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Best of The Program | Guest: Ben Shapiro | 7/20/21

2021-07-20 | 🔗

Ben Shapiro joins to discuss the hit piece NPR published about the Daily Wire, exposing that it’s conservative. Glenn admits yoga knocks him out. Glenn takes a look at the real “misinformation” being spread, and it’s not coming from conservatives. Remember when Biden spread fear about the vaccines?

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Why is Chris Cuomo? Still every story, one talking about Donald Trump, every single story: he must have gone seven or eight stories, all of them Donald Trump. The man is that the President of the United States is a political party, has no power in Washington, not none and eight story stories to start your show about Donald Trump and what he did or is doing. This is why this is why I didn't let stew talk about Chris Cuomo until the very end of the year, because he's a relevant global is irrelevant airlines for people watching, however, on the other side in PR now is saying that the blaze bright part and the daily wire venture Piero evil. You know we ve all got together, and now we are doing the american public because they don't know we're conservatives and we are starting to become such an influence that we are war faith. They things like the New York Times or NBC were dwarfing them online. Well, that's gotta! Stop than Shapiro stops fly to talk about that, and so much more you don't want to miss a second of today's pod cast.
the only thing tat the day on which this leave the shirt that Syria is wearing cost she's wearing Palatine T shirt, and I know what politicians cost and They are stupid, expensive. dupe it smells and then they add on the monthly fee, which is our right. I've just spent multiple thousands of dollars here. Are you really going to charge me some sixty dollars a month or whatever it is too? So I can stream classes We all know you tube is free, guys like we are. We come on really you're gonna. Do that and of course they are and works they ve been there all millionaire arson, and soon their ordinary building their own rocket chips. We're gonna, be the only ones are only one without a rocket yeah.
it's a sad which is funny because these story, you always tell to new employees about me as don't start building a rocket ship Glenn will say you know. Maybe we should all We should all go the moon and feel change his mind, and so don't start. We all have Multi all unfinished rocket ships in our backyard certain two weeks to apply equally important, but it is important to know when you need to build the rice chip Hyacinthia soon. I think it's coming. I think it's coming so so seriously we get. What do you get a free t shirt when you by the FAO? thousand dollars male or whatever. It is no, you get a hundred classes or a hundred by grades get to a free, Tipp teacher, a hundred bark rugs, get you a free, powhatan teacher, knock and help it to be clear. You have to buy them like an paid, a monthly fee and do a hundred classes to get the teacher. So not free marathon,
right. Definitely not. You know I could print one. That looks exactly like that and sell it to you for twenty box where that tee. you're, probably cost you post a six grand The thing is to us a lot of three or four thousand dollar bike, its six. bucks a month or whatever it is for the eternity and the worst part about getting that t. Shirt is doing a hundred classes. To me like that, The thing I want to do least We all do that by doing that, I want to be I don't want a cycle. No, no! No, but there but we look like we do my exactly right and my wife just got a polities machine. It's coming. One is applied, bodies, machine. I have no idea. It looks like a medieval torture if it's like and she's, you're doing pilates and, unlike pullao, you should detriment life's during that I'm Instagram
did you I wasn't aware. I you know what'll, don't make me you're gonna, make it stop. My wife saying you gotta do pilates is, if I start wearing a leotard and I'm going to say you keep threatening these things. I think you just like wearing leotard, so I never Warner leotard. I just know what I would look like in a united darn. It would not be good, but now it would not be good. It wouldn't exactly be a night at the ballet. reed. She would not want it to be publicly posted it, so she will allow you to exercise. She would be like now I can't no, you can't that's down whole world Yahoo, earldoms at all world is down. People are trapped in their house Glenn, it's not good, don't do that to them and I'm like I'm not do not to them, as just like, the way. I liked exercise on my new policies machine. What the hell is, policies I mean it's that just like yoga, only its
Strengthening in flexibility in you know supposed to make you a leaner intolerance, awesome be a strong and flexible that just Larry, Yola Grech doesn't yeah does like yoga yoga. I've done yoga before he we're done yoga. No yeah. I've done yoga before its them most intense. Like I don't know you know. You're, like you know, do the glad Fisher downward diet ever and do it. For you know twenty minutes, and it is so strenuous at the same time it is so relaxing I fell asleep the full Yahoo. It's like, I was I was going forward and then- and the union's budget is very you sleeping I'm like I'm. Sorry, I'm sorry is really good. I'm strenuous, but I'm so relaxed him so relaxed steam. For now,
