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Best of the Program | Guest: Donald Trump Jr. | 8/16/22

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Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the ongoing corruption of the FBI and how Americans can respond to an untrustworthy justice system. Donald Trump Jr. joins to discuss the unprecedented raid against his father and shares some advice for conservatives who are fed up with how things are going in the country. Glenn and Stu discuss the backlash regarding ESG getting more severe.

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This episode is brought to you by samson unfold. The new galaxy fold for and expand, Your world with flex mode it stands on its own, so your hands free to get more done during calls and with multi window view you can use up to three apps at the same time, plus edged edge screen, allows you to fully immerse yourself in your favour, games and shows visits song dot com to learn more about galaxy fold ford. Donald trump junior on today's podcast. We we covered some yes territory today, and I'm I'm. I'm really concerned about some of the things that tat brought to the table that that there is one thing that has cost americans more money than
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I did my homework. I was a customer there's before they were customer of mine. Tell him that I sent you from the pod cast and give gold line the code em. Why be which means mind europe, his niece, that's actually what we used to have on our coins in the colonial era. I love that my into your business, there silver bars now that say mine, your business and you'll just get one for a thank you just for calling in also you can request information at their website, a gold mine, dot com or call eight six ec school by eight six six gold line. Here's the punt the only thing he could do it led back programme. we're. So very glad that you are here and we welcome mr pat gray allopathy hollow glenn. How do
fact are vague, almost every way in almost every almost everywhere. You can you think of one thing: that's not go well now, no or go not write off hand. Now get this way like pat gray segments because he comes in and he is usually giving us some piece of evidence that an entire nation is going to be destroyed right, but he also brings sexy cookies. The which makes me feel much much better about the world being destroy outcome, which we did not get yourself. A taxi dot com by without Ghana, K, E, f k, K, E k, K, E k s eye ass, I, yes, it is finished, edward cookies, so la so yeah. All of such a major snappy allay from her eye are huge. With events in america. Goin me ya a can. We have the conversation that you and I have had off line in our email about I will talk about that if you're so so pad. Writes me
vacation is like Glenn. Wait, wait, wait what he knows. What taxi cookies you know taxi. They don't know how to spell- and I said ha who would have guessed that right who to guess at what you said from the beginning: yeah I've said: can you just name them the greatest cookies dot com that we could out it's taken? Yeah? I could. I could I'll find one for you. I have something for you Jake. You know it's like anything like that, and and so he's like we're going to we're going to change it because do it, and I said, oh good, what are you thinking? Okay? one was like one was, was a cow pie, ass. Yet one was cow pie vice cop, because so many, though remember that they have they. We all remember that. But I don't know. Maybe I'm cookie was because cow pie is cow, poop, yeah, Iraq, we associate with delicious vision. That's my first thought my first slogan, other names
Oh, yes, you do. I don t lose another one like in go mango dot com, I'm like eh, that what is that something like yummy cookies in the title? But those are that that you did that initially- and these are all those names are taking people, there are other cookie companies that think their cookies taste good. That they're wrong about whether they're as good as caixa cookies. By telling you I'm telling you for a price, because I'm a very busy man night, will help you fucking the right name, bad, but it has always like you know that. this was this was amber's doll. Google com.
He really means something to the kids, so we're going to call them. Google Katie's now no shut out. Now we can't talk about the email. Yeah talk about the world how's the world falling apart. Pat, we talking about that. Well, I'll, tell you one way in which the world is full. Do you remember the f b I raid, since everything is f b I related now, and how you can trust them? You remember the raid they made on the big vault in beverly hills. California, yeah yeah with deposit boxes, yeah, yeah yeah, and they took everything out of the safety deposit box and the people in in beverly hills were like wait a minute. I didn't have any and to do with the scam that was being run by the one guy with the safety deposit box crate. Why are you taking all my stuff right right? So supposedly they were after the owner of the vault k, not the individuals who are placing things in the ball, which included eighty million dollars in cash. Ten
of millions of valuables. Yet was over a hundred million dollars. They caused gated gosh. They took it all. It wasn't part of the warrant. They said, hey we're just look at the company that we're not interested in the individuals? In fact, we just want inventory them and will leave him alone. Note they lied and they took everything and almost none of those people have gotten them they're. Getting there or gosh, or their valuables back. It's been I this is. This is becoming insanity and, if you don't think the fbi, if they can this too people who had eighty million dollars in cash. In the end I mean these are not small individuals that now, if they can get away with it, what do you think they're gonna do to you: beverly hills it? These are people with power where I went on money once yeah and I think that the
The eye is just scared them away it, because nobody wants to do battle with the fbi. Who wants to do that? Will who do you call this would have the sort of thing for the years now and the year when the cops Go bad re who call so it's a I got a problem of my local cup. Great, kick it up to the state. If the states, kick it up to the feds. If the feds are bad, there's no place to go. Where you going, the united nations, and I hope you I mean the courts should be the answer to that question right how they're not allowing this americans get. This americans have lost more money in most of the years between two thousand four, and now they ve more money in civil asset forfeiture than have happened in burglaries white, the main burglar see: u s. Government there are bigger, burglar. Unbelievable, then burglars take effect that attitude. It's incredible. Where does the head?
