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Hey, if you happen to be watching the podcast on Blaze TV, you saw the the Gettysburg address, the 13Th Amendment signed by Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation proclamation, and it's and they are here the card round the clock, neighborhood we can meet the one of our best democratic presidents, even flow user, pretty sure no use public now anyway, we're having a museum. It is twelve score and three years ago, if you buy your ticket today tomorrow, on on the radio program, announce I'm gonna just reaching everybody who bought a ticket, and you may be up where you and your you know. Your whole family will be upgraded and take a tour with me through the studios and the museum an amazing museum. We don't want you to miss. It really shows the sacrifice that it takes for liberty and it's then and now the things that that
historians who are just leaving out of our textbooks and the stories today, that means media is leaving off of the news. You don't want to this it starts Saturday, and it goes cruise July. Seventh, that's mercury one dot. Org get your tickets, downmercuryone dot, Org, ok, on ace podcast. We have alot who who is at an advantage and disadvantage in the debates tonight and tomorrow we breakdown each of the candidates we also go over TED Cruz, talking to one of the executives at Google, and the answer is absolutely amazing. We start the podcast, with clips of the day may test and what I think was flirting with Anderson Cooper, the woman who claims to have been raped and one of our listeners is, is triggered by it. You don't wanna miss it in the podcast
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lose your house. They borrow against it. We've had people that have had their houses repossessed there, the rightful owner. But what are you gonna do? Do you need home title lock, get registered today, Reggie your dress down. Fifteen you're, not already a victim and getting three days of free protection go to Hometitlelock dot com right now, hometitlelock dot com? Do it now home title lock com. So I I really I going to start with some audio. This is how crazy and desperate yesterday I posted something about project Vera tos. I said this is the most important story, possibly one of the top three stories of the year. I think it's the most important
free because it showing how Google is trying to manipulate you, what their plans are to control control information and to control and program people. It is a very important story. I had so many people right right back or tweet. Oh yeah, right, like you're, not talking about the woman who Donald Trump raped. Are you kidding me you leave this here's, the Trump accuser on CNN, with with Anderson Cooper, who knows he's in the titanic standing on the part of the titanic that snaps in half he knows he's like I gotta get to a lifeboat going to break, I gotta get to a life boat and she just makes it worse. Listen to this, you don't feel like of it.
I was not thrown on the ground, a radish. What the word rape carry so many sexual connotation. This was not. This was not sexual, it just it. It hurt. It just what it just you know, I think most people think of rape and I mean it is a violent assault. It is not, I think, most people, think of rape as being sexy, will stick a short break. The fantasies of the titanic quick break. If you can stick around we'll talk more on the other side, you're fast Need to talk to oh, my gosh, it was's creepy you're fascinating to talk to would you have a rape fantasy about me right now? What was that very strange, very strange now she also has the clothing and she's never worn the clothing sense, the clothing she was wearing on the day that she was supposedly raped, violently rape, I tunnel trump. So here she
about what you have it, let's take it in for dna testing. Was the mayor of New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, who forces run against President Trump has said that if you were to bring a case forward, if you he will pursue it, he will have the New York City Police Department pursue it. So do you want to pursue this, and this is in the greatest occlusive part in the world. The detectives are great New York. The thing is, it's: it's pass the time it's experts, I've been to talking to experts experts and they say that we passed. Is that legal? Yes, they? Yes, there was a special limitations in place at the time. This happened in late, nineteen, ninety five or ninety six. That has since changed and mayor was the only heard your story said that he would sue on your behalf, an investigation, and so you have the dress that you were wearing you. Don't I'm sure,
