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Best of the Program | Guest: Senator Ted Cruz | 12/10/19

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Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff have done it! Two articles of impeachment against Trump have been announced, but Sen. Ted Cruz believes this in itself is an abuse of power. The senator calls in to argue what Democrats refuse to acknowledge: Russia AND Ukraine could have interfered in the 2016 election! Glenn runs through the three jobs the government is putting aside for impeachment. While it seems that no one trusts anyone any more, BlazeTV’s Mark Levin recently reminded us why the Republicans are sticking together on impeachment: The whole process is unprecedented! Glenn stresses that the GOP must continue walking in lockstep.

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Well hell. Part castors today was a kind of a busy busy Newsday. The impeachment articles were were filed right at the top of the cod chasm and I love you. I love them. I will explain why TED crews was also with Us Mark LE. Then we talk a little bit about that. We went through the age II report and the inaccuracy is there not inaccuracies, terrible eyes, and we, suppose all of it on today's podcast the only thinking the the senator from the great state of Texas Senator TED crews. How are you TED Glenn?
and I was right to be with you. Thank you. First, your your comments on the articles of impeachment abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Well, you know it reminds me a little bed over Sherlock Holmes, famous dog that didn't bark which This, which is, I think, the did. These articles of impeachment represented an admission of failure on the part of the Democrats, unacceptable ginger just to three weeks ago. You may remember that that that every Democrat in Washington will you using the word bribery that were saying bribery over and over again the reason for that. The democratic she'll campaign committee at focused grouped they'd, unfocused. And pulled it discovered that bribery was really bad and when they said bribery, people reacted understandably badly and said, oh, I don't like bribery, and so and so you, in a twenty four hour period, just about every democratic in the house, began saying bribery, bribery, bribery, here's the problem,
They don't have evidence of bribery had evidence of criminal conduct. And as the hearings went on, they brought in one witness after another after another, and then they couldn't prove what they were alleging insignificant part because the president will leave the transcript of the phone call on the face of it and there's nothing illegal criminal in it and Can't really really revealing moment this weekend, when the House Democrats put out a fifty page memorandum in which they did they called it. A scholarly memorandum in which They argued that that for imports, you don't have to prove any criminal offence or even in the law, was violently area to prove that the president had a speeding ticket, but instead they said you could just be impeach for a more. Abuse of power, which is what I just did a few minutes ago. What that review
You know you know poker covered when it became a game of poker. If someone has a tell when they have a really bad hand, and then they reveal it, they twist the ring that pull on their hair. Let's do something to review I got a terrible hand. The Democrats Tibet tell their revealing that they have been able to prove any area of what they said there were to approve, but they're gonna pick president anyway, because they hate him thither. They partisan exercise and at its best, have you, got a partisan show trial for months, but but If we want to have done with it, the Senate Gonna take it but this is gonna, be thrown out. This is going nowhere in every Democrat who is voting to impeach, knows that this has the Euro percent chance of succeeding in so here's the thing that I want to talk to you about, because you did a great job on meat, the press in and they just would not let you speak. And they mocked you for it, and
This is what I hope we do find out in the Senate Grass Lee Johnson in Gram are starting to put together witness lists that they want to dig into the ukrainian scandal and the First person they want to bring on is chill loop, ah the Dnc operative, the other one is Andre. Tell us Anko who have had on this programme before who tells a very deep story. You explain why the me Libya should not be laughing at the. Lee either the claim that the Democrats were using Ukraine to interfere in this election. Well sure in the simplest and why the media shouldn't be laughing. Is that it's a fact and are supposed to be journalist but they're, not one study bore most of the media. They are propagandists. They don't pretend to be fair.
