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Best of the Program | 6/13 - Cable News death spiral continues - h1 - Pick off, Purge and Demonetize - h1  - 'How To Become A Federal Criminal' (w/ Mike Chase) - h2 - The Most Gay Friendly? - h3 

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Welcome to the podcast. It is the Glenn Beck program, along with myself stew. Today we talked about CNN and they're just klining audience. That is at this point. Basically just cratering, though I will say not as much as the cratering of conservative personalities on social media where just cutting off access David J Harris is the latest example cutting his by over ninety seven percent, Pat Gray That tells about the latest danger from Ebola, which again to do in anti into kind of the immigration debate as well. Mike Chase is a great guess today he wrote a book called how to become a federal criminal and goes like all the ways that, if the federal government wants to put you in jail. They can't because they are so many crazy laws and they can use these things to come after you and have use these things to come after people all over America over the years. Also we talk about what is the
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is into snow a slow news week last week, the president was it on overseas trip and the CNN completely stands alone in the massive audience implosion. I want to compare to see an end to MSNBC and the Fox NEWS now. Listen to this. I'm time viewership compared to the same week last year, Fox NEWS is down, four percent NBC is down. Four percent CNN is down thirty three percent. Total day viewership compared to the same week. Last year, Fox is down seven percent M S. N b c is down five percent and CNN is down twenty one percent. Now, that's the Good NEWS here is the bad news, there's a twelve plus rating and what I just gave you was twelve.
Which means it's actually, two plus, which means everybody, two years old to death. That's the two plus number and the money is made two thousand five hundred and fifty four. So if you're between the ages of twenty five and fifty four, that's where that's, where everybody places their ad dollars. Ok, it's really important. That's called the demo and it's really really important. So here's what here's what happened and we went back and checked because we want to make sure that this isn't a typo right, primetime, demo viewership, compared to the same week. Last year, Fox NEWS is down twenty five percent. Nbc Msnbc is down thirty. Two percent CNN is down fifty five percent. This is an app
loot implosion of a network. Now what you're seeing Fox NEWS down twenty five percent msnbc down thirty two percent: this is just because the younger people are just not tuning into television, so you have the implosion of the the network system happening. At the same time you have CNN just killing itself. I mean we're watching a suicide every time you turn on CNN, which well I mean if they commit suicide, nobody's watching. Does it hasn't? It really happened. Cnn is a
rule outlier. Now in this audience collapse, the erosion that you're, seeing at Fox and MSNBC is, is just really the the the end of this network. The cable news average audience adult two thousand five hundred and fifty four Fox news came in at three hundred and forty one thousand tote day, which means everybody watching during the day is two hundred and thirteen thousand their number one m s n, B C. Prime time is two hundred and fifteen thousand. So that's almost a hundred and well it's a hundred and thirty thousand lower than Fox total Day, a hundred thousand lower than Fox one hundred and thirteen thousand. So you think that the media has this big. You know all my gosh NBC of
got on NBC. While then you know she, we better pay attention to it. So you know I had better ratings than this on c men Headline news, one hundred and thirteen thousand, I think when we started, we had what seventy eight thousand. You remember stew, and it was like nobody was watching yeah if it was, if anything under one hundred and fifty. What do you think is even lower than that when we started was it yeah. It was just like there was like nobody watching and everybody knew it. We knew it, but nobody was watching in these ratings would come out One hundred and thirteen thousand people- that's not even worth? Mentioning? That's like that's like basing our entire life and our entire broadcast day on what open on the con on the cartoon network at three a real If you think about it, it's like CNN
the news- was so desperate with numbers like that. They put you on like that. They were That's how distracting it going back. I don't know. At that price, something yeah, so one hundred and thirteen thousand- but that's not that's, not MSNBC, CNN primetime is one hundred and seventy eight thousand. Now, every time you pay your cable bill, you're subsidizing CNN. Every time you pay your cable bill, you're, giving them a butt load of money because they negotiated a really sweet deal when they had ratings and people needed them, and so they get a percentage of everything that you spend on cable. You want to crush CNN here's your boycott, for you cut the cable cut cable. Now, that's also going to hurt Fox,
my heart fox, is a fox at least has a chance of standing on its own CNN. Doesn't you cut? You start cutting cable and you start getting rid of cable in your house, which is happening they're not going to be able to afford to stay on the air. This is a dead corporation, the the the they've killed it they've. Absolutely killed and CNN. I, like I mean I understand the idea, the problem with that, though of courses, if you were to leave cable, you and you you Didn'T- have fox anymore There'D- be no place to be able to get good conservative commentary letter wouldn't be at all. No here would be there. No there there would be you just go to blaze, blaze, tv dot, com, blaze, tv dot, com, slash gland, you enter in of free speech and I
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at industries. Ask for more regulation is when there are in a death spiral, the Evil news industry is now in a death spiral. So they're, going to reach out to the government and most likely, especially if the Democrats win they'll, get special treatment, they'll get some sort of special breaks or whatever and you'll notice, also that the CNN's of the world are asking for regulation of the internet. Now it's now, it's the cable providers that want protection from the internet because the internet is getting too strong and the internet is putting all of these. These programs out of business and all of these networks out of business, because it's the new way, it's not you, they're not going to change it. All you're going to do is start adding soviet style restrictions.
