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Pat Gray joins to discuss Adam Schiff’s “emotional” time at the January 6 Capitol riot hearing and the lies that were told throughout it. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr joins to review the unrest in Cuba and how easy it would be for President Biden to reactivate internet access for the protesters. Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro joins to discuss his new book, “The Authoritarian Moment,” which lays out how the Left is the true authoritarian threat.

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Case do Glenn, not a great show today for the pod cast, don't you think that is very, very sure, yeah yeah. Can you tell me one thing that happened on the pod cast your excited about? Do you talked about he's kind of a fan of old? All stall should leave it to listen to this show I listen to Asia. Yes, I have my headphones on. Let's say to a different version as well: you you're you're, very little involvement today it fit. Strangely, we were talking about authoritarianism and it is growing out of control tonight at nine o clock on plays tv, I'm doing a special on something this coming out of the White House. Now it's it came from the Nationalist National Security Council and it is how to combat extremism, and it is terrifying terrifying. But we talk to Tom Fitting who has been looking into January six. What is going on how to wait a minute, the F B, I use the airlines that used Bank of America. They got information on thousands of Americans just because they were in Washington DC that day. That's absolutely unconstitutional, but wait. There's more. Also. Today is a day the bench perils book. The authoritarian moment has come out and we have been spared talk about it all authoritarianism, all the time on today's Pakistan and you have a program coming up tonight glance I do. I bet it's gotta be pretty good peoples, you watch it right after rat knows who doesn't Aragon follies is pretty much place. He beat. I cover such Glenn promo code. Is God you're safe, ten bucks get to new students, America, nuclear tv can be great.
The only thing came to Mr Pat Gray. We want to talk a little bit about the hearing yesterday in Washington DC, which, I have a really very difficult time. Could we please play Adam shit? I have a problem with Adam Shift, even being on this committee or even being in Congress. At this point, Here he is with all of the credibility on what January. Six was really all about better the next time, a God help us, ever so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as traitors. If their board another country, but they don't look like us. Sorry
he's actually crying here, a little crazy, is Greece it out the tears could not help us got up. exactly, because the folks, like you, ok, so here his faith augurs. Well for my people like there, justifying yesterday or you can have it. I've died. Ass does not look. Ok, it's too emotion, so I didn't you know that they actually moved barricades.
Ok, ok, I just as a party up our body ups right. We have noted that there is a lot of obscure be going on. Here is the year two years, the big first of all, I think both sides are in a state of delusion and I think because everybody is whipped, everybody up into a frenzy, and it's not what I say: everybody's whipped up now, really only the media and the politicians and washing native whipped everybody up by calling this the worst attack. On american institutions Syn. The civil war is so ridiculous. We all- I was horrified
My wife was horrified Every one I know was horrified while this was going on. We were horrified that we're like wears a president wears a president wise in the president. Coming out, we were horrified that eating immediately get on and say stop it don't do this, stop it guy! That's true! Now this is from the group of people who also were horrified nobody in Seattle, nobody in Portland nobody in the rest of the country, it seems actually stood up in their own cities and said: stop it right now, It comes to Antigua now they're, trying to prosecute and persecute anyone anyone who voted for Trump because of what honestly, Maybe what let's get I'll, give you the better fitted up? Maybe two hundred people did, I think we're probably fifty that were committed to it and
the rest were hapless dupes they just followed in and got tied into it, and some people, just you know, caught up in the emotion, got very angry and committed crimes. Remember I've done they should go to jail or or be fined. I mean a lot of them work again ups, with the podium mine. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring him back to that. Please, Sir Simon, anything. Like it is with a body of under that road map, you know the reason why these guys care so much is because it happened to them for the first time. Right happened at em they're, not small business owners. They're, not they're, not worry about the police being defined it. Nobody state funding the police in Washington DC. Imagine if those people did that to the capital and then
rest of America said. You know what we need to do: defend the police in Washington DC. Imagine All those people in the capital would feel that exactly what they have been encouraging for the rest of America. If there's a defined for capital police movement right now, maybe we could take them seriously on their other claims, but they don't care of people, Minneapolis die being new police, don't show up they'll care. That has nothing to do with it. They don't care at all and the ito. This remember, during the George Food Riots, places all over Washington DC we're on fire. but there was all sorts of violence that have been times when that was going on, and that is why the requisite them, so they care about me up yet absolutely every time there was one guy actually said that I don't think he noticed that he was saying the truth play the the police. Amazon Amr, which twenty as yet, not that one listen to this day.
