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Best of the Program | Guest: Andy McCarthy | 4/19/19

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Best of the Program | 4/19  - The Mueller Report, the day after? - h1 - Puppy Clubbing Parties and the Truth? -h2  - Happy Easter from Glenn Beck? - h2 - The Redacted Mueller Report? (w/ Andy McCarthy) -h3

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Welcome to the podcast it's too in for Glenn, who was sadly indicted in the Mullah report. If you miss that you'll have to catch up on another station, 'cause were too embarrassed to talk about it here, a terrible, terrible crime he committed and I'll just let you discover it yourself either that or reset Glenn is going to be back on Monday, but today we had the podcast to kind of go through and talk about the mother report, where, where we, where are we and where we going- and I we You know you'll see a good portion of where the Democrats are going to go here. Where are they going to chase what they after and will get into that on today's program with Pat Gray joining us as well? He goes over his take on the reports and his. I think he has a very common common plea.
For us to be able to move on from this and common realization that it's just never going to happen. Isn't we have another update about the report with Jason Bottrill B and we have Glens annual Easter essay is Easter message so, for this is a great thing if you are a person, anything you want to bring this out, maybe I have your kids. Listen to it. If you have maybe a little older kids, that can you know but the care- and you want to let them have a little bit intense telling of the Easter essay. It's a great piece. We've run it for years, one of the most requested things we do every single year and Andy MAC from national Review in the New York Post has a take on the mother report. I don't think you've heard anywhere else. It's really interesting. We go through that a bunch of audio from the media and the secret plan of the Soviet Union back in the day too write. Letters from the k2 african athletes, along with the creation of the myth that AIDS was created by the US government.
They were involved in that will tell you the story on today's podcast, so the spectacle of the mother report. It happened yesterday and what a spectacle it was very proud of the way our nation handled this whole last couple of years. It's worked out very well. We had the big reveal with the press conference with bar yesterday. Then he put the Muller report two CD's, and then it was transferred to cassettes for the Congress and to listen on their walkman. The and each congressman's individual beeper would go off and that would indicate that the floppy disk copies were ready and once the floppy disk copies were ready, they were uploaded via five thousand six hundred baud mode
via America online to make sure they could get on the interwebs. And finally, the technologically advanced congressman could read the entire thing on their palm pilots, which is pretty great. It really worked out well and it wasn't. It wasn't an embarrassing teacher at all. This is an incredible kind of thing, because you had two parts of this part: one allusion, you're, not hearing much about that. There's a couple things in there that the left is trying to hang on to there's a couple of incidents here and there, where they're trying to make it seem as if there was something there. Some of it just interesting to see what the Russians attempted to do, some of it, you can kind of see an experience campaign, maybe not handling things the right way. Maybe they should just gone to the F B. I with some of these things, whether they realize to them or not. I mean Muller quite clearly, says the
it was no intent to do anything wrong here. There is no intent to collude with Russians, which is again the title of the report, which you'd never guess, is the title report. How do how do we figure out if Trump screwed up is the title of the report? Hey, you know what you know: who's awful is Donald Trump. How do we figure out how to get him out of office? Stunningly? That's not the title of the report. The report is report the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election an we found that we have a lot of examples of it. We're going to go through some of those and also some crazy historical examples of when Russia actually did do this and they were caught and it's incredible and they've been get the entire time they spent billions and billions of dollars. I think the estimate is in one thousand nine hundred and eighty so go back to the Soviet Union in one thousand, nine hundred and eighty they were spend, Three billion dollars on these practices. Back then, I mean there's been some inflation since then not to mention.
There's a lot. It's a lot easier to do these things. Now you don't have to spend three billion dollars. You can spend a lot less, but they were trying to influence the election that the mother report captured that well in multiple documents really interesting stuff on that part of the investigation came in the indictments of the twenty five Russians that came out earlier. But this turns now into a political issue, because you have the collusion thing, which is pretty much dead, but you have the struction thing which they're going to try to keep alive they're, going, try to get as much fuel out of this as possible, and they have this difficult lying to walk as Democrats, because they had this realization that they want to impeach Donald Trump very badly. They want to remove Donald Trump from office very badly. They realize no matter how badly they want that they don't have enough to actually achieve it. And the reason they don't have enough to achieve it. The mother report quite clearly does not even think obstruction of justice rises
to these levels. They didn't exonerate him, but they didn't convict him there in the little there and we'll get into that a little bit and Mccarthy's going to be joining us later and he's he's. At the you know, the the the legal background to be able to kind of break this down for us, but Basically, you know you look at this and you say he kind of fell in the middle and it's not a good place for the mother. Portal and we'll get into that a little bit later on. But the Democrats now have to figure politically what they're going to do with this, and you know what they so badly if they could just get, it is impeachment they and people like Alexander, because you Cortez are not gonna, be able to hold themselves back. The problem here is you're, not gonna, be able to get it through the Senate. Even if you wanted to so you get, you might be able to impeach Trump in the house to go the it's going to fail in the Senate. It's going to become very unpopular and it's the type of thing that could derail their,
higher campaign. There is a sect of the Democratic Party that understands this right, Nancy Polo sees of the world- you know she's got a million floss and she tries to cover most of them with boat but a lot of them still exist and the idea that come out and understand the fact that this would be unpopular and probably hurt their electoral chances in twenty twenty. She he's on build that bandwagon, but you at the Alano Mars you had the receipt into leaves you have the Alexandria Kazio Cartez Cortez, you have all of them we're going to come in here and say I don't care if it's good electorally, I want to kill go after him anyway, just like they want kill the Amazon jobs right, like that's, not a good position for anybody. The people in New York believed that this was Amazon coming to New York City was a great thing. Anne. She helped kill the Amazon deal because. She doesn't care about that.