burglar, fall on the scale a little, little below a little below? U S, government, and we ask you to see for value meal. He rashly steel. We all know what the fbi is, but maybe we should change their name to bubu bunny, people that no one f be. I was at the beginning right, that's what's lilies, you call them boo! Bunny, wait a minute! I dont know how to spell that figure it out of it ass b, I dont com, my gosh okay, so that's it credit it in is amazing. It did you hear this one. You know the informant that was one of them people from the fbi that was part of the sting to get the people, on the governor gretchen Whittemore case- came up Currently, one of them is a female she's.
A bed and smoked pot with one of the men, lawyers for aircraft junior, one of the alleged ring leaders of the kidnapping, plots fbi informants in properly coordinated with the accused. former jenny plank and Steve Robertson's unusual relationship across include smoking pot. With him in travelling to similar is militia training sessions. also sharing a hotel room now I don't know if anything, but neither of them have monkey box. We don't know if anything, but this is they are entrapping. We we're doing a special in a couple of weeks on the fbi and the history of the fbi David. were created, dirty herndon dirty from the beginning and then hoover died and we had a few years where we all believe. But I wanna minute that be dropped dead. they can't there come
legally out of here's, the good news and I'm gonna shit this in detail. There are people in the fbi that are becoming whistleblowers there are Sixteen whistle blowers now in that federal level at the highest levels. That's real! a good sign, the Jim Jordan, made a big point that there is a lot of good people and the fbi. It's the people at the top that are screw. everything up the people are in the f b. I look have a lot of people who listen to us, that our law enforcement You know how we feel about you. We ve always been there for you, you need to start being visible at the low cool level and speaking out, you need need to start talking and speaking out, even if there's nothing happening in your particular division. You need start speaking. Call me I'll, put you on the air and you did say: look
there's I'm in omaha Nebraska and there's nothing bad. That's going on here that I know of but what's happening, in washington d c is wrong. You ve got to start speaking out really important, really important because look how much the american people are down b. I right now that we ve gotten Oh they're incidents in the did. You see the busy the story where there was a shooter and active shooter some place in a school. It didn't lead, I dont think to amass tragedy, but there was a shooter and the parents. Not listening to the police, apparently went in there like screw you that's because whatever be in taste, though, and right up to that, and because of you ve all d, you now go. I don't know if I can trust them. This is the bubba effect it's happening in every thing I mean
This is there's a really good case to be made that the the fbi just. Did this raid just two points? people off that's it, to lower our standard on the justice department, piss you off cause more chaos. Tell me what they. I've done that hasn't led to more chaos of again murmur. This is an organisation that has been telling us for multiple years that the biggest threat to our nation is right, wing, extremist, yes, extremists, stripe the oath keepers proud boys all of these corfu and on you and on all the biggest threat to our country now, let's just say, let's take for that, their word for a minute that they had about documents. They agreed on it. They were very very intent on getting these things back their very important. We still know really what they were, but, let's just say they are ok. It was a bit of a legitimately important thing
for the fbi and and the government to get these documents back, if that were the case, These documents have been under the control of donald trump for a year and a half brighton If he wanted to hide them in some place where you could never find them borders, it all the more destroy them, he could have done it a long time ago. So isn't that proper thing to do to come to the american people, even its even if its, through their nine hundred and sixty four million leaks that they ve been able to do since the incident happened and guardian Eric. people say hey, we ve been asking for these documents we ve been asking for these documents. Hey we put a subpoenaed, hey, we really go if if they were tournaments, in the next couple of weeks, we're going to have to go to mar a lago in search the place and at least prepared the american people for something like this coming, because out too average american, especially the average trumps supporter. They see him as being be heard. you'd, persecuted for a very long time and then all of a sudden out of nowhere with no notice
you, five, what its house, what he's not there is searches, whites, underwear, drawer check because I believe you know there's a ninety day window where you cannot do anything that could affect the election guy. Did you know that, ninety day, as before any election. The The eye is not supposed to make any busts that could affect the election year. Minutes. Not it's not about our fast rural right right. Is it the Clinton people or do they only written on rules are one of the unwritten rules governing when sixty fine? Ok, so they did this. Like that, hey before the ninety day period. I mean they, then they look. donald trump juniors gonna be on what this is about a half an hour, and I ve got a lot of questions for him: the fbi, was it to the american people, because you have zero credibility. None you owe it to the american people to take the David and release it donald trump It's fine! Now
