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A new poll shows Americans believe Epstein didn’t kill himself by a margin of 3 to 1! BlazeTV’s Chad Prather joins to discuss his newest special EXPOSING Jeffrey Epstein. At least Bernie is honest about his wealth tax – he’ll tax everyone making over $29,000 a year! Rep. Maxine Waters believes Trump-supporting neurosurgeon Ben Carson “lacks intelligence,” and Mark Cuban is buying web domains like “democracy.com” so no one can use them politically. And CBS is turning Stacey Abrams’ romance novels into a TV series.

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Talking of the park ass. It is pat Stew, information, Today we talk to Chad, Prater he's birthplace, tv host, and he has a three part of special going on right now placed communist, Cps, tribes, little savings button He's got you closed deep into the Jeffrey Epstein. Things got three part special going on this week, It's really Epstein the holidays that we think of the holidays think Jeffrey Epps. We go into that and the loophole that shows an incredible increase in the amount people to believe Jeffrey, Jeffrey Epstein, not kill himself out of its before tee shirts, because everyone saying it the hashtag for people
definitely urgently and nothing says, Happy thinks giving better than three broken bones in your neck. Does it that way that we also go into an interesting discovery from Stacy eight? Who is the real true governor of Georgia? Obviously, one by those refugees have votes, and yet heads have stolen from she had a soldier. Of course, what I'm novelist Fletcher, novel sees a writer. I did not realise this. She write sex now and we have some excerpts from these novels. You are not going to want to miss that that in so much more on Facebook, the only thing tat, we used to live in a country with wide diversity of opinions. Yet we still. A basic set of shared values,
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The same great cell service, not mere monies, not gonna, be going to plan parenthood or low Rosa Patriot MA, dot com, slash back, Patriot, mobile, dotcom, slash back at the brand new motives E3 play today. Supplies are limited, patriot, mobile dot, slash back Epstein update here. Look. There is a lot of divisiveness in this country today and a lot of people to come around the thanksgiving table and maybe get gang and some arguments. But there is one thing that we can all come together on, which is that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself. I think we all recognise that, one central truth- and I did I joke a little- but everything is now it's coming. It showing up in pollster I that this is but be a thing like this is gonna, be a thing that we all believe soon right and we went back and forth a little bit about this earlier and I dont
There is not really like evidence: purse hey that that he wanted to sell schedule, is just soucis fish? ass. It is yes so suspicious, they can't deny the auspicious you have to write like was into the way. This is written this thick member, whom those sources from me, but forty, five percent of Americans baseless Lee believe that Ray Epstein was murdered accordingly uselessly. Where what we base Leslie, I mean. Look. I don't like conspiracy theories at all. I like seeing the evidence and an even with this one like theirs is. There are a lot of people that would are acting in ways that don't make sense if you're trying to cover up a murder must alot of people who are totally unrelated to this saying things that are not consistent or don't make a lot of sense. Why would they be involved in a cover up like a dozen it's a very far reaching thing in, and I keep
back to the idea that if you wanted to kill Jeffrey Epstein, you had ten years of this guy, just walking around Miami right like looking mafia, he was very available to kill anybody. He had a pair. Island, you couldn't, you showed up what was their right like there's a lot of ways to kill Jeffrey Epstein that are much easier than wing until he is in a cell builds on the plane within twenty one time. He could kill them right there is a survey, Monkey Paul and I think the idea of baseless Lee here. It's just your pushing it would then write like the cameras are out. Then two guards fall asleep. Guy was on suicide watch and then pulled off of it. So we can commit suicide sell. Me was taken out of the cell just hours
before this happened. The guards never check him, despite the fact that they were supposed to do that, every fifteen minutes mean they're, so many things they didn't have the paper sheets they're supposed to have that terror way instead of you, know, strangle somebody, so I mean how many things came together to allow him to commit suicide is suspicious, it is, but he's deny its at least suspicious die right. I mean that there is a lot of conspiracy theories that I buy into but we all have our like little pegs. All right. I feel like there's some, and this is what I think is gonna be a big one for a lot of people are more up to half of America already that believe it is fast. Do a really thorough report and convince the american people. If this was not something more than suicide, You really need to walk people through it. I think because it just doesn't seem possible. Thirty four percent believe this in August so stuff from thirty four to forty five
while in only a couple of months only sixteen percent believe you I'd buy suicide, that's down. Thirty. Three percent has been cut in half wow, every other remain, or is there not sure so? Forty five, sixteen thirty nine percent, ensure that one or two the pull dang? That's that's a high percentage of unsure two. Yet will look. Would none of us were there? Yet none of us have rights the report beginning to end. They mean, obviously, some media people have done, but, generally speaking, no one. It's just it's one of those things. It just doesn't make sense, and I dont, like the my chosen conspiracy theory, Milo Little PET One, which I turned out to be seemingly true at least were in a book. They came last year, was that the whole John Roberts Obama care. He changed his mind at the last second and rewrote it, and it was
he was supposed to be on the side of the conservative argument in last. Minute switched It does seem like that was actually true. Now, there's gonna. The extension of that theory is that he Did it for some illicit reason why he was hiding some secret? I tend to think it was more of a situation where the something about his daughter right. There was an error that was area was something more than the others. They like. He got blackmail that yeah changing it. I don't know, I believe that part of it, but I do believe that he He changed and last second for some reason, and the reporting now is that he changed it kind of like, like maintain in the U extracted remain tunisian legacy, is legacy like I immunize right, it's late and something that a Supreme Court justice should never do. I mean it, I'm sorry about impeachment, there's a much better case for Roberts than there is for Trump. I might because it sets. This tells us that we should be doing me. He basically voted against what he believed was caused
