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Glenn reads a poem from an officer, anonymous for fear of losing his job, about just how ugly the real work of police officers is. The officer joins to ask who will fight for them as the movement to vilify police grows. Journalist Andy Ngo details how Seattle anarchists took over a part of the city and declared autonomy from America. And what’s the difference between Black Lives Matter and Antifa?

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Welcome to the park ass. Today we go and take a bunch of calls from police officers around the country and are getting blamed for everything. Is this right or wrong it's time to stand up and get the facts of our officers, and on that note, today's programme includes a Glenda festive legal manifestoes Glenn an hour to hour. He discusses what is happening with our police officers around America and how we need to stand up and just tell the truth. We also talk to any know who is really brave journalists. Who's been going into these riots in and putting pelted by things from anti for four years. He's been one of the only guys willing to do this and its really important work to get his take on. What's going on as well. Today, you gotta place tv dot com, slash Glenn and user problematical undeceive templates after subscriptions good idea to do today. You see where the media is and where it's going plus we have glens special, that's going on tonight. It's called insurrection, USA and its talking about everything that's going on in the world. What actually explains the background, its you're, certainly not getting this from the regular media, can always get that on Youtube as well for free. In fact, back to back tonight, Stew does America and these special insurrection, USA from Glenn, that's unplaced tv, starting at ATM or Youtube, make sure you check it out an subscribed, here's the past. This is the Glen Back Programme. First letter you join us today we are taking phone calls from police officers talking to people that are involved in policing. How d of how are you? How are you feeling how things
work it out, for you Why are you still doing your job? God bless you, and so far we have heard anybody that was angry one of the police officers, who, I think vented Spleen the police officer that wrote the opening monologue today, who will fight for us He wants to come on the air, but he is afraid of retaliation and losing his job. He is a police officer and a major city in U S and we go to him now. Are you with me? yesterday morning. How are you good, hang on just a second Sarah do we need his voice. Disguised is was that the deal with him, or is he fine, It is all it is disguised. Oh, that's a good skies, okay! So here's here's what I want to know from you, you wrote a very, very passionate
Monologue or or you call it a poem, but it's it's just: how ugly Least, work is and how frustrated you are, how much of the police. In community feels the same way, and his head, and I would not work What are you a majority, Please include any felt that way: you're not on It comes from a position of anger. I think it is forbidden frustration is everywhere? You look, people or strong police and Tommy negatively about police, and there haven't been one police later or politicians up and say you are absolutely wrong. Police officers are overwhelmingly good and you do good work it I think. The first thing we saw was yesterday there with the New York. I think Ethel key President. Finally, We gotta think with senior officers the first person I've seen speak that ways in says all started:
hold on just a second. We have that audio and it is worth hearing listen. This is this is ahead of the F O p up in New York. He why to a microphone and he just go listen, we have it Three hundred and seventy five million interactions with the public every year. Three hundred and seventy five million interactions, overwhelmingly positive responses. Overwhelmingly positive responses, but I in the papers all we, we all read in the papers that, The black community mothers are worried about their children getting home from school without being. By a cup Why do we living in? But does it happen? It does not happen. I am not direction born
they are not be killed. Someone we did we all restrain, and you know I'm saying they stole the cops here, because you know what Everybody's try, the shame of just light is the press everybody's drawing the shame us it being a barrister about, profession. Well, you know what, this? Is it stayed by somebody Minneapolis? It still gonna shine on it. Today, s soul, Theirs, stop treating us like animals involves at start treating us with some respect that we're here today to say we ve been left out of the conversation we fill disgusting, it's disgusting,