You know she's in a safe district, any as net closely correctly pointed out, a couple of water could run in that district in win, so there's no risk there. What they want is impeachment badly, and you know what they're going to do they're going to come as close to it as possible without actually doing it. This is what they want. It's like. If, if, if you are told the thing you can't do is eat this box of donuts, but you really really want this box of donuts. You know you can't have 'em, you know you can't eat them, but you got. The giant bomb donuts there's one thousand two hundred am in there they're perfectly glazed. You know what it looks like when, opens a box of the Cursor Krispy Kreme and there's not just the largest perfect and just want to eat all of them and many times you do
but in this instance you can't so we're going to do they're going to get in their car they're going to drive to Krispy Kreme they're going to go through the drive through they're, going to buy the donuts they're going to bring them back home. The open the box they're going to look longingly at this box of donuts there going to sniff each individual donut. They're going to lick the outside of the glaze of the donuts they going to nibble at the edge of the donors just to get a little taste. They are going to shake the box and then they're going to take their finger and lick it and slide it around the bottom of the box and pick up all the excess, glaze and they're going to taste the excess glaze they're going to take a bite of the
they're, going to chew the donut and then they're going to spit it out what they want. The american people to come away with here is that number one. They absolutely could impeach this president because of the terrible things he's done and two we're just. You know what it's time for voters to decide we're so close to the elect, and we have. We have plenty to get him out of office, but it would be an extended process and we know those Republicans. We know I would say so get really close to these donuts that we want we might even might even get into the bathtub naked and cover ourselves and donuts. But the one thing we're not going to do is eat all the donuts were going to stay just outside of that area. The one
we're not gonna do is consume the donuts and if they do decide to eat the Box of donuts in this case impeachment, that is when you know they get fat right. This is when they, the they are going to pay. It paid a price with the american people, because the american people see this for what it is. If it was a criminal action, they would support Impeachment, if they caught Donald Trump, you know texting and saying you know what glad honestly, like? Can you just come over here and you know, give me a flash drive all plugged to the to the did you Voting machine myself will will will win this election if they had that if they had something that convinced the american people they, the american people, would come along I mean we are pretty much in our silos here and most people do are not going to change their mind because of the report, but there I'm going to change your mind because of this smaller report because of the fact there's nothing there, that's overwhelming or convincing. We know that there is. There were
actions that were taken by the Trump administration that I think in retrospect. They probably would have done differently and we're going to go through. A lot of those today, but the way the press is handling. This is just utter insane. There's a story in the New York Times about this today and. The lines they draw in the way. The way they cover. This is incredible. And also exactly what you would expect so Robert Muller releases this report, and then you times gets to work, and this is interesting to see how everyone everyone covered this everyone jumped into like the mode of this is the biggest breaking news story. All time, and obviously it's very it's very- it's been on the top of the news cycle for a long time. I expect them to cover it lot of resources expended here. To do this. All in one day, story comes out today, Mother mother reveals Trump's efforts to thwart russian inquiry and highly anticipated report. It goes through
with the basics here Muller laid out how his team of prosecutors wrestled with whether Trump's actions added up to criminal obstruction of justice, offenses timidly chose not to charge Mister Trump, citing numerous legal and factual constraints, but pointedly declined to exonerate him. And suggested that it might be the role of Congress to settle the matter. I like the freezing there. When you don't have the information to convict someone, you could say Didn't do it, you could say, look, maybe they did it, but we don't have enough evidence to show that they did it. The New York Times call it calls it factual constraints factual constraints. What what is that I mean there? Are some So this they were talking about how ok, it's the President, United States. There are different considerations here. Obviously he has constitutional power to do a lot of these things, and so, if he has constitutional power,
do them? Well, I mean. Is it? Is it a crime? Could it be a crime. No, they say factual can it's one of the issues. Then they say Yes, and I love the wording of this every once in a while. One word makes a difference. You know you get in the difference between like and love is really significant. Isn't it I I'll I'd like you honey, I love you honey. Those are two big different thinks they make a big difference. But you say them and that's the case here- the report laid bare that Mister Trump was elected with the help of a foreign power. Now that is. That's a pretty amazing statement. Isn't it and the actual answer to that question is no not an amazing statement at all. Listen to it very carefully. The report laid bare that Mister Trump was elected with the help of a four power not saying he was elected because of the help of horn.
