a lot of polls before here and there, but there's only certain ones that qualify. So, even if she had two percent before this previous to be that one count is gonna, be something that leading up this next one. Can she get some additional support, it's possible, but she's a disaster and the squad. You know, look at their they're, very well known, but very unpopular me Audemars, a nine percent rating rating AOC's. It like twenty people, know them very well. They just don't like them, and so
was on a radio show talking about marginalized communities, and I think she'd, look marginalized communities again marginalize some whoever she's talking about is a victim and there's only one thing they can do in this victimized situation. Listen that by eight marginalizing Palestinians. You create safety. I believe that in justice is a threat to the safety of all people, because once you have a group that is marginalized and marginalize a marginalized Then you create a popular like what someone doesn't have access to clean water. They have no choice but to riot right wrong. No ever the rights of Flint MI, going with it and have access to clean water. They just went nuts, they just went ape crap and just started burning down that city, it doesn't even exist,
date Michigan there used to be there just a whole, were flint. Michigan was about that yeah, the interestingly enough. I've heard over and over again for years that went Michigan was the the result of this. I think a republican conspiracy to either kill african Americans or, at the very least just because they wanted to evil profits or something What we find out by the way on Flint Michigan is their system with Detroit was actually working pretty well. They had a long term lease with water from Detroit it was working pretty well, the water was cheap, but they decided to change that They decide to change that shovel, ready jobs. You see they had to build a brand new pipeline for the water and they were able to use stimulus to come in and say: oh well, we can not only are we going to get new water supply, but will also create a bunch of jobs for people to work on this pipeline, so when they implemented that it was, it was something they didn't need they implemented it because of the government
because of a keynesian economic argument of stimulus. They decided to build these things. That's everything got screwed up. This is not a repeat Republicans and Democrats agreed by the way to do this, because Republicans no longer care about arguments on economics that there's not it's not a thing anymore, but Republic yeah. We need new shovel, ready jobs and Democrats came out and said yeah. We need new shovel ready jobs, so they built this pipeline. And wow. Did that turn out well, yeah. Well, like the president at the time said, shovel ready was not as shovel I love it with his group policy, like that they lied to us to write to her face right surface so funny so speak. You have and how people have no choice but to but the riot
if they don't have access to clean water, that sure whatever incredible thoughts of the last year yeah Prospect magazine, has deemed her one of the world's top fifty thinkers on another of the year, they did not one of the years. No top don't say it. Fifty now I think are now is that amazing top fifty? thinkers tailor even know that the requirements of a job, what's this scared Israel is like I don't know like whatever yeah she's, really thoughtful, she's. Really, brilliant, I mean look. You can definitely make the argument. She's influential. So she's, not a thinker when he did but stupid. This woman did the only thing of substance that she's actually produced was the faq for her green new deal, which is
she herself has denied she is oh, she has now thrown to the sidelines and acted as if she somehow mistakenly wrote it. It's like you, don't mistakenly right things that How writing works? You can you can. Stay all I know is lately wrote a novel with, but it is it's a it's a spy thriller. Well, I had that happen. You when you write things, it's intentional. Well, she chisel she. Gisele's her thoughts into stone, so can't take it back, okay, yeah, so she there's no erasing it. I didn't know about yeah, because I mean this is and she was maybe using a word processor or something: no, no, no, because they said look all that was that was half baked. We were done with that yet well. First of all I mean it showed right It was not only not only ridiculous ideas like retrofit every every rebuilding in America yep to put high speed rail to every place that that airplanes fly, eliminate flight within ten years within ten years
