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2019-08-22 | 🔗
The Young Turks just released the most vile speech Glenn has ever heard, mocking Dan Crenshaw for losing his eye and calling terrorists “brave soldiers.” Glenn asks what the appeal is in “running.” Also, what’s your real, lasting impact in life? Trump’s is his family. Denmark is learning that assimilating immigrants is necessary if you want to keep your country recognizable. And Business Insider recently tried to prove how easy it is to buy a gun at Walmart. Long story short, it’s not.

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Today on the podcast. We have a lot of stuff going on. We've got a Dan Crenshaw who was? that by the young Turks and I'm very offensive way Do you think he? I thought it was a mildly offensive right. I thought I was. I thought you know that young Turk is Is a an intellectual, a scholar really well, so we dive back into as well. We've done it before, but we dive back into what the young Turks is named after. Yeah yeah, I'm just flabbergasted that this is happened in our society, not good, not good. We also have a little bit more to talk about on the the Google issues bomb. Shell. The movie is out. We take a look at. Hong Kong. How did all of this even start, Denmark in the refugees and the economy all of these things plus a little on the second amendment on today's podcast.
Welcome to the program: twenty three me test didn't give you any more information. We need to know about today, other than it's probably in my dna someplace, that I am I'm one with the streets so apparently word up so anyway. Let me if you could, we just play the audio on Joe Rogan Dan Grand child appeared recently, and he spoke about a lot of different things and it was a great episode and it It was a great interview: well, the young Turks didn't like it too much and
In response to the Joe Rogan Dan Crenshaw Interview, Hasan Piker of the young Turks mocked Crenshaw's lost hi He also went on to say that America deserved nine hundred and eleven here he is. I can't do this. Guy has the understanding of foreign policy of twelve year old. What is wrong with this dude you go to war and, like literally, lose his eye because the Mujahadeen a brave soldier, cuz I hole with her. Isn't that how we lost a dumbass, I all the brave soldier did, you learn, there's a difference between like military bases in in diplomacy, so that's how I just want to remind you how far we've come now I defend
His right to say this, as vice ole and disgusting as it is. I will defend his right to say this. I'm not call for him being banned him be silenced or anything else freedom of speech, the first amendment means you must stand up for the most viable speech. You can comprehend. And that is some of the most vile speech I've ever heard, but as an absolute institutional right, dammit to say it an ice. I hate saying that I hate defending his right to say those things, but that
it's what it's all about this isn't a this, isn't something that calls for somebody to be banned, old, for somebody to be pulled. Off the air. This calls for common decency. First of all, we're calling the mother dean we're calling them brave soldiers. Do you know who these people are these Our brave soldiers, Are ISIS soldiers brave too b and so were the ss
you can say: well, they thought they were doing right. So, yes, they were brave soldiers, but then you would have to give that to Dan Crenshaw as well, which you won't do any he who believes there right. They must be brave, they must be brave soldiers or do you just have a thing for our nation's animate, not our nation's enemy. I don't care it's our enemies of mankind. Anyone. Anyone who says. Well, you can't say that, because God tells me You can't say that, and I have a right to kill you.
You're an enemy of humans, you're, an enemy of God. How can I say that? Well, because I know for a fact, I know for a fact his son Parker is my brother, Through God, he's not my favorite brother he's now, even close to my favorite brother he's My brother, I like when I want to hang out with. He is one that I would have a hard time remaining Civil in the same room with, but he is my brother- and I know my Father in Heaven- loves him- he's probably weeping, but he loves him. My gosh.