trying to make us a barrister, profession, three hundred seventy five million interaction, overwhelmingly overwhelmingly positive. Nobody. About all the police officers that were killed in the last week in the United States of America, and there were a number of them. Are legislators abandoned. Thus the prices vivifying us. Well, you know what guy a problem, kid you to be proud to be a until a I retire and that's all. I have I will tell you that I saw this yesterday and it's what why what motivated me to write my monologue that is coming up in in just a few minutes. Ah do you feel abandoned by your city by your mayor, City council, only absolutely so here
we have a light pity contract. I don't think it's a secret that a lot of people, love to watch that show I personally don't enjoy being around the characters. However, because many people to do literally, they warn of the riots here our city, next morning. The mayor said: absolutely, will keep your commands, will cancel our contract will do this will do that, and so they re called immediately. That will be immediate response is ok. We free with you or police officers, are doing Something wrong it's what it implies. At least and how shameful who is going to stand up for us in I've been literally no one in our city whose, like that and they know your why it is not true. What do you think happens to these cities? Like Seattle, Seattle, the police officers and the police force abandoned a precinct? That is a that debts
right in the heart of Seattle, a very important place up. I think it's on Capitol Hill and its they they just laughed and now antiphon black lives matter, has put up roadblocks and their policing this whole district. Happens to Minneapolis or Seattle when they lose. The cops This is something that we have talked about amongst ourselves in its It blows my mind that it happening only valid explanation and think up is? Perhaps they are just completely overwhelmed, so do you Think about my city, for example, we have a little under a hundred officers and there's a party nation over four hundred thousand at some point you just can't manage the mass, so if that is what happened, I completely understand that you- we do so much. However, it was my mind that you would abandon a building. Had those discussions, much equipment in there
other non lethal round his neck history, whether its evidence for crimes could be well, apparently they didn't. Apparently they ve been taking it out for about a week, and in Seattle case you don't have a city council. That is helpful. You don't have a mayor that is helpful. I mean They are really alone. Yeah. I'm doing I don't understand whose idea is to do that, the only excuse I can think of is that you're completely overwhelmed by the number people who are expecting to come to the police station, because you know they get intelligence. You know they. They monitor these facebook groups. And they monitor what is happening in how many people their expense, in the crowd, and so, if that's, what happened like a week for now is threefold. People are incumbent on the police station and we only have two hundred officers to protect it
It's it's in the right. Is it's not worth the officers lives just to protect the building, though I think that the taxpayer, I think the There should be any man, because what a waste of money that's all mother conversation Thank you very much for emailing this letter to me. I know you emailed it to a lot of people, your be including your mayor in your city. Response from anybody else. So I proceed Warner I'm so glad. You know the two was the mayor the chief but at each in all the major so pretty much entire leadership. The department I received one response, and they were willing to posted on officer dot, common enough you're familiar, but did he was none, but that's that's the only response, I received in it. We just want a good word, but can I belong here
The only thing we can do. I would assume so yeah that was appreciated, but other than that, absolutely nothing. No one's talked about it. No one's mentioned it so well I'm glad you send it to me and we could share it with the american people today. Thank you so much. I appreciate. Let me go to John in New York, John you're, a police academy, US instructor. Yes, I m good morning. One thank you protect. You might call you what number one here comes later. People are saying that our police officers aren't drink. They dont use of forest misapplication of force implicit bias Well, we have curriculum better already there we Robert, our procedural justice block. We run they did it sixty hours of use of force when we discuss the case as you Before grab versus totter, then.