Had marching orders so to say when you say for when people fail, emboldened people in power they theirs that their right. I did one of the scariest things that allows January six is that people that were there even to this day, they were right, I think they were right and then That makes scary recipe for the future of this country. I know Ass Seattle, ask Portland Ass Chicago, ask any place in America, where D fund the police, ass, the people in Minneapolis dude I feel that they were wrong they were emboldened by this system by the local community by the mayor's by the City Council now The president. They were
bolder and when they were being bailed out by our now vice president, is I mean figure that you think of that Donald Trump hasn't provided bail for any of these people, our Harris Pervided bail for peace in Antigua and Minneapolis and all over the country some of whom were attacking federal, build. Yes, so yeah I don't think that police officer really understood what he said and from the big meaning of the hearing. Yesterday, Benny Thompson did, I guess, he's the the committee you started out by saying we are here to deal only in fact, we will only dealing VI and the first thing he did was lie about how many people died. Seven people are seven people, seven people, seven, now, that's sick make it. We know
make died and they lied about that as well, because he was beaten to death well, nigh result of the injuries incurred in the riot No he's he model of the day after he must have yet to strokes. He had two stroke, easy as a doctor say that those strokes were certainly cod on by the yeah did say tied to the events right. No, they didn't know they came out of. Nowhere did nothing it out. Corn. I said that the opposite. This shows a ticking time bomb would have happened anyway, my thought in the forest. They said that he had a new while it was a stroke, it was dark back it up. I think I remember I foreign policy, I am truly, the coroner did not blame, but we're yard was. It was not a term which I know how you re with her dear. I don't like you know did David was a data Doorn who died in the end, the riots, the police officer, retired police officer. He was shot that that's how you how you think of no rights in a riot ride like you, beat over the head with a wood
fire if there were no injuries that cause sick, nics death, maybe blood pressure, mulvaney attics, high blood pressure, because of the event that that's is bound to strangle, you can get you that's about as good as you can get two officers died by suicide afterwards in the following week. Ok, can't blame not on the employment on the right. How do you believe that on the right right up, Tester was shot by police to prosper. Testers suffered fatal heart attacks. another died of a suspected drug overdose, yeah we person actually killed as a result of what was going on, was actually Babbitt yeah. That's it yeah and she shouldn't Abed there now she shouldn't have been there. That's right, but I am I I feel bad for her be feel bad for a family, but you shouldn't have been their end
and you know she knew a gun was pointed at her and climbed through a barricaded bill, bill diamond like Roger, go through they d D. You know that justified shootings that have happened, and we ve talked about on the air, from police officers to African Americans in communities like this one was worse by her actions was worse than many of those that more justified, and unlike this is I don't know how that became. This like cause celeb among some conservatives were arose was to say that police officers are not allowed to shoot. People who are but go. Through barricades in the middle of an ongoing riot inside the rebuilding my guy. I dont understand that particular point of view. All that. Well, especially when we have, I think correctly argued over and over again, if you go in your charging at an officer they have the right to shoot. You write like we ve how many? How many even videos have we talked about where the light
is coming on saying. No, they sure just let that girl stab the other girl they shouldn't have done anything. I mean that's the left's arguments constantly and for ever reason that has surrounded this particular case. They did in a look. She did something that No, I feel bad about because I dont want people to die, but that is the In that case, I believe, acted in a just viable manner. That being said, its tragic and but it also ports. What conservative say, which is like this? This was The one death that occurred in this there is another like there's a woman was terrible. a woman who is in the middle of all this wound of having health problems collapsed. on the ground and was basically trampled while she was having some sort of heart party tat. It attack, that's a tear. Both terrible story However, we do not justify its terrible, thing to say all well. This many people died right like ok. I guess