And you'll end up with a soviet union you'll end up with a broken system to where you go someplace else. The country you're like man, we are so far behind what what is this? That's, what happens right now. At the same time, Silicon Valley is doing what they're purging the voices of conservatives, because they are setting up their empire. There ring up exactly what they're going to do when they ruled the world and they already rule the world. Cable news in the american people are just starting to catch up get about. What's on CNN, nobody is watching it. So. Every time you hear somebody talk about what was on CNN last night, you can either enjoy it for the popcorn that it is, or you could say, not important. I mean it could be fun to talk about it. But it's really not important, because little
really no one is watching anymore. Now I want to take a break and I want to come back and go back to what the internet is do and the world that they're setting up right now? What is the world that they're setting up because they're not done They purged more voices last night. So who was purged yesterday by the way is David. Duke still up is Richard Spencer. Still up does. Is he cool because other voices were purged, their voices are still on. The best of the Glenn Beck program, hi. It's Glen
subscriber to the podcast? Can you do this favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes so who the band yesterday? Well it's so! This is an amazing. I mean development. David J Harris Junior has been on the program before a prominent black conservative big. You know yeah big, big social media personality, and so you know he wasn't banned clan, that's important for you to understand. He was not sure okay, and that is way too extreme. They wouldn't do something like that. What they've? No no, they they've they've, looked at the damage to the community Albert Facebook, an they've seen that David apparently is violated this so It's no way way way. He violated the community so
violate any of the standards or the guidelines. No, he just hurt the community, he hurt the community, I think, and so they've decided to say that he, because he has, he posted some fake news stories that they've just changed a couple of things about his page and their mind. I don't know, if it's color scheme, you know maybe fawn size right things like that in a couple of other minor segment, minor things that might be noticeable, for example, the dean of demonetized him. So we can't make it out any money off of the page, which you know is his main source of income. You know, but other than that only other thing. They've done is drop is traffic by ninety seven percent, and that's just that's all that's in minor thing I mean, if you can't get by with three percent of the I that you've built over a long period of creating content for Facebook for free that they profited off. Of I mean if he can
handle the hand. What can you handle? Can we find an attorney that can tell me how Facebook isn't being sued for this, my daughters? They are destroying business after business after business, and it's not just conservative voices. It's actual businesses, they just put them out of business yeah, and I I don't think you know it's necessarily just like David. It's either isn't even the perfect candidate for this, because David is a guy who built his following completely organically, like he never put any money into ads or anything like that. There are companies that paid Facebook, millions of dollars to breast ads to get an audience and now Facebook is saying they can't reach the audience how they're not getting sued, or things like this, I can not understand, and maybe there will be no fee. We know for from our own experience that we,
we've, been the monetized. We've also had our reach greatly didn't diminish huh. Just recently the blazes had their reach, so I do I build up what two and a half million subscribers are followers of Facebook, because Facebook invites me to face That shows me how to do it. You know they bring me into their headquarters. They talk about things. They say we really want you to be a partner. So we invest our time and our money and our talent to be able roll that audience, and then they shut us off from that audience. So they have the two million people that Some of them may not be if they have been using Facebook when they first joined, we got them to join Facebook, and now they cut us off of the people who say I'm here, because I want to know this opinion yeah, but it's it's at
really amazing. I David posted a video of this and you can see the traffic numbers. Let's play a little bit of this and will talk you through it as there's some of its visual. But if you happen to be watching, the graph is absolutely amazing. Listen. This is my page reach in the millions you see. This is two point five million, and this is this- is in one day. Ok, this is one day this is April, 30th, two million one point, two million, so you can see it goes up from one million to two million bouncing around there. One million to two point: one million two point: two million and then look at this folks. This just has me beside myself two point: seven million may 13th
fourteen look at this Trop. I swear it's enough to make it. It makes me sick to my abs, my stomach down there about a hundred all my gosh, destroying oh, my gosh from point, seven million to about, I think the low was eighty five thousand from two point: seven million. In again we so the question would be okay. Well, what is he doing? Is he posting a KKK material would be strange for a black conservative to post KKK material, but is that what happened? No, he got detained because he was post. Fake news. The fake news he posted was a video from CNN, where they were interviewing. The founder of the weather channel, who sceptical of global warming so because he posted a CNN interview Josh.