or still have the tights, but would you consider doing that? I consider it. The experts are telling me that so you've consulted lawyers yeah well they've written to me. I've never consulted a lawyer in my life. It's not something I would do they had. You know email me to tell me that you know at this. As you said, the statute of limitations has passed because I don't know the legal. I I I don't want to say what you know, because I don't know what it is. You might be lying. I just saying you might be lying. Does it seem does doesn't seem I've heard people speculate that maybe she was a little maybe tipsy. On this particular interview. I mean she certainly slurring words in such she's. At look, I don't know so. I talked taxers. I've talked
experts- and they all say the same thing and I He tell me straight up. They say whatever. Whatever you get out of this conversation I wanna eat, to remember. Well, I don't. I remember they said out of that, but they told me stuff, I'm telling you there's it's pass the time I mean right yeah. I guess that's! The point would be really it. Why would you tell a story like this at this time? You go twenty, years twenty five years without telling the story about about this. Edge display, ok, leave burger arguments. Yet Bergdorf Goodman says that what you said was Burger Goodmans and we're there and he was touching lingerie in a very if the sword away okay and
hey We just as long as you're a on for me as the he's. The rule I was kind of us lose stranger call those threes request because usually who appealed all ages trial and like underwear and stuff, you don't usually end to the end, and there is. And nobody around, and so I said, ok just going to this route? Would you like to be there while I change in into this luxury and Is there I hate, I said right and so we will, as as he has had distinctly remember, he was wearing a trenchcoat or a over who, over or a big long may this justice high. He was
in the way of is we we. So I couldn't tell a lady open up his fly, but I talk to a lot of people in it happens right, I said amazing I just, It just does not seem to hold up to the very basic levels of of a credibility check yeah they because I mean that, because couple things number one, you are releasing this book twenty five years later, what you Purpose of that right, just to tell the story randomly now truth, what you're? Ok, you want people to know the truth about Donald Trump right, you truth! You want people to know. The truth. About Donald Trump is really bad gas right. Yes, okay, so you want that to happen. What you have now is the mayor of the city who could actually look into this is telling you we will look
into this house despite whether he actually ten or not, understand the little like right like the people that emailed you that you didn't consult message. This is a little while, but he added advantage here- and this is a miracle situation, if you're, if you're in this situation, you're writing a book you're trying to obviously let people know the truth about this awful person who is the president of the United States and up for election in all these things is the mayor of the city is also running for president against this person. So he is red. W motivated to find anything negative about double. Here is the here's, the here's? What says it all? Let me go and re frame this CNN interview with Anderson Cooper play this again. You don't feel like a victim I was not thrown on the ground and ravish. Her rates carry so many sexual connotations. This was not. This was on
sexual, if you just say it's just fun, would you starless is like this? Is the plan again because she's like this is yeah, that's actual bill is, as s is a horrible listen to yeah, you don't feel like a victim. I was not thrown on the ground and ravish which the Word Rape Kerry. So many sexual connotation. This was not. This is not because it just it it hurt. It is what it just, I think, most people think of rape and as I mean it is a violent assault, is not, I think, most people, think of rape is being sexy, operated Elizabeth Visit and we take a short, quick, quick. If you can stick around we'll talk about it later, so you're fascinating to talk to so now. What would I do? that situation? What would any journalist that was?