She did die in the end in the incident, but it had nothing, but it was not like murderous. Four came up and try to kill it like? That was not. What happened here was individual drain mean yes, exam, no one dyed in the wool they mean it yeah That's it that's! That's it! That's a marine yet because, actually with abbot, that's that's not their example of what went wrong. What are the right protesters that they didn't like that should have been? There died so bright light nobody died defending it. Nobody died in Congress. Nothing here, In that way like, if you were to say a mass shooting occurred and one person died, it was the shooter yeah right That would not that's not how they would summarised that yet every that's how their summarizing it they would have said injured and only one fatality and it was the shooter right, and so a look. Look I again it was it a good incident. No but like you know, as we are talking about a little but before we went on there, there are some people on the right very few who are basically saying it was nothing it was well. It did. I think this is honestly. This is where I started that
coming from its push, but yes, bag, hankers zero. Do you say that right? Because, on the other side, the media has been telling us for a very long time that this was the civil, or just like. With the voting self. They say it's Jim Crow to point out everything's the most extreme thing. That's ever happen to like it, closer to nothing. Then it is to the civil war. No question isn't as organised crime is that they Gardena largest sick of this Romney Romney. might have been gang guess con, Romney was the everyone's where he was going to be so draconian he'll, be so and tie Democrat, are you kidding me? He practically is. He is a Democrat. He is a Democrat everybody everybody they they lay this nuclear card every time, every single time material
This house is gonna end. It's gonna end with nothing except an impression: gonna be a big impression, but we I'll be played again, there's going to be something as they or history is not enough. People say history. Repeats itself. Let me say it differently. History is repeating. Itself this is exactly like: the Black Tom event, which which pierce and broke every window in lower Manhattan. It is the reason we can't go up into the torch anymore of. Statue of liberty, because the explosion was so big. It actually brought the arm of the statue of liberty and Woodrow. Wilson knew it. Actually what it was everybody who was involved knew what it was. It was german terrorism. They came over here to blow up the munitions that we are sending to the allies and for World WAR, one Couldn't have those munitions come so they blew him up just in. New Jersey. It does
right so much. It was a big big deal. Woodrow Wilson said it was the capitalist that did it and then just brushed aside for awhile and world into what we're looking into it, but nothing really happened and then, when empty are needed to round up the Japanese. He used that fear and said we ve just found out what happened in life. nineteen. Sixteen We just found out what happened with Black Tom and it was the Germans and if the Germans can do that, the Japanese will do it here. So we ve got to act on this. Now this just the predecessor of something bigger that is coming and they are building the foundation. Thank you so much at the best of the gun that programme axioms of this guy, the FC cease five g crusader. He has
led the FCC work to modernize the infrastructure rules and accelerate the build out of high speed networks. His reforms have cut billions of dollars in red tape and enabled private sector to build these high speed networks in communicate and communities all across the country, and, stand America's global leadership. In five g, unfortunately, I dont think there's a lot of people in in Washington, at least with this administration that want to see America win. The fight Gee race, that's a topic for another broad ass to his name is Brendan Car and he is an FCC commissioner and we we need good commissioners on the FCC C c pie has left Brennan. How are you a great, really good it to join your things around me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
suggesting something- and I think this I don't know it started with you or who it started with? I know that Marco Rubio has been talking about restoring the internet to Cuba. There is a way we can do this, but it requires the government and Google to participate correct. Yes, that is right. So working in Cuba were seen unprecedented protests in what we see around the globe. Now is the first thing people do when they take to the streets to fight for liberty take others more power. They take pictures they take video. Could the thing a brutal dictatorship like leaves? Did the attention of the world correct spotlight on their brutality? So we see this in IRAN seen it in as we were seated in me and mark the first thing that people do they take their phone out, the forcing the dictator you did they shut down the internet. Now they'll cup unit, earlier that would cut off their own communication.
They block access to what happened. Facebook in messaging services to those pictures, videos can't get out there. So what I, Ed, what others have said like dimensions and our Rubio. I've got the Santa we should look for ways to restore internet services to Cuba, which would help to accelerate the ultimate destination of the brutal cuban relief, which is it end two ways you can do: it would introduce new services, new internet services from off island. Nothing take some time Just Google challenges to be sure, but we have the technical capacity to do that in trade to which we should both your support for sure invention tools so that people can continue to use the internet services on the island and just get around the filtering which, by the way, the filtering at all Digital fingerprints of the communist regime of China today are very involved in helping Cuba shut down.
