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Glenn has on Amy Nelson, founder of the Riveter, who joins to share her story of when her family had almost $1 million seized by the FBI without ever being charged with a crime. Author of “War for Eternity” Benjamin Teitelbaum joins to discuss the Russia controversy and Aleksandr Dugin. David Sacks, founding COO of PayPal and Co-founder of Craft Ventures, joins Glenn to discuss ESG scores and their arrival in Canada and America.

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Really important, show today civil asset forfeiture. We have a woman whose whose life has been destroyed. Why? Because a big company accused her husband of something d, O J, never filed charges took all of their assets. Our two of the pod cast something you're, not gonna, hear any place else. What did the language that fucking used in his speech tell us about his next move? Why is that important for us to learn? We have an expert on pollutant and philosophy of the fourth political theory. Then the sea, oh, oh of pay, pal warning us that's what's happening in Canada might be right around the corner. Here,
in Amerika. Don't miss a second of today's part cast and Jonas tonight on please TV, its students, America, a pm Eastern, followed by blending tv at nine p M Eastern, really important wonders we are exposing. What may be the real reason why they wouldn't talk about the money and China with Cove? It could be a fascinating one, not as good as the show that precedes it placed he made out at home, Sledge Glenn, provocateurs, glances, ten bucks in Africa rate and review. This part cast answered as America as well available right here, subscriber eaten reviews, the forecasts the only thinking, oh Jake Manner, I've, I'm I'm I'm looking at what's happening all over the world, including Russia, we have
take on Russia that you're not going to get anywhere else in an hour from now. It is something that I have been talking about. Internally and occasionally here on the programme, but it is time for you to really understand this. That's coming up next hour, we have we also have the the chinese Social score system that is now beginning here in Amerika, an expert on that coming up in our number three and this our I want to talk to Amy Nelson. She is the founder of the river, the FBI, I seized her family assets without any charges. I got this letter last night Glenn. I heard you mention my family this morning on your show. I wanted to and say, thank you for noticing our story, which is almost unbelievable to you. Ago, Amazon accused my husband of a crime called honest services, fraud.
although we now know that Amazon lawyers met with the d o J eighty seven times. In fact to persuade the government to charge my husband with a crime but charges wherever filed, none the less the government seized our money, vs Civil Fort foot forfeiture in me, twenty twenty, where us getting the money back, last week a trained litigator turned and entrepreneurs, and this experience has been stunning at every turn- Welcome to the programme Amy Nelson, hello, Amy, I gladly so much for having you bad. I'm I'm sorry. We didn't see your story earlier. We just sought this week and it is horrifying horrifying. In all the honest, I didn't really even know that shovels forfeiture existed before. That happens, my family,
It is one of those things that everybody thinks it can happen to them until it does, and it is so unconstitutional and terrifying telling what happened He is so my husband work at Amazon Web services for seven years, Amazon, web services, that vision of Amazon, really the internet, so the that lives in these big warehouses, web server, racks and people by what are called instances. The correct and that the Amazon web services and generate billions of dollars for Amazon every year impact on their biggest client or maybe their biggest client. Is the government? Is our intelligent, peory aid of a? U S serves the national thirty eight agency, you, the CIA, the FBI to the tune of billions of dollars every year and gravity of the Amazon and my husband was I'm supply he held Amazon. Web services find real estate to build these data centers, and I'm here
asked ADA the? U S, twenty nineteen, in unequal. Second of twenty twenty. We got a knock on our door around six. Forty five, a m we ve been through, at the time and the FBI, and that was first time that we learned that a couple months prior the guy had accused my husband of a crime called private sector, honest services, fraud, which is depriving private sector, employer of your honor services from now on. We way way way. I want to make sure usually Emmy. It's it's hard to prove in the price sector in the public sector. It's usually bribery or you're, leaving out information, your PA fitting on a relationship without telling the other side right is usually a mutually used in the public sector, where you have a politician who they say, took a bribe to captain Bill Correct, isn't it
believe it pretty rarely used in the private sector and in fact it- and you know it's been pared down very much day. I'm a charge. Skilling Missy of Enron with private sector on a service is brought about actually overturned the Supreme Court in it it hardly the bound the private sector. On the servants had tried even the statute, there very very what kind of unknown and being shaped their treated differ? all over. The country by we Amazon had never approve my husband about their allegations. They never SAM about anything. I just want to be department, so what was it they were saying he was doing so ill with She never see the allegations. Everything remains under feel, so each I don't know exactly what Amazon said to the government be under its anyway, just like that back rate for years, we had our money taken and we have no idea what Amazon sad happened,
we're out, I mean, don't you have a right to face your accuser? Don't you I mean can't know why the government took your money. What awaited I have worked so you may have. has never been charged with a cry, so he does have a right to face indicator because you ve never been charged by the Department of Justice with a cry now. took the India civil forfeiture, though It is meant to work. Is that they take your money, the civil furniture and then they do not indict you with a crime. The government has to file a civil law suit against your bank account and the bank account as the defendant now. The government did that here, but there Immediately after the file that civil law, they asked the court to stay, which means to pause the civil lawsuit because they said what we can't possibly litigate this, because we have a secret criminal investigation, and so we ve just been We ran a cycle for years where we could see the allegation Would we couldn't even fight reality? because we didn't know what they were.
