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Kamala Harris’ story about “fweedom” is oddly similar to one told by Martin Luther King Jr., and some suggest plagiarism. Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly joins with good news about his Georgia polls and what he sees as the biggest issues for voters. Glenn has a poll for you: Which radical leftist proposals will be reality in a year if the Democrats win the Senate?

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Hi stu. I thought it was a great show that I was magical magic was we talked about freedom, and this amazing story of Kemal hairs are commonly Harris, which is pretty much. My story of my childhood I didn't know, throws it also similar here well out of people. They know hers was like almost a rip off of Martin Luther King story, almost awful, almost mine, coincidentally, almost exactly her story, so Marla throwing stones from the well could be the I don't wanna make any accusations like dad. It read in the papers, but we talk mainly today about Georgia and what is coming. We talk to the guy of Trafalgar, which is the I think, the most accurate, the last five year pollster in the nation, and he s got good news and bad news on Virginia sorry on Georgia, and all of that is discussed and so much more, including the new House rules following today's broadcast
the only thing I want to tell you this amazing story that commonly Harris has told many times and it is. It is so good. It is too it's worth repeating. she was doing an interview with L magazine and she just She was ass. She said she was in Oakland, California and she was very, very small and she was attending a civil rights march? and she was sitting in her stroller, and she remembers it and at one point her parents, we're all caught up in the protest. and she fell out of the stroller.
and then all of the parents and nobody even notice that she was gone so. Essentially, this is the part where I say and when questioned the parents or Minos and department of children and families to their door Baby fell out of a straw. Learn you just walked on aim in annoying baby yeah, so she's. He said in the magazine article by the time they noticed that little Khumalo was gone and double back. she was understandably upset. Kamala, says my mother- tells a story about. How I was fussing and she's like baby what do you want? What do you need, which exactly what apparent would say to a baby that was all upset. You know I wouldn't be like hey I'm here, I'm sorry we got you you're safe. No, no! No! It's like what do you need.
What do you want and little Camilla looked at her and said freedom? and it is so so sweet. It's just just wonderful and so just rings true. Doesn't it You don't have to Vince me, this story is true. I believe it immediately. It just sounds so so true out there. There is another story like this that been found. Martin Luther King told the story about how during a meal A protest Young black girl was accosted by a white policemen. And Martin Luther King said the girl looked at policemen in the eye and then told him she wanted freedom.
so it's completely different story. One was freedom, and this one is fear about its clear. It was stolen its clear Martin Luther King stolen from common Harris right. That's what I was thinking. That's what I was sunk, unbelievable yeah. How that bastard then why we should raise him on that. Astern would steal from common law, which was such a sweet story, and you know it happens a lot of times. It happened. I remember I was very very small- and I was up on the grassy Knoll Amazon Stroller and my parents were so excited to see Jack- de out- and I and is lovely wife. didn't even notice that the stroller rolled down the grassy? No, oh, my gosh and hit the back of this big black convertible, and I was thrown on the back of this car homeward Goodman yeah yeah I just remember this pretty nice, lady and she was so pretty. She was dressed in pink and
he crawled out on the back of that car to grab me edge He pulled me in the car and- and she was holding me- and I said you have blood all over your Wes Anne. She said dad. It's is no snub wide its blood and it was such a cue thing. She said witty. What do you want? What we need and I sent for you- have so sweetly out a sweet store where it was. It was and is really nice kind of like when I remember when Effie are. Given the speech you know about going to war, yeah and air, and my parents were up in the balcony. You know watching it and they,
They were just so excited to see. If they are, they didn't notice that I had crawled over the balcony and fallen Omar down the right onto the floor of the house and to let a terrible parents in these stories yeah. Well, it's not question the parents, and so I was because I was healthy baby. I I fell down and then I just rolled right to the feet of empty are like a drug. a kind of iron, and so I was ever there at the feet of whom- and he said you know a date which will live Emma, I pulled on his pants leg. I say Mr Mann, stir, and he looks down at me I'll, never forget. He looks down Khomeini's like oh, my gosh is cute little baby. is right at my feet and he bent down any picked me up and he said what do you want to be? Indeed,
I was bleeding a little bit from the fall sure bad interference that you feel about me, and he said you want what nice it fleet and he said that was so cute and that's why we went to war world war to cause. He was gonna say day which will live in the minds of people as a peaceful day and instead of day of infamy make, I said freedom and he realized that Japan is against freedom. You have it it's better speech the way, the what you are doing a gal. I was yet. I played a role in that I got you were there yeah, because that really would have been a terrible and you, as I remember when I was I was on the moon, my parents were doing something shopping or something and my stroller start rolling of street and all of a sudden,
I found myself on the moon. Accept because you have those you have those balloons they about you attach to the to the stroller guess sure Jack lifted up like they're, not just to see. Now I will go through that, so I'm there on the moon and hand one of these. These guys, I think they're coming to rescue me, but they just- happy to be going to the moon. At the same time, one of gums dowries like you know one small step- and I am like please and he said well, you feeling it- and he looked at me like what's a baby doing on the moon without a space without a space out, and I just tugged on his space suit, and I actually put a hole in it which were freaked him out a little bit, but I was a baby. I don't know I was doing right and he says what do you do it here? Animal? I said I was waiting and oxygen.
