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Best of the Program | Guest: Peter Schweizer | 2/2/22

2022-02-02 | 🔗

Freedom of speech is under attack, as the Left continues to go after podcasts. Author Peter Schweizer joins Glenn to discuss his book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” and President Biden’s dealings with China.

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Great podcast. Today we have Peters, wiser on with red handed you're, not gonna, believe the corruption we talk about, like you need to do for your dollar
and for your savings, because, as you too little outlined today, it's pretty clear, hard times or come our way, but remember hard times made us some stunning developments in the european situation and maybe the most stunning development with CNN deed and five. Sorry, that's me up all today's podcast, almost police tb, dot com, slashed, Glenn Yonah have peer Schweizer on actually chalkboard tonight. Show you the corruption in while she didn't how deep it goes. All to China now be talking to me as well on students, America, lots of Peter Schweizer today, but he's got a really in depth. Look at you need to know. The stuff handed is the name of the ever handed, also Glenn, because a book out you might want to hear about the great reset you can now at least as a couple websites accepting orders. Now you wanna get involved in this batch of borders, because once this printing cells out you'll have to wait another month or two who knows so? If you go to collect outcome, there's links to other places you can go by the both right. Now I checked
their or get it. I'm Kindle audio becoming soon issue. Will these details and the book it should be. If you get into this printing bullshit ship to your house within it The only thinking coming back to this idea, you're still at our last hour, yell at this hour to cover. I know, there's more to this the last Our. We talked about Benumbed, potentially a collapse in, and everything and weather Why is it? You know what your well known for promoting economic collapse at all times but it's your persona yeah, but this is a day one thing you were making obviously very specific case here and one of the reasons why I think this one connects to mean it for you
girls at least more imminent, is because it doesn't feel like we really paid the price for what happened through the covert era right now, if you're local businessmen person you own a bar when at a business you certainly feel like you paid the price alot of people individually paid the price, but I'm talking about like the nation wide economy. We Let's put let's let me just short, What you're saying here, sir? We thought eleven trillion dollars was really bad debt. We we thought twenty trillion dollars is a really bad debt. Today or yesterday we crossed the thirty trillion dollar threshold as our national debt. That's bad and you know I never thought it would accelerate the way it has also, you thought, This economy, I mean we can't spending this way, but now we're not spending that way we're spending.
Crazy amounts of money. Is that what you're talking about yeah so. We ve been doing the show for twenty years now and throughout that time, both had, I think, a thesis generally speaking of what a lie. Large government and a large amount of debt meant, which was over time we are, to hit a point that we cross, that we can't pay it off. We can't turn it around and it feels like we kind of Heaven, cross, the line of we're never gonna be able to pay it off, but that we hadn't hit that point where it was so catastrophic there We couldn't still more way through things and grow and with innovation, and that you know there is still some theoretical hope out there. I don't know my mind and you may have had a different time line on this, but before covered, I had this picture like at some point in my lifetime. We're gonna hit this drive about. My kids, are really gonna. Have we will said, like your kids, are going have to pay for this you're grandkids
some point coming soon to a theatre near you were gonna- hit a point of debt that is in sir, two and causes real world cataclysmic a and despite what we ve done for the rest of the world, they will not forgive. Our debt knew no. And so that was coming in, I don't ten. Twenty three E. Forty before twenty fifty- maybe I don't know some point in the medium term future. This is not a thousand year problem, but it's not tomorrow either. That's how I've been living, however, with that thought was, speculation of normalcy, right wing. We are increasing the debt here and there we add a programme here and there about you know we have a crisis here or there that increases the debt, but it's not covered covered? Is it hits It has its real world impacts on people and so
but then also has a spending nine ten trillion dollars the FED dumping. Seven eight trillion dollars into the economy that only once a year or two that's what telling you that's what just what are telling. Yes, it is one point, six trillion dollars. Currently one point, six trillion dollars every single week every week, that they are now pumping into the financial markets. on a pay back of thirty days or sorry ninety days, if they pay it back Where is that money going one, wait six trillion every week and that's on top. Of the giant bills that we discuss proactively is out it's it's on top of just what the FED is doing on a day to day basis, it's on top of
of how I happened before binding became president correct on top of what we now know because of a freedom of Information ACT, what they did twelve years ago, when the FED said we gave the bank's five trillion dollars to bail them out. No, they didn't. and the money went around the world as well. They gave thirty trillion dollars. Thirty thirty trillion till that. Remember that our entire national debt were the fad Also in by two thousand and ten had all ready added to their balance sheet. They keep saying it seven. No, they gave me of a freedom of Information ACT, that we had twelve years, four or ten years for they actually gave the world third trillion, so we, no, that it was worse before?