Versus garner. We talk about reasonable objective this one border they wanted to do. There are good bad at all and ninety nine point, nine percent of all the cops rather do their job serve the public and go home. That's right he's my recruits everyday honour, your badge on oath and go home. So John. What do you think happened to this cop in Minnesota? Was he a bad guy that other cop should have you no rapid out? Was he just crazy Ben there? So long he's was just callous. What what do you think? What I know you didn't know emmon but one of the things that people say as a wider good cops rat, these bad cops out, and you know that goods
looking at one part of a situation, the act itself was heinous. Do the officers bear want a that. They didn't inner, see the little intervene. When there was a crime being committed, I mean I don't know. There are two kinds of tactics programme large show, but never lose, can stops before stops. I don't know, I don't know the totality of the circumstances, so I don't wanna know given uneducated comment: there was wrong, there no, I don't know the whole factual situation. Whether every officer bears responsibility, to correct the crime, whether it's been perpetrated by us. And unethical AK other another officer or it could be, both civilian, that's our own, say I ports, the largest, because only civilian, if I see
from a lack of speed by another officer ice. I should bear responsibility that I had to pick up that John, thank you for your phone call, thanks for everything that you do, every you think it's gonna be as These academy instructor It's gonna, be you think you get a lot of new recruits coming in now. I think this is going to verify. It already asked me, eyes profession, We were still there and I believe they would work my colleagues are out there. In every other police officer gonna on right now, showing all we restrained we are and how much we actually love our public serve, will bring it back And people will see the honour. That is that it is the honourable the law in force and also in this country. Thanks John
she gutless. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening police officers all across the country and indeed the world. I want you to hear the sound of my voice. You are good You are necessary. You who are needed in many and most cases you represent the best of us, you re act to situations that none of us want to be in Europe. Act in situations with for the most part, the integrity and patience that none of us have. I have seen you stand and protect people that I know you despise
and you will fight and die for them and their rights and thank you for that You are doing a job that no one else will you do a job that most of us could never do it. All. Cops are evil then so are we as people because cops? come from us white and black and brown and yellow they are just a representation of all mankind and I'm not going to play a role. A second longer in this shameful lie about our cops are save lives, they keep us safe, they protect us, they serve us is the history of some cops in some stations in some departments, bad in the past. No did not just bad
but up but focus today on what we can do today and what's happening today without dismissing the pain of the past Joe, like there are bad doctors and teachers and mechanics. There are some bad cops, but the vast majority of them are good. Many of them are great knowledge. Ask you this. Can the same thing be said before the for the in percentages of- people that are protesting. Because I've heard organizer say a those people who are alluding are not part of what we're trying to do. Really, shouldn't we just lump all of those who are protesting peacefully with those who are burning, our cities down to the ground say you want cops to read out the bad guys. As do I
why don't you led the way by pointing out the names and the organisations that are behind all the evil that we see in our streets. Today Why don't you do it. Are the number of cops who are bad verses, good, different from those numbers in the media I would contain. Yes, I think there are far more percentage wise good cops than there are good journalists. The lies that our journalists are currently telling to day. Right now, we'll be responsible for thousands of deaths, misery. Global hunger, joblessness and the end? They may be responsible for enslaving, a good portion of the world, that's your journalists today How many good ones are there?
can't seem to find em, but I can find out but load a good cops current De the freedom of all mankind has a member of the Marxist MA but kneeling on its neck and a man. Ok is saying I can't breathe. Can you actually stayed with a straight face that the percentage of clean verses dirty good versus bad among Political ruling class is anywhere close to the percentage of good cops votes is bad. Are Politicians they lie, they cheat, they steal, Kid what has happened in Congress in the last four years These politicians have stolen our children's future, threw out of control spending and debt and lies they
Increasingly, make the world a more dangerous place through their incompetent and double dealing and self serving actions, and they do daily. I didn't I'm news for you. I would trust would trust a cop to take care of my kids first sixty days over up. What Titian taking my kids for sixty minutes. She's. The one you're running sniff in everybody's hair. B, o em at far bigger, Because of the lies in the agenda of those same politicians and media most em Can I have no idea who these people are until special tonight make sure you watch it. We take cliff mask off of these people and show you whose involved and what their real plan is, because
Americans are good and decent and do want to live in two together in peace and do want a good police force and don't want black people to feel any different than they feel when they call a cop. Because of that, so many Americans have just. Signed up to support, be a lamb and I think many of those Americans mean well, but they are lambs being led to the slaughter. And those of us who know too many. Others are silent because we're afraid afraid of what I'm only afraid of one thing. When I get to the end of my life, I have failed because will pay in a tunnel consequence. So why are you silent? Why are you sitting down? Are you afraid. Are you ignorant. If you are now
it now and educate yourself, because if you re or remain in Self inflicted ignorance, your part of the problem. It's time for America to say enough is enough. It is time to grow up Amerika. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions, not the actions of others, not the actions of those in a distant past, but for your own actions, yeah responsibility, responsibility for our nation, our rights and our future, otherwise there all gonna be lost. I will I personally have to listen to and reconciled with anyone who is honest, that wants honest understanding.
