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Former FBI Director James Comey admits he was wrong and “over-confident” about the FBI’s FISA handling. The mainstream media isn’t "mainstream" any more because of the Left’s arrogance. And the word in Utah is that Mitt Romney won’t win re-election. Which would hurt Trump more – a massive Senate trial or letting it all go? Listeners call in with their takes on impeachment, corruption, and Romney. Susie Jennings, founder and president of Operation Care International, joins to discuss helping the homeless and throwing a birthday party for Jesus this Christmas.

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Hey it's Monday and the podcast good one today. James call me on the fire. A process he's already apologize. It means you know an awful lot to us if it really, does now. We took collars on the impeachment trial on whether or not there should be a trial, or should he be acquitted to me, Trysting ideas came out from the audience you don't want to. Miss also are dismiss snack weak and our kids school mosquito, killing farts also also some Christmas ideas all on today's package
listening to the date, Pillow America and welcome to Monday glad you're here a lot to go over. We begin James coldly when become back in one minute is the Glen programme. We have some unbelievable gretta third stuff too. She is going to be monster or I hate to say this ice. I say this with respect. I really do it set up after discolour a monster Well now, I know not respect for her respect. Horrida cover for the condition I think cheek. She could be
She could be suicidal in her in her short life in a week. The article that was, I thought, really interesting about just search, search for meaning Then she says herself TAT, she was really depressed and this is what helped find her, meaning in that's how you can kind of understand some of those decisions, particularly that the parents of made in that like, if you see person whose, like it deep depression, she's? do you miss she was completely lost in her life and found no meaning in her life and now Their daughter is out there doing something that she feels is important and is much as you look at it from the outset, a perspective in and can't understand how you'd thrust someone like this, public spotlight on the other hand, like you, could probably see she's. Probably a lot or a renowned. She she brought him her. Office. They would see it around the house and everything else. So it's a tough, it's a tough. Bandit tonality addresses this is bad she's, cheese, aching, someone like that and putting them in this position is a recipe for disaster design.
Disaster Molly, and I hope that my god forbid. I hope that something that doesn't have it, but she said she really is become the face of this move. And now she's, going to put herself in a position where everything that she does as is, is critique and and put under. Microscope in at nights? Would it's also she is she's turning into a monster, surely is on her to blame, but it into that little while levy. Let me just first, let's talk about James call me Jane call me has come out now and say we have the video of James call me here. I was wrong about Pfizer. He's teen signify? and errors in the Pfizer process, and you say that it was handled in a thought, all an appropriate way. He's right. I was wrong. I was overconfident in the procedures that the FBI injustice had built over twenty years. I thought
They were robust enough, it's incredibly hard to get a Pfizer. I was overconfident in those because he's right there was real sloppiness. Seventeen things these are should have been in the applications, are least disgust and characterize differently it. It was not acceptable and so he's right. Pretty pretty amazing moment there, because we heard how many times from James call me that this was a perfectly button. Process, but we have the audio. Do you know how the audio from last week he was saying It was completely indicated him yet completely vindicated him. There was no problems at all, yet we may have two clips just sick. You know talking backs up here. We may have to close the common thing, there's one or two and a half minutes on her she'd. If we have that one could we could we role that Russia has the vindication angle Anna possible or now do have any idea known to anybody target was plan r,
my role over here well worth, while we're waiting for that clip. Let's go to add here's trade gouty. Talking about the call me apology, I think this morning, comb we admitted who is wrong. Sometimes, Maria Maria it's better late than never, and sometimes it's just too damn late and in this case call me, is about two years too late. We could have used his objectivity, we could have used and this the FBI, helping Republicans figure out what is happening with five instead of thwarting us in obstructing also etc? A policy procedure issue is not Maria. They ve always policies against manufacturing, evident to withholding exculpatory evidence. That's not new. Those aren't policies. This is a personnel issue the wrong people in the wrong positions of power. That's not, can we fix? Will the new policy or procedures can be fixed by replacing the people who did what they did in twenty six days to get point made by trig out a with fascinating here?