An objective and, in the reason, they're laughing the reason, their mocking in attacking any claim about Ukraine. Is there terrified on Sunday, when I did meet the press at me, the press a lot of time, Chuck Todd knows be a real journalist, he's capable of asking questions with a real question: I've. Never three check tab as much as he did on Sunday in the hall of the media's panicking, because they see the democratic case collapse and their running like rats from a ship, so he can the game the media has played. It is there for the past several weeks they try to pose. To anyone in Republika republican politicians. Anyone else are You saying that Ukraine, Russia interfered into sixteen, they try oppose. It- is a binary test, Anyone who says well, yes, I how you're a fool you denying wretched interference. What looked that's utter nonsense when we say adequate
Yes, Russia interfered in our twenty sixteen election, Russia's, not our friend Vladimir Putin, is a KGB. By the way, the Democrats in the media were apologists for during the entire Obama administration suddenly discovered Russia, Russia or bad guys, I'm glad they did so after about seventy years of getting up to this back. Russia. Interfered in our election does not mean that nobody else on earth did also. We know for a fact A number of other countries of actively interfered in our elections, including China, including Korea and including Ukraine and the simple facts. So in twenty sixty in the fall, twenty sixty in the sitting ambassador from Ukraine, authors bad published in the hill blasting Donald Trump, the ukrainian Embassy,
push that out on their effect on their official website. That is very, very unusual for sitting. Ambassador Di tried, try to inject them in the middle of an american presidential campaign, not that public, The sitting Interior Minister of the ukrainian government was blasting Donald Trump, former Prime Minister of Ukraine was blasting Donald Trump to parliamentarians. Ukraine held a press coverage where they accuse their government of illegally trying to influence the U S election, to help elect Hillary Clinton you're all facts at age? As you know, the democratic we have worked for the DMZ was meeting repeatedly with the Ukrainians, and it is it these alleged, with coordinating closely with democratic Hillary Clinton, to attack Donald Trump. This week the house has finished there,
show trials and now moved into the articles of impeachment and its on its way to the Senate where its going to be taken apart. Rumour has it that Trump wants to do this, before Christmas or during Christmas. I think he should demand prime time. I think he should be in the balcony. Sir, place, and he should let everybody, no. I just might blurt some things out. Everyone should watch this if the republic, do their job and you actually have a fair trial? I think it changes the whole world, but did you know your Europe Probably, if you ve been making phone calls on Verizon in her or teenty, are these groups You may have helped finance some of this stuff. Your help finance abortion, open borders, gun confiscation and impeachment because Compass like Verizon, donate millions to left wing causes Patriot
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three you also have. You also have a court case in Ukraine, the guy who was the head of the Anti Corruption Bureau, which was partly funded by George Soros and put together by our own administration, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and run. Through our Justice Department, you have the head. Guy of that on tape. Saying that yeah I was you know we're. To help Hillary Clinton win the election. He and another guy were were both nay, old, an end and found guilty of interfering with the: U S, election, the they say, If this was overturned, it wasn't overturned, they just couldn't give a sentence because you'd in Ukraine, you can't, oh after a sitting parliamentarian, and so they
walked away, but it was not overturned and we have it on tape, and you know what when the media knows all of this I mean it was in January. Twenty seventeen political road along expos say about Ukraine interfering in election. The reporters now reported the New York Times. Cbs wrote about it. The economist wrote about the financial times, wrote about it all you didn't know this and back when they were just try to report news. Of course, they'd report it today the reason they get so hysterical when you say it is because the Democrats impeachment cases collapsing and a number one Ukraine was was interfering, try to benefit Hillary Clinton and all of the all of them extreme. You wanted Hillary Clinton win, so they agree with that interference at their parents on their side. They're. Okay, with that but number two. They are desperately trying to preserve the day or do I have to say it has been hysterical to see the video of screaming. So if you acknowledge the facts and what you want to do
There are simple facts: they scream that you're a russian assets, it seems that that was it. That was a quote from the Washington Post on Sunday. Call me a rush. It ass, a John Harwood, the reporter at sea and be who even among mainstream media reporters, is remarkably are you said he was so bad? He got NBC fired from hosting republican debates and twenty sixty because he's just, he can't resist letting his partisan, biased, come out here, on Twitter and said well now proves it just about peace for russian propaganda ridiculous? If this is really I been proudly, russian? I know you have been at least in my case since nineteen sixty four. So please stop with this nonsense. Let me It is well in my office. There is a fifty foot. Why painting Ronald Reagan standing before the Brandenburg gate