of all automobiles were talking about free jobs for everyone who has who's willing to work, I think, or even unwilling or even and then they still get paid. I think yeah get out of here on will and this all came out and how do you know what it these things where there was a while you get this thing where the blaze uncovers this hidden document it was sent to us by a source They sent it to NPR, they were proud of this. They sent the FA q. This and that also said we can't quite solve cow farts. Yet they sent this to uh two NPR to tell them how to over it and then try to deny later on that. This was just a draft. Well, where was the final product? He never came out with the final product. They didn't have a final product. This was the final product and they were just embarrassed at the ridicule and they deserve every bit of it. You know absolutely that was one of the things to buy
Andrew Yang said in the debate that no one really pointed out gang point out something that we've noted many times here, which is the you is only fifteen percent of global emissions. Fifteen percent yeah. Ok! They don't like to hear that they don't like to hear that, because if you put this way, the entire transportation sector of the United States is about twenty percent of our total emissions, all cars trucks, the entire transportation sector. Ok, if you turned it off, if you had a switch and you were able to just flip it off like a light switch, the entire transportation goes carbon free tomorrow, you would save three percent of global emissions. Three China is growing at between one and a half and two percent per year, so you would have you would wipe out the gains? You know whatever you ever to gain from a osx turning off the transportation sector idea, it would be wiped out by China in two years unbelievable and we're talking
something that's impossible when turning off the track he's one of the world's top fifty think right, crazy come on now they write the voluminous coverage of twenty nine year old to Kazio Cortez, who was elected to Congress last November, is focused on our youth and personality certainly are campaigning skills. Mastery of social media and up from the Bronx story are striking, but what's most interesting about her meteoric political career is that her success is based on ideas it was her manifesto healthcare for all We should free university and a federal jobs program that set her on her path, wait a minute, Bernie Sanders proposed all of those things. She was even ran for president and finished second last time ease, but they do admit she's the force behind the green new deal, which is embarrassing and his put tax, and how much the rich pay back on the american political agenda always been in the political. Whichever talks about how much the rich pay 'cause, if people- actually
how much they pay they be flabbergasted they'd, be stunned that they paid forty five percent or fifty percent, or sometimes fifty five or so, depending on what state you live in. You could pay up to sixty percent in taxes. I think that would shock a lot of people, yet they were back in. They did a poll several years ago as to not just should we raise taxes on the rich, but what is the? What's the amount? That's okay to charge them, and then people who people were like well, we know somebody should be more than five percent you more than ten percent. They got the whole thing yeah and most people, the majority of people, said it should be more than twenty five percent. It shouldn't shouldn't, be more that's wrong to go over twenty five percent. Most people believe because of the way that people talk about this, that they pay zero right right, 'cause, they'll, say like well: Amazon played zero in taxes, and so people just like oh well, you know that's what the rich pay. This is what the bird say, they're all getting away with it, they're, not paying anything its course. True at all, and now you get people like Bernie talking. Maybe seventy percent an AOC.
That is well on believable. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the shell in Saudi Arabia, will no longer need, mission of a male guardian to travel Watt. That country is going to Hell in a handbasket wow they're going. Oh, they can leave, house and drive around say Riyadh without a man, the driver they can drive. Yes, I believe so. This is horrible. Few other changes that they're making right now I mean next will be telling us they can vote. Oh my goodness, and then you might as well just forget it. Then you just turn the country off right
there are also thinking about allow them to apply for passports. No read or a marriage, divorce or childbirth, and be issued of official family documents? Goodness Ok, official family documents, yeah not rip off no replicas, actually official documents issued by the kingdom. It's interesting that this is happening at look. First of all, it actually is really