crucial to trade out a we know up a favor later on, like he tried to convince liberals to vote with him, so he changed his opinion, so they come along at it. Didn't look to partisan who wear, who kept equally not made ever care about that one's less I'm alive. Just cared about what was part. What looked partisan may never do right. They never do right. Oh, you know that one. I don't know you know if that's even a conspiracy theory. Any more, but this one is it's just one of those things that I think almost everybody believes is way too suspicious. Even if you are completely fine, ok, I killed himself because luck, the guy there's a lotteries for they gotta kill himself. Here's a guy who lived his entire life. You know following receive, being every little pleasure. He wanted from every little illegal person or a legal act that he could have maintained it from and now
oh he's in jail cell- he can't do anything. Is life is obviously over he's not getting out of that sell. It's over he's disgraced these disgraced completely, which is bizarre because really he did the things that he was caught for. You know he's being disgraced for long ago. Anyway. Any went through the hope that the whole situation then came through on the other side of of prison which wasn't really prison. He was, he was in his own. Private wing of jail is by himself and then he was able to leave for twelve hours a day six days, to go to work. So that's not really prison. That's not
I led. I that's not present. Now it's not, but he was able to continue this lifestyle and we don't know how many women you know he was he was with, but we do know that like when he he had. This is after and women is not the right word I should. I should tell you should know women, not the right word in this particular context, but he was you know he was sleeping. Well, these girls he got caught, went to jail, and got out finally cleared himself of all these huge punishments. Because I mean you know when you, when you went about luring thirty forty fifty high school girls first doesn't mean of her sex to your home. I mean you figure private wing, leaving all the time in the eight million years cells about right for a punishment, unbelievable ran, but he continues to like, for example, he continues, has has reporters over for interviews to his house in New York and who answers the door
Like a teenage girl nineteen year old girl, Sierra, unlike the Eastern Bloc yeah, this is not a good the amazing, It's it's amazing. I mean he was a bad dude, the best of the programme. AIDS Glenn you're listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available where ever you download your favorite broadcasts, parenthood. Is really some details about his tax proposal. Yeah, we talked about Elizabeth Warren yesterday at or five hundred nine hundred and fifty eight percent was all I was not five hundred percent. Just a hundred and fifty eight percent of everything you make it to be clear. Five hundred percent is a little that success, yeah yeah, that's more than your fair share
A hundred and fifty percent, though, does reasonable. I think it's too low. Personally, because these bastard billion there should even exist right. Time that they were like they had Tom style on the stage and and they tried to goad an argument out of the candidates and, like you know, as with and says that billionaire should not even exist and Bernie Sanders says billionaire should not exist Tom STAR, how feel about that. I too believe that billion should exist. Like I'll show you, New AIDS is like a static, but Bernie is a guy who's going to fund these plans. Unease in his honest about it, but we know that berries gonna make sure that the rich are paying for this, because I know how much might need unanimity and aid. In a week we save the rich and sometimes that's a little difficult to define. Does not if there's a number you put on that the journey was
We are willing to actually put a number on it yesterday and he told you about the tax. That's going to hit you if I happened to be re, probably not the you because The number is so high that how many Americans are gonna be included in this tat. I may add its top one per cent of the top one per cent of the top one per cent of the top one percent it's just. I mean that when you hear the figure you're gonna laugh cause you're gonna realise that I could work. My whole life ever not much money right, but here's Bernie explaining his plan what We will do what we will do Let's have a four percent tax on income, exempting the first twenty nine thousand dollars. I couldn't Why? Why are you better with me when I am gone? What that means, if you are that average family in the middle and make six thousand a year? Let me live hacks you on thirty one thousand at four percent there. Again,
so don't worry about it because you're, it's only the wealthiest tab Ninety three percent of of American Right exactly you're, probably listen. I feel right now. What are the odds that you happen to be in the wealthiest? Ninety three percent- I mean it's, I mean you make twenty nine thousand, let you can afford to shave a little buddy you're, not gonna, miss that four percent. You won't miss it and you probably like, if you're sitting in your card, I, like I don't even know what would be like to earn twenty nine thousand dollars it's too much money. I mean you ve gotta Mugabe right I've got a push, probably a lamp, Lamborghini a couple yachts, eleven fifteen thousand square foot home, yet
I have a boy. Forty thousand many have what area and if you're in southern California could probably only afford forty thousand year, but if you maybe in the middle, the country get fifty thousand. We think about that. That's twenty nine thousand dollar ya! Think about that. If you could go to the bank, he could pull all that twenty nine thousand out. You can lay it all out with individual ones. It would stack super high, a baby The whole planet we over at age, about it over an age. I made eyes. ECHO Bill and Amy. When you're rake in all this cash in our, if you are the type of person out there and you live this lifestyle, if you make over twenty nine thousand dollars a year, I would love to hear your story is, I think, is the love Robin Leech doing likewise in you and they would just go and they just look at this whole houses. Marble about supplied to get out of the car