like I couldn't Kansas, I don't know what he was saying I could have. Could you play that again, just without the audio, if you have any watching blaze tv, I was thing I couldn't. I didn't even see there. I couldn't even listen to their. No, I, no, I was concentrating. Is knows it's disappearing. It's like just the straight line, doubted it it's like. Is it beaker wherever possible, it looks a little like beaker with the little care on the top, and this right knows and seen that before I met here, it does just think of him. Remember, motorway ramble payment, yeah yeah. I know that I will not run I like pray, I mean I say this with all respect while you you say this is a man. Who's made a Kentucky, fried colonel chickens, t shirt of his own,
face on the side of a chicken bad. So I mean, are you laugh at myself? Select laugh a monster. He can't of ok aright. While I didn't you at the longer clip here of James going yeah. If we could hear the total confidence at the fire of process was followed and end the entire cases of thoughtful responsible way by the o J and they appear. I think that notion advisable to be used here is nonsense. Nonsense, conspiracy, theory, conspiracy, theory,. As bizarre its interest. Here, call me come out and say that an end. You know, I guess, you give him some credit for admitting it in a little late. He now I don't know I mean I guess you say: ok areas recently sang it, but it's impossible. Didn t deny at this point and this is also the same guy as you point out who, when this came out said it was complete vindication, which they actress walls
ask him about said: hey. You know. You said this was complete vindication of for your position. Here's what the Gee said about that and they play the clearly you say: no, it was definitely not complete vindication, others, massive problems here. It's true. I mean it's obvious right, we're all we. Saw the report we all can see and hear and read so It was a weird pr attempt to come out and You were vindicated and then ten seconds later come out and say well you're right. Call me line on the vindication was to say Well. We were vindicated from the very worst accusations, right so to say instead of saying like well. Well, I'm your very worst accusation by your vindicated Carter each that was, he says in an end, he's playing the line that the media was playing, which is, there was no political bias that was with reports So there is no political bias. Now I didn't say that it's that there was no evidence. There's a documentary Evidence of political bias, however, the it
How do you make of seventeen errors and they're all going one way and they're not errors, they're, changing documents falsifying doc give me the only two explanations for this: our political bias. They were doing there. Their own rules to target Trump right, that's run. Never too is they break their own rules. All the time to get these Pfizer warrants the end and it's all tilted towards essentially conviction. If you will write, which is that's even worse and worse, I mean so which one is it. Is it that you always? fix these things, so that you can get a warrant for where you targeting Trump for political reasons, one of the two the entire system is a disaster. If they do this to everybody, So in a way you kind of wish they were just doing it because I didn't like trump it out, because These then you'll have to completely scrap the entire system, but honestly, until we know the answer to that. You pretty much have to wrap the entire system. If this is the way their handling this it's what every libertarian war
it's about this entire time going down in the Bush administration, and apparently there are completely right completely right completely completely vindicated the libertarians. Were yes, yes, correct Here I will. I was looking at the Boers Johnson win and then looking this impeachment and looking how the the aft here in Amerika has been dealing with things and how they're trying to silence people and others, there's a few lessons that really need to be learned, and I think the first thing is this island majority is the Democrats should be talking to and trying to relate to because the silent majority, not the law minority. That act He goes out in votes right now.
Our society is built on silencing and making you feel alone and you're in majority, the same message. I gave you during the nine twelve project. You're, not alone, you're not alone? There are millions of Americans who feel just like you do and they're, not all Republicans summer in Japan. Some are Democrats, but they don't like the crane Venus. That is happening right now, social media. Social media is not the voice of the majority. Botz, don't vote, algorithms, don't vote people do algorithms, make people discouraged the rhythms, make people feel alone. Al Gore Adams make people stay home, so. It's the majority voice.
