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Best of the Program | Guest: Senator Ben Sasse | 2/27/19

2019-02-27 | 🔗
Best of the Program | 2/27 - In His Way, He Was Telling Me To Lie? -h1 - Transgender Extremes? -h1  - Epic Rant from Comedian Patton Oswalt? -h1 - America, Wake Up! -h2  - Optimistic in The Long term?  (w/ Sen. Ben Sasse) -h2 - Tube and Hamster Political Theater? -h3

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Hey welcome to today's podcast kind of a different one. Today we were taking the hearing. As it was happening, during most of the show today that hearing is is Cohen and Cohen. Is such a turn bag and it quickly very, very obvious. We we went over everything that he said he have that he would have. We listen to his testimony. Listen to the red Deer Gillis, questions that were being posted and- and I don't think, centre change anybody's mind. We did have a chance to go through all the evidence that the Kohen presents to go through a bunch of the audio, and we also talk about my story. Inadequate. Where to a tree, gender, former male or female. If you and the narrative. The racing against other high school students that are girls and being a very consistently shockingly I'm getting a little annoyed about that and when
you can understand the calling the Kohen hearing when that makes more sense than the store You just turn to that I, as I asked bends ass. What is the state of the american soul today you'll hear that his response and much more on today's podcast,
listening to the home title outcome, time lock is something that still hasn't pan. Has these guys both proud to me off air going? Did you know about this? This is the most incredible thing ever once you do your homework and you realize how vulnerable your actual title is to your home, then nobody's watching it. No insurance covers it. No bank covers it nobody's watching this there's one company that can stand there at the vault where all of America's titles go in and there
old and then when they change, they come out through the same vault door and home title: Lock is there? So if your title is going in and out, they immediately call you hated you did you sell your house? No ok and then they take care of it for you, I really just comes down to weather the thief chooses you are not yet. At this point of view, protected, we can really do this easily get away with it for a long time, a long time and the longer it's the worse. It becomes title lock, Dotcom make sure your family has. This makes you two kids have this: if they own home, make sure your parents have this a hundred dollar search for free when you sign up head home title locked out, come home. Title lock, dot com. I have asked the committee to ensure that my family be protected from presidential threats and the committee be sensitive to the questions pertaining to
ongoing going investigations, I'm here under oath, to correct the record, to answer the committee's questions truthfully and offer the american people what I know about President Trump. I recognise that some of you may have doubt an attack on my credibility, yeah every American, both Republican Democrat in the press out o the press. Everyone should have deep questions about this man's credibility. This guy has been a weasel, I think, probably since birth. He his a ban, The bad guy you're, if you remember one of our problems affect one of our biggest problems with Donald Trump and the reason why we said you can't trust him is because he used to always say I've got Best people around me- and they were the worst people in particular Cohen- was one of them at the top of our list. Ban it was at the top of our list right?
stone, Roger Stone was at the top of the list you Hannah Fort, and we told you all of the things that were going to happen because of these people. Now that these people are gone, it's a lot better. But it's these people that have gotten him into so much hot water and so much trouble. They were not trustworthy, then they're not trustworthy. Now, so what does the testimony of Michael Cohen even mean nothing. Nothing unless he has evidence which state day, he's gonna be preventing presenting evidence. I you know I will wait and see. I I've heard a lot of things to and monkeys will fly
your, but when they actually, when the media starts to get things right on this case. So what is he going to be talking about today? And I am glad you set it up that way, because it's important to you see that a lot of people who were in a big trump defender prison. The media were saying Morocco, as was a great guy and outsourcing is terrible guy. And the media was all saying. Michael com was terrible, guy and now say a great guy, now, they're all over him is the most credible person in the entire universe. He has never been credible if, if, if what he goes to prison for is one slash, one thousand of the crimes he's going his life would be stunned, be too so I mean you cannot take anything that he says.
