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There’s a major update in the story of the father fighting to keep his 7-year-old son from becoming transgender! Court documents suggest he is abusive and a pathological liar, so it’s important to wait for ALL the facts to be revealed. Bill O’Reilly believes the secret impeachment hearings are all a CHARADE! And Trump’s “human scum” comment came from pure emotion built up by constant attacks no president has faced since Lincoln. Plus, the punchline of an old SNL sketch actually said children are “mutilated” by forced sex changes. But now even mentioning that REALITY could get you banned!

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Welcome to the pod cast huge, today we have Bill O Reilly on and he has really get inside into. What's going on with Donald Trump and the impeachment and how to understand how tromp is dealing with all this pressure, that's being put out by the media and laughed and get into that, we also phrasing but from Saturday Night live, you ve seen the stories of kids transitioning. Wait here see the way Saturn. I live with talking about this in the not so distant history because it is, it is that's insane incredible clip too here in today's world We will talk about glens a solution, to sleep problems. He has cracked the code. Sleep and he explains each step of it in any detail that you're not gonna, Miss cell today on the forecast.
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you're on the same cell tower Patriot Mobile, their goods. Give you the same great service. It's gonna be easy to switch and you're gonna save a butler money, and you're not doing business with low Rosa and plan. Parenthood. Switching is easy. Go to patriot, mobile dot com, slash back, select your plan, save a hundred eighty dollars in the brand new models. E3 play today supplies your limbs, don't wait! Go there now, Patriot Mobile Dotcom, slash back! That's patriot, mobile Dotcom, Slash Baron. Take it back into the nineteen eighties, this is when Phil Hartman was still alive. This is this is when the Saturday Alive was still funny and good. And reflected real comedy they weren't and to make any points. They were just taking crazy stuff and showing you met This is crazy and we're all laughing at this cause. It's crazy right here. It is this would fill Hartman playing a doctor who is
living children and he's he continues to deliver only girls and press is there in the hospital as Bill Murray and his wife. What's her name in this sketch, Victoria acts. Jackson S, that's the that's! The mom Bill Murray is the Father and they have yet another girl, and this doctor Lee delivers girls, and so the Their voice, you will hear, is the voice of the press at a time. A time magazine reporter. Missing scan. Show you how much I do so here Listen to this, I love girls. Tat really wants a boy. This is our eighth trial. Try again now, no more Doktor with this. We need that operation. Yes, I'm afraid. So what operations that well
Every then a little. I is born with a penis testing. And, of course, day after then reshaped its. It's quite routine. Five. Seven daughters of here this operation- that and what percentage of the baby's that you deliver, need this operation Oh I'd save forty eight, forty nine. If every one percent in that area The report we are regulating this isn't a nurse was one of their clearly a guy with a beard. The ways that big date last night at ago seem on problem. Our Louise is derisory theirs.
Well well JANET dead, I'll, be seeing you next week, thanks doktor goodbye nostrils, my dad backup sentences until he takes away daughters, the daughter of Airline God bless you in your work back about earlier today, my electrolysis employment, while of course Louise meaning when a bag it either? How can you believe it Can't you see what you're doing here I mean the forty eight to fifty one percent theirs. Is there not girls their little boys? mutilated over two thousand little boy, you knowing musical now they weren't boys little trap me little boys bodies, holy cow
we changed list, the Twilight zone, kindness, spooky, pull the face off kind of music in the back. The last line the punch line of the joke. Is there no boys trapped in little girls bought or little girls trapped in little boys, boss areas, and then you pointed out mutilated, that's how they referred to it. The press is had their mouth open this woman, believe you were watching on the blaze. You saw that clip and she had her mouth open, oldtime this is today except nobody is standing there. Goin don't you know your mutilating kids. It is legitimately our society is turned into a Saturday night lives sketch that's where we are they now Saturn and I live, would never wrote last cash. No, of course not know they would apologise for that,
I bet I wouldn't want to be sure. I would it out and force them to apologize for your cracked. They will it by will apologize off. All the dvds, though, make sure on the internet as soon as this thing gets worse, but this is out there you know you do everything they can to coordinate house this today. We who are you to posted and demand an apology from NBC. Because they will they will they'll apologize. Will they won't open? just to us because they ll know, but if there was it Somebody's gotta come up with Mitt Romney come up with some twitter hand, there too where you are you're you're, a gay French and you are transgendered frenchmen, woman them.