At Java and didn't Facebook and everybody else they did this in Egypt. They did this for the arab spring. They ve He actually help foment that revolution, and and made sure that people knew how to use it and gain access to it. Now, it doesn't see. Is anybody have you heard of any high tech? I mean that the big high tech, any of them saying we gotta, join in and help these people quiet from what I've seen your former Secretary Pontio, then between a week or so ago, saying that The government and others went in IRAN and help bolster address or received during the protests. here. We have the technical capacity to do it. It is simply a question of do we have the political will at the highest level this administration, to green light, these efforts If we do that american enterprise, can deliver these solutions to the king. in people and show our support for them
in writing. Biden initially came out with some positive words. Were now look at this, but it's over two weeks we haven't seen any actual at this point- and I am very concerned that we're not going action. So you know this is just a question of political will is not a question of and we do have to be up and is gloom which was a Google project, I believe in Kenya which since this, like you know, tennis court sized tower up? over the country way above where aeroplanes are flying, and it just. Hovers there and kind of access as a receiver to to pass that message along easily could probably do it with two of these things: floored is so close have the rider yet your jacket, right. So this is what I call that track. One idea, which is how do we introduce new services into Cuba from all
I went entered a variety of technological ways. You can do it and you put your finger on one of them. A Google will add this operation where they put up stratospheric balloons. These go succeeded very by a thousand feet, Bobby Ere. You can actually keep them relatively static over a geographic. Given the way the wind circulate at those levels in the canyon myself to see this technology inaction. It works with the US. Is he all right, this technology in twenty seven key after hurricane wiped out communication in because seventy eight of these balloon went up circled around. Rico and help being services into that that that that community, and we sought in Peru. After to natural disasters, the balloon up other technologies, we could be Wi Fi, the? U S, embassy in Havana. Previously we had been started. satellite power internet divided into Cuba, be abandoned, I also believe. As you point out, you can stay in international airspace and being directly.
These the balloon, truly handset battle, the answer to the balloon insured. Why, given the geographic distance to, a marathon or if you are a key, you can be right in the balloon back the internet. In the: U S, the advantage of the balloon and, frankly we need it now in Cuba, but we also need I think, as strategic capability for this country, we ve always have you radio, free Asia by radio Marquis. That broadcasting to Cuba the modern day, equivalent broadcasting, information into countries that aren't free is to enable these three on to use of the internet in those countries where I think we need a long term strategic capability as well. It is a lot better than other people. Bring troops on the ground is well sure and aids may, with the way things are going. Quite honestly, we I need one for you, know, suppression here in Amerika what it is being done, is, is craziness craziness
this is it. This is amazing, me look. We cannot be speaking about side door mouth at the one with the one point we're saying breweries like you, but you can't filter he has done for the internet at the same time, that we have this White House Saki out there saying we are weeping coordinating with big task to censure american speech. We can't do that could you need to be very clear that we believe in a free, open, uncensored internet our own american people here for other people abroad, is, I think, should go forward and whether through legislation or otherwise make very good governance, We should not be calling up big tech company than asking into putting them on the scale again speech they don't like me, Let's get real. It's not about miss information about this information is about political speech that doesn't fit the near If other people that are bombing in with his uncle is it, is it possible to pay I've at least do this. I mean we can,
justice, audience and that's not involving the cuban population in Amerika. We could fund that privately. I doubt Google would take our chair. But is there a way to do this privately on the track. One stop your google shuddered loon at the beginning of the year, because it wasn't a great commercial product. People Morton drop rise in her radiant for these balloon services, I think strategic capability that a country, the commercial viability, is less concern, but the track to stop. We talk about it the circumvention toward a lot of open source applications out there, but the cuban people- using right now those technologies the additional funding in one eye talking in a billion the bower dropping want fleet six million dollars, so arson it's under way to try to use private sector funding to bolster the second how'd you endorse any one particular company or direct towards those companies ice, given them
limit, I merely unofficial, but there are private sector wasted. look at donate money so that these circumvention, we must continue to work in the people of Cuba can continue to get those pictures videos out to the world, I loved jeep by and I've done, this I've done broadcasts for forty five years, and I can't even remember a name of a of an FCC chairman before me, I did during Reagan, but a cheat was amazed and I thought we were headed in the right direction, with the FCC under Donald Trump and now It looks like hey You guys are the only one standing between real freedom of the internet, and neutrality cause it's back, isn't it yeah look pretty bilaterally clinical competition executive order a week or so ago, included. the direction basically to us, it s easy to go back,