but then we knew yes, we know that cover is worse than they're, telling us, and we also know that why There was particularly short term economic shock at the very beginning of this. We did have that, but Jenny speaking we're back to Normal unemployment levels, in theory, we're back to good doc, market number were banned, to all of this, is theory if I believe their numbers and you look at the stock market, and you don't think whom. how many trillions or going to u no jail? Morgan right. How much? How much to how many trillions are being dumped into the stock market? Is that number even real bright, but am Europe apart young setting this up what price none. I think you're making good points here and they are important, but my point is: it hasn't felt like
the catastrophe would have expected. If I told you in January twenty twenty, we are going to completely turned the economy off for a year or most of it for a good chunk of a year and then trickle back into life, where people are being aid by the government to not work right. Now, normal unemployment, but instead devising them to stay home. The to the point where people are offering thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of bonuses to fast food workers to combat. Please come back raw. the craziness that we're seeing there. We have not felt the pain of this the scale of what Cove was to this country. That's by design you right feel it right. They know they can't for you. We can feel it, That's why I've been saying says: twenty nineteen theirs
Something wrong in the financial sector that started, which you know, started with a hundred and fifty billion dollars a week, loans to these banks and it up to a trick April, twenty twenty they were giving Loans for ninety days to these financial institutions of one trillion dollars a week. It's been ninety six weeks since then. that's ninety six trillion dollars that has been pumped into these banks for some reason or another, and now we find out that it actually not one trillion dollars. It's one point: six trillion dollars so the way As the household had these moments, Let's say your short of money comes the December you take your credit cards out. You by Christmas presents writing. You can do that. For one or while an end and maintain the lack of pain who Christmas, because you cap credit, gotta pay. It back eventually. We all know that what always seen here is,
my aim. I think rural conservatives idea of massive spending out of control over the next several decades. That gets us in trouble, all jammed into a two year period. Her act so. You know, it seems to me- and I keep coming back to this way of thinking is we somehow or able to navigate this without any pain? And I don't know any pain, but without the amount. of paying you to live the Weimar Republic, where something crazy and real economic destruction either our analysis of debt as a whole, very or what did not take into account enough variables. VON, MRS Schreyer, maybe blogger or freedom is all wrong. Maybe an empty is completely right. We, never seen it happen before never happen ever worked. Okay, so let me just break this down on bare minimum
and this is in coming from me. This is coming from. Larry sat a summers you you know who he is he's a very smart economists in, alas, more on the left, but a very, very smart person arrived. I don't and he is the one that is going to slow down spending. You know I don't hire him as a hawk right, but he also is reasonable and he is the one that went to the bite administration as a left wing adviser was mingled bomber adviser and gathered at member and west side, and it said guys stop this you're gonna have to control inflation. Ok, so Larry Summers sat down with the Congress meant that I talk to and it was a open conversations or not revealing any secrets, but he said with this congressmen and they a conversation, and he said to Larry. So tell me the truth. What me and he said bare minimum bait, in no way out
Bare Minimum, is ten percent inflation for the next ten years that means. If you have a dollar today in ten years that just from inflation, whatever you have in your bank, account will be worth third four cents dollar Thirty, four cents. so they are to be taking have indeed Six sends out of Every dollar sixty sixty six sends out of every single dollar that. We'll impoverish this nation, and that is the guy. guaranteed best scenario from Larry Summers. Ok, that's pretty bad! Now how about, if it's worse, This is why we remember they don't have. You know how it feels like they can't be this wrong. Everything