This is so evil so evil. This is the is putting people. This is reversing american justice. You are guilty until proven innocent. It is sick is it really is, and I will say it. I have learned through this experience, which has impacted my husband, clear and measurable away impact in my career. I entered his life, but it I could likelier at an immeasurable way as well in America. I very much fear that you are guilty when accused. Unless and until you can prove yourself innocent, and you have to pay to do that. and I think that something we need to consider about our process and I think the other thing glands completely horrifying about this. This is an allegation made by a private company about Contract related to private employment terms can anybody walk into the Deirdre and do that if I'm Amy, that owns a hardware store, can I walk into the d
they I believe, my employed at expire in the deal J Jump Logistics my word and move. I don't think so. I don't think so No, but I don't think so. You know The trail the Amazon has an incredibly both relationship, How do you delete and it's very frightening. How much is this costume? We have and probably a million dollars. and where did you get ten million dollars? They mean that? which they take from you so late around eight hundred and thirty Five thousand now they took most of that from our lawyers? Client trust out we had sent. We too are returning to pay for legal fees and the guy. Went into our lawyers bank account and took it. How is that possible? I knew I dont know. I honestly, I don't know, but our lawyer, that
Are you build a significant builder? dont against fire and today repaid our lawyers, what they had already build. So that would have you know gotta, that's how paid for this at the beginning. and then we my husband and I are in our forties- were professional report, our entire life so my husband was able to keep working on, until the allegations became very public. Some we are able to keep earning money. I still earning money. An enemy had to sell everything we sold our house wish. We had worked very high. for the time came for and where we have, and you re. Therefore little girls with our car liquidated retirement by then we borrowed money frightened and gambling is anybody that is talking to you about suing Amazon. I think there are a lot of people out there who think we we have allowed,
and actually get the Amazon, I can actually tell you learn that we did you Amazon or my husband, other food Amazon, I'm in Washington State Court, and he won and I'm my husband through the other guy. I think that Amazon did that I haven't mention is after about the lobby April criminal charges for many months, and no, indictment or charges have ensued. But Emma near the government had teased our money? Then but I've my husband and federal court in Virginia to after they couldn't get it. Your data bring charges, but after they knew that we had no money, they suit him very cruel, and I think that the complete manipulation of the criminal system what happened to that case by case is my husband, and then they didn't move their case forward for years. They let it sit there until another defendant, low altitude, forced Amazon into discovery. So we are now in discovery which, as you know, glance over sharing fact about the allegation
our deposition of the Amazon executives may have been a position. My husband, the positions of the Amazon executive to accuse, this time will begin next week actually and deserve the transaction. At issue were approved by very soon above all the highest level at Amazon, an end so interesting the I think I'm where my husband can finally face. he's earth and understand what happened, but circling back to this, in Virginia and Amazon made my husband find an employment contract that said that they would litigate any disputes, and You can say when they had a man to have been worked Ramadan headquarters, but Amazon. out the window. He answered him, Virginia because out
where they were thinking criminal charges but way put. But how is that possible? I mean I have contracts if anything, if anybody lit a gates and any of my contracts, it is here in Texas if I lit a gate, it's here in Texas, that's the I mean, Kellerman frankly, I think that Amazon things there so bag and they have much money that no one can go up against them. truly believe Amazon died Ninety seven percent of people accused of a federal crime plead guilty because it's terrifying because they can't afford to defend themselves, because perhaps the government will use to vote for a charge on them they will. You know what lobby any other number of threats and into Billy. I believe when Amazon Acute may have been of a crime. They just believes. That would be that in that they would never have to prove any facts, because if you plead guilty, you don't have to the accusers, don't have to prove anything right, there's no trial, they don't have to!