so you should leave now and they did. It four came back. points from it. Leah points were met, Did you do that? No leotard knowledge and do that in leotard, When I could have Warner leotard, you know now now. I'm only threatening it because wow No one wants to see me, and so do I Look like a pilates guy. I mean not look like a good. Do I look like it is. This is the one my wife says you will really like that collect tried all of it. I hate all of it hate all the exercise I mean walking, to the refrigerator. I hate it all. I hate it all. You got the Wally lifestyle. That's the one we want to write. because now there was no. Actually I you know what I really would like, except now you would have to be running because of all of the people that are trying to kill you in stab. You might Exercise was king in the streets of New York,
and remember me, nobody could keep up with me. I'm a fast walker and I was in shape, because I would walk a lot in New York City because I liked it because free time, you'd see something new and a good thing too. There is a lot of trying to escape it through That's because harangue gaudy walking on the street wanted to kill you. Yes, soil aid had they I mean my adrenaline was going. It was really good, yet was really good and I really liked it, but there's no place else like York city. You know you you why let's go for a walk in the neighborhood. I've seen it. Nothing's changed. Maybe maybe has the station wagon, in front of the house instead of in the garage. This time I mean, I guess, get bored so so boring, but there's no homeless vomit anywhere in your neighborhood non terrorist known what it is to a really I mean when your exercising let's say in New York or Zan Francisco, you
two. We were here: you're, always sinners, new poop on the street, yes or no need around here in out. Somebody find a urinate on you mean no fun yards ahead. I've heard right now in New York and San Francisco or great for exercising constantly fleeing violent attacks. Yeah, it's great so end no cops around because, they banned them all. So it is really great. It's a great way to get your heart rate up and he get Iheart New York. shirt for lesson you paid for the ballot. So I like that Last night I watched the special we were talking about with Bobo I watch it with by my daughter pan out my second oldest the everyday, the conversation yesterday is guy who were comedian,
who were the same well pretty well known for never Netflix, specials and stuff gave up on comedy foot five years ago. He had really extreme anxiety was about to come back. And start performing in January, twenty twenty and then ass. He tells it the funniest thing happened hand he did an entire Tommy special from inside one room of his house. Quarantine. Think he was an ally, I'm not sure, not sure, but either way he was locked down August for basically a whole years or to the whole year to do the special just him with a camera in one room, it really is an amazing piece of I've, never seen the ice. I watch this a second time of watched it and I've never seen anything like it and I think. You what's so frightening about it. It's it's very funny and at the beginning, its its warning is very offensive in its language.
To Carmody special Netflix, no agnostic acted for yes, people correct but it is in its and it's kind of light and trivial. At the beginning, but it took him a year locked in his house and the guy is unstable and it's almost like watching a real Truman show except he knows, he's trapped you know mean The closest thing I was watching last night like I've, never seen anything like it. Then I thought that's kind of like the Truman show where. Where the guy is, is trapped in this weird situation. This make believe situation and we're just, watching him. Really. deteriorate He is mentally fragile. he's a genius, you were watching a Jew. Yes, I think this guy. is the most gifted
And one of the smartest guys I have ever seen in performance- I mean it. is its performance art you ve, never seen anything like this before, but when it hit intermission not half way through? he realizes that covered and the isolation is going to keep going at the beginning of the video it's kind of light, because he's like it's near now, it's gonna be over soon and then six months into it, he still making the video and he He is realising. Are we we're gonna leave lockdown, but his it, especially in the second half his sculleries of what's real and what not Our phenomenal I really I so want to play some of the stuff on the air because they commentary about where we Are you watching you watching this guy,
In one of the most real performances you ve ever seen, and while he has kind of a break down on screen, I don't think that that's the real, breakdown. I think that is him reacting the break but the break down you know is real. and he he is coming to the understanding that The internet and and What what's going on in the world right now is blowing his apart and he. he's just so Lear while he is losing his mind he so Clear on what the problems are, and I doubt We agree on things exist. The diagnosis of the problem. And.