do does not help us right. It's there never wrong. In the other day, We never have a good surprise from the people in Washington, Dewey always seems to be like we. What are you doing. And so many people have been led to think. Maybe they're against why for no. They just see the path We have this right they differently and they will not tell you because they think you're stoop and you will slow them down. They don't want domain accuracy. They know want a republic They have their plan and they're moving forward with it They know that if we made it ten years and people have thirty four cents for every dollar, that kind inflation, nobody is going to be they're, gonna
be voted out quickly. Ok, that's the Best case scenario that they're all voted out. The people do not intend to keep capitalism. they are working on, something called the great Reset Joe Biden. talks about it. This is out in open and we refuse to listen to it there now. Trying to fix us they're trying to transform us- and only way you can do. That is, if p bull are in so much pain. They'll take any one that will bail them out so they have to collapse the dollar to make. Its work really truly believe the acceleration is because we're wake up you guys collapse. The dollar remember red, JANET Yellin Ray
what the Treasury has on their own website about, moving from paper dollar, two, a digital dollar. Why you think, all of a sudden, they're coming after Bitcoin Why is the I M F coming after Bitcoin? Do you really We believe it's because people use it for bad things. How many of our dollars! I have traces of cocaine on earth. it they may make it makes a gillis. Zero sense last worse, right unless you are Philly trying to collapse it, so you can start something new. Remember. They always have a solution to the problems. There are creating this the great reset is their solution and one start, seeing that You will then start to say: ok all right I'm gonna be part of a force that fixes that I'm gonna fix that, at least in my own household. So my
acquiescent isn't up against the wall? Do not take a dime from the government don't take a dying, from them. Ok, so late talk about what is happening with freedom of speech because remember The thing that they have to have for the great reset to work is that have to have cash running through the financial system. ass to be run through the financial system to the government, so they can direct where the dollar's go that's one reason why you should be in a savings and loan, the the other, thing is they have to be able to silence the voices that are telling you things I believe. I truly believe that in a financial collapse. It's gonna be very difficult to find me. It is not happen, shit
It happened stance, and it is not because of any other view that I hold that you can searches you can barely find me now on Youtube. You can I find the stuff I have over a hundred videos on the great reset. They will never come up in your playlist. Never you have to search for them. That's why? yesterday. We put on Youtube on play lists everything you need to know about. The great reset. Your I have to search the stuff out. It is shocking shock. In the way this is being held back from people and stifled. So I don't, think those people are going to have a voice to be able to warn you or tell you what's going on when it begins, so that brings me to Spotify. the White House Whoopi Goldberg Joe Rogan, whose
actually behind this stuff? What actually happening with joy, Rogan. You can say, while these doctors do, you know they sent today. Did they are they actors. Really, this is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. This is the Glen Back programme. So let me give you a couple of stories here and tell you what's really going on if you look, and Luckily, we are in a place and time now, where people know it and there are sick of it. There just sick of it. There sick of being hauled racist and everything else. Things, are not working any more jobs. Oh is now a conspiracy theorist, that's gonna
Be broken soon and I think he's gonna beat this Now there was a journalist that one to prove what we all knew this isn't real. This is ass. Ro turf, yes, George, factories he's got a sub stack yeah, but you can check out and subscribe to. and he looked into the background of all the sky. So what he found remember. This was a group of men. Cool professionals, this group of doctors that have just had it; ok, no, the racket annex and left wing activists that pose as Medical professionals pay they're. The ones that got together now who are they? Well, the vast majority of doctors are out medical doctors, their phds, like Doktor Joe Biden, herds. exactly right, exactly right. So
air purveyors of misinformation themselves, so you look at the people that were associated with this and who really running this group. There comes from two places. The Rockefeller Foundation, and which, by the way, This person was with the coveted nineteen tracking project from the Atlantic, which was did by Mark Zuckerberg and the Rockerfeller Foundation and other left wing institutions was largely a data gave gather operation there's necessarily all that much nefarious there, but there was usual sausage. I am sure the same group same circles, all right, so the other person, Doktor Carr which is a Phd she's, an eye by way you're going to a doctor cat Katy Cause, I'm not going to why,
