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Best of The Program | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Brad Thor | 7/23/21

2021-07-23 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu showcase all the new woke emojis they’ve created to be used by a leftist near you. Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss the news of the week, including President Biden’s CNN town hall and the U.S. Women’s soccer team’s latest activism. Author Brad Thor calls in to discuss his latest thriller novel, “Black Ice,” and its parallels to current affairs involving China, Russia, and the Arctic.

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Tat great pot cast today? We have forced billow, Riley on and then Brad four priorities talks about is new book called black eyes. It's it's a thriller bread is it on his twentieth number one best seller and out with this series and Eve focuses on the Arctic Circle and China and Russia in what's going on, and he had some real insights on what's really happening. We talk about geopolitics in this era and whether wherein of war already with China and Russia thread Thor and so much more on today's fog cast the only thing TAT Amerika it, right. The eagle,
and back programme glad you hear Bill O Reilly comes up in about half an hour. I'm really excited to talk to him about the news of the week, what he was the most important usually wrong, he's usually were all on that, but he's got a great viewpoint and will check with him in about half an hour from now. Looking at you right now, you have agreed viewpoint as well. Viewpoint react base. Well, you know, Branson went into space and then what dame from from Amazon. He went by I went in you know. His was little controversy obeys us when he went into space is capsule colonel looked a little, you know but I went in a a rocket shaped as lady bets man, so I'm in space and its various it's not watching. It is as if you mister Glenarm, lying flat on the ground today and they ve put it in screen behind a men are just changing the background to torture in hand
it's fun actually is one of these that we should send some pictures out. Tweet some pictures out of Glenn would various backgrounds and perhaps of just suggested, a suggestion to the audience, because it's Friday is somewhere Friday. Maybe there bored at students, America, at Glenn, back, Tweet, us, background. You should be behind Glenn for the rest of the show. I just did it just if you have a funny picture that you think would look funny, but having Glenn in the middle of it as he's trying to do serious material on their I'd like to be in the garage with the Jack Ruby right now, back in bed with Amy humor. Please does one that were looked kind of real than you have taken full screw there. It is kind of slake, and she looking over me like, oh, my god. This is great and in so doing This complete, it has to be like
the exact I will say it's not just where we are. We ve talked a lot about, or for media today because of the Amy Closure Bill and sure people can tweet backgrounds. For you, do. The radio show that I answered as America, Ecklund Basher, but its word just here to be silly, no or not. We are here to help the audience and navigate these very definite tiles. Now I dont know if you know this, but they have decided to come out with new emerges because Hey things are changing, and so the emerges need to change too and so the good people at the emerging producing factory I have decided to take on. new task still yeah. Well, I know it had the braided man gap, which was a nice when it gives exceed out. People don't realize this, but men can be pregnant. Now men cannot become pregnant. I yes, they can
ass. They now we have basically the way that a man becomes pregnant They are a woman. we call them a man, though very they can become primary body by logical man, no matter, we know how he changes his is parts can't have a baby, and anybody like Stew, who's trying to propagate that. dangerous, medical This information just want to point out danger, as medical misinformation. This is the road were on this is the road we're on the day will I know they will and were far down this road. By the way I am invited, the releasing a pregnant mail which we all we all look. We can all too about this stuff. However, you want, but the bottom line is that men cannot have children that is, aid,
basic, for I had a human anatomy. I have children, you did not give birth to any children feels like a dead people. Also like we're pregnant now, she's pregnant. I you're, not anything. You ve spent neat and eight million eighteen seconds doing something it's over. Your part of this is pretty much over when the rest of your life, probably screw the kid up as they grow up, but your dear while she, while he's already, has some daddy issue some method only. But I gather that those that that term is hilarious. We're pregnant, like a yacht that you had a small. I say she on doing everything I do when I know I way we have children. That's accurate, of career pregnant? Now nobody there now I mean I am already lad. Have fifty percent Gmos are glad we're not pregnant? Now, if you look at our physique, we look pregnant area in the mail. Pregnant thing actually would work for us as an emerging because any look like we as it exists. Please Stew, that's our new logo
you and I as emerges pregnant irks works, and that will keep us they can't ban as that right in order the pregnant men we decidedly banned, or we decided that we were going to help the emerging people and come up with some new emerges as well. For instance, I dont want to to get somebody's pronounce wrong and they don't always announce their pronouns and so is to make sure I do miss gender. Somebody might suggest again new ninety nine. Shaped Mogi That way, you know, I just put that, and so, Mr Miss, you know you ve,
a whatever it. Is you just put the ninety nine emerging up there, so this? What covers the ninety nine genders is. Is that the idea now we might have to change that? Is the generous keep going up by major nine. Ninety nine would be a safer throbbing blaze. We probably have a good month or two before it hits nine hundred and ninety nine gender see out. Now I've come up than another in order to be tweeting all of these out, so you ll be able to see them. I came up or down. I want because we have. We know that see our t. We told Jus yesterday, the definition of a word that you probably never heard praxis. It say it's an old word, but it was really it's really used by communists and people who believe in Karl Marx. I mean I mean, I believe in Karl Marx, I just dont believe in his writings but Thea Praxis means putting into action and that's what's happening to schools they are making activists out of our schools.