The silent majority voice that we need to pay. Tension to if you're going to win an election that so you pay attention to not social media and certainly not the press. The third thing I think everybody needs to learn is the main stream. Media is no longer mainstream start, and I don't mean it that their well there so far left I mean they're. Not really appealing to the main stream anymore. They're not appealing to the silent majority there not appealing to people in the centre of the country and it has been replaced, but the man- stream media is has now been replaced by one entity them. Stream media has been replaced by hundreds. Hundreds of entities we ve lost some of our cohesion. We ve lost some of our unity, but I believe because
de. We no longer believe the mainstream media were better off for it. You should know mainstream media. It was your bias. Your lies your incompetence, your arrogance that drove your audience away. They didn't find something necessarily they like better pages, couldn't take it, do any more and who have sullied yourself so badly that it's over, because you can't silence, thought you can't tell people over and over the sky is green. When we all know the sky is blue. Sherlock Holmes. Do rely on investigations and investigative reporters, but we don't. Us do any more. The American pull are smarter than you have given them credit for.
And if the media doesn't learn that the media's done done close up. The shop sell, the lights cell the cameras, nobody, buying what he's watching close up shop. The same thing can be said, thank God for the progressive era and the the socialist democratic socialist era, They are selling a load of goods that the world quite honestly doesn't want, except third world countries and then once they get it, they don't want it either. Worlds about to change- and it just might be for the better because of the arrogance of the left- at the best of the best program, AIDS,
and your listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this yo, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available, where ever you download your favorite broadcasts gray joins us from embryos least podcast. Did you get your daily whereby each about gas well the programme. Pat. Thank you. I want to talk about the election, but visuals we had a little holiday music. How much did you pay for your Christmas tree? You have a fake winter, a real one, I've a fake when you have a fake one stew, fake one, facon, proud, Facon Brown. Why do you have a real and no, I have a fake one, but I want to start buying new ones, so I bought I bought one. We went out and got one at a tree farm up in Idaho and it was, I think, thirty five dollars and it was seven feet. I think I may it's like he did so
making you know out west. Do you know how much a tree costs in New York City a lot a lot in? What would you think what would you think Stew from twenty this twenty foot? This is afraid refer you, twenty food is a dense, accusatory. I mean a huge tree, so it's gotta be a gigantic gotta, be not probably I mean you know York City? I may probably paper Five hundred dollars for that in a normal play, so double that the eight hundred dollars a thousand dollars. Gigantic monetary got a clue: gotta gotta, gonna, gotta, guess well I'd. I dont have a gas, because I know that various I noticed tub with sixty five.
Hundred now, six thousand knots, five hundred dollars or alive three four alive tree. Is there a place in New York City that Jeffrey Epstein doesn't own were treated like I'd? Even fits you hear it like their ballroom of you know. I got a lobby of a hotel right of in so they are three hundred and twenty five dollars per foot in New York City. That's crazy! That's that but if I use in the east or something and you are expected to put presents underneath it, there's your prayers Merry Christmas kids, you didn't even have of me. The lights on it. I four years ago bought a twelve foot tree that you can. You can reuse over and over and over and over every year indefinitely. I like the way you do not lessen due notice a the sets being decorated behind this set. There's another set.