Man to man and apology. Look, I mean things do change over thirty years, but I mean it is because the pace that we go out with these new cycles. You lose track of how fast these things You change, I mean that that now that's thirty years ago I mean that's a bit of decent amount, a distance, but these things these were jokes that were made much more recently than that, and that is a big example, because that is the the billboard show for the left to mock culture right. This is the thing the left, not us, not the right. The left thought was funny back then. And now we're at the point where, if you were to say those things, you'd lose your show your cancelled. That's that's a cancel culture moment right there, you're done. If you run, let's get to that. No Phil Hartman we're
dad he would lose his job today. They are doing that thirty years ago. The point you're right, you're right. Oh my gosh. That is that's absolutely incredible. Now I will say it wasn't great support evidence that the show was funny at the time because he has not exactly where it is a sketch. But the point is there you can see, No, it's not funny. It wasn't his funny, then its hysterical today because that's real What's going on, and wasn't that wasn't popular you, it was funny, but it didn't connect to the culture, because only a few people were saying something that crazy. It was so It was too outlandish. She was too outlandish, so it is so now he is so now you have it and now it's both tragically sad and hysterical. It would be hysterical if people felt comfortable to laugh, but they don't
you run that same script right now that same thing you put that on Saturday night live. I dont think you would have the crowd laugh. I think you'd have very uncomfortable laughter and you housing and groaning, and people like looking around like. Is this what is happening or if I may put the particularly the mutilate line, if you were to say you're, mutilating kids, by cutting off their genitals in right. We yesterday on this programme, I was talking about genital mutilation, yet we have such a problem with genital mute. Nation that happens in the Middle EAST. Yet this is fine. Now this genital mutilation. If you call that genital mutilation today there are not only would they could, the old, the whole audience would grown in New York City, but they would also. I bet you to have three or four people stand up, insert screaming and protesting and walking out and rushing to stir
You know, I mean you'd have the moment where they beat it, but it was just a democratic presidential candidates when they're not quite liberal enough, they go up and they take their microphones and start speeches and then that means Bernie Sanders ten slumps into the background that whole thing would have. On Saturday night live it's crazy. Ok, so I want to take. I want to take a break because now we have to take you to Dallas, because if you thought that's worry of the father. And the sun was crazy. It's about to get more crazy. All right. So I have some question in news for you, I dont want to me judgment on this, but I would suggest so that we all saw down. Now there is a AG order. The guy was supposed to be on with us yesterday and it it was curious to me that this was happening in Dallas and was not on Dallas
eighty or Dallas you know a show like ours, based in Dallas and first thing that I asked Stew and he didn't I didn't have to finish: the sentence: we both said why it is this on our tv, If you know anything about Rte, that is a russian news agency, and that was the one First brought it out. I thought why is this not on Dallas new or Fox news. First then our t picks it up. How did Aren T This story, its russian, ok so we ve been looking into it. We ve been trying to get him on the phone we ve been trying to get her on the phone. The attorneys won't come on either. Now things changed. He was supposed to be on with us today, but apparently things change, because there was a gag order, but on yesterday in court
but I want to show you a document that one of our producers actually one of our producers- wife MIKE his wife has been fascinated by so makes the wife this is of no my motto. Modern society was probably there's no russian So and so that they been kind of digging didn't digging into it and went in and got the court documents that are available, and This document is the findings of facts by the court. Hey. This is not the the charges. These are the things the court's found as findings of fact. So it goes into. They were married on this date, blah blah blah responded induce petitioner into marriage by fraud. That was the case that was her case. This was a fraudulent marriage from the beginning and these. Are the findings of fact that led the court to go up.
Before the marriage lied to petition petitioner about former marriages. Lied about former relationships, lied about his education, respondent misled petitioner, about being a professor by having sent mail sent to him as professor younger for the marriage lied to the petitioner about being a teacher at the University of North Texas before the marriage. Responded, lighted practitioner petitioner about his service in the Marines. Lied about his military experience in the army I about his prior income in earnings. Allow it about his sources of income about his debt lied fail to disclose extensive student loans. He lied about working for a fortune. Five hundred company lie, bowed his employment law. About. Is unemployment. I'd about not taking unemployment compensation, blah blah blah blah blah.