report. My dont warbling two thousand dollars thereabout. He said that many times you're, like every motion. Imagine if everyone in and get to that level now you just Lila I'm so rich? I actually want more taxes, because I am having an issue counting my just a few miles up. Sulphur and guilt factor that you think it so much from society at some point you gonna money and made enough money. It's true, and we ve heard that many times. Yes. So if you happen to be one of these spectacular people among us that earn over over twenty nine thousand dollars year, we'd love to hear your story of wealth. But beyond that, I Pink. The truth here is that Bernie is at least being honest, yeah thy raise your balls twenty nine, not your job,
MIKE warning on flowers, at twenty nine thousand, that's the cut off point. Let me that this tat, why? How literally every one who is not in poverty is like Gee intimately. What lessons here, it's the poverty look. Probably twenty. Nine thousand is probably the very closely to what some in some like in California in New York more than that varies because you know it also varies on how many kids you have What are your married in all these different things? But it's right around right around here and then that, like that, I will say I do give him credit for boarding that out yeah my only twenty nine thousand hours you, this tax will hit you and you'll be paying more and more and more more and more and more to the federal government until basically they just have the whole thing and that's just his wealth tax rate just about, as I think that, with her on the healthcare stuff so he's gonna, take you gonna give you, but
so are then there's a four percent or had is actually for for healthcare right, so they just take. That are your check and it goes into the health care and then cloths and what that does for use. Of course, you get to wait in line a really long time for your surgeries, yes, which is nice place in line now, you're guaranteed a place of my now you might not ever get to the surgery may die before the surgery. Will you but you're in line yeah and what are they supposed to night? I'm so light takes nineteen months to get the surgery, though, that you need that's it yeah That's it. You can't load your time. So this is. This is what what's happening in this country. People are making twenty nine thousand dollars a year. There are spoiled and there are some services. I was told by the by my surgeon who did my next surgery was he broke. I need hardly makes Jimmy, I'm not that he makes twenty ninth and although we do not job, but he probably good time- think fifteen this steam thousand fish, you know, but he's
He was in if you, because I started with the injections, you noted cut accommodations of yet it works for a few minutes, but ten after a while it goes away, but anyway he was saying now. If you live in Canada, you couldn't even get it, they don't even offer. It then offer the objection. You can't do it yeah, so you got it. You gotta go directly to surgery immediately, even though the injection would be a heck of a lot cheaper. An easier to do and that, but they don't they don't do it, so you just suffer until you can get surgery and that scheduled off. You know six months in advance their book I mean that's not. It is ridiculous. And into the twenty nine thousand dollar thing is incredible line and lucky you work here: s offer I've. I've worked many years for less than twenty nine thousand dollars in aid good, doing good, solid work. It is a great thing in there's. Nothing to be ashamed of. Four make adjoining does
each year. We certainly should be attacked forethought, no other Asian be attacked for having, for being so healthy that you're making twenty nine thousand dollars. You that's ridiculous and the the idea that this is the solution to our healthcare problems is a real, is a real issue. There's a place in in Oklahoma that does they decided, is gonna just change the way medicine as done, and we talk about this free market healthcare thing all the time, but it never comes to fruition while they decided to just do it so couple doctors, the main as an industry geologist and they started this surgery centre and they now post all of the prices for their search you go to the website. This is this one's three thousand dollars. That's how much it costs they don't take any insurance. They don't deal with it at all. You have to go and you have to pay for. However, you know
really what it costs right. You know it is much cheaper than the other places around are: are charging they dont jack up prices to try to get insurance money. They don't do any of that. They just me and they have a highly qualified people come in and do these things and they do them? Well, I do unwell and they re really well with it they're doing really well with it. In fact, I think has been open for fifteen or eighteen years now and they have not raised their prices since they opened. The prices are the same as my name is opened, while think about that, and here's something that it's in the real world, it's actually happening, it's working, is it dominating the conversation even for conservatives know why and stable
Well look of course we have to keep all of these big programmes that already exist, but let's not slightly expand them or really really expand them. That's the the debate. All we're gonna keep like Obamacare, but remember there was a time you guys remember this when Republican said getting rid of Obama It was a priority. What's a life, have you heard anybody say that two dozen? Sixteen now it's all well, of course we have to keep that, but what like to deal with a slight improvement here and there and try to change this or that what happened instead. Now these that its everything we set about Obamacare is coming true it first, while hadn't worked sexual and we know what it was more expensive to more expensive and we know it doesn't work because every single Democrat who is running for president against it, they're all saying how bad it is that we have to improve it now. I dont say than those words, but they all have plans to double in triple the size of it more change it completely.
So we know they don't think it's where we also told you that was coming yeah. That was the next step, in fact, is that the Trojan horse, it's a Trojan horse What's really Trojan horses, it we're just saying it's right there there were telling you that's what the architect of the planned said. Yes and nobody leave me as equipment conspiracy here and now. To a point where it has changed from a an issue that was a very unpopular for Democrats to one that is now part of what we have. We can't take it away from the people who need it. It's no longer a thing where Republicans are even saying: it needs to go away. What they're saying as well look it's there and we can't get rid of it, but we can improve. We know this one per cent of it. That's what happens with these entitlements if it becomes as soon as people start bring it. Then it becomes part of society part of ours.