and uttering the most important words of this last century. Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall. You go back to that Obama Mitt Romney debate. I know I know where He was rightly pointing out the dangers. Food in Russia and in Obama looked Edmunds, admit the nineteen eighties call they want their foreign policy back, but the dams are our apologists for Russia they ve taken. It is convenient and listened. The fact that they get so hysterical is also feeling it shows how scared they argue that they don't have any evidence and what what what they're gonna do next week, which is about to impeach, they decided They wanted to do in November of twenty sixty. So it's unrelated any facts is not related, are evident so so tat. I mean I've got less than a minute here with you, and I just want to ask you cause. You started the conversation off with we're,
throw this out in the Senate. Please tell me that that was that you are going to hold in an m in Piedmont trial and expose all of this stuff in the Senate. While do we I have a trial in the Senate, unlike the house where there was no due process and no fairness, I believe said it will be much more. Fair will allow both sides to present the case of the present their arguments we're going to allow the White House and the President's present their defence. I believe that means if the president wants to call witnesses, the president should be able to call This is of the president, wants to call. I didn't know the whistle blower whomever the president wants to call. We should allow both sides to preserve their case and then on the facts. This is, this is gonna be thrown out because the Democrats have not not their abuse. The constitution not only been unimpeachable offence they introduced abusing the constitution for partisan ends great Stockton TED. Thank you. So much Senator TED crews, you can follow
Bruce Dodd Senate dot. Gov. Thank you for clearing last one out, I was afraid they were gonna, throw it out, I'm glad to hear that Teddy saying they're going to have a trial and they should call the whistle blow and Shall LUCA and everyone else involved, because I think it destroys the Dnc the best of the gun that programme AIDS Glenn, you're listen into the Glen bag program. If you like what your hearing on this YO make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available, where ever you download your favorite broadcasts, The articles of impeachment have been filed, and here they are abuse of power. The press using the powers of his office for personal gain. Ignoring the national interest, which is
based on your opinion, if you believe the president didn't have didn't want to know anything except Joe Biden did care about worried billion dollars, went and care about the upstairs. Are these the throwing of the election in twenty? Sixteen and the the actual collusion with the Democratic Party. If you think that was all personal, if you think that he was only going after Joe Biden, because it was a candidate and it had nothing to do with making sure that the vice president was in enriching his family at our expense. Go ahead. Try to prove that. I don't know how.
You're going to but try to prove that Pat gray joins us along with us, do brigadier executive producer. The second one is obstruction of Congress, not obstruction of justice, but obstruction of Congress. This one is truly laughable because the president can obstruct Congress therein equal branch an equal and separate branch. So the Congress cannot tell the president what to do and the president cannot Tell Congress what to do. They can try and they ve ride over and over again for the last two hundred plus years, but the Supreme Court has this it over and over and over again. It is absolutely the president right to not allow people to testify
turn over records did Frankfurt about this and his energies exactly what you outlined. Both parties have asserted this immunity for generations. Listen to us for nearly half century the office of legal counsel. The department of Justice has consistently opined that quote the president and his immediate advisors are absolutely immune from testimonial compulsion by congressional committee on matters related to their we'll duties, also has reaffirmed this position more than a dozen times over the course of the last nine administrations of both political parties, William Renquist, when he was a turning the assistant turning general did this in eighteen. Seventy one said the president and his immediate advisers, that is, those who customarily meet with the president on a regular or frequent basis, should be deemed absolutely.
Immune from testimonial compulsion by congressional committee. They near me not only may not be examined with respect to their official duties, but they may not even be compelled to appear before congressional committee. This opinion was reaffirmed by the Clinton administration in eighteen, eighty six and by the Obama administration in two thousand fourteen. As the Obama D O J explained, this asserted immunity, is rooted in the constitutional separation of powers and in the immunity of the President himself from congressional compulsion to testify, since the president is the head of one of the independent bridges affect the federal government. If Congress could force the president or one of his immediate advisers to testify that the president's in independence and autonomy from Congress would be threatened, and that is is open,