Then it just it just keeps going on and on and on. Then it talks about the petitioner and respondent. Had two children James Damon, younger and Jude Daniel younger boys born may seventh, two thousand twelve there Actively in this document now known as the boys okay, so this couple had two boys. However, the wife had to prior children, Zoe and Sydney they're called girls in this matter for the court Ok, so many goes into child support that he was in arrears and blah blah blah blah children risks under the engaged in inappropriate and hurtful treatment of the girls. Now again, these are the facts and conclude genes of the law risk. Engage in an appropriate and hurtful treatment of the girls. The girls were good, sweet, hard working. Well, mannered children responded, forced the girls to do plank, push opts for
then in periods of time, while reading the house rules until the girls cried respondent, would lock the girl down in their room and remove all their possessions from their rooms and would not let them participate in family activities. Response would put, the girls in silent treatment and they could not talk until spoken, the for many many days to genes cause harm to the girls. One of the girls developed a suicide plan. The other girl was cutting herself based in law, his treatment of the girls petitioners asked responded to move out of the residents. Both go improved after he moved out. Respondent lied to the petitioner about the girls. The girl had a very good, safe, healthy relationship with the boys respond. It failed to co pack parent producer made attempts blah blah blah blah blah blah
So we now know- and this is I hate- I hate this, but every Disney movie is accurate when it comes to the evil, stepmother or the lid on ever. Usually the evil step further but the it when you bring someone in to your family, it more likely then not that those kids will be abused in some way or another ned neglected or abused the number go through the roof on abuse. A lot of times and it's not always but allow five times higher than the normal level. Yes, oh yes, if, if you have a step parent in a special the guy with girls. The odds of abuse goes through the roof. Less interest. I never heard that, but data
Obviously it does create a dynamic of family of fat to massive change. I mean I've been a mad divorce him when I was a young, my parents divorced in it This change a lot of things in her life right minute. Certainly nothing like we're talking about here, but it does get you a point where you you were shaken as a kid in you're trying to figure out what's going on in the world right, so also he said she said, but it is not a clear cut case and again we should have said this from the day one. Could we set it to each other? Why our team, the lead on this story. We don't know what's going on, but I urge you to slow down and wait for some more facts on this story, the best of the bad that programme, aids,
and you're listen into the Glenn Beck program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available where ever you download your favorite podcast, we gonna bill. Riley who's got a new book out the United States, a trump. If you really want to understand how Trump arrives at the decisions that he does not want to know why you calling people, human scum, you can read the book, and you really will have a different insight into the present United States and how he thinks welcomed the programme. Mr Bill O Reilly, Shooting I'm gonna go but I've never gone before. Maybe you can get me. Tip expect producer you're going, shooting for the air you live in Texas. If I went shooting in New York, I would be in the past, century cops on me right and I couldn't I have a water gun. I do
So if anybody tries to attack you in the pool, you can support him in the eye. That's good right! Actually, I call them human, scum and ably right. Ok. So let me let me let me take you first before I get to the new pole and human scam. Let me take you first, the key the skin and all the things that are happening behind closed doors bill. I dont mean this the pejorative, but you are old enough to remember the impeachment of Clinton and the impeachment of of Andrew Johnson, I would say that I want to be nice, but you were there and of Nixon and they had they had the meetings that we're not on and hearings that we're not on camera at the time. But I don't remember feeling like this: well, you remembered sham urban or the next situation. He was that folksy north Carolinians,
who was the senator that brought vanity to the whole thing, so we live. Obviously, a different country. Now then, I said: literally, this United States today do does. And TAT is not the way it works. Emily sixties, early seventies, There is no civility anymore. There's no SAM Urban SAM Urban would be called a name now if he were walking around so ship a guy. He is what I call a political assassin right he's, not a congressmen who gets elected but his job. Is to assassinate people, Billy or legally whatever it is, to be reasonable, not to search for the truth. It's not to improve the country Everyone should know that so should basically says: look This is a charade. We now see blowsy myself, never everybody without it.