Oh sure, contract which I don't remember signing right, and it is something that dominates just like Medicare and Social security, something I mean, but there were at the time, can lots of conservatives who pointed out hey social Security, that just that's a good giant redistribution of wealth programme socialism, the vat at its very best. It sounds like the government, forcing you to save, and I love the fact that Democrats now say what Republicans we're say it back back then that we socialism yak and their because us and it is an people- might have we used to it now, and so even some Republicans love. It now costs very popular these programmes, while of course they are, you made a part of life, the average person, gets more than two times the amount that they put in out of social security.
Medicare is even worse. Medicare is absolutely the main thing bankrupting this country right now, and you know it. The fact that they don't even means tested at a bill gates can get better care. If he wants is completely ridiculous. We all understand that there is a good motivation behind that programme, but maybe, if you didn't take our money, our entire lives it on on crap. We be able to pay for our own retirement, we be able to pay for our own insurance after we retire. Instead we have these programmes and, I think, a completely underrated worst. President of all time nominees Lyndon Johnson never gets never gets the attention he deserves at. When you talk the worst President's in U S history, but he deserves that title, incidentally, down there any definite down there. Yes, and he created all these programmes that are creating all this debt. And now we have Democrats,
creating even more programmes that will double in triple down on these ideas that didn't work and Republicans, early bring it up anymore. I mean whence you not hear Republicans make arguments about debt and face it anymore. No, you don't just not a thing right now and it's embarrassing. It's embarrassing because these things actually mattered to us, and I know we ve made these arguments. I know people in these. Audience are making these arguments all the time? But you know, if you didn't believe it then, and you were making the arguments, then you're just play the same crappy brand of politics that every politician place the event. If you care about the debt and deficit, people in Washington, it now deserve heat for it because they're not addressing it at all at all. This is the best of the blended programme.
Hey, it's and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast, I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs Maxine. Waters is an interesting character. We lover because she is redolent hunts of material, which is basically a fountain of youth for talk ray. Material. She can no matter what you have. You cannot say what vaccine say. Yesterday is always going to be something dumb. He always that there you can always find whatever it is it you can do an entire show about it so There is maxie- and this is the most recent example she's talking about Ben Carson below lay that was MSNBC
Well, you know. I sent him a letter and he sent me a letter. Claiming that I had no manners etc. I basically said to myself I really don't have time to be bothered with somebody. As you know, the difference between our e o n o o You know this guy, doesn't have the The ground, the capability, the intelligence- to do the job he doesn't know what he's doing. He doesn't care about this issue. Now he rises to the occasion to basically support this president. Any opportunity that he gets, and so I'm gonna be so happy when they're, all out of here they are hurting. Country their undermining democracy and they being very much, and I hope the american people can see that if we, allow this president and his cabinet to get away What they're doing they will be destroying the presidency and that office for ever my gosh,
Sorry she calling a black man stupid. She does. She is black Neuro surgeon, what calling a neurosurgeon their rights stupid. Ah, that's a fascinating, fascinating claim now, Ben Carson, you can say you don't like that. His policies- or you can say you don't like it- wasn't mean or maybe a little too sleepy for you. I can see that I didn't tell him it's not intelligent. That does not compute, especially from someone like Maxine water. How many dumb neurosurgeons! Do you no harm daily of my eyes if I've seen one of the fastest growing segments of the population? Are I'm neurosurgeons people know that they're all over the place just do Neurosurgery and I'd be dumb way, that's what they do every day to wake up and they just go in there. They and they just do a complex hated, Neuro Surgeries medicine around you re introduce do petted ill, which parts of the brain tat can
Acta remove here I mean base If ever we have fewer watch, the Simpsons Ben Carson's, basically Doktor Nick he's the guy who comes out an indigenous we ve, just kind of fumbles its way through all the surgeries. Just it just loving and hilarious. You ve paralyzed, be ah ha ha, that's been Carson. Now it's weird I've seen what all these awards always incredible things that no one had ever done before in the field, but sure he's. Basically you just a more. Annie. I guess he just left his way into fixing all those people. The greatest oriented separating savings to outside the brain. How art is that does not scissors? What's the big deal, I mean what is theirs it between a menu of any kind on our get a bit more, anymore, I'm gonna! Do that you get you got you get all depot you get. Some hedge clippers right and you just slow uses, zip, zip, Zip, Dian and then their separated,
and you say nurse solemn back. I guess I base If you are selling, I rise, not a bet he's not my point then you ve got a little sewing machine. You put their heads under their use. Press the pedal on our works exactly with something like more, I could do it not that big of a day right. So she makes a really good point there on your she's made a lotta really good points of writers. No, I won T plotting those bright side to me all the God. You appear to be angry black and american you're, not a loaded mad. You crazy! Those dark whistles to widespread, They were taken we'll be all about socializing me about baby about something else. Something else with orders were basically basically taking over taking over
government running all of your comments away from where we are yeah, you know, and you have a date ass, you get us we're. Gonna die against you and your policies we're glad it's Franco, we're gonna. Do everything necessary to show you you can that take this country down that you think you're gonna? Take your dad, don't ever let me see again like those Republicans and how, on our screens, blue smoke goods, restrictions are deemed Divans literally demonizing legislators. Why words drawing this country, man we're so she's she's she, no
they are. They demons. Are they legislate enshrined in the country to an utterly different legacy? She's she's, one of these people that just opens the mouth and about two minutes after she's done speaking, tries to figure out what she saying. There's, no there's a plan known in you know it's like near its it's like that person with his nerve surgery isn't always doing when it goes in there just start cutting only mentioned at the start, cotton things connecting tubes and drew it up and out of the prison walk afterwards. I don't know- maybe maybe not we'll see, that's that's better cars and the guy. Just now he just is just it happened Third guy, when it comes to his neurosurgery, I mean it's unbelievable. In what won't one really interesting clip that you played. There was Maxine waters and she does this all the time.
