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Seattle’s CHAZ has changed its name to “CHOP” and insists it’s more like the French Revolution than a street festival. Did Shake Shack employees try to poison NYPD officers, or was it all a wild coincidence? Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro argues that the Supreme Court’s redefining of Title VII to include sexual orientation was wrong. Michael Rectenwald, author of “Beyond Woke,” describes how we’re witnessing a Maoist cultural revolution and what we can do to peacefully stop it.

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Welcome to the forecasts a day we talk about. The Sheik Shack attack was an attack at all, find out a pretty big update on that. As we start the programme here, the latest from Chaz as they prepare themselves to the french Revolution, which is not something you activity would want to do in any circumstances Bench Bureau joins us, took over what happened in the Supreme Court. Yesterday, Michael erected Walled on his new book, the young woke, which is what you need to be, cannot be cancelled today and we talked about how Chaz this the autonomous zone in Seattle is absolutely not a street festival. Under any circumstances, saw coming up on the pakistani mystery subscribe rate and review the PA casket five stars is the appropriate amount of stars also check out stew. Does America could subscribe right now?
I think it only shows on Youtube, just go to Youtube, go to our channels there, and I subscribe as well make sure to go to please TB, dot com, slash Glenn and he's the practical, Glenn portend us off your place to be subscription. Here's a bucket the only thing so yesterday this was issued by the by, the police union,
I am writing to alert you to another serious safety issue. This evening several police officers assigned to a protest detail. Lower Manhattan took a meal at the Shake shack location on Broadway and Fulton Street. At some point. During their meal period they discovered that a toxic substance believe doubly believed to be bleach had been placed in their beverages. The contamination was not discovered until they had already ingested a portion of their bed. There. Beverages are currently in a hospital receiving treatment and expected to recover all The police union members are advised to carefully inspect any prepared food item that they purchase while on duty for possible contamination. Now this this, in time in Washington DC the National Guard. They were delivered pieces. We glass in the Aids is it is a sad day when our police. Can't even trust the food that their eating
Now there is an update on this story. She Jack is one of my favorite fastfood restaurants. There's nothing better than shake check. Their burgers are incredible. Their shakes are unbelievable and in New York City we literally would stand in line four, twenty or thirty minutes to get it now. New York Citys stand in line for a stupid, cupcake and in ballet issues to sort out its differ, but it said, great great restaurant When I heard this, I was outraged just outraged and I want to know what happened because, if shake check as employees that are doing things like this I'll, never needed a shake check again and I'll, encourage all my friends not to eat at a shake check. Now, here's the update, New York peaty finds no wrong doing by Shake Jack employees after officers. Get chick is sick from milkshakes three
York City department officers have been released from the hospital after getting sick when they drank milkshakes from shake check Monday night, the it may have been tainted with bleach. According to the New York City Police Department, they launched an investigation after the officers fell, ill and determined early Tuesday morning that there was no criminality by employees according to an N y, pretty detective. Investigators believe a cleaning solution, use Clean the milkshake machines wasn't fully cleared and may have gotten into the officers drinks. So it just happened to the officers or did it happened to other people, what a wild coincidence that is, I'd like talk to the New York City, police detectives and find out that story is from CNN and I believe. Oh damn word CNN says because C and aunt em is embassy all of the mainstream media there covering.
For all of these radicals. Now, I'm not saying that see happening in the Shake shack thing. I believe that this story is most likely true, that there was just an accident that happen, but I'm taken anything at face value, any more police officers wherever you're eating sure it's a friendly place please check your food, I can't believe these guys are still on the job, I really cannot believe that our police officers on the job thank you for that. Pre? She ate? You know that the silent majority of this country Stands with you, I have to say something to the silent majority. Where the hell are you, Where are you These guys are out risking their lives for us. And what are we doing.
Many of us are too afraid or too cowardly to even post on line that you stand with the cops. I understand, I understand it's scary world, but it's a scarier world without the cops scarier world. as I said, they did this in Washington DC as well With with Peters. They put glass in pieces, for our National Guard, now there's something else that is, that is happening. That I think is his unfortunately, something that I told you about, probably in two thousand and six I warned you about the Bubba Effect and the Bubba effect is happening.