Seriously unless he has, since the significant evidence to back it up, but maybe we should go through this. I mean look air lock us really talking about it and you should know what's in it and we we have Jason patrolling with us in an Jason is going to be monitoring in our number two he's gonna be monitoring testimony so he's listening, it's so so we don't have to and we're having where you have this show. So you don't have to do it, so we are passing the buck and were given it to Jason our head researcher to just to follow and will break in if there's anything big, I'm thrilled like, as usual, to read like a five page report rather than to listen to us as easy. What we have here, is a twenty page document is from Michael Colony, is reportedly by all accounts. His prepared opening statement. Today in that
money. So let us he's ashamed. He's ashamed of his failings. He's ashamed of his weakness is ashamed of his misplaced loyalty, he's a shame The things I did for Mr Trump. I'm am ashamed that I chose to take part in concealing MR trumps illicit acts. I am ashamed that because I know what Mr Trump is he's climb. Quoting he's a racist he's, a con man he's a cheat and that's how to set up a bit. I guess you don't want. While we go through each glacier- and maybe you can tell me Gandhi think they met. This is going to be effective. They marry we'll. Do it highly react? Ass thou go to start here. He first starts off with the Buzzfeed report, which was about how Michael Cone was told, specifically from Donald Trump, to lie to Congress. I'm calling refutes that at some level he says, Mister trumped did not directly tell me to lie to convert, sets out how he operates. In conversation
we had during the campaign the same time I was actively negotiating in Russia for him. He would look me in the eye and tell me there's no business in Russia and then go Don't lie to the american people by saying the same thing in his way. He was telling me to lie while I believe that to be true, but I don't think the american people in a care and we ve got. This is already come out. Rail, Guido, that London said there was no business in Russia and he did have let the sign letter of intent. That's all come out, Anybody I mean when peoples at nine, not electing a poem by electing a president yeah what you really saying was I know this guy is dirty, but I dont care imperialistic Business is no right, these shady dirty. So I don't think I think to me. It matters, ok, but it matter during the election. American Americans made their choice and they chose
It's meant to go with a guy who they knew a shady. It's been praised. Him right, so I don't think this is gonna matter. Ok, they're half a dozen times between the I will focus on January twenty, sixteen in the end of June, where he would ask me how's it going in Russia again insinuating that he was all over this the entire time and then lied about it, but again that's kind of a kind of what we know about that He another one, that's interesting as he says you need to. Mr trumps, personal lawyers reviewed and added my statement to Congress about the timing of the Moscow negotiations before I gave it saying not his own lie, but the lawyers. Actually, I guess who were part of this he's essentially accusing the lawyers of intentionally lined Congress as well. There approving his statements, he said, began to be clear. Mr Trump knew of and directed the Trump Moscow negotiations throughout the campaign and lied about it. He lied about it because he never,
directed to win the election, he also write about it because he stood to make hundreds of millions of dollars on the Moscow Real estate project. Anything new there that you think would be no impact for not me. So we are now ok, you're, the one who raised her hand, the other attorneys, did not be raised her hand if he says Trump never expected when the primary never expected when the election, the campaign for him was always a marketing opportunity. I agree with that. He can t also says that trumpet off. Say the campaign was going to be the greatest infomercial in political history. I agree with that, but again not impact, for I don't think a the in and outward he says I knew early on that- he would trump direct me to lie further to further his business interests. I am ashamed to say that when it was for a real estate mobile in the private sector, I considered it trivial as the President. I consider it significant and dangerous this. I dont believe that little the type of thing were you can't believe common and now the nobly lying is his first language. His first- and he has
EL credibility, you can't when he has his little moral moments throughout this thing, I don't take any of that serious little. I think Right now, he's decided. This is nothing he wants to do, which is to take down Donald Trump with something that may be. Some things that may not the bottom line is, though, that's his motivation. I should be seen through that whether this is this is this is a mobster that would say you know what I killing. You know what I was killing a veto: the shark and Tommy Tommy Knuckles. I didn't have a problem with it, but soon as I had to kill you know, their wives were then I really had a prompt look. Killing is killing yeah right killing is killing Tommy knuckles that, like a lot of who asked me whether whether Mr Trot knew about the release of Hack Democratic National committee emails, I had a time. The answer is: yes, So this is another one where ok. This has been one of the big accusations. Is there any evidence of this? Here's? What you see.