two Obama era. Sally wars. The reality is twitter. Can we succeed? miracle had flat law. in terms of our build out of high speed internet infrastructure, including fell silent basic team? You had something like seven hundred eight new cell sites go up in this country, after we engage in reforms under your leadership, any working with him. We had forty. Six thousand new cell site the wind in twenty nineteen sixty five fold increase because we got all that regulatory red tape. How do I do? I am very concerned that we're gonna go back to this bomb air approach in its it's as if they don't understand the real threat to a free and open, and I think it's not coming from the ice? please. You don't have any value today, even though their conception of it, we don't blocking and robbing by eyes, peace that we do see its blocking in censorship by big tat interview. Really care about a free and open internet problem you need to tackle today is essentially should happening. My facebook Twitter
by these providers, not by the irish people. How? close. Are we to really being a leader in five g compared to a guy? Remember the name waterway I mean there. We are the fight of our life with waterway, aid. We were behind again point eighteen. Twenty sixteen people were basically counting the U S out, but when we modernize or infrastructure rules, because it had been causing too much and took too long to build infrastructure for the current year, things boom, We leap frog. Many many countries and we now have the strongest welcome in the world if you don't have it in your particular community. The data may be meeting was to you, but the data shows that we're doing well, but I am concerned that we are not going to continue to keep the pedal down when it comes to allowing new red infrastructure bills when it comes to getting the spectrum. There are that we need a power, these five e services. So the Good NEWS is, we made great progress were in good shape right now
but I'm worried it will be a lot of the gas in India. China take advantage of that Ilan mosques. Satellite service is amazing. Absolutely amazing is. Is this? What what are you Think of that businesses that have a future far as litigation, is there anything that can shut him down on this Missy really using technology, not just out in Washington state visiting battering point where they make these lower orbit family. The ideas that you can put these satellites up, hundreds of them and and I guess you almost sort of fibre like speed anywhere almost anywhere in the globe and will you we're not banal regner basket. Looking at other technology, other ways to bridge the digital divide. We think this could be a good check now we ve authorized. Then we funded them. the building out in areas where there are rural and remote so
be a game. Changer will see that quite gone scale, yet it judges and there the Timeline Bristol building it out for Opel. A key part of bridging the digital divide. Brennan Are the FCC commissioner? It is it's good to talk to you and please let us know about any threats to our constitutional protected rights to free speech and Petitioning our government we need good guys on the inside that are alerting as there is so much going on, that nobody can pay attention to all of it. Thank you so much Brennan region. You bet you can follow him at Brendan Car, F, c c or find him at FCC. Doth got Brennan Car, the FCC. Commissioner. I think this is some that we really need to pursue, I think the object. Balloon is a really real. It dont know why
I think we should be speaking up and asking the car men and senators lie Rubio. How can we help you? What do we? to do to get the government to approve that we ve already done it before? Why are we not doing it for Cuba? This is the master, the Glen Back Programme- and we really want to thank you for listening. Mr Ben Shapiro is joining us. He is, he is the intellectual powerhouse of the right now and benefit for many many years. I respect him and he is the one guy who writes a lot of that I will always read his books because they are always really well thought out. electrically solid
and never go for cheap shots. Mister. sparrow? How are you, sir, during our you, I'm I'm good, I'm good! I'm excited, I haven't read your new book, but I've heard you talk about it an awful lot. I listened to your podcast. When was it last night, when you are doing the book, signings and I wanted to actually take you through some of the things that you played some of these rotarian moments as we go, but first give the set up of the book? What are you Talking about in it, Basically, the begins with looking January sex, which the left has declared is the authoritarian moment in modern american history that that democracy is on the verge of over big, being overthrown bed down from This great opportunity to learn that the right is the tree threats you american freedom, and then I ask people to analyze. You don't what exactly happened on January, thick and beyond, because what really happened is that a breakaway The much larger girl committed criminal activity. They were all arrested. There are no legal jail and-
within three hours or had been written any government went on as though nothing had happened. then in the immediate aftermath of that aid at times I wonder if you speak latin parlor completely. Most major Democrats started going or a significant curbs on fundamental freedoms. You start to see neutral service. Providers. Talking about cracking down important extremism, Donald Trump was thrown up. All the social media. Flatworm corporations are put out statements basically I think that you had a mere particular political. point on January SEC or issues that were just not going to be delayed, Anybody who question the result, of the electric, even though they would certainly not be the same with them about. The question is, if you're talking about authoritarian threat, men who there actually threat we were given the institutions that are threatening and I think most American instinctively know the answer, and the answer is not you know me. Here too, invaded the gap. Rebuilding the people worry crude, read through your way of life. Right now are the people there, of every major institution ranging from the scientific institutions to the educational,
solutions to your cobra bosses and they have the power You really wreck your wife into british slipping away even outside of the offices double you know, been pretty close to this point before with Woodrow Wilson, but you can excuse the american people at the top to some degree, because authoritarianism was this new idea and with the with the progressives using science and saying: look it's a whole new age. You know we came from farmers an now in the scientific age and anything is possible. You can to dismiss it, but what Joe Biden is doing right now. A lot of this really comes from the Woodrow Wilson Playbook, and I think it's just as racist and just as nasty as when he was doing it, I think they were when Joe Biden goes around, saying, don't pull already? Why then vote?