Saying, essentially: well, they always call black people angry and in that, of course, we should be angry, but there's that sort of undercurrent there of, if you call if you criticise a black person, Then you dont, like black people, you can't you see all they're all angry on. Only black people are angry and this very standard left wing procedures. The same thing they do with Soros right. It's like well George, Soros yearly criticising because he's jewish the fear that the heat adding value I he is an atheist, but the dinner I mean it like that. No one has there's a criticism of him because he's jewish like uh. That's that's not right, nothing to do with it in its own right as it is, and there's no there's. No part of that that connects that's you. That is you coming up with that conclusion. Not me, as I am,
It's you with your saying, oh well. It must be because he's jewish will. What why are you saying that gets out worth saying? Why are you saying it an end and with waters it's the same thing here where she absolute will criticise any any Republican who criticized is an african American and those shall say because of race. But here she is criticising an african american calling. Her religion is perfectly fine yeah. I know I kind of tend to think that the color of your skin should not dictate whether that's ok, right. You should be able to be able to criticise anyone. You want no matter what the color of their skin is songs, you're, not criticising them, for the color of their skin lawyer, may get crazy doc. I back in the sixties, with their little Kay said, did since all water, maroon
it's the best of a bad. Like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now an item, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, but a major problem in our country, Pat, which is, we have, I believe, six hundred and seven billion airs and this nation, and only three or four president right now. We need to get that number up. I want to get to at least half mean hourly there. Just don't care about their country rather than the other six hundred and four is that I don't care they don't care, while in others fumbling their way through neurosurgeon.
Probably because that, obviously that's what they're doing more Cuban is making a noise. Now I don't think he's jumping in to run for president. I we do. Can we possibly have any more people who are running for president, where we could? I guess we could I go saying we can't and then devolve Patrick jumps ass and they Michael Bloomberg, jumps in who else is jumped in recently style didn't late. Yeah there has been it just keeps they keep coming to go a long way supersede the maybe Hilary gets in, and I believe that yeah,
for a while, I'm not sure now were passed. The filing deadlines in New Hampshire, bizarre Iowa knots, not until the end of the of the end of the year like December. Thirty athirst is really that late. I think it is so you'd have to skip new Hampshire. If you go on it, which is what Bloomberg is doing, I don't know I mean I don't have devolve Patrick Qualified, but I mean he that's. I guess he probably must have, because that is only chance of of competing eminences, the next or state, even though he still has no chance bark MAR Cuban was Asda. People noticed Yahoo finance that he had registered democracy, dot, com, These are doing anything with it by its democracy that common the question was well. What are you planning to do with democracy dot com? He said as Cuban says that it won't. He registered it because he didn't want it to be used by someone with a political agenda. So what has been said. Okay,
this is the map zone or again shark tank and As you know you could these you'd see how the domains I own? I rarely sales. Oh any and when he was pressed about it, said, and you can do this- we could play along right now, if you're in front of you Peter. If you you're on your phone right now play along her pat I've come into play along, go to the president, Dotcom the president that come seven, a tough time that president dot com are right. All its access tv is website. Www pictures he's a cuban companies all cuban company there. Yet can you imagine this? Gay rights were present ice got his website. Is the president dot com That's a solid marketing tactic! Very weird! I don't know I mean I feel like shit
this open this door open like all these guys think they can be president now because they felt that you do. You think he's he's considering irony. I do think I'm he's talked about here enough and it's not, why impact that he can be Trump thinks he thinks he thinks again, there's no way he killed. He could, but he thinks he could, he. I don't know where he fits exactly because he may talk for whether all he's a libertarian he's not endeavour to nod limiter, but he's also and he's not royal Republican any certainly with this field. Definitely not a Democrat. I mean either he he's He be way oriented and right of Michael Bloomberg. Yeah is legitimately pro business sky, but has a lot of policies that we wouldn't like us, conservatives in a big healthcare initiatives and in all the
already, but I mean Elisa E. He has the same the things that you like about Trump, where he's a guy who's, who is a business person and under in understands those things he has those attribute, but we are to have that guy in office right, yeah Joe, I dont know what the thirst and would be for a marked cuban candidacy. At this point, in again, if you're a billionaire. Why do you want that Java gosh? I believe you are about it. You may go Pate Patriot and you believe you're, the only one who can fix it. I can understand you taken the shot then, but why would you want this hassle? Why would your web yourself to all of this madness? I wouldn't want to anything to do with If I was a billionaire, I'm just enjoying my life and let us not run of her present, I mean you know, and you know I mean you too have to be a billion. Are you just have to be massively wealthy to understand that, like earning over twenty nine thousand hours ear you or if I could only dream, I can only dream of
That's never gonna happen, but Bernie Sanders thinks you're rich at twenty nine K. Here I mean I think Mark might earn more than that boss, but when you billion or think of your life right, every decision you ve made works out. Everything that you think is smart is is smart. Everyone tells you is smart, is understandable, why you think he'd be the only guy who could fix whatever problem your dressing? yeah and I'm sure that's why Bloomberg than their drop himself said. That's why he was there. Style, I'm sure as the same way in cuban throb of the same way I mean you can fly, we can get to the point everybody running for President Disability, Turkey back against the more not that far wages. Your listening to the best of the Glen back Programme- some good news, because
CBS is going to produce it. Roma based on Stacy Abrams, romance novels Wait I'll, see, Abrams the true you gotta governor of Georgia, Georgia. Yes, she hid. The election was stolen from her. And even all she lost by fifty thousand votes. It was stolen from her. I will say this to you bastards out there who think if Trump loses their, it could be fixed and you're. Gonna complain about this afterwards hung bastards by the way Stacy Abrams is the rightful governor The fact that the left, great genuine Elizabeth warrant just says it. She said the other day like all its actually Stacy Abrams seated, was taken from her. No, that is not what happened, but is not one. Happened. She lost right. He lost the election, it's over get over it. They can't they can't they wound.
