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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins to discuss a Twitter lawsuit against him that a judge threw out and a BLM protest that stopped traffic in a Dallas suburb. Teachers in multiple states are outraged over critical race theory bans, but a poll shows the vast majority of Americans oppose teaching CRT in their schools. A new U.S. consumer price index report proves that inflation is rising fast, but Glenn argues that it’s already nearing the records set during the Carter administration.

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Welcome to the pod cast today we talk a little bit about critical race theory and all the craziness going on around it. We get into some stuff going in schools have little preview of tonight's students, America, where we have actual craziness going on in schools in Pennsylvania. Another example of this, where their teaching in a white privilege and all this nonsense to our kids in school to get into that answer. Does America get into it as well on the show today ankle and has a special coming up right after my show on police tv airs at nine p M Eastern for Glennie Pm Eastern, for my sharp bottom line, is what looking at how countries change get taken over by marxists. It's it's a bit for some real evidence here that GLONASS uncover living working on the show for cash a couple of years, but at least at least one year, training at all the stuff. Lockdown. Finally, has it's gonna air tonight, don't miss it again place TB, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, promo code is glad you also get the shows on Youtube. I think she chooses to come of the city of police Tv Channel answered as America Channel Chicken pulls out there because of contacts on talking about a bizarre incident in Texas or the police again are just acting very strangely with protesters. I don't know why they're so forgiving, two people breaking the law, but we learn about that little bit and so much more. It's all the podcast here it is
the only thinking this is the Glinda programme, one of them in fact, the main reason that I think we live in Texas and we're prompted to move here to Texas, was because if we lose Texas we lose the republic we lose at all and, Most people don't understand how close we are to losing Texas it's an interesting that the Democrats they see two like say or: let's Colorado, ok, everybody moved Colorado. And they just take over a state and their doing that to Texas right now. and we are in real trouble in Texas, which is why who are governor is who are attorney general is is really really important
we have the Texas attorney general. His name is, can Paxton and he has been instrumental in fighting many many lawsuits against Obama and now against Biden and the left. We I think We probably held Texas Red this time around because of the tough stance he took in court against the Leftists on what they were trying to do with us in Texas honor, election policy welcome can Paxton. How are you, sir? I envy and great are you good. I want to talk to you about a couple of things. First of all, big news, the judge, and California dismissed your law suit against Twitter. Could you comment on that? Actually, If the opposite, they sit, we we sent them civil investigative demand which to relate in terror
the Tories, questions about their practices in taxes and why they were deployed or made certain people wondered whether policies were uncertain. You know Tat moderation instead of giving a better information which they require to undertake this law they suited in California, hoping balance right from the start, that's ram and I'm sorry, yes and she does. their case, which is the right answer. We have a right to that effect. They would operate technical. You, nothing Susan attacked a scornful, we'll get, it will go to court on tax law and I delaying their knocking answer questions anyway, so they don't will be back and forth be an attractive or so, oh that'll be nice, so Europe a I forgot, they were suing. They were suing you. Right you wanted twitter was correct Forgot about that, I was thinking about our law suit, the Texas lawsuit that is coming against them.
So, yes right, we sit, we say we live. We have Facebook, Twitter always done to start asking them question. They get very uncomfortable, answering very simple questions about their polity and What are the questions that you wanted to ask that they didn't I tell you so we wanted to understand what their policies were. If there are telling people they have a socially in as it is there that you bear free speech on their under other your account We wanted understand what their policies work and how they were implementing those policies, very simple questions about their actual practice and what they say. The practices are. Well, I would be nice to know that that is the biggest problem I mean. Can you know me where we are now the largest subscription conservative sub? Corruption site in the world at the Blaze- and they are always messing with our algorithms. They are always screwing, as is not just a twitter, it's all of them
and they will never give us a straight answer. I see no nothing's going on. Look here's, the evidence we can show it to you tell us what we did. So we can repair it or argue about it, but they will give us information, seriously impacts our business seriously. Relax absolutely does any they they all themselves out of the place where you can get it. You know. Can the dinner is free speech, so they're calling themselves out one way and there operating! In other words. We want to understand that the can cook, because consumers and taxes have a right to be treated unfairly or have interpret deceptive trade practice. You know. Gone on them and right now we have serious concerns about unease, tat companies, I sincerely hope I imagine you are, but I sincerely hope you were the text will stand behind its
voices in the media because I've, I wonder every day how many more days, weeks or months we have before they just comply Lee just destroy us and, like me, another area of your own internet or what think they're trying to deal with me as are trying to get the legislature the thief on my ability to fight them and of course I have no doubt still try to run. Somebody gets me that will have a lot of money. The trotted not me out- and this is my loss it so they have so much money, they can fund opponent and they can. other people to come like try to take my budget away, so I can't go fighting. That's what I've been fighting all such mind keep money. So I can fight these guys and it's it's been a war inside the legislature? Can let me talk about something else. I don't know what the federal government is support. to do if they're not supposed to protect business, pray.