it is a jazz, ridiculously backward or have send some of our missing lately yeah. They they moved. It's interesting. The guy who's like capturing his relatives and and holding them hostage inside the four seasons is, is a guy who's pushing for a lot of these reforms in and you know, he's gone what what seems completely ridiculous to to us that they would still have these restrictions on women. It is positive. You know, progress is positive on that front right, so you know it's easy to mock and I will market, but it's also positive I guess in some roundabout sort of way, because there's still so much negative there it's hard to get excited about it, but I find this interesting and I was actually watching Handmaid's tale last night. Have you this because I've never seen a little dark for visit HBO. Is that what it is? Who I believe, hello, okay and my wife loves the show like she's totally into it every Wednesday? I think the episodes comes come out and she's like I don't you know, it's just disappears for an hour because she has to watch it,
On the night, it comes out she's that into it it's really well done. Show I mean you could tell they spent a lot of money on it and it's a great it's if it's a fascinating premise, I would love to see the show made in which they kind of explain a prequel series would be really fast. Any base with a concept is likely at some point, I'm going to butcher this. If you're fat, I'm sorry, I don't really watch the show, but that's point. There was a civil war of sorts in that and somehow, like a group of religious fanatics, basically took the country over now America, I think, still but it's like only in Alaska and the the played most of of what you think of as America is a place called Gilly ad okay. So it's a it's a and it's like a super religious, fundamental place where, like the guys, have all the rights they, the women well, basically, slaves, there's something to do
because we're on the verge of that right? Now, it's my right. All my gosh. We are JD or men, yeah yeah. I mean it's basically MIKE Pence's fever This is what he wants to happen and and and that's kind of while he won't have dinner with the woman other than his wife, which is the same thing same thing same thing same thing and there's something to do with like any fertility problem in the country, so I don't know cause that I don't know if it's clear in the actual series, but basically is this sort of any fertile woman is going to have a lot of issues because she's basically going to be raped over and over and over and over again by basically every every commander or whatever that wants to. I will say it's really hard for me to watch it at all, because it's like it's pretty ugly. It's basically like think of every awful thing that could possibly be done to a woman. Here's a series about it. That's essentially the entire things. I don't know what it's hard to watch, but it's
It's really well done, and- and you know you can understand why it's popular, but the real reason why it's so popular and such a media darling is exactly what we were just talking about. It's like it's a left wing fantasy of what they think. Donald Trump would do if he had complete control right. It's like basically a statement against Paul women have no rights right now, me too, and and all these other things combine, two were essentially Gilly adverse were essentially this. This oppressed, Ciety were what were Donald Trump stays in power. This is happening at the end. It's kind of how I think the left looks at it or just fascinating, though the the ending so fundamentally religious
All is there's no one more fundamentally religious, that the whole Donald Trump all my gosh so goes back far. I look he's been good on a lot of those issues, but I would not say it's too escorted now but anyway, so he has a there's an episode last night, where this commander guy they're driving somewhere. I don't know, I don't know the whole story, but and I'm is my art minor spy spoiler, but if you're watching the series but they're driving down this road now I know somebody's driving great thanks, crap thanks for that I should still alert first so they're driving down this road and at one point there's this big moment where they're getting the music builds, and this big moment where the commander says to his wife: do you want to drive
what I'm a woman and they pull over and they switch seats and they put the top down there just driving down this road and it's kind of like the old issues, remembering her freedoms of the old days and stuff, and it's like the left, looks at this and says this is what Donald Trump wants and they don't look at it and say this is what the world is right now half the world is coming up with. You know what? Maybe we should let women drive? Maybe some of them should vote. Maybe we should see more than just their eyes, because a big part the helmet sales they're all dressed dressed up in these fundamentalists ways, they're all very much covered up. You can only see their faces. It's like you. Is realize that the people you're constantly defending your saying that should not say their culture is worse than ours. That is, being in those places right now, yeah. We were just talking about the reforms in Saudi Arabia, yet still The rules are in place where they require.