Power they're saying he was elected with the help of a foreign power. Now We do know that Trump posted a lot of the Russia posted a lot of social media thing campaigns. They did obviously go after Hillary's emails. They did things believing that their interactions with the Trump administration would be better than their interactions with the Clinton administration and they go through a lot of detail. Here, and this is not something that is new. It's been out there for a very long time. It wasn't exclusively to help trump their efforts by any means. There was a lot of of efforts on both sides just to cause chaos, but some of the things they did. You know, theoretically, could have helped Donald Trump they're, not making the case that these actions did help Donald Trump they're saying He was elected with the help of a foreign government. It's like saying the Golden State warriors won the NBA championship with the help the fan in section three hundred and forty two road wc11 right, like yeah
at that guy was clapping pretty loud, but that didn't make the difference. It was Kevin. Durant, nailing those threes right. It's Steff Curry, pulling up glass breaking an making shots and had nothing to do with the clapping. In section three hundred and forty two and there's no evidence whatsoever and again this in goes through the mother report. There's no evidence that this had any effect on what actually occured in the election. An important thing: everyone knows this, I think, with the exception of people on the far left, I even heard I mean I heard James Clapper on CNN yesterday saying the mother report shows that the social media Outreach, the Russians reach one hundred and twenty three million people like with this idea, you're supposed to say, wow, really they reached twenty three million people, that's incredible! That shows that they swung the election. That is not
what it shows it all every every I mean come on. We all know this people, people with picture with photographic evidence with nonstop scientific studies over multiple decades. Don't change their mind on social media. You think russian propaganda changed anybody's mind on social media who to vote for and be with, and it had nothing with whether they changed anybody's mind. It has to do with this each the might of about eighty thousand people in three states and the court in the at the answer. This is obvious. Your we're going to know for sure going to be able to interview every the person and see all their all of their social media interactions and go back and retrace their mind mindset. But the bottom line is: it is very Foucault to change people's mind on an election like Trump versus Clinton, right undecideds there. It wasn't like. Oh well, you know what I really believed in socialized medison, but.
Wow, this russian bot just said I mean it doesn't happen. These are not things that occur Later on in the New York Times story, it's amazing immediately after learning that the special counsel had been appointed to lead the Russia Investigation investigation. The report said Mister Trump became just and slumped in his chair. This is the most prominent piece of the report. I'm about to read you both the most prominent piece, the most widely distributed line in the entire report and also the most most misleading line in the entire report. Trump said quote: oh my god. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm EFT how much times that you see that yesterday it was the headline and I can all but get to you when you read it right in the mainstream media, it stopped right there right after the Big F bomb. I'm left. This is the president admitting
he did something wrong he's caught, but that's context of it at all. If you read three or four sentence is later in the mother report, it says this. The president returned to the consequences appointment and said everyone tells me if you one of these independent counsels, it ruins your presidency, it take six years and years and I won't be able to do anything. This is the worse thing that ever happened to me now. You may have heard that last line. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me. But did you hear the lines in between very important. He wasn't saying he was left because he was caught and this russian scandal or that he did all these crimes. He was saying it was going to derail his presidency because it was going to be the only thing he was going to be able to deal with the Your time he says I won't be able to do anything. You got to be able to get his agenda,
is it gonna be able to get anything done because he's going to be constantly talking about Russia all the time in dealing with that it had nothing to do with him admitting guilt, but that's the way the media portray the best of the Glenn Beck program. like listening to this podcast, if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the shell. We know groupthink is a thing in the media. We know that that's true but how does the mother report actually affect the political situation that we're looking at right now? So we can all sit here and look at this and say well. I think guilty and I think he's innocent, but the your question is how does this play on a wider scale? There's? Basically, three groups of people here. You've got people who who love