It business from attacks from Outside of the country and inside of the country, yesterday, when the White House said, you know this is a private matter with the colonial pipeline and you know if they decide to pay the bill and some than that's their business. I I mean I've never heard an official ever say we negotiate with terrorists. How is this not the primary goal, the primary responsibility of the? U S government to protect. businesses from things like this What were the new order exactly what we're talking about cyber security tax or how these countries and these terrorist nation can can ruin your country without ever walk across our borders? and that's exactly the types of things with the shuttle government should be protecting against, because nobody has the resources to take on a record. make another who also gonna? Do it? It's ridiculous surrender say that the price that issue when, in reality, if they are, they are gone,
to do about it. These countries will destroy us from the but without one without ever fire shot in arm. Texas main infrastructure was threatened. Let's say the the electricity grid, which is separate. From everybody else. If that was being threatened and what happened to us was from a cyber hacking, would you have recommended to anyone that they pay the ransom but the Texas Power GRID it pays the ransom. No, I mean that we will do everything possible approaches to prevent that the problem we have is it and I dealt with this with city too had this happen to him? Somehow they into their back up, so you don't even have a way to go back and back it up until it's it can be tremendous cost said they man, way to pay if they don't pay. The ransom really awful situation that we find a way to its rats who actively we gotta be more and more pad.
k one one last thing in Plano last weekend: a police officer was was standing right there as anarchist pulls out a gun and point said at a play: no citizen, the police do nothing. I never thought I would see this in Texas what's happening. You know I am such a fan of law enforcement and defending them because they have so much pressure on them. They criticise for doing their job and I have a really our job makes what second. But when you let somebody these groups just come in, Cover a highway, you cry The tremendous rests with them getting hit by a car. You create tremendous routes for people in car and it is against the law. And the police should enforce the law, and these people have every right to protest
just now in the middle of a highway. They may be right out. They may be right about what the process, even if they're, not they, have a right to protest in the constitution. But not in the middle of a highway in a busy intersecting. So what but in Plano happen: how that breakdown? They just let him They end they arrested the guy that was complaining about it, and I just seems China belong to me that the regatta Hoboken traffic and complaining about it, gotta get charged. everybody else can break the law and negative. No consequence. I mean this is like you how it started in in Portland. what are we as a state going to do? Can you do anything with the with the local I mean I don't mean. I really appreciate the fact that we we are by four. hated as governments. But what can you do any All I can be all I can do speak out and say this is wrong, because these local, these cities say
city manager, liars boys, to it all we'll control at all, based on the voters in that city at the weather. They're going to allow this to continue. So I can speak. but I'll have the authority to go. Tell the police chief, hey you You follow the law, I don't think I have ever seen a time in America where we need the, Visual and we don't even need acts It's in Vienna this, you know, department or expert in this department. I mean it helps, but we need people with just basic common sense. No, that's wrong. You're going to arrest those people and not arrest that person, you know to mean, we just common sense. We need the average Joe in office right now, you know you. You say that somebody tell me I was courageous, were speaking. Acid is not raised its common sense, anybody couldn't take it up an idea, I think, to protest in the middle
I been busy intersection by a freeway that it makes no sense Why would you allow that when there are so many other places, you could protest safely. You know. I've told this story million times, but I think about it. Almost every day when I was over in outwits, I talked with my family to a woman who had been one of righteous among the nations when she was very young. She saved Jews and hid the men, her barn of her family and saved a lot of people and I asked her, I said how: how do u? Water the seed of righteousness in people? So when those tough times come there ready and she said to me: you misunderstand the right Didn't suddenly become righteous, they just go over the cliff with the rest of humanity and That's why you? What you're saying here about courage is so true You just have to remember what you grew up. Knowing was right and knowing what was wrong. It's very simple! Every
makes it so complicated. It's not what were you taught difference between right and wrong stand for those things. His dagger it it's not complicated and I think my kids, when they were in Junior, I would have known it was a bad idea to protest whether they knew is against the law they would have known. It was a bad idea to protest in them on a busy intersection, adjust it quite honestly until this is just this is just parents that didn't take their kid. by the ear at some point in their language. What were you thinking? What we thinking. You know that, if we have any of us would have been playing in the street, let alone a highway, our parents would have gone Thus, by the ear thrown us in the back of the car and The punishment would have been extreme, They would have started with what the hell is wrong with you. It's that clear
