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Mary Trump has started her book tour by claiming that Trump is “virulently racist.” Cereal, sleep, and soap have been added to the list of racist things. Dr. Voddie Baucham reviews the Smithsonian’s "white culture" list and argues that Christianity and Western culture are the true targets of today’s unrest. A Chinese ambassador refuses to discuss a viral video that appears to show tied up Uighur Muslims being forced onto trains.

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President tromp has a huge announcement for his top supporters will be celebrating the two thousand twenty Republic and national convention this summer, and he wants you to enter for your chance to join him at the convention. If you win, the team will cover the flight hotel and give you a vip passes for yourself in a guest. All you have to do is text back to eighty zero to two today for your chance to meet President trumpet the convention again be easy k to eighty eight zero to twenty to win this once in a lifetime opportunity to be his special guest paid for by Donald Trump oppressor. Nick page, a grave for still today on the Glen Back programme today we start off the show, with some of the exciting headlines over the weekend include federal agents arresting protesters in portly, there's more unknit cannons future after his anti semitic comments and how China is refusing to responded, drone footage of what seems to be rigorous. Being s escorted onto trains, while black,
in full, with an handcuffed won't seem to answer with. That's all about. Also Mary Trump speaks with Rachel that out of hell, racist Trump family is, and we have a very special guest doktor voting about them. To talk about how sleep is now considered, white privilege and how far until the church is considered racist. All of that, and a lot more coming up on the plug. Yesterday, the only thing tat the day she blew the term family. If you if you're tromp supporter look out and look out because here she comes
Let's, let's play cut. Nineteen first What Mary is heard her Uncle say too fast and and you said there was she close. You saying there was knee jerk antis, amateurism knee jerk racism in your family. What you are saying growing up. It was sort of normal to hear them, use the end word or use. Anti semitic expressions, don't you dare to expand on? What do you mean just generally within the family? That was an accepted thing or do mean. Specifically, you heard your uncle Donald, This is the kind of language business losses just generally, where the old generations the as it were sickly commonplace in ordinary to say such things. I had the benefit of living generation. Should I get estates and go to school and forest tells
so she didn't she didn't their ideas about how she didn't, but it was commonplace. Linear, the older generation do that really so like Donald trumps, dad who is raised in like the twenties and thirty's. Might have been met views the inward or might have used the word colored somebody who was in their sixties in the Sixtys and Seventys. I find that are to believe that are developed. So but she lived in Jamaica, I mean not Jamaica, Jamaica. Now that there many people there. That's what I heard her say: that's what I heard her say buddy. So she went on and and and Rachel pinned down now, listen to this good listener. This good journalism,
here she is wait, a minute wait, a minute wait a minute, but did you hear your uncle say that have the pressure on and a little bit just to ask the President if your uncle was an exception to that in your family were only a few. If you, if you hurt, you ever heard him looker, look even antecedent slurs or the inward or other races, slurs or other sentiments like that was was. It was, and I do mean this is ambient thing in your family, but you can't say that you ever heard it from him, or did you get it from him to oh yeah yeah? that's why. I don't think that was a surprise. Anybody, given how very violently racist is today that's what I was thinking I was singing. I look at him and I see nothing but a racist, a guy lived in New York, as is always had great relationship with the african american community, very popular with the african american community.
