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Ep #170 - The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 8/29/18  - The Media vs. Skin Color? - The Schools Shootings That Weren't? - 'Ruthsteria' and Ruth On-A Shelf'? - Louis C.K. is back, but is it too early? - Alex Jones defends his trans-porn searches

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The blaze radio network on demand plug into the pot cast its still along with turning the here tat, also showed tat. He was are used as you like. That's where we start the show, with Jeffrey Turban, administrative waiting lists points and appoint you got you gotta watch allotted clodagh, cable news, I will say this for Jeffrey. I have never heard of the point he made us. I've never heard it and want to make it. I've never hurt anyone acute. Possession of this. It's a claim about racism that is brand new, so we ve got a new thing in our that's kind of interesting. If you like, everything's put in jeopardy
today, we have the new and hear our study about school shootings, credible, absolutely growth as an great reporting by NPR you'd, be surprised if they even decided to do this or that's for sure can expect pr to look at the original Sobers goat. While that's bad you, people are all bad. Instead of going receives, yeah Lucy came back from the two biggest trip to Siberia for supper. They wanted to go havens first, accommodate here in Europe and talk about that, and what is the point was the appropriate punishments for these actions will get into that today, as well as of brandy story about civil asset portraiture, another person who just nothing wrong, has no crime against them and lasted a bunch of their money in an inexplicable development across the United States.
I know why this is happening, why more people aren't standing up against it, but it is happening, but we always knew this failures are using this as a couple other ways now that people are standing up, that these cities are using just too obviously it's for our safety. If you heard me remember about Germany, Sweden trends porn on the air by mistake was just an explanation from that class, unable to all that today, listening to the date of its Wednesday. Twenty nine, its pats, do Jeffrey for Glenn this week we were just talking about a trump derangement syndrome and
there's a stairs a couple, a terms that circulate through the media all the time, one of them's, fake news at the other is trumped derangement syndrome, and I They bug me and I think they bother you to a certain extent stoop, as it makes it. I'll just makes it seem like everybody who says anything about the president has from derangements it and that's not the case, and we don't have it and we complain about some of the things he does now. I'm in the test, usually, is whether you can find things that you like right, Bianca and we ve gone through many many things that we do like that. The president has done but I will say even these critics, though I dont think, are always affected with trumped arrangement system. But if your view Liberal- and you see things like milk origin ran Cavanaugh. You may very well not like those on ideological grounds. That don't mean Yahoo have Trump derangement syndrome.
Indeed, just like his packs right there's, there seems to be a different story. Fishing going on for some people to, although if, if there's any end, if, if there's location, that's infected with supposed trumped arrangement syndrome, its Just about everybody CNN, including Jeffrey Toobin, I'm he peace, a guy. Once in a while make sense, but not really when it comes to drum yeah. He just theirs. It there's a a sign of the if you're gonna make trumped arrangements into syndrome into something as a sign of it, of like pulling every issue, no matter how separate. From race and end. Those and hatred bring all of them to that. No matter, but it is whether its Supreme Court pick whether its attack decrease, whether its I'm talking about North Korea, whenever he can bring back to the idea that the reason he's doing x, because he hates black people like you seem
boring analysis saying every no thing revolves around that one issue in it shows of course reveals your obsession with that issue. It reviews, ills your obsession, not ours, but your obsession with skin color with your obsession with reproductive since your obsession with that that is not something that we want to care about, but your constantly bring it up, and this is a perfect example from today with Jeffrey Tube in when he was talking about the present. Saying how, if, if publicans lose in the mid terms and the democratic control of the house. There's gotta be violence in the streets. And listen to the way Jeffrey tubing spins that the thing here is, I'm done Donald Trump and I'll protect you from the scary black people.
And see if that is why it is perceived as an african american organisation. What's nice is not at all part of the same story of Lebron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the NFL play There is, in the usual way, basketball players. This isn't about black versus white this about dollar signs appeal to racism, and it just happens all the time and we never say it, We don't say it enough for what it is. I don't know what's going on. That is amazing. Ok, thanks It is widely considered just black people by whom, by oh maybe, like you said, but like you were just saying Stew, that's as more about him than it does Donald Trump. A lot more. I mean that's racist here I mean there's, nobody considers antifraud, just black people, I consider them anarchists. I consider them hell bent on chaos in communism. I dont consider them black necessarily area.