If you remember right, if you're a long time, lister of this programme, the above act is something that I have warned that the military had been training for. I found out about it in around two thousand. Maybe two thousand for two thousand six somewhere in that area the, Because I asked the special forces command- What are you most concerned about? and they said well. One of these are training. For now is the Bubba Effect, and I said I don't know what the Bubba effect is. And they said that is when the country is so divided no one trusts the government and and they were they were looking at this at the time, through the lens of making- excuses for middle eastern terrorists and they said-
we are afraid that at some point a major terrorist attack will will happen and the people in that came in a community could be anywhere in the United States, we'll go in Ababa, we'll go in a convenience store and c n a seek, whose non Muslim or Muslim, who has nothing to do with aiding. Annie I'll go in and he'll say you know, it's people like you and hills shoot them. Well, the federal coming down and when feds arrive the people, will block their entrance to their town for the feds, because they ll say you who are part of the problem. We know what Bubba did was wrong and we'll handle Baba. Get out of our town, because you are the reason why people like Baba,
are, are rising up because you excuse you lied to us few. You excuse to everybody, but ass. You ve been calling us terrorist. You been calling us bad guys. Well, we know that what he did was wrong and bad. But what you did was worse, so get the hell out of our town. That's the boy perfect when people start to say you know what Law enforcement with the cities- they don't care thee a government doesn't care, we got it. Take this on ourselves. Well, let me give you the story. A man was shot yesterday after gunfire erupted at a demonstration in New Mexico, where pro Esters attempted to topple abroad, conquistadores statue outside of an Albuquerque Museum Museum.
The man was taken to a local hospital where, whose listed in critical but stable condition. The shooting tonight was tragic, outrageous and unacceptable act of violence, and it has no place in our city, said the Albuquerque mayor, TIM Keller. The shoe occurred during a clash between proved protesters and the New Mexico Civil Guard heavily armed civilian group that attempted protect the controversial sculpture, a monument that features Spanish Come EAST, a door. In in Albuquerque protesters, reportedly wrapped chain around the statue and started tugging on it and chance of tear it down. At least one person swung the pickaxe at the statue of New Mexico sixteenth century colonial governor gunshots. It could be heard down the street just moments later, with several people yelling somebody's got shot. Police used chemical irritants and flash banks to protect the officers and obtain those involved in the shooting, we're really
reports about vigilante groups, possibly instigating this violence, if it is true, will be holding them accountable to the fullest extent of law, blah blah blah blah blah we'll. Let me ask the mayor this: where was the tear gas, As they were doing this to the statue where, where the police, so they, tear this statue down from museum This is exactly what ISIS did in the entire Iraq, the tore down all of the historic landmarks. Tell those is stored landmarks. May or may not have anything to do with current rack, but they tore them down. They tried to destroy the ancient Citys. Why from off the face of the earth- and they do it time and time again now- look happening in our own streets
This is in the act of ISIS. This is exactly what they do. They have no right to come on. Especially private property and tear down statues. They don't have a right to do that to public statues and That's why people ban together in civilian groups, because they know a rail a well regulated militia. Has right to keep and bear arms. And they know that they are. The last stand the police won't do anything if the mayor won't do anything. If, Governor won't do anything if the poor, it won't do anything. Then they have to there. I'm gonna just stand around and have their their streets ripped up by mobs we see what's happening in Seattle,
this is not a street fair. In fact who replay thee, this is the interview from MSNBC Mark my words. I said this in two thousand and ten. I think. MSNBC Cnn Abc Cbs. They hate you just as much as they hate me and everybody else. You have been making excuses and you are helping them spread and grow. You work. Using them. Today, and if you think that they're not gonna come in if they get control or the chance and come into your studio, drag you outside anchored share and all kill you in a mob, you're crazy here's MSNBC whose in love with the protesters whose, when saying this is a great thing, who's been defending them What happens when what happens on the street in Seattle?
after more than a week of clashes between the demonstrators- and please now, you seen essentially almost like a street festival, type Atmosphere street vessels. I've asked now, with a very nice festival, with a very intentional purpose. It is not us she festival, yet it is not a story. Festival do not say that regime for saying that learn right now, it is not a vessel feel like a finite. It is- and I ask that believe intact, as you have to understand from complicating things happened here, are suffering from e g in our country from alive privacy policy reform is a letter sent a letter for one thing, it was not possible. Yeah they're happy with the press. They like that they like that so The mayor of the city has excuse, did the governor they're all calling it a street festival? It's not
Is a takeover of an american city six blocks of one of our largest american cities? It is structure in May, I am chaos and violence at night. And then the kiddies come out and draw chalk outlines on the or they're not outlines. Although the All day and they beautiful art work on the sidewalks during the day, Meanwhile, the residents are terrified, terrified, The businesses are terrified. I I warn you do not fall into the trap of becoming a part of the Bubba effect. This audience I have said for a long time, is going to be responsible for saving the country, and I truly believe that I believe you have listened and we have found each other for a reason. For a very long time.
