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Best of the Program | 4/29 - A Jew with a gun saves the day -h1 -Socialism A Warning From The Dead -h1- Top 10 Hopefuls -h2- It's a Medieval Walking Dead -h2 -On The Verge of a Party Take down (w/ Amy Holmes) -h3

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Hello podcasters, it's a big week here at the radio and tv ranch, we have a special coming up on Wednesday Socialism Award from the dead. It is a it's it's a stark look at how close America is, the end game you know and speaking of end game. We we talk little bit about Marvel and also the big battle that happened on game of thrones. Don't worry, no spoilers 'cause, none of us saw and game this weekend haven't gotten to it yet and, and we had, do review game of thrones and what was your big boiler? You said angry ELF was married to the redhead. That was pretty amazing I mean you could tell her near the end of the series when they reveal something like that. So but the giant battle at the democratic primary, which is potentially more bloody than the game of thrones, is as far as the intersectional violence
going like is that you know it's. It's almost like hey, there's no dead people up on the left up on the list. How come I mean it's a battle. You know all the different races and you don't even have a single dead purse. No zombie candidate, zombie canvases really differ very upset about white people. Also the New York Times, it's amazing uh on Wednesday. They published a horribly anti semitic cartoon. Then they published another one, two days later and not a word is being said about. Is this incitement from the New York Times Ann from Ilhan, Omar and and also AOC, because what the shooter said on Saturday at the synagogue in San Diego was the Jews are controlling America? Well, that's what Ilahn Omar has been saying, and that is the political cartoon that the new
or times head will talk about that as well. Coming up also Amy Holmes. She did some homework on Ilhan, Omar and found. There seems to be some irregularities there. All today's podcast, a home title, lock home title lock, is the thing that you really need or your home. If you have a, if you own a home, you have a title. No one is watching over that title. There's only one company that stands at the gate, literally at the gate of this, this digital vault, where all the titles of the US go in and out, so everything is capped at ninety percent of the titles are all captain this one vault. If your tie it goes in and out, and you have home title lock, they verify that you are the one actually selling the home or transferring the title. This is one of the fastest growing crimes. You lose your house, you lose everything. It is really bad and only one company is at the place to weigh
they can actually verify that title: get one hundred dollars search for free when you sign up right now at hometitlelock dot com, that's home, title: locked dot com. Do it now sign up make sure that no Steals your house and intense political debates broke out at a candlelight vigil on Sunday for the dead and Woon did at the synagogue, where mourners argued, whether it was a lack of gun control or a lack of political self control, that led to this terrorist attack a nineteen year old, nursing student who penned a variant Lee Ray Cyst Manifesto, is accused of opening fire on the congregation the day before killing a congregant who died when she stepped between the gunman and the rabbi effectively taking a bullet for her spiritual leader say they are investigating this as a hate crime. Hundreds gathered in Valle Verde
Park less than a mile from the attack, including Jennith Seidel, who k to the visual to pay her respects and to question the absurdity of this senseless. I knew Lori, that's the woman who stepped between the rabbi. Everybody knew her. She was just such a big volunteer and if you were ever involved, if he ever came to the shoulder, you knew Lori. Adele who's, not at the synagogue when earns to open fire questioned. Yet why again, anyone was allowed access to semi automatic weapons. We need to lie since every gun like a car. Well, we do. I don't know if you know that, but we do. If you want to carry one around, you have to have a license. Now you can go out and buy a car without a license. You just can't use a car without a lie.
Turns. The same is true with guns, except we do a background check. If you want to buy a gun, you don't have to have a background check if you have a car, so we we go an extra step beyond the car Dorina Fagan said: thank God: we had a Jew with a gun referring to the off duty border agent, who is credited with helping chase the gunman away, thank God for a Jew with a gun. This guy happened to have recently discovered his jewish roots and happen to be there, so it it wasn't. The rest of the media is reporting this as well look. He was an off duty border agent. No, he was congregant with a gun. How and people would have died. If this guy did, I have a gun, an wasn't at synagogue. This wasn't some just you know
bystander who was walking by here. Zug I, who was at the synagogue, sob problem, had a gun, knew how to use it and used it. If we wouldn't have had a guy in California who happen to be there, how many people would have died now they were. They started to argue about whether this was Trump, whether this was guns. No, the was a sick, individual, sick, individual and, I believe, a sick individual that is being ramped up. People are being ramped up right now, leave on all sides. We can take our own responsibility for our own, but let's talk about responsibility of the left on this.