actually explain what happened, but I believe that with the Amazon back when they started this, and it's a good that right at the good that not because of the truth, but because ninety seven percent of people plead guilty when a key and Amazon is represented by a former federal prosecutor who worked in the district in Virginia whether seeking charges- and I can agenda that former got a prosecutor, perhaps no current profit. Than Virginia and could call them up and ask for help, but till we sued I have been through Amazon and Washington State for breaching the employee. Contract and he, while the judge in Washington State said you know, I learned the first year of all school. That want to breach of contract. You can, but that doesn't mean you. Going to pay for it right So we want now, which is great, but I think you know there There are other causes of action that I think my hospital how to contaminate. Also Amy What can people do to help
We will have your help and I were waiting with battle still against examined by an interval court, trusting an enormous amount of money, because Amazon is fighting discover aid for the losses that they brought an until we have for raising money, a website called Nelson Fight, Amazon, dot com, and we would love your help and would also just love. Help interval forfeiture reform of the government, be able to take money called a crime without affording someone the ability to fight back. its Nelson's fight Amazon, Dotcom, correct. Ok, for you, Amy. Thank you. God bless. Please keep us up to be up to date on this directive really like to follow it. So anything you can share let us know next week, William. I well Thank you very much like you,
Nelson's Fight Amazon, your listening to the best of the global Benjamin title bomb. He is the author of war for eternity he is also associate professor at the University of Colorado, bolder Normally, I would say morning just from just from the book, and that is a professor at the university Colorado bolder. However, I've talked to Benjamin several times over the last I think its last year. Maybe it's been longer than that. He is watching something and very concerned about something that I am concerned about, and is the influence of traditional ism as well
we defined by Alexander Dugan, a very very dangerous guy who is actually calling for Armageddon. He is actually believes that the That's the thing! That's going to solve all our problems. I guess it away he's right, but I don't think so he's trying to pull together better. Can I call you banner Benjamin. if you do it, because I want to thank you very much- I know we ve talked about doing this show for a long time and we may have to cut this institution and then maybe even a podcast as well, but I Wants you to let's start with Putin, speech and what he said that think only a few people really can pick up on that no! What Alan, who Alexander Dugan is in what his plan is so tell me what we learned from Putin Speech-
If you listen to him in the morning again, glanced pleasure believe using that whole speech you could come away from thinking that this is all about curb dry policy decision, making His part, you spend a lot of time talking about the economy of Ukraine, The time talking about the history of the Soviet Union, the communist parties of the policy decisions that exit they made wrong. It be corrected, but the very beginning of that speech he said something almost in passing that, yes, would, I think, go by unnoticed for for a lot of listeners. That is, he said. Ukrainians and Russians have a spiritual bond Dieu up there and that that tells me that should tell of observers that Putin is thinking in two ways and he's motivating himself into ways. There is this again, this dry, almost a technical point,
she based discussion. The motivation is try to to push to the russian people to say what we have to do this, because NATO's gonna cut your borders, Ukraine, perhaps nuclear ambitions. We have to deal with that, the other the peace, though, is that She has a sort of spirit command mandate to collect it lost children and United Self the populations around the world that are natural kin, that that is what came to me as I hear this, and that is what also makes this particular waste that we're dealing with today, actually about something for much bigger. Who intractable, I would say as well. Ok. So let's talk about Dugan and just define traditional ism. This is something that a few,
if you read the fourth political theory it there are times that you will read it and go yeah. I kind of agree with that, because I think this is what breaks it about is about. I think this is what I'm Canadians feel I think this would some Americans all over the world people our feeling like hate. You know I'm french and You know, I think Frances pretty great and I'd like to be french, and I'm not embarrassed about France so thing with breaks it. They want to be british, it's this feeling that we are being told that our Traditions and our country is not good, not doesn't have anything special about it and people are pushing back on that all of us traditions are our being threatened. That part Part of his definition of traditional ism is, is I think something that connects with
but all around the world. But that's not. What it means correct, that's good, small piece of it, and sometimes you know we're exploring ideas, details matter, yeah you can have a sort of doctrine that that is appealing in a lot of, but a but a small detail can turn exist or sinister. So when, when poor is referring to, the spiritual mandates of Russia that connect him with a The russian philosopher credible the mysterious mandate and a political offered it made Alexander Deacon. He is associated itself with a philosophy call produced for the traditional school. It asserts that time does not. LINEAR fashion, that is to say, we're not necessarily progressing forward and in a clear direction, but instead it moves and cycles and most of the time, Society is degrading, save for one moment when there is a popular