They are so a good tat is ass, a shortening of our first name, no, its not catch, be sure for coffee, well isn't. My name. Is this train wala sitter, ok, surfer Katrine, you gonna Katrine Because this house too much like latrine my cat, like you're, an idiot, ok, bow anyway. That's that's a major said: that's gonna makes of news. You get protest for that, so kind of a violation of all journalistic standards and referring to her as Doktor Catherine Wallace, because you know I mean that's like that's like you know, looking at it take HAWK video and saying it's. The Bible now really not sure, a Phd she's, an egg junk assistant professor in Illinois. She has no background in vaccines or relevant fields related to covet nineteen, he also
has done a lot of work, which is interesting, Wizard with another group there is one other person of the fellow campaigner, Abbe Richards, she's, a misinformation researcher and she helped organise things. Look these actually, when it says a misinformation, researcher she's account sultan with media matters?. And and so they're doing. Research on people like me and making sure that baby. You know the downfall of misinformation, highly credit, or something like that. she's the one that media matters launch the campaign with to cancel Tucker Karlsson because he's a white supremacist so you know you have you ever and she does have her masters- I mean you know. She's, not a medical doctor, but she has her masters degree in climate studies, so she's doing she's doing well so
This is not a surprise, because are, as we told you what two months ago, the you're coming after pod casts that Is there angle they ve got shut down, podcast nets, the new thing gone after Tucker Karlsson, a lot lately in they did. This is these organisations exist just to silence voices. As we know, we ve been through this a million times we played for you the ads that they started launching on on the where there are like law. Did you know that pod costs are blah blah blah blah Barton, you that day, saying all these bad things about covert nineteen that you're not supposed to here and in the this they have launched a campaign, and so much of this of comes from the organizations in it. Not the other way around its, not people are upset about podcast and therefore these organisation start efforts. Is these organizations starts efforts and they launch multi million dollar campaigns and go to
their friends who are journalists and say hey we're about to ten million dollar campaign about gets podcast. You should write about it because then it will look like your story and so they write about it and they act as if it so in the world of journalism when it does it doesn't. Ninety nine percent of this stuff is now like the movies- it's not like you know Watergate it's it's these people, who are who are with civic agendas and specifically tie to these events that gold their friend reporters and Tipp them off so that they can get Credit for these stories later on and it looks like they ve uncovered this big truth when in reality, it's been led to them. By their friends as supported by multi million dollar donors. This is how this works all the time. All the time
almost all the news. Real works. That way, and the reason you know this to be true, is how nobody is up in arms about gas prices you George Bush gas, wasn't even like this, and it certainly wasn't going up at this rapid pace nobody is talking about it. No one is talking about gas prices and what is the president doing was doing this under Donald Trump. You bet they would have the porter, but the border is, is as bad it's much worse than it was when it was making news ten months ago, much worse much, it's much! It's more! It's worse than anything. We ve seen before. And they're doing nothing about it. Why? Because it doesn't fit the agenda of the journalist and all of the journalist friends who work it. it places like media matters. That's really what's happening now. when it comes to what be Goldberg,
can't tell you what's happening. The chief active of the Anti Defamation League, Ah, was really upset that what we do Bird for saying the Holocaust was not about race, Kay cheese, here's what she said and absolutely was about race less. We with full about what the holocaust it's not about race. She said it's, not! It's! Ok go play the clip the Holocaust isn't about race. Now it's not about you may have mediating no fit I did raise, but it's it's not about raise its about reticence about, because you it's about me. and inhumanity to man. That's what it's about it's about. A white supremacy is not about new angry at sea, but it is a droll. My group, some people move out of.
