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Best of the Program | 4/22 - Those 'Easter Worshipers'? - h1 -  Revelations and Spoilers? - h2 - The Old Way is Busted? - h2 - 'After Columbine'? (w/ Evan Todd) -h3

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Hey. Welcome to the Monday podcast lot going on specially. We start with Sri Lanka, where. Easter worshippers were killed. Did you know that still- and I did not worship Easter. I did. I worship the eggs and the Bunny the media was calling Christians. Yesterday we have to say about that. Also its day so time for stews game of Thrones Recap: don't worry not a single spoiler alert, because he's only seen two episodes and not looking anything up, so it to recap, those who have absolutely no idea who any of the characters are also Ukraine, just higher day. Well, they they voted at seventy one. Seventy three percent a comedian to be. leader and president,
It's amazing because no one knows any of his policies. He's not given them and his his interviews he doesn't give unless matches to different reporters and they have to jump a hurdle. to be able to interview. I will tell you about that hurdle and it is phenomenal- and I think it's gotta scary where we are ourselves also eventide occur. combine survivor talks about but it was like on that day. Twentieth anniversary is on Saturday talked about what happened. He was the first kid shot. He was one that had a gun to the temple of his head and he talked out of it and what is its view on guns in a school today, that's all on today's podcast
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your home and they can take all the money out of your home. They can take loans out against. It is really quite amazing. the home title lock dot com. They are the only people that actually and protect your home from fraudsters taking us home, title lock, DOT, TK Tom, title, lock, dot com go there helicopters, overhead, just on the other side of the fence of the nationals, Sri Lanka Hotel full of tourist from all over the world. Us wanting to celebrate Easter, just before nine a M yesterday in explosion shook the air. The church was packed with brightly dressed people on Easter Sunday. It wasn't just one church: it was church after church,
after church yesterday, a day of peace, a day where, if just the Christians with list, to the message of Christ to love our enemies to forgive. Do not have hatred. The world would truly change the day of peace. The day of hope The day of the resurrection of the man, despite our darkest moments the day marking his resurrection. It became day of blood and ashen screaming and loss.
Nine bombings yesterday two hundred and seven people dead, four hundred and fifty wounded- and they were all chosen specifically for their religious belief, lived literally targeted at their church. Some people did something all right. We ve heard that phrase recently. We know it was a day where some people did something Sri Lanka has been plagued by violence throughout its history, but spend nearly a decade since the end of its civil war and yesterday had nothing to do with three long in politics and everything to do with religious persecution. Christians specifically targeted, there's. No doubt Christians, worshippers of Christ.
Believers in Christianity, Christians, not Easter, worshippers, Asia, Easter worshippers seem to be the descriptor of the day yesterday, how's that for a coordinated response, they weren't Easter worshippers. We don't worship Easter We worship arisen, Lord, the priestess Christ. That's what makes us Christian not Easter, worshippers. Christians face a new persecution of growing persecution. In fact, it's the worst persecution, since the days right after Christ, on Easter Jesus performed recalled by rising from the dead.
But perhaps were so close to being lost into nothingness. Perhaps it will be another miracle. If Christians either begin to stand up, let alone rise. It's time for Christians to recognise what's happening to their faith, is eighth in America dead can it rise again has even Anyone really even know what it means to be. A Christian is empathy dead in America
we'll Christians begin to stand up in defence of their own faith. I'm not sure, but we have to And we have to do it pretty darn soon. You know I am, I am amazed at how hard we are viewing this Sri lankan event. Yesterday, this bombing this intentional islamist targeting of of churches, I guarantee you that there will be more ink spent on Glenn Back being a conspiracy theorist by saying. You know, I don't think this is, but if it's found out that its is Islamists that have set note
you're damn on fire. You probably won't know about it, because Nobody will want to engage in that and what would happen if Islamist actually burn down Notre Dame they spend all last week saying what a conspiracy theory that was no, that wasn't a conspiracy theory I this has said no to Adam is it's not? Bert one target. Ices has targeted that building twice now they didn't do this. They didn't burned but they even came out last week. In still said, they will not build it they're gonna take that building out. So it's not, conspiracy, theory. It is a collection of facts, and then you look at what burning and you say is this: is it Is this not it that turns out? As I said that day, this is not an islamic terror operation.