he has one song, just play a little bit of it. He has this is this is towards the end. And it replaced play beginning of it. It is it's really remarkable. in the street. The others me here he's he's a his music is beautiful
But then he saying goodbye I'll meet you I'll meet you outside I'll, meet you on the street, but we're never coming back. We're never coming back together. Also on the other side of the street. I say that right it's it is such a brilliant piece of work and. Last night, when I was watching it, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that it was almost like dropping a pen. You know when you do, A on a map The timeline. this guy. I mean in that song it talks about. You know you say it's it sir. It's ending it's already over and Nothing, you can do to change it and it's It is such a weird dis.
dopey an almost peace, but it's real and I felt like it was dropping a pain in the timeline. I feel like this special. would be or should be looked at Possum possibly in the future, as The first real sign in mass culture that the collective new And because I said to my daughter about halfway through, I said: what would you think of this shit? well, it's funny, but it's all through an said yeah I now and it's not like it not true, because its marxist or anti marxist, or anything like that, it's true in its feeling this guy is so wide open to feelings and he knows he's He'S- got the collective Zeit Geiss nailed, unlike
anything I've ever seen his name is both burnham- And it is a it's, Special called inside. and you can find it on Netflix? It is just warning if you are somebody that is offended by language and it very edgy very edgy. For anybody who is not here, to Lee culture as it is today, It is. Why should all the way, through its absolutely brilliant and As one of said not to speak is speak not to stand is to stand God will not hold us blameless, and I have always said that so true, because there's no excuse, we all know- and I think this special points out, we all know,
We all know. What's coming your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, less demanding Shapiro welcome. Are you well I found something out, and I don't think this is true. You would have said something about it, but I dont want ambushed here, but I've heard that your Jewish is that true up like you can't believe everything here look at how we stumbling around this. I think you should. holy cow behind it's out now I mean you yeah, you might as well liver. I I just you always your naturally telling people learn actually telling people that that I, like it controls
these laser and I don't know I heard we may talk about anything. I got eyes. I swear to you. You told me that bad little, that little hat you wore was just too small. It was a cap that you had as a kid and it was too small and I believed it adds Ok, well, then, will give rise to try to give a guy draining likely boy rehash uniting. The ban is what's going on now is uses and seen as what I, said to you, it's just insane what the mainstream media is. Is now trying to portray there there was a great article. Congratulations, the article from NPR, a great article where they have they have deemed You are a great danger now because of what you are building over the daily wire
they point to you and to us and to Bright Bart, and they say that You are affecting millions of people and they D I know that or a conservative? They have no idea that the daily wire is really a conservative. outlet. How? they possibly say something what its marked at the bottom every single page of every article, how They possibly say that its insanity ellida. It is created But it's perfectly predictable, because right now, when you watch Joe Biden and the New York Times and the entire media and democratic infrastructure combined, the basically the social media is the problem and needs to be raised in
social media needs to work, cut out misinformation by misinformation. They don't actually mean things that are wrong. They just mean stuff. They don't like yourself. Without anything, I'm surprised I ve been doing since twenty sixteen. So before twenty sixteen, I know already had shore memory before twenty. Sixteen everybody in the media about baseball right. If they look, was replaced the Brok, Onawandah twenty global watch, it Facebook he had. He had figured out the brilliant strategy, then Trump Wednesday, twenty succeed, gotta find some rationale for why frequently towards candidate american history loss. be that you were candidate, because that would mean youth work candidate, it's gotta be something else, and so they come up with. Is it facebook book allowed russian dissemination of this information. Facebook aloud, dissemination of this information be the Trump campaign and all this out there. A fellowship that happened here where the critique went from russian. This information, which would be in that actually have a definition now be active, an intervention in American, a watch and the false propaganda too. this information where they shifted from this information which can be targeted committed.