Until he ran for president and they did the smear job on em, but that's what I think all the time man he so virulent in his racism. He'd like to hear our don't. You give me one example: a virulent racism from Donald Trump today, I'd love to hear it. What give me one example you can't even eat, push back a little bit on that night, oh man, I can't even tat I can even take. I can't even take your system, but you're not wearing a mask right now, not you're, just you're, just such outrageous white privilege clan matter. They just goes along with the with whatever Donald Trump says, never questioning its science. Pat, ok, ok, follow the science. I love This is the way you cannot talk to these people. You can't argue with
or in our debate them or just even have a reasonable conversation. The to automatically go to its your whiteness. It's, your privilege, privilege needs how much you want to kill people. It's, much you're a hate. I mean it's, it's incredible you'd they dont have have any facts at all. No facts, no facts. When they don't cheese she should they don't and she's she's old, she'd, she'd sheep. She revealed that Donald TUSK, friend, she thinks talk- is ass eighteen forum, what more what what what X or missing their welders, there is also the fact that his dad may not have been very nice. You got that lead, blower right air, oh wow, I won't ever saw
I never saw anything but a happy relationship with his did her high. You know: never. Never I've never had an inkling of that his virulent racism it's crazy earlier, but the thing that would say he might not have had a good relationship with his dad in Vietnam and never saw, I think I never saw it never saw now here's the NBC News as they begin to report this over the weekend bomb. Shell accusations. Listen begin late. Details on that for men, Bcg, Jeff, Bennett tonight and stunning new accusation from President unannounced niece when there tromp telling MSNBC Rachel Meadow she's heard the President use anti semitic slurs and the worst stop for a second step, for it is
This is a bad video or is this guy have one of the worst speech impediments. I've heard on an from from a national rewarder. He tell NBC News that there is a well. I ve got a really bad speech impediment and nobody has even talk to me about having that work. Donner look dad. It's just crazy. We go I can listen cassettes, I mean that's a professional broadcaster there, we can only details on that for many species, Jeff Bennet tonight, a stunning new accusation from President trust me running where Mary tromp telling anyone be someone regional man, now she's heard the president use. I anti semitic slurs and the end word the pressure on and a little bit if is to ask the President if your uncle was an exception to that in your family or if he, if you If you have, you ever heard him express
either use Anti semitic, slurs or the inward or other races, slurs or other sentiments like that was was it. I do mean this is the ambient thing in your family, but you can't say that you ever heard it from him, or did you get it from him to give, course I of course dont think that should surprise anybody, given how very early racist is today Please still will not admit that Woodrow Wilson was a racist. And he's out there practically in the plan, outfit no, no, no, he wasn't bad. He was one of the greatest presidents of all time, and Donald Trump virulent in is racism, I really would like an example. I really would deal thing: they ever go to it What he said during the unknown. Today, I think of the campaign when he said and the men against coming across the border in us?
of the murderous, some of them are that and there's rapists well gave me dad To be many spoke it. The, I guess, inarticulately but he wasn't saying that everything you do that I've never think do that. Tab he's always right on scripted, always just perfectly eloquent. That's really did it on or drop says some of the craziest stuff. Any doesn't mean that now he does not. But of course we we don't. We don't actually look into deeper meaning. Do you was it, there was a story that came out. I think it was yesterday that I read that was talk about how you cannot believe any of the pole numbers because people just not going to say that they are voting for four Donald Trump These pole numbers are all upside down. Do you believe that yeah? I did I don't
leave that Joe Biden up by fifteen points. So yes, something's going on a either people are lying to them. Or these are you know, I don't know their fake poles like resident keepsake, but this happened before to it- they had they had Clinton up by fifteen twenty points at about time in in the two thousand sixteen election and look what happened there. So I I I don't I don't know why President Trump said too. I think Chris Wallace over the weekend that in some cases, their surveying just twenty two percent, publicans and the rest Democrats or independence. It which could have a huge imp on any pole huge. But because they ve waited the Republican so heavily I haven't, but twenty two as we all know, that there's
What has happened at rather than ever had begun republic. Dear. That's ridiculous mean reed, we're all markets is now the best of the programme AIDS, and you're listen into the Glen Bag Program, if you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available, where ever you download your favorite broadcasts. I wanted to talk to you about if you know that, Agnes charge that was revealed last week that came out of the Smithsonian but also the the That soap is now racist because it was trying to show they cleanliness next time oddly nets, which is a white idea, and the fact that sleep reparations need to be made
a big, not eleven minutes, easy and remember. There's a couple days we ve thought about land. One I talked about the first now adopt was my fear of backlash, and I think that we are starting to see some of that backlash, because some of these things are so crazy, so stupid They make absolutely no sense, and so people or people are there not taking these things more people are thrown a hand up as an ok, fine, I've tried to be understanding. I tried to be sensitive, I I tried to listen- I tried to hear I tried to work towards. You know something something you know Nobody ever said what we were working toward right, the everybody always so I don't know the answers are right, but until now people are saying, but but the more we do, this, the more ridiculous things become the further you have