Enjoy twenty. Sixteen days for the democratic convention, I was in Mr Trumps Office when his secretary announced Roger Stone was on the phone. Mr Trump put Mr Stone on the Speaker phone Mr Stone told Mister prompt that he had just got off the phone with Julian Assange and Mr Assange told stone that within a couple of days there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton campaign. Mr Tromp responded by saying to the effect. Wouldn't that be great. I believe that you believe that happen now, whether Stone actually talk to Assange. We don't know yet he could have easily been puffing undertaking zone. Is a liar zones also stylize a guy who's going to college student. A stone would lie to tramp too raise his position in the organization, so I dont know if stone is like you're, not he may have he may not of, but I do believe that Donald Trump is the guy who
would have gotten on the phone and it was done and he would have said, hey man. I just talked to Julian Assange, and- and I can give you all the details, some coming out on Donald Nigh on Hilary. Would that be great, and that fits what happened in the timeline it need fits with him remember. The Prescott They gave us an ace, and things are going to come out. Remember that only a few days of things and we got out so yeah looks like that. Also, it fits to me. Remember the only thing at that time that Trump trumps team- they say not Trump but trumps team, and I believe this with between stone and man afford, it may have just been trumps. Team and Trump just say: hey just take care of this. Let us make sure were friendly remember. The only thing they cared about in the platform was being was going soft on Russia's policy for the Ukraine. Remember I do remember that
Laurie, I told em all happening in the same week that this is. Is it gonna matter? Now it didn't matter, then it won't matter now urge to point out that does contradict stones. The case for the governments case against Roger Stone in his text messages, he kept repeatedly saying that no one from the Trump camp was listening to him. As far as the Saunders emails he said he was reaching out to a guy. There was unnamed, but we all know now that it was still Bannon that was his contact. It was never directly with the president. According to his text, messages and the and the federal government's indictment but he kept saying I am reaching out to tell us to abandon this, but he's not listening. No one will know me, listen to me on this again. You have to understand how to put right or stoning context. He very well could have been lying on all the text. Messages to lies all the time either solely does so you can't really it's hard to get its it's interesting as we talk about this, as is people surrounding Trump during the campaign,
Furthermore, since you know sincerely problematic people that live all the time in a way that inoculate Trump here, because you can't trust many of the insiders any of them they have accounts against. Tromp are so untrustworthy have been shown to be so untrustworthy, so many times you cable to any other claims. Yet, even when their texting about things that are bad for them are good for them, there's always agenda. Behind it remember it was. It was Nixon's attorney that said sad under oath, like on a day like today when they really didn't have anything- and He said on earth. I think that president has been taping. Our conversations will soon as that came out. Then they started. Looking for the tapes and then that that's why water it Watergate broke apart was because of of Nixon's attorney, testifying and testifying that he thought the president was making tapes, but those guys didn't have any credibility either they had. No credibility will data.
Our credibility than Stoner Cohen. Oh, she passes, but they all went to jail. The best of a bad that programme. Tat Gray is bring us now there is. There is some that's really interesting, this whole system is already beginning to fall apart. Even before it is really even been fully implemented, and that is now with transgender the the truth is that women and men are built differently? that science wild, on a lady, why why so their bill differently and whose suffering the girl in school, the girl. Who are losing their their scholarships to go to college. Losing them, two guys who
our transitioning to be women because their faster runners and they don't think that's fair. What a surprise in Connecticut, it happened with too eager to girls, two trends: girls in one race, the top two winners were both friends gender. I think so it's really starting to affect women, sports and they're, not happy about it, and when they speak out about it they get be to a pulp because you're not supposed to say anything, they just kick pillaging king out of the I don't know the clubhouse martini inevitable over no pillaging king gene to yeah pillaging king this week, while tina- let never till over last week last week. So they are, That's it that's incredible. Immunities are people who still they were pioneer say: where did this is like kicking? Martin Luther king out of a civil rights grew brighter and believe me, if Martin, Their king were alive. They would kick him out and probably true freedom
he was way to religious, like here earlier Reverend before his name. That's unbelievable! I mean, and he talked a lot about personal responsibility. I mean He talked a lot about being is not color blind, It's wrong now to be colorblind waiting. I thought that was a point. You thought wrong enjoyment No, it is about identity and feelings. Feelings. In southern raises Morris Albert sings about that is not what you think is gender on right. We are very watching because we were talking about this. What what's the difference here between gender ethnic we're describing something right there organs on a person and that's what we're doing It may seem to be ascribing something else, and we watching this is one tat we were on. Patents do and we watched a clip about Ellen talking about it, and she said gender is a feeling you have in your brain or in your