Formation, which now include anything they don't like. They will just grab under Biden article, because that is cortical misinformation. Even though a true and in and PR article nine firstly, why or not, because we are putting their true, they admit in the article that we dont importing, that our trip they may quote equal. Some sort of Cornwall expert vernacular an ideal university saying that any true back, Corbould stripped of contact can become, misinformation would have to say that you're, conservative and you. Context for information awaited Neglectest, don't like this now constitutes misinformation, This entire campaign is about there's this extreme early, perverse thing that has happened with regard to how we can do information in the United States. It used to be that you would bookmark wait, I gaily wire or the blazing you go directly there and then because social he is so convenient people get Billy. higher or the blaze or bribery from their news feed on Facebook and the left notice that off the dissemination of information without centralized in one place
is it ok? What if we just now bottleneck that we just strangle they in the crib all these conservative organisation, by telling disseminating information, do just cut off the pocket shouldn't? We are doing right now, they're trying to re, establish an establishment media monopoly without them the Democratic Party. Earlier that their knowledge- and we are trying to do all that by basically pressuring Facebook, into preventing anything like from everything. Why do that? You would a bad if it was coming from the New York Times, but it's coming from NPR. That is an arm of the. U S! Government. I mean that paid for by the: U S: government our tax dollars go to friend BR and it is probably the closest we have to an actual state media outlets- and with everything that the White House is been saying about. You know we're we're flagging and you know we're we're hoping that that fake, look, he's gonna, stop these people who were who
Killing people with their Miss information- They have said this about almost Everything the leaders is just Cove id. You know everything that the right or that liberty, lovers or constitutional lists, have been talking about em Ray time since two thousand eight. They have been saying that that's gonna get. but he killed there. There were just fomenting a revolution or whatever it This is the key. The open door too. the end of the first amendment, and I don't any body in outside of conservative circles, really talking about this in taking this seriously. This is really dangerous. Oh it super. Andrews and illegal trump doing it? You know that this would be an invite. Overpriced transcend mean thing about someone from the brass. It was like, while the first amendment under TAT. Now
the White House deliberately thing and social media should shut down. Think the White House doesn't like an entire breath is sucking some in the quarter or cheering it. On there is an article from Paris which are these just terrible in the New York Times and she's been basically articles you write about why Facebook should do what you want I spoke to do. I she, an article about Biden comment the other day where he said the Facebook was killing people which again is absurd personal. It assumes that human beings, have agency can actually to risk assessment for themselves and take a look at the back and number two. It assumes that Facebook is purposefully disseminating false information about carbon, which is just a lie? It assumes the in fact it, but which are not a platform which is kind of hilarious and the entire let this support for Facebook is rooted, infections thirty, which the jet their black, or not at not not a publisher? So she right in, he's back in Joe Biden, saying that Facebook is killing people called attempting to stop altered by claiming to for good information is like users we'll sandbagged all back in impossibly fetid ocean. It like that when it comes to a range of one's ended. I now divisive issues from election.