And is being built for Stephen crowded Christmas Party, which has on Wednesday or Thursday? I think he's doing alive. He's got a bunch of people and we see now many trees are tat. Many then they're all failure and they're all on wheels, and we just when we're done. We just we'll them back into the tree area in the proper department. I love that. I love that I mean, let's be honest, but a finger at once fake is much better say said the Strip, but in this case I think with trees. Does I fought for a long time? I love this experience about the real fight. I really the last one. I too am but not anymore, nothing more yeah. I suppose they wanted the last one I had. I wouldn't take down fast enough that's so rigid and stiff. We could not get it out the door had individually. We got off every branch inside the drive for everybody. Exam mess that the disaster yeah. What the latest you ve ever had a tree up. I mean and then you know we college days You know you and your young longer
you ever had a tree up, I mean Who was it was up to me. I just I will say even to this day what we with a tree, is take it down and then put it up in full, form in the garage, so we don't have to put it away, so it stays nor garage all you. The up and not quite decorated, But has a lot, you know some of this stuff on it already, so I think that the efficient ways do I can get away like that, were they were bag for Elsie, have to sit there with each individual branch and fluff out the branch every year, that silly is keep it up. You are lazy or are you arm Europe? I gotta go, the other direction, no, no you're a to B. I put it in a well when I say I, the kids,
in the bag every year and take it out in its like it's a pain. I own Riah neighbours, a couple houses away. They showed us what they do. They have a roll away wall in their living room. Legal design rate and they just they pull back the wall, pushed the tree on wheels back into this little wall. Compartment is Lamar Gall and you can't tell looks like you're just in the living room, Bats America right there and it's only a whore the tree. It's only for the tree, gender equity and moderation. Yet Land area Jefferson had that at his house to those for other service. For me, it's only for the little girl. That's a little. Currently there, the police are there in less than an hour an hour. I what what's in the news that strikes your fancy today, Pat, I was just a little concerned about the taking the deal legitimizing of the twenty twenty election. That did. Democrats are doing now, trying to claim that
Ok, not only did, did Donald Trump so the twenty sixteen election with the Ukrainians or the Russians are both or whoever bodies all ready tainted. The twenty Twond election. How I don't know his misconduct. Can we not all with Giuliani trip to the to Ukraine? Giuliani as they haven't any do they have any evidence of this. Of course, I mean they emanate behind anything anything know anything. They ve got nothing and then they, I continue to lie and lie and lie and lie yeah and it's it's xx greenly, dangerous I've, outdoor country, bad you start saying the Donald Drums election cause. They know they're like they're, not gonna, be able to beat him which is why there are already saying well, he's already tainted the election and that they know they can. When so many As win them,
reclaiming it's not legitimate. That he's he's been selected, somehow he's gotten their through cheating in and fraudulent means and we're gonna have I'm indicative pushes over the edge here. We are not careful everything about this for a couple weeks. We need to make it will need to go back and make a month. Of all the times. Yes of saying that Donald Trump was gonna. I'm out after the election and say wasn't valid and higher. Prove. You know that here gets used against the get on the democracy? American democracy is at stake. He put it at risk there all doing. They all are still saying. Stacy Abrams is the rightful governor of Georgia yeah right that they are a means. They do this every single time time they lose arouse the everyday, lose it some there, some fraud that went on and then they act as if the other side is doing
So let me change subjects slightly here to go back to the impeachment and I like it. It calls next hour on this, should Donald Trump actually go and have the full version have the full trial? Now I have said yes because I think that it won't be legitimate, just just say: ah the republican shift in doing about it was swept it on the rug swept under the rug. So I don't think that's another is good and what I don't like swept under the rug is that all of all of the truth about what the rope, What the Democrats have done anything to be shown. This is a sham. A total sham However, the
the concern is, is that this is a set up, because you could get any body in the Senate that they'll call witnesses and they'll call John Bolton, who I dont think as a friend of the President's they'll call John both milk, all people and Del Valle, try to score points, and all you have to do is just peel a few people away. He one already because the demo we have. You have at least one Democrat, that's going to effect this week, the real clear politics the average on impeachment remove was underwater now for the first time is now more people think trumps should not be removed from office on average and its full partisan I mean you have a guy literally leaving the democratic parties such as voting he's leaving the Democratic Party because he says this is ridiculous. This is the the total sham so he's, leaving the Democratic Party not just voting with the Republicans he's leaving it. So
You remember the reason why Nixon left office is because you started to have the Republicans go soft, oh, let's just remember- we're going to us and it where Mitt Romney is yet to there's just apply the ability of of disaster Somebody says the wrong thing that changes the storyline somebody, screws up some new thing, the light that we don't know about this, one might Lee, was saying when he was on last week, even though my fate where's the trial. He's like the argument is, if you have one already, take the weight and leave you don't don't sit there and continued the argument in an open yourself up for a possibility of something that you don't expect going wrong, makes sense, but I still think is issuing or one hundred year I say, risk big one big. I think you gotta go for it and expose what what they ve done.