dick explosion and destruction of the social world, and we are born into a golden age- is that last peace that is better so so He here, because when you look at the history of the way that that these traditional do there can be justification for Armageddon, as you put it for destruction, math the chaos just totalled complete chaos. Yes, as as as a sort of prelude to a gold age, utopia that we're gonna be reborn into. That's that's one of the distinguishing features. That is what is paired with this small t traditional, wasn't let you were referred to earlier. wanna do too to preserve and and serve value? My daddy's the this, this apocalypse gasping at the ideologies, but as distinguishing this, this way of thinking. I will tell you that,
Ben and I have talked off the air and I've wanted to do this show for a while, but I have waited until I say people are in the right, frame of mind to understand it. I This is one of the most critical things that you can learn about, especially those of us on the right because this is how you will know if there is a troublemaker in your midst it because a lot of people will here some of this stuff and go yeah. That's me too, but that's not what they mean and they have a different vision, of the future? So it's the plea please listen to what we are talking about here. Whose way beyond Russia but Lily stay in Russia for just a just a couple more minutes,
What is Novo Russia, but nobody. it disappeared. This would do him way, describing please eastern territories in Ukraine that are breaking off, apparently and have been recognised as independent states, people's republic by Putin Dude, been referring to them as New Russia, expansion in improved the past has borrowed that language from this is where philosopher it's me, two about to use that at Remy Crimea was really a Dugan plan. Wasn't it Absolutely I mean it was once more piece of a duke right. I think I can Are you listening to them after the following? the union does this philosopher after the summer union fell apart? He wanted to see not the rule, I of communism with a communist.
But a russian nationalism that would expand almost to be the exact boundaries of the former Soviet Union, but do so not carrying this secular ideology, but instead fanatical russian National, an federalism and all of those states that certainly move out of the russian sphere. Georgia. The Baltics Ukraine. All those in his mind were targets to be brought back in and it was imperative that Russia do it forcefully decisively to escape. About restore american and liberal democratic. Ideology in the world important for him to set about whether to show that liberalism that Adam creasy lower case, though with the result, was not the fate of the whole world, but in fact those those territories to imagine a different future for themselves, a future that returned in his bed
their roots, rather than looked forward to a different future, and it is the same kind of thing that, in a way that that that hit or used face of people. He used all differ. faith it wasn't just Christiana, he destroyed. Those faith says he went in but Google is using faith and that's why that spiritual element, because- Ukraine play a very important part for Eastern Orthodox standing right. It is this beer at I don't know enter for that. Isn't it one of them for sure it it's it's also a sort of mythological centre for the the origins of the Russian as MRS Kauppi and state as well. We have been worse. Is that that's exactly what Hitler was doing with all the other religions was tying use this time. All these myths together, he asked
crucially, you know you look at the Union of religion at national and at that you start to find yourself a place. We, your state acts as though it has divide mandate, and that is a dangerous place to be it is. not surprisingly, perhaps across Europe s nose, given what we're saying that, when a student ideal states in the world today is IRAN, because there you have a union of state power which religious authority, And the ability of really the justification for anyone in that state to question the actions of the government is shackled because if you do that, you work questioning a religious authority, that's not allowed to be questioned, so this is all about all this true to as a celebration of authoritarianism, a way to equip the power of the state, Or a demagogue with greater cultural,
listen to the military and economic and political power. I want to talk about the fourth political theory. If you can define what it is, I also want to do one more thing: a stop on Putin does he is he the lunar Putin or the solar Putin, which will understand wit? What is his real game here, and then I want to bring it home to America, which is extraordinarily important were all Americans, but especially those on the right and will give you That information here in just a second we are with Benjamin title Bomb, the author of war for eternity He is a guy who I have talked to several times. Are there really, I think, there's about three of us ban that that are, watching and understand what the importance of Alexander Dugan
and it's it's a little frightening everybody. I talk to there's one other guy, that I know that if we all look at each other goes what why aren't people paying attention to this? It's import right. what he is, what is the fourth political theory sorrier, visibility challenge, wondered if the without further Ado and speaks about a fourth political fear, his speaking about an alternative to the other three May, western ideologies that that fought throughout the last century. say liberalism before and lower case, the owes its american sure liberals. We think democratic party, but never really just talk about free market democracy right individual rule of LAW and Canada.