trying to get to the truth. Do in that situation. What does that element? is, is Henry with his mind What is the one thing you would never do at that moment, I mean take, take never take a break. You'd say I know I'm supposed to take a break here, but hold on just a see You have her on the ropes. Wait, a minute! Wait, a minute! Wait, a minute! You think you have now a chance to take her apart, because it's all starting to unravel the last thing you do unless you're part of the defense of this woman, not prosecution, we're looking for the truth, if you're
did the defense. You immediately go your honor, we we need a recess yeah. I mean you could make the argument. Look it's a woman who's claiming to be. You know, claiming to be raped and usually those people are not attacked in an interview. However, if it was a republican who So if, if it was Roy Moore, was on the air and he's being pressed- and he says something like that- like that's not going to just like forget about politics for a second yeah, if you are trying to find the truth, you don't take a four minute break where one of her handlers can come up to her go you we should end this interview right or you're. Looking really stupid would just shut up. You do not feel that it, your yeah, I mean you can make. The argument is not political. I think, as as you as you are in that it's it's a it's the gentle treatment of someone who says they were assaulted. However, I think when it comes down to it, I
the other side. That would not be the treatment by most of the media. No, no! No! No! No! No! It wouldn't all right! the best of the Glenn Beck program, hey it's Glenn, and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast hi, it's Glenn. If or subscriber to the podcast? Can you do us a favor, an rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks. Alright, let's go to Sandy. Hello Sandy hi any, are you okay a lot of memories today, this will listening to the program really sorry to do that. What exact
I would just like to report a credible accusation of assault against the President of the United States. Again with you, you were assaulted by by Donald Trump, okay, who told the story before alright. It happened on September 31st, one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight ok. Was Donald Trump, even timber 31st, one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight here I am I'm standing out Apple Store and I'm purchasing an Ipad, hey! There's no, and I look behind the genius bar and there's Donald Trump. We see you've heard him saying is one of the most brilliant geniuses in the world. It's true. I saw him at the genius. I thought he was going to help me with my purchase and instead he
his hands on main and began to strangle Maine he began began to strangle yes and then well, that's it then, but it happened. Donald Trump murdered me uh this terrible well, hang on I never told this story before he murdered me right in the middle of the apple store. What date did this happen? 'cause? You were very September 31st, one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight Donald Trump was born June 14th. Now teen. Forty six is that what he's saying now know that? That's why let me let me tell you something: hashtag believe all women, ok, but I just want to look up to date. Right now, you'll see said: look on your calendar September 31st, one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight check it out Amber 31st, one thousand nine hundred and thirty, eight to 31st September, three thousand and thirty. First, it was a leap year
I don't think that's how it works, not questioning me Wyatt, one thousand, nine hundred and thirty eight, I'm I'm looking it up and when I could prove this ok, I contemporaneously told three friends you contemporary. At the time. I told three friends about that. You told three friends: yes, Alyssa Milano Ariana Huffington. None of them were Alexandria, Kazio, Cortez, looking. We all know that it asked them, none of them because none of them were alive in ninety three about it. In my book there coming out right now, it's also well, it's only available for people who are premium subscribers if they just have to purchase the membership, and then
and if they pledge a certain, no, no thank you. Well, we've lost. We, I think we've lost sandy, but it was the. It was a thrilling tale of her murder September. Thirty, first, nineteen, thirty eight one other thing: I miss going to get your individual personal, He still you happen to you mister conversation with me in sandy sorry, I was in the bathroom this is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Last night on tv we did our socialist spotlight, which is which is uh please fun to do the socialist spotlights, because there are few socialist out there.
And I'm going to give you the update on the socialist that we highlighted yesterday. It's she's, not really a socialist. I don't think she believes in anything and I'll make a pretty good, pretty strong case. She doesn't actually believe in anything uh. She's in a category really of her own. How many people like that? Do you think there are up there? Stew, there's some he'll ideologues, some people sherak, Really, we believe in stuff yeah, like the difference between Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gilibrand they're saying a lot of the same things. Sanders is an ideologue he's been the one to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon fan with famously he actually believes the stuff. You know, Angela Graham, was known as a conservative in the house and all of a sudden is super liberal. Now like overwork, he can't tell what a work actually believes.
I mean you know, he's he's done. The same thing he's been all over the board, depending on who's in front of what what audiences in front of that's, who he is, so there there's a definite split there as well as to who really was a true believer and who real This is the move near the the mood of the Democratic Party right now. This is moving to fit it okay. So I want to talk to a little bit about the poll numbers, because the poll numbers show that Joe Biden is ahead. Joe Biden has what thirty it, depending anywhere two twenty five and thirty eight well John, this just say he's at thirty all big lead. However, there are twenty two other people on the stand. Now, maybe maybe is instead said when everybody else joins. Everybody else is eliminated job.