in short, a case as you can possibly imagine. There is no grounds to impede the President obstruction of Congress. It's their job to do an investigation if they want to do on it, but they don't have they can't force people associated closely with a president, a common testify that just not how it works. If you want to do that, you can go to the Supreme Court and you have them rule on it. At an individual cases. Is this outside of their everyday duties? There's some ways you can get a ride. Most things, but the court has to rule on them. Several these witnesses that had been called have asked the court to rule on it, and the Democratic Congress said no, it's gonna take too much time. We gotta get done Christmas. Break or whatever their argument is. It is an open shut case on that one. I it's an embarrassment and it shows how weak their hand is that they would even try that as one of these articles impeach talk to TED crews, you could hear him on the pod casta later today,
When I talk to her TED crews about an hour ago, he said we are absolutely going to take this up and we have questions now. There are three senators that are starting to put together the a probe and a witness list at the first two on their witness list, kaluza the woman who was at really, I think, the head of the Dnc collusion with the Ukrainians. And Andrzej. Tell us Anko who worked first for the prosecutor's office then was transferred and worked for the embassy here in the United States for the Ukrainians and has details we ve talked to him on the programme. He has details and names in times and places of what Democrats where they are and what they were doing with kaluza. And what was
happening on this collusion to throw our twenty sixteen election and throw Donald Trump under the bus? Now, if the Democrats get their way and the Republicans do not truly open up everything and they don't investigate the whistle blower, the collusion with the Democrats, if we don't uncover all of this and come with an answer, a satisfying answer, the republic is deeply deeply hurt. Now I wanna know they they like to talk about the constitution and there and their constitutional do the here in Congress right now. But what does the constitution say that there are three jobs in the preamble? What are the three jobs path of the of of the government
come advance, provide for the common defence promote from the general welfare and and is. You are now fixing up, a declaration with the preamble? the general welfare provide for the common defence and promote the general welfare and she's. Now I forgot it and Remote domestic trend regularly, ok, provide for the coming two so hard to remember, toy tranquillity, cause we haven't seen it and so on. Are they providing for the common defence? I mean, I think I think some of the things like civil society to point out in that state Department is, is hurting that, but they are providing for a common defence. Can we have the
AIR Force and navy and everything else are they promoting the general welfare? No, I don't think so. Either look at what the headlines are in the Ukraine in the UK, the nationalized health care is falling. Apart of the big story is the kid that was sleeping on a pillow out in a hallway, because there was no. There were no beds in the hospital for him. It's completely, falling apart over there. So you know promoting the general welfare no and promoting domestic tranquillity. We all know that the exact opposite, the exact opposite ever. I wouldn't put everybody in that boat output. Everybody in about knowing that some are are not shouldn't, be in that boat plug, let's all at our own parties and say, are you permit bringing domestic tranquillity. Now. How do you do that? You do that by now,
doing the opposite of what everything in Washington is happening right now and in the media, and that is look for truth D. Stu tranquillity is all screwed up. When you don't know what the truth is any more when there is no absolute truth when there is no arbiter of truth and justice and fairness when is all in question. There is no domestic tranquillity now I want to take you not just to what has happened and these these two unbelievable charges. That anybody in the media who is telling you, while those who pretty serious charges, they're lying to you, they are absolutely lying to you. They are disappointed to the core because there's nothing to these charges. Now, let's go over the eye G report that also came out
yesterday, so the Idee report came out and said that the Russia Russia Investigation began as justified an unbiased then something happened along the way steel. The Dnc Pfizer, the FBI, all went off the rails and they may put this five hundred page report out and they are. They said that there are seventeen inaccuracies or errors that were made, and when you hear some of these errors or inaccuracy, remember we're talking about going to a Pfizer court This is a secret court. This is so Ty Constitutional, it sickening, but this say secret court and the F yeah I went this should have the highest highest standard.
For any kind of warrant. So they go to this secret court. And they go, and they say we have to know this stuff, because this presidential candidate lists like he's doing some really bad things? Ok, but let's Amber we're dealing with the poor, the possible president of the United States. We are asking the courts and the FBI to get involved in an election. I am totally fine with somebody getting involved the FBI and vetting. If, if Donald Trump would have been in bed with Russia, it would Ben really bad and he should have been impeached. If that were the case, and I like the fact that the F B, I will look into these people, however, their omissions or their inaccuracies
all amount to the FBI lying to the court and some of them are really really bad. For instance, they are need information. The FBI had obtained from another: U S, government agency, detailing its, our relationship with Carter page including that page had been approved as an operational contact for another agency from two thousand eight to two thousand and thirteen, and that page had provided information to the other agency concerning his prior cod ex with certain russian intelligence officers, one of which overlook overlap with the facts asserted in the five application, so in other words