But here's what the real problem is. The young Turks are responsible, literally responsible for the squad they're, the ones who. Put all this together, they're the ones who are fine the most radical and getting them elected and then protecting them. These are not normal Democrats, these are revolutionaries haste. Do you know it's kind of funny They named themselves the young Turks and I'm sure they didn't know what the young Turks did. I mean. Who should? Could you just do a quick search for the term young Turk,
and let's remind everybody who the young Turks really were. Do you have that I mean we've talked about it before I had to pull it out of my memory I mean I must be a bad idea, because I don't remember any it's been awhile since we've done the history on it, but they were not. As you know like it, wasn't me, it would be something that normal people would name, Cells at a element yeah revolutionaries there was also a little bit genocide yeah, you know. So if. Fine with a little bit a genocide. You're. Okay, you know you call yourself the young Turk yeah, because it has a nice little sentence for you. The armenian genocide. Was the young Turk government systematic extermination of armenian subjects. Yesterday one point. Five million people were killed, so I mean I don't
so we should just call ourselves the stormtroopers. That's what the young Turks are. That's what they did and these guys are naming themselves after them. Use of dollars of capital funding, which is always been incredible. Well, that's what I also wanted to talk about. I believe it was Jeffrey Katzenberg that has given them a lot, an awful lot of money. He, and others. Twenty million dollar investment in the young Turks anybody who is funding these people? If you cannot hide behind? No, I'm just I'm trying to just to be, You know normal American, I just I just you know, want things to calm down, I'm just looking for the truth. You you, you can't hide behind that. I want to expose all of the funders behind the
young Turks. You should be ashamed of yourself and America should know who you are. He goes on in his wonderful rant about how America deserved nine hundred and eleven. Alright, you know, there's a conversation that should be had in this country and I think we are kind of having it already. I think most people know that you know our foreign policy, the progressive foreign policy, the progressive Republicans and the progressive Democrats that we have followed over the last one hundred years doesn't work. It doesn't work, it's not good. Look at what happened to the Middle EAST.
Where is that, where does that come from the enemy of my enemy? Is my friend? Where is the young Turks financing coming from people who believe the enemy of my enemy? Is my friend the Turks are no one's friend. If you believe in freedom, if you believe they will shut me down. I can guarantee you they would never ever monologue about how I should they would never stand up for a voice like mine, never They are not constitutional supporters. They. Not believe in freedom of speech, they do not believe unless it apply. To them, they do not believe that people shouldn't be shunned and chased out of the square. They are fascists, the p
who are shutting other people down are fascists. I'm I want to talk to you about a guy that we had on yesterday. I spoke to him last night, and this is this guy's a Democrat. This guy's in this cave, voted for the Clintons and was a big supporter of the Clintons forever and he is investigating Google. He, voted for Hillary Clinton in two thousand and sixteen he's not. Exactly on our side, if you view everything as a political team. But if you view what's going on in the world as there's the team, freedom and the
team, fascist, communist, totalitarian or absolute anarchy. I'm on team freedom. That's team he's on and he is warning and last night is first time. I think I heard real despair and.
Sadness because here's another American who now realizes none of this is honest, wait a minute. I I thought if I would just expose the truth, the truth would win, but none of this is honest. No, I know where how he feels because I've been there, but it is time for the adults to step up it's time for people to say, okay, I I need to decide who I am, who I am
what's worth living for, what's worth dying for, what's worth talking about, there's very there's very little honestly that is worth talking about. We talk about a lot. I talked about four to five hours a day and I wonder how much of it is worth anything. Well, that's what I want. That's what I really would like to talk to you about today. Watt has any meaning at all, because we could sit here and yell and scream and go back and forth about Dan Crenshaw in this battle with some Yahoo on young Turks It doesn't matter Dan Crenshaw can take care of himself Dan Crenshaw is, is he's a man I know we're not supposed to say that anymore. I don't care he's a man and he
Has purse of perspective he's been to battle? You think he cares what this guy, the young Turks says now. So, let's talk about that today, let's set the table there. What matters most
and what are we supposed to be doing? You know the average person sees about five it, but it's more than this now five thousand ads a day. Now, when you think of that, you think there's no way, I could see five thousand at today. How do I possibly? But you do you see about five thousand ads every single day you know with those or billboard you're just crossing over from another. You know tv channel or or whatever it is five thousand now, when I see that number- and I bet it's higher now- you think it that can't be why you feel it can't be because you filter out your brain is so good. It filters so many things out that you don't really even recognize it, because it's not important it's it's the
anything that happens when you're driving down the road and you're thinking about driving you buying a new car and all of a sudden you're, seeing that car everywhere or if you're thinking. What color do I want and you think I'm going to get a white one and then all of a sudden you notice, white cars are everywhere. How come you didn't notice it because you're filtering things out on what's important and what's not important, that's the one thing that the media no longer. Does they no longer filter for anybody now that doesn't mean I want somebody to choose, but what they're doing is they're in they are now picking the things that absolutely do not matter but will drive your heart rate through the roof in exchange for those stories. That really matter but-
they don't know how to talk about that. They don't. That's. Not Help our team win the best of the Glenn Beck program, hey. It's Glenn here on the program you should check out pad great on leased. His podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcasts you're. Listening to the compare Rouge radio network. I don't know if that's not that's not what we were. I don't know all right really factor if, if you have kids one of the things in life that can bring bring you joy, a lot of joy, Manda, a lot of stinky diapers and a lot of nights laying a.