Dale consent for a woman to leave prison mail consent for home and exit domestic abuse shelters. You imagine that so your husband has to come and let you out of a domestic abuse, shelter that doesn't seem Good idea seem like a problematic strategy, can't marry without mail consent and women. Unlike men still can't pass on citizenship to their children, I will in most marriages. Male consent is also used here that death I guess this is two women marrying each other male consent, always a part of that package. This is the Glenn Beck program. That's true for Glenn, on the Glenn Beck program, triple eight seven, two seven be easy K. Wow these things ever fade away. Pat, is there ever a moment in which these crazy warnings and fears are ever there a moment where they later on, go back and say wow,
and that was pretty ridiculous. No, they never do that. They never do that like we never do it really. Before Trump and pence went into the White House, there was a legitimate outward fear that MIKE Pence was going to start imprisoning homosexuals I don't know where that came from because he didn't. He wasn't really outspoken about it. I knowledge not at all I mean you know he had a Kim might have had a couple comments and like the nineties, when using Khan was that they didn't like. I think he was pro traditional marriage. He was, he was from there between a man and a woman, and I guess because obviously not known as the most religious guy, they had to find a religious boogeyman right into the attic depends. And they were like. Oh he's gonna to spend all this time. Time know round cities just pick it up gay people and put him in the back of a of a van and then bring them to prison. Yeah are either gay.
People left in our society. I'm not sure. I I feel the role in prison right. They are old and that was true. Okay, that's a dramatic sample by the pants man he'd. Just first of all, he wouldn't have dinner with women that were in his wife from then she decided to jail all the gays on my gosh. If you can't, The other one was I was thinking of, was remember when they warned us that Free Booker was going to ban birth control yeah an they ran this Cory Booker. You know a moderate republican senator from Colorado he's no hardcore conservative. At no point did he ever considered trying to ban birth control and they ran tons of ads against him. Saying that when he got in there that he's going to do right? That was what his outcome was. He was gonna, go in there and try to ban birth control. That's right, sweet pea, Cory, Booker wants to ban. It was in that one. It was that's right. We peep Cory, Booker bad birth control, there's no condoms anywhere in America. And that's you know it's essentially the same thing as high in the handmaid's tale right like they Cory, Gardner yeah, not Booker. Would I say book
said Gardner initially, but maybe we changed it. Yeah Cory, Gardner Ban growth controlling it. Well, he did this they're all out. Did you try the corner market? Of course, grocery store sold out store, come on stupid, everyone sold condoms. How did this happen Corey nerve band, birth control, and now it's all. Nice guys, wow, you can't find a you can't find a a condom in the pill was just the start, the Pell grants. Little brother was counting on for college gone forty cut them climate change. That everyone knows is earning our weather, we're doing a forty denies it sweeping scrutinize science come on. No idea, what's going on in the real world, I love that a great. So, first of all, he's bad birth control. Why are you going all these stores right? so he's banned the pill and condoms are theoretically available, but but then There been a run on him and so yeah there
completely out of stock? Now, it's all in US guys, love that we shouldn't have even think about it. The sky should we didn't have any deal with it. Love how dismissive he is of her when she asked about the drugs come on your mind or an idiot. But why would I want to check? Why would I check the gas station and the grocery store and not the drug store, had loser now you know what now I don't even want to have sex now I don't even want to have sex with you because you're so stupid. But can't I can't bring myself to be I can't even look at it. I can't even with just not into it anymore, you're so dumb. Why would you think I wouldn't look at the drugstore idiot sweetie essentially right. Now Cory, Gardner has banned sex. As you can have it yeah, you can have it so we cannot because I'd be God. I thank God for bid. You know you know- and it's like this- I do nobody comes back, as you know, like your first point, do they ever come back and say hey
panicked when we shouldn't have. Did they ever say that about Cory? Gardner now, who is not bad, birth control is not. It has made no moves to. It has introduced no bills. That would do it like none of it. How about I remember before George W Bush, when he was going for reelection Cameron. Diaz. Remember her. She is the yeah, the the actress yeah, it's been a while so as not to make sure people were familiar, but she said that a vote for George Bush was a for legalize rape. Little I mean seriously said that rising leak. It's still illegal. Is it illegal yell at a at a okay, that's good, yeah shot is good, I'm glad it's illegal. It's not a good policy. Should that's Gilead's policy, legalized, rape yeah? We did not do that we didn't do it. George W Bush, There was such a hard core conservative that was just always pushing for those conservative policy. Other fundamentalists I and my gosh, and just that no, we didn't didn't do that. There's never a reckoning right. There's! No,