Global warming in a sceptical way which wasn't he wasn't even say it wasn't even video of him. It was a video of another person. An interview on cnn- and you got doing for fake news and now is us ninety seven percent of his audience, basically overnight. So he hasn't. You know he hasn't really done. They ever done anything wrong. They have moved him to a new, ah village, where conservatives have their voices heard and everything is sunshine and lollipops
and it's just in a place that you can go were fine, but that they're all just being put onto a train in their brought to this wonderful little village where they can speak and their people can hear them. And it's wonderful! It's wonderful! It's amazing because I mean a lot of time just goes to sort of constitutional grounds on free speech grounds, and there are you know, we've had about that. We have something coming up the next few weeks on this go going on tv and there are issues there that surround that because of the government protections they get. That being said, though, I think that it really the more interesting way to go after this is business. Meet you there is no way be, should be able to be running a business this way, and we should continue to go back to them and hand over all of our free stuff. We're creating it were handing it over to them and then add a on a whim with no explanation and no rational reason to do something. They'll just cut an audience by ninety seven percent, and it's not just David J Harris Junior. It's not just us. It's companies that have gone
really out of business because of these changes after they've spent the ends of dollars with Facebook to get the audience expecting to reach it. Obviously, and then Facebook just pull the rug right out from under me. It's it's amazing you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. So MIKE Chase is a white collar criminal, defense lawyer and by night he's the little humorous behind a crime a day. The twitter feed where offers a a daily dose of extensive research into the curious, intriguing and crazy,
pensive criminal laws here in the United States. Welcome to the program MIKE Chase author of how to become a federale criminal thanks for having me now MIKE. You know when I first heard and still came to me and said we have to we have to have MIKE on he's. You know how to become a federal criminal and I'm like. No that's what that's what Antifa? That's what that's? What these four left organizations are doing. Well, I don't think we need to do that too, and then he he explained the book and I looked at the book and it is it's fantastic. We are all federal criminals every day Oh yeah yeah, some of us are cheese criminals. Some of us are, you know, small, little donkey criminals, you know some of us have whistled on a cb radio, but whatever we under the likelihood, is that the government could charges with a federal crime. So the but I'd love this. I have to read this verbatim 'cause. I love this use.