It going good heavens, what's happening children when they're little. You know it's playing games with him wrestling around on the ground with boys and girls and sitting down a tiny chair and drinking tea with your daughter as they get older. It means having conversations with them or going to the store.
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you're listening to glance back. Welcome to the program we're just talking about how bad running his I don't understand. That is a sport cross country. I don't get my daughter did it and she loved it yeah, and I think it's great that you're competing against yourself, yada yada yada, but you're running snot. It's in the. You know, the model t was already created, hey come up with several and they're very you know, you're the idea, you're running your running, and then everybody has to watch. You has to you know walk like a mile and a half and make sure that they're a return, your ad near, like I'm, not in this race. Why am I walking right? It's not like it. You know when you're watching a football game, you have to get tax ten or twelve times right are dissipating, I'm here all right. It's not right now and
you're a marathon runner some wrong with you. Yes, probably a cat owner This is the best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast. If you are not a subscriber become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the shell, what is it that we're missing as a society? What is the
What is the one piece that we have to put in and yet you can't you can't live without this. One piece is it knowledge got to have knowledge compassion. We have to be compassionate common sense, facts, common decency, truth. I think the fundamental cornerstone of any civil society is truth and right now we don't even know how to find truth. We don't even care about the truth anymore. Many times. Beyond limit beyond limited truth. There is one absolute truth which is to Lee and all embracing, but it is indescribable because it is God or or shall I say. Rather God is truth. Other thing
therefore, can only be true in a relative sense and quote that's Gandhi. Now I know that no people in the on the left, used to love Gandhi. I don't know if they do anymore. They used to love Martin Luther King, but he out woke enough anymore, but they spoke of the same truth. You must have truth, but we can be we don't. Even We don't even not look for truth anymore, we deny truth and then, on top of it, we dismiss all. Facts. We don't even look for facts little on the truth. Talk to you a little bit about Hong Kong right now. There is a fight for true so intense and watching these people and I'm thinking I'm watching dead people walking Because I know what China is? I know the technology that China is develop,
I know that China is going to win Hong Kong and then eventually Taiwan. Spread into a global movement centered on the fight for truth, justice and freedom. Do. You know how this started she is like the shot that was, Around the world, remember that was American Revolution started with one shot. So what started this. Believe it or not, it's a love story, nineteen, year old, took his twenty year old, girlfriend Taiwan for Valentine's day for a trip at some point they posted a selfie together on Facebook, with pink lipstick, emojis on their faces, but late
alone in the hotel room? The girl told her boyfriend that she was pregnant. Now I don't know if he was overjoyed or worried or uncertain, maybe a mix of all three, but the mood certainly darkened once she told him that he was not the father in one swift move he slammed her head against the wall. Then he strangled her until she stopped breathing and stopped moving. He shoved her. Hottie, then into a suitcase and then too bad the next morning, search for somewhere to dump the body he traveled fifteen railway stations, away to a public park, Who is carrying his suitcase with his girlfriend in it he dumped the body inside a thicket of Bush is keeping her most valuable belongings and then checking everything else. Then he withdrew
roughly six hundred and fifty dollars in taiwanese money from the M using her card, he would have Lee, withdraw another two thousand dollars before flying home to Hong Kong and that's where he was arrested. He was arrested there the same day that the taiwanese police discovered the girl's body. She had been three months pregnant, so how the heck does this turn in? Two two million people on the streets. The problem was he made it out of Taiwan. If he had never made it out of Taiwan, this wouldn't have happened. If taiwanese police would have caught him at the airport if only. But he landed in Hong Kong, where officials didn't know and had no idea what to do with them. They couldn't