Oh, we spend all that time last week on noted. And the only reason why they spend that time is because that building is iconic. It's the building its now at the building represents it's. The building is bitter tourist attraction to them, correct, correct and a piece of history. it is that there is something more to that building it is, you know, Dennis Prager said in an article this week it was an omen for Christianity in the west. Are you dead. Are you having it's burning itself down to the ground? Are you dead Christians? Well, in Sri Lanka, it's not burning itself down to the around people actually after risk their lives for what they believe in and they did this weekend, and what was that
What was c and ends big angle, CNN, Big angle was, did you what is there to Donald Trump said that there were what was it a hundred and thirty eight million dead? It was clearly a typo that was corrected immediately. What are you do? everything must be about Donald Trump. Every reiterate ridable. I mean how about this in a we spent weeks and weeks and weeks talking about the terrible shooting in New Zealand and the targeting of muslin targeting of Muslims, because I mean look at the hatred, that's going on towards Muslims. and, of course, that's. That was true in the case and it deserves. A lot of attention was a terrible incident, but
One is an end very isolated in comparison to what's happening to Christians around the world. You I mean it's really is required, spread around the world with Christians. Now, that's not something that big gets covered. This is its incident that as many orders of magnitude, her Yemen is a much bigger. We know death toll here, we're talking about food, five hundred people injured almost three hundred dead in these nine bombings so far, and that will of course increase I'm sure as we go forward, and let me ask you this: do how ridiculous would it be for Christians today to say we ve got to take away people's bomb, making ability? stunningly. That was a that's already been done in any, but it's ridiculous to think that ok, socially Sri Lanka hard to get a gun in blog- I imagine oh yeah, but you should see the process
Albert and in again you know they took away all the guns in other, taking away all the guns anew. Even now they ve already pass all these laws to do so now they ve made this the new zeal. Situation is now close to zero Lancashire. Sir Lanka. They got all the stuff that you could possibly want to ban guns plus much much much more than has ever been presented here and what happens will now, they ve been on six times as many people are dead right and they were able to do this. This is not even a largely funded its it'll, relatively unknown islamic extremist group. That is allegedly response
well for this, and yet they were able to kill three hundred people and in a country where not only can you not a make bombs legally, but you can't buy possess firearms and there I was looking at the report of this. It's it's actually incredible of what they have to do so now. There's no second amendment right to firearms, which of course, is only in really two or three countries in the world actually have something similar to the second amendment and they're all worse than than ours as far as rights, but they don't and they dont give you a licence to buy firearms. Unless you can prove you, it's absolutely necessary to possess one. So what's that process like again like there's, not a ton of information known to be very restrictive, but this is at least from there's a quarrel article about this of someone who lived there and worked in and then department,
I don't know I wouldn't based. I wouldn't based my legal rights on this particular article, but its it is a fascinating one. So you go, you have to set an application to request a licence to possess a firearm. Then you submit that and you have you them all sorts of information. Once you submit it, they will attach their recommendation or disapproval right will letter and that will be sent along to the Ministry of Defence suggested gun the mystery to fit. Defence will consider your application and will almost certainly rejected unless you make absolutely strong arguments on why you should be able to bear a firearm if the Ministry of Defence decides to issue of a licence to bear firearms. They they will decide which kind of firearms suits your case a knock. I mean what what's a situation, you have a legitimate security threat, maybe your somebody, celebrity protecting a compound, something they will sell it to to you. They will sell to you a model of firearms.
they decide to sell you. You cannot buy firearms anywhere and Sir Lanka as restrictive. What you get arms on a firearm? You are not allowed to shoot it unless absolutely necessary. You have to report every single bullet shot by you, oh my gosh. They also permit you to possess only a given number of bullets. You did you go to that. You get proficient in it. You can only ray of pain bullets re obtain is the word these from a licence ammunition seller who is bound by law. Only to issue emulation ammunition in an amounts similar to the amount of cartridges or shells returned to them. So you need to bring all your empty casings shells and bring them in and then say here. I've got forty five and then you could by forty five. That is that's the process there, so they got ever a fever
Dream of, like Bernie Sanders Times Koala Harris Times, Corey Booker as far as gun laws go and then being in a dash of the Green Party and the Socialist Workers Party, like the most restrictive you could ever imagine and what happens six times as many people are dead, and these Ex than the ones they were all saying, we're guns fault last time and again, because its Christians and set of Muslims that are the victim here and they were victims in both cases, but that the attention will not be paid upon. the victims here, because equally register worshippers. It like I have seen it. eastern worshippers, delicate. Here's that human as it were, the worshipping Easter worshipping the bun under what are they doing exactly sure sure is an amazing Easter worshippers.