you say, while it could hurt our investigation like to know exactly you can't just come out and say nuclear done, You really think at some. Nuclear secret is just kept in the bottom of the president's desk. Nuclear secret is something that would be a lot too brief case that comes over from the pentagon. You don't just say: Why is that under an for briefer bomb on it? And you have there is a chain of command and if you leave it with the president, you would I have to inform the pentagon. I've left it with the president, well. I know I'm not supposed to bodies the president. He told me. Ok, all right! Hang on MR press, some one. I have to be here with you someone's going to replace me in a couple of hours. They also to be here as long as the document is here,
how we handle nuclear secrets and if we don't, we are bigger problems there somethin, wrong here and americans know it and those americans who don't know it. You are going to be responsible for your own children's slavery, you and not, allow a government to have this kind of control. You know if this was happy Joe Biden you would be saying exact, we the same stuff and you be calling us, you be calling donald trump of either A fascist dictator as a rule of law, and it must apply to both sides otherwise all of us all.
This will fall under a dictator, pat. Thank you very much for stopping by pat gray unleashed and kek see cookie, o caixa dot com that he didn't even put the cookie in there good, good, taxi, backup, K, K s well, he was thinking about cakes, cookie, K, E k, s eye cookie spelled with a k, but then he thought might now. This is the best one by programme and program. Still that programme welcome honour, dad donald trump junior on with us executive, vice president trump organization, an author of liberal privilege welcome done. Welcome to the programme. How are you I'm doing, ok, good to be with us here
To tell you, I saw your father at sea pack and I sat there and I listened to him and I thought there is no one in american history, no one who has gone through what your present, what what your father and your family has gone through and then monday this happy and let me get some. Let me get some just some facts here from you. First, wall They have released the warrant, but not the affidavit, your dad, it has come out and said? Absolute I insist that you release it. Each chance of that happening, and we heard anything. You know I I doubt it. You know you, you see what happens. Ah, it's not our first rodeo or none of this surprises us. You know merrick garland gets on t v. They want total transparency because of you know, and then we can't. Actually, we can't actually do that. We got the sound bite out there, we'll get our our last
he's in the liberal media to runaway that, as though that's me, before or real amended Absolutely nothing remember your Merrick garland had no knowledge of it. Then he had knowledge impersonally signed off. Then it turns out he's been awaiting the decision for months it's all a lie and that that's the real problem. Is you know they they do this stuff? I'm saying you saw it yesterday with the passports they took his passport, which weren't part of the war, and they took picture books which probably weren't part of the wars, but none of them then they league it's to nor o donnell. No, no, we didn't actually do it. It takes about six seconds to disprove this up. You know, meanwhile, the other. Formation and misinformation- let's put out there, viral and they pretend that they stop above board and then think about they use the fbi's each. P s, house and rescue team served serve this search warrant. That's like the seal team the fbi to
to serve a warrant on an empty house. I mean I understand that three weeks ago, according to the baby, you're donald apparently choked out two very heavily armed and very few days longer secret service agents to take over the beast right down to his supporters that january safe now have heard that from a witness who seem to have perjured herself when the secret service agents themselves self said, hey we'd like to testify a and in favour that didn't even close to happening now. They don't want to hear from them anymore, but and why they use the hiv behalf redress beauty to try to serve this war. Donald trump gonna. You know he wasn't a mayor by like many times did they mean because they contacted your he put a lock on the door where they were done at their request. there was this: in the back and forth, I know they ve been working with him for a month. They study has been nothing but cooperative. So you know all they had
do. It literally said that an into turnover whatever their looking fork is get up, but they can't do that I didn't want to do that. They want to do it under you're, the guys they wanted a crew the intimidation factor going in there with the hiv we gotta, we gotta. Really. Ensure that people learn not to speak out against us. I don't know of an institution in america that destroyed credibility more than the f b. I am indeed make where we haven't stopped anything in bonds, and then you, then they get on tv. How dare they speak out against the sci whose function so admirably when you do Peter struck a in Andy mackay and go on tv and talk about integrity after are lying when they sign off on policy fight a war in a way the others literally get lying. Are you there, you other back in their jobs like nothing happened, because that would begin donald trump what's going on is absolutely disgusting.