heart and it's like? Will that now I mean this talking about your feelings may have value, but I think it has value in this conversation. If that is true fine, then we need to use science and talk about the are you not your feeling when you're competing with sports you're only hurting the girls, you're hurting the girls, and- and this is proof positive that socialism will never take hold you'll have to kill millions of people because socialism, as I want to explain in my c pack speech, has nothing to do with fairness or justice has nothing to do with it. Guy, that's not its goal. That's the goal of the free market system. That's the goal of a constitutional republic is justice as much as we can get the justice. Here's what's happening. Americans are,
bear Americans are open, Americans are do not want to judge their neighbour and somebody who lives differently than them. For the most part, there are big it's on both sides. Ok, but for the most part people are like look man. You want to call yourself a chick yourself, a Czech whatever. If you want to live Laguna woman, fine, do it! I don't have a problem with that. However, when it starts to effect me and my life. Then I have a problem. As you should write, and as it is now starting to trickle down into all of these kids. They said no, I am for fairness. Well, yes, so our conservatives so
constitutional libertarians. We are for being fair and open and decent, but once it starts to hinder your life and your rights, you don't Have you? No one person has a right to trample on the rights of another and yet by competing. If we're put men and women in the same sport. Fine then it makes no difference, but we separated because Americans new scientifically in, and women are built differently, they just are, and you have to reject all science to think differently and so we separated them, so it would be air, so the girls could win. What are the girl saying now in Connecticut Debate as there are losing out on scholarships there. It is unfair and they say they know what the outcome is before the races even wrought one. Yes before they before they even start, they know,
those people are gonna win because their built, as a man and so they're going to win, and they said every racists same. Why are we even racing yeah and- and these are the key tat their whole lives that they should be inclusive and they want to be, they should be diverse and they want to be, and then they get to this, hence their fighting. Out that now there some problems with all that. Yes, we want to be inclusive and we want to be diverse and all those things are great, but there is also a fact recital science and region reason and logic? And it's not logical for these. You know these are the idea. Fighting is women, but they got a man unity. Their pants for had makes it different. Does it s not a lot different that that the man unit besides the testosterone, doesn't matter it's the muscle mass in the bones yeah, but it's because they have a manual. Perhaps they have a different muscle structure
and this is why we don't have kids making these decisions that you paste right like this is not an attack ass, hard ass, yet it I'd buy to beg you gps, like you know, I got news for you, it's it's, not kids, making this decision now. Those are adults that had been making these decisions, but the kids have been grown up. Our growing up under those conditions where that is now just a layer of the body and all that is they bought into it. Now it's affecting them yeah I mean I so I'd go kind goes back to what I believe is the year. The light in the life of of one pat gray and Pat Gray Unleash programme, which is live was eating their own any watch, this kind of go on ass, fond of his fun at some level. But at me, like you know, we talk about a while ago route Paul got in trouble for paying the word transit through Paul g. We play the climate no. I don't think we have it around anymore, but of him a progressive guy going off on this in Saint. Can you bill? I mean this is a guy who, who blazed path,
he's a guy who's on logo, which is like the you know, the gay cable network of Borodino Gay programming. He was had big show on that network. He is, that everybody knew as a cross dresser and someone who embraced these progressive values now he's becoming the victim because he used the word training, which is not even ok for him to use it goes so far as long as there's no principles here. It's all a moving target, all emotion and is our motion. Let me ask you this: anybody notice will who one of the speakers is see pack Glenn back. How Van Jones Maria White Van. I did know that Jones amazing world back and Van Jones, I hack meanwhile, the world's children was so. Well, here's here's the thing: what's he talking about
this time last year and working together and here's the thing he's. An outcast of the left of the left here he's an outcast. The guy was a communist phasing out cast. The guy, who I said ten years ago, is the most Radical guy in the administration is now radical enough and is speaking at sea. Back with that, we were so incredible. It's incredible saw credible and with the prince everything. You know all across the nation everybody's trying to figure out how to deal with it in Texas. There's a rule that you you ve got to compete under that gender. That's on your birth certificate is so that caused the problem because, a girl who wanted to compete with boy and she's on the testosterone hormone treatment, so she's stronger and more