I know first hand how race relations of the past have scarred many of my friends stories from some of my black friends that if they have told me that have shocked me to the core, but Unless my memory fails me all of those are from people who grew up in the fifties in the sixtys, it said different world. And you know how they found peace in an end success. They, peace and success through Forgiveness, forgive this is real ray. Damn option is up or beyond man and beyond man's understanding. I dont know how it works. I'm glad God is provided it for us. But in today's world, you are being led into the slaughter house where there is no forgiveness, even though you weren't involved
you and your kind are guilty today and will always be guilty. Let me let me let me say this and I want you to understand this. I am just is responsible for the horrors of Jim Crow laws and a racist in the clan and ready cops, as lacks are for the D c sniper. Who in their right mind, would blame the DC sniper on every african American no one, so I my blame for the clan. I have nothing to do with them. I despise them. And I will not bow down and a power. A job. For my part, I have no part in any of it, just like blacks, had no part in the DC sniper
who had nothing to do with it. Neither did I now lets you on the things that we can do and can help each other with today. I will not kneel down and kiss the feet of the mob. There is no king for me, but God the marxist mob and be a lamb wants you to believe and and force you to state that all ups and all white people are guilty. Whither good or bad weather, their white or black or brown cops, are guilty. If you wear blue your bad well, that is a lie and I proudly and loudly proclaim it. It's a lie and it's a poison. And we must stand up
it's that lie and all other anti american Anti Freedom, Anti Constitution Anti, individual, collective abominations,. As I wrote this last night, I knew. Naw man. Man going to cause trouble you're going to get in trouble. For that. I accept that I dont want that. I'm just speaking what I know to be true. And I refuse to go over the cliff with the rest of humanity into some Alice in Wonderland, fantasy. I will not condemn and in time your profession. Entire group or race.
You were born for these days. I was born for these days. You are here for a reason. You do have enough power, you do have the strength. Your act of courage of just stating. The fact that you know is true: will inspire others to stand and heed the promptings and the pleadings of the celestial spheres. I believe in the individual. I believe in redemption? I believe in the worst person. Can be healed, Can change Be a part of the solution. I will stand against those who make mistakes, but I will call them mistakes they may have to pay a heavy price for that mistake. But I will stand with them
change their life. I will stand with anyone, cop or protester. As long as they're, not bear bringing violence, destruction and fear to others American should never fear being stopped by a cop. Never. That's wrong, but Good cop should also never be afraid of walking the streets if we cannot listen to one another and see people again as people, not the groups. They belong to we're not going just take race relations, but we will a man's very essence back hundreds of years. I will I'd against any anyone group ideology that blindly condemns enforces others to go along, that is fascism and in the twentieth century our country fought against fascist in Europe. Today
so called antiphon hides behind this fight against fascism. When they're really fighting for communism in Marxism. Yes, they fought against fascism in the nineteen thirty's, but what they leave out is they were fighting for communism. They Both socialist one national Socialists in Antiphon, global worldwide socialist, day, they fight against the admitted flawed western system for failed totalitarian marxist idea, Nazi he's an communists are evil. We used to know this, it's time to say it again. This is who you're aligning with when you stand with these groups, read the b, a Lamb website. Soros and others have pumped millions of dollars into B, L em now local government and corporations are doing the same.