The second point and fascism be a third Dunes belief was was that It is an liberalism or to combine forces to kill the third political theory. Fascism and then the liberalism, the first political theory aloud, communism to die of old age, essentially with us with the Soviet Union, but doing was the scene of turning to all of these one that, you might say, fuses elements of the second, third of communism and fascism, his mind, the danger, liberalism, lower case. The liberal democratic world is, is its wealth and individualism and its content for history its devotion to part progress in the belief that really are routes or something to be for carbon escaped and also its will to trickle and building larger modred motor communities What you wants to see is a world that is shrunken.
Basically in its scope, and where the identity of your group or your tribe becomes the primary object of political activism, that is to say not be individual I believe that the classes of communism and not the rays per se as fascism, but a slight, we would say, related concept, which is deeply s no or this or small community or the tribe to see a society that some preserving those differences that that's what a fourth political courage be doing, and it should be in his mind, opposed to progress, approach to development instantly opposed any any larger state, like the United States, operating on the goal, will swear so You can hear that and say, while I see pieces of that from both the right and the left
and you know I see a new world order being shaped like that, except he wants to destroy anything global. He also wants to destroy the United States, and I think there is some others. It would like to do that and they are using some of those tactics, so Caesar United States any half way towards realizing. The school has two: it has by go through the district, the United States, at least at least of U S Global, a dramatic power occasion to say that if the United States were were were firmly Tanned within within it borders and its ideals, never ever spread a place else throughout the world, and perhaps we could coexist. But it's about. It's about containing: U S, power game. Forty five seconds before the break. Tell me is: he is Putin operate.
Do you think in in Ukraine more under that or on just a quick business. capitalist. I just want money and I'm gonna get those ports. I tell you, I think, the way that he has been speaking. The makes it seem like the business like estimation of Ukraine is in order to start an excuse to do what you to do which is experiments russian state, the best land Back programme David sacks. It is an honour and privilege to have you on the programme. Thank you, sir. Yet great vigor they slept so Let's, let's talk a little bit about the
social credit system, people, I think, see this in Canada. I do no, how people are up in arms on what's going on, but they make He'll think that that, while I can't happen here, can we talk about what's happening? Dry was already is already operating here your last year with the speed of very wise about that financial clout will really be the next wave longline censorship. But then I worry about this last year, because paper but found here about we sold many years ago, is now under new management. They are working part of the left wing groups, like the gravy Allah, the F B, I ll see to define less of individuals and groups who they deemed to have it. Your extremists are unacceptable views and are denied access to Paypal accounts. there are other financial institutions who are following suit: the collective effective, which is a shopkeeper financial system and have you think, it's bad to deny people the right,
free speech and prosperity in the online market place five years. How much worse is it deny them access to the new economy to the way that they can buy food and medicine and other products for their families. You know it is really a very severe form of punishment and social control and your that's what we're talking. We taught us a closed system, we're talking about a system that sort of pretence to allow political dissent. The send you to do I, but it conditions your ability to access the economy that the end, the benefits aside, conditions that on having the correct use on having the acceptable views You know what a just insurer do. He declared via the gay that these protesters had I'm supple views and then he proceeded to freeze their bank accounts and to shut off anybody here,
I contribute to them tat is really terrifying. The wave the way he said you know we're gonna we're in a down their accounts, order to close the off ramps for Bitcoin. It's not only them, but its anybody who donated to them or quote helped them the right that anybody any, but anybody who has quoting indirectly, directly or indirectly involved in the protest was now subject to this. This law in the Universe emergencies act that he invoked without really proper, basis, and anyone who you contemplate provided property to help facilitate the protests can now be swept up in the dragnet answers. Not just if Europe, say you know one of the organizers of the protest. But if you're you know a little grandma,
so where you want to contribute to five dollars so that you know a trucker really, a poor destitute trucker can buy a hot meal or some fuel to keep themselves who freezing night it's your turn make that donation. You can still be swept up in this and you can have your bank account frozen and one of the key incredible things about. It is not just an unprecedented extension of aiding and abetting liability, but also that a retroactive that your grandma, who made the contribution at the time she did. It was completely legal, and yet, under this order she can now have her account frozen as punishment, and so would it. What is the point of this is to signal and there's gonna be a chilling effect in the future that, even if you make a completely lawful donation to a political cause. If that gives us a true doesn't like that cause the peeping Sarah quadrupled unacceptable used that he has the power that he can invoke the power at some point, the future to freeze your bank account, even though what you does legal today, that is the present.