reach in order to identify what what's really wrong. So that bet that's the best. The first thing that I'm seeing is gonna backlash this coming, but the second thing we ve talked about this as well. People are saying to me: will you keep talking about all of you know? The black last met a movement in critical theory, cultural Marxism and you you're. Not you not talking about the fact that their killing us, while one of those things is a merited. That's not true that the fact that it all police are running around America. Looking for black men to kill unarmed black, maybe killed. That's not true! That narrative is not true. It's not happening and I keep hearing people say it is there in the? U S, was saying it here in other parts of the world as well. It is not true, that's not the threat. What the threat is critical berry- and I think this chart gives an example of what I was trying to say when I said ultimately they're coming for Christianity,
Well, this is exactly what I would expect from a race trader. Somebody who is trade, it is a bit be betrayed his own raised. Quite honestly, our or an uncle Tom That's the way you get you would be, sponsored too and dismissed, but I I instead would like to hear what you're saying about Christianity, because I know it's true and I dont think Christians understand that our churches going to be deemed racist and in this culture, where The cry of racism is simultaneously, a role, your eye joke and something that will get you fired or or you know, get you d platforms justly
accusation when they start saying that our churches are racist, they're going to in that case and we're in deep trouble. MRS which this is what you see in this chart from the National Museum of african american history and part of the Smithsonian they their defining? Why if you remember last time, already do that- that lifted definitions, whiteness white supremacy, white privilege, and then white fragility and how all of that sort of work together, you know, put you on a path of anti racism. Now we see what what people are missing. It is a serious thing. This is not a joke. They are seriously defining like culture as things like rugged individualism and a family structure, emphasis on the scientific method, the protestant, why Catholic
in religion, your christianity as the norm, judeo christian heritage as the norm, a future orientation but planning for the future delayed gratification. You no progress is always better. Time doing time as a commodity at you know like does a limited amount of it or something aesthetics holidays them is this idea of justice in all. Based on the lowest common law, protect property. In entitlements intent, counts in the law. I bet that's white. A lot of you realize that that was those white, but so it white so party. I have to tell you if this war printed by the clan. I would say it's one of the most racist things I've ever seen, but this is print by the United States government and the effort
Can American Museum of the Smithsonian yet and its incredibly racist. Yes, it is that not only is it raises and again as we ve as we talked. I said that you know what we are seeing is more races, then everything that people are complaining about. I mean I'd talk about white supremacy, the idea that black people have no person agency and can help themselves and need white saviours racist ideas, but again, that's horrible, but now what talking about people who Christianity and so what I did, I just ran through these in my head. I did it immediately when I first saw the story as I went through these things
just immediately going ok, I could see a bible verse for that that debt, that that you know The day I told you so let's go further, hang on. Let's go, let's go through this, because Christians have got to wake up. Jews have got to wake up, what's happening, is the the real target here is not ass, the western way of life, but what created the western way of life, all of the values and the principles and the things that we know to be true that come the Bible and come from the judeo christian tradition. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget raids on I too had did you happen to see the video from great Britain?
was BBC or one of the other channels over there? That did an interview with the chinese ambassador to Great Britain. They played a video there's been circulating the image internet. China won't answer. What's going, on here did you see this? I haven't now watch this watch this video. It's a drone footage it's a drone flying over a train station and it shows hundreds of men who have bad and zip tied with their hands behind their back their kneeling on the ground. Their heads are shaved, they're, all wearing blindfolds and each of them is escorted by two police officers and there being loaded onto trains and,
Nobody knows what happened. Nobody knows what's going on list this conversation of fraud, Great Britain, television as they ask the ambassador, China or the chinese ambassador to Great Britain what the hell is going on and this not the first time he's been ass. This listen, look at some very disturbing droned footage. That's been widely shared around the world this is almost over northern China Oversight enjoying. Can you tell us what is happening here? I cannot see that is a view that this is not the first time you show me. I still remember. Last year you show me what is happening in ancient John. You must, let me tell you this shit