But even more than that and we ve done a lot of coverage on this group, we ve begun. We ve done multiple glints than the week long chalkboard on them. He's done multiple big monologues about them. Their history, where they came from personal, did not come certainly from african american routes in any way of the aid they came from this. It started back in World WAR two, but beyond that all the because we ve seen of antiviral I'm not saying there's no black people. There is really not sure, but I can't think of one picture in my brain of ever seeing a black person inactive, a yak yet another, I'm sure they are only just because it adds but I've. Never. I can't remember ever seeing one there almost always like the person who you think you're gonna bump into Starbucks and stay some like torture,
banks, the twenty two year old who you know who went to too many communist college courses and ethics. They're gonna change the world by throwing things that people right, don't think, and I dont know that I've ever heard anyone make the point before ever. This is like the first time I've ever heard the point that black people are associated with Antiphon Saito they're, just at it. I always think of it like that. Like Seattle, Starbuck see Enow axed, I dont think at all. It's not a racial organization at all. It's started against fascism back in the day, and you can make an argument when it started. It actually did good things but has been evolve to at this point. It's ridiculous. I mean it's just at anything that they don't just anarchists now, neither just left wing anarchists and it's it's agonizing to eighty continually here the nonsense that every things about race- and you know that
diminishes when things are about race, aren't you make everything about raise you ve just watered down the actual racism. The does exist and we see from time to time, certainly not as much as as CNN sees it, but I don't think I've ever heard Donald Trump even say anything about anti for being groups of black people. Now I have an early anybody saying it not just Us- and what he claims that it's about blackness and this. This is what surprises me all the time like when you have these raise issues that pop up with race. It's the left has has immerse themselves so completely in this issue and to them it is like the ultimate equation that solves all math problems. You know it's just remember one of em Brok, Obama was going, they talked about an apartment and they said that was racist. Second apartment. I lived in a lot of apartments. There's a lot of white people that live in apartments way
white people living apartments nationwide and black people. Do it it just they aim An absurd thing it because Chicago Chicago eyes, a dog whistle for black people like now was that's this. If you think there's a lot of violence and it goes out of thin air chicago- that's that's code for black its sir did instinct wordy car that's code. Car people are really the word. The if you use thought too much. I've got rats like the black people estimate. When you say the word, though, what it might be, the link that mode of racism. I think it's racist. I think that in and of itself as racist, adding Jeffrey turbans racist, I'm just so tired of beating around the bush with these people on what they are and who they are really kind of done with it. When you see race everywhere, when that's all you think, maybe should
turn that you know look in the mirror become a little bit introspective, maybe you're the racist, because I think, there's a an instinct officially with it with the older Emmy we set about Press Matthews, Chris Matthies went through a generation and grace was such a big issue for people, and it was something that was constantly talked about and I M really until Obama a kind of got in there and- and you know he years, we really came from that perspective- of viewing everything through the Prism of race. He constantly saw things racial terms to the point where he said this. I forgot he was black tonight for an hour now cause. Usually I I think I think I got you think of when you think of everything in the term of black and white. Well, she shockingly everything comes a black and white issue- and you know it's it's the same thing that happens with conspiracy, theorists right consumers, there is to get it when you get down the road and nine eleven and get down the road of sandy hook, and no doubt all these things will, of course-
every shooting seems like a false flag to you. Every time you see something you think it's a conspiracy theory with the government and its the same thing with the left and race. It's that this there are actual things just like with conspiracy theories. Governments do actually do bad things. They have done things at times that are really terrible, but the same thing with us, where you have racial issues that are real. There are actual racial issues that come up, but we see ever the thing that way. You can't stop yourself from pulling things that are gonna fifteen lanes over from race back into your late, because that's all you think about it also like better than lessens the real racism. Yeah manages weakens that all the hack events, with the same with others, the full Trump derangement syndrome here there are times when you wanna, be against our will drop, but you listen to the deranged syndrome B,
you're like ok. Well now, I'm not that bad. Yet I'm not goin on here with you, I mean an away, that's letting someone else control the way you feel which I dont like either you don't just because the media as stupid thing shouldn't affect my opinion. I should be able to come up with my opinion on my own, but it This is another example of what they did. This thing a while ago, where it was like a thirteen of the last fifteen people that Donald Trump has called dumb were black and these problems and in Intubate, actually kind of references it takes about seven or eight of a more the same person yet know tee. I think was something like that. Eleven or something like that. You were aware, was an exit waters and Don lemon the to write it so, and you also to believe this theory, you have to also believe it he was not racist at all until he was elected because he did before that he was calling white people dumb. All the time and then for the whole first year of his presidency, he only called one
sit down and make a presidency whose white, so you have to believe he developed the racism, not in his first seventy one years, but in the last year and in that last year he developed the racism all put solely based on Maxine Waters and Don Lemon, isn't an easy explanation of that is: he doesn't like Maxine Waters and on women Maxie hasn't done. Women have been recently criticising him and what Donald Trump does in those moments is called them, damn it just like. He called JEB Bush dumb Margo Rubio, DOM Intent general giants. Madam, he had a really good point. The gym Bush is don't some people are so always vaccine water. Yes year time limit, I do not think is. Doubtless he is Poland and he's in liberal at times- and I know but Maxine waters I think pretty clearly is dumb. She makes incredibly, Sir
she's my good care that is being done in the last few years, if not her and allow where all government career, but I mean it could be. That could be other examples, maybe she's you now losing her sharpness as she gets later in life. I don't know, but I mean she is tripped up and made really insane come a Hank Johnson it ain't Johnson comes out, what is going to arms gonna sit over and over again I say that, because he's black, he happens to be a black person, said. There's a dumb com comment, white or black, who ever it that's a dumb, come at a glance over because for too many military forces on one side of it. It's that's. Our islands do some gay, so I've been. Can we not observed that you have done as being one of those moments who do have that from a scientist?