Created- and I think the result of that must be a chilling effect on political dissent or big time there. There were many, you know also including insurance companies. I mean he took their lightens away their licence to do business there, trucks away their insurance away. And their their banking. Banning them banks and then said. Even when this is over banks, my want to consider not doing business with these people. So basically, I mean they're lepers, absolutely ass. Absolutely I mean they're really creating a taste of of um Untouchables bearing cantered, I mean, like you, said there they're telling their tracks are complex. Giving them the mayor of Ontario even said: let's fell off these talks. We seized them, tell them all for their use. to pay our bill. They want to give these guys are criminal records, taking them
Work began to take the way their insurance. It take away the regulatory like this. The end, then, on top of that, because any body who helps them, who contributes to them can themselves now be frozen, knows go want to help them what happens to those people David? What happens to them? You cut peoples, you cut me spam money off you eat How do you survive director creating a group of destitute and desperate people Until you have two wonderful, what I mean the covered pandemic, is on the way in this at and even has just introduce, was invoking these emergency powers you're a number of the provinces were ending coded man, they think out the message you never got. The message is this extreme intolerance? You know I I have news for you, though David I know you know, even if it was waning, I mean I watched,
keep my Wall Street. I was in New York during Occupy Wall Street as long as you're, not breaking the law or destroying property. You you have a right to do that. I never said we should sweep those people up. That's craziness! That's craziness, and I could be even stronger on the people I disagree with. I should fight for their right more than my right, because who will fight for mine exactly Lastly, about the right of people to be to engage them? Then speech and political expression in support of the lights protesting our government, and these were almost entirely peaceful protests. There was no violence, and yet Trudeau insulate announce all the protesters as basically being terrorised. You know what that terrorists Batley, which allow them to apply these anti terror,
laws to you to freeze or bank ousted led the most extreme forms of unanimous The powers of the Dublin has which should act on terrorist threats were thereby invoked to really go. after these ordinary working class men and women We're talking to David sacks he's the founding c c, o o of pay pal, and he is warning about the coming so, we'll credit system that is in Canada, and do we have time to stop at here? You know one of the things David that I found even at as shocking is the fact that there was a hacker who went in hacked, took All of these names docks everybody, and the media, publish them and started humiliating them. and pillaging them in public, that's right,
had real consequences. There was a owner of a job who was exposed and having made a small contribution to the protesters that they got some pressure to shut down there. There was a low level of government Please donate one a hundred dollars. You have fired from her job because of that further been real reprisals basis. How do you know? I'm all, Remember when social media fight it. As the reason they wouldn't published, but though that they would surpassed the hunter by stories for the election that it hath material rang, we will add that all the implemented today bright- this was this- was illegally obtained material in the press is reported that so David, You know, I don't know if you're up on S g, but that is that's what Trudeau has done without the emergency order few of fall out of line with IE orgy you're going to be de banked.