How can it be any conviction in the Senate? Are we know that In conjunction with the New York Times, Washington, Post and ASEAN. We're going to hoist A scenario on american people now scenario is that this man present trap is quota unquote not fit to serve. So We're gonna get the rushing collusion thing up and running. Well, I didn't work, but two years, two years of smearing tromp every day now we get some new So now we got impeachment abuse of power. I wrote a little many common below Riley Dotcom has said if abuse of power is a standard of impeachment and every single present. Since Washington could be impeach I gave believing Abraham, Lincoln, could have been improved for suspending habeas corpus. So anyway, you got.
Situation where it's all about messaging, so We don't really want the body to hear and see what the impeachment Innovation, is we want that because it really is in anything, really have a crime here, so organism secret secret conversation in our committee. And then we ll leave tonight. I suppose it put on page one and will be so much damage done, people will either walk away from tromp. Or he'll implode. That's another thing! People don't talk about. They try to put so much pressure on tromp he's gonna one ploughed emotionally because we know that we can be Trump and the next action as it stands now that one Democrat in the field, I can beat him. So we got a destroy and before we get to election day, two thousand twenty- and therein lies the answer to your question so,
what is what is? actual motivation, and I know you just talked about, but I don't buy, that with you are. If you are on the left, you know, that America, seventy percent of Americans, think we're on the verge of civil war. You. As gallop you oh as an American that we are in You know as an American that half of the country wants him impeach, but the other half Also, if you, if you impeach this guy, especially with secret testimony and everything else, it's a banana republic and the for half of the country won't stand. We they seem to be doing just seems to be poking people in the eye the tea two reasons that America give for civil war violation of the second amendment they're all over that there actually saying will come with cops to your house to take your guns, the
Second, one is impeachment for president than that. Doesn't look like he should be impeach or of their secret? secret meetings, etc, etc. There d with their riding on both of those so They know that is the. It really just about getting rid of Donald Trump, or is this a way to destroy us and had assumed a civil war. Here I am actually impressed with that analysis. Stag will you might say I don't know I don't do with theories referred. I was gonna mine you were saying that I don't agree with you, but I, but then, as you explained, it's not really a disagreeable you just want more, I am going to give it to you in a moment, but I am very impressed with idle. Thank you,
there is another aspect to this, and that aspect is we want to blow this blanket system up in America because we believe one run by white supremacist We want to blow the whole thing sky, high Nancy Pelosi. Does she actually? No? No, no, not her. It's not hard cheese which way behind this is that four times the pin did the academics in the universities. They said here's what they're saying back just so He wants to know it behind closed doors. I had ever say in public any country that could elect. Donald Trump has to be changed radically and dramatically so we're gonna blow this system up. That's why you ve seen the rise of the socialists and the rise of people who are saying things that could never have been said four years ago. Obama would never have said. Nearly any of this stop the Democrats who say Madame Braga bombers, theory
stage debating John Mccain. Looking at the camera going, you know what John I want to give the algerian every illegal early in the country you I am saying that no they're reintroducing a bill in the house today on free housing. So you housing for all Americans, Taking my point, I know they want up the system? They want to blow it up, good and it happened when Trump got elect their which so appalled- and this is New York Times even said it they even a column is the Bare said going to cover this fairly we're not going to try to find, a true that their anti. What are you whose our power to destroy the man because he's not fit to be president and that's the greater good and that has been embraced by nine? percent of the national media, its it
well beyond the daily ridiculous, but whether on cable news, its way beyond that Egypt is sedition its into undermining the constitution at work at all, going now I mean I'm, not a paranoid guy. You know me, I don't do a conspiracy theories on basin, my stop on facts and what are the way I'd framed. The United States took the book but listen they atm what they hate him: the Republican Party, it m that he could do this, but he could get elected without them. Nay, the press. He didn't need the Republican Party it Gimme a bit. He went right to the folks, that's the theme of the book and and that's the deal
you that they see and then he justify it by saying the greater good for America. Is destroying him and the system that allowed him to get power So thank you. Very much- does actually got you need a clap. I'm not sure. How does this ok so little? Let me let me go here yet hell is wrong with the president. When he's going on saying. Never Trumpery are humans. Scum back Bessie billing Emotion, it a motion? He says he has no control of his emotion, Let all read the book: is there a chapter where there is an obvious control over them? origins and all know, but that's a reason not to have the football around now, but you gotta stand. Guy feels purse,
acute, no idea. Why now, ok and legitimately saying he saying that Mitt Romney not to himself while private was rising, he's Goin, Mitt Romney? No, This is a charade. He knows this is a ball and is it fucking me anyway, and he saw angry about that kind of a betrayal. He sees it as a betrayal right that he just words. He boards, like Stew, right and as many care about getting consequences now know either Never I never cared about that bill. Can we can we bring it back to work a you made earlier, and you know it looked, he wrote the United States have trompe. You know trump better, Probably anybody in the media, as especially for someone who actually will say things that are, are critical of him and you brought up the idea that the Democrats were essentially trying to Bade him into this drawing his own presidency without our seven emotion. Do you think that's what is that
really possible use. What are the chances of them succeed and I'm worried about Donald Trump. I said that last week with you guys are more the man I mean he has undergone I've ever seen, a human being in the public Arena go what he has of you know the only one Lincoln and all you need to do is look at a picture. Abraham Lincoln when he first inaugural address and a picture two days. The boy was assassinated. Yeah I mean a fairy a period of four years, this man aged twenty five years now. Ok, so that's too kind of pressure that Donald Trump has not been one day. The downturn opposite accused of something and not only accused with joyously accuse right. There is no respect for the office of the president. Now there's no respect for the process of the executive branch.