Julian in dominating in women's wrestling, but she had took. She wanted to compete against the boys, a letter in in Connecticut, it's different, it's against the gender with which he would identify and is it to compete in Texas. Are they doing the hormones because of a transition are as yet is regrettable, rented and because of the trunk, so they can't, they can t, wouldn't normally be able to use. Let's say their rights right right has only make the exception for the trembling transverse and that's again where the issue is right, you shouldn't again able to yet again chemistry, issue, etc. There taking anything, really for any reason, a magnet feel bad if it was for, like you get, kicked out a major league baseball for taking testosterone, it makes you stronger and fast stir. Now, let's Armstrong early Rice, part of his life in Israeli, truly amazing how the effects are so clear and and are gonna pile up faster and faster once you start rejecting, science, once you were science, I mean that's, why that's that's the
meaning behind my last book. It science and its mantling. Absolutely everything in our society, you once you start to. Dismantle science you can go to the moon anymore, because two plus two equals five, sometimes Indra. Well, what you can't do anything our whole world is based upon science and empirical ever and now nothing is nothing is and isn't it fascinating that they used to throw that around at us that, where the science deniers and now it's the Democrats were, science on whether a foetus as a human being and weather a baby, whether human, many as a human being, and it's not what
pants? That decides it's, how you feeling your head that decide your gender? What no it isn't? No, it isn't now to be America If you want to say you're a woman and you're a man, that's the way you feel, and you have a gender issue. Ok go ahead and I might even call you MA am because I dont need to hurt your feel. I don't need to prove anything, to you or whatever I don't need. You know it depends on how deep this goes, and if I, how much I have to be no honour, your delusion, I'm, not going to go down that road, but to be polite, I'm living next to a to a guy who dresses like a woman, I'm going to tell my kids yeah he's got some gender issues. You know what, but he's our neighbor. We love him just be polite. You know
say, more ma am or whatever gay wishes be cool with each other. Americans want to live that way. They just don't want it forced down their throats, and that means They don't want somebody saying you're, gay. No, you can't another person you of your gender? You can't do that. You can't do that. They don't want that either they just want to oh you're, gay, oh you're, living with another person of your gender. Ok, kids, that's homosexual! we think it's wrong. They think it's right. Ok, move on with your life, that's what America once and for some reason there are others, while I dont need to say for some reason, for reasons of power and control, and manipulation? They must have us all think alike. They must have ass toe the line. Whatever that line is today, it will be different tomorrow, but
we must all learn. You told the lying, that's the end of Amerika to demand of the american experiment. That's it that's the end of everything we are as as species that's what This battle is about and we are at the end of this battle. Now it's gonna, one if they win, it's gonna go on until they are thwarted a hundred years from now, maybe longer than that, because of technology but that battle will continue. One way or another, but we are about to be put in a cage I mean I don't know if we realise five g, that decision is being made right now they are building a rat trap China, is building a rat trap. We are at the we're at the height of the Cold war, with the missiles
and we don't even know it nobody's even talking about it in the next, x to eighteen months, places like Germany and Britain and Australia they're all deciding whether or not yeah we can have while way the technology for our five g. If that technology is put in China rules all information, they have access to every every single gas line that runs around the world. They win reward before a bullet is ever fought and what talking about we're. Talking about Cohen, get your priorities together. America Science matters, facts matter This is the best of the plan that programme
its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning, and that is the news and why it matters like this show you're gonna love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life. The news why it matters, but for now, wherever you download, you think I could not be a more committed, progressive, feminist, pro gay pro transgender person. But I can. Keep up with glossary of correct term nauseating. I want to help put wholly patriots like a secret club passwords changed every week and then you're in trouble. That's not the word were used just last week, roads by falling out wanna help
I know I'm an old says why what Gimme that I didn't know the right. Paul, wrote, law, got into saying cranny role Me their eating themselves and it's a joy for why your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme like listening to this Parkhurst, if you're not a subscriber, become more now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, the republican don't have any leg to stand on either they loved Cohen, when he was defending the probe, the president, any