And you are going to be responsible for for saving this nation from from civil war from chaos and revolution. But we have to be better than All the rest of it or part of a very select group. You're here for a reason, and it is not for violence or chaos. To find a way through all of this, so our car? detention. Preserved although I dont know what part of its being preserved, you want about hanging by a thread. Did you
see what the Supreme Court did yesterday. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Mister Ben Shapiro, editor in chief of the daily wire hosts of the Ben Shapiro program, and one guy that I someday want to work side by side with. I think he is absolutely brilliant. Welcome mister Ben Shapiro. How are you, Sir, We are failing in their incident America hurriedly Foy Ben. What's coming our way, what what what nothing. What are we headed for revolution? I think that the idea of violent revolution is probably a fantastic, because I dont think that that is something that that most Americans are a poor. The idea The country is coming apart at the seams, making a start to see greater relations between states and then between states and the federal government is very real and I think The way we could end up with actual violence is willing.
Government is taken over by members and laughed and they No, they don't know, meaning that they actually believe that, because they ve been so ascendant, invoke a cultural and political spheres that there is no break going to their just going beyond the push for a full scale, societal change on every on every level, and then there will be no reason. In Sudan. They're come up against him, hard truth. If they start to do things, that principle is Didn't you better rock and confiscation of you get into shutting down religious schools, the things that Americans just won't stand for, which is why I hope that at some You'll be it'll, be you know everybody back away a little bit, but we did with the west this hard real possibility, other of a country wide division, obviously is growing and then what is it not shy about kind of wanting it We were told we had no place like California outside met the session, but he had promised I'll call? You become the entire, but all government, then it's gonna be a lot of people. On the right by talking about giving actually latitude of my country,
Ben, I wanna go to what the Supreme Court did yesterday, because they did a couple of things and I think a lot, people who are conservative are torn on what the the title seven because medium those people from ports, most neural people are there ever Robin with homosexuality. As friends, we work with people, we know people we like them. You know it's not a problem. I don't want to get in somebody else's business, but or is this another jam down? of an another another. Intrusion on businesses and religion tell What you think of of title, seven of what they did yesterday. So I mean to be frank: I pray in time by the title. Sudden probably is unconstitutional entirely nearly a year. The federal government was ever given the power to
invade private businesses and tell them who and who not to employ the incredible, problematic as from a constitutional original level yourself that mean that I wouldn't. I voted for the civil right back in its entirety and given the trudging voting for the thing or not, but everything about but huddled seven has always been a real problem because again it intrude into areas. The ought not entreat remember the big problem of segregation in general. Was the would be governments of state that were crawling segregation and that there are plenty of places in the United States that would be segregated by private businesses, will agree or a protest. Over the over the lunch counters and blooming in woman to North Carolina, those those particular, probably ingrained brows rather than those protests were private in nature It was the disaggregation of one's counter. So the the notion that you had to force private businesses disaggregated, not true what you actually had a do, stop the state reporting in December get in first place up put it. The iranian catchy title setting the meditation
this is nonsense, merit and his annual widows dissent is a masterpiece of those four hundred pages, but it tears apart. Tab wait, the majority opinion beaten. There's a good the reason that Roberts join this opinion is specifically, so you can get Gore such to write it and the reason that he wanted more such derided, as opposed to Ginsburg, for example, is because, of course, right it and I can bring again for greatness thing and religious liberty is an ally, more danger from the from this specific decision. Then, if Is it right that Tibet? That really is the question right now now Here's my view on a lot of support jurisprudence. You general. The spring report tries to very often that all questions that are still unsettled and then ought not be settled. Many important matters this particular case is not within the Supreme Court Purview and show their lot of people who are celebrating overcome its New America World unified. Now, because there's there's a top down rule, here's the thing. America! Is politically divided, as has been certainly in my lifetime, and maybe in my time listeners, including the sixties, and the idea,