Clearly in an intimidation, tat figure, the deep state rearing its head and imagine the media if donald trump weapon eyes, If we are to go after his political enemies, indeed, is to Barack obama, their heads would explode. There would be nothing else until you pay, for them is out of home because Donald trump, is the only guy that has the guts and is willing to stand up to these claims. This is the other republic. You know there is plenty of them totally silent on all of this down. Either they see it is a window for their political future. Well, you don't know I was not in the way, maybe there's a chance for my milk toes personality due to ascend the highest. The republican party in and serve the Democrats dutifully, because that's what it seems like at this point, so you know all of this Pigs are designed to intimidate especially donald trump and anyone else who have the guts to actually speak out against these people board vices like all of them.
They ve done lately, it's gone so far. So much of the american public we ve been politically agnostic, who'd been quiet, the silent like they're, watching the stop and that they campbell the Democrats. I forget, I was from new york, even as a lifelong conservative. I was from new york. I got plenty of democrat friends that are like holy crap, going on in our governments. This was going on in a banana republic. You don't the wind Others in government they be starting a war to overthrow the line of conduct. I'll. Tell you our t, o j. I will tell you that when I heard that they were going, After your dad for espionage, ike, I'm might I really thought I have finally entered the you know the alice in wonderland upside down. I just I your father with espionage.
If russia, russia, russia, part twenty nine gimme a break if he had. The nuclear codes, a problem. Is that all the nuclear football in europe is giving those things your eye, so we envisage end. We are, maybe we'd be better off if Donald from still had the nuclear power, because at least our enemies respect them, unlike the laughing stock that currently occupies, The white house, which is frankly you know it personality and his idiocy is only encouraging our enemies but enough. When does it stop tonight it does it ever You know it's only making me more more inclined to be more aggressive. Speak further. I probably already rather regret it, but you because this stuff It happened in america. Sand for our media sit idly by, spread the propaganda. You see They do every time right, something happens, they lose. Can Of the narrative, to their usual suspects? I want to know you: are the fbi agents
involved in this one's the same one that we're looking into hillary ah and the laptop and the taking of hammers to blackberries and an anthony wiener and the top secret stuff that was supposedly on his laptop. Could I wonder you they hamley just eighteen, a corrupt team that they used to do all of these things, because one has to start wondering these things, because this cannot just be coincidence. At this point you I the great like what, as you noted, sort of makes the distinction between sort of the the bureaucrats the fbi, the guys that their lawyers they ve, never carried a gun. They wouldn't know what to do what it with one if they did with weapons eyes that formerly great institution you're in the door kickers come up to me all the time in their disgraced. What's going on in there in there, you know they're all innovation or their retired guys, especially because there a little bit more inclined to be go about it, but my signature,
regular guys, don't start speaking up, don't start functioning as whistleblowers or death. you there's euros deities if their whistleblowers for the left. You're a whistle blower for the right. You lose. Your job got a third thing for me to go to getting much much harder to defend I am in the rank and file at this point you know again don't seem to be stopping anything I had, all the radar every terrorist? Nonetheless, every cycle, the fact america they ve been on their radar and yet they vanished would through until people over america, but you know that it certainly. plenty of time to weapon ice, a b s arm men against donald trump and do so at nausea. I will tell you: I've got I've gotta brazilian questions. I could ask you, but I'm just about to run out of time cause. I know you're busy man, but So let me live go here. First of all, there are, I think, thirteen or fourteen. Whistleblowers, which is a really good sign. We need
many many more, but There are whistle blowers in the fbi, so they haven't killed it. Yet It is on that road, the new york times for some reason decided report that europe, your father, reached out two garlon and asked how he could help reduce the heat to calm everybody down. I thought there was a great move. Yesterday he came out and said: look the temperature is getting to a boiling point here: I'll do anything I can to reduce the the temperature we are in deep trouble and I think they are doing this because they can't find the extremists. They want to make people extremists and just keep hoping them over and over and over again it what it I listen to it. It certainly sounds like you saw what they did with you know those methods in michigan or where they try to