Because they always say that they blame it on us well who, as this white supremacist, who was he was he Sub Trump supporter, doesn't look like that. Was he a jewish supporter? God doesn't doesn't look like that? So was he and let me ask the New York Times: the New York Times ran a a picture internationally political cartoon. Last Thursday, it's one of the most obscene cartoons I have seen it is straight out of a nazi propaganda room. It's of Donna trump wearing dark sunglasses, as if he's blind and the the site dog, is a Weiner dog with the face
Benjamin Netanyahu and his tag is the star of David. So it is showing that the Jews and Israel are leading the blind president. So what is that saying?. That saying that Israel is controlling our government, that's what that saying. Now I've heard that before I've heard that that when they were talking about a pack that that's the jewish coalition, that's the israeli coalition trolling our government, who said that. Ellon Omar has said that. Aoc has echoed that. The New York Times put a photo out the cartoon out last Thursday, an what does the gunman say.
The gunman says that the Jews, Jews and Israel are controlling our government. Now, that's interesting, isn't it did you? Anybody in the newspaper talk about that? Did you see anyone on cable news talk about that not in mainstream media there, of course, there going to say well, wait a minute! Isn't this the exact point the lawn Omar was making just recently about a pack hasn't this, then the dialogue that the Jews controlling the in did States government. Isn't that exactly what that little cartoon was saying. Yes,. So wait a minute: it's the gun, because the gun just minding its own business sitting in a safe or or sit on a shelf. It was just me
and its own business. I don't know if you know this, but most guns don't have an opinion about Israel one way or another. Even the uzi doesn't have an opinion on Israel one way or another. So it's just minding its own business. Now this white supremacist, this white supremacist, he decides to pick that gun up. And he's doing it for the that reason that the New York Times in the lawn MAR had been called out recently. I wonder if there's any incitement there, I wonder if you could make a case of incitement, because I know if it was reversed. If the guy quoted me
Even if he wasn't actually a fan of mine, listen to me knew that I had said that that's exactly would have happened. Anti Semitism is a socialist disease. It always shows up socialism and Anti Semitism are different sides of the exact same coin. And the New York Times you know. A lot of people are saying because they quote apologized they didn't apologize. They said that it was. That was some. Some editor that you know didn't have proper supervision, proper supervision. You didn't recognize. That is something that could have been done by Girbal's. You didn't recognize How anti semitic that was for you gotta problem from the top down
only if you hired somebody who's that clueless to be your editor. He needs sue. Provision to go that one looks like kirbles. I wouldn't think so. But the New York Times has this history out of the twenty three thousand front. Page story between one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine and one thousand nine hundred and forty five eleventh is in three hundred of them or were about world war. Two add the eleven thousand three hundred front page stories in the New York Times between one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine and one thousand nine hundred and forty five, only twenty six of those mentioned the holocaust. Twenty six stories: that's it.
To cover the Holocaust, the arm bands, the rounding up, the interrogations, the gas chambers, the camps, the ghettos only to Twenty six in the New York Times put when they when they finally shipped out the la most of the Warsaw, ghettos and clean them out and no one was left the art. Cole headline was Warsaw fears, extermination, that's after they cleaned out the ghetto and The way it was a small story on page seven. Next to a next to an advertisement for new pianos. The New York Times said he was a bad judgment. Call. You know it's interesting how the New York Times seems to have many bad judgment calls and usually when it revolves.
Around Anti Semitism, the best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the show ice, weekend, trying to work on this special that we have it is coming up on Wednesday. I think this is the most important special that we have done. Maybe since we've been at Fox, would you agree with that? Still
Yeah one of the way we're moving right now and how fast it's happening up. You know you know where, where they're attacking and how to protect. So there is there's something that we found. Jason betrayal is with us, and Jason is our head researcher and if you will Jason the tell us what you found in research, we're we're working on a book about socialism and we're all constantly looking for the influences outside tells about the blueprint you found so it and that's exactly what we found. We found a blueprint for how to take over do it legally within the range of their own system within the range of their own constitution Congress. Everything take over a country, and
so how socialists and communists did this back in the low in the late nineteen forties and little? We found this completely by accident, and I will this document with the you'll reveal later this week. I I kind of I broke it down by the different steps. There was about five different steps, then they want that they needed to pull off like do this check. Do this check to this check in by the end of it they would have completely flipped the country from Capitalist Ed, in a democracy to full on socialism, the cook to communism, and as I was looking at those steps of the car, you know what, let's, let's let's see what's going on today, so I sort of filling in step number one: okay, okay, that's happening here step number two: okay, I started getting a little nervous step number three. Then I start getting freaked out. That's when I sent it to you- and I was like oh my gosh and frightening is this blueprint is how to flip a.