integrity to critical race theory, to whatever keeping his country in a constant state of Which he confusion so now haven't you get away the ballgame there right. The idea here is not that the Democrat care about cutting down on cortical coverlet information if they wanted to cut down and commitment in this information, perhaps they should stop talking about you from talking our birth himself on every major position he ever home from masking the efficacy of vaccines without mask to school reopening, but, put that aside, the she's abroad? Is it out from coded? Do everything she would? He says everything right: let Facebook should police almost things, because otherwise We tell lies about things like critical race theory and my life. She mused the truth, because she's believer in critical rates vary growing at most of the members of the left wing, the are tending to toil border. So this is the way it is the great danger to the country at the information or distribution mechanisms are now. being leverage into top the uncontrolled I Democrats that listen. I dont think that the head of Facebook critically Could we have a congenital interest in doing this, but I
I don't know that they have the stones to actually stand up to this effort for longer the time, which is why I have called on people who listen did you my show and people red Daily Wired is inscribed anywhere and subscribe to the blaze and subscribe to population or anywhere else they get their good news because you're pretty soon. It's gonna be the model for four informational distribution is going to be completely revised via an authoritarian luck, so the arrogance is usually where people leg, just they lay overplay their hand. The left overplays her hand all the time, but I feel Gave overplayed their hand for ten years now and it doesn't seem to be an overplaying. How, Do you see this changing at all, but are we? Where are we on this. Time line of losing freedom do I think that
I really believe the future of the country any possibility that we stay together. The country is going to not be because anything we, the conservatives, do or anything recollect. I wasn't gonna be the people in the middle he's gonna middle decide that they are going to stand up to the stuff, or do they just go with. Whoever is loudest voice and the peace that that loud voice- and that includes people who are sort of thee Moderate liberals remember that Harpers Weak Letter last year, one hundred and fifty liberals- yes wrote this. About how cancer culture is bad. They had their obligatory and slapped the Trump but David I believe, the council culture, the energy and the question for them is: are you just trying to keep the Overton Window open for yourself or unwilling to lets people don't actually agree with you, because if it's only former the country and I can survive. If you say was, we, the liberals, I'd. We may agree with what this on a lot of their utopian goals, but we are not willing to shut. I'm conversation destroy individual right, shut down the first amendment in order to achieve those goals, so maybe we'll get you'll be a later, but at least we wanted,
for the country. If they do, they happen, ricans, provided they decide to move along with the left because look at some of the same political priorities, then we will fall hardest country, because there is no way that the right just gonna sit still further hand with everything that is going on. I'm a really disturbed Ben. What is your research show on what's happening with justice and the FBI, especially on this January. Six thing I mean FBI looks like it's possibly involved in it. You know they were now involved with the Whittemore thing and that's gonna go awry, I mean it would wear. really dangerous place? What what are you feeling or hearing about what happening legally. just January six. Well, Maybe they sort of resources that the government is devoting prosecuting everybody from from January thing, while I'm probably by
the people who violate the law going to jail me too high in there is obviously a wide disparity between the resources devoted by the federal government to prosecuting people in January Sex and the complete willingness of pre much everybody to just shrug and in cheer rider last year five billion dollars and damage two billion dollars and ensure damage to that is rather countrymen at disparities, is pretty obvious and wide. As far as sort of the January sex them at all? I'm here The honesty I haven't particularly followed me, you sort of the rising about the up by and its involvement with generous, because, frankly, it seems like there's pretty good evidence. Alot of people wanted to go and do something stupid deregulation, criminal right by the data How much energy sector is the main not leak. One could apply involved and I think we really know that their problems at the FBI, from the entire more investigation that the big power want to me with January sex is the attempt by the law the Eu January sex as the tool. I want everybody right it if you voted for Trump you're in favour of January
x, which means or dangerous, which means that really we should be taking a second look at you, Henry six, with such a breach of democracy. That you must continue to give on our power at the federal level in order to stop things like January six from happening ever again, and the continual focused by the Democrats on January six be blowing of it out of all proportion treating it as though it were. The worst thing to happen, modern american history, when, in reality, if security, job generating, never happens in a way that it happens. Right that the big failure there is what the Senate intelligence make, that a war which was a common, failure of all the apparatus is want horsemen to stop people from invading the capital the earthquake. In reality, several hundred people who broke into a building- yes, many intend doing great harm and it should go to jail for data by the notion that it was like an insurrection about to overthrow the american government and nothing about avoid power- is insane amulet new would not about to overthrow the american government. The places within two hours. The Congress led by the way by migrants crumbs vice president and Mitch, Mcconnell in the Senate.