trapping a bunch of lunatics to try to create it, isolation, a nation gretchen Whittemore, and they all they re. With that right before the election lies a real. You know that the three white supremacist western america on it I found them all and they're gonna, give me a break say it plans to take you back the greatest threat to american democracy in america like what like? Where will you about lib lab lunacy. I want to ask you this. I want you to leave us if you can with some hope. What is it that the american p Bull should be doing. I think they are paying attention. They are key, Link their senators and congressmen and are not speaking out, I think congress and the Senate needs to be very clear on this. but what is your message or your father's message to the american people who are like? I can't take it anymore. Listen, I think we have to stay in the game. I think this, you know, I think it's very
fully a war of attrition on the other side of bacon. Intimidate you enough. If they can mayhew cause causing a new, creating a beer, And they've certainly done that, and I I can understand why. Ah, but I you know, I I think you do so much as us, not letting this just slide. If they do, This now and they tried weapon eyes to prevented from from running, which is clearly what they're doing right. They exercise a incredibly abroad search warrant. They take picture books or even any. thing that they can do to try to her trump. Ah, you know what one his lawyers present. You know that I'm doing a search warrant. I bought the laundress present so that there is never any above board and then, when you I stood why they would do that. How dare you question I? Don't I've been looking at the f b I for the last five or six years. It doesn't maybe not anything above board, lately random in it they don't get in trouble, we're doing the things, but they get caught
your manufacturing things ball. They signature lie whatever it may be, and we're supposed to still believe that this is a credible organization. It I think we have to actually be engaged in this process. I think we're not let it slide. I think we cannot say: ok. Well, you don't, let's just maybe put a milk toes report. What you in there, because that working on things about that gives them the wind that gives them everything they want, because nothing will ever be done to prevent this from happening again. I think what you need honestly, you need it, from in there and you need to actually drain the swamp, you got fire the bureaucrats and you need someone who has the guts to actually do that and honestly, I don't know that exist and we are not beyond. We are not to the point where we are beyond the ballot box. Are we yet you know we, I think we have to be at the point where we overwhelmed the ballot box. We overwhelmed the the games that are you. You saw what happened yesterday in the the recall. You don't say
it's about, require towards gas. Going up the Democrats in charge, they threw out thirty percent of the sitting, you're too, I'm sure people. You know they're watching what's going on in crime in California, sure they were real and really signing off, so they took seven hundred and fifty thousand signatures. They canceled about thirty percent of them say: oh now, you've been naked. It was said, but they want you to believe that the twenty twenty election that less than one percent of the signatures of the random about going out to people and dozens of various home they all over the country they want. You be less than one percent of those were faulty, but more than twenty five, almost thirty percent. The ones in the california recall. Elections were were faulty right. If that doesn't work, and these aren't legally sound like a sample size of three, you know: there's a sample size of three quarters of a million people. Ah that was thirty per but over over a hundred million people it was less than one percent we have to overwhelm it. We they get in there. We have to do everything
we can to save our country and end the republic, because if it is, It is at stake and it is on the ballot, from junior? Thank you, sir. My best to your Emily and to your father. We are praying for him and you and the rest of the family. Thank you so much I really appreciate it- god bless you so much got the best of the Glenn Beck program, the firing. Where should I start the about one third of america is now reporting being extremely or very concerned about climate change. That's ten scented points, less than in twenty nineteen k. It was.