and he was at all- you are dog door- was now so cute when little baby say oxygen. Yes, there's never adorable than you have you considered running for vice president because I haven't I haven't you know I don't like to brag until these cute cute stories about me. You know now, I cause, I know, because I might Harris occasionally we'll do that. I was I was also strive. Was it was really cold? One Christmas Eve and my parents were paying attention and I followed it away on an iceberg and I was I was in the river than that- Delaware, River, visa and all sudden is both comes up, and all these guys are in it in hand and I'm trying to get back to Philadelphia in and he's go the other way.
I said way for freedom, because I was sober, all additives in food and this guy, you know in the bodies picked me up and he's like you are so cute. You know the Eu Chile Julie, and I said I am- and I was George washington- They were pressing the Delaware, oh my god, and they were going up. I don't know what they were going to do, but I said full dumb and they went and they ve they beat the Haitians really it yeah yeah. That was you that was me. While I was allows the rallying cry that day, damn that's interesting as a comma had that story about freedom and it was very powerful, the eventual she often tells powerful stories about her childhood, like when she said that
Biden was a racist and the debate that was also another war, our warming, I she was angry. You ways it. I want freedom. If I'm Joe Biden Awry is what you re initially, let me say that Joe Biden was away pissed We are here sniffing weekly setting out yeah. I remember that started with laughter. so cute. How does this happen? I'm this is just so pathetic. We have to have these. Like weird any aid does, is all appearances are at least that she's basely lifted this decree from Luther King early police, part of it
justly good parts year an acute party s Martha, came to know the story of the parents abandoned eight hour. He had rallied it's a great my path so drunk. If you had a vain, maybe every year in the baby, s eye or alike, because they could arrive aim and then I was crying and my parents, or what do you want? The editor lied and eyes have led. This is going to turn out being like a Saint Patrick Day parade. Is there going to be white with it's? Not it's not a right. A rally: thou us of its heartwarming cause just power hammered hubby one how'd, you lose this baby in the stroller, you're still pushing the stroller, but the baby falls out here that the article tries to make it out to be. They didn't have a lot of safety requirements on children's strollers. Parents were a little more responsible who write like leave it to the leader of the media. We, like the problem, was the government they didn't require ready. I still have not made a virtually look at it again, taken at occasionally Mombi daddy. I well out of the way you suppose I do it because I go once a month check in with you have a baby is essential, adding more how eroded crowd of people like when you have been. You remember this. When you have a baby and you're like you're in a crowded environment, you for your obsessive, yeah right. Your look you're like looking making eye contact with this child constantly to make sure you don't screw it up because
in your mind when the babies sport, it just gonna, stop breathing in the middle of the night and you're terrified of that later on you're afraid you're leave them like the top of the car. car seat. Your constantly obsessed about its bizarre idea that just Maybe they just got letter stringent rolled on the street, the middle of a political rally and what a great Crow chasm for the way our country is operating right now like- This is the way the left is right. We have to get a. What what's more important baby or your politics I get They made a choice, their the best of the Glen Bank Robbery bolster the Trafalgar group,
we can he's actually I e whether he was born in Georgia Ray DE in South Carolina- and has been doing this really a campaign. Since he was ten years old, going door to door, he is one of the guys that has really looked good with them walls most act. National presidential, poles of twenty twenty most accurate, mid term poles, twenty eighteen, twenty seventeen o. a pollster, correctly call all Georgia sick special election. Most your presidential, Poland? Twenty sixteen he's got a good record. We wanted to hear what he is saying. I think about Georgia, I Robert How are you doing are good Good,
just I'm hoping that you are going to have some good news, but I dont think you are for the G8. I'm good news. Ok, so I'd go here. Here's what we're guy! We think that the tunnel needs to be a million. Fifty thousand, above Republicans, to win now remit. Bert narrowly voting was twenty three percent off from the early voting in the fall. So at twenty three percent of the general election night and day boating. That's only eight. Fifty eight and fifty thousand roughly turn out that not enough. the question is what that you're, not gonna, be waiting. It's gonna be in the window of between eight hundred fifty thousand. Today, a million fifty thousand and that gives us a sport decision,