I can tell you that my I had one of my attorneys, where my top authority to call the police cheap to show. We could try to understand why You doing this and his answer was well. We can't do anything about these people We know that my eye was created, it'll create too much. You know palm because who they are, and so We're gonna wait what we're going to make about this import salon, treat every thing I mean out here. What group therefrom I don't care if him. No, I prefer the alarm group if their protests in the middle of a row, it's a bad idea. people in Plano. You should show up at your next city Council meeting and you should be questioning your city manager and your Mayer on this. This is insanity, Joe insanity, can thank you. Keeping the watch and thanks for doing what you're doing please keep us up to date. On on twitter, and everything else want one more thing. I just got about thirty seconds for you to answer. We we, saying now that anyone can carry
a gun and its constitutional, carry If we in naming at a constitutional, carry how come, we haven't been doing that the whole time. You know why question. I've always wondered why we have the second amendment, people I think we have the right to do it then stay too limited and I don't think that's right that pig people do have a right to, area under the figure out what it is, a law on state or not I mean that was all point right that people the founders wanted. I still feel that protect ourselves, not from each other, but the government and sell it. Government can limit you another bullied, and that's not the second element that another Craven so like I'm just glad tactical move in this direction in the right direction and, unfortunately, There are plenty of other safety ignore the gas station, and people are not allowed to carry take
so much can Paxton Journey general of the great state of Texas, appreciated your listening to Roma tonight. Even call it what you want: Cultural Marxism, NEO Marxism, Progressive resumed, the new American laughed whatever. All have that's all saying the same thing now. The radical rhetoric and policies that we bring violent consequences. Now, how can you possibly say that Glenn we're just trying to make the country better? No, not not at this point. if you are for these radical policies. Are a marxist or your, rube it is destroying our country and pulling us apart. The
calls for defending the police because or racist small left. Officers to be ambushed in and killed police sure being held back crimes or spur spiking in record numbers cry is going up faster than the price of food in America. Fast than the price of lumber in America, and that Sir something. Critical race theory is now absolutely everywhere. Our government corporations and our schools. revolution is what they want. During the entire system, down as a goal in the Marxist did it in places like the Soviet Union, they did it in China, they did. in Germany in. All of those cases. People are blamed its those people over there We ve never been like that here in Amerika. And the ones who feel it the hardest winds,
things really get trouble. Not the real rich, it's the landowners and the farmers. And I'm going to show you something that I have wanted to bring to you for it, these two years, and it is a very dicey situation, because its complex its it would be like be like saying that all of America's problems are caused by marxist. It's not it's not all. America's problem is because of this this Shin rush to a re swore it's not it's much more complex and I have not been able to show you this stuff, because I wanted the heart core evidence. I wanted the video tapes to show it, and I wanted the whole story. we ve been working on it now for months, and I think, through fine providence it. happening tonight, because
I started this two years ago. It was and about us, it was about, the situation that someone had to speak out against. and now, just a glimpse into our future, our near future, and you will understand it tonight, you'll understand what's happening in America, unlike you, ve ever understood it before, and you will see why he's all of these admiral. Generals came out yesterday and wrote a letter and said our republic is at stake right now,. We are in more trouble than we have been in seventeen seventy six and If the american people don't stand up and they don't, involved locally. We're not gonna. Make it. You'll understand that much more tonight at nine o clock, just a warning? Don't watch. With your little kids and all
a families like to watch the programme. This is not one for sensitive children or little children. I think you could watch it with your teenagers. I think in fact you should watch it with your teenagers. Maybe it will help put their feet in cement on what we're facing But there is some disturbing video, but we have to show it so You believe it because I dont think well, I know I know, reason why it's taken us two years is because you don't know who to believe well. In this case, you can believe your eyes. It's. Its resolution on the rise, how Marxism, too early stages are happening right now. Don't miss