Christians and the reason why we we showed you this last week in Europe itself, there were going to just ballpark these numbers, but it's pretty close. There were one thousand eight hundred hate crimes that were filed in the EU last year. One thousand eight hundred hate crimes out of the one thousand eight hundred about a hundred of them were against Islamist, ok or Muslims. Two or three hundred were against Jews. The rest were Christians, the rest were christian, it was like thirteen hundred and sixty four acts of hate against Christians. Christians are under attack all over the world and no one is talking about it. including our own churches with
happening in China alone is horrific. I'm sorry to say, but it looks like the pope is not helping the christian churches, the catholic churches in China. He is. He is on the wrong side of what's happening with the catholic Churches and the Catholic parishioners in China, but Christians are are being targeted in China, there being targeted in Burma there being targeted, in Africa in Europe, in the Middle EAST in Asia, all over the world. And no one is standing up for them. No one standing up for our own faith? We're
all sitting here we leave you went to church yesterday. Did you at all at all have a feeling or a fleeting thought. This is this? Is this is dying is all going away where, where is the church, the dynamic church that we had when I was growing up now? You're lucky you live in a place like we do where the churches are dynamic, but this is an oasis here I mean it is not like this in the rest of the country, if
or if you are up north tell me your churches is healthy, as it was even five years ago. Tell me our faith in our sitting, and I was sitting in church waiting for the service yesterday and I was I was reading my scriptures and I was, I was overwhelmed by Luke six ten. we were living this, but love your enemies and do good and land hope. For nothing again so, in other words, are He just doing this loving our enemies and doing good to our enemies. Lead seeing them stuff lending a helping hand and hope for nothing in return. Are we in doing that, part.
for he is kind to the unthankful and the evil. So in other words, we are supposed to do because he is kind to the unthankful and the evil be. Therefore merciful judge not condemn not forgive Are we even doing this? How many of us we're missing someone at the table for Easter because of politics The best of the bird that programme. like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell
such a version of this to become a record. You can feel the power of the series. I think you're dead, now you are not necessarily a fan, but you're, not an anti van either you're, not against it. Now I mean I've heard really good things about it, and sometimes in you hear that series and you don't watch it. You know you wind up getting catching up later. get into it. I mean, what's happened to me, I haven't made with breaking bad like getting what prerogative beginning one of really loving met right, so I I maybe that's gonna be the same thing here, though it breaking balloted, Credit jump in the last season right and understand it with no contacts right and you are specifically asking for no help. I want no. We are not doing any internet research, I'm not going back and re watching things intentional writings, I don't I wanted to
the appearance, easier access will not its grave killing me solid. Thank you. So what is this did. Did that let club Maxie aright so still is here with your game of thrones update the second episode, but in the seas and final season of game a throne. I is a pretty big things that happened this week, really first of all biggest one. I think there are seven kingdoms. Yes, there are seven kingdom, that's huge added, no idea, but in another, not why didn't they are? I somebody was pushed out of a tower k that happened in a business in a flashback. Seen ok. as you know, I don't know what the context that was our who the two people were, but sometimes I wish our fell dramatically. Right did not look good, then. The open happens. The open animation is very, very long. I it's credible how long it is. You know it is amazing how innovation
Oh, like Seinfeld, a thirty minute show it ran like a minute. You're, like you got they too now you ve got twenty one shut up with that and we said, throw it on a hot. We show one was like each character forty seconds dancing in the different sweater. I knows how easy that's crazy. When you go back and watch of, and now you see something like game thrones, which is a little lengthy, yet It's just a bunch of models like really cheesy. Looking models of us knew this season. That's new I think I don't know. I only saw the last parkers. I always hit Skip Infra right because you cut their cut as you, sweeping through these landscapes, early cheesy models, and it reminded me of the old tales of the crypt open exempt. There's no puppet skeleton that pops up at the anarchy of all, though I don't swear learn it could happen outside on our ok so but the other day I wanted to dress this. Is this one's annoying me for real? Is that the game of Thrones Font that IRAN keeping