Everything he does is evil and bad, and I don't think he's got a support system in their cause. He never has had that put listen. Some perspective formally also doesn't have a support system awry some of the people that he as rounded himself with r r leakers So are you you ve got nothing he's got It's a lot. Everybody listening. Was right now, Ali Tens of millions of people listening to us right now give it a try. I was in their life right where they had felt abandoned. An almost despaired just stepped back, think about what you went through and then magnify it. A thousand times and that's what Donald Trump is experiencing, the only therapy and relief. He has are these rallies? Ok,
where he goes and end is adulation directed to him our ability to take a quick break, but I just want to leave this section on on this. This is the kind of stuff that usually humbles people and pulls them down to their knees, because that's your only solace, and I wonder if that is is happening at all, but this president, because That is that's what happened to Abraham Lincoln. That is exactly what Abraham Lincoln Slow builders. A couple of things that that I have found that I I am disturbing. Anyone talk more about them on Monday, but we ve got to Sixty nine percent of U S! Households are preparing now for possible recession, the nuts whereas in California are crazy, Nobody shopping nobody's going out to eat. I mean the five worst cities in America or all in California.
Spending, and I love this. The press are saying as because their people are worth about the impeachment. Oh, my gosh, shot up. That is what's happening, but then We also have a pull that has been released. It shows about seventy percent. Sixty seven percent of Americans believe we are on the edge of civil war, lobbies annual over years that we're in a domestic civil war or social civil war. I wrote a book way back on a call culture warrior and predicted it on a believer. Going to get there by one civil war in this country. I don't think it's going to come to that. We will have, and then I predict in the next election cycle, individual acts of violence. You will see fights and things like that outside different rallies and that will happen.
So. A motion has overtaken us as a people. Rational thought not really at the forefront, present tromp partially responsible. For that you have to be honest right, because his reaction to the unfair attacks against him is a very emotional, and so he is always see that and they justify it the same way that I described the attacks on the press. They justify not putting the truth, are seeking the truth by the fact that we have to get that guy, They are that the greater good well trumps supporters say the greater good is. In a way that is emotional to defend my God, so you basically am trouble ahead. I really don't understand. I am not being supercilious word of the day supercilious, but they don't
to understand the big picture what's happening here, how the country has been fundamentally damaged by a Rob media. That will not tell you the truth. Even if they know it, then understand it. Trump does viscerally and east off the chart furious and that's why he's venting lashing out and the lash out, all right exacerbates the social civil war. So me disagree on one thing and I hope you right now I'm wrong, but I think we would break in and when not not theirs much to lose american even with all the turbulence in our country today live well most of us have unbelievably unbelievable luxuries that our father, mothers. Grandparents never dreamed of we
machines. We have our big twenty. These. We have our luxury, automobiles. We have air conditioning with everything you're like the loose and so now also. We also are a group of people that don't realize how much we have when you get when you act out in a violent way, people there know that you there you ve crossed ok. So let me give you this scenario. They incur the president and they take him out and half the country knows. This is hey. It's not gonna happen. Ok, ok! How did it happen? Then? I'd up, revising and say, but that will not take some. Let's do it. This is the best of the plan that programme hey it's glare,
and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast, I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs, so I find myself in this situation to wear. I found a show that my, tire, family, we'll watch and then go to bed and I have crack the code of sleep. I am the happiest guy right now by this. This shows gonna run out of episodes. And then we'll go back to fighting on. Can we just agree? on one thing just one shall can we watch one show together now I dont like that one, because It's this. I want to watch that oil I'll watch this and pretty soon you just lie,