the F B, I came to the court and said that we get this guy, he's talking to russian agents and he's Workin for Donald Trump, and we just we just really need wiretap. Okay, well is the guy you sure the guy's not working for us or any other agency, not working for any other agency. Well. That's not true. Are you sure he hasn't said anything about working with these people for us, as he ever poor did any of that. No he hasn't done, then will they knew that he did now? Is that just an inaccuracy or is that a lie? Well, one of those you can say is an inaccuracy, but wait until you hear these sixteen others. In the one conversation with the court's. This is the best of the blend back programme
hey it's Glenn, And if you like a year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast? I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs to sell. The impeachment articles have been filed today, abuse of power because the president went for personal gain against the national interest, no way. You can prove that no way, you can prove that in fact, make a strong case that all of it was for the national interest, I'll get into that a little bit tomorrow? The second is obstruction of Congress knows they don't say obstruction of justice. They say obstruction of Congress because he didn't let people,
testify, will leave the Congress but reason why he held them back is because the president has a right to, in fact many of the witnesses said. Look. I have one branch of government tell me to testify. Another branch of governments tell me not to if Congress wants me testify they gotta bring it to the court. If the court tells me a third branch that I have to defy or not, then I'll do it. They didn't do that, because the courts have been very, very, very clear when comes to one branch over the other they have the right to say no unless the third branch gets involved in says yes it's been decided our courts over and over and over again with the language along the lines of clear rights, so they are not going to be able to be
to prove corruption or what was it the obstruction of Congress? Now you want to talk about You want to talk about the national interests you want to find out if the in the national interest or there, and if anyone is abused power tonight at five o clock I'm going to show you how the Congress has abused their power, in unbelievable ways and now nobody seems to care, but that's all We're gonna change as soon as it goes. To the Senate. Now I live in who is you know, CO founder of of the blaze with may blaze. Media is on this like white on rice. Oh my gosh is that racist I mean that his eyes. Rights are not brown right. Thank you very much, sir. Just like white. And brown on on rice, assists like that.
He's been all over this. I want to give you a little piece of what he said about. What's really happening in this appeasement What is really all about? Listen to this now, president in american history has ever and treated like this, let alone a president who is facing impeachment no federal judge, all eighteen o them that faced in peace they weren't all found guilty, but eighteen of them have ever been treated like this. This is the most grotesque abuse. Our by the House of representatives under the control? The Democrats we ve ever seen because it is a silent coup that purpose which is to remove a duly elected president and disenfranchised the almost sixty million people word for the reason the Republicans her are all unite. All united from all parts of the country, some more can than others in the house all united, not because every single one of them loves the president, but
every single one of them is is is absolutely flabbergasted by what's taking place. This phony house of representatives. This is Mark Levin from his place tv show he is very clear. I hope to have him on today at five o clock we can make our schedules match he'll be on, and I really want to hear him on these on these two articles of impeachment. Emmy he's a constitutional scholar, and I think these too are absolute. Laughable. The second one is complete garbage garbage, that's arbitrage, our budget, the first one I mean, I don't believe- and I would not have hoped for it, but I mean at least you couldn't. Did the abuse of power has been cut commonly constructed idea and the poor, asked. But I, like your your analysis of this and I like marks analysis of this. I just wish I could get him in one place. Maybe under one particular subject possible
yeah. I know it's on. That's it is possible to sign it would take us near Christmas. It would take a group of people like me who we great deathlike, Dave Reuben Right, editor, Stephen Crowd or get all these people. You know get like forty people together now you're getting ridiculous, I'm guessing everyone mark would be great if you couldn't get those egos to do it. I mean my ego. To share as always out somebody like you know I M never do that in every way, your term, unless you went to blaze, tv dot com and subscribe for blaze, tv dot com, then not. I want to spend the whole thing. I brother save ten dollars. What would I do, then, while you'd have to use a promo code gladden, while hasty dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code, Glenn safe ten dollars, and you get what Sir says it's a dream come true, and so much more as we will be announcing in the coming days and weeks were really excited about what we have to offer you at blazed tv, dotcom aright. So what haven't we cover?