Donald Trump and aren't going to change their mind. No matter waht I mean you. Could the mother report could say we Millenia Trump Melani said that Trump and Putin held puppy clubbing parties on alternate Thurs is for the past three years. She actually was there at them. She saw them, she witnessed them and she videoed them. Here's the video and you can see Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Clubbing puppies and over again we have it right there. In fact, Malani in the middle of the interview she interrupted- and she said you know what ones going on right now in the oval office and she walked the interview down the hall into the Oval office and Donald Trump in Vladimir Putin were wearing diapers and clubbing puppies. I don't know where the diapers thing came in just seemed like that was going to be part of it. If that was in there, and a lot of them went on tv and said yes, I said those things and here's the video I'm showing you right now there is a percentage of, population that would be like you know what I think Trump didn't do, that I don't think there's any
and it's a hoax right there is, that part of the population. I doubt that you as a listener, but there's the other side of this, and you know that this is true as well. If the mother reports said that we found there is absolutely no collusion whatsoever, in fact, there was no contact between the Trump Administration and the Russians by the way Trump has no knowledge of the country of Russia. He's never heard of it. We quizzed over and over again we were able to get into the genetics of his mind and we able to see the electrical pulse then realized through MRI that he has no no knowledge of the country in Russia. In fact, incredibly dull trump has never seen rocky, for he is no knowledge of Ivan Drago. He is knowledge of the entire plot line. In fact he was similarly responsible, and we did not know this until the mother report. He was personally response
for tearing down the Berlin Wall. That's how against the Soviet Union Russia Donald Trump is. There is a purse image of this population. That would still say you know what he's guilty. I know he's guilty of collusion. I know it. There's plenty of people on Twitter going to find that blue checkmarks. Next, to that name that fine fall into that category and then there's this category and I feel like a lot of times. We think these people don't exist. They are widely represented in this audience, which are people who actually wanted to see what the truth was on. Something like this they certainly an as I do suspect that there are political sort of motivations behind a lot of this to try to get out of republican president. But if Donald Trump really do something wrong. I would want to know about it, and I know the audience would want to know about it. I know you want to know about it: you're driving your car you're, trying to do your job, you're, you're you're, trying to make a living the economy's good. You like a lot of things that are going on right now, but if the price
United States really was engaging in the sort of behavior you'd want to know about it and that those people are not they're there to push persuade apples at some level, even if you have a leaning you're at least persuade we are open to hearing the fax, your opening your open to call balls and strikes. You know, there's a right now. Donald Trump is fifty one percent of the american people approve of Donald Trump's handling of the economy, and you could say you think that should be higher. You can say you think that should be lower, but Donald Trump. Look at the way he's portrayed on media on the media. You'd say no way. He's got a positive portrayal there, but people realize that the economy is good. The same people when asked, because I think it's he's plus eight on the economy, Is minus fifteen on tariffs, the same people, the same questions they
Hey. Do you approve of him on the economy? Yes, do you approve of the way he's handled tariffs and trade war? No there's a chunk there. What is it ten? One thousand five hundred and twenty percent in the middle, not in the middle politically, but in the middle of of of engaging of engagement, people who are there reading this stuff, everyday and actually care and can say that side does things wrong, sometimes and the other side things wrong sometimes- and I want to know what the truth is- and those people actually do exist, and that is the question as as to how this is going to be handled. You look at this report and the reports the media is going to blow it out of proportion and be crazy. We know. That's going to happen and they are doing that. But when you look at the obstruction section, which is section two, if you're scoring at home, if you flip to page one hundred and forty seven one thing, you'll notice is all of the problems that Trump could have out of this. First of all, they're, not crew,
they're. Not. There are some nuanced explanations as to why they're not there are things you'll hear in the media, people single he would have been convicted if it didn't happen. If, reality, we are in reality he's not convicted of these things. He didn't. He did not do anything that rose to the level of of Muller, recommending not even convicting him but recommending that people go after him. He didn't do that. But not everything. There is wonderful and all the problems that Trump has there are largely self Eat it and they all flow from the same issue the. Do they have Trump's problems, kind of associated, they constantly surround Trump's I'd, say: uh return. It an unnecessary view that the press issue of the day is his highest priority and.