That is why we have missing the point. You missing the point that you turn it into raise. It goes down this alley. Let's talk about it for what it is, it's, how people treat each other, the no we'll be it's it's me. I mean that could be part of the conversation. But this was about a peep but people who thought they were superior to other, be bull and they divided them by race. I mean you know: one drop of jewish blood is to jewish. I mean did you for it at about this, and the final solution their vermin because their Jews, I mean, I ain't that right. It sounds like race, but I don't understand how we master race and when they do not undermine all over deploys right eye. Try I'm trying to understand how the Anti defamation League is upset about this because D.
in that violate their our own definition. There new definition of race. I mean the The EL used to have one that said, look it's when one group of people think their superior over another and think they're more intelligent than the other yadda yadda yadda, and now they ve I take it out on different races. Their new definition makes what peace accurate it does, because its it can raise. Racism can only happen by white people to people of color according to the eighty Elles own brand, new definition, what we'll be is saying right. the new thinking about race, she's some old timey big. It she's a new kind of big it now as this is their new definition as chief
from the old school Martin Luther King definition? Definition, system, the marginalization and or oppression of people of color, but Stan socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people, so only white people can do it only white people can be racist, but they can't be racist against other white people. So I I don't I don't know I mean now. Maybe it's because she said it's it's about man's inhumanity to man. and so she wasn't specifically saying it was white peoples. In humanity right, but if, if her analysis is it's not racism, because it is, does not target people of color. that is consistent with the ideals own definition of racism it if she, if, if go by what the Adsl says is racist. Then of course the Holocaust had no racist vibes to it at all. If we was not oppressing people of
color. He was replacing another race now he of course said No, he said he so did also do it to people of nine hours. That's all other part of yes is, it's not their very existence founded is this is from my income It's not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely They are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race menaces so. I think anybody who knows this stuff knows this. It's an aerial very obvious, but this is a new I'll bet you. This is a new point of view for Whoopi. I think we're b is in to this new kind of thinking and the eighty l might be parroting that thinking on their website. Maybe, but I I highly doubt that what's his name, gold bladder, whatever it who is, come in, come humming, seen at first hand completely inconsistent on everything seems
out, he's actually up on the new kind of racism that his organization is now I don't know, he's heading the organization and they change the definition. Isn't it more possible that will be just an idiot I think that that goes without saying how can of course make sure I understand that, because I mean she to me, it's likely that she's applying her standing of race which is formed around whatever she just read on Twitter, come round it? me too, which is based like all. Well, white people are mean to black people. George Floyd We know that such woke woke this. what she that much I mean she and her. So she sees why I'd that person looks white. That person looks white, it can't be race, that's why she said it's not about race she said these. These are two white groups of people. The minute you turn it into race. It goes down this alley. What alley
as to why people know it one that saw France's and claimed that these jewish people- it is a race which it is a race that that rates and that race is subhuman. That's what it is. It, didn't have to be white. People could be black, people could be anybody. Can it was of offer racked with the areas where the master race in everything else was inferior, and I was the hurrying waiting, I just crazy was out in the target. Obviously he targeted Jews beyond the level of anyone's comprehension, but it was not the only groupie targeted for act and now let me also, let me just ended with this Anybody who is crying for her to be would take off the air, stop it as a right to say these things she stupid. We know it look at their ratings. They ve got The demo they ve got like forty people.