haven't, been to sing, giving us off. No, I never have you. No single three gotta ask them most of you took place in John there's, a chinese saying. You do not know hobby of chinese Lhasa. Those is no. That is not beautiful coverage. However, is it you know sugar, that is, exactly what I'm going to tell you since nineteen ninety soon junk has come of age and because of this, startled into terrorist attacks. Can that was ten years ago. Can I ask you why people on kneeling, blindfolded, unshaven and being led to trains in modern China? Why? What is going on there? I do not know why you get this a veto tape. You know some You have a chance to meet your transfer of her presence, prisoners, you know in any country but you're just what is happening here ambassador. I do not know what did you get? This would be to these things have been going around the world, they ve been authenticated by western intelligence agencies and by
straight in its experts who say these a wager people, let me show you re mustn't, emulate Lanai mutate pretended is the so called Western in is keeping Maybe there's a false accusation against China. Is that one million of bigger has been persecuted. You not hot. Bake. How many populations indian has its just about two years ago, it's a full five million noted eleven million people and people say you no wait pose. We have asked need cleansing, but population has doubled in the forty years, a cunning, I'm so sorry to interrupt, but, according to your own local governments statistics, the population growth in weaker jurisdictions in that area has fallen by eighty four percent between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen. Eighty four percent- that's not right
with eyes, gave me all that we should take a gas. Can me I gave a this figure as the chinese ambassador. This is over now father figure past forty years population increase that they had seen publishing changing increase to double the population? both so this is no so called net section of the population deserves no so called a horse and saw tee. Do you notice what he just said the pop relation of changing double old in the last forty years. These, Pointed II was pointed out that the the weaker population in a three year period was was reduced somehow by a five percent. He said that not true the
population and he clarified, he started going down with the Wiggers and he knew it was wrong, and so we clarified no, no, the. Popular, I'm telling you, the population of changing in the last forty years has doubled. Yes, it could, And the wiggers have been wiped out, what's happening to them. Incredible really is really is, and you know China is so closed off. It's hard to know the truth of of anything. That's going on there from the petty, as it really is happening here, but it sure looks like it sure, look like there's an ethnic cleansing going on. I mean No with Germany, I was watching this video and I thought if we had the Germans on film taking people onto trains like that.
And we knew that they had built these concentration camps. We knew what was going on and we had witnesses that got out those concentration camps and then got out of China I don't know if we would have been as silent but then maybe we would have maybe it would have been. Didn't have a court. To you, know the press at the time it set. We had no hard evidence of pictures or anything else. We film of going on. And nobody says anything. Yeah and worse. You know the I dont any muslim organization. Talkin about this. I don't hear anybody talking about it. I don't hear unclear, leaning accusing do you know? Why do you know why Pakistan won't do it because they have the silk road they're getting
too much from China and so pack stand. A muslim country has asked Billy sold their own people down the river in China, and said now there's I've been going on. They assure us that us going because getting so much money and trade free China and China has said you got a with this year the problem with us and we're not helping. What in what happened to all of the cries after world WAR two and ever since, Never again ever again, and then we continue to allow it to allow to happen over and over and over again, and we know it. Discussing the question is the question is What are you gonna do about it? That's that's a good question. That's where people run no, but not. There are organisations that are aiding Christians and religious minorities to get out of China. I mean it
it doesn't seem unreasonable to try who help and support those organizations that are getting people the Chinese Christians are in, not dire of a state because they're just rounding all these wiggers up in one in the sin Jong area, which is where they all are there just wiping them out, but they are doing the same thing slowly, all across China to churches and and the catholic church. Pope just sold them out. Just sort of about two weeks ago and in didn't sound like the ambassador, is almost justifying it by saying they had a lot of terrorist attacks ten years ago in that area? Yes, almost justifying what's happening, that yeah yeah there are being loaded onto a train and taken to a concentration camp, but a I mean
they had a common, oh No, no no he's they ve been saying: that for a long time that the weaker and they may be trouble. But you don't ethnically cleansed them. I mean you put the bad eyes in prison. You don't ethnic Lee clans, it's it's its insanity, We are, are bitching about and. And doing nothing about really important things while taking on rice, Krispies self cream of we want an answer. Mamma I mean We are, you know, singing pad. You know in the end of days, there's the great horror of the earth I am beginning to wonder: if that's the reason why we are not in the book of revelation is because we
the great horror of the earth we ve had it all. We ve had absolutely everything we ve had freedom, we ve, resources weave we weren't given all of these things from God, and what did we do we prostituted them? We. We sold out in every way and then go. The rest of the world to sell out too because they wanted our law. Style and and really. Look at how we ve become we're, where apparently fine with all of this stuff and twenty years after nineteen years after nine o in these marxists are doing what what Osama Bin Laden tried to do and we all swore that it would never happen to us not in our lifetime,
and here we are nineteen years later and we're dismantling it, or allowing watching it happen in front of
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