A major free market republic to communist or socialist within three years. Now we're going to build this case, so you know it be because everyone feels it every one feels on end and it's funny cuz back in two thousand six or seven, I played a clip from Condoleezza Rice and she was talking about what we were seeing the news and she said these are the birth pangs of the things to come, and I remember saying well wait a minute. That's a very, very scriptural, be that implies that they're going to get stronger and faster things are going to start happening, one right after another and the faster they get the closer they go, the closer we are to giving birth to something, and
none of us even will recognize that were pregnant, but we are and we're about to give birth to something. I don't think you want to see what we're given birth to, and so your gut is telling you something is happening, something's wrong and it's putting faster and faster and getting crazier and crazier. That's what this blueprint that describes and shows how it's done, and it's all being done to us right now everything makes sense. When you look at it through this lens, it's it's like a light. Will pop off, like you like wait. Why are we? doing over ninety nine different genders like what? What sense does that make like? Why is that white? With this whole me too thing this. Will this radical militant feminist thing postmodernism like this? None of that stuff makes sense. If you look at it, you know just individually like out, you know outside the the in the entire grand scheme, but that is
I'll. Just kind of give that away. One of the steps like and that is one of them was a witch that, but that is one of the steps on on this thing check that off. It was done before the exact same thing has been done before, and the country was flip to socialism and then what Emily follows, after that communism in the dictators it is. It is truly remarkable now we've making this special for free, we're, putting it on all platforms. It will not be on tv will be commercial free and we on even know how long it's going to run, I mean it, it's going to be: maybe maybe ninety minutes, but we don't want to. We don't want to rush through this, because it's really important, so we want everyone to be able it'll be it'll, be on Youtube. It will be on Facebook. It will be on blaze, tv dot com. We really could use your, subscription, because we are, we are hiring more people and we are trying to do
more research like this. You know when I was at five I was spending a million dollars a year of my own money to provide the research for that show. Plus all of the research that you know was provided for five, I lost money, am the only person that ever is pinned on television that lost money. We need your help to be able to do the kind of research that needs to be done and we get that helped by you, subscribing to blaze, tv dot com and if you subscribe, for this special event. There will be a it's a what what is it? I want to say thirty dollars: twenty dollars. Twenty, twenty dollars, twenty dollars a savings, and you just have to use the promo code g Ellie and then I believe, there's special promo code that will run during the special during the special. That's when you can sign it obvious, it would be expected to be aware of that or any of the details around,
but I believe what happens. Is they give you a special promo code during the special, if you, if you watch it in its information and and the type of programming in the research that you think is like valuable specially when you have a field of twenty democratic candidates, fifty of which are outwardly running with policies that are essentially socialist, the other ones are just kind of close to it. You have all these new bill in Congress that are doing this. You know this more important than ever. I think because the threat is real, I mean I think, for most of the time we've done the Shogun. It's been more look at communism, it's more of a joke and there's you know, there's parts of it that have to take seriously and it wasn't as close as it is. It was that's what I mean: yeah yeah, it's like the it's never been a joke. As far as I mean ask a hundred million dead people, whether it was a joke or not yeah, but I mean, as far as weather could actually happen here. Well, I mean Bernie Sanders is leading polls in states like this is a socialist president. Were that close, so we'll show you what it takes to win and what's already been done, socialism a warning from the dead.