night show you can find s on PLUTO Tv. You can find it on Youtube: dot, com, Slash Blaze, TV also, Blaze, tv, dotcom use, IE, promo code, Glenn and save on your subscription. If you're, not yet a member, I urge you to become a member. We need to stick to other now more than ever, and we rely on you to be able to do especially these long term kind of investigations like this tonight. You don't want to miss it revolution on the rise. Nine pm eastern on Blue. He's tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Youtube, dot, com, Slash Blaze, TV and PLUTO; ok There's a new pull out. the survey performed by the firm competitive edge research released by the educational research and advocacy grew parents defending education found that seventy four percent of respondents are somewhat or strongly opposed to white privilege, training and us
rules communicating my priorities are inherently oppressed. only six percent of Population was for this six. if you feel overwhelmed and you feel you're alone. Only six percent are for this, the rest are too afraid to say anything at this point they don't have guns. What are you afraid of all is required. Is you to group together and speak out go and run for your school board. get on to your city council. Do ever. You have to do to protect what's being too in our schools and get this. This is worse than common core. This is much worse than common core
this is re education. This is indoctrination of our children. It is so destructive. The only way I can truly describe it is evil and I describe it is evil because tell me that that comes out of teaching our children that the only way Stop discrimination is to discriminate The only way to stop racism is be a racist in the other direction? We tell me that that comes out of hay, kids you'll never make it because of them. Not good. It is not good There is a narrow sliver of the FAO This left voters that view woke education favourably. a small six percent. Sliver. I deliver the message to you today and I have said this to you since two thousand seven you
who are not alone, you are in the majority. however, That sliver is in charge of a lot of stuff. I'm gonna give you two examples The entire Oklahoma City Board of Education deny a law passed last Friday that bans critical race theory in public schools calling racist and an insult, this: is the school board on record after after the house in the Senate, passed a law and said no, critical race theory. They freaked out. They said the recording to the school board that they worry house bill. Seventeen. Seventy five will prevent accurate lessons involving race in history, that's so much bull crap. I can't even there's none
big enough shovel for that bull, crap. There is no one that wants accurate history too. Not more than me or probably you, I know that door history of Amerika. I can outdoors you on american history, I don't care your Van Jones, I can make you Van Jones Hair stand up and, in turn, white I can tell you the bad things that America has done, especially Tulsa Oklahoma, but That's not who we are, that's, who we were, and so we should never ever become again and we should talk about the triumph over that kind of evil.
I want all of it to be talked about. I want a g. I am so can tired of people thinking that Andrew Jackson on our twenty dollar bill is a decent guy or just an o. president. I think ended the republic that the founders built, I think, That's when we actually took our first turn away from what I know it from divine Providence to and it s destiny comply neatly and on american idea Manifest destiny is not an american idea. So they are freaking out. That's in Oklahoma, as a New York. That's Oklahoma, so if you think if you think you live in a in a place like conservative, then o you ve got problems,
because all members of the School Board said this was an outrage that they can't teach critical race theory. Now, let me give you another story this, From the daily collar teacher Tennessee public schools criticise the states ban on critical race theory instruction saying it will hurt their ability to teach stern students about racism. I have no problem teaching about racism. I have every every fiber in me is against teaching anti racism because Is racism. Tennessee General assembly band C r t instruction in early may preventing schools from teaching students and individual that it is inherently a racist as a guy or as an individual or oppressor because of their race blood
Why are you can also talk to the teacher? The? U S is inherently a racist country, I mean what happens all the other countries that have that were built on slavery. What happened in those countries Why are we the only one that is inherently racist about Egypt, about Egypt, Hubbub England? Have Brazil, how about Mexico? Reading this great book called the fingerprints of the gods and it it's us search for the true history of humanity. The theory is, is here. Didn't just pop up six thousand years ago, five thousand years ago, humans, Were here before, and there was a very techno logical Abby race of people that had technology.
In some regards is as much as we did and it does it's something happened anyway, This guy and historian is going around the world and ease finding evidence of all of these things. You know how Did this happen if it? If it wasn't there for who actually is responsible for all these things. and he's on South America and he's talking about De the. tax and you know how bad the Aztecs were and then he sent NEO Spain comes in and they just slaughter Allah has tax or what, Spain, ray you want to talk about you wanna talk about taking over a nation, Spain. They come over.