in the room just watching big screen tv in their everyday else's on their phones. You like what's stopping right now. That's the weights designed debate is the problem I think you need to watch television with other people. You nearly wash it alone. Just go in a closet, go into a birth theatre. Room, go into a cave, go and go somewhere else where people aren't and then turn on the two. I just want to watch a show with my family. I love hearing my family laugh. I love here in my wife left. She used to laugh so hard at the office and we'd watch the office Alla time and she would laugh and laugh, live and let live, and then we can find a show because she's like out one tat once that they have a party mouth while this is why by the way that everyone is just re watching the off his over and over and over now it it's like the most popular Showalter. Erika. Friends is fanning again, like our friends, but I mean the office is one of the greatest television shows how time and it is one of those That now is like probably one of the most power earlier. I would have no value,
oh media, the other sources at me, because it will pay anything to keep down the yes and you and sitting here and like friends, I would have never thought about having my young kids watching friends when friends. On, but society is changed so much it's like all the paradise of of a gene, raided. Show like France, really not you know it's not, but compared Everything else yes being produced, and I don't know why they all think they have to do it. Why does everyone have to put the F word every show why why only so many words why you have to show everybody naked hooking up having sex, why? Why Meanwhile, I knew why, right when you say- as I believe you know I do know, but did they not understand that there are people out there? They don't want, they were watching with their families. Is there than theirs went? No value shows you trying to watch that are big everybody's having sex with your family. What the details are not having sex with my family. What are you talking? We, what show
We were all very my wife is so it's ok. What is it what's? The police show New York Naomi Miller. Now now I don't know there's a sham. But we want every show we watch as soon as somebody says well, damage. Let's get on that, my wife is like we're not watching using my bad language. How many damage do we need a look honey? Have you seen I've had this area? Have you seen everything else on? Tell us didn't you hear watch this? You can watch anything. Why not I'm fine without let's go read out, that's why I need to go back and watch something wholesome something that can't be question like the cause me show, shall we watch the Cosby show and lighted, and we didn't.
Can we was a rapist until after the series which may have been a mistake? I don't knock is now they the one rape is, they know they really exactly right is not the way No, I mean we, but we did. We watched. We watched all the I love Lucy's. We watched all the you know old, Disney stuff from the fifty we watched them all and you know now there twelve. Why can't they watched the sopranos? and you know the answer to this. Of course. Yes, I do know the answer, but that's what I feel like every show the sopranos used to be like holy cow most. Every show is like that. Yeah I mean
I really do believe were in the golden age of television like where an exception for family, yet the shows are fantastic Papa Day they do push the envelope in, I'm gonna have to follow, and these rules right now that you have the vis angel situation, which are no pack raise a big proponent of where you can I hated it goes with Netflix in and Amazon Prime and you can go, and you can just said it, so we don't want swears, we dont want sex. I gotta try that yes, whereas by peace, whereas by they Emine he, he only watches stuff with vivid angel thing turn on all the time for him I gotta try. That is tat. You know, has self control and, unlike us, I've no self Control Miami Knife, no self control, like locates, a one Gotham watching Gotham with my son. Ok, I'd like to skip some of that. They- and we do you, know buddy, it's acre egg is it was dark and it had. You know, darkened
tones to it. We loved it loved it until the very last episode. The worse, I'm, not I'm not spoiling anything if you are. If you haven't gone to the last episode from last year, I'm not gonna wreck, anything, don't watch it because it rex the entire SIRI, really all it was we were passed. We were so excited for the last cause. It's the set up the guy's going to become Batman now and you are like what did You have a whole new group of writers come in and right You're, like a you know, I wrote the whole series, I'm kind of tired check the janitor Gimme a letter. Right, I think, because it was horrible out. I heard a lot of those complaints about game of thrones as well