Blaze, TV special Wednesday, eight p pm eastern this is the best of the Glenn Beck program is going to complete his his power rankings of the demo. Rats once a week we look at the power raking, see what's changed, okay, so top ten here, Julian Castro, thirty five point: seven out of a hundred cure. Sim Gill Gill ran as a thirty eight point, one by any club, which are eight. She is trying to run as a moderate in the in the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, which would be better for her if one that wing like existed,
is it you know. I think if that was leading, that that had wing does kind of exist. Doesn't it is in that that Barack Obama Wing now that's what it is. I mean it's crazy that AOC came out over the weekend and she was like you know. Barack Obama is not the guy, he kind of failed us. This is the new. This is the new Democrats that that look at Barack Obama as tame at can old, stodgy yeah. Those number seven is Elizabeth Warren score. Forty five point: three she's awful campaigning, but her attempt to try to tie game of thrones into the campaign saying it was an example of it's good to have powerful women is one of the most disgusting pandering pieces of nonsense. That's not the word I wanted to use. Their
that I've ever I've ever seen in my life she's just terrible at this- and you know it's just you know you just waiting for her to say, can cut, go I'll, go grab a beer and watch them game of thrones she's like at that level of just just sold as discussing Cory. Booker's number. Six and again we talk about in a large field, that's different than having a good field. If Cory, Booker is number six, you got problems, she had forty four. He had forty whole people at his appearance in Nevada, which is pretty impressive, and they noted that it was comprised of people of varying ages, which is different than most crowds, because most crowds are contained entirely of people that just had the same birthday and not varying ages. Now, no that's totally different than most crowds come from Bob Frank O'Rourke has a sixty point two on our scale or get to the big guys here, he's still
five, even though it does seem like he's really all the pretty boy hype has faded away from from battling GonNA, PETE booted judge, I think judged knows who he is. I guess I mean he hasn't really had any tough question we'll get to that here in a second. But again, this is a guy gave less than secure thing. Gillibrand give two percent to charity and the tax or report that came out better Rourke get that's it. Give one seventh of that amount that point three percent his his wife's dad is worth Beach somewhere between five hundred million in twenty billion dollars, and this is what he's giving well, I don't know he's giving his time. That's true, yeah. He He said my time on the campaign trail away from my family, so I could so I could fight for you, that's what I'm giving hold wow three. Thank you. Heave to judge comes in at four the two point: nine out of one hundred. He
He is so far again hasn't been challenged. Although there's been little bits of pieces now about him a candidate is sort of profile. Barney, Frank came out and said: look the only reason this guys getting this much attention is because he's gay, Barney, Frank came that that another another democratic activists is saying, look yeah, he's gay he's gay is a game, and but you know that says to me: he's just a man, another man, another white man, it's not good enough on the intersection now the scale. The issue is, when you base your vote on a candidate's genitals, you wind, having issues. This is the very confusing process. Number three was number one. Last week, Kamala Harris Sixty eight six or one to one hundred scale. You can view her campaign kind of one of two ways: one she had a big launch and she's faded or two she's playing the long game. She's. Looking at this and kind of replicating the Barack Obama PATH, she's lined up more Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton double
or than a bundle, is more than double any other candidate while and she's got all the celebrities lining up behind her she's it. I think, she's attempting that that approach, whether it works or not, is she is. She is also going to be the vice presidential candidate. She may, but let me give that is she's not if she's, not the presidential nominee, she will be the vice presidential nominee. I am generally bullish on couple hers, plus you raise a lot of money which I would like to see other VP. I will say, though, that De Cana democratic candidate and then this news environment win win with this. As a literal view, point that there is meeting this is from the Harris campaign. Communications, director, Lily Adams, she says come on her to Israel is central to who she is her. Support for Israel is central for who she is she's firm in her that Israel has a right to exist and defend itself, including against rocket attacks from Gaza, so just just admitting that their attacks from Gaza and not some defensive measures, one thing,
but when you're saying that they're responding you're actually admitting that the Jews are not every see, you know the responsible for every single one of these problems, and I don't know how you get true that in this, in the democratic play, maybe but that's risky number two- Bernie Sanders. Now Sanders came out called the israeli government racist. He is as sixty nine point, two out of one hundred on our scale. He has unable to convince Cardi B to vote, for which is interesting because she's already made these right. We played the rates, were she said she hates taxes right and now she wants a vote for what we Carty Kirby's gonna vote for him. I don't think curry B is following these things as I don't, like you know I I, going out on a limb here, but I don't think people should follow. Cardi B's advice on anything. Quite honestly