and so you know what we're talking about our kids. I think it's easy just to use a just a little emerging there, which is looks to be. I would you describe that do An angry trial of angry baby, holding a Bee Elam sign yeah. So there's your new Mogi for child activist now, We all have complained from time to time that we ve lost our heroes. You know there were the heroes, and so we thought we would make the politically Rectum Oji of our new heroes. and here they are their holding hands there, Sir there's three of them there one is Castro. One is President Z and the other is Maduro and they're holding hands with halos over their head. So I told her appropriate, and what, in this the good thing about using these emerges, you will never get banned using them
completely approved is on your own use them in some sarcasm. Dick way. Who would do that? I hope What I mean. I know this isn't sarcastic we're not doing this in a sarcastic way. We mean it, we mean it. I would love to have these emerges. Can we your way to make this emerging package, so we could actually have people use them as emerges, No, I will say I've. Never in my life used an emotion for any reason. I do not a guy. At least I used the guy with his tongue out in his eyes kind of popped out cross site. I use that what a lot I use the one where he just got big wide eyes like. Why is that, when a lot, had this thing where I learned growing words. yeah use? Those who described I M talking about is a crazy idea. One I find the most the most active, at least for me. Is the salsa dancer?
yeah have you seen that they I mean us also dancer and man, salsa, dancer and I use that all the time really all the time. I guess somebody I and tell you, how many is it like? Hey? bring me the and then Salsa exact We prefer Harry Honey. You want to do so dance tonight, you know you're looking for condiments, but I was, I was apparently menorah. That's the main use fork, that's the main use for it what the hell is that Why do they have us also dancer by whose use that I don't know, I don't know the point. People think these things are cute and I dont understand it. Just it dumbing down of our society in such a massive. What hey that I dont? Well, let me just tell you this: you know you can who can really help? Who can really help and not dumb? Now our society is the government and that's. Why
A new government am algae here to help is just a yellow faced guy in dark sunglasses and in a needle so he's got the vaccine already go he's here to help come and order yeah, yeah, yeah yeah authentic or see. If you want anybody to take you seriously you're going to need this emoji. This is your vaccine passport emoji. So you can just lay the lad me like a book. I could come into this theater. Here's my passport, exciting, yeah yeah! now this one was inspired by by Joe Biden, because you know I I of course use. Let pinks all the time. What I'm talking about excuse me, for saying this teenagers We are, as it confirmed, LE tanks. I thought it was latin x. Is it both? How does that work? Well,
It is look tanks, but apparently Joe Biden is so hip that he, come up with its own way of pronouncing it in an area as Listen all the horror is well to get a tunics. it is well attacks, thirteen acts and appoint, and so we have a new latina ex about three. It's a tissue box with a sombrero on renewing latina, That will make it you band that one potentially might Agnelli Gay and but it's still really funny. Let me go for the peaceful protest, her if we have, the peaceful protestors a black block rider with raised fist too. Bad branded riot shield is faces masked. So I guess that's the peaceful protest or a movie and not spreading covert na like the right as there exactly right, and let me just show you now: the journalist
there's the apology for the journalist met seems to be very similar to the peace. protester anti other member or other exactly the same. Ok, but does it just depends on which context use, and then here is the college student you have the car student above g by right. Mcgann. That looks exactly like the journalist and the anti for member. I know it's hard to tell them apart, isn't it it is. It is hard to tell a program, so I I love the twitter feed. Especially during Town hall on CNN from Bill O Reilly Bill I live just get a red. Is twitter feed here, first ten minutes of the Biden Town Hall. Incredibly boring, not so boring tweet,
one say tweet number to see ten minutes in and worse still, on, Cove id the press. Then says he listens to science good to know next thirty minutes in absolutely. No news has been made other than the president, want school kids under twelve to wear, masks next tweet, a camera. a break. Thank God. Next, I'm not being facetious, no joke, I'm being serious Town Hall is tedious beyond belief and asked one is It's almost over no joke I'm serious bill o welcome program, sir. It is the ideal, it was painful. Fighting for being. Here I waited for the clips. I knew this in advance bill. I do this events, but we have do our jobs a guardian of the country Glenda