you're gonna have any body at the top of the federal dogma. Crawling out a one size fits all. War is real problem you what the founders figured it better. Indonesian lies unity so Long as you haven't diverting, I got in action that is allowed across the country? If you have a unified, will write them down by fifty one percent and forty nine percent. That's one getting really divisive area so are gonna. Keep us we're by allowing people to live their lives. Are you going to? Are you going to keep the country running by cramming? I want to open up this one crumbs down one war from attacking. What do you like the way you don't like the bullets dangerously, so you know, I think that's what the french Revolution was all about in what separates us from the french revolution. Is the french revolution really was about your we're going to enforce morality, we're going to enforce what we believe is right and if you don't like it guillotine it, doesn't it and work? The the question that I have, though, on this ruling How does this affect me and I keep I can
using let's say I am. I am happy to see a real life scenario. I think it's Bergdorf Goodman in New York that they high quote: models not salespeople. I carry member which store it is, but it may be Bergdorf and This allows them to be able to say when, if you know a fat person like me comes as is our fell, plows here, think it's I'm sorry, you dont! Fifty! The look and they do it specifically to get around the law, so they can make sure that everybody- it's a certain way, because that's him Morton I dont want to go in, by a suit we're guys around me can't even fit into the suit, or you know they can look at me and I can look at them in their like. Do. There's nothing here for you to buy clan you're, just too fat to be here so they its impact. And that they have a certain image If I have, if I have Bob at the front desk of my business- and he comes in any says, I'm Bob back and
he's wearing address can, a fire him because he doesn't fit into the the culture in the image that I'm trying to portray or does not matter anymore, so We will certainly get a lawsuit and has been true in New York for a long time to New York is actually the wrong example, because New York already has it that discrimination was in things, California, right. Twenty one of these states already have laws that are very much like what the Supreme Court did yesterday to New York and probably won't open. Do you probably have to worry about legal liability if he did that? In any case, Now. He didn't taxes right. You have to worry about legal liability right. That's that's! The real issue here is by the way that the best example here is actually the case in writing. I think that there are a problem. Then We should worry about me, another business models and more about your third grade teacher for your money. In your school and you and the teacher. Come they one day and says there, the opposite: gender inserts teaching your child about transgender ideology that very few fire them.
And it could very well be a violation of title southern up. It's a more exact. Now now. Listen, I'm going to call me just on a legal level. It is completely bull, crap, Is it out I hate advisedly, with respect to address its course? A true, typically, I think, is a much better extra less than this, but he admits in it. It had nothing to reject it says in the decision There is no way that people wrote the civil right Jack mentioned. But in this kind of sexuality or gender ism and the Democrats in others, by the way Democrats been trying to catch his temper bill I'll be equality at that would do. The road is without religious exemption for years until the idea that magically now read the equality up into civil right back, isn't say immediately, MRS something that that illegal marks and incorrectly sell, because there is in actual fact about the idea that you can take the word Sakhalin read into sexual orientation or transition written. In fact, it is the only way that this is a priority of the only You can actually retrenchment tourism into civil rights. Act is to reject the claim, Christian,
People that they are members of the text to which they claim membership, don't follow me here. The basic idea is that, if you buy it Somebody bomb comes in one day and he says I'm Janine and I'm a woman for beard. You haven't done it the remit, nothing right. Each company had an early, and you say: ok, while you're fired right, you know you teach, might graters now and he the idea is, you have discriminated against and every man are you discrimination against him as a woman discriminated against Ms Mann, which they were action of his claim to be a woman ready discriminated against and admire. So what's the discriminate you said you're is doing anything. I don't like right, but you have been discriminated against on the basis of sex, but sat his biological sexy, you actually haven't been discriminated against. His man, you ve, been discriminated against. Presumably as a woman, so none of it makes any sense. The only way he called discrimination again on the basis, that is to say that here, actually a man which is something the transgender people were Jack. So you know the bizarre situation in which it is discriminatory, too