I had a from adultery source yoga, who remained was like a very bad habit of great gonna. Grace was boxes of all times, so good of you know take your right. Taking these things from issues that are not related to race and trying to move them into that in that analysis weakens the actual case, any I and it doesn't, it doesn't make any sense. It's the same thing. You know that the alt right are largely speaking. The outright is it is. It is a small group compared to conservatism Republicans everything else, but we try to cut me note, call every single Republican, all right, you, you fail you you, you failed because he you, then weaken the case against people like Richard Spencer, who is really a problem that theory that his his theories, I think, are real negative and certainly have nothing to do with conservatism. But when you bring like me, probably in any call him all right. It doesn't there's no there's theirs.
You lose all value in your criticism and all credibility at the best of the best program NPR, has a really surprising study that they did. I am blown away that empty are first of all paid attention to it in the first place. Secondly, actually reported their findings, because this does not seem to fit their narrative now and it's one of those states that when you hear it blatantly fails to you as possible? Abc Elsie. Liberals constantly share these numbers: Lisbon, seven thousand schools, shootings deserters, like
a moment. We just sit back and see. There's no way, that's possible, you! Obviously no! It's not true, is or any part of you that gets to that point. In your analysis, while there were supposedly in two thousand fifteen two hundred and forty school shooting, but we know this preposterous, of course. Is that didn't happen? Now sometimes they get to those numbers in various ways for example, a guy who has no association with the school at midnight feels despondent leaves his home pulls into the back corner of the school parking. Then shoots himself is at shooting. What's your any incident with a gun right, I'm school grouse who any gun organization, that's a school, shooting and they'll. Put that in you'll have times were, police officers will come and the police others are mistaken. We shoot his gun. That hits no one yellow call it a school shooting up. You know someone there ve been ties were pellet guns. Some kid will bring in a pellet guns,
one of his friends and call it a scorching. These are these the type of things they go in there to deduce the numbers, because we know the problem is there. There is a problem of schools. However, we know that we have to close the numbers, because there was two hundred and forty shootings in two thousand and fifty- and this is a U S- Department of Education Report, so you know some credibility. I guess behind it. It's not like you, What's that Mother Jones, more, you know every town for God's sake, you this was a government report which people generally speed we'll take seriously the year was twenty fifteen twenty. Sixteen nearly two hundred forty schools reported at least one incident involving a school related, shooting and pr We know the reason decide to actually check into this, which is amazing, in love itself, because usually, when the gun, when there's a stat about guns and make guns, look bad. Nobody looks into them. That's kind of a policy yeah, but in this case what they found is was amazing, two hundred and forty
shootings they write in one hundred and sixty one cases, schools or districts, attested that no incident took place or couldn't confer. One. So what they're saying is not not not the stuff I'm talking about before we're like it's a pellet Gunnar, it's a guy committing suicide near school grounds. No, they're saying one hundred and sixty one of the two hundred and forty we're just nothing. It's even more amazing than that because of the remaining fifty nine cases they couldn't, because some of those couldn't be confirmed, This confirmed saw their unsure on them. They actually found only eleven confirmed by either the schools or through news reports eleven out of two hundred and forty two maison, it's amazing, maize. And again, if you have a school shooting, it's probably the bees.
No, you call Parkland school district right now, we're gonna be able to deliver your school shooting occurred there. Some of this is amazing, Sicilians civil Rights data collection for twenty eighteen required every public school more than ninety six thousand answer questions on a wide range of issues. What it appears is they put wrong- number like some of the biggest Cleveland. But thirty, seven in for school shootings and they meant to answer the question before it, so the gush its cleaver had thirty seven schools I feel that we may have heard of the thinking you're listening to the best of the globe. like listening to this path cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the show. You know there's some kind of Ruth Beater again
birds hysteria going on right now- and I you know it not least a documentary there's a major movie release come out. I think, on Christmas day and now there's this see it in a special really running the is it I think, running a battery insulting manner they promoting that thing Ruth staring yet they were released areas good. I like that. I, like research area, it is really amazing. Again there was a Ruth bitter Ginsberg documentary made in just like praising. Like a little cold following around her like energy. I am one of those things that here's this little tiny old lady, whose super top and doesn't give up on its adequacy Super liberal, which helps, but I honestly think it's. Part of it, is like sort of a Betty white syndrome. We're like I, you know. I love Betty White but like there is. I still think you had a one year ago, Sharm Ojeda, these people have to reach a certain age veto. I'm well aware of this, as they have to reach a certain age. People, like all his cue
While you are well aware of it likes me. What do you think you're cute, but you have passed through the palestinian areas, but it also, as I think I think, you're right with the baby. What's a robot, I think also its man, we ve build her up and make her happy. So she doesn't leave I Maggie something to that too, because I will tell you this: if she were to retire to Morrow, they would hate her more oh yeah. I, as has everything I hated. How dare you? How dare you leave noise while they did it to Kennedy the the bludgeoned him for leaving, they loved him for years, because he was that he could be called unquote conservative that coinciding with them yeah. He was the greatest guy in the world until he was gone, but then he was the worst guy in the world. The Ginsburg thing is so amazing cause. There's there seems to be mean other than the speculation. I just can't figure out what the what the real