with that turn out. We have leffler at forty nine, point? Seven hundred and forty eight or when one point nine undecided. That's for when we have our thoughts at forty nine point, four for due at forty eight point, five per loses. Ok, The budding goes about one point if it goes above a million, he thousands or do you have a chance to win, but that is trying to get a turnout in the general election that is higher than November and having that fail to do street the com. What is the do? You measure the passion at all from the Democrats and the Republicans in and tell me that wealth and the budget has been demonstrated by the turn out. This election is not binding, either republican losers are both ways
I'm gonna love, because a lack of it that a lack of available conversion. They only laugh because some of the more compassionate squeezed the life out of it when this We had them both winning and widening the gap which started with Purdue, losing and left her away. And then level was rising in two hours per the margin of error and was when within the margins there and then The toys are two December happen, they came out with a six hundred bucks- and all the major foreign countries? People didn't like it crop? Of course the room understood and that we need to be more Warnock and half were charmed and immediately backing trombone. The two thousand were forced goodwill outcomes. I don't think pretty Mary statement at all that night and that we start and that, with all the five point drop in a day they came after she's
and an Mitch Macao, you know, comes out and says We're not gonna do this at all, and so the argument we did. We lose him man. Big tech after it again after it again They did not want to hear what he had to say that I believe it's crazy and they don't even control anything yet or do they. Global mood interesting. He say you saw. He seems to think that Leffler has the better chance of winning now yet one one way to close for no, it's Amy look here. I think he would tell you you know, look this. These are all right on the margin of error. We don't know for sure. It's interesting, though, if you look back at the weighty races developed the race that leffler more knock. Wherein was a major one of these Ex thirty candidate races, where Leffler and Morn up where the top two, so people really didn't do anything
to criticise Warnock unmet race. Leffler was running, gets Collins, another Republican to try to get to the top of the thirty person Yeah, so no one really took any really took any shots at. not at all. It's been only since that election that people have focused on his record. Like me, for example, you know, is his ex wife. His wife at times is on. camera saying that it was Abusive or abusive ran over her head, her foot and entirely intentionally here said that she's a great actor No there's been a lot of not to mention all the suffering comparison Jeremiah right. You had a great special on a lot of this a few weeks ago. Its import that people know this, and maybe that's that sort of lights. Shining on were not for the first time is going to be determined if the so Robert he's back with us weed you dropped out, but halfway through the conversation Robert, but we were. We were talking about that
the the what happened with the with the stimulus package. really changed everything The argument, the Republicans in the making for six weeks you, you don't wanna, have humour as majority later. You know all the bad things democratic are do and then all of a sudden, the democratic rules Well, you don't have your two grand because of Mcconnell and that's who they plan to vote to keep him there. So you never. Get your money if they win, and that would M M for four a m, call the money socialism affected a lot of people That was said every one that would between but out about. Seventy five percent of people in Georgia would innovative allow me as at the same time that with popular sweetie barbecue, gods, while France you'd only to be against that right when you're giving money too people our work and how you told not to work through the government said UK work, they don't
like being treated like people who welfare who don't work. They don't like it I I I couldn't agree with you more. I wasn't on the air when this happened. I thought, six hundred dollars was so insulting. two thousand dollars. I felt is strongly that that was insulting. I, as a sum business owner and I'm I'm fortunate enough to be doing well, but all of these people that on small businesses, like me, I thought two thousand dollars. What is that gonna do A thousand dollars is nothing if you haven't worked in six months that that's that's, that and all its insulting as well. This is a different kind of situation that wherein why in rarely do we think about how often in the history of politics, does the government right a check to the taxpayers before an election? And if that happens-
You ought to be on the side of the Baker check it out less, is more unless it on my stimulus and the other problem is what people know that you two thousand. Where we'll talk and the people not only said he I got my thinks about it. Just takes me often they didn't. They teach me off that I could add two thousand at so it was an unforced air. If, if we lose both of em, that's gonna be why was it you didn't need to happen. I think, even with their initial miss, that's not embracing the two thousand, it's hard to beat them up the last ten days. About two thousand hours back to them there, like. What are you talking about?