Here we are suddenly railway link would have sent the rules in the Senate like they set up in the in the house, like you have to Mcconnell to approve the witnesses, What's a second half of that phrase, though loose, that's what I was going to say there are you prepared to have a Mitt Romney earlier, John Bull not around these says you know but he was just crazy and I had to leave because he was. He was doing Cocaine on the on the DAS says something stupid and then Romney says yeah. You know what I'd arm leanness charge and in you start to flip. Just a few republicans. Do you think that's less of a risk of someone who is friendly to the press, going too far in its defence and saying something ridiculous. Let LA wines that I don't know why being the storyline mean that we see in these things happen before where someone want a shot. The whistle blower, though I do it
Eric Shara Miller right but I gotta Leary genetic like I'm, gonna get me yes, oh here's the they will. I know so. Here's the but here's the question, because I'm I'm view three clear. The right thing to do is to have the trial. Now: let's just talk politics for a second gang forget about the politics, nothing to do any more with doing the right thing is for sure. So, let's just talk politics are you prepared to lose? even if he doesn't, even if he's not impeached, to have this thing swing around two, where fifty five percent of the amount. People are like, I want him impeach now I hear Tat have been removed, I mean I'm not a probably not prepared for that but I just don't see that happening. I mean it didn't happen in the house. Did you say
happen and the more favourable Senate did did a have. Have you met the ripple? can party yes debating on intolerance, netting on a copper decision, safe, save thing and be: did you Ooh see Donald Trump being presented as days, because I didn't see that when coming youth I mean there's been like every day. I look at the news that, unlike get into our common bats, bizarre theirs. Hopefully an argument for it here, however, you gotta stepped back and say you know what the political there is political risk here right. You don't know what the media globs onto and turns into this big issue, and it might turn some look opinion but secondarily in an end, shouldn't be secondary. Is the consider What is the right thing to do? If this is really happening, it needs to be exposed and butter you got the idea, that's why I comes to pat side on this in the end, and that, like you know,
we're inside I've heard women. I get past the smart one here against. I wanted a dark, Wanna highlighted, arguing the whole time, but that's wipe your point is so brilliant. You ve been telling Glenda so much it. I'm serious you colonies, extorted where, as I would be able to defend its title of rapid real, it's not going to be great idea on the whole thing. You better start. That means we're gonna go into the of the phones and take your opinion on this next, our college. Now at eighty eight. Seventy seven be easy. Gay I'd like to just hear from from you. What should the Republicans doo doo, want to risk it. It's an open and shut deal. A should everything come out and be exposed, or should we just move on? This is the best of the planned back programme
hey, it's gland and if you like, what year on the programme you check out pad gray, unleashed his podcast available, where ever you download your favorite podcast, I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs so what should happen with impeachment Stu? I think we're both in agreement on what the right thing to do is, and that is expose what the Democrats have done and have a full trial and have it fair and free. You know, have the have the Republicans in control, but I don't even know what that means, because the Republicans, the Republicans behind me Mitch Mcconnell, is saying, however, publicly that he's basically letting Trump
design this process, which is ridiculous. Why would you say that? Why would you do that weird thing to say publicly the willingness to dupe? Surely the rip the Democrats would do? This is exactly the same thing. However, they probably wouldn't say it publicly right any strain. It basically signal to Republicans Hey, don't blame me if you don't want to do this trial, because I'm letting him design the process that driving I'll just media CIA here right but is a bizarre thing to say publicly and I would say that you know whether it's the better political moved, I think, can be debated amid because you can day they ve already won this with the american people, move on get to the election it's what another minute on this and you have to On the other hand, I think the right thing to do is that the real full story comes out, and so far there has been no opportunity for that, and if you believe that you have the rights, that story the american people should know about it
now the question is, I agree with that, but the question is Mitt Romney by the way word in Utah is Mitt. Romney will not win a second term he is. He is really I don't. If I buy that, I don't know, I don't know. I heard that right. So. You go into a trial and John Bolton or if somebody, you really is like me, in a lifestyle, droppin You know a stew says just like ganja. Another thing he's really great unease. Building a he's building secret prince to kill all the people who are living in New Jersey, newbie. Like way what I mean any it can happen in a trial. Anything could happen in a trial and all you need is somebody like Mitt Romney peel away and start to say you know, I don't know, and then you then it's just an avalanche. Then it could just be an avalanche I'll. Take it.