Never you should never, and I mean never underestimate the government's power to put you in prison for something as simple as bringing a theatrical chicken or any performing poultry back from Mexico without an up to date, health certificate yeah. No, it's the article, only true yeah, yeah yeah, and this is we're not just talking about dramatic poultry right. I mean poultry that have have a great sense of drama. We're talking about professional performing poultry, but if you come back You want to clear it wait. I have to wait, wait, wait you have to you, have to define what a theatrical chicken or performing poultry really is. Where did this come from yeah. Well, that's the good question right, because we all know that article one section one of the constitution says that Congress and Congress alone is supposed to make the law somewhere along the line, they decided we're better at you know, bickering and things like that, so they gave that power away to agencies who then agencies
rules like the one banning performing from coming back so you're right. It would be nice to have a definition of performing poultry, but That's sort of where everybody went home for the day and they just said look. It is performing poultry? So really it's the government that decides if your chicken is a performing chicken or, if he's just an amateur, boo believable, I would say my raise your book is scary because I happen to be a man who likes to you know when you going by a bunch of horses, I'm the type of guy who likes to flip off the horses. That's just the type of person. I am I like to make up sometimes, but it's not it's not just flipping off the horses. I believe stupid right. It's making an obscene gesture or any objectionable gesture Tord the horses, not yes,
Then I will say, as you point out correctly in the book, it is ok to do this to a stationary horse right. However, a passing horse, it goes off the rails. What I really find fascinating about this one 'cause this is a real law that is in effect, it's in you detail it in the book, is that they actually did revisit it. I feel like a lot of these laws like ok. They passed him in like one thousand eight hundred and twenty and their ridiculous, and they just never repealed them. They actually visited, in the 1980s to try to figure out what type of gesture was allowed house happening. It happens, all the time and because it happens through the regulatory process, we don't always get a lot of this stuff happening in the public debate, but you're right. There was a time when the National Park Service said alright no one reasonable gestures to horses. Okay, no one reasonable gestures. We got put an end to passing horses right, the passport right, to be insidious practice of unreasonable gestures to pass a horse
some guys somewhere came to him and said: hey look. I look guys. I need a more definition on that, because I got to know what kind of gestures I can make to wars, and so he said all right how bout this under the circumstances, if it's on reasonable- and he was like all right- I, work with that, and so anyway, that's where we are with the federal law would wait. Wait, wait, wait, Waht does this! To do with anything, what what I really want to know in Three eighty five horse doesn't occur over, isn't here view flip it off it really. Does it it'll? Stop you to death amid cared what what well? How is this even
How did somebody come to the point where, like now, I need a little bit more definition in 1980s. Look when you say horse doesn't care if you flip him off. I guess that depends on the horse. Ok, there are sensitive horses out there. So don't don't don't step on their feelings, alright, but the truth is that that probably what they were going for is don't make a gesture, that's going to spook a horse and cause some sort of harm or damage, but our government, which is required to make laws that govern all of us, isn't so good and so they use these broad generalized terms and so yeah you say unreasonable gesture. They don't say a gesture that can spook a horse, they just say unreasonable gesture. So I think if you, I think, if you flip him off, I think if you do the Chin flick. I think if you in horse you're, potentially going to find yourself on the
other side of an indictment, and so I go through that, in illustrated fashion in how to become a federal criminal so that everybody can learn how to do that. So there are other things you know you can't draw the Pentagon. Yeah just say: yes, yeah you get now. I understand this may be in the nineteen forties. You know before satellites and everything else, but you can't draw the Pentagon. Yeah and that's sweet. The way the regulation says it is that you can't make a sketch photograph draw, thing or any other depiction of the Pentagon. To me, if you're at home and you're, just drawing geometric shapes- and you happen to you know, do a five sided one potentially running afoul of this law. Now, probably it's for somebody who's on property at the Pentagon, but if the government comes to your house and they're really looking for something a Ding yuan,
They see some pentagons drawn around. You might be looking at some charges added onto your indictment yeah I know I've seen pictures of the Pentagon. I know I've seen video of the Pentagon. I know they sell pictures of the Pentagon. Yep, and that speaks to a much bigger problem, which is the fact that look back in the eighties. The Doj tried to count every federal crime on the books they spent two years at it and when they came back, they said uh, We give up it's way too many. We have no idea, so we, the government, don't know how many there are. Estimates say that there may be as many as three hundred thousand or more federal crimes on the books and so you're right are. There photo of the Pentagon and drawings of the Pentagon out there absolutely, and is this law
forced in used generally not. But these laws lurk in the background and govern all of us and you potentially could could get charged with one, even if it's been fifty a hundred years since the statute ever been use right, so it's not really make it's not the problem I mean is we can laugh at these and we can understand you know, maybe the the horse. You know thing in the Pentagon thing in it. You know a reasonable person will say well they're, trying to make sure that nobody in the Pentagon is saying I'm not taking pictures but they're so catching something that is, is top secret? Would you agree that that's probably what they were trying to avoid? Yes, for for sure, a lot of these rules have some sort of you know meritorious backdrop. Of course, I'm not right. I'm not so sure that the ban on selling swiss cheese without enough holes make a whole heck of a lot of sense or selling fruit cocktail with less than two percent cherries necessarily needs to be prosecuted as a crime, but but
right I mean a lot of these rules come from a good place, but because Congress has outsourced all of its lawmaking authority essentially to agency bureaucrats, made these thousands or hundreds of thousands of rules with not enough definition for us to all abide by them and and created crimes in the process right. So that is the problem is that, where is our government has grown, grown, more powerful, grown in size and groaning hostility towards one group or another? Whether it be? You know, always you know of the repeat of the nineteen. You know, fifties and- and you know, Martin Luther King not being able to buy a gun because his local share of said no, it's for your own safety when we know that wasn't true, they can
powerful government that wants to put you away for some reason can find something to put you away for yeah, but that's absolutely right and remember the place our minds always tend to go on. This is well how many people are actually in prison for this or come on. Some of these laws are plainly unconstitutional, but the thing nobody to remember I go through this in in how to become a federal criminal which is long before you get put it at trial. Long before the Supreme Court holds that you were unconstitutionally prosecuted, for you know, flipping off a horse on public land or sorry I pass horse on public land. Long before any of that happens, you know these countless laws give government, the authority to detain you to arrest you to go into your home, seize your property and put you into the criminal justice system in obligate you to defend your. Before you may wind your all the way up to the Supreme Court to get acquitted. I mean we heard about the case.