Jim with a murder. He committed because it was in Taiwan and unbelievably they couldn't. Provide him because Hong Kong has no formal extradition agreement with Taiwan Co. Hong Kong also has no official extradition It would China either, so, in other words,. There was no law that could stop him. He Committed murder in Hong Kong, there was no place to send him it was a series of really dangerous loopholes. Now, Hong Kong is a semi. Autonomous state. It belongs to the it belonged to the British for about. I don't know one hundred and sixty years or so, that ended in nineteen. Ninety seven and Great Britain handed it over to China. By that time it had spent about a hundred years being western, so is english. It was very
Very western communist mainland China didn't like that, but they agreed Lau Hong Kong to remain well their own independent power. Even mandating its own constitution. The basic law of Hong Kong, the people Hong Kong have it's been leery of China because they have a strange look at and strange system of communism- and you know also has a habit of making political dissidents vanish. They're building concentration camps. They have a deadly rule of law and because this whole thing was like: where do we send this guy Well will send him to China wait a minute you can't. You can't do that protesters, have unified behind five demands. They want to win for all of the extradition bill B as they know sure this guy. If you want to talk about the Bubba Effect,
this he was wrong, but we'll deal with him here we're not set give me the China, because you're part of the problem and we don't want our citizens being shipped over to China, because you'll start making people disappear, also want the second demand. The chinese government must stop calling them rioters there protesters they a not rioters three any. Protesters who have been arrested have to be let free and exonerated for, Independent commission must look into police use of force during the protests and five personal suffrage. Yesterday, maybe was the day before news broke out twitter had suspended roughly a thousand chinese accounts and banned advertisements from state owned media companies pushing pro China propaganda through social media. Facebook is also
you can steps to combat the spread of Anti Hong Kong propaganda. Each day, becomes clearer and clearer. The ordinary men in women in Hong Kong are fighting for something extraordinary, but in to do so they they have to harness the power of the individual. Each person must find the power within them to stand and Needs to take all of them. This is in the work that just a few protesters or even one point, seven million protesters we'll take care of, because China doesn't care. We give you the rest of the story in one minute.
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O V, a s dot com, slash western goods for your frontier January, one thousand nine hundred and sixty five, the sixty five edition of Playboy featured an interview with Martin Luther King and it was conducted by Alex. Haley was the author of roots and he was asked about the pressure he felt as a reformer, and he said I subject myself to self purification and less self analysis. I question I soul search constantly into myself to be a certain, as I can that I'm filling the true meaning of my work that I'm maintaining my sense of purpose that I am holding asked to my ideals that I am guiding my people in the right direction? But whatever might ALS, however, heavy the burden. I feel I have to accept the task of helping
This nation and this world a better place to live in for all men, black and white alike, boy. How many people have you heard say that even just the last line, black and white. Have you wondered where Gandhi Martin Luther king, where are these people? What's today's equivalent. Where is that leader in Hong Kong? You know it's interesting before Billy Graham died. I met with him And I asked him that question where's the Billy, Graham, where is the Martin Luther king? Where is the Gandhi he said? I don't think God is going to use. I don't think God is going to use just one leader. I don't think that's going to happen He said things are going to get so out of control. That everyone will know it's going to take a miracle to fix
but God is using people in small ways. All over the world. And nobody knows what he's working on, but things are just gonna Start to snap together and the world will recognize him again as truth, and it won't be brought on by man. It'll be brought on by all of us just trying to do the right thing. Kinda, like soul, searching filth, just make sure I'm fulfilling the true meaning of my work that I maintaining my sense of purpose that I'm holding fast to my ideals that I'm guiding my people in the right direction. Who are your people two? I have spent a lot of time more time, air this summer than I've ever spent in my entire career, because I finally realize my people as my family.
They will never ever be more. Important work. You will never make a bigger impact, then you make, but in the inside the four walls of your home. When you look at Donald Trump right now, Where's, his lasting impact, you could say Israel, I think it's as children, his children love him. His children seemed decent. That's his that's! That's the tower that just doesn't light up Trump at night.