And now a speaking Spanish, Spain, Spanish. How come Mexico? Isn't it currently racist, so sick of it. Anyway, I digress. Lil jar elites Jarvis in english teacher. She says she teaches English is the second language in Memphis she plans to flout the law. She says she, she says: the law favours white children. To be frank, The bill will not make it harder for my personal classroom because I plan to ignore it whose to enforce it? This is a builded, obviously favours white children nor is the needs of children of color, so There is at least one teacher that says I It doesn't matter. There are a lot of teachers. Why.
Because they were indoctrinated. Why just why? become a teacher think you're gonna be able to change the world in Europe. We are somebody plotting to change the world. Why become a teacher. you're going to become a teacher that teaches teachers, why have forty students or twenty five students and judge Teach them! Why not teach a hundred students who are then going right after your class to teach teach? Far too many people that way, it's perfect that where in our universities have been infiltrated for so long teach the teachers each the leaders of tomorrow and the leaders of tomorrow, the ones who are going to be directly from you right into sea, owes you know in a few years right into the classroom, give them the indoctrination first and then
the time is right. They will indoctrinate they believe it because many of them have already been indoctrinated. The poison is already in them. And I have to tell you unless your teachers stand up against it. If there's well, but we kind of understand critical stance. Upon your community fire. The teachers, fire them. Get the labour unions out of your classrooms, but you ve got the stand up. This is best and the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. I want to spend some time today just giving you an update on the economy, the inflation rate is now four point. Two percent now
That's because we calculate things differently and quite honestly times change, so we're not buying the same things, etc, etc. But it's it's that dramatic. They changed the way we calculate the sepia, I the the they inflation, the cost of of products that everybody needs a week. Change that formula back in nineteen eighty, then we change, it again and nineteen? Ninety so If we look at our four point, two percent- and we compare it to where we would be in today's inflation. If you go, up in the nineties, and you saw the inflation number you would go. Oh oh! We're at that inflation rate. So let's compare it because you can't say: violation? It was much worse under Jimmy Carter. Let's
what we have today and calculated the same way, then we can compare it. You can't say you know what Since we started using the metric system, you know I can, it's crazy, you know everything's, gotten shorter or longer, whichever it is it you after you This aim, population on both ends so its use, what we ve and from shadow stats dot com where they give the calculation of today's numbers in the same way that they did in the ninety. Ninety, so four point: two percent. If we calculated at the same way we did in the nineties would be how much stew. In the nineties would be by eight percent so our government has found a way to cut tat in half. Congratulations What that means is when you are looking at the four point, two, generally speaking,
we're looking to a number. That would have been a percent inflation in the nineteen nineties. So when Clinton was in office if we had what's going on today, they would have said we're running eight percent inflate inflation. That's a huge number, a huge number now Jimmy Carter when Reagan got in nineteen? Eighty was the worst year of inflation. If we and what was inflation than thirteen percent, energetic harder hit up, be a almost fourteen, fifteen percent attack ok yeah over thirteen it will it was. horrific during the Evan there was it was. It was country, killing kind of inflation, and then Reagan got in and change some things and we got it under control. So what? What
What is our inflation compared to then it was thirteen to fifteen percent inflation at the top. the worst parts of Jimmy Carter what are we at today at the beginning of this inflationary period? If we count, late. The same way they did in the Carter years. According to some of these guys, who try to figure this alternate and play Now they say to over eleven percent right now, so we, at the beginning where people are still sank. We're not seeing inflation nods were not seeing inflation Bank of America saying we're seeing transitory hyper inflation coming not all we're, not if you count they did the same way generally speaking in the nineteen eighties. You called lay the same way. We are almost at the beginning of this autumn. In the worst parts of the Carter years,.