There are more important things than that, and I, swear that if Trump was instead focusing on things, he could get done and things that that I could actually improve his own standing when it comes to policy, rather than whatever the the media, is saying about him on a given day. Things would not only be better for the country, but better for him in a way It allows the media to control his narrative and one of the things we like about Trump. I think as people who are friendly to conservatism generally one of the some of the reasons he got elected was because he's fighting back people like that he's fighting back, and that is generally, I think, a good instinct. You don't want someone, I sit there and get his kick. His teeth kicked in over and over and over again, but there's a limit here to this. And you know, there's been so much fighting about the Muller report. All of this time, it honestly could have been avoided all of this time until we actually got the information. Now we have the
we can talk about it or whatever we can go down those roads. If we must but Trump loves, he loves fighting with the press and he views it as a database it's the slog of summer baseball every day, there's a new game. Every day got to worry about what the result of that game is in every day. Trump. I think, unfortunately makes choices based on what wins that day. Instead of what law term key. There are times in here where he is, I mean blatantly caught saying things that are untrue. However, over and over and over and over again, when asked to comply with investigators, he tells the truth. He turns over the documents he acts accordingly as to any as to how we should, but he it's, the media and the general narrative as a completely different animal he'll say what
has to do to get through the day a to the media and that instinct at time works. I think it's it's served him. Well, I don't like it, but at times it does work. Another this sort of stuff happens, and so now you have situations where, because he was, he did things that that were that helped him get through the day of media. It winds up, burn, later and now he's got to deal with this 'cause. This is never going to end again in the molar over over says when faced with like as far as turning over to whatever documents to Congress, he complied those things. He didn't use executive over a privilege and an excessive way. They didn't react too much of the report. They didn't do all the things that were predicted that he was going to do, but instead of just coming out in in he's advice over
and over again by people close to him in the I'll. Give you a good example, the the letter that the statement of from Donald Trump Junior, that Donald Trump cut, helped craft about the the meeting in Trump Tower. He was advised by people close to a very smart people who come off great in these reports and has still have very good relationships with Donald Trump. You know people very close to him, like hope, Hicks in an just get out in front of this, like these, this email is going to come out release it just release it at me when you get out in front of it. You control this just come out and be honest about it. Look when someone said they might have things that might help us in the election we didn't know who they were. They came into the office, they didn't have any and it was over. It was nothing. Instead they try, manipulate it to make it sound like it was primarily affected. The initial wording was, it was about adoption.
Which is only a small part of the meeting, and then they went up getting in trouble for it later and that troubled was unnecessary. It didn't it didn't help them in the long term, it winds up hurting, and so I think that instinct is something that the president, because he loves that media battle, so much gets caught up in it's it's it's it. You know it's an emotional thing and it's it's honestly understandable mean bar listed those x, these of explanations for some of this behavior. He said he was in the middle of an unprecedented situation. He was under news media examination. He was frustrated. He was angry. He was annoyed at the illegal leaks and he had non corrupt motives in all of these things, and I think all of the completely true, and I think all of us would be in the same situation. All of those same emotions would hit us, but you know there are people around him some of this, and in other places he stopped himself and in those Consensus is much better off the ones where he just let himself get it go with it, and
Fire away at times the problems were called. There. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program. It's good Friday, today we're going on a journey. They say that time itself does not exist as we know it. As we understand it, it only really exist as something called space time. The only a point on a giant math something we can use to find out where we are, where we've been or where we're going. So, let's unfold space time
Trace our way back, first, maybe just a couple of years tonight, I can report to the american people to the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden leader on my order, United States Military has begun, stressed out kind of terrorist training back even further. This is Diana died. This vast right wing conspiracy died today. I the thing I've got
because of what happened in Munich during the past, forty eight or nine terrified living human beings are being held prisoner in shot the third president, four Marconi. When the air was site,
back past the signing of the declaration of independence past the age of enlightenment, before Martin Luther hung his protest on the church doors before Columbus, rediscovered the fact that the world was round. We go past Newton, Galileo, the dark ages, the Crusades back to a time before books when most of the world couldn't read or write, and history was oral. We leave this world now where we can hear and see a lone protester standing in front of a tank in a country on the other side of the planet, and we can see it live to a world seemingly simple, yet brutal. Beyond our understanding where news was spread from mouth to mouth, we stop here at approximately twenty nine of the common era. We stopped at a small walled city in the Middle EAST. It's around
one thousand o'clock at night. Just All of days before Passover. The meals are being prepared, the night meal had already been eaten and most in the city are asleep one and, however, is not it's strange he's younger than I am he's about. Thirty he's awake in own in guard garden, his friends who have been with him for several years or just a few yards away. They slumber, underneath the star filled sky. They still don't know that even so they sleep the world is about to wake. Eleven of twelve men beside a hill one man awake, he couldn't sleep four. He knew he was in a gar
in prayer, praying so hard about what he knew was about to come, praying so hard that blood actually drip from his pores in the place of sweat back at the hill, when he returned begged his friends to wake and pray with him, they didn't know how serious his request really was. They had no idea what was just to come. He deleted with his friends. Why will you not rise and pray with me he this again before returning to the garden alone, he out there on rocky soil, his hand, this clasp, his head, bowed twice: dude raped his neck, the horizon still in black, he prayed, he prayed, even harder for sky would eventually turn purple than light blue and he knew what awaited him.