And we'll pick up a lot more points, because there's a lot more people like him that people have to choose from, but I don't think that's true, because the people that are are acting like he is centrist. They all have zero. So it's it's! It's like everybody who wants to be in the same. Who just wants to rip store America to sanity, as they would say I wouldn't say, but there's they would say those people are about. Thirty, five percent, thirty, eight percent, would you say maybe maybe Forty yeah, I mean, I think, there's a good, a good opportunity to that out and they you're at Biden. You know it's a. He has thirty percent. Who else who is running as a moderate? Has any I mean clover, Charles, we or Yang, maybe one or two hickenlooper, one Bennett.
Waters zero, Balik, zero, Delaney, zero, Ryan, zero- so is thirty. You have about thirty. Five right now It's total up the number of the pitchfork people, the people who literally want to over turn the system yeah. So there are people who are talking about changing the constitution, getting rid of the free market, changing the structure of the Supreme Court. I mean people who are talking about deep on day tional and structural change. Yeah I mean so here's the very to typical pull this is from we about a week or so ago had bite in it. Thirty two then Sanders at fourteen this one had a the Warren at fifteen. Then you have Kamala Harris who would be in the very left side of this at eight,
you have already you've already surpassed, buying right, you're already at thirty, should be suppressed and again, like I, after this Rourke you're gonna put over on the left side as well. I think, even though I don't, I think, he's another one like Joe but he doesn't really believe anything but he's running, certainly as a as a leftist Anya have Booker same thing, put him over on the left Yang. I think you put. He got two percent in that all put him, maybe on the more conservative or moderate sort of side again, these are all in quotes. These Democrats were talking about global. He put over there with one percent gabbard have to put over on the left. One percent then, who else anyone else there you got bullock would be on the road on the moderate side. Maybe puts he's at zero c can't count that as anything Joel Brand, also zero, which is amazing. I mean this. Is
I mean she's been just had a rough road, the one you might have a tough time, placing at this point because he's given such little detail would be booted judge. Now you know the judge is a guy who's saying I want to change the Supreme Court. Fifteen Supreme Court justices right. So then that is a radical proposal. He he advocated a forty nine point: nine nine nine percent top rate in taxes. She now again on the democratic side. Where do you put that? I don't even know where to place that, because, as the United dates. That's a crazy proposal. It's a massive tax increase for Democrats. A lot of them were saying seventy and eighty percent, so I don't know if he's moderate or not, but I mean I think you probably put him on the left side of this, though he could also just leave him in the middle. He's got another five percent, but if you add all this stuff up here at two thousand nine hundred and thirty seven hundred and thirty nine hundred and forty four thousand three hundred and forty eight on the left and on the
open, quote moderate side. You got thirty two for Biden, but one for which are thirty, three Yang two hundred and thirty five, and that's it. So really like you know, it depends on how this breaks out Biden, however, is has a case to be to make to the left. Right I mean the guy was in a the most progressive administration. Arguably in history Obama I mean you could certainly there's other ways to argue that, but I mean you could certainly make the case that he did more leftist things than any other president. He certainly be the top three or four he very progressive, voting record coming into Congress, as I think the number one or two. As far as the most liberal senators, when he was put in his VP yeah he has some positions that are generally speaking old, that they're trying to say well. Why did we believe this in one thousand nine hundred and eighty one? Well, it was one thousand nine hundred and eighty one at the time one thousand nine hundred and eighty one. His positions were pretty liberal for one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, it's just that they don't look:
a liberal now, because it was a long time ago the people confused be moderate and just being old, if we really long freaking time and he's a politician, unlike sand, Who really is an ideologue, I mean you know, Biden has some, but conservative sounding quotes from his past because in the past the Democrats were trying to portray themselves, as were the middle of the road direct right like he was fitting the times. Which you know I can understand those with Kirsten Gilibrand yeah. I mean, if you're a Sanders supporter. That's not good enough for you and I understand that, but once it comes, I want to buy it in a you know, against a couple of people on the left, he's gonna be able to make a pretty good argument. I remember he was the one that announced the gay marriage acceptance for the Obama administration. He beat Barack to that. However, but, however, he is it's perceived that you have to put yourself put yourself. Into the way. The the Republicans felt the Republicans had some good choice,