the game of thrones vodka. It's just a normal font with three lines vertically through the oaths reality difference. I I don't think this is the kind of update people are looking for other. So are again, I will say if you know these characters that there may be spoiler alert and here because I am describing things I dont Know- which ones are important which wants to skip. So if you, if you haven't, That's the episode in your book. Then you can read the update on line after I heard Europe, so I urge you recap last week I didn't even understand because look at all the blondie queen she wants a She wants the guy and beard sister to send troops which He is not doing so. That's the problem and the bearded guy. Currently angry elves brother and the in this resolution. For you last night, Guy might be the brother of the elf yeah, that's a big development
and also the sister of the woman whose not sending troops Guantanamo that as yet but saran out there now they are. They used to, albeit war right now they're, not, but they still not really like each other, all that much than theirs The matronly woman who stands up and she vouches forbear guy and she says you sexually assaulted and that but Beard guy defended her, which makes all of his previous murder attempts? Ok at the red head red. Edit matronly now averages blonde dish and she can stood up to defend. Her must have missed that part. You have romance weather then there's this back street boy in the wheelchair character. I found out about tragedy, really looks like a boy there America's wheelchair all the time on it any seems to just kind of stare pensively at people, nor a lot less seems to be his role and then there's the frumpy girl
another frumpy girl. She was in the last episode and she likes swords, alot and shoot behind. With the with the with the goatee guy, I gotta say that T guy, I know, is one of the main characters, but I lost them. I can't tell which, when it was so my last description of goatee guy, I dont remember now who that was like. I couldn't recreate, who the same I couldn't I, You can tell a difference, because the real all look the same there, their identity people, while their already won in the entire series, is identical. There's not a lot of razors or water illness dialogue a shower in going accurate, everybody's Oregon, cold and everybody's wearing black. Like being in Manhattan, everybody just wearing.
planets, they all kind of look the same their miserable dig s. Yes, ok! So then the frumpy girl she can throw knives very accurately. You actually want some sort of weapon made for her. Then they go to this bright red tree and at the bright red three is the is the factory boy in the wheelchair he he's out there just see completely implausible that he could we'll himself in this wheelchair thrall, the snow and terrain to get to this locate rides. I like there's a sidewalk with curbs anywhere exactly it will be very difficult, and I hope that no handy capable you no access to any part in Thankyou ass. I really am hoping that in future episodes they have like a flash back to how we got there. Morality. How did he traversed the rod is at least now. Is there just literally that him stuck with it even reminded us. Now it can suffer.
hell beyond whipping credibly, geology, Asia. Ok, so, upper body strength is what you're saying the ethics out that somebody to see this is where we're getting a review. You're not gonna, get it he's, lay cells. Nobody is talking about Lee. We. What do you call him? The wheelchair backs. Actually boy, the wheelchair Bactria his upper body, strength right, melons covered that So there s this tree and the bearded guy, who I learn apparently was the person who actually pushed the back street boy, who not in a wheelchair out of the window, yes- and I think that may have caused the wheelchair situation again, not spoiler unless you're unseasoned one that's been that lucky, then that long I'd so angry, health and his brother, the the beard guy based, they seem to think that their sister was trash make, but they sort of lover anyway.
They had a conversation about about that. Then there's this guy who looks like Kyler Ricky your base and Lenny from Laverne, and surely he visits the good. The queen, blondie lady, do you know? I'm talkin about, I think the learning member Lenny and then your memory no rikiu your base. If they look, we have source of alternative lifestyles at her dinner, Izzie thinner, then Ricky, your race, maybe guy, don't know, I think I know you're talking about percent, but they visit Queen Blondie and they used to not like each other, but now they do, which is the relationship venom of every person under shell is good. I think you're not helping out with that conversation is the same, covers a which is here, I know you used to try to kill me all the time, but we're we're friends now like that's that I didn't have the thoughtless.