I mean she might as well advice on some things. I don't know what they might be. Well, it's not politics. If you want to drug and steal your prostitution clients, you could go to Carty, be from tech all right. Okay, that's that's one thing, you're good at and number one, and I want to make point out. Sixty nine point, two is the the number for Bernie Sanders number one with seventy eight point: eight. This is a big gap in this in this ranking is Joseph Robinette Biden June here. You pointed out gland that Barack Obama, with a chance to make a statement about how people of different, colors and races and and maybe sexual orientations could could do these roles chose Joe Biden Junior as his candid uh, an old white guy. So that was what did now whether that's going to happen again, I don't know, is it okay to have one white guy on the ticket? Even for the Democrats right now, I don't know I they don't seem to want that. I mean at least the media and the you know and they're they're puppeteers don't seem to want a white male
So you get the all the rankings up by Glenn Beck dot com right now and we should point out before we go. I didn't make it up Robin that he is actually his middle name, you're. Listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Last night,. What six seven years in the making winter finally came last night to Winterfell And- and it was an epic battle, the Good NEWS is, we are not going to spoil anything because do knows nothing about this series he's only watched three episodes now he does. No know who all of the characters are defective, knowing any of the characters are, and
It was an odd dark experience for our friend Stuber here he is, with his game of thrones updates a big reveals in this one yeah. I think they're actually were some big things that happened. Okay, you know, I hope some of these aren't, I don't think they're spoiler, I'm pretty sure they're, not okay. I'd like look to your notes and they're. Definitely ok, so there's an hour twenty five on my dvr for this episode, approximately forty five minutes of the opening title sequence- I don't, I guess impossible, how long it is right. It's incredible! I I'm with you on that. Ok, so the fat guy is sort battle fat guy from one of the houses that we place last week. Yeah. There's a little kid warrior, who is not afraid, could be a boy or girl, not sure, The angry elf is not afraid of the battle. The wheelchair backstreet boy is being wheeled words battle, which seems like really misdirected bravery. There. I don't know if that's a good idea, really yeah
one is kind of quiet and ready, there's a lot of troops, but it's really dark and it's hard to tell I am. I did not write the art of war. That's not me, however, aligning. All of your troops in the most compact area possible seems like a bad strategy, which is what they did. It was a different strategy yeah. It was the one that I and I have not seen. I I will tell you: have you ever seen a battlefield like have you ever seen. A battle scene said it was unbelievable. Unbelievable. It really was it was it impressive piece of of whatever it was have a television it was it was. It was amazing that would've been a good film, it would've been. It was that quality the major characters in the battle, but Jon Snow and the Blondie Queen Lady are just walking watching for basically like a lug
Reebok, some mile away there just checking it out. I think I mean I get that they're important, but they don't let us really. It was kinda hard. Like I mean if I were down on the ground, I'd be looking up one day down here: yeah ten min in one sentence of dialogue, that's highly ten minutes on my dvr and there was only one sentence of dialogue so far in a dramatic moment, a lady kind of looks like Andie Macdowell shoes, Groundhog day and many other things she make all the swords light on fire for the first group fatties, so the Andie Macdowell character from Groundhog day. Yes, she said swords swords on fire which it seems like there's a limited advantage to this, like so your swords on fire, but I mean what what good is that going to do if you stab someone likely
gonna die anyway. What your your? I guess, your lighting the way, so you can see a little they they, but it also could catch you on fire very easily and the only this is never a downside. You missed you missed a key element of of what will kill the army. No, no, that is, I think they were honestly just set on fire because of the cool visual, because from the luxury box, where Jon Snow is it looked really cool as they all lit up. I think that was the main reason to do, and then they were charging. It looked cool. Yes, the fat guy realized how smart he was to be scared of the battle 'cause. It was not going well, the r attacks, and but it's like super did you get. I mean to me, it was so dark and so close up. I couldn't tell what was going on at all. It was just a bunch of occasionally you'd, see, like scary, faces, pass in front of screen and then someone gets decapitated, RA that was essentially the entire battle you it's kind of hard to follow. I couldn't get it.
I was going quickly and very close and you are right, very dark, dark, dark enough to the point I thought. Maybe the Ipad it shut off right yeah, because I think also it's a it's a way to lower your. Production costs. They did this with the sorts all on fire right. They had the same, They all went into there and they all got battle, and you can't see what's going on, you see a bunch of swords on fire and then they all just start getting extinguished one by one and then they White get wiped out and it's a great way to just save the money of have produce that battle whatever happened over there, even though you are going to go to this big empty studio and hold these Christmas lights and we'll put about one at a target, it's it it's nice and easy, so frumpy girl, gives our the red head a dagger and acts as if it could be useful at some point in the battle. So that's interesting, I don't know what it means. How about this one, the blonde queen, the one who's, the Siegfried and Roy of Dragons Chief.