They may be that we get the money. Now people have been getting checks in Georgia since last Wednesday, so adjust it struck the wrong cord. It you reinforced this idea me Joe Biden here yesterday saying what they get it if they go back, you'll never get to do that. You never get do thou for anything else. It gave them at all It was an on board. Ere gave me a talking point I didn't need and I mean I feel like the browser did everything he could to help fix that unbelievable. Viable located. Did you say you have good news already passed that? Have you wait a minute when one is better than losing both yet is? It is I do. I can't imagine area have you done any pulling yet on?
on where we, where he, where people think we're going to be in six months, if, if they really start doing all the things that they say they are going to do, the green new deal, You know severe cut backs with guns, I mean we d be seen anything or do you have any kind of temperature gauge from from America? This I can I you mention that, because the one issue that I have seen glaringly absent in Georgia and again Here. you know what you know that local tv, I watch all the air was there. from the different gatorade. Yes, I have so little talk about gun our target. They funding belief, but here to think this is Georgia. Guns go up support for God go the cough
sure economic make Rachel was black people and my people, guns in Georgia. They do not want you taken their God and why in the world that was not consideration is, if you saw the private mention that but may I add that did this without their work tassels improper upper do are hitting M M Gun the route Villikins are just stupid. many pulling numbers on that on house stupid. The republic goods are well I have a lot of problems without it, campaign to IRAN and joy joy to pretty good. Can it not a maiden cast but pretty good care it did. He didn't get the service they did. There's no way. We shouldn't have been thought that this ditch this discussion endured. It shouldn't have been about about guns
or separate, most especially world Democrats, and there still are allowed in Georgia away from democratic nominees than talk about taking away your guns. If it were me, I had better all over the tv documentation. I got a bad time beta Mama. It does does Warnock play. In Georgia. Does he mean he's so Jeremiah right without me, no Bravo Bomber backing away from him. I mean he is he's. radical he perceived as one here procedures for what you have in that raise compare the war not right, very much too. Jamie.
Ask your honor Ericsson irregularity. He had to introduce social viability. Bath and Jamie Harrison condemns again Rob Warnock is, let me say: to begin with, but if death after honor but is also like compare this morning to flood of Ebay and they give him the sand reef, there was. should our ability by people saying they were poor girl who had no intention about inform and yet in the Senate, right, Nelson, got, there was no social as by what they said. They were for the shameless I've been here almost no social, our ability and up pretty race and a a bubble I should add ability and the leffler I wanna rise. There is and who had it in. I didn't who, though, the voters are who are telling us. Therefore, leffler- and I thought and what I found that there were all there were all White Democrat.