What it thinks he's going to get thrown out of office. I know it's not gonna get to sixty seven senators that I don't think so either. However, it could affect public opinion if it looks like did the Republicans are playing at but partisan game. The same way Democrats are dealing with that right now. Like, they are seen as just doing this partisan thing and dragging it out, and it's a bunch of nonsense to so many people and that's why the poles are turning. It stem cell with the same thing has happened, a republic which hurts the President more a trial or no trial. What do you think should happen? The numbers aided eight seventy seven be easy K. Let's go to John in Georgia. Allow John you goin. I am very glad that a merry Christmas to you listen. I think it might be actually a third layer to this in giving just five seconds explained this. There is a potential Senate, Boatport Dismissal, which is a simple majority. There's a potential Senate vote for acquittal.
And then of course, there is the formula deal trial, which we all kind of in our hearts will watch what that middle option that Mexico has discussed previously of voting for acquittal right up front would actually attached double jeopardy. So if you only dismiss than assented could potentially in his second term exceeding the house in his second term could come back on another bite. It Apple. You stay acquit, double jeopardy attaches and this thing from a political expediency standpoint would have to go away without the big messy trial in terms of the ballot box, So you vote for acquittal I actually want the trial, but I'm too much of a cynical believe that that will actually get the result that we that we would actually hope and pray for Ya which is everything come out, exactly Yeah, I I don't know
that's gonna happen either, but if you did a trial and even if he were impeached as long as the and removed from office as long as the senate- and they don't have to do this as Well- the Senate a wooden attach You can never run for president again cuz not automatically attached to that you couldn't, teach him removed from office and the people could come back and elect him. Again, this fall I just can't imagines a group of people removing a president this close to an election thanks
I'd appreciate it. Let me go to Jim and Virginia a merry Christmas gland. Thank you, ve, taken Mccall. Thank you. I feel for all that you're doing do wake up and educate America. Your Ukraine special was truly an award winning award Worthy journalistic investigation. Thank you very much appreciate that I'm for the full trial and I think they should take your Ukraine special in use that as a blueprint for the trial, but the problem is, I don't think the leading Democrats, scrutiny bleeding republicans in in the Senate will do that, and this is the reason why, in you touched on it last week, when you talk about the one news
agency that actually sent reporters to the Ukraine do investigations over there and they came back with a report stating that many of the leading Republicans in the Senate were also involved in Ukraine. Doing the same thing with the Democrats were doing, try to influence the Ukraine government being Lindsey, Graham Mccain, the trader Mccain and Mcconnell though I am for the poultry. But my hopes that ever happening or are slim and Neil, grew the gym. Thank you very much. Thank you. I'm still for a full trial. But are you prepared to live with the consequence and not getting anything exposed, because I think Jim's right, I don't see any, I mean what means do we have an open and shut case? Do not I mean you know,
What are you trying to prove right? I mean we ve even said that there is not a criminal, Tivydale whistled, I'm saying the whistle blower open and shut the the collusion. But in shot the money laundering, open and shot this stuff. I think, as we have heard today, To show you these documents written by the people were talking about. Yes, I mean it's just open and shut. Why won't anyone use them? Why won't anyone in real authority in power still to the plate and use them. I mean the most we heard from people in real positions of authority in power is that it very complicated story line and that the american people don't have the attention span, for we sat through a year of the Oj Simpson trial a year long time ago, then a long time ago, and will still do that for certain things.