Was a much more complex life back then what we had social. We have social media that we are now have to navigate, but they were just trying to kill each other and you you never knew like. Are you my friend now? or is this a plot to kill me? Oh my gosh, can you imagine the tweets going back and forth between Queen Blondie and Beard guy that was around back then? That would have an incredible, Ok, so I will say this. I noticed this was kind of big relation for me during this vertical episode that the blonde queen, Her eyebrows a remarkably dark for her hair colored, hey again, a bright light was noticeable right, right, headed we will talk about that alot girls. No day, though, she was out there on a lot of good she's. Moreover, she'd she's she's, one that is which is up in winter, fell, say now Irene. I can't take this. It's always gray, it's always dark. It's always cold.
This is not me right, she's! More of a son, worship, overhead, your guy. I could say that now here's another one- and this is if you're, if you ve, only joined, we know now this may be a spoiler alert, but the blonde queen, lady she's, in love with John I think, might be John Snow, not a spoiler. that's not the spoiler chaos. Is it John? He has now that's the goatee guy, I made no animal. Maybe it was doubly guy with a beard but again that does not narrowed down at all. This was the guy that you were trying to place last week, yeah- and you said I don't know who live there, doing the dragon thing their flight on dry, eight and stuff. He lay ass Valencia.
you got it. That's John says Johnson, that's a big character of you in this thing is when people know that they should walk for him to do so, because I think he's gonna do he's gonna be one of these active characters in the show is he's the one of the central characters, how best theirs- conflict between blondie and a redhead about a throne in the north indicted for that right in developing its purposes. Ok, I got the redhead is hugging. Someone and I dont know who it is because everyone looks the same, but They were hoped she was hugging, someone, ok, a little kid wants to join the war and eat soup. The soup did not look good right, not a big I point then there's a big moment where the someone is here. Alarm sounds: yes, they have it. They have like us simply safe system. Yet someone approaching, unlike you right, The red hair burly guy comes in and he was a big character throughout this episode. He has it there's a beer guy. There are another beer gaining eyepatch guy there and they are
together. whoever is coming another, so this is something that people might not understand. If they're going and coming into seasoning episode to and didn't see, seasoning episode want, but something or some one is coming winter is coming. It's just that it's just winter will that's. That was the first line of the series. Was enter is coming and now winter is. Finally here has been having the into This is bad other J making analogy because, like it has been called the entire time. Yes, no, it's it's in and out in the name of the place is also with our fell, which I learned last episode right, good, good good, but somebody that I feel like I've army or at a monster or an attacker of some sort. As coming yesterday, and it's so you you're trying so hard and they're coming before the sun comes up. So it's like tomorrow, what's the weather in the next two hours
So the army's unbeatable, except for one week point, may I ask you a question how do you know that their coming? If I just told you winter is coming, which is an analogy when they said are coming before sun up. Secondly, another analogy could be another analogy right. How do you know what the analogy is and what the actual time is again all this is contextual, so I feel like the they were They were drinking, they were saying we're not gonna live to the next day. They are not competent force. That will say this was, I would say that was accurate. Yes, those Erika Billina. on eight match up in the NBA play off right. They just did not seem competent. They did. They did, however, have the past billowy of knocking off his army because of one weak point like the death star. They haven't. Star possibility at Sea Reich, you think they could just about. or put like that, like they used when you're good gopher hunting back on the actual,
It was like that they can do so that they can wipe all right at the same time, which is again like every army in every series seems to do this signal. Put one weak point: mirage: all you have to drive is not do the runway pointing into when all the while, but you don't necessarily know that one weak point until it's too late, but how your enemy does, but they almost every, never universes it. Let's see someone killed a White Walker, I dont know what a White Walker is became very proud of that are. I did of the angry ELF was sleeping with a sister, so the brother of the angry else. was sleeping with his sister, which I think means it's also angry of sister good for you. Yes, this is, Yes, I mean this is not something you should be watching. Glamour did disappointed at you. you're right on there. some there's a bunch of sexual stuff that one on the frumpy girl naked and she looked a lot less.