in for it all of a sudden, I think, she's an interesting character in what she's. If you think about it, if you are liberal right like the same way, I love Clarence Thomas right, there's too, because he's generally he's the conservative person on the Supreme Court and at least you know looking at how you measure it most things are always tough to measure, but is certainly one of the top one or two, and he hey you know he'd. I think it is a great job in the Supreme Court and end he so he's really. Is that part of it? If your liberal, you love with bitter Ginsberg, she never disappoints you she's These are always on the liberal side. You never go away. While this once you went the other way she super predictable, a hundred percent like basically, Exemplary Cassio Cortez, add about a hundred points to the iq put her in the Supreme Court right like it's, that sort of arrangement of assuming, of course, that much loves that right. I mean you know, she's in Vienna that that's part of it. I think another part of it is just her physical sort of stuff
sure, rightly she's, the spanish, tiny, like old lady and just a power whose just still a powerhouse, you know, and I think that one of the things they like about Betty, what let's I bet We had better have some way past. We heard how what what a relationship she had with Scully and how he loved her they loved battle. So she said that kind of middle little love with that. But can you imagine and she's fine for women's rights, women's rights is allow houses that are popular, but it made me think, this from a news organization standpoint. This is essentially a pro Ruth, Better Ginsburg propaganda peace. She ain't it it's basically trying to turn her into a called hero. Who just sort of happened in this is that on that level, should CNN be airing that me to me the answer is no even the same thing with it with Somalia, Scully passes away. Should you be, Should you make a documentary or air
documentary that's of one sided propaganda piece about entered Scalia. If you're a news organization- probably not nine, I mean if you go to do the thing about with greater Ginsburg. You probably also have to do it for internet Scalia. If you want even attempt to look out, the good thing is, she believes in the United States in the constitution and the what we saw. Another trailers knew nothing about better. We saw that does not appearing at once in the. U S. Nor does the word freedom. Oh yeah, oh seeing him at supposedly based on a true incident. I guess from her past bitter Thirty's, end or twenties, I don't know, but the Supreme Court Justice.
Leans in says the word woman does it appear even woods in the? U S cod stood in, nor does, though, freedom You are exempt work. Well, it does but other than that. What are you don't worry about? Has turkey does not mean that it is done in our constitutional right? Obviously, our colleagues to go out, and also to the first amendment before you find the word freedom, so its brain Tom community, after via and she is the one who famously ass Jeff, he was come just pointing out there, she wouldn't zealous. Africa's constitution was South Africa's one note. You should focus on and Canada here as it was written nineteen. Eighty two hours is too old, but, for instance, love in South Africa, I wasn't analysis mean for her. You see
It's like. I love is this idea that the oldest person on the Supreme Court can tell us it's cheated the constitution to old away. I would the Supreme Court Justice's rulings and lives you one of the reasons that you really like the constitution from South Africa. While they came up with a really incredible concept of an independent judiciary, the why the hell did we get an independent judiciary? What have we had wait? What if we had an independent judiciary and independent legislative branch, and you come, with an independent executive. Everyone is talking in terms of their all separate and coal equal. What would happen I mean I can't even government you down like what do you mean they came up with if we did that two hundred and forty years ago? What are you talking about?
have you seen or constitution? Have you read it, certainly by her rulings that I think she's read it and by this little regular I don't think she's read it you'd tell us that the word of free, It is not in it and I love the way she pauses there because it so our was. She say I saw power the first time I heard it. I thought she was saying: no, a woman is in there, but the word freedom is now she listen to this. Careful work does not appearing at once. In the U S constitution, you could tell usable Lord Eliza they'll? Listen to. Starting on one of his boy, almost like that in a christian bales. Batman word would obviously formatting the word what s so offensive to him. The word bill. The report does not appear even once in the? U S. Constitution is the word freedom now, nor does them. Nor does your honor,
who takes power is eating going there. I've been free freedom of speech, and this is a point. Is that the? U S? Constitution is flawed and and No to the word woman's not in it. Neither is the word freedom. Neither do we have. I guess, and independent Judy Jerry that set apart, I mean it's ridiculous. She arguing for a new amendment to the constitution at this point at the in this particular. This moment I don't know, could at the other ass you know only you can maybe think of it. I offered up my head. I can't I don't know but she's just saying that she's not including the amendments that we had to amend the constitution, to get freedom in it. Well, That was you trying to say if you would have said, if you it doesn't appear until the amendments. That's one thing when you can, because the bill of rights is
the constitution right. I don't know what I'm saying is the fees arguing for which I would ask, maybe suspect the equal rights amendment. Maybe she saying we have to add in the word woman. Maybe here with another amendment, I don't know, I'm try again, I'm giving her too much reprint care. By way too much you send never do that her horse. Never we thereabout is enshrined. Understand. I've really that's valuable, at least a try to understand. I can't wait till Christmas day when this power- We advocate the fat little oh yeah, all bad before we open presence we're headed, We have already ever to get the the wide go open up, take a jerk, simple. I go to the movies and to sell Ruth area go for it and with bitter gathering is about the size of my elf on a shelf too. So a kind of fit Christmas day looked like that she's, so tiny, twenty, but powerful, tiny, but
our utter a kind of like tiny inimical to the same we people think about small dogs were like in others. Really it's really differ for small dog to be ugly, even though, like I have pugs and pugs, are absolutely ugly bundle. People think they're cute is their small yes rightly said ah monsieur and do not Jeffrey doesn't but of course, Jiffy look, look a jiffy, but there's There's that thing where think women, when you're small and powerful, gives you that, like theirs. Cool part of that that people like you and I think that made parkers, there's no real. You could easily love Briar, whose also old and also of Super liberal right, like there shouldn't you re ass, ever go in and praise soda, my or who and some measures, Is to the left of Ruth Bade Ginsburg and aims hunger and hispanic New could do that.