When the certification of the election felt like it point? Was american democracy Phooey endanger at? Why? When you see, when you, when you hear the story about What we need are these stories about top general at the Pentagon. Thing things like well, you know the Reichstag fire in this law. It living read a book from going to read a book or interesting honest men Shapiro who I have tremendous respect for you know I met up, I met a kid. He was probably hush welfare. Thirteen, I think Madame backstage it see pack and I've. I looked at him and I was talking to him and I said to him. you remind me of Ben Shapiro. He wouldn't he was when he was your age. You know you were when you wanted to go to college like I have a dream, but if you say that, like at the outset that make it has real our teenagers, how does he does by you? Ve been a great
great force we have about em here been two minutes. Tell me the thing that your most concerned about- and the thing that we can actually make an impact on. it's all right now. The thing that I most concerned about is the vote. Book, a negation of corporations, mainly news of business too crammed down particular viewpoints on the rest of the american public inside your bid display threatening firing. If you don't put the proper black square or the gay pride message like that kind of stuff, if beckoned news that we are going to get really by brigade as a country, and it is an area where we can successfully pushed back in the same way that allows people to push back in the area. She'll be? Are all really required is for Europe medical unionized with some of your friend, because it really is like a very core group of radical left us who renominated these institutions by taking advantage of people not wanting to cause controversy, ravage our efforts, and so, if you can, be loud and crowd on the other side, now number those up. Then you
You can get your institution to just go back to that of weapons down no politics in the workplace, which would be, I think, the best available outcome there. Any doubt in your mind that the the giant corporations are using the great reset headed that way and their using the Marxists as fuel, but they'll eat the Marxists. When all is said and done, I think that they think that the markets, but we'll find out little it'll, be a pitch battle. I did I mean a lot of the corporation thought. You know that in the in the early days of the russian Revolution that things would end up well for them they did A lot of collaboration thought nearly monopolies that things would under great bore them not too much so that. When you get in bed with the government and people, one government Asian be surprised me get screwed, child they, I think a lot of people think they're in control, but they are not. I think then Shapiro a great work, the daily wire give Jeremy and everybody my best, sir
Thank you for all the years of service that you ve done, and what you're working on now keep us and the rest of the world free thanks, ban prescience. It make sure you subscribe to daily wire, daily wire, dotcom aright, so summer has arrived hand with. It comes all those amazing summer holidays and with it finally starting to return to normal in this country a bit. looking to spend those holidays with friends and family cooking up some good food in the back yard. While the king Let's go running and screaming around the yard. Let me too, you're grilling game and knock it up. One level, if you haven't already, I want you to go online and check out rectangle grills. It smokes even bakes and does it with smart green technology, which means that it maintains perfect temperature. The who time, and that means you dont burn anything like I have time or tour every time until I got a rectangle
It sleek sturdy. The thing is built out of solid stainless steel. It set tank, it'll, be the last grill. You buy a bee, compare the wrecked Tec to the competition, you'll, see what I'm talking about our I see tee q, Dotcom, that's wreck tech, dotcom already see tee q dot com. This is the best underlined by programme talk a little bit about misinformation and the problems that we have here in Amerika and it. it it's really not complex. It's really not. Why are we having these problems? Why are we seeing things like the numbers of people who don't believe that we walked on the moon, suddenly double
why is it happening? Why is it that people don't believe in institutions? Is it is it propaganda? has it been misinformation? coming from the right is it coming from the left, it intentional or is it an accident? Will we been heading down this road for a long time, because people no People didn't know who to trust, but there wasn't a way to actually go and get information elsewhere, the internet, is changed. Absolutely everything and so now we can get different information. We can get real information and we can get bogus information and when When the officials are Not in line with the american people and not that doesn't mean that we don't agree or we we don't ever disagree