perhaps say in the workplace. Busy were really the rubber it's about. What's it to you, a village school you're, a secular side of it. You swore which, although you schools do impressive. And it says, I'm transgender now and you well you know here at the school we how the union fire the guy. You say you know what you get work here with internal seven and then he's walking around the school and people are saying things like you know. What to do. A lady to do, isn't it? military work environment it very well, maybe, and they remain met were well, maybe in work environment to provide legal liability. Tonight you get it speech it. You re actually have free speech this is what you're allowed to say on the pay him because you're not sexually harassing anybody you're just saying something that is actually true, but that may very well be sex discrimination under title It's all right, it also provides varies from four title mine to title. Seven is now complete carpet to peddle mine. Hidell mine is designed in order to protect women. Bridges head on, in order to protect, for example, women, sport. But once you say that you're not
to reject transgender people poor anything on the basis of their friends, gender, how do you have separate women's work which, and how do you find them? How do u have supper women's bathrooms Hetty inseparable his locker room for such knowledge is that a lot of these things are undecided. He says what will say both for the future but great down the current visa good. He openly Sultan. Yet. Let me Larry, Sardinia rubber age. I know I have a short period of time with you and I want to get to another question on the second amendment, but let me just stay and in this segment with this question, what does this do? You believe the protection for religious exceptions, is strong. Nor knows religious freedom, Restoration ACT which basically grants you the ability, if your religious institution, to protect yourself but that doesn't necessarily cover secular teachers and employ and alternatives,
they cover insurance issues course, which says that he hoped withdraw just protections are: are strong and he may have those leanings. Another taken up a couple cases on some of these specific issues that are supposed to come down the pike next year, including broadening the ministerial exemption and show we need enraged illegal analysed with, whilst allowing freedom among other good. He is exactly that but the court maybe going for here is the so called fairness for all which sort of what they have in Utah, which is very strong workplace protection, Transgender and gay people, but also a lot of exemptions for religious people, but who the hell knows and, of course, that debate We change any time because the democratic and opposite got forbidden six months, but you're happy,
remove the religious freedom restoration acting alone was concerned about your listing town. While the backs of the programme, my game he's had a new book out some beyond woke, Michael. I think you were the first guy to say this is a cultural revolution. This is a Maoist Cultural Revolution and when you said at last year, I dont think I really connected it but I just looked it up again. This week I ve been doing some research for a special we're doing on Wednesday and this Exactly the mouth cultural revolution from the nineteen sixties in China, absolutely bank. It brown me glance great to be here. Yeah we're we're gonna make me sick. We see everything
that the mileage did they Red guards Emma. They they destroyed monuments, laid destroyed churches, they destroyed small businesses. They tried to live the national heritage, cultural memory, historical memory, the remaining streets, the attacks on the privilege, privilege and authority figure scapegoating. So, robes, which will shaming itself and others. The people kneeling on both were asked to kneel all this self abnegation. All this is out of the mouth paper. It is absolutely incredible when you say that Because I think you said that I think you said that a year ago- and now I see it happening and I went by to look at all up and its identical in what are the odds that this is a coincidence I mean it. It's there are in the world,
coincidences here, these people have studied this material, but they have also learned that through this, this material all pain through France, I think, sixty eight. When the student rising, was going on. They were reading miles little red book, all this stuff until the western laughed and has never left it. It's always it's been there. Percolating, it's been it's been there. You know just dating just under this for it. You saw it coming out with twitter mob. That's like that, and I said this was really, cultural revolution on the way and we see- happening any what what we also see. Similarly, we see the kind of funding. From corporations who are unwittingly giving money to people basically avoided said the capitalist will sell off the rope to hang him with.
So do you think that they really are unwittingly doing this? I mean this is Tides foundation has been trying to turn the corporations towards Marxism. Strangely since the nineteen eighty since Reagan went in, they felt that they had totally loss and they need to reach out a new attack and they needed the the as they learn in the sixties. They need the entire culture. But also needed the corporations, while they have the entire culture and now the corporations are in there in their pocket. Is it really unwittingly? I mean how stupid you, you have to be if you're Nike on the part of some The Midland wedding, but like the Ford Foundation, has paid contributor to the movement for lack lies the movement for black list, as the umbrella group.