he was- are akin to Jim Crow racism or that what happened on January fixes the worst interaction between the United States since the civil war or that Republicans broad red are trying to return to the days of warm in this kind of stuff is extremely ugly is extremely divided. It is the opposite of what he said. let that be when he became president right which unite eyeing, moderate there is not in any of those things. I didn't what makes my what Nine trillion justifiable is not just that. We ve seen the consequences of this sort of activity. Before a week. You can say that during winter what the demonstration we war in the middle of a world war entering at the ardent ratio in the middle of another World war right now, we're involving zero major wars anywhere around the world where the unchallenged global headline and yet were character the party internally going after the centre, which is kind of a unique we are at war. We them It is at war, but it's at war with itself skits completely lost its way. Because we had people teaching our children for a while now
we're a horrible horrible place, and I dont know if people are buying it or not. I mean they usually by these things. I want to take you to one of the authoritarian moments of nineteen thirty three, it's a it's a parade. Tell me why this is important, in September, nineteen thirty three government sponsored a spectacular Pereda Avenue to promote an unprecedented federal ethnic and national recovery. Administration was about called the animal ray, a partnership in planning between governments, industry, its go to speed recovery by establishing profit levels for business and wage levels for labour and the show of national solidarity. More than two million employers across the country comes to abide by the end of our coasts. Russia hails victory which were made
I will get to that other clip in a minute. So tell me That parade was important. Do you remember guideline about this? In the borough, fascism by these sort of economically fascist system was reliant. And private businesses being oversee working in Cahoots with the government, and the government would essentially charter with industry and then tell them what to do and industrial maggots. Do I get better than the communist and then they would go along with the will, the National Recovery Administration, with an upward overtly bilateral Dublin to force businesses doing what they wanted. You're supposed to put a symbol up in your window. The blue, Eagle, responsible your window and American, What were literally supposed to boycott businesses that didn't put them illegal in the window? I think that we can see some pre rather than that. That today in modern american politics will help the government members. The demo article nine corporations. Social media for example, they do their bidding and then suggesting that As you know, the Lisbon Astroturf boycott a particular businesses if they refuse to do
happening with this one, when major legal body pulled out of Georgia, for example, we're talking to Ben Shapiro, author of the brand new book, it's out today, the authoritarian moment, I think it even more clear with E s g scores. This is the government getting into bed with global corporations. Banks. I'll, providing a e s g score and if you're not playing ball with the government and with you know the invite mental, listen social justice members, your score will go down and in Europe there now proposing that you cannot do business with anybody is that has a lower yes J score than you do you see it also in many places like California Little becomes actually path. More leveraging. People onto boarded corporation that he drew corporation is large enough men and women, have to place a number of people, particular racist or sexual orientation on abortion. cooperation loses. This is truly totalitarian. Stop and what the more totalitarian. The fact is that the corporal
Philip and shovel this garbage down Other people work for the corporation self. It easy when you're you're able to speak freely that Eu Parliament enable good, because that's what I do for a living. They can threaten our living, but eleven will be able to take away over livings. We have too many people who worries, didn't you really have to say, but it here The guy working in collaboration with Jerry for the corporation to get you take a mirror, their prescriptions, because you gotta put food on the table prepared. Well, that's something that I like about. This book is you're, not just coming with the problems. You actually have the solution and and I think the way you a phrase. This is really appealing. I've been talking about Martin Luther king, I hate boy that's what I know you do to stew does but mark their king says. If we wouldn't have done the boycott of we wouldn't had the teeth it, it wouldn't have worked. We wouldn't have had the Civil Rights ACT, passed and they are coming after us and we just keep taking it and we don't come after any of the companies that are shovelling. This crap xx in your position on this
So I am with you. I hate boycott anytime in an industry where you and I are routinely get by people trying to now go after advertisers bright, but here the reality there has to be any truly sure. Destruction here is these corporations are only gave you want. I did a tremendous asymmetry, Socio Corporation oversees, ten sweet and then you'll get it from your add brokers, and maybe they removed their advertising as they got sent weak and the answer that Oh well, you know they thereby busy making do they weren't began, but they can also feel them back from the other side and Joe, We don't need our companies, for example, the advertisers openly openly that if you want as on our, shall hear you Enjoy your advertising anytime, you want, but you you're not alone, how to publicly if you do and how to publicly you're gonna have to pass out, and not only that you understand, if you make a couple David about our shows our audience movement quality? I mean this. Is it We cannot hide our brand value in. In dealing with advertisers it that we believe in- and you don't have to just underline