He wanted to as well, but they are picking Ruth Paine organs were, I think, because of just physical qualities, which again they say you should never do. These titles and she's old and she's, cute and and Andy like it, is going to give you maybe patter ray and now it is your mental arab and walk with her, but it does give her a big as he sees its work. I don't really know what I want to I personally. I want the new roof over shelf, though I shall address a solid product It s eyes. Yes, if you like your house might be hunted. Whether, though on the other hand, one about the middle denying that things are scampering across the grounds amount actually at that, but I think it could happen a Ruth on a shelf. Easily comes alive, ugly turban and that I don't want no scary, it's a frightening a thought.
This is the best of the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. The meat to movement continues to swim along quite nicely and it'll make sure that people don't work and meet in that's fine if, if people have actually committed egregious the crimes like one of the Founders Asia Argento, who is apparently now getting thrown out of her jobs, interesting. Pressing development and as interesting yeah. You know I it's.
I don't know how to handle this stuff, because it will you have a legal system right now. What you do is in advance of the trial. You have laws on the books and if people know what those laws are and then when you go in and you have a trial and you're found guilty there on the books is a range of punishment would be applied to the person who committed the crime. So you're saying after the after you have saved, I don't know, presented evidence in a jury's, perhaps said that you there's enough evidence to say, yes you're guilty in and then after that, there's some consequences. Yes, that is what I would have preferred. The rapids causes very or bad person. De
so just the accusation is enough to say: you're a bad person didn't even get a job, and that seems to be where we are now you get. If you feel the punishment right away, you lose all of your jobs, you lose your company, you lose everything whether you did it or not. And again it is certainly just for people like, let's say, Harvey Whites Dean who did a lot of terrible things. However, on that same front, you should actually be convicted of a crime before the punishment gets associated with. And we ve jump the gun on that one in and we now believe the person should get punished immediately. Em with someone of wine see it's easy, we all suspected, you really did all these things and it seems overwhelmingly there's an overwhelming amount of evidence, including his own words, on tape that that indicate that So no one really cares on that one but it comes to someone like Louis UK is, is a good example of this. Lucy K was part of the ME to movement, and if you remember
The story. Basically, he d things to himself in front of women after he asked them. If it was ok, Arkwright Mean is, as you would expect, from losing a very awkward ye. I can I do this in front of you just well. One of the story was the one girl remembered that he asked, and I said no and so didn't happen, happened right yeah. So she said, no amazingly didn't work. Anything yeah right right now. The more that yes and now they're still complaining about right if you'd unwarranted. Do that then you should have said no and then continued you'd have a case. If he does not, what we have in my understanding is that there is no allegation that he ever did that against their will. Ya true I don't know some of you. Dont Many of them said that I dont remember any of the Armenians creepy what he was doing. Yes very kind I did ask for permission and seemingly permission was granted or
I think one of there's one we're zero women say anything agency You think I'm just gonna laughed at him and right because it is the devil. Take my clothes off now, ok and they can I buy uncomfortably and then state liquors? Who takes his close up there so upset they dont weep about now their argument here he's a comedian is a comedian. Unease is powerful and famous. Now this is some of these have all power over people, because I wasn't aware of this up until this boy. Well, Canadians have this extraordinary or overpowers little working. I dont know why. Argue. I mean again either arguments poor here, but there argument is, he does have power in the world of being the armenian, and these were people who are trying to do arise that, like the Jerry Seinfeld, certainly has some impact. There's not a tv show rise to another Sylvia deals with Netflix. Those are all gone, but at the time he did so right. So I did have some kind of like you have power. Like you know, if it would, you say you know Jerry signed
has, could have an influence on young comedians career behind the cat, the exodus, force either. Yes, all jerkily Adrian City. Do this in front of. I know at least a few of the more there's one, as one who said that I meet even talk about a week, allegation the allegation? get me just such a weird topics. The allegation was that she Louis Kagan on the phone with a woman and the woman do the call sis It believes this believe you never Seti. While that's right has rejected that he was masturbating while on the phone with her. Oh my gosh, now there's no confirmation of that, but that's what she thought was going on and that was a me to allegations that is so powerful that she could not hang up at. I guess so, I'll get out lefferts. Let's be honest, he did not ask for permission. Boys