Why is in an just turns on fire breathing and wipes out like half the army? Why didn't you do before you sent the poor light up fire the sword, people over there right, they all got killed well there. Why not? Just fly over there and wipe 'em all out with a giant dragon fire. There was a strategic reason for that and it was talked about while they were in the, as you said, luxury skybox. I didn't touch that. So this is why I say: don't worry about spoilers, because he's not catching a lot of nothing. Okay, so is a really bad storm and or a weapon that was used or happened that made it. I guess a tougher dragons to fly so the dragon thing stopped working at one. Then they started retreating, which is really bad. I guess and then, like you, see, faces of the minutes like is this entire? I honestly want to know this is This is zombie series. No, no! It's not
they're fighting. This is essentially zombies like it's a walking dead episode. It really is didn't seem reminiscent of that like an old timy clothes, yeah yeah, like a medieval king dead. It's not! It's not it's not this! The the zombies have played a very minimal rule said this is the big battle they were building to all the the whole time. This is the battle. This is the first. The first line of the series, if I'm not mistaken, is winter is coming. This is the battle of winter, but it's not it's not necessarily the final battle. It's just a big battle, alright. So then they try to like the trenches on fire with the air with the flaming arrows, but it was too cold and windy that didn't workout very well at all. That's not what and about one slash two hour in you realize this battle is not going well. They are not doing a good job in this particular battle. That's one of the big reveal happened to me. Maybe the biggest reveal the whole series that I've watched so far, you're not giving away anything not not to be checked with this right. Ok, yeah! We run it by some x
So they say this is somehow not a big reveal, but the redhead woman she's talking to angry elf, and they were so that they were once married men. Read the angry if you die and and red had not not a big reveal, it looked like it did not look likely I'll say. I said this is the. That would be a real surprise me if I was in this community right. Okay, those still really yeah. You know every once in awhile, you have those friends, I'm I happen that ran for a lot of people. How did he get her right that that's me most of the time kind of the same either, so the dragon Queen is referenced, which I think is blondie because of her sick, free droid dragon situation that she's got going on the curly haired guy apologize to the wheelchair Backstreet boy, who was out in the snow
wheelchair again, this poor guy is always out in the snow with which is really terrible terrain for a wheelchair. Why don't they understand this? I don't know I mean there's gotta be sound like he can escape, but there's gotta be a cart or something they can pull this guy right. He seems important right, well, they're having to deal out in the snow. They used to just drag him by his armpits for like a whole season. They would just drag him around in the snow. I said he's excited about this. A wheelchair is a big step up for the zombies beat the fire trench by sing on top of the fire and put it out. This was a solid strategy by the Sami people yeah, I thought so too. Let's see there is the zombies seem to disintegrate when they're hit they're, not like people, they just disintegrate into little pieces, maybe with fire. Sorry, ok, ok, I see your explains. Why did the young girl stabbed a very tall guy in the eye and she's? Not really, and of course one of those moments where he, like picks her up
looks longingly into our eyes instead of just crushing or like every other person. They've come across right, which allows for the opportunity to stab her in the eye, which is just again terrible strategy by the tall guy right. Okay, the dragon fight happens, but it's kind of hard to hard to tell the soon to be fighting at one point again. This is about zombies. The show that is not I five hundred really not. The zombies can detect the dripping. The look blood of the frumpy girl, while she's hiding from them. They can detect that that's worrisome, however, they can't detect any of her foot. Prints, she's walking around the entire place. Over and over again, they can't hear that they can only hear the dripping blood right. They did seem a little keen on those small thing. Yes, they like the way I look at guy. I was using a flaming sword inside which is just a fire safety hazard. You don't you know, that's it out for outside use right. Well, if your house is made entirely of stone, well, that's It's it's going to be held more, but you still have curtains, probably right again, it could cause some serious, serious damage. The zombies have
dragon two, and that one breeze blue fire, which is the difference there. Another big reveal. I thought this was key. The from girl who was just like standing on the side of the road is the only time. Another time I really even seen her. She seems to be very important, like I this is a very important character in the show, I'm going to say that yeah alright, so she, my that's been known to the audience is something else other than from like they've, that's probably yeah all right. That is what she looks like at this point. My laptop got into it got down to eleven percent power, which was a little less a good idea concerning. So this is a big change, so this guy another guy on the opposition is a very important. His name was. It was a car s. Potential plan he was hit by the flood, the dragons fire, but then nothing happened to him. Kinda, like you get the message across it's the dick. The chorus is the car's. Not sound is a car. Yes, that's what I thought I heard in the end, and that was the name of the character, the character