Back to the hill, once more friends, asleep Ebay, his friends rise, rise and pray with me. I need you now more than ever. They said they would shortly after he left, they fell asleep again, the dawn even closer, and he knew his time was running out now over the hill they which, like flowing lava burning in the night solace, the are surely awake now they have sworn their faith to him, but he knows he knew this wasn't true. There we can and hill forsaken it can buy the same men who just swore their undying devotion. The torch light grow brighter the hourglass running, low
playing of the metal swords and spears, the sound and the vibration of the March deep down from their feet to their spine, creating a shallow vibration, leaving them quivering the soldiers approach. The one is grabbed and kissed betrayed with a kiss. A kiss. The mask of loyal one of the men leap forward, draws his sword, cutting the ear off one of the soldiers. He raises his hand, no peace Take me now in peace, for this is purpose. This am I being. This is the reason I came now, one of them Peter strays. While his friend is being persecuted for crimes, he didn't commit, he
things by a fire denying any relationship he has is he tries to blend in with the common people a woman roaches? Didn't I see you with him Peter said? Surely I don't know him but you're from Galilee third time Peter says I do but know this man now. Oh Jesus is pulled back and forth between the two who will determine his fate. The can't see any crime, but they still question scourge and mock him. Aren't you the king. Silence here is your crown says one: is they give him a crown of thorns and press it into his head? He things before the judge who could condemn him for no crime, but he, Passover. He to the crowd you
you can choose one. I will release him as the king of the Jews or jeez standing silent. His eyes to the ground is condemned to death. This is now carries his cross through the stone clad streets to the place known as the skull the place where he will soon die. His back torn his head bleeding beneath his thorny crown. The women cry out loud as he passes he paused just for a moment and comforts them do not weep for me rather weep for yourselves. His mother looks on his huge nails, are driven through his hands and his feet. They raise the cross in slam it into the ground. It is
this point that all four writers of the gospel struggled with a description of the crucifixion, as I have. They described with the only words that I could use and they crucified him. He now hung on the cross. Is the soldiers bid lots on his clothing below next to him? Two criminals? Hang, they are simply tied to the cross. One of them says you're, the Son of God. Save us now save all of us. The man in the middle does nothing, for he had a purpose afternoon passes skin stretched. He wept begged for water. They gave him a sponge on a read filled with vinegar in a moment
where he showed us that he was truly human. He cried out and said my father, my father, why have you forsaken me? The sky began to grow. Dark is approaching three hundred o'clock on a Friday afternoon when Jesus the carpet from Nazareth spoke once more and only once his last words. It is finished so today, people all over the world do as I do now. I think that loan carpenter for dying dying on that Friday afternoon, so why?
if you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck Program- hi, it's Glen, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do this favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes. Thanks are any Mccarthy joins us he's from National review, also ready writing for the New York Post and I'm really interesting column. Any welcome the program still great to be with you. Oh yeah really well really well, you hadn't resting perspective here and I think it's different than than everyone else. I've read so far on this case. So far, Let's start with kind the beginning before we get into the the specific of the legal case here right.
The two positions you see thrown about is basically the mother report came out and it proves he did everything wrong. The report came out and it proves that Trump did nothing wrong. Right off the right off the start. Where do you fall in that little little of range? Well Maybe it's 'cause! I was a prosecutor for a long time. I think that it's always a mistake when we read either a social phenomenon or a political phenomenon as a legal problem to be resolved by a prosecutor, because if that's what you going to impose on a prosecutor has basically one of two decisions, is either enough evidence to charge or there's not and- and you decide that there's not that doesn't mean that somebody's been exonerated it might you know some,
did you do an investigation and you find not only that the person you are investigating didn't do it, but that somebody else did so. You know there was certainty that the it is not guilty right and then there's other times when you don't charge, because you know, your bones that guy did it, but you just can't prove it. You don't have enough evidence, so you never prosecutors, unlike mullers report, which I regard in this in this way, is more of a a spin document. Then you know a prosecutors document. Prosecutors, never say things, we won't exonerate him or we don't exonerate him. You either charge you don't charge and everything else is gray area. So I wouldn't run with the prosecutor, saying I didn't find enough evidence to indict at run from that and say I've been exonerated
and when you look at what's in the reports, do I don't know, but you know a lot of that is pretty unsavory behavior. Now none of it's been proved and it's really against the normal protocols of the Justice Department and prosecutor's offices is at level to publish the information about somebody that you don't charge because the rule of the road is. If the government's going to charge someone for the government's going to accused someone of wrongdoing, you have to do it formally so that the person then has the full array of protections that you get under the constitution to defend yourself. So when the process it goes out and says, here's all the terrible things. I know that he did. I win by the way we're not going to charge him you've really smeared the person and not giving them any opportunity to send them selves, and that's not normally. What's done it was done here. I guess politically. This report had to come out 'cause. There was no alternative, but I don't think it. You know. I think, if you're,
if your trump, you want to say thank you and move on to be running around saying. I've been exonerated Christison icky stuff in there yeah you get into some of that in your column. For the New York Post, it's titled mother completely dropped the ball with the obstruction punt and want to get into how he dropped. The ball you mentioned is Trump's interaction. First of all, on the negative side, with things the Mcgann situation, where he try to get him fired and then even went beyond that to try to convince him to lie about that, he had called him to to fire, don't be trying to get more fire but you also have some some interesting perspective on the other side of because- and I think this is good ties to the most prominent thing- that's come out of this as far as the media goes, which is this statement that Trump makes at one point where he says this is the end of my presidency, I'm after now, there's a council and you point out that the press,