bill. O guardians of the nation. So I'm I'm in a house. Some was nice to an invite, my son and I over for dinner on their future People in in attendance and after dinner, sat down a watch dog lemon always treat all ways a treaty, What he's one of the most well informed reporters in the nation? I don't love! You know that I like Don Lemon personally. But you know I mean I know what I'm gonna get that anyway. That happen. it really is an hour in twenty minutes. There was a brawl in the house, people trying to grab the remote to turn any thing out any any day. If then, foully arnwood revenge Mommy get there Ah so bad it was so bad it was. It was and then, when the Ladys come in
a million by now it people. And understand the ratings If I got a million five yours, you unutterable, I would acumen see what I am now your average night. If I don't know, if I'm not mistaken, about three million got five, because we're we had to rise. the only area which, in the end that I knew he was gonna get. I knew that the rates and belong to dinner. With that love, also I wanted this topic, but the Olympics this summer getting I got in a raw uri, nobody, nobody, nobody cares. In fact, I think people are rooting. We may have a situation to wear. Remember bill what we used to have the Soviet Union to root against.
We may have that situation again, except we'll be rooting against America. Why? I know about that, but I know the women soccer. De la me, that's all Oh I now by, but we got a we thought. We'd, be the Eu S women soccer team, three to nothing now, just stepped back a moment. There is no grass and sweet. They thought they had to practice practice on glaciers, it's just rose and they really our you read about big, ok enemy, I'm set their gods, Sweden, nine million people America, three the twenty million people many of female. I gotta tell ya, I gotta do, but it's really not look. I said to the: U S: woman soccer came coach, Maybe you might want to do a little
nearly all right I have to. I have to tell you. The European Handball Federation has find the Norway women's Beach handball team, I don't know you, I you This view. and all this is. This is great area. Ok, so the norwegian women's beach and I deem they were fine, they came out onto onto the scene wearing shorts and That's that's it and the league policy others as to where bikini bottoms so I just I mean when we are more. woke and you ve turned in to the worst
country in Europe, we have just turn into the one. What France, ok, I gotta just said: France, we turned down to France. when Europe looks like God, that's crazy. They There are women's deep wearing bikinis, ah That's wrong! Something's wrong! I don't know how you play handball on the beach. Don't you know, wall and floor. I don't know I you're asking the wrong guy. I have no idea are right so bill. There's a couple of things and I want to talk to you about. First is Amy Club, which are due think this is the big story of the weaker. What do you think the big story is well Amy? overture, wants to limit speech right That. Would you yeah the coveted misinformation and she wants h, H ass to be well to label people
who are engaged in dangerous? misinformation. Yes, It sounds like the Soviet Union Turner's because- and I am not being pursued this year, no Joe Biden, you might say, is no job right. Ok, serious are kidding aside. Yes, next week is the anniversary, one thousand forty three of Joseph Stalin passing a law in the Soviet Union during WAR war. To that impression and anyone who was a coward. That was the law now boy, Stalin was the one who decided or a coward or not? Now erika we have clover drugget, hey if you say so one thing that we, the federal government, don't like about coding Do you know, what's the difference between all Jos stolen
and young Amy Corporate will. They will say that you're, a hue are misinforming people right now, bail, because this is a health issue and the low, but Char says that their hand? to be an exception here for health misinformation, because health information is deadly Well, we already know that climate change is a health issue. We know that anti far and their rights over the summer because of race? That was worse this, the CDC that was worse than the endemic the pan. make of racism in Amerika. We know guns are a health issue. I mean pretty about this. Is the this the threshold you cross this threshold and free the speeches done
well there's. No doubt the progressive left wants to limit freedom of expression and thought in America, and no one could by that I mean I guess she gone women might, but the real debate- now these are real. Ah, You feel you, people that want freedom of expression and by the way, the ace value is not easy. Oh, you are right there not their right on board with her. You know if we don't like it. You're saying you don't go to jail. you know what we're gonna happen: we're not gonna, be open to people commit manslaughter AL at them right out. You know that gotta go away. This trend and you were right to point out the word, Senator Cloverton. He's doing is trying to normalize the staff whom I had yet we're doing to protect you, Let me down the street- does want to get back.