In two thousand for she published a book and she's done several since, but this one was under the name Selina Montgomery, one of eight novels she's written under that name. The book was entitled never tell, and it fell also the tail of a criminal psychologist with a dark past who works. An investigative journalist who was searching for a serial killer in New Orleans, so CBS doing a full series on this, pretty amazing, we were able to get a few excerpts from a few of her books, not just never tell, but we do have. That is well I'm interested in this, because this is something the left gets to do, that the right would never be able to do the right like right now. No one cares about about Stacy Abrams
and her romance novels. Nobody cares about them, no one, but there's no reason for the serious to exist right that it is absolutely no chance of being girth nobody's ever heard of Easy Abrams romance novels. How much money do Netflix get Barack Obama to produce television channel summers evident a hundred million dollars, others at fifty million, but it whatever the law tell us of ten July what what? What have they prove it chinese thing. You know the chinese companies in America, chinese workers in America or was called I don't know I didn't want to watch it saw I don't remember the title, but yeah they got a lot of money for that, a lot of money for them Now we'll see you you're going to really be excited about the serious when you hear are incredible, writing skill age
these are a few sentences. I can read out of paragraphs this one from Sebastian Cain and Doktor Caitlin, lighter in sea, written lies her book secrets in lies on saucy and others is apparent. I can read part of one sentence wow you're, not the false, and now I get no but with urgency. She accepted him fascinated by the power. And for a moment she wavered wondering if she was prepared. In the next second, She knew she never could be, don't be so powerful lonely, really bad versions like that of the tree. I should like airports, yes acidity vegetated, yes, Fabio, undercover, the five dollar rack IA,
at an airport- and I guess like this- is a been fifty shades of grace made this into a somewhat of an industry- is- is that right? I think so. Yeah now from her book, hidden sins, There are two sentences I can read from a paragraph. Oh yes, hills of all sizes, dismal sentences, watch me love you he commanded silently, but how did he hasn't it commanded silently cling. All watch me love. You watch me love you, because I demanded silently that's a good point. I guess with his look is usually I guess you could say: hey come over here silently begin like wave your arm or you guess. How would you say what is it again watch me love one for me, love. You know you're supposed to just get that from the look he's giving you. What is that
I don't know about expression- is a lot of expressions. I'm not even free, I'm not going to attempt it here on Radio Ecclesiam. I don't want you to what it would maybe see it. We have seen and I'm not going to do it, but watch me love you. He commanded silently she does. What was yet a random collection of words? I just thought silently what they're like he asked, that audibly he can only command that audibly level the idea of an island. We currently know but I will always be a part of you now. I dont know if we actually spoke that out loud. Does it say or if that was silently as well. You all good writers explain that completely Do they do? Is they exist? clear how commanded a thing if its audibly or silently- and she didn't do that here. It's a big mistake right, First thing, you learn in writing. Class,
it sure you say how people are commanded? Are they fitted audibly early commanded, silently I who knows this is on the line, Oliver Are you familiar with the podcast? Might my dad wrote a porno? No, no it's it is Amazing! That's the story. Is the this guy finds out that his dad has been writing these types of books? He just decided because of fifty shades of gray. To start writing like an x rated novel hit. This guy's dead, so what they decide to do it for a pod cast is for all of them. It is, I think, it's an Hp Ojo now to really podcast, but they decided to do with its three people and they just sit around and they he reads the entire book, but think your dad. It's really filthy. I mean it is filthy, but horrible.