No credibility then either have like Jim Jordan, but does Lenny Davis did not discover Michael Cohen, Michalik, homeward the organization for a very long time. That's why we know who he is, and he was on television being sent on television to defend the president for a very long time and a lot of people like that, and he was a liar, then he's a liar. Now there's this there's just not a lot It's now twenty six minutes into his testimony. He hasn't open. A word is exactly what you would expect from from this Jason, you get in here. We got about a minute before we have to go to break and were to come back with more the testimony so Orton wishes easy yielded his time over this prematurely, but they say oh wait a minute and then Cummings was like note up your time and is it but I've, emotion and he's like now. At night, in her emotion, you're done and in Jordan's, like all that's how you operate. Ok, it's a placard is this like this is this? Is this show This is a it's a big show for both sides to get out,
arguments and say that third trying really hard and toughen like Lucky Jordan's, correct your Cohen, is has zero credibility, zero. I mean he has its really less than zero the guy has been lying. Basically, it every time ever seen. Him speak has been a lie: though, the bring him in and act as if he's credible. Now is completely disingenuous from the Democrats, and it was also. Jane was when the Republicans when they were treating him credibly back in the day It's amazing to me is we have actual issues going on. I press the North Korea, nowhere in visa blogging about north korea- I mean that's going on. We are special forces this week. It was, and out are now training for operations against China and Russia and DE emphasised, seeing the Middle EAST and terror this darted because of China and Russia, and there's nobody talking about that.
This is not about actually finding any truth and anything that is going to help the american people. This is a political and you said it right show all the world has become a stage and weird watching a show, while the real moves are being made by A giant China and the EU? financial and tax centres. What are we doing? What are we doing? America wake up the best of that programme this week already Democrats voted against, protecting newborns who were born alive, so the doktor or their parents could kill the child. Now,
although those same people who want us to be able to kill baby, bring, bring us a con man convicted, Phelan and perjurer to try to tell us this person can be trusted. We have to hear the truth. Ben SAS is here. What is the state of the american soul? Ben ah learnt that to beg for Wednesday morning one that Monday rightness than it was at the shameful disgrace amid I've. I remain optimistic about the pro, like the one in the long term, to know all buncher reasons, but why one of the basic ones is there's a lot more image Technology and the world along. My business people see more three. The images are what's happening in utero. They recognise that a baby's, a baby, the pro baby position and the pro compassion position. The present position actually are all the same want. So I am optimistic, but America soul on display, at least through its supposedly greatest deliberate about
but then I was tragic, so been. What is this say too? I think and I dont know where the cut off is, with God or not, but I believe in an american covenant that was started with George Washington and that he will withdraw his protection and I think some of that has been withdrawn slowly, but where we can't say: hey we're not going to kill newborns and everybody knows that's infanticide. I think that's lighting. God withdraws from that. What does that say about the democratic presidential? candidates, I mean: what's gonna happen to the Democratic Party when they embrace the worst possible position and say yes, we're ok with a year of its what's the famous return, one really big pointed that out smaller political point, but that the first and better point bigger than politics, if it shouldn't be
versus laughed to affirm human dignity when we believe the american experiment has promised on the idea that everybody's an image bear that God created people with dignity and which right government is the author source of your rights government, has just our shared project to tool to secure rights that we ve already been given by God, and you have to affirm universal dignity to understand what America's about that is, not republican versus democratic to be bigger than that now. The much narrower political point is, there's so much broken tribalism and our countries that were not having a conversation that pretends with three hundred twenty billion of us are in anything together, and so yet forty four Democrats hundred people in the Senate, against a resolution Monday night that was really just condemning. Infanticide, I'm his pro life as they come and unapologetically so, but our bill Monday night wasn't actually about
Orson, it didn't touch Roby weight in the living, do at the border and accept its about baby that have already been born alive, and we had, I think, six democratic for management after dated route to the vote, and I think we have six Democrats make speeches and four of them were just filled with blatant lies talking about health of the mother and the second time and debates that are messy error. That what we are actually talking about here they had now- thing to do with the bill whatsoever. They were making up stuff that isn't anywhere in the text of the bell at all, and I think they think they can get away lying like that, simply because they know that America's tribal enough that people only listen inside their own silos and then I'm going to be called to account for their talking to people who already agreed with that's how a republic die. You were able to believe some stuff common Ben. I can't thank you enough for making this stand and pushing and and standing tall on this and firm. We are, we are behind you and we support you on
this effort. In many of the other efforts, you are a guy who possibly can bring us back together. And a strange as this may sound a boar in the end, may be one of those things that brings us back together, because the left has gone so far. They're in the territory of a Jason movie, almost senator cs. Thank you. So much for joining us the best one bank programme, I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes if you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs so disappointed used to our. These are important questions really import