Ok, what you got out of rising our notice that Then there was the scary opposing army? Ok, that they find I guess this is the group is coming and, and they are there, wherein the visual carbon connection to the arrival Castle interface, which is a big deal and, I think and we ve gone wrong and spoil earlier. There is a big revelation beard guy. I think, as someone named Sir Jamie of Lancaster. Sir Jamie Lancaster Ill Beard guy not revelations so not as oil again, what it was. A big reveals. A big guilty began, his name and every man said Verity We are today, I mean this is always a little better than that, but a third Oh thorough! Look at last night's episode, we're thirty's
Be a thank you very regularly. This is the best of the blend back programme. you, talk about how America is you know we don't we don't. We don't share things anymore. Part of that is because of the breakdown of media and in a good way, we're in a golden era of television right now, have you ever heard or seen a show called eat, killing Eve I have not. It is really really good real. Good, then, are you hurt again like that's? What's amazing about this? Is their she's ever onto my stumble upon a series that. Almost was specifically designed for me yeah, you know and it's like,
How did I do not know about? This? Is eighty five seasons in an area two thousand twilight owners on waiting. Now, no idea, I love Lucy. When I love Lucy Come was out, it had a ninety to share, which meant that about seventy percent of the american population was watching. I love Lucy and he had a watch it If so imagine I remember I remember this. You know in the days of mash and even Seinfeld and friends where you would talk the next day and up, till really tv show you, would say now, don't don't tell me, don't tell me don't tell me: oh yeah, presided we're going on the air the next day and you'd. Have that newsboy, like you, try to talk about it without talking Bout, the shows in this is again like me, no nineteen like nineties, early two thousand. but in the early nineties you just talked about it. You started in the in the eighties. You just talk about it, works
was the only way you revelling add unless you saw the re run six months later near you just everybody, everybody watched it live. So now nobody, I mean here, game thrones had a say seventeen point four is at issue air, or is that the rating seventeen point? four million Americans watch it. That's what it is. An actual number seventeen point: four million Americans watched it, which is what five percent five the population, presented a violation. Roughly, seventy percent of the population was watching. I love Lucy. Seventy and give a throne is everywhere everywhere, every everywhere I mean it at how many people I've never seen a single episode, but couldn't tell you anything about me? I mean it's all to live till last couple weeks: yeah, it's crazy, how fragmented fragmented we really are, and how We are united on the third
that we're most divided about politics. We we, are more united on politics, but we disagree with each other. Then I think anything else now. Isn't that sad I want it. I want to give you a scenario. Imagine for a second, the United States economy had collapsed and a coup has occurred and then China invades California and they annex the entire western seaboard now Imagine you know. In the absence of a George Washington Resurrection, we elect Kono Brian. so we ve got Conan o Brien as pray until the United States and weave Knowingly elected him to get us out of this mess, and the chaos, o Brien, you know, breaks out, you know, triumph the insult, comic dog and and goes viral
insulting the post coup government and then he's you know. I've been a run for president, my health cause, any clown can do it, and then we are acting president of the United States. That is exam. Really what happened in Ukraine this weekend. in Ukraine Voldemort. I can't you can't be volt for it is. They should worry because he might turn himself. Giants snake the linsky he declared victory. Last night he stood on a stage in his campaign headquarters. Just after the Poles closed the. The theme song that was playing you know behind him was not like you know after soon anybody for you know, born in the border. The USA burst precincts of struck gang. You need it. I have to worry about any of that, because it was his theme Don for his comic late night show for comedy show it would be like Johnny
courts it back up as your victory song UK his opponent. the previous ukrainian President had already conceded defeat before Results even started coming in is a blow out. Below out, he trounced everybody, Seventy three percent of the vote that The amount of people that were watching, I love Lucy, we just said how crazy that is. So Twenty three percent of the vote went to a late night comedian. He is now the president of Ukraine and he played the president on tv right, yes and that people just like I I mean it seems to be funny, and that scenario, maybe he'll be funny in real life. Has the president to sell the Russians are literally at the gates they are at the throats of Ukraine they ve already next Crimea.