And it's not gonna- get better because the way you stop inflation is you pull money back you discouraged people from spending money. You do that by making it harder and harder to get money. To get alone to get a credit card it's how you make inflation go back down because you have to destroy all of the money that was printed for the stimulus, though you suck back into the system and destroy it. The only way to do that through higher interest rates the FED, said Anne I'm trying to figure this out the had said that they're not going to raise interest rates, until we have a steady, inflation rate of about two percent? we're already more than double that number,
in the way you bring it down to two percent, is you make it hard, for money to be spent or borrowed. So you're, saying you're not going to do those things. How is it like? Is it like the scale when you stand on its do, and I were talking about an earlier. You stand on a scale. You know how it goes pass zero. I only wait. Twenty one pounds. That's it! This starts over once it goes to a certain number. Just starts at zero again. Is that how inflation works? Pretty sure, that's how it works. Ales gap, landmines works. So let me Explain inflation in another way lead. just for me easy math. Sis use ten percent inflation. If you want to go the way the government is calculating today, it's for its four point, two official today want to look at it more realistically it probably between eight and eleven from where you remember, when you were growing up, but
CS use ten percent inflation as an example. if we have to percent inflation, which I claim we do because of the shadow staff. Numbers are playing a game with it We have ten percent inflation that me the over per year. If you had a hundred dollars in the bank. hundred dollars worth of buying power, you still have a hundred dollars. That's what it says on the leisure ledger, but you and only rate you only have the buying power of night DE dollars. So you ve lost ten dollars this year for every hundred dollars that you have. but this is hero. A year. So if next year. Twenty two two- is as delightful as this here is, let's just say it stays flat at ten percent
You now have eighty cents right, it is known here, anyone maybe one because it, because of ninety percent, so you lose nine cents. Then you have said many two cents. Seventy three up clarity, three the next year and and so on? And so on? You see that way. Inflation. This is how people become poor. This is what happened in Venezuela. This is what happened in Cuba. This is what happened in Germany. This is what happens in Zaire boy. This is Happens every where they print money and spend to get out. What happens is the money becomes worth less and less so. The products seem like they're going up in price, but they're not going up in price and the Politicians will tell you it's these companies, it's the policy of these,
companies hoarding all of that new money, they're just getting rich. No the policies of the central Bank and the government spending too much, and then buying their own debt and printing more money. That's why what causes inflation. and they'll blame it on someone else, because they create the problem there Of course will have the solution humor solution? Did you hear this yesterday? Still Chuck Sumer actually came out and said: inflation is happening because we don't have the workers and the reason why we don't have the workers is because we're paying them to stay home. No, no, no, no, said Donald Trump didn't let enough illegal aliens in so they can, have jobs, so we we're not we're not getting products built because we don't have enough illegals coming across the border, because Donald Trump that
the kind of stuff that lead you into Weimar. Does it's a sickness It's it's a mental disorder. It really is it's a mental disorder you are so far from a reality. You are either you're either sick. you're so deluded yourself, but you're you're, sick, or you know exactly what you're doing and you're part of the problem, which is it Chuck. This is only too chuck, I think, it's boat with having to be fair. I think he's dwarf, sick and part of the problem, so her home others much of a distinction you can make with Chuck in particular, but you're right. It's it's It's a massive massive problem and I don't think so. American people necessarily have felt any This pain yet right, we're still, We, you know when you rush sugar into an economy like this right you you can of course Of course you can have some positive early effects from it right
but everyone knows that you can quote at portico- add jobs if you just start paying people fifty thousand dollars to sit on the couch right and SIRI, like you could say it's a job and people have jobs in there, making it money. We also that's not a sustainable long term. Way of doing business and when you have multiple all religions of dollars going out the door in more double built environment, just one of them. The release three g, in bills that are just going to spend and spend spend on the back of a year. We already spent trillion dollars. Here I mean I It's going to test everything we ever thought as conservatives right all this time or like eventually, this is gonna catch up to us. I mean I don't know how you I don't know how he isn't. Gonna happen. It's here, it's here, it's here and their only doubling down. Let me give you one more thing: this is from Stanley drunken Miller,. He's one of the Big M me: investment tight. Things in America and
he came out yesterday on CNBC, and he said I can't find any period in history where monetary and fiscal policy were this out of step with the economics come stances, not one He says the FED his continued its policies to help underwrite the spending bitch in Congress, which has allowed more than five trillion dollars in stimulus and is contemplating trillions more anymore. Structure related spending over the long haul. He said policies and heavy debts and deficits they support will threaten the dollar standing as the world's reserve currency that status means the dollar is accepted for transactions and as a store of wealth anywhere and widely held by central banks around the world if they want if they want to do all of this and risk our reserve currency status, risk an asset bubble blowing up so be it, but I think we,
At least ought to have a conversation about what all of this means gonna monetize our debt, we're going to enable more and more of this spending and it ll like we are. I'm worried that for the first time within fifteen years, we're gonna lose the word worlds: reserve, currency status and, of course, as all of the unbelievable benefits that prude with it but I don't understand why world reserve. Currency status is so important. We become Mexico, day. We lose that
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