the point where you look back and say wow, you know what none of that crap happens. Well, how many predictions have been wrong about global warming? one of them and there's never all of them, there's never reckoning for that now. I remember there's a book. I read it. I want to say it was Nate Silver's book for years ago and he looked right in there. He is a chapter on global warming. He's not conservative, but he was writing about this. Saying like look, you know it's all about prediction models and and how to make predictions. That's what the book is called the signal in the noise. It really is a great book, and so at one point in talking about global warming and he's You know, I think, normally what you would do and shows all the models and shows how typically, these models have over emphasize the potential for too much warming like they predicted. Correctly. How much more mean there was? There was less warming in reality than there was in the production models and over time, when that happens over and over again, you would adjust your expectations like that's how you make an informed prediction. You just your
expectations. If you see these models are always too warm, we need to think about where it's going to go and you got be up a guy on the left got beat up because just saying she has you that these just admitting the actual facts of the bottles were over heated was too much for anyone to take it. To think that, maybe we should read just ours: are our beliefs, and how we think about this, and he wasn't saying I don't think. Global warming is real or anything like that. Your number is another guy, hi, who said over and over again he believes in global warming, says it's human cost and says but way we want to spend money on it in our priorities need to be thought of in a much more methodical fashion. The guy is called a climate denier. Amazing, it's insane
It really is listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. I will say: there's a lot of great election, debate analysis this week that you can go check out. It it's secondary in my mind, because there was the return of something called the National Football League last night, which is really all I care about. I love it. I love it it's a meaningless preseason game. It's the twelve string players, but I just love seeing it on my television. You know channel surfing the other day and came across the longhorn network. You know the Texas Utes television network and you just to kill time.
Because you know you got to fill twenty four slash. Seven worth of broadcasting right on a day channel just really covers one team. This football right, that's about it, but they're doing a football game one thousand nine hundred and seventy six. It was Texas, Arkansas and Keith Jackson was the play by play guy, oh yeah and you know. None of it is relevant to today's no interest either team. Just the same the voice in the fact that it was football. I love to watch it for an hour and a half. There is a it's so bizarre yeah. It really is, but I am very I mean I I I like watching is by like watching basketball, but there's nothing like this me. You don't like football for me, the National Football League. I know you are a a college guy, but still it's just the return of it just feels good. It feels right, Especially when you got your options are watching Bernie Sanders of or watching
Camila harasser Joe Biden- that's not fun. No, it is not. They are trying to to to figure out there trying to sort something out here on the left, and I remember how the republican primaries of twenty sixteen chest ripped the conservative movement up heart right, like there were people who absolutely freaking love TED Cruz, is absolutely freaking, love, Donald Trump, absolutely loved Marco Rubio people had some x feelings about JEB Bush. There was passing interest John Kasich at times? Not by him. He got his family. His mom is for is mom was very much. It is a case sick person not well. She was sort of deflated, but she wanted. She did wanna voting for Trump, but she was she thought about K sick for awhile, but I mean there's lot of passion there, you go back and think about that field. You know I mean if you had
people who made no impact in the race that were really good candidates. I mean Bobby Jindal is it going to Canada turned around a state. Yeah incredibly eggs. Exactly was a Rhodes scholar, your p, a you know: it introduces a very detailed, very good conservative healthcare alternative. Uh an basically was at zero percent until it dropped out. I mean like that was it was a big field. But what was funny about that? And it wasn't funny at the time is how much everyone basically hated each other that consult, consider themselves, Republicans or conservatives like everyone, everyone had their guy an hated all the other guys and and now we're seeing that on the Democrats and it's a lot more fun. It's like who is Kamala person hates all the Joe Biden. People All people who are biting people hate to get a good, come all of people and Cory Booker hates Biden. If there's there's like three people who are Corey