Listen to me. We all have a responsibility to treat each other as we wish to be treated. We all have to call out evil and do all in our power to help other people and we fail miserably at those things. Many of us failed miserably every day. But we must now stand as Christ as asked us to stand in his pattern with love and humility and forgiveness. Marty. We can change the world. Gandhi did the same, so did Lincoln in every other, individual or movement that use the gospel of peace as its model, racism, sexism greed, murder, hatred. They ve all been a problem with man, since man began because its every man's problem there is collective progression, it's up to you
give us as individuals to grow and to get better there's no such thing as collective salvation. There is no such thing as marxist social justice. There is only man's justice which is flawed and we have to work hard every day to help repair and clean it up. And then there is God's justice, it is perfect and it is it turns out. There is no other justice and to say otherwise is an affront to God and while we're on the affront to God, to presume that we should all be color blind frankly is also insulting. You know I've been thinking about this. Did God make us different because it didn't matter if you're black God made you that way for a reason, and that no man can change that or should try to he made you special indifferent. He made me special indifferent. All of us are people. On exceptional work of God, they're flawed, not you
and if your white, there is no stain or sin that has been passed on to you from past generations. There's no collective sin committed by others that you're responsible for your responsible for your actions today and those alone are bring in truth in peace in the world by your words and actions or your twisting the truth to divide and destroy, which is it. Today, I will fulfil my responsibility to call out evil. As I see it and too far, The true mission of B, a lamb, is outlined on their own website and Deming, all those who wear a badge is evil and it will lead to deep misery and death. I stand today with those who, after nine eleven and quite frankly, every major disaster, we thank and gravel and marvel at their heroism. There or bad guys and costs should be the first to want to rid themselves of those cops. But with that being said,
I don't know who how someone, who does what they do every day for our nation, a nation that now treats them is killers, thugs and animals. I dont you show up, but I thank you for it. Cops are good and they need our support now more than ever summer, bad, just as are some mechanics and some protestors. Those people should be found in prosecuted under a system of just an equal loss, to our men and women in blue? I salute you and stand by your side today at the best of the gun that programme. Let's start in Seattle, Andy Last night, Police abandoned, I think it's a third depressing, that's upon Capitol Hill, isn't it and
And they have taken six blocks back for the people and they have black lives matter and aunt. If I have put road locks up, and they are patrolling those six blocks. Tell me what is going on so, while most the violent protests have. Then now, under control in most parts of the EU as it still in quite strongly pacific Northwest, which has been a relative stronghold, FILA, Anne and cheaper in two days ago, this centre, part her back the Capitol Hill areas. The hawks has been occupied by a hundred violent extremists and
police had been engaging with them daily in terms of using chrome control for a number now and Therewithal this backlash from politicians accusing Lisa I set forth on things like some stranger, Paul and a decision was made for police and pull back completely literally. They actually abandoned the EAST precinct, at all by water. The window taking out all sensitive and dangerous item I bought it up and laughed and the far left exchanges are victory, and now I sat up barricades around this sixth square that he claiming the calling it the Capitol Hill Autonomous Ground to actually
Amy naming their own territory, You go in it You are now leaving the USA and its really I mean describing it. It sounds really Finally, in a way right, it's people league, playing a normal life. Reliving child her bill. More. There are people on board if you look at it the social media accounts in various anti per group calling on comrade, become an secure here There is a very precisely explosive situation. When and it said he official. Finally Tutsi response because I have always been situation are going to evolve into a serious health and public safety crisis because there are still people who lived in
six blocks and our businesses. There were now that he's a yeah. That that's? What I wanted to ask you- what about the citizens? What about the businesses in those blocks are I mean? Are they just left now to fend for themselves and what happening to them. They are less dependent on coal. This reminds me of what happened in twenty eighteen one antipater, another politics extreme that sees the neighborhood in top with Portman nearby authority for five weeks, Le Maire and look and those are taking council allowed this happen. In the end, I did so for the wealthy drawn up job that time. Those who live there were absolutely terrorized. By this. Occupied. Let her occupying forces and the threshold for police, too Aspiring was literally life tat matter for shorter that you know
to get any help. It seemed like, because politicians think these exchanges, I during our righteous their allowing them not free legion envy violence, but to occupy territory. Ok, so this is black lives matter. That's the ones who have taken the Capitol Hill right. Not they chance because of black lives matter, They write her all over. I will call these and I kiss really. The merit of her yes nebulous group of people, but if you look at the accounts that are promoting a new look at the the graffiti that they master doing this as the sea anti by reality. That being a path.