where they sit. That also is really bad. Is that not accurate? I don't think so. I have met with lots of people who love that serious, not as bad as Gotham. I, what there's no ending to any show series worse than Gotham, none zero. You couldn't do it. What about the on from the eighty sitcom, where they actually in the middle of the sick com, stopped and said we were sorry guys were cancelled and the show ended. Why you not sorry there, a real sick of a camera with the name of it is all look it up. They were in the middle of a normal episode and then they said: hey we gotta go, but we will mean we have to go on vacation. No, we have to go, were cancelled, goodbye, everybody just ended, China like like that they should have done that I deem with rules which is going now. We get cancelled now winners. Finally, here that's all thing winner: zero done temperature dropped by Hungary has, as its validity is up. You should see what, when, when winter come soon, it's
thousand years from now, but it could be that in twelve years we're all dead anyway, so I found what I think and I am and the the all of the episodes, I am in love with Ricky Jervis. I maybe so good. He is, I think, the most empathetic actor I have ever seen on television. He wrote the office and start in the office. They british One, and he did. This- show called Derek that I've been watching and the fact that an there's one character in it in the first season. That is- and I mean Bum alcoholic who is obsessed with sex, and he is so over the top and my wife and I were watching over like? Why is this guy in this? It's such a grey it show why you see in this and by the time,
you get to the second season. You realise its Ricky, your view. This pattern of the way he writes things he is looking for redemption richer. It's all of his stories. I really think are about redemption people who have gone. Way off the road and how, found their way back to goodness and kindness and decency, and this show he plays a fifty year old, mentally handicapped, kid or guy, and he likes everything and he is just he sees the best in every one and he It is in this nursing home, where he kind of lives and kind of works in this nursing home and the episode. I think it's I'll have to look at but it's in the second season. I think it's like the third episode or
and I'm telling you it is the perfect television episode I've never seen a better episode than that data shows called dairy Eric and I wouldn't I would start here. If you know, if you want to watch it, but if you want to just see one if it I've watched it with my family three times now, three times we watched its like twenty two minutes, and it is so it makes you feel so good, it's just. You believe indecency see if I can find it real, quick until you which episode. Frederick, he had another show but he's doing to what they say Oh you cause you also recommended a year after lie there and it's the same thing and it because of watching that I and Stan Derek a net. Derek came out before, but I think that's what his deal is he's. He is, I think, he's really kind. I D but his humour seems kind of rough, but I think he's actually
most empathetic person, I've ever seen his yellow in incredibly talented guy, they mean just the office is that it is a world Minos, a lifetime accomplishment I'm in Utah, the greatest tv series or episodes of all time. I would put diversity day from the office in that picture of several while you can put in their but divers today would be there the day her party would have to be an error. Those diversity day, dinner party have never seen diversity. Day was the second episode of the office. It was the first one they did originally for the? U S, it wasn't like a copy of a UK script, and it's a Michael Scott, you remember decides to do a Chris Rock routine. Note it's not remember, guy, who remember that, occurs right area and they do the thing where they put the no cards and each other's forehead with different races and right and it's so is it a perfect description of what
all the weirdness it goes on with pc and is so frequent phenomenon hunted Ricky Jervis have to do with the writing for the american series. He didn't write a lot of it, but he was that they could so pretty closely on it and they end in a lot of people. Allowed people complain about the first season because it was the most awkward and most. Sarcastic and he wasn't a likeable figure. He became more likeable and later seasons IE, but I think that eyes what happens? I think that's his pattern. He surrounds himself in Derek. He is this perfect person. Guy he's just ease everything. You would love him and he's. This is perfect person and he sees the best in every one. Even though you had a bad life and everything
and he's just he's happy, he's just happy and he surrounded by people that are not happy and are less than perfect, but its awkward it towards the beginning, and then you realize he's changing their lives. He's totally changing all of these people, this really great. It is for the if you ever really if he ever like down in your like. I really want to feel good episode, six season, two of daring episode six season, two Derek meets the pearl, match through his online dating profile. Loss at the nursing home teaches Derek that it's never too late to make amends its phenomenal and look at his acting in the last three minutes. The guy is a world class actor world class
there are Derek Derek the Blaze radio network on demand
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