for people who are also not in love with Biden. So Biden was asked on on tv this week about. Is the party going too far left is it? Is it we're getting a little out of control here with the Movement words, let's say socialism, here's what he had to say. Your party has changed as well. If you think it's mobile, democratic added immigration say that they want democratic, decriminalize, those who cross the border illegally. Look thought about moving left or right. I think I represent the party. I think my views were. The vast majority of the Democratic Party are there's a lot of really really good people who got elected, who are really pushing the envelope, and it should it's healthy to do that, but the idea that they represent what the party is today does not comport with who gets elected does not comport with how we won last in eighteen. It does not comport, and so, but it's a total it's a totally legitimate debate to have
thing we have to focus on the one thing I agree with Corey on last night. Let's focus on what it is we can do together. We are so different. Every one of those people on that stage has fundamentally different view than Brock. That skews me. They talk about Barack, but they have a fundamentally different view than the present President knighted States is, and let's argue, who has the best path to leave this country to greatness. I I think he's right on that right. I think it other than it does not comport, but he kept saying over and over again and he's probably right, like he's. Probably, is that a better representative of the average democratic voter that someone, like you know, Bernie Sanders but activists, are the ones that are voting in the primary. They have all the energy a they get all the attention to get all the attention which makes it really for somebody like him binds know moderate, as we pointed out a million times, but the fact that you know like the moderate position of only free college
two years is the Joe Biden position. That's not moderate! That's like it's something that Obama did even suggest that I did a Barack Obama, even though I don't remember him suggesting it now I mean I'm sure they would have, he would have loved it, but now The idea that if you don't go for four years of college, for free and free job in the new universal basic income- and let you know, people cross the border with no penalties given free health care, if you're, not that person your psychotically right, and I just I don't I don't think, that's the reality for the voters and it's probably why Biden's winning right now, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Eck. This is the Glenn Beck program. Patents do for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck NFL. I'm back to the other Harris.
Employee based insurance. You don't want. No, no we're not got that right here, 'cause she's, trying to defend alright I'll, wait I'll wait for how long is this clip this one? a little over a minute. Is she talking about the NFL? She, they discuss that at some point? Let's listen he's probably he's talking about whether she eliminate employer based insurance. One of the things that is has been charged is that you will not be able to keep your private insurance if we get insurance through CNN. If GM workers get insurance through GM under your plan, they will not be able to keep that private insurance. Is that true?
What the conversation was was about yes, or no, whether you can keep your private insurance through your employer. My plan will separate your health care from your employer, meaning your employer will no longer dictate the kind of health care you receive under my plan of Medicare for all private insurance companies will be able to, will provide coverage if they play by our rules and therefore what that means is that if you like, after the wedding, keep to your employer to keep the insurance you like and that you need I am de coupling in so there will be private insurance that will be private plans. This is interesting, but it will not be coupled with your employer, so
you can have choices about where you work and where you live, and I would build the argument yeah. It is but see what ports you have two kids Vince voters up is that, yes, they may be able to keep a private insurance, but it's not their private insurance. Correct, not take it to make the choice, no, because because you're, basically allowing for a Medicare advantage plan where insurers can enter that plan in they can choose if they want to. But if you're getting insurance from GM from your employer, you will not be able to keep that correct right. Your you will have a ten years to transition right, so they are to the insurer who has art there with GM. Is gonna then, have the opportunity to compete and like care for all plan, and so you, as the consumer, can choose under my Medicare for all plan to have a public plan. A government sponsored plan or a private plan choose a single thing about the NFL, to my feel really dizzy deceived here. No shouldn't talk about the NFL really know. Maybe we
