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The whistleblower story about Trump, Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son is pure GOSSIP. Here’s what we DO know about Joe Biden and Ukraine: Four very shady coincidences happened during his vice presidency that could only mean corruption. Google claims “quantum supremacy” as new computers yield crazy results. And Silicon Valley is developing brain-computer interfaces that add a whole new dimension to the “Mark of The Beast.” Luis Elizondo, director of Global Security at To The Stars Academy, joins the program with insider information about confirmed UFO sightings.

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Hello, podcasters, it's Glenn, Beck and Pat Gray, filling in for stew, will be back from vacation later this week. How we had a great great show today we did great show some global warming talk. There was some talk about the algorithms replacing the United States Compass Constitution, nothing better than great idea. Yeah Joe Biden, Joe Biden boy man, it's good thing he's exposing that whistleblower, who, according to CNN, was just a gossip, monger, a guy or a gal, was Heard it from somebody in the bedroom or heard it the bar, but not at business, it was a rumor that was going yeah. They said it happened away from work, so unbelievable, so quantum technology scary, really some amazing things to pay attention to today. All on today's podcast,
the all right want to talk to a little bit about Joe Biden and last week there was a whistle blower. Now it's important word. What is a whistle blower pat odd that somebody who blows the whistle on something they just found out some secret that this in this case the the Trump Administration had right and a whistle blower, is on the inside yeah and has
Jill information right right. They have access. A whistle. Blower is someone who has access to information that nobody else has and because they have the access they bring it out and say, look here's the documents. The tobacco companies knew the whole time. That's a whistle blower what the press is been reporting on, isn't not a whistle blower. It's like a little old church, lady that is involved in gossip. That's what they had. The whistle blower came out and said: do you know that the president spoke to the ukrainian Foreign Minister and threatened him said there would be he would retaliate if they didn't go
Oh investigate Joe Biden. Well, that's pretty amazing and whistleblower would would be. Somebody then that had inside information was standing in the room saw the transcript.
Somehow or another had special information that no one else had, and he went right from the oval office right to the press and said you have to understand. I have this information. I've got to blow the whistle, but that again is not what happened. What did happen? Pat well, instead of somebody was apparently having a beer with someone else at the office. It was somebody else who works with them in the office and they were at the bar any or maybe they were in bed, and there is little pillow talk and the person who gave the whistle blower the information said: hey, you know what I eat and the the gas the truck just called the Ukrainians and and threatened over the Biden thing wow. I'm gonna go straight to converse with that. So this is secondhand information,
did this whistleblower has any took it to Congress and it was a rumor. It was a rumor. It wasn't even done at work. So it's not like one colleague said to another. We don't even know if their colleagues at all it might have been some lover. It might have been just a friend at a bar and is something that that was gossiped about somewhere outside of work. So we have. We have now completed the circle of of social justice. You don't need any facts, you don't need anything but a rumor. Now, who's fault is this Well, this is the fault of really the media, because you know what a political party is going to do if they can shop. Perum are they'll shop, a rumor they.
Just so they're just trying to win and win at all costs. They don't care. So is it to the Democratic Party's fault? Well kind of I mean, but that would be expecting them to actually care about the truth and I don't think either party when it comes to the party, I don't think they care about the truth. They just want to win and so that's where a press needs to come in and the press comes in and they say: wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute. You have a whistleblower, it says this yeah. What's the name can't give you that, where do they work can't give you that? Well, how did it come about can't tell you will did they do they have evidence can tell you that, do they do that? Did they hear it
can't tell you that that's pretty solid, let's run with it, I mean they don't make any sense at all. That's not the way you run a business, that's not the way. You run the press, no one, pat at of all of the things that we have exposed from tides Foundation, ACORN Van Jones planned Parenthood, Google anything that we have run have we even if we even been close to that low standard. Oh no, never 'cause! We can't! We can't afford it. We can't we would be? Is it just de legitimized or taken off the air completely yeah? One of the two I mean that's Alex Jones would have any credibility is truly the way Alex Jones runs his place, yeah while
I mean know: we've heard that there is a pizza thing and they've got children trapped in the basement. That is the same thing and instead of people coming in with guns in C dead. Your politicians go in with impeachment papers. Now this is so. This is so good for Donald Trump that it is almost as if the pillow talk was happy in between him and Melania. You know if you just went to the press melanija and told them that you, you didn't even hear it. You just heard that there is a. Possibility that I was talking to the foreign Minister of Ukraine and I threatened him darling, that's brilliant, so she goes into you. Could you could make the case that this was a setup by Donald Trump and the White House. It's that good for him.