frustration, wasn't over fear of guilt. The is a really important part of this. An I feel, like most people have lately ignored it. In fact cutting that out of the quote that has been separated so widely yeah. Well, you know it's funny with obstruction cases. You hear a lot in the in the commentary that uh, if you have an obstruction that you you can have an obstruction case unless there's an underlying crime right. We've heard that again and again for the last few days and that's uh, you know, with due respect to some of the people peddling that it's just long. You know the classic example is Bill Clinton right. He didn't. He didn't lie about what went on in the oval office because it was a crime. He lied about it because it would have been embarrassed again politically devastating for it to come out right. So so people life
kinds of reasons, but in certain factual contexts. It is true that if there's no underlying crime than there doesn't really make much sense for why you would want to obstruct the investigation- and this I say it was one of those situations and what Trump was concerned about here was not that he would be found to be involved in a in a nest knowledge conspiracy with Russia involving hacking of democratic email accounts. I think he was obviously pretty confident that that hadn't happened, but he was concerned about being portrayed as an agent of the Ann and about the fact that you know when you have a present it was under a cloud of suspicion. It becomes very hard to govern. It becomes hard to recruit good people into the government
to go work for administration, you gonna have to lawyer up the next week. You know it's pretty expensive stuff, so he's he's compromised and trying to assemble administer patient is compromising deal with Congress or government, you name it and it's very fresh. And- and we all know- I mean the Lawrence Walsh investigation. That thing went off for about eight years. You know so we didn't know when this started. That mall are, I think, to his credit, was gonna wrap it up in twenty two It is this, and I don't know that, I'm because a lot of people, first of all, been complaining that it was too long. I mean that's, and it's not it's not long. For one of these investigations is that I mean in these right the special counsel, special prosecutor, sort of investigations, Kwan a lot longer than the sometimes. Yeah, you know what it is still with Wallace going on, it always seems longer and it's more vicious now than it ever was before I mean they did. You know the stuff that gets said. I you know, I have to say I I've been a prospect. I was a prosecutor for
twenty years a beginning in the 80s an you know. The media was this. Is there was a certain tenor in the media and there was a certain tenor in public discourse and I can get it could get nasty, but I know you don't I never have witnessed. It is sorta cavalierly vicious as it is now, and I think the results of that is everything seems like it takes longer. Could you just want it to be over? Everything seems like it takes longer than than it actually does. So as you as you compare Molers investigation to other independent counsel, investigations uh, I think he wrapped it up pretty quickly. I still think he should have since it was. It had to have been clear to him, I think, by
probably autumn of twenty seventeen, that there was no collusion case, and I think you would have gotten a lot less bad behavior from Trump if they had just put out an interim report at the end of twenty seventeen and said you know, look the steel dossier. We've looked at it, we can't corroborate it. We don't really have anything else that indicates this. This dark conspiracy so going to let you know that the president is not a suspect. In a collusion conspiracy case with Russia, but we're going to continue to investigate Russia's interference in the election. I think you would have gotten a lot less bad behavior from Trump. That's not to say that Trump has any excuse for behaving badly, but you know I think you would have given him a less of a motive to be a jerk. Now, I'm probably a lot more will from the american people to. I think that the it one of dragging on to most people for so long and and it wound up- I think, just frustrating people. I know the
when this thing came out. I was like, oh finally, this is going to be over and you realize it's not even close to this is going to go on for ever room. It is yeah, you know the so it will be. I got a quick 62nd break here and you come back with you and I want to get to the part where the biggest way that mother drop the ball on this. This is a fascinating way of looking at this, and it is changing something fundamental that I think is not only changing in this particular what is changing across our society. Mccarthy from National Review. An New York post he's got a great column. Muller completely dropped the ball with the obstruction punt, and if I understand this right and I'm sure I don't- there are three hurdles. Essentially, you have to clear to make obstruction claim real, which is an obstructive act, the nexus to an official proceeding and the intent. You have to clear three of those hurdles for the for claim to qualify. Yes,
Those are uh what you would call and the prosecutor biz ascential elements of the crime, and they are the things that have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to convict someone number pretty self obstructive act back, you got to do something that looks like obstruction and you and yet have intent to do it to obstruct something. Can you quick minute on on? What do they mean by nexus to an official proceeding? Yeah, it's actually pretty located in the last two? A not be I invest. Patient is not an official proceeding in precision official proceeding is like an adjudicative. The most common one. Is a court proceeding and that's why we always mention we talk about uh. We don't just say obstruction. We say obstruction of justice right the reason we say that is we're talking about judicial. So the reason that when you obstruct an FBI investigation, it can be obstruction of justice
is because derivatively you pervert the judicial process down the road. You know, if you, if you witness to lie, or you destroy evidence before the bureau. The FBI can grab it. It's not that you're perverting their proceed. And that's what that's not what's cognizable under the law. It's that the eventual judicial proceeding can be frustrated and that's why it's obstruction of justice throughout the report, they didn't get there on all three on most of these instances, there's a couple. They seem to leave open, but this doesn't get the real fundamental biggest problem. Here that you point out in the column to do with burden of proof real change that, I think, is not only happening here, but having all over the place, can you through what you found.