That are watching that are under eighty eight years old. You know. or her because of the ratings, but you'd have to fire all of them. Because of that then What she says I stand with would be Goldberg being able to keep her job and not be fired because of an opinion. That's not what we support me, the least acknowledge the fact that I was watching Click yesterday that show us been on the air for twenty five years ago. This is a twenty five year show that is nothing but a collection. of the dumbest people you ve ever met talking about things they ve never thought of before. Yes, that it even think of asked the magic that has to occur. To put these,
people on the air to talk about stupidly about the news every day, amazing, well and she's, a despicable human being, and I know the best Glenda programme our eye so, it's just let's just Talk a little bit about China, and what's happening in China. China is not our friend, it in been for a long time now. sure it ever has been but it's the new model for the whole world and it's also the biggest market- and you know everybody has sold out to america- will now it's our turn nobody selling out including an olympic athlete. When I-
a headline of a story. I thought this San Francisco born athlete was saying I'm back in the system, I'm not going with the team to the Olympics, because she's not she's switch teams she's an American who's. Gonna now ski for the Chinese. What the hell is happened now talk about her, but I and talk to an expert who has spent What a year and a half looking into this year and a half of fur. Time, research with several people author, the new book Red handed its Peters, wiser. He's president of Government Accountability Institute. His new book is red handed, however, can elites get rich, helping China to win Peter you have written a lot of books,
and a lot of it has been about you? Ve actually have laws changed because of what you have uncovered in in corruption in Washington. You have to me. This is the most frightening book that you have done. Research for now. yeah. It is because of the breadth and depth of it. You know I looked at it I'd or trading on the stock market. I've looked at the Clinton's and those are really troubling cases that, to a certain extent, you could argue word somewhat isolated. This is not isolated. When you're talking about China forging commercial ties with the mayor, can political class to co, op them you're talking about the present the United States are also talk about leaders in the house in the Senate. When you go to Silicon Valley, it's all the big names in Silicon Valley, Elon Musk, the guy it found. Google you to Wall Street, it's all the Big Wall Street financial firms. I quote them in the book. I explained the deals in the book.
It's so comprehensive! It's it's almost an entire class of people going that our currying favour with Beijing, and I would argue, doing their bidding and very important and significant ways. Tonight, Peter and I are going to the chalkboard and we're gonna lay at all out for you, especially the Biden connection Joe by. has literally sold while not his soul, but our souls he has sold Amerika for cash HU, the Chinese and its clear, its clearly illegal and its provable. Yes, but doing about it, I mean it's the shocking England, you and I are, but we were just talking earlier. We grew up in the same same area around the same area. We both remember the Cold war right. Could you imagine if the Carter family, nor the Reagan family head
deals with russian business men who had links to the cagey big, no doubt be a let there be alarm bells going off alarmed at the peach meant. Yes in me, a is act, impeach maple become even are hale, yes, people would be calling for their heads, that's precisely what you have with the violence and I'm looking forward to night. The mapping this out, but we found thirty one million dollars is all comes from chinese corporate records and documents in from Hong Kong and from legal documents in the United States was not just a number drawn up. Thirty one million dollars the Biden, families received four business men, every sing, one of those business man, you can trace to the highest levels of chinese intelligence. So we What was both now is that, like you know,
I got the money from Bob and Bob has a neighbour whose causing one I was at a garage sale of a guy who's up in the Chinese and tell you know it's: it's not bad at all I'll. Give you a couple of examples where the deal's hundred God, given I've, talked about it before, was be HR. This private equity deal. Your taken. There is twenty million dollars. He got ownership of this financial management firm. He had no background and financed in bring anything did the table they gave. Twenty million dollars of this is something that no a Goldman Sachs didn't even have now, that's exactly right, a unique deal for little humble Hunter Biden, so who that happened, or is my kids would say who made it rain for Hunter in China. The two people, that made that deal happen. One is a guy named chafing kind of serious business man Hunter in the emails calls him the Super chairman and I