wait. Let me that does not seem accurate, but Jon Snow was gonna fight. The car is one on one, a that dead within the zombies that role there. They just woke up right now, all alive again yeah. No, I couldn't tell if it was zombies are the or the other side that woke up all the dead people, look, and then they were all on the on team, Zacharias somehow and then the zombies were burley through the protected area where the important people were living in the castle. Yeah there's, there's I would say, important people are about to die but then are saved at the last second, by some other important character, but that scene happened about sixty times in a battle scene, the curly hair guide learned. He was a good man to the wheel from the wheelchair Backstreet boy, which was apparently enough. Him to run at Zakarias in a pointless suicide attack, and he failed spectacularly and separate the dragon or the Who is that you can look like almost like a like a robot super
pro type of guy, like almost like a like MAX headroom, maybe I'll, just like a max headroom. If that makes you more comfortable, but I think the car is, this is real name, so I just use that. Ok. Well, you're, not gay review like this any place out no and then as Backstreet boys about to die. My computer dies first, so I I didn't write anything else after that, but something else happened after that, but it doesn't matter. Is the big revelations had already occured number one frumpy girl, also important character? Two redhead in ELF angry offer. Remarried those two are the big things to take away a thing from this episode, the Amy Holmes joins us now, Amy Holmes. Who really was the blaze when we first started and she did the blaze real news.
She has hosted MSNBC's morning New news program way too early and now you'll see her on CNN she's, an election coverage. She said the situation room, yacht gotta, yadda, welcome to the program, Amy Holmes, hi Amy Glenn. Thank so much for helping me this morning. You bet so I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you about this article that you wrote for a german magazine. Tell me what you found about Ellon, Omar and AOC. Yes, so I wrote this it's for the truth. Weekly called develops over. I didn't have to the German. Thankfully, since I don't speak German, which translated for me, but I you know, did reporting I dug into both of these women and Ilhan Omar. More specifically, I picked up the phone. It called a woman named Phyllis Kahn, who was in
not so that state legislator that Omar first beeps in twenty. Sixteen, it was served in the Minnesota state Legislature for forty. Forty four years will of the serving in electoral politics and along comes Omar and historically and future to become the first Molly American, to serve in the Minnesota state? Let's legislate well in the course of you know discussing this with Phyllis and I think I'm one of the first to well. It's even just to get her reaction to Ilana Omar now in Congress, and she said you know after that, the Anti Semitism and Phyllis is She was born eastern jewish, eastern european jewish immigrants in New York City in Brooklyn and I'm about it, and she was surprised and Glenn. She said, oh no, not at all and that she had warned that it
Omar seem to harbor Anti semitic, proclivities and impulses way back in two thousand and sixteen, but prior to that with it's the story that she told me that I have not seen anywhere in the show media mainstream media in college. Other one Omar is back in two thousand and fourteen Miss Omar was a city council aid and she was at a polling station, probably illegally to campaign for her box for the state legislator, who's running against con and at the polling station s Tamale american election judge was there speaking in Smalley, to supply their computers in Minnesota, telling them that this candidate is ours, Molly Brother and the other is the old jewish lady Anil, I my with their now still it
and had a somali american supporter who understood some Molly and understood what this election judge saying. He I signed an affidavit that deal Omar with shouting instructions to the election judge and that you know that she was in Dylan Omar of Course denies. It said that it's ridiculous This is all going on sort of under the radar in Somalia. These with these, as she said to me, on a did not deny that she was there. She did not deny that there was. Communication in Somali She denies that she, the third, the third the woman said, and this is for the old jewish lady. Now there was said to even if Ill Omar did not actively participate in directed voters to vote for some Molly
over the old jewish lady. She was there and she could put a stop to it and she Didn'T- and you know that's sort of the most generous reading as that situation, so well. The russian judge was removed was told not to work at at that precinct because of the conflict there. You know Akon campaign did file complaints, so it's on the record and if you did on, Google you'll see some local reports at the time, twenty fourteen about that incident. But I have not seen it anywhere in current mainstream media news coverage of Omar's, you apparently fairly, long history now when it comes to elections, either expressing anti semitic views or be tolerant of them,
she is she's. Clearly I think a it would be very, very careful here. She is to me clearly a very passionate woman against Israel. And I I questioned her relationship deeply with care, I think, instrumental in in her life and she She had cheat on the board. She's done extensive fundraising for them, and you know she's been deeply entangled with care for many years. So tell me what you found now bout AOC, because your article is two women on the verge of a party take down. What do you mean by that? Well, you can read it two ways: either the party takes them down or they take the party down which do you think is more likely well. I think, unfortunately, that it seems warm.