Now you could only make the case if you do exactly what CNN and CBS and ABC and NBC did, and that is just right run with no facts. I could make the case to them. Would they print it? I have what he would he have on that Glenn? Oh, no, no sources, but I'm aware blower all you're a whistleblower yeah. I think I mean bad and I were having breakfast the other day and we were talking about it and we had heard that Donald Trump. Actually, hold Melanija in bed to act like a whistleblower.
Why won't you run with the press? They probably would yes, they probably would at this point. This is crazy. If it was anti Trump, I think they would run with it. They don't care, they don't care, they don't care Brian Stelter story where he had the guy on the speculated for about ten minutes that that is that Donald Trump wasn't just colluding with right. Then he was an actual russian agent. Yes, whatever that yeah he was, he was that he was a lifelong spy for the Soviet Union and Russia yeah because you know he was very close with Russia in his younger years, unbelievable full height, what they don't care, arms blood's, been for for us, CNN, Brian Stelter, is, is speculating that the President
Is an actual russian agent wow, so why did this happen well, why? It happened is even more fun. Why it happened is even better. So why is this? Why is this happening? Why is this happening? Well, let me just give you, let me see if I can find it here. Let me just give you a quote from of from Joe Biden about Iowa. Mr Biden: do you have to win Iowa do do we think we have to win Iowa, no. Do we want to win Iowa? Yes, yes, we do, we think we're going to win. We know it's going to be a dogfight and the same thing
it's true in New Hampshire. We don't have to win new Hampshire, but we'd like to add some point. The front runner has gone to actually be out front and the first two races he's not out front. The Biden campaign is starting to fall apart and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Elizabeth Warren looks like she may be the president. Nominee for the Democrats, I can't believe: can you believe that no, I thought she was done with Pocahontas, so I thought, you know a little power, wow ow and should be done apparently not apparently not so She is now leading the polls in Iowa, he is in. I think collapse, he's at the very beginning of just full fledged collapse and he's
sprint. Do you have the audio of him yesterday? Turning on Fox we have that we have that in a city here it is listening. Mister, vice president, how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? I've never spoke my son about is over six minutes. There was here's. What I know I know Trump deserves to be investigated. He is violating every basic norm of a president. You should be asking him the question. Why I see kind of form with a foreign leader trying to intimidate a foreign leader dies and he's not yet he's on the phone. With a good point he's a pretty do they talked other four liters and intimidate. He didn't
now. That was a rumor not coming from a whistle blower that was from a rumor. The the foreign Minister of the Ukraine said he never said that it that that didn't happen. It didn't happen. This is the birther story, yeah, that's what this is. They don't mind: they they don't care. If they're lies, they're out right the lights in the ceiling, the birth, their story started with Hillary Clinton. What's in to a Donald Trump thing, I mean: he ran with it after, but it started with Hillary Clinton. Now so he says we need an investigation on Trump well. You've you've already had one now, here's Z, Graham saying you know, an investigation would be good. Listen Joe Biden said everybody's looked at this and found nothing who is everybody nobody's looked at the Ukraine
and the lines nobody's looked at the role and the Ukraine played in the twenty sixteen election. Do you think the made in America would really look at it and report on it if there were something bad for the bidens, are: are they unduly interfere in the twenty sixteen election? So here's what I'm calling on yeah calling for I'm calling for somebody in the Justice Department to look at all things. You crank. We've looked at all things, Russia and drop his family, everything about his family, every transaction between the campaign in Russia Dallas time to see whether or not do you means released information regarding Manneporte, who is Trump's campaign manner What relationships at any did the Biden will have to the Ukraine? What role did the Ukraine play in the twenty sixteen election so nobody's looked at this, but somebody should so I'm hoping the Department of Justice will look at the buy new. Train connection, like we looked at the Trump Russia come so you're right here is MIKE Pompeyo.