say was doing it either notice. You just believed it is believed that right, so the idea is ok. Well, Lucy. Could then I'm going to some manager, but I'd say that everybody knows about other forward that guy, I could say, yeah believed he was glaring himself when we were on the phone and I'm really offended by that night. I think I think for all of my stress three and a half million now either. Why now that I dont want to seem greedy, two billion, so there are even is okay. Well, he could behind the scenes say you know what I'd stunt like her work. I dont like other than she's a good comedian and then she might now advance in her career. I, of course the allotted time immediate will say anybody will say that if they feel a lot of people feel inaccurately that others have thwarted their careers right. A lot of people say what up this post, keeping me doubts about human instinct to believe that unless you have real evidence of someone doing it it's hard to try to take anything from it. So
there is very little of that with Louis. He cried and ignore the hearse in. I think may have said that if our crackling I was, I was added to the opposite direction. I think of a few of them were saying that those it seemed like he did things to help right leg. It was like awkward any because of the awkward situation actually tried to assist them in their careers, so so the UK, for the first time now has come and on a comedy set at the New York was it dear? How many seller was it the companies it was one of the smaller clubs hundred fifty people were there not knowing he was coming. So you know how many seller in Carolines in New York, the few clubs like that are famous for show me big times mediums pop out of nowhere. Yours is therefore a normal show requisite Musa yet practice their new sat, try some new material and then leave so out of nowhere Lucy Catacombs offers first public appearance. Does normal coffee desiring ovation standing ovation before even starts
it does not mention the scandals at all. Just this little routine try some stuff out. At least there was apparently one call from a patron of the cancer of the appearance said I wish I would have known in advance. I could have made the decision whether I wanted to come or not. Which I guess I can understand, though I bet they would have no trouble filling the Thea through yes, and I think it this is this: you wouldn't you dont use the justice system. There's no punishment that has been allocated already. Look. We saw Glenn thrush from than was your time and is but a political and a budget for things in a left wing sort of White House type reporter, also got me to allegations stemmed the allegation against him was that after a late night party, He would often hit on younger employees of the of the papers he was working for and again he was a he's.
People who want to get into journalism he's an unimportant powerful journalist and there is now accusation that he actually forced anyone to do anything. We act issue, was that he should have known better to not frightened rise the younger workers. So and what happened with him is he's back working. He did not seem to have that. He didn't Who was suspended? I think for a while, but I think he's back now work but there's no set punishments because there's no legal system here right, we ve decided to go around the legal system and we decided that these things, should be educated in our own minds. What do we think Louis? Kay did. What do we think led thrush did what we think you know Kevin Spacey did and we will allocate those as Jim was Jeffrey Timber, had a meat allegations? Yes, he seems to have felt no really
questions about it at all. After this he was in the death of Stalin, who we know he was you know, people I don't talk to. People just believe him. Busy which NATO it will cause he's on the right side of things possible. You know, maybe seem to be a real obvious pattern here. Is it wrong, for Louis Decayed and I'll be able to come back in and talk about the things that he thinks are funny in front of people. While I mean, I think the answer that is, if people show up, you should probably start doing it if he Hill people. People are interested in hearing what he wants to say. Then he can Please stand up comedian anymore, because people don't want to hear him. That is a market based job. If people like your company, they come and get to do for a living if they dont any suck and then I'll come, then you do so. The outrage here that we we have to allow. You know we have to make.
But he never gets in front of people again and yes to be punished. For the nth time is a convict. It's kind of a crazy instinct you know I don't know made almost as if we were addicted to outrage job. This we dollars. This is generally that law is come up with a useful Four Jeffrey you look at the stupid, writing aroused removed, worthy addicted outrage for those EU listing a radio. That's all I see now, I look at to I see this back well, it is coming out so you can buy that biogas, it's a in some ways, is tied to that. Right I mean we have we all act as if we are perfect and where are we all actors? If we'd never made a mistake and we If we can just slam everybody who has had their public issues when
in reality like there has to be- and this is, I think, part of the job of people who really support the me to move in and think its work is important and a lot of it is that you have to have to take a stand as someone in me to movement, to save this particular claim is bull crap, this particular doesn't rice the level of what we were talking about. The fact that there is a there's, a us statement made by someone that's a little bit sexual eyes door and you who's. The guy was at Amazon. I think the Amazon guy who was at a party, he's one of the heads of Amazon development. I think her, I think was Amazon Netflix, but was one of the big streaming providers and he went to a party said some offensive things to a woman at a party of hitting honour and in that way the only obligation that he was inappropriate. Conversation at a drunken Christmas party and like that is something you know. If you look back at it, Two at the office, the show things like that happened,