But in a look, what happened? You know that this there's a there's an argued on the left in this, I think was believed by many on the left that one of the errors they made with the Russia situation was to go through it in such detail, So the idea was, you have the whole Mahler report at your ear sort of how does it higher storyline under the microscope for an entire year year and a half at the end of the day the american people, like I've, been hearing about us forever. Nothing ever seems to come out years. The report doesn't seem like it's not like the craziest thing. They their stuff in there. That might be disturbing to you, but it was never rose to the level of interest that was promised. It was a big is a great trailer and a crappy movie right and this So this is why they went with the ukrainian thing, which was ok. We got us
simple storyline. We ve got a transcript of a call. We think it's bad. We can rush it through it'll when it still shocking to people and they tried to do clean. Now I don't know. If that's the right thing to me, it certainly not the right thing for the country. Obviously, but I'm saying from a democratic political perspective, was it the right move? I think it showing that that didn't work either One of the issues they have is that neither one of these two regions was action. The impeach of also that's kind of like you have a bad baseline and maybe that's different with you, as we have a good basis and basically good base. However, can the american people focus long enough to actually taken all these details? Learn all these characters who they are? What happened? I mean The big ask, for you know people who are like who are currently embracing Tik Tok as a platform, let me go to Rachel in Ohio, hello, Rachel. I
An early crescent evident for me thou. I feel a merry Christmas. Merry Christmas fell. I think we can go with a full, proud too and then pray like crazy. Has the treaty path to come out and the truth actually will come out? It's just. How can our yeah well, the truth is already out by Nobody seems to embrace it, and I personally think that the only one that can make this happen is Donald Trump Donald, Rob is uniquely qualified to say much. In the gallery today. I might just I might just walk in today and just decide to testify or you got some crazy things happening today in the Senate, make sure you're watching think he is such a sideshow that I think he could get people to actually watch the trial and if they,
suppose it an people are watching the trial. I think it's the end of the Democratic Party. I really really do because peace or fair in America, and when you actually see what they were doing and are, still doing in Ukraine and all around the world with the State Department nobody's gonna want a part of that devils advocate. Are you prepared for a loss, Steve, welcome. I don't know going, are you good hey? You know I'm I'm thinking on this one's goes to the Senate. The question is but other topics you gonna do anything like that, because any witnesses they call democratically. The cross examined, and I have to ask myself how many lives Republicans are just studies. The Democrats in Europe, Do you and your grand backing away from want to trial where you collingwoods, I'm going to Rita Romntica
we're gonna, try and uranium is all. I heard the name recognition alone. My represent you talk about, you see, I was insane Georgian granted. It was Saint George, which I think is the concern. Most conservative stay areas of conservative county in Utah, which makes it the most conservative county in the country. It was nice anyway, I was there over the weekend and Somebody had told me Romney's, Romney's in trouble there, but he's he's not popular in the state. That's true, yeah are fed up with him. I said I think people check that box on the ballot. They recognise the name but work or really old. We get. The word out it that you're out Emil off in Sheep's clothing, any always has been thank you so much Steve preceded are
come back here in just one minute back to your phone calls. So are you keeping track? What is the score so far? Everyone said trailer. Why do we hear someone say they dont want? The traveller think like this, this audience is gonna wanna, hear the information and what others that here You know who doesn't take the weekend off. Besides San I mean santa- takes a whole year off, except for the well probably the last couple of weeks. He's probably just have the Elles doing everything may, as the elves doing everything working round the clock he's probably just working on his whip for the reindeer Are you know that's what you know what he's like this? The best of luck. Like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now, and I too, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell potentates on their doing in Dallas, everything is really really cool.