this is as well besides Donald Donald Trump that would work within the system. That's not what they wanted. They would it's somebody that would not work in the system. They wanted Donald Trump. They wanted somebody to overturn the the apple cart. I think the that's the real choice which you have to watch in these debates tonight, argh the people who want to overturn the applecart the pitchfork Democrats, the ones who are not saying that Donald Trump is the they're all going to say. Donald Trump is a problem, but they're going to say. Also the pitchfork Democrats is Donald is a nightmare. We gotta get rid of Donald Trump. However, this system doesn't work. This financial system doesn't work, meaning the free market system. They may even come out and say that we have to fun Mentale transformed this financial system,
the free market they want to take and then turn upside down. They turn our society upside down. They want to destroy the system that they think is broken an replace it with system x. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is the kind of candidate who is saying now we don't need to destroy the system to get rid of. Essentially trump he's done lots of damage if he come back to the Obama, air will be great correct, And that approach didn't work with with Mitt Romney in twelve, that up Roach is not going to. I think it's not going to work. This I'm around and the only reason, the only reason I think Biden is perceived as we put it this way personally,.
Biden is the guy that I wouldn't want to be the presidential nominee, because I think there is a chance that you get enough what we used to call blue dog Democrats, people who usually vote demo brat, but they couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton, the Obama, Trump voters correct and the the female republican voters who just don't like Trump, because they don't like how you stylistically. That would look at Trump buying and say they are interchangeable, even though they're not they're interchangeable and just feel more comfortable with him because he speaks. You know softer yada, yada, yada,. I'm not sure how that ends up. I'm not sure how that ends up so the one I'm afraid of his Joe Biden. However, I think the Democrats want-
To embrace this burned entire thing down now is the time the left wants it and the left is in charge there absolutely in charge, and so I think when you look at the numbers, were the numbers again you when you, add them all. Together, we have forty eight on the left, thirty, five moderate Brian thirty. Two of that is Biden and that's the thing you can: if you want to make a case for biting here getting through this, you can find one. I mean if, okay, that you that, if you look at the other side because you're talking about like they want someone to turn over the system, that's why they went with Trump right. If you look at two thousand sixteen from another perspective, one of the things that can happening was Donald Trump was sort of in his own wing, really the only it's in running in that area. He kept leading the polls forever. Everyone kept saying: well, one these other candidates drop out and they start losing their going to cope. Yes behind somebody in in that wing, the on Donald Trump Wing and then Trump's going to lose. It was you know, but that didn't
People just don't over tighten under one relatively easy that, I wonder, that's because that's because people think- I just want to win. I don't want the other side to win. I don't want Hillary to win. That's what that was. That's what the thing was. And I don't know that that is a strong enough pull for the radicals of the left. You know for the millennials and everything else. They don't want to vote for Joe Biden. They want somebody that will stand up for their ideas, so Joe Biden may win, but it was Be the young and it won't be the radicals- it won't be that it won't be the passionate it ten or fifteen and at the bottom they not going to join. I just don't think they'll join yeah, it's interesting, so I think there's there's a thing going on on the right. Generally speaking, where you're like you're. Looking at these debates and like I don't care, if they're all,
he left us and I don't care what it's like when you are, when your when your team is just won the championship game, okay, you're, going to the super bowl, you want to watch the other conference championship game 'cause. You want to see who it is, and sometimes it's difficult to pick who you would want. I mean 'cause. I think Bynum would be there's a lot of people in that middle area. Those Democrats that voted for Trump, who may be one over by some, or those were, the publicans who are generally vote for Republican, but they can cross the aisle when, where and of course, independence to write us, that might be one over Trump's best way to get elected. Is someone like Elizabeth Warren that scares those people? Yes, people in the middle like holy crap, she wants to do what? Yes, I you know I'm not in love with what I got to go with him. That's the easiest way for him to win. However, it's also a high risk thing to root for someone who's in that Trump can beat because if you get a a Warren or Sanders in there, yet it might be easier for trump to to beat, but if he doesn't beat them, the entire country could really be true.