point. He says I don't believe in the lottery any more, but I believe in the super chairman. So he knew this was a big pay off, so is is che fang as CHE fang. Arranging this deal for Hunter Biden who chafing business partner is The vice minister of State Security for China, a guy named Margie on their business Nor so it's not you. It's not just that russian business men. You have russian businesses if we go back to their Reagan. Fear that the the co chair or the partner right is the head of the cage head of the cage re, its direct, its not interact and so this guy Morgiana who's, the Vice Minister State Security. His job is for recruitment it's to recruit foreigners to spy for China. This is the guy who's business partners with the man who sets up hunter binding. The private equity deal, the
there, may on the plays a central role in that deal and who said partly transfers, five million dollars to another hunter business, called Burnham a guy named Mr Zhao so, Mr Zhao, again makes it makes it rain for Hunter, who is just business partner, his business partner. Is the family the former Minister of State Security, the guy who runs the entire spy apparatus in China, so when I say the highest levels of chinese intelligence, I'm not talking about some middle level analysed I'm talking about people to very top and the problem is Glenn every sing. a deal that we know of that hundred God in China has a link to individuals who are Joost in at the highest levels of chinese intelligence. So this is not a story. What are you thinking there getting in return? Well that
the question right, what I know is chinese intelligence does not run a philanthropy they're, not business. Men are not looking for to be a drug rehab programme. Four hundred by no, though that I feel sorry for, like you, know, he's really screwed up his life. Let's give him a shot right. That is gonna. Twenty me, you know a twenty brazilian or million Amelia million die. Our business here has not happened yet now it's it's so its clear what they want. They want to compromise this. The core family, as they do with without our families, but the buying one is particularly troubling the concentration of all these intelligent sources and the fact that Hunter does something really weird nine. nor does a lot of weird things, and this is my seen pictures on the laptop yes, this one in the context of who he is doing business with in China. really shocking in the summer of twenty fourteen hunter by goes to the secret service, and the secret service has confirmed this to the USA.
Goes to. The secret service says I dont want you guys travelling with me when I go overseas now the secret service. It's gonna resist that and say we need to do. This is about your protection, but or insisted, and they stopped travelling with him. Unusual, because you go overseas. If someone kidnaps the vice president's son yeah, we going to have to rescue him exactly exactly and the biggest threats you're going to face are gonna, be overseas and not to mention honey pots and all the other. You know four so clearly, Hunter did not want to want the secret service or federal law enforcement to know what he was doing. Maybe that's too, the drugs, I think it's so tied to the fact that he knew he was Deals with people that were used in this way. Now. The reason why this isn't gonna happen is because everybody's doing it.
A lot of people are yeah there's. No. There is no question about it and as a bipartisan problem right, there are republicans that debt that bring up the Biden thing is they should to me. That is the biggest issue because he's the commander in chief present the United States, but you people in the republic inside of the homage Mcconnell in his family family. Surprise who, who are let's just say, leverage to Beijing that means we also Mitch. Mcconnell, is married to a lane. Chow, the transportation secretary, the Tropic Administration, her family has a shipping company called foremost when got married back in the early ninety nineties, Mitch Mcconnell as a U S, senator travelled with his father in law, James Chow, to Beijing to meet with top government officials. Now this was right after Tiananmen Square. There was no political figures going to China at all. They sit down and basically, what comes out of that deal is an agreement that China is going to help the chair. Family shipping business, and so
It goes from being a small company with a couple of ships to today a massively successful multi billion dollar enterprise, and so, What is China do for Miss Mc Connell's family? They bill. Old. All the ships. The massive super workers that entirely they build all the ships. The fight dancing of the construction of these ships, one ship- can be a hundred million dollars or financed by chinese state banks. The courage is communist part exactly caught absolute, although this is yours. Is there any way to do business in China now without communist now, yadda fallible, maybe four by a bag of potato chips, Beijing by right, but you're right? This is not bank of America. This bank of China, which is the chinese government, the crews that man they're pulling out. I think Bank of America is directly connected to the. U S government at this point, like I digress so but