Written like Stacy, Abrams level, writing so is really funny ITALY's making fun of it as they have one of his dad, and it's so awkward because you're reading, like sex fantasies, your dad and then others. Time. No thank you. He doesn't seem to really understand and the female anatomy all that? Well, so slowly rights things you're like? Does he think that's how this works, then it's it's utterly unbelievable, but about the level of writing from Stacy Abrams. Here. There's one more sentence: Salazar yoga it before to take a break. If I use it manually, audibly right out of stock in Ireland, you audibly yes, because I gotta get to this line is its powerful. Size and please and moans mingled in enthralled chorus. I built a feller size, size and
I am pleased and more and more mingle, with mingled in an enthralled chorus. So apparently, there was a choir in there in the bedroom, with em right there you were singing. Why the act was happening and what she doesn't go. There is all silent, all the size and moaned and please we were silently Commander s the course to search have included that because I don't I heard it like that. I wanna picturing this. I can't think of in my hearing things or as a quiet. It's it's hard to figure out. I don't know I don't guess she doesn't specifically mention whether this is allowed or silent in this particular passageway, hummin,
the best of the Glen Bank patents do for Glenn on Back programme triple eight. Seventy seven be easy, gay our very own, not Chad, breather. Doing really cool special all this week did last night as it tonight and then, tomorrow night, three partner, three parts Greece, on the weirdness of Jeffrey Epstein. Now that's not the name like chat joins us now, hey jet. Yeah there's a lot of weirdness were near. In fact, he'll guy had a cold or something to himself didn't want it. Craig need a bunch of women and send him all over the world with his seed. Some
That will let you know people here that stuff and I think that is pure fiction caught the red like something out of doors. Right novel. We were, we were in us, as cancer tease out an editor produce, was doing research. We will look into this thing that we discovered that one of the things that have seen found was that they were collecting the sperm of Nobel Prize recipient. And they were putting it together in a lab because they felt that the world was getting Dahmer, and that is their word quote dumber and I have to agree with him in what they were doing as they will want to start this whole new, this whole generation of of smart people and they were gonna end. So Epstein heard this First of all, what you have to understand for a guy who accomplished so much based on his history. Epstein was not a smart people. You could mount a smart guy knowledge drops out. That was a horrible math and five danger the high school level, its own, you, Furthermore, these things about it, that's exactly what he wanted to do:
You wanted to to generate a whole world of that stands out there. And that's what he's gonna do he's gonna bring. We can talk about that tonight on the special tonight tonight's carbon, It will have blue eyes, and that was the whole thing is they were gonna, bring it twenty girls at a time impregnate them they had fine away all rights to the child, and- It was gonna, be raised by a course abstain and he is July Maxwell who was sort of the the queen to his old chestnut there that made all the connection torrent gonna Rambo the way he wanted to raise. What are you children by himself with joy, XL, real, obviously a YO, Yo Yoda? One would think you would have some help out there, but I believe that that when you start seeing how big it it really is called like an immense one of the things that people don't realize and asked that the dangerous place that weakens stepped into
because we start talking about the king Ranch in New Mexico. A lot of people think of the king ranch in taxes to totally different things. Of course Bruce. Was at one time, the governor of the Mexico and they passed out political. Patients like family Airlines and Mexico. They owned most of not only the Mexico ranch Lance, but they also are the major producer of corn. In the. U S, so they're big, big, family, most interviews. When they talk about the king or edge they want that significant. Second, they actually bleep out that nay, they bleep out the king name, but abstained New Mexico Compound. Of course, we know about the Virgin islands the little. Was island. Then he flew, you know the Lolita expressed it, but they don't know is. He had a ten thousand acres compound with twenty seven thousand square foot home. In the middle of the king. Let you could not get to it unless you went over it or through the king right
So he s an isolated himself with one of the most political families, most powerful families into Mexico. As I do a moat around your ranch with what you were completely inaccessible and and now we're starting to see these pictures that are emerging from you know the key or I should say what he called the Zorro ranch there middle of New Mexico, so that's where he was gonna, do that I'm pretty creepy place when you think about just down the road. There is day there is a of a therapy. These four catholic priests they were caught and that a failure there is a whole for orphans. There was cofounded by French Charles there's a number of different things into its course with eight, not far from where they tested the atomic bombs and again set up a lot of the Nazi war criminals.
They brought into do genetic testing and create these thanks. So New Mexico is a place for cryogenics eugenics, entranced humanism, which is exactly what you're trying to accomplish in bringing these kids. Are there so many things that people don't know about the life Jeffrey Epstein that are weird, they think. Well, here's a guy he's dead were glad he's dead, but his legacy lives on in a big way because he was now doing these things by himself in the people he was doing it with are still very much alive and so It's kind. The angle. We tell the story from an honestly, pat and stew. Whenever we tell the story the average American with Daily
the main aims- or they say, Epstein didn't kill himself and that's all. We have a good chuckled at that, but most people can't even tell you where Epstein got his money farm income again when so so, there's a big story this under the surface, that a lot of people dont know we know about the guy who was convicted as it is as a child, predator sex offender in late two thousand and two thousand six, two thousand and two thousand eight. We know about that guy who really never serve any time. Everyone reported to parole officer, but it how he reinvented himself after that By associating with the EU on marks the bill gates. Stephen hawking said the world. These are the people in our cue, seeing them of any form of failure, of course, but it was how he tried to rebuild its influence and, ultimately, the go for him was about out. It's really. We had a weird story. First of all, I don't even know how one would go about of tat
The seed from Nobel Prize winners, I dont know why is there a prize, website, but you go do for that Jack. I don't even know you know. My first thought my first thought if I wanted to question Barack Obama maybe he's gotta it's funny. It's I mean Does he really tried to rebuild his crime? ability after the arrest by by these Like Association, he would try to find the bit he darted tons of money, too, universities and research centres that were on the cutting. Edge of science and tried to kind of play himself off as the scientist when he Emily wasn't he to do this thing where he just basely try to associate himself back in the good graces of up meaning finds upstanding society. It sort of for a long time.