Guy John Yates a few years back, he got prosecuted for throwing a few undersized red grouper overboard and he had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to be told that what he did wasn't a federal crime and by the end of that process you may have been imprisoned. You may have lost all of your money and gone indigent in the process of defending yourself doesn't seem to open you up you of that you that you know they can use one of these laws to go in search your home and find out something else that they want to know that they have no right of network. I mean it, it seems like it would open it up to the end. You know
they're gonna be able to go in and get your access to your data. They're gonna be able to go in and search your home and all these things that normally they wouldn't be able to do because you're flipping off too many horses. Well, let me let me give you a real life. Let me pause for a second and give you a real life example of this and I'd love to hear your opinion on this might cause as a businessman. It's why you? What you've written, really concerns me? It's really funny! So let me let me go here. We are we're talking about these crazy laws that are currently on the books that you can get nailed for with MIKE Chase and MIKE. Let's look at things like, for instance, the tea party or then the master cake shop. We know that the we know that the city with the master cake shop- they have they they were. They were part of this. They wanted this
I too have to be forced to make wedding cakes. He felt it was unconstitutional the he brings it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court basically says: well we're going to do it. Here's how you do it he's just been sued again, and I thought to myself. This is the third time. How is this guy affording it? But if the, if the police or the state wanted to make sure that they taught this guy a lesson they could go in on some bakery related thing that is really old, nobody knows and says you're in violation of this and bleed the guide dry. He doesn't have a chance of survival. Right, you're, you're, you're, exactly right about that, and- and I have a whole chapter in in how to become a federal criminal about food, so how to become a federal criminal with food. And the truth is that the FDA and the USDA regulate all kinds of food food crimes it can be so minor. I mean in fact, very sick Her situation is not that many
years ago. There was a bakery up in New England that listed in cute fashion, they listed love as an ingredient in their granola. Well, the FDA, he sent them a letter and said: hey. Your products are misbranded because love is not anything. We know anything about. It is not an ingredient we've ever heard of, and so your food is misbranded and the truth is that becomes a crime, so yeah for the master cake shop or for anybody else in that industry. If, if there a political opponent of somebody, you could go in and you conduct an investigation you're going to find some violation of something, because because the federal government has so far exceeded it's limited powers set forth in the constitution that there are hundreds of thousands of crimes and put Philly thousands of regulations, that a person could have violated and they'd be able to find something, the harder they look for sure and Tea party members tea party members know this because the IRS
Investigated so many leaders of the tea party and they came up with nothing, but they had to go through all this all this federale regulation to be able to clear their name, it costs them a butt load of I and money if they know, because we just trying- get a five, oh one see three or c for whatever it is for many tea parties. They couldn't get it done because of the red tape, and it was because they were going against somebody in the ever been. So we've never faced this as Americans before we've never seen this. The black Americans saw this in the Jim Crow era, but we have an face. This is white and Erica and it's coming to all Americans. If we're not. If we don't wake up
don't know for sure, and then last year I wrote an op ed in the Wall, Street Journal called lock her up, lock him up. They could lock you up about that exact point, which is this this, this picking the unpopular person, the politically unpopular, whoever and end using this course of weight of litter, the countless federal crimes, federal laws and regulations to carry out Essentia Lee vindictive purposes, that is the problem that it creates it's it's not that we're arguing that regulation is inherently good or inherently bad. If you go through the book, you will see that every effective, modern american life is regulated in such a way that it gives government immense power for politically unpopular people to be prosecuted I'll, give you one Example that I go through in the book, which is, if you leave the country, with more than twenty five dollars worth of Nichols in your pocket, that's a federal crime. Ok,