all the time and it's not appropriate but like that person would just have a people would think he's a dirt bag or people would say, do you believe he did this once, but now he doesn't seem to do that anymore and at what kind of blow over and now we have to make sure there fired. We have to make sure they pay some public pen, and then he was he didn't write up of an equally resided at resign under pressure is what actually has been? Who among us have been drunk at Christmas Party of strife. Is I mean think about Co Butterfield among US squad of you, I mean. Have you of a certain Jeffrey? Would these standards whirl of our around and the eighties? pretty monopoly was coming of age, came it imagine what would have happened to him by INA? Look. There is, that there should be some level most. What why don't I with the percentage is, but I bet, there's half of people one of meeting their signature, other at work? I know my mammy getting is probably a high percentage nobly high percentage right I mean you had or at
I would add in people who are bars that have been drinking you're even higher Let me like you d, that that should mean if you, if you something inappropriate in many women made this argument around the me to point when that was really happening. Is that that's part of what I want? I want there be some available level of sexuality that that is that is able to be expressed by someone I'm trying to court. If, if not, I mean it, You know there has to be some of what we all realise that no means no right of a hundred percent, a win win. You know when you start bashing Louis UK remember, he asked Knight S and that's it thing it's gone from no means no two don't ask the yacht has and That is only flirt, don't stone. I don't show interest. Dont, look, don't certainly don't touch, so how do men and women ever
like hell, you gather a ghetto to ask. Fundamentally, how does this species can t you yeah at some points, the problem, every relationship you go in for your first kiss rarely do, are you saying aid you might do by signing this contract that allows me to my lips to touch yours like that's, not how it happens. Then there are people who must judge it right I mean I've always been on the case of of being such a worse that you wait. Wait too long, and eventually it so obvious that you it's time to go for it. That's that's what I waited till, because you know I'm a loser but yeah, not everybody's? That way. Sometimes people call it wrong now, sometimes shouldn't? Be that can something where we say: hey, that's inappropriate this place. Hey don't do that No I'm not interested. Thank you. Then the person absolutely needs to stop by now, There has to be some room for men and women, and maybe men and men and women and women to do that.
We'll dance, but that is part of it. That's not in the harbor Steen It is part of it. This is the best land Back programme Alex Jones was caught in a little bit of a just Look, it's kind of a sticky wicket, if you will admit of a moment yeah, He was showing how to navigate on his website. In full. Worse still seem to be a high percentage of their programming not only is this: how do you get to the male vitality formula possess how he makes all as Maya so yeah? They spend some time with that, so he's showing how to navigate on a smartphone, and then he taps it, and it goes back to the original screen had all of his tab at brings like you, were you see like nine tabs on the screen at the same time, one of that one of the tabs
was a trend. Sexual porn site and well happen everybody I couldn't while anybody whose surfing for transport yes, For those of us who don't necessarily frequent those sites can happen to you, so I thought okay well, maybe somebody Joe when in there and here's what he's gonna say, even if it's not the case, somebody Photoshop that were endless phone right as long as I write called a time when there is no evidence of it. Why not go with that? Relies defence, somebody in the deep state Photoshop that in an that's not what he said which is fascinating to me here is yours. Instead, how he explained his is a little transports, and also what about the transport on your phone. However, in order to tackle that show that you share, France born, I your phone, that's all they keep talking about.
And then I saw these articles about that. It's ridiculous. I was like looking up some reporter retract are today and punished in some number were locked up porn on my phone, everybody said porn public funds. Hundreds of times I'm set over the phone on air, showing to everybody. I couldn't get a url up in the studio and then like something pops. Suddenly, all my god and looked at it wasn't the news blurted out there was nothing there. They blow then say something: was there when you watch it was important menu. I promise. Porn menus pop up five hundred times on my phone, so appreciate how much you surf Adam. Same gentlemen, there's two jobs, a people, people that look at porn and people that lie about it. But I Is it looking at porn on my phone? I don't take phones on there that I look at porn on, so I saw that I didn't respond to it. Respond to have you text on me I'll say this.