the clip off too early, I think she went into the Kansas City Chiefs, wide receiver situation right after this yeah. This is Tyreek Hill Hurt, don't know so This is a shade different than a Bernie plan right where she saying first of all I take ten years transition. Second, What you're saying is in theory, you could get a private insurance plan if you want right, but you will cannot get it through your employer. Now the idea of separating hear from insurance. Is not a liberal idea that is a it's an idea that I would say most economists on the left and the right thing. That would be good plus. Can I just point out you can you can choose your insurance today, because you don't have to take a job where insurance plan you don't like is offered. You don't have to take
John you can refuse it. You can read it it's just it's so much a better deal right like you're gonna, because your employer is paying for part of it and and they get a group discount rate, so everyone takes it like. I, I because I'm very friendly to the idea of having insurance separate from my employer, however the employer, the insurance here is good. So I take it. You know- and I think that's what everybody does. I think in a perfect world this would be a good thing like the idea that you're tied your employer with your insurance is actually not a thing that Connelly Harris is making up. Conservative economists have been arguing for this for ever they're just saying build one for up a free market system. On the other side of that. Yes, she saying you're not allowed a petition state to state yeah. That's a big part, a lot of that stuff, yeah and she's. Saying: okay! Well, we're gonna, give everybody a government plan, and then I guess, if someone wants to come in and try to compete at the private plan, they will. Her argument Our belief is what they will do subsidized these plans so much, no one will pick the private insurance and eventually private insurance goes away anyway, like she
trying to do it a little bit through the back door, where Bernie's, where he's just saying it, coming out and saying we're getting rid of. It is going to be illegal for you to have private insurance, So there is a little bit of a sheet, I suppose, of difference there. But you see these people try to struggle to get through and and it and say, exact What's happening with their own plans, she can't admit that health care is away. If you have it through GM, if you have it through CNN you're not going to have it there anymore it's over and that something that poles in the mid, twenties nationwide, mid, 20s and don't wanna admit it, because they know how unpopular it is, but that is what their plans will do: burn Anders was on as well and he's basically running a president. Vice president thing we'll have with war in there to try to figure out which ones which one first, I don't think either one would name the other as their candidate, but they're running, essentially in alliance right now, like an old school. Survivor alliance and there king, basically together to fend off all these attacks and all their policies
most exactly identical, so see yes was asked asked Bernie. Can you explain what is the free difference between you and Elizabeth wasn't point you and Elizabeth Warren Warren's most pundits seem to indicate will make that that next debate, how Will you differentiate yourself from her? You two prices tell you I'll, let you guys and punditry, and the american people make that decision. All I can say I could say fine. What is the single principle there? What is the biggest difference between you and Senator Sanders distinction? Senator no, no, no? I have to tell the american people what I believe and I'm going to take the greed of Wall Street, the drug companies, the
turns companies. We are going to tell the fossil fuel industry that they cannot continue to destroy this planet for their short term profits. I'm fascinated by this. I am fascinated by the first, of course, he's gonna draw distinctions. I mean if not, people are gonna, do it for you, you know she's gonna end. You know she's gonna, wind up, beating him in this because he's just you know, he's just so curmudgeonly an awful terrible but beyond that, what they just did, what he just described as his philosophy was to say: I think it was for different things were really bad. Those four things are basically the fundamental basis of our civilization fossil fuels. Yes right, medicine right in health care. This is a as an end in health insurance and the lesson was Wall Street? You might say: well, Wall Street's, not the fundamental basis. Well, it is the foundation of capitalism. You know the the first stock was in a you know ever, old was in the 1600s back in Netherlands, and that was the fact
duration of how capital gets moved around and and eventually creates the foundation of capitalism, I mean to Wall Street While you can criticize things at all four of those groups, they are the fundamental basis of our civilization. If you eliminate things like faith, which obviously are important to some, but not all, when it comes down to just human things. These are the great things that have ever happened to us and our whole platform is just opposing them. Yes, they just demonize him. That's all! That's all sanders does that's all Warren does. That's all Harris. Does that's what they do. They just demonize the radio network on demand
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