Even more than we would start with Obama Warren is like that is hard core ideologues remaking the country. Yeah the country is you'll, have you know, because the Cortez and her ilk that's what will be running the country and it will not be the same. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the shell as we Pro Choice independence day. We wanted to do something very special and very different here at the mercury studios. We have a museum that is opening up this Saturday
and we invite you to come. It is called twelve score and three years ago, the unfinished promise of unity and it's it's in a slave ship, you will walk through a slave ship in It also has. I don't know what you call it. The augmented reality in it as well, through the museum you'll, be able to experience things in different way, but before you get into the slave ship, we asked several questions. What is what is slave? caused from what is the truth about slavery? What was american slavery any different than the slavery that was happening elsewhere in the world? Where Is it happening how many people came to America? How many people came to other parts of the world? Were we the worst offenders of this
you're, going to learn things that you have never heard before and it's pretty stunning, but we also are doing then and now, because I want to show you the patterns when you learn from history, you can make sure that you don't repeat it, and so we have modern history side by a side, and so the things I mean walking out into our atrium here we have probably the studios how how many square feet do you think that the is I mean I don't even know ten thousand square feet something more than that. I mean it's enormous, this atrium in this building, it's a whole block, long and four stories high and it's it's it's pretty incredible in and of itself our atrium. I had to write a letter to the staff yesterday apologizing, I said I'm not usually one for trigger warnings, but
these are understandable, trigger warnings. There are weapons of destruction against humanity that are in our in our atrium that I've never seen before that are just hold Rific in the center of our everybody was freaking out when put up the clan display and showed everything is broken up into nine to categories in when this one is the silencing of of speech, the silencing of people, making sure that you intimidate and frighten people. Into silence, and so we have the the KKK display and it's pretty intense- I mean it's. It's creepy, it's a very, very creepy, right to the staff and said I am really
Sorry, it's going to be up for two weeks. You know I understand you know how all of us feel about this, and please forgive us that this is where we're doing the museum and look out, because it's going to get worse later day, because then we brought in remember the cage that they were burning people alive in ISIS and then
dunking in pools. They took cages and dumped them in pools. We have a a cage that it has to ISIS the execution uniforms, the Orange jumpsuits. I don't know we have a few of them and I think we've avoided the one with blood all over it, but these mannequins in these jumpsuits or or in this cage- and it is- and we have the uniform of an ISIS member of someone that was killed. So we have the mask in the uniform and the gun and everything, and he stay
the next to the cage, and it is horrific. It really is, but we you will walk away with an understanding of of history that you've never had before. We'll see things that no one has ever seen before. You will see things that are really hard to see for since in the studio- and I have to talk about him here, because we got him, get him back to room secure room, but these three pieces we've been working with the Lincoln Museum and they are remarkable. First, the a written in Lincoln's own hand right. There were four of these that he made. He threw away the original or actually he gave it to some newspaper guy who then transcribed it, and then he didn't think it was
big deal so he threw it away and later Lincoln was asked. Could you write that out? So he wrote four of these. In his own hand, this is the actual emancipation proclamation that was signed by Abraham, Lincoln and over here furthers from me, and if you're watching the blaze you'll be able to see it, and just have to come to the museum or or sign up for the blaze to see it. But you can barely read the this is in worse shape than the declaration of independence, but that's the thirty amendment and again signed by Abraham Lincoln. They see the light of day in the museum about three days a year, so they're very it's very, very rare to see them you'd like to see them along with the June