On what Americans deserve to know if there was election interference that took place by the vice president, I think the Can people deserve to know we? We know there was interference in the two thousand sixteen election and if it's the case that there was something going on with the president's family, the because the car click interest and Vice President Biden behaved in a way that was inconsistent with the way leaders ought to operate. I think the american people deserve to know that all right now, last one here's representative Devin Nunez on Biden. The left knows that Biden. Son is a problem for him. This is why, when Hillary Clinton was running, these stories first originated. First originated. Back when Hillary Clinton was trying to make sure that Biden didn't get in the race. Now that these have been resurrected, I I don't know who came up with a scheme. Maybe there really is this whistle blower camp is not a partisan. I mean we want. We want to hear from that whistle blower, but
sure looks like in the scheme is backfired in this the I like, I said. I think this is probably the in the budget. It ain't you end of his campaign hi. I really do. I don't think not that he's he's still formidable. He still has a a block of support yeah, but if you look isn't his lead is basically down to zero. So me start again. Let me finish: again with where we started. Listen to him on the campaign trail when Fox asked him the question: have you whatever? How many times have you talked to your son about his business dealings? Listen How many times have you ever spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings? I've never spoken with some.
Bugs over six minutes! Samurai he's! Never because his son says the exact opposite so now, which one is it now? If you don't know about his business dealings, we did. I think we did two shows on his business dealing and the first business dealings. It revolves around the Ukraine, but the Ukraine is nothing compared to China. But since we're talking about the Ukraine, we should probably We we should probably go in and look at the Ukraine Joe Biden is was best pal with John Kerry. This is in two thousand and nine, and it It happened just in time, as Joe Biden
sworn in, as vice president, their sons decide to get together job, Joe Biden, Son Hunter Biden and John Kerry. Step Son Christopher Hines. Now here is father and son team that decide that the father's should pal around an the sun's should pal around. So now, John Kerry and Joe Biden are pals. Now remembered this happened just this he's being sworn in, as vice President John Kerry's, going to be made secretary of state. And the two sons get together and they decide we're going to go into business together. They bribe they bring in a third partner, the roommate at F from Yale Devon Archer. Now Devin is a guy who co shared John Kerry's campaign Finance committee when he ran for president two thousand four. So the the trio decide
Do something none of them have any experience in whatsoever. The three of them decide we're going to start an international private equity, firm, called Rosemont capital. And we're going to have several different branches, including one that's called, rose Mont. The partners with an office in Georgetown, which happens to be her right down, street from John Kerry's mansion and then another one is right by Joe Biden's vice presidential home. Now it's important to know here that the US foreign, corrupt practices act does not prevent foreign companies from hiring or making special jeep deals with children of US government officials. That law should be changed all right, however, these big,
deals man, they seem awfully shady and they open quote was going. Coincide with visit. It's to the Ukraine from Joe Vine and John Kerry, the best of the Glenn Beck program hey it's Glenn. And if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast. Let me give you a couple of briefs on a couple of stories that I found very interesting that I think you should have one Do you remember? We started talking about deep fakes. I don't know how, long ago, five six years ago, at least- and we told you at the time
your there's going to come a day where you're not going to be able to believe your eyes or your ears. You will not know what's real and what's not two thousand and twenty is that year, I've been saying this for awhile. Now science is backing it up from Cn B C minute it. It images and videos that appear perfectly real will be accessible to everyday people in a year and a half sorry to half a year to a year. Now that's accessible to the average person. It's still very easy. Today you can tell, with uh naked I most of the deep fakes but in six months you will not be able to tell the difference. This me in this that, just in time for the campaign, China, Russia, any bud
that wants to disrupt, is going to be a to release a video of Donald Trump on the phone with Ukraine, with ukrainian Foreign Minister, saying I'm telling you right now we're going to open up our silo doors and we're going to bomb the snot out of that Ukraine. Unless you help me for some some documents about Joe Biden and it will look absolutely completely real and somebody else will be able to come up with the video of Joe Biden in a secret lair somewhere underground in Georgetown with John going yes and then what we do. We we get China to give us all of the money and then we take over the world and it will look absolutely real.