It worked well and that's interesting. We go back to where we started from here to college dropout, whose now associating himself, and there actually identifying almost every Kali in a Harvard science schools, you don't he donate forty million just do it he was come into and not only that they ve never. Given the guy back MIT actually received a large delegation, they start giving some money back dissociate themselves but you're talking about a guy who's whose basically, his madam, if you will his his child, procure his female procure July Maxwell, who is still at large without
really know where she is. I did you know she was at Hillary. Clinton sums are not able to use it. Chelsea curtains wedding chief, been on three or four vacations with Chelsea Clinton. This is a person who was highly associating and it wasn't just about well, it was about being able to have secret the well. His wealth was really not in money as much as it was in being able to buy people secrets, and those are the secrets we still don't know we're starting to see things get uncovered with Prince Andrew. I find it somewhat. Humorously now the queen stepping in and it won't? Let him have his sixty a birthday party because of this- and this is the guy who, just last week on the BBC, was talking about how much he doesn't like the part. I know now guess what you think. You know like the party, because you're not get one, it's out, there's some there whether smokers fire and their things that are there and asked what we ve tried to do in these three episode to say: look yeah,
It may be that he may be on an island with a face, lift we don't know what the legacy of it and the danger of it still lives on so hard How did he make most of his money work? Where did that billion come from You know so, first of all what he did was he got into bear stones. He was a use. A high school tudor equals having inappropriate relationships at the high schoolers up Danbury School, which is very late, girl in New York, is having an appropriate relationships. Students is terrible teacher. He tried to make extra money on the side. Game the attention of someone they learn Temple. Her father was actually the Theo at the time of their stirred. He liked his moxie so speak. He like this. And so he was doing really really well. It bears turns the first year and only year, was there and then he decided to reside even though it was just killing it financially, for them
He resigned, say: he's gone on a bigger and better opportunities and ass. The first side you see of his m o- that is, he was taking barristers money using it to buy floods, so he was giving people long homes in essence embezzling, but he wasn't keeping the money for himself. He is buying, it blew a powerful people and he started the J Epstein company. The associated himself with numerous people live where flaxman less wax announcer, who out, of course, things like the limited That body works at Victoria Secret and he in in Wechsler would even the envisages one example. Wechsler would turn all of his assets over to Epstein as a financial, counselor and everything would even replace people honour their advisory board that were set,
member states a dialogue that person and then these multi millionaire would come to update and he would say you have too much money. It's too dangerous people are gonna, steal it branch. So let me manage it for you, it's so in essence, he was stealing there he had. This is the thing that you know you wind up about four hundred, sixty million dollars after being involved with a half Hamburg Ponzi Scheme, which is the world's biggest party scheme- that, with ever now often burg, of course, go to jail for eighteen years, have seen to see a day in jail and of course it was the New York City, municipal court, it was their guess who appointed those that court. Of course it was built at the present time is so it's so we remind you, make such a great point on how he used it. Wasn't about is money was about the way that he sort of like was willing to cross
lines like crazy in every part of his life, but do it with a respectable face, so people an associate with his really rich guy, who seem really accomplished and smart and one? Would you suspect that behind the scenes he was, he was willing- to cross all these lines in. When you look at that the study it in Miami with the girls. It's not just like. He was hooking up with young girls. The guy built a Jay. Antics system to allow himself with recruitment with how to import them. How to I did what to ask for they had a whole system even though the one when he's in prison any supposed to n, n n in in a cell and doesn't want to be in a cell, so he pay. Is way too have lawyers be their basically every minute he's awake, so he's meetings with lawyers and he doesn't actually have to stay in the cell. This is before his death Maybe he was away. He was able to bend and break rules to create systems to allow other. Why
respectable people to do things that are not respected here and you take you take some my bill gates, who is on record as saying you know, hey he's a very interesting guy with very interesting ideas. You know it you. Then hawking is hanging around these guys. They were interested in his brain. They were interested in his influence and his money in that regard of the things that he could get dawn with his ears. Charm, and even when he was in prison before he died, there would be people who other prisoners who would have a hundred dollars here and there they would show up in their commissary account. It was coming from apps NATO. Even when he was in jail, he was buying influence and buying these. Show us three three nights and you can watch all of it on demand last one heirs to morrow. Its second part is tonight. If you go to places calm user, promo code C, P S, Chad, partnership, Cps, you'll, get a discount there- and you gotta check this out, because this is going really deep into them.
You're in no way more than everybody else on the story. If you watch these three parts chat operators, I should run us. They ve guessed expropriated, taught United. Six click central is a regular, I believe, Sonia deprecate. That's that's gonna be fascinating, blaze, radio network on demand.
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