Or you will start to feel the heat of the banking and financial an insurance system. Far away from this system, are we to have a true credit score. Do you see this happening sooner rather than later. And what do we do to stop? It. this is my main concern is put at the end of the day. Are not a canadian and you know I watch with scientists happening over there, but only if it can be of great use to govern themselves. What I'd mostly concerned about is the precedent that your dough has sat, that progressive here in Amerika might look too and implement and less identify the elements of the ingredients of this toxic stew that already exist overeager. First of all, you ve got bigger. Companies like my alma mater paper, have been freezing accounts based on
We are working with partisan political groups to shop. You bought a financial system that practice is already taking place check you ve got in emergencies and states like California, where I live, where the governor is still operating under a state of emergency, has invoked emerging powers that never seem to end, even though we just had a Superbowl where thirty thousand people we're sitting about elbow without any basayev sunset of emergency bird. We have recently the Department of Homeland Security has now defined, this information about oh man or the election to be a contributor to the terrorist threat levels, in other words, misinformation. In their view, the tribute to turn so we have now all the ingredients where you are politicians. Invoking faked save emergencies, you got picked a trampoline shining through our political system, and you ve got this very scary and dangerous redefinition of terrorism to effectively apply to domestic politics.
The site, so you have all the ingredients there that just yesterday I was able to seize on all your really lacking. Is the emergency necessary to invoke those powers, so that is I'm afraid I was. I see all the persons coming together, but we are One thing in the United States that KIT Kennedy doesn't have which the rich constitutional tradition we have the protection under the constitution, and so I am hopeful that austrian court would protect us against. but an authoritarian attacking our liberties. This way, however, there are many. In our political system who want to pass this court as it stands today. and what would happen if this report were packed? It would water down these rights and liberties and productions, but we have. I think this is an issue that supersedes all others. You know any political candidate who gives support to Pakistan Court
should be instantly rejected, I think by everybody across political spectrum and furthermore, I would say you know finally, has the scottish pact coming up the Republicans and says you're sure committee should make this topic number one. What do they think about the use of these authoritarian powers, these fix it we'll see us here from them. You know, I don't think about Israel to stop the scottish pact, but let's put them on the record and and discuss this issue are there any other people that have This point of view, that is. Therein, your business there in tat coming it feels like as the average person it feels like? We are just up against this monolithic monster. Yeah, I'm glad Gladys. It's rather scary. I mean I'm definitely an outlier in the end, the tech industry. You know that in the tech industry for over twenty years for the founder. Now as up investor and
I can tell you that there are other people who do share to one degree or another, my concerns about civil liberties and I think it does extend across the political spectrum. However, they definitely feel. intimidated into silence, they believe that they will be reprisals for speaking out, and so I would say, like I'm not alone in my views, but there are too many people speaking out in an that's, that's pretty scary, and not that you would at this point. But if you have you paid ice for it. You know not that her can tell I mean I would say I mean I'm a minute, but here's the thing was I'm at a stage of my career young, where I don't have to worry about it. You know I never made another time. Frankly, I find room for me. Speaking out is the most important thing you know if it costs me some business. I don't know about that, and so be it, but so far I've been I've been fine
and you know what I'm trying to do up precisely on this package will be all in part with a few friends intact. We are one of the main reasons why spoken out is to show people that you can't speak out and We should have the courage and doing so, but I dont think the majority of people across Europe across the political spectrum and want to see our civil liberties road it this way. I think it is a bipartisan issue. Certainly, for the Publicans independence and I'd say even many Democrats, but there is a hard political left before the progressive left there. is driving all this, and one of the reasons why the successful driving this is because moderates will not dare to afraid to speak out and at home yeah. Well, I don't think so. It's already, but they are,
the agenda because all speak out against it and it's really a very hypocritical agenda, because we, the people you look at Trudeau, Hisself conceptual- is completely at odds with the reality. I mean he claims to be saving democracy, preserving democracy even as he is invoking, I thought you re in powers. He claims to be the defender of the little guy of the working class and the disadvantaged while pushing these poor working class truck drivers under the Turkey or of his government. Here they claim to be undecided, diversity, Lawrence, while insisting that there's only one acceptable point of view and censoring all the altars business information, so you'll be hard. Progressive laughed is completely hypocritical. I dont think most people support it, but their partner running unopposed right
you're so afraid to speak up David. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for being on the programme. I hope I hope we can have you on again. God bless you and in all things, you're doing right now, David. Ex founding c of Pay PAL founder and general partner of craft ventures. If you see what he has invested in he is on the cutting edge and God bless him for speaking out.
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