Forty four percent, lock we're gonna die in a fiery. worrying flawed it's be so hard and then so called and then so hard and then so called we're all gonna die good thing. that we won't have any heaters or conditioning units Now, just over half of respondents say they think they're actions have an effect on climate change. Three years prior over sixty six percent say their believe. Their individual actions made a difference when asked how responsibility. Individuals bear for addressing the issue. Only forty five percent said a great deal or a lot that percentage was fifty percent. Despite relative apple regarding climate change. Seventy one percent do believe that it is happening only and per cent remained disbeliever. Now, let me tell you something: p
allan, people on the right are always called flat, earthers, don't believe in climate change. Of course leaving climate change. What do you think? What what was the ice age of course, First, the climate changes It changes for a myriad of reasons and I'm one of them believe that, yes, we were probably have an effect on it too. We should do everything we can to be held see for ourselves, our children, our posterity, the animals the trees, the water. Now dare tell you what I really think and think what I want a dirty. Is greece used just chemical ridden water for my kids in their future. In our made her who says that, let's not get did me villain, however, I also think the earth is alive now, it's not guy.
not a god, it's a living thing and I think the earth will destroy us when it's ready. And I also believe in god, who might do the same thing before the earth gets around or yes, I am There are certain things you have to do, but this I met hysteria, it does if you don't buy into we're all gonna be dead by twelve thirty this afternoon. If you I believe in that you're not a flat arthur a reasoned thinking, human being. This is not about climate change, see there is the real problem. This is where you separate the thinking people from My people game is where this, where the rubber meets abroad.
Should we tube vote mobile economy. which has made the air cleaner. The why our fresher the sky, he's cleaner. People's lives better. Should we should we just dump all of that. You know if america falls, it America would fall. What do you think's going happened to our national parks. Those gonna work up our work. well far, but we're keep in the forest rangers work but we still have all those fire fighters and the aeroplanes to put the national forest out.
We have to be reasonable and what's and is it has become a giant industry. And now it has gotten so bad by the way have you know the hurricanes the her keynes. This year I mean look at the fires and floods and all the horrible horrid horrible horrible, horrid, horrid horrible, awful nasty just- Life threatening stuff that is or isn't happening. you notice that the hurricane season spot be worthwhile, wipe out buyer nothing. Yet, in fact this is the first time in seven years that a hurricane hasn't even formed in the atlantic basin. The first time in seven years what because calls a big? What is common black rock
which is the key of the behemoth of ie gee than the Gee mafia heads Us added new people to the white house isn't that correct, yeah yeah. There are now working up the upper well, we already have one is chief economic eggs advisor to the president and another one. That's a chief economic advisor to the vice president. and another one whose achieve economic adviser from blackrock at the treasury department. So we we have that go in for but their adding new people. So we ve got this public private partnership. We blackrock. and black rocks, getting even more money. Today, yeah yeah climate stocks going through the roof today, because
as binds about sign that seven hundred and forty billion dollar bill yeah Yeah now this is really great. I love this. But let me give you some good news. This today from the wall street journal, the walls free journal, all you ve gotta, be kidding internet. Just dump on me, I jumped here it is the wall street journal reports are legendary. Editor Robert bartley used quip let it takes at least sixty five editorials on a subject really have any impact wellbeing. What he meant after laboring in the vineyards low these many years to draw attention in editorials to the politicize. Investing their travels under the bland label has g for invite mental social and governance. Yes, it it it really was that quip. That really pointed out that may be there
their slow to make an impact yeah or people just our waken up because regular people or talk at they, then I'll, say and low after bring in the vineyards low these many years. That's the way people talk? Was regional. but now people are starting to pay attention to it, and I want to give you something in the wall street journal today. That is extraordinarily good news. Meanwhile, an intriguing new investment alternative to e s g funds has gone public DR asset management last week announced its first exchange. Dreaded fund d L, L, a passively manage energy index, one designed to mimic black box passive. U S, energy in expand strive, as its rays more than a hundred million dollars and assets under bandage. Britain has a hundred and sixty million in trade volume in its rose, we we have a brief for any particular business model letter.