And we will not be able to tell the difference. We be able to see a video of the mullahs in IRAN. A smuggled video came out from a whistleblower. And it will be the mullahs saying: yes, we talk target Saudi Arabia, we it down there oil industry and then we moved to Israel. And you will not be able to tell the difference by the end of twenty twenty by the time. The next president is sworn in. You will not know what's real and what is not. There will be so much fake news, fake video, fake audio but you will not know who to trust
a warn you of this, because you must take your own lol. If into your own hands. You must not credit yourself in any a shape or form when I eat It was at the bottom about two thousand and five I had been trying to, I had been trying to stay sober and I was sober, but I was no is dry, but I was not sober and I could early hold on to my sobriety. Ann, I had lost absolutely everything. Even my best friend Pat abandoned me,.
Not true at all. I did move, you did more good movie, but you beg me up in one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, though ninety nine thousand and five oh yeah, I meant one thousand nine hundred and ninety five one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. And I I remember being down on the ground and I had lost everything. And I remember the only thing I wanted back was my credibility and because nobody believed me, because I had done a good job of hiding who I was and my alcoholism and everything else, and I just wanted my credibility back and I remember saying I will not, if you I'll do anything just please. Lord help me help me get to a
to where I can look someone in the eye and say this is truly what I believe and and then believe me. Let me be true, please I'll do anything and I've worked really hard on being that way and I, with everybody who counts in my life. I have credibility. I hope I have credibility with you, but there's so much stuff out there. Now, who knows your credibility matters with the people in your call of influence, my circle of infinite you're, not going to believe me or anybody else, look at how much damage has been done to people of all what of life, no matter who they are they eat. They have credibility and they shouldn't or they don't have credit, city and perhaps they should you don't know who
trust. Only worry about your circle of influence. Don't do any thing to discredit yourself, because that is going to be the only gold standard. I believe in a year from now, but a year and a half now number two Google has claimed now quantum supremacy. They have mark major milestone in a paper that was po, stood to NASA Dot Gov earlier last week, and then it was taken down. The final all times was the first to report the news. They a claim aid in the new scientific paper from NASA Dot Gov the most serious indication that the promise of quantum computers
in emerging, but unproven type of machine is actually becoming a reality. Again, we don't know this paper was taken down, and the word is is that it taken down because it was premature to publish They hadn't gone through all of the vetting process, so we don't know if this is true or not, but the paper at NASA Dot Gov claimed, while our processor takes about two hundred. Second to sample one instance of the Quantum Circuit one million times a state arch super supercomputer would require approximately ten thousand years to perform the equivalent task, so what it would take a supercomputer, the today's bad supercomputers ten thousand years it took the quantum computer from Google two hundred seconds
researchers in the paper estimate that performing the same experiment on a Google cloud server would take. Fifty true in hours to on to even be feasible, but on the new quantum processor it only took thirty seconds. Again fifty trillion hours to thirty seconds is that singularity we've been talking about for many years. We're kind of there. If this is real, we are, but if this is feel the algorithms everything will change. Everything will change. Blockchain is over because the quantum computing will be able to block it will be able to hack that now, please type
S with a couple of other things. There is a new list out from Compara Tech. It's a technology, research firm and it shows which cities around the world are the MO surveilled places in the world number one. Chongqing China number two Shenzen China number three Shanghai, China, four Taigen China now five gin on China's. Please excuse pronunciation of all of these cities. Number six. London, England, now for seven. I think your pronunciation of that was way out of wack. I know Wuhan China number eight gone guys guns who China,
nine Beijing, China number ten at LA to Georgia. That's Amore most surveilled city in America, in America, Atlanta, GA wow they have fifteen cameras per one thousand people number fourteen is Chicago number. Twenty eight is Washington. Number thirty. Eight is San Francisco number. Forty two is San Diego and number. Forty six is Boston. Mass New York's, not even on that New York's, not on the list. That is incredible. More stories. Two more stories You will see the complete picture. Alright, one more story and I'm going it all together: brain computer interfaces, Bci once used exclusively for clinical researcher, the research, now under development at