today, so we ve gone through the entire. I e g report and given you pretty much, every single one of the major errors court unquote errors. I love this yesterday between the New York Times story about this and are going through the inaccuracy inaccurate. They called this when they called an error and our own. We stand how this is an error. It was an email that a court unquote low level staffer edited the email to check gout things that did not agree with their fine application. This was very replicated on angle, didn't just like change a comma nano changed and bring to enrich, wrote in the reverse side of the of the of the That's not an error, no UK! That is intentional act, the errors and intent acts are not the same thing to carry the one I forgot to carry the one I forgot. It was a mistake I was trying to do
something right and instead I miss I'm made a mistaken. It was wrong. That's it that's! An error This is, I was trying to do something wrong and succeeded, then an errors is like the Keystone cops you know should do. We should just take all of the footage of Molly or his team Congress in the hearings and just speeded up? So it looks and put it in black and white, so it looks like those old keystone cop movies, because the it's really what you have to believe that this guy Man is so inapt that they would make these and what is it? Tina nineteen in accuracy, seas, which all One way I mean it's one thing to say other making errors and then making errors if it cut both ways an error, if you have nineteen, quote mistakes and one of em goals for this way, one of em go the other way, but now
Eighteen mistakes that all happened to favour one side, that's statistically impossible, it does seem to be that way. It is coupled other things from this report, one being The dossier was central core into the idea was central to how they require these Pfizer warrants and which is a big deal. In the dossier, was shown. Be really the piece of crap that we kind of thought it was in that they want to try to actually figure out how many these things were true, the only things that were true and there were publicly available information which is embarrassing pathetic and if you can't get right, none of the things that they came to this work the golden shower enough. Maybe we're not confirm that in fact they add witnesses witnesses of that. Could it didn't happen, but people who were in power, since to know and actually said, no actual. That's the opposite of what happened that right and happened right says a big
kind of a big deal, and it also shows why would anyone any reason higher Christopher Steel for any thing. After this he was trite, he was charging a fortune to get high level information from sources around the world and came up with literally nothing, except for publicly available information. I mean future GPS got real he ripped off. I guess the Dnc get ripped off at the end. I mean now comes to this right. They ve got an impeachment. Potentially out of it? So it is a central, but he didn't do anything. I, like he pushed an agenda but hidden actually get them any information, and that's pretty nomadic know that they have the information that the Dnc God from Fusion GPS. The information they need, if you had a decent press who would say why
we're going to, even if it was exposed, because what was it, what was the website that just exposed it- and just published it now, and then you get about him and so see an answer. We acted okay. So what you do is you say these charges are out where an election, What these charges are, but we're not going to discuss this we're doing our own investigation into this report. How this port came to report came to be and we're gonna try to cooperate any of these things. They didn't do that. They didn't do that, so the Dnc got what they wanted, the other one that they were working on was in in Ukraine. They wanted to bring down Paul manner. Fort I'm telling you there's one thing I can't put my finger on, but I'm telling you Tony Podesta is involved in this. He I think he's done the same things that poor man of Fort did and because I can
I'll explain why. The day that Paul metaphors thing breaks, he closed up shop, one of the most important lobbyists in Washington DC, he turns the lights off fires, everybody and says this. Our last day go by man about was really weird revenue. It was reminiscent of, like you, ve gotta, Le Dictator and control of a country, and they how do they say: hey people with torches walking this way. There is a plane On that tarmac, you will never returned this country. Do you wanna get in it that Oh sorry, I was so weird: has all the sun he just abandoned ship leaves but this incredible business, and no one ever ass. Another question about it. So how does that happen with Tony Podesta? Why? At the same time, when he's doing the same job that man afford is doing what are the same? People with the same people, ones get paid. The other doesn't
earlier. Restrained really really weird, but what did they get? They got the same thing as the steel report. They get a report that is so badly put together and so obviously not real that when they go to court, the FBI doesn't you can use it to enter into all the other. The Justice Department told the Di N C, o What we need is another reason if you just give us any redone heavy true It has to be something that gives us reason to open this up cause. We blew another case, but we could take it again if you give the reason open it, and so they did. But it was such a bad reason that you didn't hear you use, didn't cordon and one last, I think important, take away from us the the headline for the mainstream media is that they found no political bias in this report. That is now
However, the truth with what they found was what they said was we found no political bias at it. The the beginnings of this report is not started because of political bias. However, what they said is documentary evidence of political bias. They could not find which is, in other words, a missing like a by text. You go and they say: hey we get us Are we gonna start a movement of did take Trump out anything at all. Also go for it right like that is thing that you would do and sometimes does happen in these investigations. They actually catch people saying that overtly they didn't catch them doing that here, but there's something that happened where this this investigation start some of it was for legitimate reasons, and so it was for legitimate political but wet political or at least followed the exact path it would have taken if it was pulled, oh biased. Well, are you imagine it was something let me just give you. Let me just give you this one line. Remember the media's telling you that they found no political bias steel,
handling agent told us that when steel provided him with the first election reports in July, twenty sixteen and described his engagement with fusion GPS. It was obvious to me agent that the request for The research was politically motivated. Ok and they went along with it. Anyway, they went along with land. They didn't tell Pfizer, provides a court, that's very fact, and the blue radio network on demand?
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