Everyone compete for the investment dollars way, ways at all. No yours stills raw room anyway? They talk about how strive. A hundred million dollars remember when he sit on this programme. He said if we could get up to a billion dollars, we're gonna be. an impact on the end, is the energy industry, whether a tenth of the way there? This is not a commercial and not investment advice, because I I'm I'm I'm not being paid for this. I wish I was. I should be paid a lot o. They are actually aren't they knew sponsor, unlike blazer some, but this isn't a commercial. Have you have you talked about moving some of your money that yemen have an investment over to de R. L strive just look strive asset management? Yes, I have Glenn you. Actually I did it during the interview.
skirt I'm signing on right. Now. I've gotta go over my wife. It's slow the process committee's meetings with my wife. We know who runs. The house does, but I think it's a really good. I don't about investment, but this is the way to beat yes g and they are free, king out, it's really building quickly. To this oh yeah. This is turning into a pretty big, yeah, I'm not talking about it. I'm going today to utah to salt lake to do a meeting tomorrow with the house and the senate, and ah in the off session meeting about yes g tonight, I was forced to just have dinner with some people and I don't know how this happened, but it turned into like an open event, because the attorney general's coming in the senators are coming and MIKE leaves gonna be the error is gonna, be there all the sunlight It's like it thousands seat dinner that were like, I just thought we were going together with some friends so tonight
I'm meeting with the real activists of each s g, the people who are really truly making a difference and that ass to happen in every state. I am really glad to see what they. doing now in in arizona the earth attorney general is, getting together with nineteen other attorney general's all across the country and their demanding blackrock give them answers. They. I have been hiding behind this and then telling investors all you know what you will you're going to lose money for the next ten years. You know, but if Colby so worth it, as you know, we are really care. Look if you care about that. I mean at this hour pitching it to my wife, I dont know if it's going. Money. You know me. I have no idea, but I'd like to invest in it because I believe in amerika and I believe in america's energy independence and the so if it
just hold even our even if we lose a little I'm ok, we should do that and I'm fine with that, but take my retirement money and mean knowing that you are doing that, just a sign it into any s. G programme, no know that If people are waking up and they are free out of mind which brings me to what they were, to do next to stop you from listening to people like or doing your own homework or having these fairy tale. His opinions. So here what they are talking about now worldwide. Form, is becoming a little concerned. Unapproved opinions are becoming more popular in online sensors, can't keep up with the millions of people being more aware and more vocal, the sensors, engines employed by the internet platforms turn out to be quite stupid and incapable people are even daring to complain.
but the world economic forum at unacceptable, so w e F, Author has come up with a solution. She proposes to collect off platform intelligence from millions of sources to spy on people and new ideas. Then mirth This information together for content removal decisions sent to internet platforms. There Looking for an intelligent, based, improved approach and use a I, they're doing. Is they want to bring in multi language, human curated, off platform, intelligence into learning sets the I will then be able to detect nuance novel abuses at scale before they reach mainstream platforms, so in other words, there got they there suggesting that they start collecting billions its of information on each of us,
and they see. Where are these things? Starting and they'll be will to do that because they can predict each individual. Not beyond the capability of ai, any anymore and Oh they're gonna find out yeah that tweet was bad, but where did that tweet really come from that tweet was started two years ago when that individual was reading this thing, let's get rid of that thing. person has been listening to this this in this and reading this and the other worse than that came up with the same kind of idea was reading the same thing and listening to to. The four people- let's get rid of those that's what they're talking Doing it is truly my: control. They are going to start central censoring the internet in it. Vance of you forming a wrong opinion.
Also it's not good enough to send Sir John one, two three four at google or gmail, but enough to do that, and until his tweet, because that one too it has to be all across all platforms and and anything that person is connected to this Is he asked g inaction? It's not enough Take you off of twitter. depending on how misinformed you are they will they will reach into all platforms that you would use. and ban you from all platforms. This is orwell. Nineteen, eighty four. Your friends and neighbors I've said this for a while. If they dont get it now, they probably won't, but I
I would like you to while you're getting ever. but you cannot develop. That should be our number one priority right now. I would highly suggest that you talk to people that you think might get it. Who work? on the fence and gone you know look. This is probably not good and don't make it about Donald trump for sure to say: ok, look I mean, let's be honest: if it, it is happening on the other side yeah. Well, it wouldn't If it was happening on the other side, you would be saying the same thing. Would be saying we're in trouble. You know we're in trouble. I blame one side. You blame the other, the problem, The government has the power to control it Whenever side gets, it can beat down the other side That's not america, Es g is controlling how we
invest what we say. What We think and now with this latest- and you can find this by the way at the w E F website gay oh did w e f and and just look it up yourself? It's there. Not taking it from some crazy. You know fringe website you just search for the solution to online abuse. A plus human intelligence. It's right at the world economic forum show that show that friends if they dont get it after this they're not going two and move on move on. save as many as you can We have a voting battle to fight
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