several startups ups, major tech company and rudimentary versions are already popping up in online, stores here's. Why this matters to you? It unlocks the information inside of your head and could give got companies and governments access. The privacy risks alone, it is the absolute end of privacy for About any of the social media data, this is actually for outside of your head. A machine that can read your mind in some cases even the implants that people, like Elon Musk, Musker working on their relatively limited in the data, they can extract from
Your brain, we don't know how accurate they can interpret, but the tech is moving at light. Speed they can now recognize basic emotional states on okay words and in legend movements they monitor your neural data. Wow researchers. Researchers have found similarities in the way different people's brains process information. They can make a rough guess today about what somebody is thinking or about to do. Based on brain activity. This could lead to future crime. Stopping That's exactly what it is. Yeah that be awesome. If you could stop people from committing a crime they're about to commit, that would be great, so they already have out on the market, these basic headsets that are being sold as relaxation tools or entertainment gadget
do not buy one, do not put one on your head using the devices to fine tune, what is going on and they fine too think they're using you as a guinea pig there, you think I'm currently to fine tune advertising pitches he spoke is involved in this e lawn musk is involved with this, and the new wrote. Nology. They believe you be able to type out your thoughts. You'll merge with ai How exciting is that? It's really emerge with an ai machine. People are not wonderful. People think this is of water, most frustrating things and uh just talked to Robert Epstein about this he's the researcher. You know the Harvard MIT
he's doing everything on Google yeah and he said the biggest frustration is. I can't get people to take this serious now they don't they. Don't I'm talk to anybody who takes seriously now you too, what do you? What's the difference with you? I have a brain. I don't I don't know. I think you know we've well, we've been watching out for things like this for a long time, if you haven't been watching out for things like this for a long time You just think we've heard this all before and that's going to come of it and we've been watching this since the early 1990s and been five going this stuff and thought it was cool but fiction yeah. Till really the last fish teen years and in the last fifteen years it's been pretty dicey. As Robert NG said to me, when twenty slash twenty is going to be terrifying, terrifying. Now I want to give you. I want to give you one one more thing
There is a new paper out and is what's really important about this. Is it's a white paper trying to get to figure out a way to get from the constitution to a society of analytics and algorithms, so this is a constitutional instead of a constitution, we have. Alex you have basically How do we get Americans to accept this? social credit system over the constitution, the hand don't but It's already in play. I will give you the white paper on it that people that are really engaged in this or
reading and taking the heart today. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. hey it's Glenn, and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out the Pat gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast. Please Elizondo! Welcome to the program director of global security to the stars academy. Thank you for having MR back you bad you're one of the more fascinating gas that we've had on? I think you're on two years ago, and we were talking about the video that was verified last week. First, while you're your thoughts on that video and and what do you think, the. What do you think that could be? Is that is it most likely something we
we are doing, but the the His department just doesn't talk to itself, Mister back, that's a fantastic fantastic question, since we spoke. Actually we decided to dedicate some of our time and attention to it to a Docu series that actually looks at some of those questions. Whether or not this could be a a super secret us technology or perhaps even some sort of foreign adversarial technology. Has somehow managed to. If you will leapfrog ahead of the US and and strategic surprise in re Already we really don't know what they are. These things have been seen for quite some time. What do I think about the first video you just ask me about? I think I think if you look at the video- and you know what you're looking at you'll see some performance characteristics that are well beyond. The our current understanding of aerodynamics for, for instance, we we don't see any propels propulsion unit in it, it's a
is, if I'm not mistaken, it was a flat. Surface. We can stay hurt and stop and go at speeds an. We can't tell how it's even propelling itself right right, right, In essence, you have you, have these these five observable, so to speak, that any thing that we have that flies in the sky, whether to an aircraft or even a like a balloon, or something like that. They all have to abide by the same physics, and when you see something that has can performing a waist high high g force, acceleration hyper sonic velocity sustained then stop on a dime in. However, I think that the ability to potentially travel in in in low earth orbit it atmosphere and potentially even under water. Those are some of the things that you have to kind of scratch. Your head at that point, yeah okay, was: is this some sort of new technology were singer. Really a completely different paradigm, so is: was there a gay? Can you even tell? Is there a heat signature from it I mean? Is it do we have any on Sept?