They are suburban moms. Don't like drop and don't love everything by left wing, but Warnock scares them cares about. That funny police and you know, Gb America, all that kind of stuff and whilst the phone appreciable different with a static bout that no effort at significantly better, I mean like in the eighties and has bagged boat Warnock, while gap Our Robert had free choice for choice, pastures, a big thing and that it does not play well. What most this valuable report Thank you so much for for everything you know. In the last few years you ve been one guy. You can really count on and look at, and I think somebody who's using their noodle a little more and trying to understand voters
Trafalgar group is- is where he's that? If pollster his name is Robert K. Hayley you can follow. Follow him on his website at the A true failure group dotterine your listening to the best of the Glen back. Let me go to merely in Georgia, hello, mail. I think for taken. My call you back now, you're not arouse you're, not a resident of Georgia, but you're in Georgia. That is correct. I am asking and, alas, eight or ten days down yourself Atlanta Peach, Tri City down that way and are actually just here too, campaign, goddaughter doors, the weeping granddaughter door. We ve been the hundreds of doors, mostly republican at about half bade already voted and about a half
said they were planning to vote on election day and very excited about it. Didn't do I locked. Did you meet any of them I said I'm not gonna vote, because you just can't trust it. I'm sending a message Ed, I only meant to but it was in. It was really hard not to become free Haitian all go that's a stupid thing. I've ever heard, but anyways I mean basically they just they were angry. So one at voting time about one thing in all: you get what you get them for most people excited most people. You know strong patriot. They wanted to they want to talk about the election, about the fraud that they saw. Her and an all of them deepen prayer like we're. We're just pray for our country, so it was encouraging in some way than in as you know, it's like when you have a dream and yet the nightmare, and you can't move and the dream you. What did you hear that kind of how much I hope, you're right now so
why Colin Inga get updates account thank e mail. I appreciated we just to the head of the Trafalgar group, which is a pollster and the most accurate in the last for five years, and he just said there has to be a massive turn out for the G o P, the damage let's have a bigger turn out than they than they had. but before the November elections so they're going into election day with bigger, led the mayor, even in the general, so the Republicans have got to show up in the country is at stake. I may I wanna take LISA in why homing, hello, LISA, Hella high, You were you want take the questions that I just gave to stew Will you answer some of the earth? Ok, you that a year from now the
Democrats have the Senate, the House and the White House do we have mandatory vaccinations or some sort of a path, port system, where you do, you will have to care your papers around or you can't work you can go to shows you can't do air travel, yes or no. Yes, again, have we experienced full nationwide, lock downs. A year from now will we have at the head of Nationwide lockdown, I'm I'm I'm afraid. Yes Are we in a depression? a year from now on, I to say ass cause. I think we're a lot of people are already there have done
rights Ben severely curtailed. Yes, do people like me. People, like you, have the freedom of speech that is the message that we bring every day. are we able to do that? easily, as we're doing it today a year from now on believe so I'm gonna say no, because I think the only thing that saved us was President Trump. Green new deal, yes or no. Then there are gonna hit us with that. Yes, I think you're gonna try their best do you think that we have fifty one plus states. I meant to say no and not any here, it'll- take a little longer to do that. Are we are we into the global great reset have we gone along or all that,
does the filibuster in the Senate still exist? so because I think they need these as those as anyone fighting organ depend on that him. Are we in a a civil war where it not just talk. It's it's violence that the country has broken apart. I believe and being raised in Wyoming. Yes, I believe they call for the guns. There's gonna be a big there's gonna be a civil war. Ok, thank you so much LISA appreciated. That's. It you know you said you want, you know civil war, no, I I don't You want the civil war, but I mean you want me you're trying to go to me into saying it will, because here's why here's? Why
you said you answered many of these the same as LISA, not all of them by many of them. If these things happen stops Bay a disenfranchised of Amerika that has been called all kinds of names feel as though they are just being trampled on them that their country in their constitution is being trampled on. Added no longer is the country that they thought it was and poor. They they have nothing because They were put out of business. What's ops, those people from going? I got nothing to lose hopefully realising they do have something to lose, which is the greatest republic. That's ever been on the face of the earth and we do face that if we go down those roads amid ten, but they will think that they have all,
ready lost that now. I know I tend to reserve the term civil war, for what I think of as civil war right like the civil war, her? You know, you know that it will be like the do, I think, will see stuff like we sought. We saw this summer You know like in Minneapolis. I think you will see stuff like that. I don't know that, it's I don't know. I wouldn't call that civil war, I woods called civil unrest in inner in a relatively uncomfortable scanner. I would go for that civil war or civil unrest that separate the two yeah. I think civil unrest is especially when they guns are a big part of this, but again does matter the scale we're talking about right? If, if come in and, let's just say Joe Mansion is like look all I'll, give you a ban on this and some common sense stuff, but I'm not knowing all that wrote. I have no faith and Joe mention to hold any less, whether economic sure we're clear, But if he does any says, okay well, we want common sense and Susan columns goes along with it and they get their. Fifty three