In under which black lives matter operates. Now the movement for black lives says straightforwardly on their about page that they are anti capitalist. Capitalism must be overthrown for justice. Therefore they are giving money directly to communists, and this is very, very clear, but not every corporation that's doing with understand. What's going on, I mean you see small corporation here, they're, giving three hundred thousand dollars a black lives matter. They think they're doing it for easy. He are here. They think this, good pr and it's gonna be good for business, but its basis we selling the rope with which they ll hang the capitalist. Is it true. Mark said I was it marks or land in that said, Amerika were is the prize. It's the it's gonna, be the perfect communist society, because it
go through capitalism and in the end, it will be a A capitalism will be so corrupt and the leader of America. We be the ultimate capitalist It will be so grotesque that everyone will row run Marxism in communism. Is that, for Did you ever read that that was Lenin, and it's true, but it did. Happen as way, a plan for the working classes in the United States and much of western Europe weren't down with it then, the Cultural Marxist Revolution started with the Frankfurt school of critical theory. And they came over the United States and seated there, ideas here they said if we can't what's wrong with these workers, were happy they're, happy concerned, we have spent their imbibing the same material resources that that the capitalist classes under is taking it
there's something wrong or for we have to attack. What's what real routes are and they started to You go into matters like culture like like the family like advertising late, advertising as duping the working classes. Saw ideology as the main function, so they started an ideological or and that has been going on. It's been going on in the universities for fifty years and its finally taking some sort of routes and taking The routes are finally asked sites. Routing leads weeds into the internet, Walter you into the wood into the popular sphere and also into the political sphere, because we have many politicians from the Democratic Party. Into it in supporting it and giving it to their full endorsement. So you know it's been a long haul through the institutions along March through the institutions, which was the idea that was
would Antonio to the italian marxist would be ideological wage and ideological war for ideological hegemony or over over. Complete dominance, and you know that's one, leaving it up to fifty years, so Michael As I have studied revolutions, you need education, you need the universities, the academics, you need people on the inside of the government. You need the media, all these different things you need, they ve always had all of them and they may even now looks like they may have members and the Pentagon as well is there. Anything that you have seen in your studies, like We know that violence is part of it and they want their begging for violence. The the left has been begging for the right to stand up and be violent, so the
the press could make us into monsters what these. The thing that, in retrospect, the people of China or people in revolutions could have done Besides violence, that You could still do to stop this well, let's start with tromp about an type and anti project propaganda campaign. About exposing the true underline intentions of these people, I know he says: Anti Fascist Communist Party doesn't prove it and not. We have before us at the movement for black lives, is communist about an anti propaganda campaign. First, then, about the statement of print. But just why this is wrong: morally, economically, and otherwise this has to be. That's ok has to be to be made perfectly clear: it's not happening it's! It's not happening to the extent that it needs to but wait a minute by working on Jessica, Michael,
I know you know who Edward Burmese is in the study of propaganda, and- and the study of crowds that he and his his uncle really did a lot of work on Sigmund Freud, There is, I just read a bunch of stuff from him last night and there is something to the psychology of a crowd that when they are going, they shot off all critical thinking. So how does making the case that these guys are marxist panic? when we are so deeply divided into our groups. Well, you have you know a great number of people that don't know what's going on, bears you? Don't you see? The support for black lives matter has, as dramatic dramatically risen despite all that, all this latter, despite the very clear So I mean those people are a critical mass that have to be reached first, the menu
isolate the radicals from the rest. That's the way to do it because we have to get the people who are unwittingly supporting communist revolution and those people are just not educated after what's happening. I and you know that the boy put. What is the best start, if not the end, by any stretch I mean there needs to be a national conversation where we have less and less listen. What's on the table, is this really where we want to go and in I'll get some of these? people in the world and then start talking to them, because, as it is everybody's believe an echo chamber here as late very well set up recycled chambers. And well known Rostov going on at all. Michael. You wrote in your book and I think this is absolutely brilliant. You said first, the left translated Marxism into identity, politics.
Now with the black lives matter, movement there translating identity politics back into Marxism. Yes, this is it. This was the big trick, but undertaken by her birthmark outta. The Frankfurt spoke fears and he said to the working Class in America's just now. Gonna be that revolutionary age that we hope for from a start cobbling together. All these different identity groups, you know lacks environmentalists other types of straight. Let us, then, let's put them under a common umbrella and will march Lord, under this, rather than under the umbrella lamplight capitalism. So little identity politics and we ve seen that identity. Politics has been right for the law, What forty years? That's really the way this is found now suddenly and ever so surreptitiously. They have them realise that they have translated this. They have translated. This identity
I'll, be right back in the Marxism where they wanted to be in the first place. That's exactly what tapping, because we see black lives matter really has an anti capitalist agenda. We feel the anti five courses anti capitalist, but all this identity, politics and fighting against the so called Nazis. All this, a part of reintroducing marxism into that into the agenda
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