You been looking into these things. Well, we do we have some some very bright, physicists and scientists that have have partnered with us over the years and they have come up with some really startling hypothesis, and these are hypothesis when you, when you look at them collectively, one of the things that until recently, probably the last three years only this new to the latest development. We were looking at these these these observables. If you will, under the lens of different types of exotic technologies, that could explain each and everyone and some of the physicists now how, Come to the conclusion that really, what we're, seeing all these capabilities may all the sites may be a manifestation of a single type of of technology. What what does that mean? Well that means that, if, if you have a certain type of potentially propulsion driver unit at you will
The ability to do all these things that we're seeing these you a psd, in a way that you don't need five different type of technologies, to to explain the five different, if you will be observables that these things are displaying, it's all really one technology potentially, and if you understand how to band or even selects the fabric of space time just a little bit, then all sorts of things that we would use their magic will become possible. Does that include these? This cigar shaped UFO that people are seeing all over the world. Now it's been spotted in the United States, it's been spotted in Europe and Asia. Have you have you seen these obviously you've seen these things, these cigar shaped. You have your foes yeah yeah. Of course we we prefer in government to refer to them. As you a p, you, I tell you I mean there they're really rather interchangeable those those- I guess, the that terminology, but yeah I mean there's
commonality's that are seen around the world, whether they are disc shaped vehicles or they are larger cigar or tic tac shaped vehicles or, in some cases very very large triangular shaped vehicles. We simply don't know and from a national security perspective. If these things really are potentially adverse aerial technology, Hey they've been around for a long time b. They manage to hoodwink us on our ability to collect signature data and see. This is something that we we need to get on top of the ticket, the only country that really would have the ability to do something like this would be us. Wouldn't it I mean China and Russia are not not up to speed where we even we are well. You know it. I wouldn't I wouldn't underestimate the Chinese or the or the Russians. I I think they are very, very capable they've been able to in any case in the past, in some cases surprises
yeah. One would say well if this is some sort of super secret technology, that more than likely to the US, but let's break down that argument for just a brief moment. We do not test super, aircraft in and around large carrier battle groups. Are under way, whether it's in a combat theater, even even back here at home. We just don't do that without proper coordination, because, obviously you have you have issues of air safety, of issues of the technology, the tension, leaked and there's all sorts of of organizations in the Department of Defense, particular the joint staff. The whole job is to de conflict, those type of efforts and activities. That's why you have areas like area fifty one where you can fly these things in secret and you're not going to get a whole lot of people looking at it like? Was you You would assume they wouldn't be tested over large population areas like Phoenix
Sorry, that is certainly not the way we do business. That is not the right. Our national security apparatus test Super secret stealth, the technology now that Phoenix situation where thousands and thousands of not tens of the since people saw all those lights in the sky back in ninety eight, whenever that was with a triangle shape, and some said it was miles across what what have you found out about that? Is there in any new information over the last twenty years. It's come out about that situation, uh that, yes and no not that has necessarily come out, but that has been studied and researched. Yes, in this kind of goes back to the more recent theories that what we're looking at here may potentially be it?