I agree. They are pushing the Democratic Party in a very at least to me disturbing and concern Direction the fact that your house of representatives not clearly and specifically denounce antisemitism or shall we say, ugly views when it comes to support for Israel, support for the jewish state and the jewish state itself. The fact that our Congress could not do that. I thought why is extremely disturbing extremely telling about. I guess what you know sort of euphemistically is called the knew young enerji of the democratic left, and I find it also extremely disturbing that AOC she
seems to be an absolutely loyal and vigorous defender of Ilhan Mark, no matter what Congress and Omar says and that she will not take a step back and start to look more carefully and more critically he is. You know now multiple multiple remarks that are being made by Congress and Omar in public side. That's very disturbing to me that this is and then you know if you are criticized critique these remarks. Of course, the shield, straight out of your attacking a black muslim women or with a woman of color. Well, no we're attacking the news that are being expressed that we know we need to very ugly chapters in world history. I had. I had some the who was a former left team is still very, very liberal, buddy very concerned about what is what's happening with culture, and
we're denying reality and everything else. Then she said to me on Friday. She said you know this whole thing with the with the Christians being called Easter worshippers she said you didn't hear that he that know the the Christians that were bombed in Sri Lanka. All of the all of the reports from the mainstream media was this the attack on Easter worshipers, and so we when it out worship the answer, but I still don't know tonight I don't know, but none of them would say these were Christians. It was all a stir worshipers. So I don't know what you stir. I don't know, but she said you know. I heard all these conservatives get upset about that, and she said it's not like reporters are trying to destroy Christianity. She said they're just afraid to to use language that looks like it supports Christianity
and, I said well, I think that makes it worse afraid of of of of right right. The left right that so, basically, the resulted in as he racing Christianity, which is the same as attempting to destroy it. Correct if you can't take Christianity and if you can't say that these are Christians who were killed, who were targeted deliberately for their state and now the press can't even say that. So you you write in your story about Joe Lieberman and how that he came out and talked about AOC and she said who's dad that tweet and missed him as if he was completely irrelevant right and in speaking to Joe Lieberman. He says that he thank a lot of the people that he knows the you know older line Democrats that they
terrified of these these two and their than yes, I spoke with another researching, yes with a former aide to as Us Senator Chuck Schumer apartment. I quote in the keys and in our conversation I asked him. You know here in new york- he's face in how you know what are you hearing from you know which Democrats, jewish donors from Democratic Party and said oh they're, terrified, they're, absolutely apoplectic about what's going on, and what they're seeing and the Democratic Party's apparent unwillingness and impotent and put in a stop to it, because you know they don't want to risk ascending, Steve, young, new energy and the Democratic Party. It's extremely disturbing, that's something that, with a little bit silver lining she. So it's called me in our Congress that which I report that she's getting phone
script slowly their Americans in Minnesota, who are asking her for her help in the LAN Omar, that they they too are very disturbed by what they're hearing from Her- and this is also you know in terms of Somali Americans in Minnesota, not liking it. This has been reported in the New York, times and Washington, growth and CNN, but she said you know she's going a step further. There actually calling her to say how do we and keep her. What is your advice? How do we get rid of her and she said well, the first step is you have to find a candidate and Glenn I watched documentary time for Illan? I watched it, so you don't have to right you can get it on Amazon, Prime! It is the stop this not glowing account of the rise of this no mother of three children, etc, cetera and the documentarist is actually jewish now
Shapiro and she's been asked. You know what do you think about what you've heard for Milano Marge, of course, yet she thought she thought paddle bit. What are you doing? Lady yeah, you know you need to be reporting honestly about the well, it is disturbing way, but anyway yeah I, but anyway, I still it points out. Alot Omar has been very skillful in presenting at least to the Minnesota public. Presenting this very attractive, sympathetic figure to the voting public and he's very good at deployed. You know, identity politics to make that connection. You can follow me on Twitter at relay me homes, DOT, o real Amy M homes. Sorry about that, my middle initial yeah yeah real Amy M homes. Thank you! So much Amy appreciated you back. God bless
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