means a proclamation proclamation number three. I didn't even know this. Did you know this up and did you have you ever heard of Juneteenth before you moved here? Not until I moved to Texas rising, but it's a big deal here? It's and it's in that it's a national holiday. It is actually I am Actional holiday, but it is one of those things where it just has the name of like mall store, like the a mall a sale, it's the Juneteenth sailing. It feels exactly the way it feels so we, it is an amazing thing. Texas, the news of the slaves being free having travel down to Texas, for I think, almost two years, and so the slaves found out when the proclamation finally arrived, and it was, I think, June nineteenth and they called Juneteenth When the proclamation finally arrived in Texas and it was announced the the slaves found out and were freed June 19th, and it's
it's a it's an amazing story. We have that actual proclamation that came into Texas here as well. Don't miss this please. I ask that you would help us stop slavery today. That's what this is all about. This really is make you into a modern day abolitionist. We have for so many different ways to to save people. Stop dwelling on blame on the past because we're doing the same thing now there, a few abolitionists that are standing up for Christians, crew shins right now. How are the churches not flocking to help the Christians in the world who are being persecuted, who are being tortured? The things that we have from the Middle EAST right now that are in this
are horrifying. We're talking about in in Washington in the news were talking about the border being a concentration camp. No I'll I'll, show you what it is I'll show you a horror show we have the evidence of. Right here Is anybody a look at it? It's actually so donning the things you will learn about american history that you didn't know. It is stunning when you learn about things that are going on right now and you see the actual items and actually will be very uplifting for you and your family at the end, and we invite you to come it's this Saturday here in Texas and it goes until July, seventh row right now. If you buy a ticket mercuryone dot org, you buy fifty tickets. If you want to bring you know everybody in your church or whatever you'll be upgraded it.
We're going to select one person that bought tickets from now until this time tomorrow, and we will pull a name tomorrow at this time and whenever you bought your tickets for you can choose whoever is here, and you know if I'm, if I'm here, I think I'm the last thing I'm doing is July. Fourth 'cause I've got something I have to go to New York for, but David Barton will be here I'll. Be here still will be here. Other experts will be here me if you hi, when I'm here, I will give a personal tour and the purse, tours, are really great, but want you to know, I'm going to be here the whole time starting this Saturday, I'm going to be here everyday and I really want to shake your hand. I really want to talk to you. I really want to show you these things: So please come and join us if you're anywhere in the area or you have the means to be able to fly down. Please do Merc you
the1 dot. Org is where you'll find all of the information for twelve score in three years ago: the unfinished promise of unity, twelve score tickets. Now at mercuryone dot, org the best of the Glenn Beck program, most of DIY Barnwood builders. He worked his way through West Virginia University. He was a coal miner earned a bachelor's degree in business administration. He is also craftsman, a businessman, a historian and passable breakdancer. He holds a masters degree in safety management from West Virginia University College of business. He founded
company, antique cabins, Ann Barnes and ninety five. He expanded that business, what it is today Barnwood living and they started to make a documentary film, I believe, about old log cabin. And it turned into what now is a hit tv show that I find fascinating? Welcome to the program mark. Hey, thank you for having me Glenview. You bet you Are you surprised by the success of the the show it's a real. You know sometimes were all in a pickup truck driving down the road and we just look at one another without saying a word just burst out in laughter right that you know six to believe that the show when it it's not made up right, you know you know what I I'm fascinated by a couple of things: first, I own an old log cabin and that's why your name came up is because
restoring an 1800s cabin that is in Idaho one of the first settlers and we're expanding it and and they taking it apart, has been a nightmare 'cause we're just so no you take out the chinking in the thing almost falls down, which I didn't. I didn't know that that would happen. You really have know what you're doing, and I don't but I have been approached. I was stop this eighty year old woman in the grocery store. She said Mister back, and I said yes, she said you just bought the property with this. With this 1880s logcap, and I said yes ma'am, that is a historic site and you are what have you done with that cabin? I heard you took that cabin down and I'm, like so we haven't, we haven't. We were storing it and she's like that is a historic site. Like I know, do you ever get any eat from people on taking these,