Turn on your tv look at videos online photos in the newspaper. Look at the images of Hong Kong, hundreds of thousands of protesters, almost two million they together, are representing Martin Luther King's vision, Gandhi's vision. Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington's vision, the Ruth is that power resides in the people and it is entrusted for the time being to those whom they may choose as their representatives, parliament, no power or even existence independently of the people. Civil disobedience. Is the storehouse of power. Imagine a whole people. Unwilling to conform to the laws of the legislature and prepared to suffer the consequences of non compliance? They will be the whole legislative and executive machinery to a standstill. What do you have?
right now, we're a bunch of people who say they're dedicated to the principles of nine against Fascism are I'm against communism, but in the end there both fascists. They both won. To tell the other side to shut up and sit down an, I believe both of them will you violence in the end. What's that phrase by any means necessary. That's not the revolution that we had It's why Thomas Paine was thrown into the Bastille big Thomas Paine was saying: wait, wait, wait guys this didn't happen in the american revolution. You have to have God you have to have truth. You may not want religion, but you have to have truth. There is one truth and that truth, lead you to compassion and fat
facts and common sense and knowledge. It's your keel and if you don't have truth, you're not going to have anything but vengeance and blood, Jed, that's why we are so screwed up right now. We have to start looking once again at. The basic fundamentals of life: we can't fix anything on the edges. You can't fix anything I guarantee you any legislation that is passed. We need more legislation later. Because we are not self ruling right now. Henry David Thoreau said government is best which governs the least.
You have both sides right now saying I don't trust the government. I don't trust the government, because it's Donald Trump's or it's you know, George Soros is or whoever it is. I don't trust the government good you shouldn't pardon Luther king, didn't Gandhi didn't Abraham Lincoln didn't he trusted the people. Governments go astray from time to time. That's why you have to have small government is Put people in a position of power, they just start getting greedy and hungry and they want more and more and more. If we want to cure ourselves, we should probably watch. What's happening in Hong Kong, because people are alive. Those people are in action? They've been prom, democracy, a real democracy and republic
chinese government agreed now under the threat of tyranny. The people of Hong Kong have brought the ledge an executive read to a standstill, just as Gandhi said they would people of Hong Kong stay determined, stay peaceful. Root yourself in truth and power on earth will be able to stop you. This is the best of like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber become one now on Itunes, but while you're there, it was a favor and rate the shell. The availability guns at Walmart, become a hot debated issue as it with who,
who don't shop and warm all walmart. Twelve people on the left absolutely are saying this because there was a shooting at Walmart, as you know in which, in which I believe, Walmart was directly targeted, specifically because they are too capitalists and cause pollution. But it's a whole nother. So is point right and is because they had a shooting at a walmart. Obviously, can you believe
they will still sell guns yeah. No, I I really can't so Walmart. So here comes the left and they decide that they're going to go into Walmart business insider who's, going to send somebody undercover to go in and show America just how easy it is to buy a gun yeah they. She, if this is a well Haley Peterson she went in and she said my journey to bring a gun home from Walmart was more complicated than I expected. I was left with. The impression of the company takes gun security in sales seriously shot out now. First of all, you'd think this. This is strange right because when you hear it from the media, anyone can order a gun on the internet. I just know I liver to you. I went into Walmart, it was a Tuesday. Now I had to wait and
the afternoon I mean they made me wait like an hour. I went in and like one thousand one hundred and fifty nine, and it took me until like one thousand two hundred and fifteen to buy a thermonuclear device. Really it's so easy and it's great 'cause. You can So those online though, you know you have to go into the store yeah I mean, but it's great I mean if you wanna stop by and get you know like a you know, a cut off tank tank top, not a tank. They don't sell tanks, that's ridic! but you get the tank top and you get the thermonuclear device unfortunately do sell tank tops That is so. I I would. I would have support an amendment to ban tank. You know for guys, especially yeah guys, especially
We don't want to see it a good chunk of women. There's a good there's, a percentage. I could name of women that also should not be wearing tank tops. We can get into that in a more detailed numerical, conversational break out the spreadsheet, so we can go through them. Ok, but the percentage isn't particularly high availability for this. Ok, alright, it's not a constitutional right to tank top tube tops, not constitutional rights. Yet let's get that clear. Ok, so she tries to on August 13th goes to walmart dot com. This is where you start when you want to buy a gun in this country, because it's very easy to buy a gun in this country. All you have to do is roll on down to the internet and you type it in and they send you all sorts of city whole arsenal. That's what we're told by the media. She goes on August 13th to find which one of the ten Walmart small stores near her sells guns, just not not to actually get the gun on the internet, but just to find out from the website where she can get guns. Well, they don't have any answers on their the only website. The only thing they have the website were air guns which of course, are non lethal. She points out, but she has yet their guns are not only for that is that is