the questions, and you just new fail to see the important you have Ms Norton gear I just want to say to you the access Hollywood tape yet that has an important thing you this is. The congressional hearing at a lotta hits the whips the island it shut down. The newspaper servers it did to a record fur lotta hits you know Le Short Access Hollywood, and that was a tape that was out for the people to hear and see what and what your question people would on the internet, which is a series of tubes that creates information and collects it like a bank to, but they caused one side of what side of your computer to the other and then over to your neighbor's computer and then continues go down your street until it leaves through street and goes into the center of town
eyes of unable able to be passed along to other areas of the country through the tubes carried by small hamsters who walk the information to the computer by your decide? Mr chairman, I would just add that the gentlewoman is is please directed to shot pities herding. Our case this big moment for of national tv. This veto, Michael Cognac, very short amount of time and she's legitimately praising the webs stats of Access Hollywood, video well because sheet, you because Cohen needed to say hope. Hicks asked me to call the networks and spin the access Hollywood take now working, if you can't put a brand name, is thereby offering, of course, he's spinning who was surprised by this that other guy
at brink bring offering this in the access for olive oil terms of impact on the occasion I was concerned about it, but more importantly, Mr Trumpets Pattern was next question. What was the president's concern about These matters becoming public or in October will fade glass eel is what was. I don't think anybody would this belief that, after the wild fire that in Canada, Billy Bush tape second follow up
it would have been pleasant and with the effect that it has had on the campaign on how women were seeing him and ultimately, whether or not he would have a shot in the general election and tell you negotiated the hundred thirty thousand out, but where payment, but had nothing, two hundred and thirty thousand dollar number was not a number that was actually negotiated. It was told to me by Keith Davidson that this is a number that Miss Clifford wanted when you finally finally completed that deal as it were on October, the twenty twentieth days before the election. What happened in the interim contemplated whether or not to do it? I wasn't sure if she was really gonna, go public nose against him.
Communications back and forth between myself and Keith Davidson and ultimately came to either. Do it or don't at which time again I had gone into Miss our livestock. Can I shall marry tiredly access? Why would take it that was on the internet, but this was only a diesel bus. Was it not that it was run on diesel fuel and when it was fuelled out there would have to go to a diesel. Perhaps that is different from the unleaded prompts now there's three varieties, of course about unleaded Could I ask the committee member to a supreme, tell us why why that's import, have a membership card to the gas issue. Could point sickness points will then refer to lower gas prices in the future, but filling out diesel tank was ready,
I might have appeared to hang on airs here's, MR metals. Here's whispering to actually shed some light. How long have you known is bad, I'm responsible for Lynn, patent, joining the Trump Organization and the job that she currently holds. Will I am glad you acknowledge that, because you made some very demeaning comments about the the president that this patent then agree with. In fact it has to do with your claim of racism. She says that, as a daughter of a man born informing him Alabama that there is no way that she would work for it for an individual who was races. How do you reconcile the two of those, as neither should I, as the Son of the Holocaust survivor Lake, repellent where I guess what I'm saying is. I ve talked too to the present over three hundred times. I have not heard one time
racist comments out of out of his mouth in private. So how do you reconcile it? Do you have proof of those conversations? I would ask you to have tape recordings of those conversations. No, sir! We're? U taped everybody else. Would you not true, sir? That's not true! You have a taped anyway. I have taped in many times. If you taped individual, maybe a hundred times over ten years is at a low aspect, as I've I've heard is over two hundred times. I dont think I approximately two hundred from what I recall, but I would ask why we asked me if I seem so you have reviews. Are you have proved a yes or no? I do of where's the Brute s Miss patent. How many people were black. Our executives at the Trump Wired
as they say in my lawyer, know what every kind of being a good lawyer horrible he just as the site where I was a little bit further? Did you click one point, two million dollars or so from Novartis? I did for access to the Trump administration, no sir, why did you collective? Because they came to me based upon my knowledge of the Enigma down tromp what he thinks so they hated. So please, let me know, did they pay you one point to be: forty is allergy them advise? Yes, they did. They. Multi billion dollar conglomerate came to me looking for information, not something that's unusual here in DC. Looking for information and the leave that I had a value so how many times value it was the insight that I was capable of offering them Amity willing to pay. How many times did you me with.