things down because they are treasures. They are well. First of all, I'd like to say that my marketing team, which is main didn't do a very good job of making ourselves known to you or we would have taken it down, would make nothing down. Please, I've got to get on the market Department, which is myself and well well. You have a strong talking to honestly, I didn't even think about calling you guys. You know 'cause, I mean I'm just a you know, I'm just doing it myself. I didn't even think about calling you guys, but you know we just we just hired a guy to do chinking, which I think somebody should have a problem with the name. I know it's not racist, but it sure sounds racist and there's a few people that I apparently do it right. But as I'm interviewing this guy, I don't what day I'm just like. Can you put the whites
in between the local cities like yeah, you're, hired, yeah right right well at the Bell goes. I think that to use your point the earlier there we do have and and come across some really historic building them, and we try to be those in place. You know if it's the first building, it's got no but documented history. The first is the consultation with a home loan and and see if they were restored on site, but a lot of times. For example, the you know these by continual farms and some of the other things that are there, you see in Ohio and Pennsylvania. These these structures are at a loss for you, because farming in mice, all that changed what you're seeing, is a lot of dilapidated arms across the country, so it I feel like if we're not replacing the structures, then then we're going to forget about you know the history, because our largest rock you know the one
all over print, you know, mother, nature takes care of enough things like tornadoes, have gotten a lot of calls in the last two weeks. So I think you know we're. We are seeing a lot of the landscape. Thank you. They are and they are beautiful and is somebody who's who's, just building a fence and again taking down an old fence, and you know some of these fence those were put in with telephone poles, and I have to tell you if I didn't have power tools. If I didn't have you know, you know backhoe, I do that I would have stopped there's no way to do it. I can't believe when you see these old homes that you are too now these old barns that are all he and human they're all hand cut these guys. So you cannot walk away from uh old barn or something like that and not walk away with just
tremendous amounts of respect for how hard people worked. Man, it's it's incredible. You just sent back to the finest and and you think they show up in a wagon and there's a family. They start cutting down trees and dragging the trees out. You know the floors and then taking a broad axe squaring that then put in a dub skeletal, not showing up with a hand, saw and start to set this logs and taken down, and it's got ten by ten beams that are six feet long and that every time we think we're just thinking how in the world did they get any hair and who else are we going pirating cussing so so if somebody has a barn and they can they just call, you and you'll look into it and it and do you buy these? Are they given?
to restore what? How does this work? Well, you know like in any other business claim we we have like Bilo itself and then I always say that were slow but were expensive. So we go, we use so the the take them down and clean the side up real. Well in all the years you know, barbers become more popular. Now, I'm not active. I think I get more than most people do, because I understand the history and first somebody in your binder yeah. What's that for right, and that's always a difficult parts for for me as as a businessman is that you know it's not a workout for everybody. So you know we haven't gotten people. Article well, well, mark it's good to talk to you and I may take you up in the future on 'cause. I want to build. I want to build a bar, but I don't want to build a new one. I'd like to take an old barn.
Claim it and then and then shore it back up and rebuild it. I just I just love these old structures and you're exactly right. I love this. Why I love you is, is you guys are saving history, It has just been left to fall apart, an it will rot if we don't save the and the first school cool we are just so great. You know, I think, a lot part of it to the success of our show. I had to do with the fact that we honor those old time skills and, and that is used to build the house yeah and the other thing about a week before I don't argue, you know we, we have fun work and it's really hard and at the end, it's you know. I've got a a saying that your car behind to take her outside, and I think, if you do those three things it it shows in your work and it shows in your attitude.
That's been part is mark? Thank you so much good talking it would you say in the room with. Hillbillies, no, no, but did watch what is it lucky, login or login lucky I did. I did see that I did see that so I've seen Daniel Craig's version of a hillbilly, okay, good good, to talk to mark the so much the blaze radio network on demand
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