and I'll show you. I show you how to do that. I mean you're going to need some pants with some good pockets in a nice dirty belt, but the truth is that if you leave the with more than twenty five dollars worth of Nichols. You've committed a federal crime in face up to five years in prison. It's just one example of the government requiring all kinds of reporting and all information from you not that you harmed anybody or or actually did any kind of injury to anybody, but because the government so wants information that, if you don't give that information to them, you could find, stuff, on the other end of an indictment and a potential, Boundless investigation- and this is made much much worse because we have we've disengage and separated ourselves from the constitution and the idea of of blind justice right. Absolutely, yes, no question about it is: it is not an even handed system well MIKE. Thank you so much. The name of the book is how
to become a federal criminal you'll, actually laugh really really hard all the way through it. But there's import lessons to be learned in it. How to become a federal criminal, perhaps a book that all of us should have on our shelves. Highly recommend you get it now by MIKE Chase the best of the Glenn Beck program. And if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out Pat Gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast. Well, since it's gay pride month, we thought we would celebrate
A talking a little bit about the gay pride that is, is so prideful and and and tell you where we're headed as a society in Q is a former dominatrix and educator and practitioner of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and say to Sikhism for in Q. Bdsm has long been a part of her understanding and experience with sexuality. Initially she explored kink as a cabaret performer in college. Today, she's, based in Brooklyn, and she uses her expertise as a platform. As an activist, visible we asian american person in the bdsm community to elevate the experiences of marginalized people
and perform bdsm rituals with clients as a form of therapy. She also hosts workshop for members of the Lgbtq community. This is also the creator of the web series mercy, mistress, which is a co produced by Margaret Show. She. She just gave an interview with the washing arm, so with the the Huffington Post. So we could understand she wanted to highlight the work. This underserved community and and understand bdsm role in exploring and furthering queer pride and Well, they envision the future of the Lgbtq movement. She says quote the ritual work uses bdsm activities as well as sadomasochism whether it's flogging, spanking caning fetish, worship to be kind of a cathartic release or
use it as sort of an arena to work on something one might be going through. Uh, individual I'm working with is not looking to get turned on by me and I'm not looking to need somebody in the way that they're handing power over to me and manifesting like fantasy play so her sessions. She says what I'm actually doing is just offering my skills and services to be the hand that put someone into bondage to hold safe space, for them not to prod or poke them it's more than they would take a flogging for themselves. So they're really going to take a really hard whipping, so they can manifest something with the intention that they're trying to get through some kind of
Google, whether it be work related or any other part of their lives where they feel they need that physical, whipping that physical push much in the way, someone might say, run a marathon ok. Now, as you unfortunately, would have to read all the way through this nonsense. The question from the Huffington Post was so you believe in bracing, kink and other marginalized identities as the power to move the conversation and experience of pride beyond the White Gay Sis mail that has dominated the movement up until now. She, then, and I quote, I think the corporations, I think the corporations that are fueling the money that goes into pride and the other People getting paid by those corporations need to turn
Understand they got over the fence by so many people giving them a hand over it. They didn't achieve gay marriage in a queer people in the workplace on their own, it wasn't just the leadership and the corporation We need to remember how much privilege we attack in an. We always have to look to our neighbors and people outside of our spaces to see who else these are hand up to get in that space, so we can all be at the party. As a community organizer holding events, I got some pushback from some marginalized people because they don't wanted to be a token within a space, and I understand that being Asian American and a sex worker, but I also believe there's a responsibility to come forward as a role model. Say I don't want to bring you in. As a token, I want to bring you in as a co host. I feel there is so much money going into pride right now that we must be able to have
Thai man work available to reach out to those sex workers to reach out to those people in communities that have long been have not been uplifted. I was talking to an older gay white man after a price, last year, who was really offended and hurt that there were a lot of leather flags with a black stripe showing solidarity with black lives matter. He can find it. He confided to me- and I listened because an ally to black lives matter, but he felt insulted that his. History of what the Rainbow flag had meant to him had been changed, and you stated in a way that he felt was not giving reference to gay pride. Now, hang on just a second. This is a person in this mill. Community That already feels there be alienated and they're his. Three is being erased and they