Operation care, is having a birthday He celebration for Jesus you'll find information. It up care dot, Org Susie Jennings, is on with us. Susie was with Mailer University Medical Center in Dallas, and then she she resign that she left there and she she started. Duration care, and- and God's leading our life, and- and this is one of the things are doing, and I just I love this story- hello, Susie, good morning how area bless. Thank you the accurate or it. So you Dallas, your known as the blanket lady and then that's why, cause, I started the ministry giving away blankets after my husband of nine years, disappeared our home. He was in the military, committed suicide from a mental illness
they develop. Chemical imbalance called Sarah Thorn Inefficiency and then left disappeared thirty days and was missing. We on his body in a talk Oklahoma and when found him. He had been dead for thirty days on him in the ravine, in the hills of poker- and he was- in there and the farmer found his car and the farmer only go there once a month and that's how he scar was found, but she was missing March nine. We discovered him April aid and demanded three, I'm sorry to hear that Susie, but that chick your life. You started getting involved the homeless here in Dallas started. Giving way blame its and now you're doing a birthday party for Jesus which I've. Always I've, always ass. My kids and everybody thinks I'm I'm making this up. I think, merry Christmas dinner, you should sing happy birthday and you should have candles on the cake and maybe not you know
may twenty, but you know you should have candles on the cake. It gets its Jesus birthday. Yes, sir, so? That's really what happened after my husband committed suicide, the Lord's put in my heart to help the homeless under the bridge living in downtown Dallas and then beginning. I really said: no, I'm not going to do that, their crazy. They just like free stuff, and I couldn't stand homeless people and the thing was. I asked God Can I do for him after my husband died, because I choose joy, so I asked God what can I do for you? So I tell you glad, do not ask God
can you do for him if you are not prepared to real told you, I'm gonna. Take you out of your comfort zone. That's what it all started about discipline cap industries, so they called me blanket lady for eight years. That was what I did a supervisor in Spain or hospital. At the same time, I was helping the homeless, and then God gave me a big vision of holding this massive birthday party producers would guess at the homeless, in the pool of Dallas Fort Worth, so that's which started in two thousand and four. So nowhere. Sixteen years old, Dallas Convention, Sir the Nations law, largest event for the homeless and a poor with ten thousand to twenty one thousand people. So we have thirty, seven hundred volunteers that common one day said the poor and the homeless, and how the ministries, Breyer highly bunch, listen with
then? But God we don't force nothing, we just ask them. How can we pray for you because it gives them hope? And then, after that, we was their feet, so we was thousands of feet and put on socks and choose and we gave away Blanca sleeping bags haircuts make over a flu shots eyeglasses dentist, we lawyers are job consulate in housing availability. We partner with the community and the church then, along a massive area, Deb Zip lines, the rock were climbing poem. The wise petting zoo, face pain. Balloon artists, and now the vision has grown. Leaving America we're gonna hold this body in fifty states next year. This year, next, this Saturday, twelve states representative the different states of flying to Dallas New York, I'm in new or we have massive. We have Chicago we have New York. We have you
but tat. We have merryland Florida and we have- so. Banion North Carolina can serve Georgia and its rights. I mean they're playing here to see how dollars help the poor and the homeless and they will copy it in all the states. Next year, one day when they were in the whole. Amerika was celebrated, uses the same day It is that now Susie. Let me ask you, you listed often of others happening, and I did not hear the magic words cake or Kay, like substance where we have five percent cupcakes, ok, ok, yeah a birthday party, a birthday party So after a pub known wherever
If no messenger, alas, is gonna thing happy birthday, Jesus and then we celebrate with five thousand cupcakes were expecting twelve thousand people, Glenn six thousand at the edge of the children and six thousand adult are coming and three thousand of these children. Some have any homes sounds like you need more cupcakes. How can How can people help? Well we are right now we are desperately needed being called shoes and toys for children and adults calls for adult large two three x for man beside the biggest largest need for operation care, but they could
They gave us the funds wherein we could order and bore, because a collectively order it is only eleven dollars. If you buy it's like twenty to thirty dollars, they gave us funding money, go to a website up, get that org, o p c. I agree that or on then they could denied. Or do we want to sponsor a child is thirty dollars that go to a toy, a coat and a pair of shoes for Charles, and we have three thousand children I don't have anything right now, because we could not afford it. I'm just a little widow trying to help twelve thousand feet I'm and we are in, and I quit my job. If you are aware of it, they left me I didn't leave. My job bureau use Unlike just a little widow? be reckoned with global widow tornado. Susie. Thank you so much delays. Radio network on demand-
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