got the ships being built. You ve got them being financed by state controlled banks. The crews are all a Chinese provided by the chinese government and to their contracts are Doping state owned Antwerp. Eyes, goods around Asia what I mean leverage the chinese gum meant if Mitch, Mcconnell were to do something they did not like, could literally destroy the family business overnight. That's leverage and that's what Beijing wants. They call the strategy elite capture. If we can capture foreign elites, make homes ben to our will. Then we are effectively decapitated our enemy, tonight, we're going to outline all of this from the White House to Wall Street, the capital we are put a chalkboard together and Peter is gonna, be there. He will show you the facts. So you know this is This is why we are. This,
were not serious about China. This I mean when Donald Trump, you know he's got a deal and maybe he's gonna build out. Tell in maybe he's going to build a hotel look. It what Mcconnell is doing? There's? No, maybe it's happening. Look This president is doing there's, no, maybe Thirty million dollars has already arrived to their bank accounts so there's, no, maybe possibly we don't know, let's investigate all of the Facts are very clear. The question is how we already been sold out to China so far that What he's going to do anything? That's my gun. So in the book you talk that their you say that there are twenty former: U S, senators or members of Congress that went to work,
the chinese intelligence military yeah- they they lobby on behalf of chinese intelligence or military related companies. So these are the companies that are developing software to spy on the weders. These are companies that are involved in developing military related technologies. These Companies like waterway, which both the Obama in Trump Administration said, is a price see for the military and their technology is used by the chinese intelligence and military to spy on Americans. These are former senior Republicans and Democrats from the Senate, and the house, who are you pay large sums of money, in some cases a million dollars a year to lobby. On behalf of these reprehensible companies. In these cover the you although the thing on the five g- yes, ok, I've g ready to roll out. We ve done all kinds of testing
The companies had time to look to talk to the FCC. Tell us what you need the FCC listen to them gave them, I think, does, what they were asking for in bandwidth here if to protect our and then suddenly. As is getting ready to roll out, they say where were well, and I talked to the FCC commissioner, and I said I think this is. I think this is by administration. In others, saying no stall that because it only helps waterway and hurts us right if we can't roll it out across Europe with their going to go with China right and all of our information, everything it's all about a collection with China, yes direct to ya, know that's exactly right. You know the future intact Ology is artificial intelligence and what experts will tell you is what matters and artificial intelligence is a data and shit. China is the OPEC of Data, part
It is because they have so many people, part of it- is they have this intrusive states, so they can collect data on whatever they want part of it is they collect. on Americans through Tik Tok into these other. You know, could you please explain this cuz, I'm about to play this to my kids cuz, my kids roll their eyes when I'm like it's Chinese, don't do Tik Tok, don't look at it. Don't open the app get rid of talk and they think I'm crazy not mean Tik Tok as a Chinese owned controlled company, and I checked box sensors. I mean there are people that have put up sort of anti c c p statements about human rights abuses, Tik Tok takes them down, they shot him down and they allow other political content. So you know that people have to understand is that If you are a major player in China, meaning a major company, you are fused to the state complete we and entirely because that is the way she has changed this country
used to be that way, but it was softer over the last ten years with ye. He is moving in the direction where they are fuse together and what he is Glenn repeatedly I it's not, you, don't have to try to figure it out by defining the tea leaves. What he said repeatedly and bluntly is that the text logical race, with the United States, is a war and shy now intends to win the war and they are right and they are and the to achieve the commanding heights. In his words in this war, he wants to win the battle of artificial intelligence. So, what's so what's happening, Glenn was happening. Is Google and me Microsoft. I talk about detail in the book are financially supporting and providing technical support to research labs in China or known to be entirely fused with the chinese military so you have two of America's most powerful technological companies aiding and abetting Beijing in there
petition with us, Microsoft, Microsoft, You think need to think about this here. Glenn Microsoft accepts interns from the people's Liberation Army I mean it's insane the notion that they would wander around its is just unbelievable, and this is the mindset of Silicon Valley. They don't care, they dont feel that they are Minos particularly American for them is all about the technology and we are allowing them to do this. We are allowing them to under. Us.
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