they are working with our own audience without I blown back on it and I think that, broadly speaking, the right needs to do this boy. If you're gonna see and they'll be pull out of Atlanta than they need to feel the ratings, it all starts to go woke. They need to feel it in writing, because I would prefer that we go back, can it reality, but will never getting back neutrality and much less learned that the stock is bad, and this this really is important. You talk about this with some offices. You know some people just feel there alone and they're, not alone therein, majority, but no, afraid, everybody's afraid to say something, and you don't know who to trust, and so they just go in and they abide by these stupid, things that they have to do? You know, examine their whiteness Coca COLA, etc, etc, and you suggesting that they form a coalition right anyway. What we understand about how the institutions were left in the first place
the broad majority of the institutions in favour of the radical policies, because you have the hen, fifteen, twenty percent- what any of incorporation war very loud and bury intransigent than any other body people in the middle, you say work easier. In London benefit them, and do we really want the headache? Well, you can do with it. being from the opposite point of view, you can re normalizing institution. Have you twenty percent collaboration We want a neutral here twenty anymore. Fifty and you get those people to sign a letter for the corporate has in doing this, the whiteness is bad diversity. Trading with Robin the actual outside, we're not gonna. Do we think that is bad and women are willing to do it. Then the corporation has been central to fifty percent, When he presented right now the corporation between twenty percent and zero percent people look and mobilise in explore. in a year or theory, on vague in ISM does I think this is a great example. Yet, though I mean, and taking it for granted to the person. Who can I give this metaphor missing, Nicholas Alan, He's metaphor is basically what they do,
family for and one a bead member, the family, usually the daughter components as the internet. I because it will begin mom. I need you. Let me begin meal in Somalia has inefficient. You can make a meet me over the rest of the family in a beacon we offer the daughter or she can save the hope, I was out of time while waiting begin tonight. Well now the daughter has successfully re normalize the family. The entire family is now heading begin because you had one intransigent person who just refused to budge naked, then her family block party tonight is negative. The family. There they go to the people. Trying to block are, they say, was a world leading beginning their daughters begin and give us a separate me over fine, but the only region, Let me now the head of our party have been assigned whether to make a couple of ever meals, and maybe she does well. You know the protein outward the apple one night who cares? People can go began to one night and now he had sixteen. People who are already being one person, was As you know that I mean the same thing holds true an opportunity this all the time. This is true. Corporations,
yet. This is tyranny of the minority, if any can only work under a couple. What do you do need server before the level of support to the faint, usually that fifteen twenty percent is idle organization to you need to have them ass, you! Incremental none supremely radical thing to miss what what I'd better go right, wait? You willing Robin the actual teach you the way this or that they are what we need. the granite our union's adversity. Why would you like adversity? Adversity is good. Are you races and then it moves on? Well, you did everything you training really had to encompass teaching about his stomach racism of the american system, What do you think that the systems have history and then they move from systemic great? Isn't it Well, you know. If we're going to knowledge, interstellar racism, we certainly have to dodge but you are a beneficiary of white privilege the fishery white privilege the speed you suffer from waited in tv step by step and growing it, but because you don't
you're, not a hundred our won t. You start by slowly pushing the pedal an event. In contrast to the metal, most people have to be allocated to it and if every concession, seems like a major concession, sure you do the Willy One way- and this is true for virtually every social issues in the United States mean. Haven't we go from me. a time when Americans were thinking that no Baltimore was was content. Two men can be women and women can be met, and how does it happen overnight that take a while, but it takes a lot of conciliation. It takes a lot of cowardice. What wasn't Robert Reich just tweeted out in November nineteen, twenty three Hitler's attempted coup failed, but no one was held accountable, they were. He went to prison. Ten years later, he took over Germany trumps January. Twenty one coup failed, but six and a half months later Trump faces no consequences and his conspirators are still in. Congress is Trump an authoritarian gingerly.