votes that limit us weapons or whatever, like? I don't there will be a lot of push back on that there will be a lot of annex two, but I dont think that we were going to go into Bynum civil war or magazine unrest, even if you, if you have the kind of weapons ban that you had in the then the nineties, which we still have right. I mean is that now I'm in a big, they came and went, knew about it, but a lot of states habit. Tons of states have already inward this we're not seeing civil unrest right, but if you If you say there is a mandatory by back- and you can't own these guns and there's no grandfather clause and we have to have you on a national registry and
a tax, your guns, you got every year and you also, you were also taxing the ammunition and everything is so expensive that you can't afford them. Oh by the way you need this special insurance I we'll tell you. I think that people will scale matters here in Vienna. I mean urge you go to harden, really try to take away a constitutional right from the american people. That's not gonna go up as now can I go up. You know people will put up with irritants. right. If they see like you know, I always I put the bump stock thing in here, and I mean it was an unconstitutional, Bio but people will put up with it one a ridiculous one million different reasons out, like a people will put up with it. I will not be surprised at all to see Joe Biden go down the same road though, and any who's the same types of well look. This is really dangerous. Type of reasoning and and ban stuff like that, and it's gonna be here People are gonna have to remember. It
how the constitution has this country working and I asked especially with the second amendment- and I mean the terminally guaranteed rights. These things cannot just be signed away and bite and will try that's of common Harris promised it on day. One. Let me tell you: it was in office if Joe Biden, God forbid, gets cove id and passes or there is. There is any kind of problem with him. Yet, where he's deemed incompetent end becomes the president, your worst nightmare, your worst, that's interesting when you say that, because when you said that I thought immediately, we are totally right. which shows that I actually am pricing in some sort of moderation from Biden which I dont know if that, as long as he is is aware and competent and- and somewhat in control my
the problem has not been with Joe Biden, except for corruption with China thing, It is because he is more of a typical politician near note, a main assets at that's odd that you could comfort from that, but in runways you do well because without without there is no speed bump, I mean look Look it is running made me feel the issue will not care. If you think about And in somewhat he's corrupt he's a typical politician, he is not moderate, he's very liberal, very LE, very liberal. However, he is a bit of an institutionalists. Yes, you know he does. You know He does care about resents. Like that. That's why the filibuster I hesitate on, because I think that the left once that so badly. You get rid of that for the next two years. They can put in also two things that would make it possible for Republicans to regain power. you know, he's a Senate institutionalists. Maybe he finds a spine yeah. I don't know I mean I. I guess I am pricing that in a little bit, which is scary because of you,
the same way. I was just criticising people for pricing. In this this you know, speed bump of Joe Mansion depend on job. I know line on anything global, no gonna be a terrible, terrible personnel. The dawn quickly and take one more don? Will you answer these questions for us? Oh, how are you done? Do we do How are you good a year from now, if they the Senate, the House and the White House do. We have mandatory vaccinations, are some sort of a passport birthing that is required for you to work or you know, go movies or use airplanes. I think my idea: I'm not really sure to go to movies I may need to go from state to state Four concerts already too by large, gathered ass like that, are already developed.
a year from now will we have experienced full nationwide lockdown? Now I dont really well. Will we be in a depression a year from now? I think like that. I think the government there to keep pretty many, a money is so we're not gonna. Bearded men tell it gives to the outward camper the market without yet lots of money? nothing, our money I can buy gun rights have been severely curtailed in a year. You know The gun right, they're gonna, try to the purely crook, children, but idle The american people- and I I just dog I care about for assault, fell weapon, but every other weapon. I don't think the american people give assent for it speech and broadcast. Are we gonna be able to have our voices heard and connect? with you as easily as
We can right now. I think What are they going to be able to do their to be in those camps where they want to? playing your so which is it yes or no? take that as a no. I think now green. New deal now no less than we are fifty one plus states. Now now, let's see my opinion is there I don't think in the grand scheme of things that we are going to have a president is the White House who does not consider the constitution as the role of the land. I dont think that our creator is going to allow that now. That may sound naive, but I appeal, I really feel
so oil, so you have even more trust in Joe Biden. Yeah, ok now hope he's at the wrong time, their damn delays. Ok, then great reset would be no renown doing. Ok, filibuster exist, yes or no. No, does not exist a filibuster, is the way the Democrats we'll just I'm things through they'll take away the filibusters which all the speed bumped up things right as everybody, democratic, the other with and final question, civil war civil unrest or fine be civil unrest. I think the one rest, a Democrat Democrat, democratic rights very much appreciated on
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