the russian back separatist have seized nearly all of eastern Ukraine, the media, rarely even talks about it, but there has been an ongoing war in Ukraine ever since twenty fourteen thirty in thousand Ukrainians have died. The economy has collapsed, is an absolute shambles they have a comedian now nonsense would seem to dictate you know, maybe somebody who knows what they do and would be really good. But Ukraine has those in a late night comedian. How did this happen? Well, I will, I will tell you. This is in some crazy eastern. You know phenomena here, we elected,
a game show television host, I mean Donald Trump was more than that, but they say that's one of the reasons why he won is because everyone knew him and they I saw him as successful in their living rooms. Now Ukraine has taken this and they ve put a comedian in June, member when the world had a problem with Ronald Reagan, being an actor. Now, why is this happening, because every one everyone, not just in America, but in the entire western world, They are sick of the lies there, tired of the broken promises, the general feeling of being ignored.
talk down to pander to people in this country Donald Trump was elected because people were tired of being ignored and lied over and over again. I too, about immigration, the economy, jobs, I mean when you can t again that the wall is not about Mexico, build the wall is about Washington, DC people or so sick of Washington DC and their broken promises that they don't trust anybody to go in and actually fix the broken border system. So they're like you, know what build a damn wall, because the next guy, once you build it, it'll be up and that's exactly why they won't build a wall, because you can't reverse the wall?
That's what Americans want stop it. Stop playing games with my life and my livelihood. Stop it you guys don't. Really even care look what's happening in France, the for the french elected and empty, so and now their streets. Look like a war zone every Saturday and Sunday. Why? Because people are sick of it. Look it breaks it. Look at Germany The old way is busted chain. On a scale we have never seen before is coming winter is coming. every time. You hear some say all that I could never become president really Late night comedian just became president of Ukraine
it's time you mock somebody like Alexandria, occasional cortex, remember the comedian from the Ukraine, it's a new era, the old, Ways of doing things are gone. it's, what truly scares people like Mitch, Mcconnell Nancy, Pelosi, shocks humor. They know this doesn't work and quite honestly, It should terrify all of us just a little bit. What's Craig, Here you remember when Iceland collapsed, remember how they put together their new constitution, they had people tweet us your ideas.
wheat us. Your ideas that's the way. You're writing a new constitution. Tweet us your ideas. We had. Fifty four men come together. Some of the brook great his brains of of the millennia veil. Worked on that constitution for a very long time, they didn't have people just tweet their ideas, mostly what's up her had about. If we don't know here is. Here is something crazier than tweet as your ideas, here's a guy who's good at mocking the system and the Russians are at our gates, and we know seventy years ago, Vase slaughtered most of our parents and grandparents
slaughtered the whole country there at the gates- again, hey, we think the guy who can help us is a guy who's, at least on us. I mean he's a comedian, but at least he's honest Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, twenty years ago this Saturday, a guy named Evan Todd- was a student at Columbine high school. He was the first shot in the library he had had been edge. Insured incurred, shotgun wounds in the face the neck and in the back he was able to remain clear.
To convince them, not to finish him off he's on the phone with us today, Evan Welcome morning. One did the talking great talk to you. First of all, how is this weekend for you This weekend was futile to ensure it is really urgent into. They saw a level classmates boy gathered here when it was. It was encouraging to see how far people are common in the passenger road to recovery. Yeah, so tell me about that day. First, about those guys coming in I've, put we're not to user names and give them anymore glory, but those guys coming in and and and and shooting you and you're the first. What what happened.