Okay, are you sure, pretty sure? Well, okay, I mean it's probably possible to kill. Off with an air gun, but very difficult. We try just try just for science for science. Would you dry? I will not okay only got side rates continue to rise, so they decided to go to she's got placed a dozen calls to multiple stores and waited on hold for forty minutes and got through to a human three times. Three Walmart employees told me they didn't know which store sold guns in the area. So again we're told that Walmart supplying guns to all these killers. It's a part for her. This purported to even find one. Then they finally went to the main customer service line and spoke to someone who said also that they could not help when it comes to availability. They don't want this discuss that for various reasons he said he declined to elaborate on this and said he knew of at least one location near me that didn't say
guns which she crossed off the list. That's not hey! There's one near you that doesn't do it. I could tell you that for sure, that's not that's, not helpful. Well, it's also. A violation of you know, look we! I want to give out this information for various reasons, because you might be a not job on the phone. I don't know who I'm talking about, but I'll tell you there's one that does right and it's the one I'm in right now. It may be that what's the traffic like a customer service representative, advised them to call each store individually to find out whether it's sold guns. Of course, you already tried that it was not helpful. Now. This is not exactly a commercial for Walmart customer service. I will say this right, but it is kind of a commercial for the fact that they take guns seriously. Finally, they got to a place. She got to a place in Virginia transferred to the sporting sporting goods department or a woman on the line confirmed that they could buy a gun. There start with thirty minutes away. She got in her car and went to the Walmart on the way
to the gun department. She walked by school supplies. Oh my gosh, there selling guns and school supplies at the same store. That's unbelievable! They all will sell lingerie, so they are I'm just guessing, but some sort of pedophile. Gun sex? fantasy with backpacks. I don't know what it is. Something that's what's happening, I'm pretty sure ask the young Turk No one of the really interesting parts of this is the ability to find a gun through Walmart was very difficult for this reporter. However, after she was done with the story, she called the a tf and found if she called Walmart and they point her to the a tf, the government, which has a list of all the stores you can go, buy guns
so the government will give you the information on where to buy guns, but the evil Walmart Corporation. That Hollywood is profit off of mass killings. They won't even tell you where to buy them. We gotta give more power to the government, because they'll keep us safe, high tf, you won't buy again. She got to the store, went by the school supplies, the toy Department and the bike show Oh, my all. What do they all have in common children? Oh I've seen product sold in Walmart. Ok, that's changing selection of about twenty rifles and shotguns displayed in a locked glass case behind the sporting goods counter. The guns range in price. In there in a locked case just out there I'll be there for you to see, though, behind locked glass wow, one hundred and fifty nine to four hundred and seventy four dollars was the pricing on the counter in front of the guns displayed pocketknives, binoculars, digital night vision, blah blah blah blah selection of guns was limited compared to nearby gun stores, which offer dozens of different kinds of firearms. That's because Walmart isn't against or they're just there
they've, got some basics there. So Walmart raised the minimum age to purchas a gun or ammunition to twenty one. They did that. I think that was last year. Walmart also sells a firearm only after receiving a green light on a background check, while federal law requires only the absence of a red light after three business days, uh, we videotape the point of sale for firearms, only allow certain associates to sell firearms and secure firearms. Looking case with individual locks. Among other measures, says Walmart. She then went on to figure out that that they do have air guns, pellet guns and BB guns. But they are designed apparently gland to be non lethal. I've, seen a documentary about putting an eye out. That's right. It was It was cold mothers against guns, the something right
and he wanted a gun and she was saying you're going to put an eye out and it was true and he did and he had to wear glasses, the rest of his life yeah, promoting iron man later saying that was actually an icicle that that did that yeah. I think right. We estimate about two percent of the market. A firearms today was sold at Walmart, twenty percent of ammunition sales before they left the store and the the manager offered to remove a rifle from the case for her to accept a to inspect. If you believe that she did that another thirty minutes, she would finally get to successfully just the fire arm after she drove to another store. And they had to fill out the paperwork which apparently there is they ask her her name, her dress and her social security number her race, anything once all the black people, obviously gender
I'm surprised. I hope she identified as a man 'cause. They won't tell the women and US citizen ship ship ship status, which is unbelievable. Why they hate. Why can't we sell guns to illegal immigrants, illegal you mean just. I agree I mean I mean I mean documented, who are because there's some people don't need Documentales human is a legal. I we put I won't pay theirs or did under section called a certificate of transfer. Read asked about my criminal record, whether it ever been convicted of a felony while subject to a restraining order or prohibited from for purchasing a firearm among other specific scene, untruthful answers may subject you to criminal prosecution. And she's still try to get this done. She left the scene with a surprise that this is like. This is news because that's the bliss is what the media tells you that you can walk in and I'll come by like of nuclear. Anybody, anybody who knows. I just I just bought a gun uh.