the nation of really one type of exotic technology being used again for try really can't go into a whole lot of detail with that. First of all not qualified, I'm, not I'm, not a physicist or a scientist, but too. I think it's still a little premature right now to come out with any type of of real theory on it, yet we're hoping to in the next, maybe eight months, maybe have that do you believe that, or do you believe that is? It is homegrown technology, earthbound technology, Mister Bay, all the respect. I usually don't like to give my opinion on things like this all right. One thing I've learned until officer: you can be absolutely sure of something and still be happy. Wrong, ok, so collecting the data, let the facts speak for themselves and let the american people make up their own mind with it may be totally totally reasonable and much more wise, not not great radio, but
but very wise, let me let me ask you: let me ask you this way, if these were from another planet or species or whatever it is. If it's not as it's otherworldly does not say something really. Call Ming about the being much they have been around for a long time and they haven't really like they're coming here to you know: terraform us MAS they've been here for awhile. Well that that's a great great point to I mean I think, depending how you look at this philosophically and even sociologically as a society, some people will
at this and say oh this is this is comforting to know that we're not alone in others may look at this, and actually it could be a little bit disturbing and and a hard pill to swallow for some. It really depends, I think, on on on your personal views of the world. You know from a national security perspective. The one question I always ask me is why why does dod consider this a threat? Well, our job and duty to consider everything is threat potentially until we're sure it's not a threat, so you, the one one. If you will, the one allegory of told people say imagined at night, you go to lock your doors at the front door. You lock your windows and you turn on your alarm system,
and one morning you wake up to get a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning in downstairs in the living room, there's muddy boot prints. Now the doors are still locked, the windows are locked and the alarm is on, but somehow you have these muddy boot prints in your living room, no ones been hurt, nothing's been taking nothing out of place, but you have these prints that weren't there the night before so. The question is: is that a threat? Well, I don't know if it's a threat, but it has the potential to be a threat if you want it to be. So, that's why I think, from a national security perspective, we do look at it on that topic doesn't necessarily mean it is a threat? No, absolutely not, but we need more data. We need more information before we can make any type of assessment. Whether or not these things are a threat or not. You
to me two years ago. The the the evidence with the d o d of Ufos is overwhelming. What is a million right? What is that mean to you? It means, during my time, with the h, a program that there was enough data there that not not only we were able to collect, but other organizations and agencies were able to collect that allowed us to recognize the reality that the things are real, not what they are and where they're from you know, I I certainly don't want to speculate, but are they real physical objects? Yes, they are. They are there. So what is why this sudden openness with the DOD o? Is it just because the internet. What why? Why are we hearing something that it's been denied for ever and that's crazy talk and you're crazy. If you even think you saw one, why is it now coming out that yeah, that? Why is it? D
he'd? Take two years and then finally come out and say: yeah: that's that really did happen. They've never done that in the past. Well, in all fairness in in in defense of the of the department, you know it, beauty is a large bureaucracy and dot is fantastic, want to try to define threat in addressing those those threats, but here's something that we have no idea. It works what it is where to from or anything else like that, none of the interrogatives and that's That'S- that's harmful organization, like d o d, two to come out and say yeah, these things are real or not real. If we don't even have enough data and information are getting to the right people and and and senior DOD leadership, but I I will also say that I think it's it's a tremendous testament to the courage of the new You need to come out with his statement finally and say: yeah. These things are real one of the reasons why I think maybe they're changing their tune a little bit and again. I don't like to speculate too much
it may very well be the fact that so many pilots now we're coming into contact with these things and by the way, let's not forget, every single person out there has some sort of smart phone with very, very capable digital collection capabilities, such as camera, digital cameras and even I uh So we may be reaching a critical mass where, where there's enough individuals out there that it going to be really really hard to deny that that information, Louise I'm! Just because of your you know. You ran a clandestine source operations in the Middle EAST, special agent in charge for national intelligence. You know the national counterintelligence executive, blah blah blah. You have the expertise and if you have something that you can say like to hold you over, can you
meant what you think is happening or should be happening with IRAN and Saudi Arabia wow? You know I probably no longer qualify to answer a question like that, but I do have friends that that are engaged and that there's one thing I'll offer to the american people that now the intelligence community, community and the Department of Defense have some of the very brightest minds, the greatest talent. Looking at this issue, and others too, by the way the DOD never sleeps, it has a global twenty four slash, seven mission. Three hundred and sixty five days a year and the incredible men and women that are part of that effort. You know it's amazing and fast the half the time they don't. I think they don't even sleep. And they are, they are managing these issues. For so our our leaders can make well informed decisions. I think so
be IRAN is a very, very perplexing and challenging issue, but it's not new. It's been around for while and it's also involving issue it's something that every day goes by and there's there's a new piece to the equation that has to be figured out. It's kind of like a math problem that continues to compound upon itself. We get more and more increasingly more difficult to to solve. Thankfully, we have very smart people in our intelligence, community and and our department a sense that better looking at these problems are strategizing and. Try to anticipate what tomorrow may bring alright. I appreciate your frankness on that. Louise. Thank you. So much, Louise Elizondo to the Stars Academy, dot com, the national Security director there thank you so much Blaze radio network on demand
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