means is people here a an excuse, for instance, you're, going to the store and you're paying eleven percent more for milk than you words. Couple of months ago. Then you hear the presidency, there is no inflation. You know, that's not true. When somebody says to you a gives a reason or excuse, and it just doesn't feel right. It's like that's, not true, You are more susceptible to going out and hearing something that might be an absolute lie, but fits the scenario, and so you lose the trust of all of the institutions, because you figure out they they're lying to you now and they ve been, probably lying to you for a long time, which opens all of the doors of now. I don't believe we went to the moon. Autocrat
gee stuff theirs, number of people now all over the world that believe that ships are in I'd of the vaccine, absolutely not true, however, with all of the other actions that have been done by the elites. In our world, its gaining credibility, because you, don't know if you can trust them I would never think that the FBI had infiltrate the groups and had been setting them up for a political agenda, for instance, stay with the Whittemore kidnapping, It appears As though it, wasn't something that they stopped. It was something that they fomented and stopped. Now I don't know if that's true, I dont know how much of it is true, because who do you
To give you that news, you trust, the FBI. Never in my life did I not think that I would trust the FBI. I don't trust the FBI now. Why well because it doesn't seem like they ever get punished for the things that they're doing. for instance, lying to a fire, a court this is one of the worst things that you couldn't possibly do one guy changes. A report Actually, physically changes the situation on what their presenting to the court in saying? This is why you should us access to everything because he, Is not part of us he's never worked for us. He's never done any of these things when the exact up It was true
the F B. I went in and change the documents. fit their narrative Once you do that on something that you're going after a president of the United States I have time believing you wouldn't do that to me I mean if they do. and got away with it with somebody like the President of the United States. Do you think that a flying crap about you. Now that doesn't mean that the FBI is bad. I believe that the vast majority The FBI agents are good, but what's here at the upper end is what's trouble. Do you believe? Let me pay me play. We play cut one here. This is Saki clarifying that Facebook, the post, the tagging and what they're really doing. I want you to listen to this
Are we not fit ass facebook to block any individual posts? The way this works is that there are trending. There are trends that are out there and social media platforms. You are aware of them. Where are we of them. Anyone in the public can be aware of them. There's also. Data that we we look at that many media platforms, like many of you, also don't got a date in terms of trends in Europe. So what are they saying here They are saying that they are not interfering with Facebook. They are just saying Facebook. You should take out and against anybody who is is providing you with misinformation and that that's it do you believe that I don't, but I have nothing to back it up, but I believe that, and if you see, that makes me a radical, let reverse the scenario? If
Donald Trump said exactly the same thing: do you think The other side would believe it. So the rum is we're losing faith in our institutions, but then everything has become politicize, that. The exact same thing can be done by one president, and If the country thinks it's ok and the other half thinks they should go to jail for it and then the DE as switch to an hour, or vice versa, and all of a sudden, the entire Population switches, because we're not talking about principles anymore? All we're talking on his politics. We ve lost trust. anything, but a political letter are or D that is extraordinarily dangerous.
And how is this happening. You know all I heard about for the last six years is what a liar Donald Trump is: ok, our I let's, except that that's true six. That all of that is true. Let me give you some examples of the other side and Joe Biden. Why are we having so much Why are we having problems right now with think in that nazis are coming to get us. Well, the misinformation about NEO Nazis Biden launched his presidential campaign in April twenty nineteen by claiming that president Donald Trump had referred to the NEO Nazis and white supremacist in Charlottesville Virginia as very fine people. We know that's not true. We Oh it's not true. We have
have the audio tape of what he said. He was. Saying the NEO Nazis and the white supremacist. In fact, p said those were bad people. but there were also other very fine people who felt were being changed and they were standing in going for that reason, and you can't put all of em into the same bucket. Misinformation, Did the media fur that its social media further that Did they flag it and say this isn't true?. The only way any one will have credibility is where they say. this was a lie. This was true and call their own side. It's why we do it and we get a lot of heat from people who are just an eye and stand it? I really do understand it.