But again, cash was the name of the store. I think it was. I think it was a I don't wanna say, but I I just bought a gun in Utah and I live in Idaho and that you know of there just isn't there was there. Were there no stores like that in in Idaho, I believe, there's nothing. It's like whoa, there's, no stores yeah, there's nothing, there's like any cows. Ok, so I went down and and he
Everybody knows me every every you know, I'm I'm clearly not a danger to society and lasts. You know you're a journalist in New York, and then you think I am it, but it really knows me. I have no problem, but when they said they came to me and said crap you're in idaho- and I said yeah I said: aha, I mean you talk. That is right across the border. Yes, okay, so what does that mean? You can't buy it today, you gotta wait. We have to transfer it to Idaho somebody. There is going to have to pick it up. That's a fire arms dealer. You can have meet them tomorrow or the next day it was all kinds of stuff. I wasn't Pist. Now I mean everybody. I know everybody I know it is that buys a gun is Pist at The people who say that there is such a problem, you can get these things so easily that we need. Or hassles in our life. They they have never. For instance, this woman-
she's reporting on the very basic, but you can't buy I've, never been able to buy a gun. Without that without filling out all that paperwork here. You don't buy a gun without and she's, announcing this and business side. Like look at what they're doing I mean it looks they're taking it serious. Yes, that's every place, you buy a gun yeah. Now she got the gun was about to be purchased. She, unfortunately, though her license did not match her home address. Their license. Address did not match the home address. They rejected the purchas. She would need to bring in a government issued id with the correct address. They rejected it. She says in summary, overall, the experience left me with the impression that buying a gun at Walmart is more complicated than I expected.
And that Walmart takes gun sales and security. Pretty seriously do that in any store in America. That is selling guns they're all like that, and we should point out that, because I mean were, I was a little mocking as I was reading the story, good job by an actual reporter who went in with a different idea. Had the facts, change your mind and actually reported what occurred. I agree with you very that like that is what we need more of in this in this world, more people that will look at these things and say you know what I want in their thinking may, and I came out thinking be now and that's this is Jim. This is the truth. I would invite you what what's your name, Hilly, Peterson, Haley Peterson I would invite you to go. Try that at other gun stores, because you're going to find exactly the same experience, the people who run gun stores and the people who buy guns are much more concerned about it. Every the day of their life. Then you are you guys, thinking
but once there's a shooting, we've got to do we think about it. All the time and we want our gun laws enforced. We want the bad people to go to jail. We don't want. I can guarantee you NRA members, you walk into a store and they are loose. You know here. Let me give you this: I walked into a store in Philadelphia, I was buying a gun and somebody walked in and it was a girl and she said she was with her thuggish boyfriend and she's like no. I like this one, it's pink! Ok! Is that the gun you want to get I like it. It's pink and I looked at the guns, or owner who I didn't really know, and I said please, dear God, tell me you're not going to sell that gun and he said no. I want to kick him out. No, I'm not selling that gun they have, right to refuse service and they do and they do now You do that with anybody else boy. If somebody comes in and doesn't make a cupcake for you, because you know you're, you're, half octopus and you you refuse to
that cupcake. Unless they address you as half octopus, woman and you're beautiful, you're not, and you we have four arms. You will boycott you'll pick it here's gun stores that will immediately say you know what There's a feeling I have I'm not selling you a gun get out. Do you care about that? No, you don't care about that. Why? Because it goes against what you leave about gun stores and gun owners. We are Sponsor bull, we don't, like the killing. Just as much as you don't like the killing. The difference is, we might not like it more because we keep getting blamed for it. Blaze radio network on demand.
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