are being mocked because someone put a leather stripe on the the Rainbow flag, and so he's now being alienated. She said, I told him that things have to change. Our language has to change Gee. Where have I heard this before? I remember Michelle Obama member. Why she was taken off the campaign trail, the first time around. She said this and the rock knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices, we're going to have to change our conversation, we're going to have to change our traditions, our history, we're going to have to move it to a different place. She said the
that being said. The younger generation is taking up arms to hold up more marginalized folks, and there are plenty of rainbow flags out there, so they're not going away, but we have to look to the artists, the writers, the people who are making films, the activists look to artists who are bringing their queerness their blackness there, bdsm kinkiness to their artwork and exploding all over the world with it. I look to Margaret Cho and I'm honored to co executive produce a series with her I feel like younger people in the community are doing sex work, activism using social media to put messages out there for decriminalization of sex work. These are the people that we can really learn from, and I feel accountable to. So they are already beginning to eat their own There are already beginning to mutate into more an more extreme. But how about this one,
meet. The pow wow dancer smashing gender norms, men, news, Nanoose Casey, I don't know Nino for short- is a power. Dancer now wells are traditional social gatherings in many native american communities that allow people to color come together to celebrate age, old traditions and nothing says: POW wow, like the fancy dance, the ubiquitous staple of these gatherings, but the jet that dance is. Strictly gendered, there's one version for men and and uh for women but Nino who love dancing the gender confinement of pow wows was stifling
the expectation that men and women could only have perform certain dances and wear certain outfits. Now she identifies as a two spirit, which is an umbrella term, for indigenous peoples, from North America to describe their place on a spectrum of genders and sexualities. So in a bid to break free from the confines, some gender norms and represent their gender fluidity. Nino is wearing both male and female regalia and after three, is of no dancing she's back and dressed to the nines ready to dance to the big drum. Oh, I've missed the pow wow so much she says, I'm sorry, that's not the way. It's printed. I've missed this so much they say. Remember it's two spirit. They
They are still processing what their complete two spirit. Powwow regalia will look like and until then Nino is diverting their energies to the organizing and educating others about her culture, but it's not really educating about her culture. Is it because she's changing her culture? this is unrelenting authenticity that makes Nino such a beacon for others, no she's not being authentic. She might be being authentic to herself, but she's being authentic to the native Americans. Whatever responsibility, they inhabit, be it at a pow wow we're a nation wide pride, it vice three. They will carve out of spite the space for their most authentic self. The Canadian LGBT Q represent Has historically and continues to leave out two spirit, contributions need
plurality of identity. Black indigenous ukrainian Queer two spirit, poly amorous partner, parent and I'm not making this up puppy mom. Somebody still look up what a puppy mom is. I don't know what is that copy mom puppy mom? She is black in June's Ukrainian, queer, two spirit, poly amorous, partner, parent and puppy mom. She exists without compromising any of them, which we all love. I am not beautiful. I could be wrong on this, but I think maybe what they're saying there is. She just has a puppy. Does not seem to be that that is it read, it read it again. I think they're just trying to be cute at the end of that. What did you throw it in the trash bending over there yeah I did it might be. She is indigenous ukrainian quick
for two spirit: poly amorous partner, parent and puppy mom. Yet so it might be that she's a puppy mom, it might believe it might be that she believe she's a puppy and a mother of a puppy. She might believe that she puppies. I don't know anymore what I do know that if she does believe that she's right she's in her truth and you shan't question it? Ok, so I'm going to take a quick break and I'm going to show you why I just shared all of this. Because the culture of the Rainbow flag is now being erased. Ok, it's now being changed and the people buying the Rainbow flag aren't happy about it. The puppy mom is now changing her traditions and we changing to the blaze radio network on demand
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