we are in a situation where its literally becoming life and death. Its literally freedom or slavery, and so you don't want anything to hurt your side but weak, cannot be on the side of anything but truth. Only those who have some credibility will be able to lead in the future and those people who have credibility are the ones who will just tell you the truth and say and out, just the way. It is I'm sorry, I know that doesn't make people happy. But we were wrong about this. But do that. The Listen: misinformation about the krona virus vaccine. Can we please he's play at sea? Is it cut one? I think it's cut one on I and commonly Harris talking about the vaccine prior to the election
So let us say there is a vaccine that is absurd. and even distributed before the election, would you get it? Well, I think that's gonna be an issue for all of us. If and when the vaccine comes the site like. They go through all the testing these b and the trials are needed to be done when we finally do God willing get a backseat who's going to take the shot who's gonna take the shot. You can be the first one to say put me sign me off. They now say it's ok, question of whether its real one is there that choirs enormous transparency. You got to make all over the available to other experts across the, so they look and see this consensus. This is a safe back, see. If the present announced more, we have a vaccine. Would you take it only if it was completely transparent and other experts, country could look at all? if we knew all of what went into it? If done
give answers in administration can give answers to questions. The american people should not have confidence. Donald Trump tells us that we stick it. I'm not taken it. Gay who is the entire acts, are here. That's incredible, wants an incredible amount of that is that's unbelievable. I asked the staff to work more? I asked the staff yesterday can either put together the montage of of these guys say I'm not gonna. Take the vaccine and calling into question now why they do that they only did that to play on people's fears and hype. It up that you can't trust it now there may be reasons. You can't trust the vaccine It is its completely new, completely new way of making vaccines. It was rushed, but it's seems to be safe. I mean it's the biggest trial
in human history and we are just trying on people, but we were in a situation where we needed the vaccine it seems to be working see was to be good. Now they are coming after people who have these questions, when their not being transparent, They are not saying to people just look at it. Just look it in you decide and let's have a debate. There is no debate is no debate you're telling us now think how evil this is. they're telling the american people, that is, the misinformation from the from the right and people like me who say if you want to take the vaccine, take the vaccine. I think it probably okay I dont know- and nobody will know for ten years, but I don't think there's any ships in it or anything else so taken
special leave your vulnerable. They say that that Is dangerous misinformation. And it's coming from the political right? Well. when you find out that the people who are not getting vaccinated, are four can Americans and his spandex that where the lion's share is. When you hear that are they are Hispanics in African Americans are. They suddenly listening to the daily wire and Glenn Back Ben Shapiro. I don't think so. I don't think so. You, the New York Times. They would say that we're all white people and we're all conservatives. So How is that. because it's not about the vaccine. It's not. About saving lives, it's about politics, misinformation,
so the White House, as they have to stop misinformation and their starting with the corona virus, and they our partnering, their own documentation, says they are partnering with social media to see misinformation. Ok. So what happens? The misinformation about police officers. What happens about all the misinformation about? What was Happening with Antigua and the riots as they attacking a federal court house in Portland and calling for the end of the United States of America. Binding said that the feds were brutally attacking peaceful protestors. Why don't we have? What do we do the media? Why don't we? We trust in just line up and do whatever were told to do, because
Are too many lies and also everything that is happening in our world today is happen. Because the government has violated the the bill of rights and they have lied and caused these problems about them. Information about trying China's threat to the? U S. Binding says they're not a threat during the campaign. We are not a threat there. You know, try banning was hysterical xenophobia when you we gotta. When you could China. How does he have any credibility on China? Now the misinformation on the military debts that misinformation about the economic re openings, the misinformation about Trump and Lafayette Square, the Hunter Biden Laptop that wasn't misinformation. These are out and out lies that were happening,
and is anyone talking about banning those things
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