And what is that Andy for people who don't know and and I'd like you to explain black lives matter? I mean it changed their website and soften the language. But if you are reading with a critical eye, you know exactly what they're saying and it's it's terrifying to explain who these groups are and what they want. Has always in stock one day, the last time, twenty six thirteen when they had become central in media cycle they had already put out their listed. The man and very clear based on what they desire as well. The worldview openly espoused by its three code is there a market organisation, open the call for the establishment of police, abolish mental capture led them
it's a communist movement in the vein. I would say it has much to do with the other, Black revolutionary far left extremes of the Sis II, the Sundays, which is why Black panthers crack in figure it like a thought, has occurred. The reason why there, Europe as a whole and to find a reality and Now, like a communist party in day out, something in common with black line. Modern that they want to see that adoption of the: U S Capitola them. So for now they thought how cross pollination with one another, because they see what
not bad for a comrade. I think, ultimately, if they were to succeed in gaining more power, you going to see more of these arrests appear because black, like matter, are not necessarily calling for anarchy. They want their not against hierarchy from what I can tell they just want themselves up, but the power, whereas as a claim to a non hierarchical world, both good advocating for certain happy Utopia which, in order to exert a word, the United States would have to cease to exist, This is the same kind of thing that happened in Paris in nineteen. Sixty eight is the Paris sixty eight riots, where they are putting up their own little compounds and an communes, and that
what they really want. It's it's really a balkanization. Of the United States, and I mean you know the insurrection lie remedies fighting against it, but that's what this is These are people who want to break away from the United States of America and to destroy the United States of America. I don't think you could be any more clear Andy do have you heard of the revolutionary abolitionist Movement That's why be alone? Is part of its people who say that via their advocacy for abolishing presence is asked lead abolishing slavery, a way of looking at, and I have able this sort of mainstream their message in then.
People on the left that prison evaporate eventually as slavery institutions for against Black Americans to today. The we're doing a special tonight at nine o clock, I'm going through all these groups in what they want and as began to look into the revolutionary abolitionists movement. As you say, the penal that's a lot of whereby a comes from and its Actually, a marxist kurdish revolution in northern Syria that they are basing this plan off of when you see these groups- and our politicians and attorney General BAR says that He's looking for the connections and the funders right now, they're not going after the small guys at this point. They want to understand the whole system. How many names do you think that we know
as citizens are going to go under and being trouble when all is exposed here. I think the summing up. People have been arrested. As far as I know, there haven't really been a deep down investigation into what they actually believe. All the various groups in that way they may be linked to the United States. First amendment give. Why protection for people to have the extremists he's not in contrast to, for example, in some western european countries where involvement with the Innovation is actually proscribed, completely banned. I I think I can put a number of because
It's? What these anonymous put her membership is almost it can be nearly impossible to the top? that's for sure, there's somebody that They involve in one of those organisations. I mean I the problematic as video that came out last week, about road safety? On two February I opening it heard. There are three about you what're you wanna be for more the organization and demonstrate Level organization radical everything that happens on a local level. Let me see what these links signed Naturally, I know there are international lying there. Call me, and in northern Syria called Persia that many at by another. The far left extremists have gone too get weapons reining in and they come back to us
in America, they tried to replicate that's revolutionary the slow and model various american settings me. I don't know why you do what you do, but I'm glad you do it and I urge you to stay safe. Andy is with the post millennial, dotcom posts, millennial, DOT, commies the editor large there and has been following these guys for a very long time.
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