behave like an authoritarian whose wanted it actually able to get done. They from healthy eating, healthy use and strong men rhetoric, because they ask Peacock right goodbye terms and what did he actually do? You know I mean it is wise. Terribly funny and an authentic when General Milly was talking about how the typical right stand. Fire situation and Marion figures like what. historically a great you have to be in order to come up with that, rather than even make any internal sent the rest I'll fire was set by a deranged communist than used as an excuse by the Nazis. In order enabling actor. What was from theory there and the sense of my friends over that he said the capital and virus like a minute. What declare myself tabled it? there s a little even work internally. Beyond that there is no institutional support for anything that trumpets anger, dealing and beyond that. This is not Nottingham certain eighteen, thirty, two Emmy lit the reality of Hitler's ride is shown wildly misunderstood by people who have never read a book it cut
and say that people have to understand when it comes to Hitler's rise, the key factor in it rather to major keep backers it right that people tend to no one is that it always pushing accommodated the time into their alot of people who felt the necessity to treat everyone in the other the other. Is it neatly power? of the german government had already been centralized was with a long term dictator, but they need our the operating under the auspices of minority government with nearly dictatorial powers. Emily. that in turn, Hitler took power. That is not the case with regard to present from in any way shape or form so Middle EAST Lynne? Historically, The historical analogy just just doesn't work in any way, but I guess it you take it over and over and over then then, a president who was attempting to regulation and lower tat suddenly looks like the guy who was trying to imprison every issue and an and gave them and invade half of Europe needs It is amazing out how it is that the margin that unity lottery started, but the ehler I'm on it
Take you to the old testament here for a second and when God wants destroy Saddam and Gomorrah to angels go in, and the using thing about this story is there taken and for shelter and in the mouth doesn't the mob. Is insisting not that they come. and an say, everything is ok what you're doing. Instead, they must participate in what, Gomorrah Saddam Gomorrah doing and we're at that point. Now it's it's longer hey? Just let's be good to each other. That gonna hurt my feelings, maybe don't say now it's you must say the things I believe and you must participate in it and then all the more disturbing things the cabin Is there no mind? What is one here is again a short incremental, crucial process step. One would think
Oh you know you really civil. Fifty symbol, you know like when we have a political conversation, don't mention this inconvenient back the really insult me and I feel bad about it. Just don't do that. Then people on the right and American generally want to be set up. It's ok! I guess it's lucid Colbert Offensive Bank, into what speech itself is violent? If you let me say that is not just that! I'm appended that you have done an act of violence against me and you must be shut up. You must be silent and the natural and even further it is silence, is violence. Nonsense, right ridiculous thing that you heard during a black eyed matter the latter, if you dont, mirror exactly what I am saying word for word, and I can tell you that by the way right, there's nothing, you can never be an internal logic if you dont, mirror that word for word. You committed an act of violence, so in other words, if you're not part of the mob, then You ought to be carried out by an article your performing enacted, violent. I think one of the ways of the right completely. Is about, as it will constantly looking for the true mind from lack of constantly say, look whatever internally, What are you trying to accomplish the enter its power?
internal Loggia yeah Benjamin Thank you so much loved avian for a podcast about the book. When we have more time, I know you're busy. Today, the book comes out to day the author, material moment by Ben. Shapiro Ben thanks. So much God bless baseline either by really good book, the things that I have learned just from hearing him talk about it and he goes into history in the book pick it up a
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