yeah the shooting started outside was confusing at first, but as the shots got closer I was going on and most of it, either way under her tasker hiding behind book shelves, and I had a pillar trying to decide but I was gonna higher run and I kept looking around the pillar and that one of the year the murderer, saw me any lower. It shot, gun fired at that allows, hit or less on my back and then I got a couple more shots, whenever my head and that's why I got the shrapnel born back in my face and in you talk to them, you spoke to them. after they come into the library and basically everything that happen in the library happen. They came back around where I was that down and put a gun I heard he asked. Why should it be too
I told him what arriving at EU and everyone in a school- and you know it- then something happened that moment essential expression he lowered his journey, started to stand up and he turned to the other one. Is it didn't tell me you want the debate back and forth and thought for a minute and then decided to to let me go and they left the library at that time. I mean. There's so much so take apart, unpack there, but it was your character that saved your life. You had been kind to them. You know I I I I know. I know somebody wrote rephrase ILO ballplayer who worked on the road please network, which is, are you know what all these team inside the school? So I had a feeling you who I was just from reports by something something about that moment, instruct the cord and they ended up letting you go. So,
I believe the day they did not who I was- and I had never done anything to them, and that was that was too as well so how badly injured. Were you I was just going where the lucky ones I went to the local you're close to the school I was out by the end of the day, and I was bad three months later and point out the following four. I was very fortunate in black. But you didn't stay in the library you, you ve had your chance live and either stay there and Remain safe but you didn't do you actually went and save the lives of others. Yeah when they left the library there was an exit to the outside, where a bunch of students ran out and When we got outside there were even more students or hiding behind police cars and and
little outbuildings shuttle but we were bleeding out. I had been trained in firstly through the boy scouts, and you know some of the simple things of getting people into the son. A keeper Warm pulling wounds, the most basic for state definitely help keep Suleiman. You know everyone that needed to be done yard survive that day and night, just accustomed to or medical system. We got him to help. They live how did you know to put them in the sun and do those things realer deathly from the first day, training keep keep some warn people conscious we're talkin to him waiting the train on through the boy scouts here, the first, the Mirabelle Julia was very welcome. Got it you, you were actually awarded the national,
nor metal? Were you not tat? I was here and I would the only one. There were four other scouts that combine that data received award, that helping other students in first date, one of the likely tat day, traders alive well for a couple hours after incurred is his injuries. in the light in the fire in a word it well so Evan I've obviously a lot older than you are- and I remember that day and I remember thinking what the hell is happening to our country. I had never seen anything like this. Those look like the good old days Now, with everything that we we see in the news, I just read with a Huffington Post, Satan is having a moment.
and it was a story about how satanist start so bad and I mean like I'd ever- The thing is flipped upside down as you as you look at the world. Today happening to us and is there anything that you pull from Columbine that gives you extra insight here. You know I didn't come on: let's drop, it led up. Q Columbine workers from other permissive since we had that later. Ok, there don't refers to refer to them. Two pillar and death and destruction, and that was slow Did you know that? But did you know that before they came in with guns?
no I mean you know, there's a way that they dressed in some other patches and did you knew that they had different use. But I didn't know anything really about them before everything happened. Everything I've learned about. There has been no proper writing his nose, and these have been made before me Aren't you haven't authorities in after Columbine is the show of double appear. Flicks tv can see that after Columbine dot TV for Free Europe survivor Evan, and I have to say when I was seeing that the twentyth anniversary was coming up Columbine and I saw it The fell on a Saturday. I just said, thank God, like I God only knows what would have happened if that was during a school day somewhere in this country, and I'm wondering how are you surprise- by the sort of dark interest. Still seems too
fine, so many people, so many lost souls that are looking for some meaning in replicating this event. Others, like you, I mean, I think there are a lot of people who are searching, a meeting in refining and obviously the wrong places and its misplaced and I think that is a failure that we have Society is not feeling that boy, but I think is also the fact that people looking for incoming any and are looking for. wait too, and I think it's because we haven't found ways to actually stop these from happening. It gives people encouragement that they may be the next big and- and I think, if we can solve that problem, these Austin to diminish and go away as well, because there is no difference between fame and infamy anymore famous, just failure doesn't matter what you did to become famous, that's true
Evan. You met you and you mentioned making sure these things don't happen again. Certainly there's a big portion of his country that would bring up the idea that we have not done enough to stop guns and and the way people their hands on them? What are your field? about those arguments I mean is that something to think about As you know, I just stood near me back like home when I have the same access to guns in back more than I do that by the murder me in my classmates to access to the heart protecting our schools, it companies I have come a long way. There are some fabulous school districts out their water cynically protected in their school firearms laxity in private You know what happens. We need somebody I tabled that can physically you're, not gonna, be saving lives and I work with teachers.
even during all about to get em trade and so the budgetary concealed armed on school campus. there is a three parts series again made by pure flicks, you find it at after Columbine dot tv part. One of the serious focuses on faith. Part two focuses on forgiven. Send part three focuses on hope if we, as a nation just did those three things, focus on faith, forgiveness and hope, we'd be a different country and we'd be much much happier Evan. Thank you. So much God bless. Thank you. Gotta! Listen, you bet. the blaze radio network on demand
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