For one point: two million dollars. How many times did you meet with? I provided them with both in person as well as telephone access, when ever they need how many times yes, but that's a question I don't recall sir, so did you ever talk to them? I spoke to them on several occasions. Many six times six times.
While two hundred thousand dollars a car. So I also would like to reassure my five minutes on control and not yours: did you get money from the Bank of cars? Extend its not a bank of Kazakhstan? It's called BT. Bt Bank causes TAT Bt Bank. Did you get money from them? I did for what purpose. The purpose was because the former ceo of that bank had absconded with over forty six billion dollars, and some of the money was here in the United States, and they saw my assistance in terms of finding locating that money and helping them to live it. So are you saying that all the reports that you are paid in some estimates over four million dollars to have access and understood
of the Trump administration you're saying that all of that which is paid to you just because you're a nice guy? Why I'm a nice guy? But more importantly, I would react differently in an irregular lax that you're not a nicer each and every contract contained the clause in my contracts. That said, I will not lobby and I do not to government relations work. In fact, in fact, Novartis sent me fair contract, which stated specifically that they wanted me to lobby that they want to be to provide access. The government, including the president, that information much sorrow greatest memorial. Our y know how it works, and we we lived through that Clinton's lobby or to government relations, work is so Novartis Representative say that it was like they were hiring a non registered lobbyists who disagree with that. I dont know
what they said, Sir, but that the contracts have you ever kindly acted. Anybody in the administration, yes to more advocated on behalf of of any aspect of any of your contracts, I ask you now to miss consent. Mr chairman, I asked I asked unanimous consent. The gentlemen farmers expired. You may answer the question. I don't know what you are foreign to, Sir, MRS Hillyer Matter quite nature. Aramis. Oh my gosh, you notice every time he runs at half time violent. He and we have to answer the question he's like I didn't know, there's two I dont know what the outcome of that are tired of being.
Do they really lie rhubarb resident drop a liar due by the president's children? They have been largely by the President's legal representative and she asked me to say that they have been even like to buy his congressional enablers, who were still devoted to proper perpetuating protectionism. Is we tackle the danish people have never even seen before entering the series?
I know I who is, I ve, never seen his arm and are now Mr Clegg residents in an idea where Mr Claeys, Grandmothers assets Missouri be reported accurately on its federal financial disclosure and Willie submits them for so so let s talk about this recital on your servant, nearly if I may that this is done absolutely nothing but divide the nation into camps deeper, if you believe Donald Trump, an ear fear deeper into his corner. Sure, if you don't believe Donald Trump, your deeper with the democratic servant. However great, if you are neither that if you're just like, I just want the true. This is a true
this is a ridiculous soap opera these. Yet this is soap opera that no one would believe. If you wrote it, you wouldn't believe you'd be like they're, not gonna do with fat and not gonna. Has that question? Are you the type it doesn't want to get to the truth about the web stats of voting? Personally, I would imagine that soap, opera TAT. I want to bring up the Hollywood colleague Access Hollywood whips that silly bushes career started. I t ninety word here in time. No one wouldn't believe. No one would believe it. I think that seventy percent of this nation needs to just grab the thirty percent. The nation by the shoulders and say: stop it what's wrong with you, the blame, radio network on demand
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