Yeah you're right about? It's happening all over the place. I mean just listening to Jerry Nadler's, the chairman of the House, Judiciary Committee yesterday. This is what he homed in on to and in a way that uh, you know suggested that this was proper, which is that it was somehow it somehow the suspects burden to prove that he he is innocent, rather than the government's burden to prove that you're guilty? What Color did was he he marshaled what he tells us up front, which I think really wore me on his part. Is that he's not going to make what he called the traditional prosecutorial judgment, which he so quaint? He says that so you know this binary judgment. Where you either charge, you don't charge so he's going to do something new and innovative he's going to lay
Kathy evidence on both sides and then jump. The matter in the Justice Department slap an you know. I thought that, that was really a a Adair election on his part, because you know he was at the time he came into the case? I think it was already pretty clear. There was no collusion case I did think we needed a special counsel, but you can only have a spec cancel when the Justice Department is conflicted, an obstruction. The only thing, arguably, you needed him to resolve. So what did So he didn't resolve the bank question he was brought in to resolve and he dumps it in the lap of the Justice Department, which is supposed to be too conflicted to decide it, which is why we have them in the first place right. The whole thing is just is just wrong, headed, but what does he says I'm just going to Marshall the evidence on each side and then
the very end in a what I think is really I want to say, partisan, but it's certainly not prosecutorial use of language. He says that we're not we're not confident that there's no crime here we're not going to charge a crime, but we're not confident that no crime and we're not going to exonerate the president. Well, you know: that's not what prosecutors do prosecutors either tell you enough evidence to charge, in which case you charge or you at the most they were not going to charge, or you say nothing, but if, if you've basically made a decision not to charge, then you have no
business going on to say, but that's not an exoneration, it's for the public to decide whether it's an exoneration or not. That's not the prosecutors business. But what, by doing that, what he does is he says: we're not confident that there wasn't a crime here, um an it's his job, to prove that there was a crime. It's not President Trump's, that'll what you think of President Trump. It's not his job in a legal context, so political context is different, but it's not his job in a legal context to prove his innocence, and I think you're quite right to say that this is something that we see seeping into the society more broadly. This is not just about President Trump. This is this kind of a conceit out there that you know the government can now make serious allegations,
whether it's in a regulatory context or whatever context they decide to make it in, and then it somehow burden on the citizen to prove that he's not guilty of raw doing, and I think that's a dangerous road to go down I mean it. Certainly you see it all the time in the court of public opinion, which I know is different, but it's sort of this Kavanaugh standard where it's like. Well, we can't, prove he wasn't at this party that we can't name where it was so. Therefore, we should probably assume he's guilty and Trump I think, really is the victim of this. At some level I do kind of wonder, though, anyway, how does this work? Let's just say, mother does his job correctly? Did he do his job let's say on on part one which was the actual collusion where he pretty much is. Rate him of any criminal activity there? Is that what he should have done with part two leave all that evidence in there and then at the end, just to include we could we did not have enough to to charge and therefore there he he is clear of this particular crime or,
Does he just not release all of this detail for everyone to have their political fund with yeah see there there's a limit, I think, to how much I'm not a fan of the invest yeah, I'm not a particular fan of Muller, although I think he's a scrupulous by what would have set up till this point. Well, I know I mean I think in general you said an admirable career. I don't agree with the way he handled this, but we have a third. Second already real, quick yeah? The idea still is you're supposed to give a confidential report to the Justice Department, and they then they decide how much of to release, but this certainly reads like it was meant for release, and I think it's meant as a road map for Congress. More than for the Justice Department, Mccarthy, the columns in the New York Post mother completely dropped the ball with the obstruction punt thanks for coming on Andy, I appreciate it. The blaze radio network on demand
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