The Amazon adds of Agro, adds the weird non plastic bag ads are taking my Iphone over those didn't used to be that bad. Like Android gray point, the plastic bag. He just see the admitting that he looks at me for it like that. You know the Alex Jones looking at porn or trend. For it is absolutely not the worst thing about him like Ireland. That's probably one of his better characteristics. So I don't know what that would be a big deal. I just you know the x ray this community thought it was unusual because he bash is Trans people, so much yeah and every time there is a transitory he's. U Dolly's raving about ranting about it. Interesting. That is actually being a Trans born when he's ranting than Trans the trout. I was excited the translators very happy about it. Yeah, yes,
we live in, is in this house that massive aiding, maybe not a transfer, because you once thought there you go and that's probably what he should say there was a, years ago there was a morning show host in attacks a city that I once lived it who got into it. Traffic accident, while leaving a a gay bar at two in the morning and then left the scene and went home or whatever so was cut of an issue and then thither there, their god. There is a lot of you know he needs a conservative, taco hosting, and so people were wondering What were you doing at a gay bar and he said well like it shows you, I'm not home with like they say I am. Doesn't it helplessness explanation? So maybe that's a good one, perverse Spartans Georgiana transport back! man. It's I've told you now does bowed to reopen
the things that I live alibis, clear, your search menus fashion. My dear sir goods, ably diving Legion at a hundred percent. So does this happen to you. Does do does porn pop up on your honeymoon tribes, five huh times. Is that there seems to be a real issue with your phone. I will say: no, doesn't ass. She and I thought of you. I thought, is like it's closed egos I'm gonna looking horror reporters I live it has never popped up, and I'm looking for a report on us to hire me. Is it possible that this particular trends porn star, happens and have some journalism chops, possible? She's out, you have run the tough stories in between pointing out that it is possible if possible, absolute is as possible. Ok, let's, let's go That is not my may be Alex Nose out of it is to run a website and have people subscribe to it and that's what then
important person was doing get sued at the she he offered Alex. That's really here come on Alex you if you like it, I'm here for you. I always what an amazing world we live in is still amazing, so she did actually responded area and she offered a freak that's pretty smart again, I thought you might as well job there, but I think the days of the the porn sites all popping up on your screen, which did happened in the past hour long I did that doesn't happen, is my aunt or about. I do Sir certainly doesn't happen five hundred times. No, it doesn't in, but it does. If, if you doubt, if you don't do it, you search entry, if you type in a word in pubs them whatever, you ve been searching for bringing
comes up as a reminder. Hey still here for you that happens, I could applause, I understand is possible. Somebody has told you of the area they ve had happened to him, and can you related story. You can imagine the about of transport being tweeted and sent him Alex Jones. Oh, my god, it's gotta be caught. People are probably trolling constantly with it I'll check out this. Conspiracy theory I found link this guy's gonna be opening up. Trade in some form happens in a yes, I am It's not like. We had a high at a high opinion of Alex Joan, allow an average hast her eyes on its sure. That might be notable like the fact that Alex Jones does. Things is the least surprising for hemorrhoids Cupid. Ever the news other than big blocked from bringing people do a site and by the way, let's let's once again we're out of opposed Alex Jones being the limit
from all of these, although these sites, Facebook, twitter Instagram you tube Roddy parties, stuff back up and let the people decide gave what oh, if they want to see it, they see it is stop banning people, because they have a different point of view now again this book is a private business and sore all the rest, so they could do that if they wanted she's, not the right thing to do yeah. That's it the interesting part, I think in this conversations I think we all agree that private businesses can do whatever they want and we I agree that our Joneses is is trash and we all agree that, even though out Joneses trash, he should still be left on the programme on the platform. Yes, the interesting edition This is a lot of these social networks get protections from legal action. Because they claim to be hey, we're just unit user generate content in a word were, nor does the platform right and so would like for
Apple. If, if someone were to post child porn on Twitter, twitter doesn't have to be employed of twitter, don't go to prison for child porn night. If someone posted post a terrorist threat on twitter they, then don't you know you can't. Twitter for the right to elect waiters fault right yeah and they get protections from these situation as they should by the way he heard copyright fraud is another one. If someone posted copyright, copyrighted material, then people- you know if they do it and don't try to take it and they can get in trouble for generally speaking, if someone just post something not there, I have a window there to take it down as soon as possible. It's not like you're gonna put twitter out of business for it, but for that protection right they there's a response. But again their responsibility is to not control content so that they can be a part An energy can be right. They they can't, they are cut. Our and cruises brought this argument up before. So it's a good hour
the matter again, I still think they should be. People too to handle their own content, but that in early may be taken the same protections if you want to. If you want to go that direction, you want to make it an all liberal social media that you should, in my view, should be able to create it. If we want to create you know we'll dot com and make it all people tweeting to each other about liberal thing, except that's up to what you agreed to that's what I would you when you got these protections, so you can have to change rule if you want, if you want to do it that way, or we just room of the protection and your support. The prosecution, when somebody does something on your site, which is it? What do you want This thing is: just like people decide start, you stop it and I think they're. So How is it good motives and the motives of many people in Congress or like hey, you gonna, take responsibility for its on your site. You need to take responsibility and they all went from Congress and said you know what we do This is on us. We need to do better, not really know you.
To do better. You don't need a minute. You really need to do it. People will click on the things click on people will likely is that they want a like it's, not your responsibility ability, not. Possible to manipulate what people believe, even if they believe dumb things or inaccurate things, even that circumstances when there's other crimes that are committed like threats and child porn and stuff yeah, that's your responsible as soon as possible, but that's different. Then then speech Then you should just leave it up there. So what Alex just want to say something it's blatantly false over and over and over and over again. So what figured it out all these years? Why can't we now? I mean it's not like I
believed in the nine eleven theories to begin with. So what's the big deal now, it's not like. I really thought that the sandy hook tragedy was a false flag operation. I never believed that it known there might have been some people who did, but I think any normal human being knew that there was an actual event that occurred and real tragic one, and I think we all agree on one thing without was right about that. Everything starts in the gulf of talking and there's nothing with doesn't start there s right. That's where it all started. It is, that is where it all started Gulf Attaka exactly right and, as you can go back a little bit further Disney Rothschild, Oh all, right, if you wanted to but right, you know we will go there. I wanna go to high level over that's Alex's job right.
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