he's, a danger to you. I'm not sure about that. Why would it be a danger to meet its Lenny Anti Baxter here is that it includes may know. I do my doctor recommends, which I think everyone you do and then I go. I don't really care about Lenny when he was alive in the basement unpacked. It's ok with me he's got his money, is going to get out and he's gonna do in fact other people can I get it back in and that's really Genesis about the whole anti backs movement, the Anti back move gotta believes that the government's somehow is involved with this vaccine, which is true to extend the trump got it up and running. And that's the lead. As I told you on it, O Reilly history to how did you do it? But but the Anti backs movement believes
It's a governmental put little chips in there and I got on track. You believe that but here is a very interesting thing, while Amy Clover, jar and the progressive laptop pounding, the anti vacuum- they don't say a word about african emerge. then you won't get vaccinated and I add up all the ethnic groups in America, we'll get Americans have the lowest tax rate and number two bill number two hispanic sites, so I think I panicked and white or just about tied but its it the problem as far as back thing on the ethnic front. With african American and then you get binding at their got, what we understand that problem because of Tuskegee, and the past, and I look at the guy gone wait a minute. Do we live in a current
we were. Everyone is treated the same obvious. We don't only goes right back to the equity, saying, like Well, yeah give certain groups of past and make it really do what they want, even if their public health dangers. So you never hear clover cha. I say that I am out african urgent and I'm saying to myself. Look you know. The real threat to America is not from China and it's not, called it it's from. We are turning on each other, because the media is pushing the progressive left dictum that some some people in America more entitled to better treatment than others, and that's good at care the nation apart, of course, it is bill. Let me let me ask you when you say that the the biggest threat against the nation eyes,
the progressive movement. It is, I think, the programme, this movement has turned into the marxist movement. Now would you separate thee, additional democratic liberal from that group, yeah. I mean, I know a lot of traditional Democrats who are not regressive, not and you I don't really know how to handle the situation now, they're very confused. Used on how to handle it, because the progressive have the megaphone. So right after we had everybody listening to back and o Reilly right now name on progress, one so called moderate democratic country that has in Florence right now. They want you. Can There's one Hubert Humphrey, there's not much Jimmy Carter. There's nobody and you can't say, Biden biggest bide news caps
he's being held up not spot. I e the progressive alert I mean. I don't know whether the unsure this registered with you but violent crime is like the second issue. Among Americans wrangling cash. It say what it is going through. The roof right right as Zobeide is up there, or at least eight minute, explaining how cracking down on guns. Doors is gonna, stop violent crime prevention. There is literally no body on earth with an I q over a hundred that believes that what could possibly believe it, the barriers. Yeah, hammering about he's gonna get a task force. He's gonna bring in bazookas. I want my biggest we gotta, stop violent crime and then and by the way community policing I'm only to a drug gangs. Thugs were gunning
children working to bring in a social worker with the cops? Ok, it's like a remake of dragnet, which Where have you, member to Algeria, I'll get better? back there, shrank back, but his doctor Ruth who's gonna talk to you about why your son, decapitated, Byron, you're, not really really the president of the United States, Why not? I want to go. I want to go. I want to finish this particularly about the police and by an in sixty seconds, you're listening to the best of the globe, Mr Bread, for the low Glenn how are you, sir? I'm doing well thing
yeah yeah beyond with you. You know, I remember the days when you know you'd. you'd send me a galley of the book, we're very excited and you'd, be like glad I, I'm so excited you gotta read this book and we come. It was autographed only reads. I know this is because I I've I've been putting the books back in my shelf at the house and I have all of your books and most of the galleys, and there are a lot of graft, say nice thing this time I just that's something from a pr person: here's your book Glenn may I shall only sure got the sign one this year. I don't lie for him. They do don't lie, for I will say that gold plated- you know you display case- was a little over the top rabbit. I did appreciate it and I will tell you I also said I was not talking you again until you know it in and tell your your hero, Scott,
is walks into a roman somebody's listening, the Glen Back Programme or just renewing their subscription on the blaze happening, not happening Brad. It's good to have yon. You knows it's funny. I didn't you're coming on last week, I did know you're coming on and I watched what is it? American assassin the first movie of yours that was made at. I forgot how good that was really really good when when I look back so like lead anonymously, so it's not american two sets of which one is it. I dont really will be the Glen. What thank you, what ports and lemon juice
they pay me. I thought I was really good. Site was a mere this acts, I'm talkin to hear. Wasn't you that road, it? I think they're glens getting a little revenge for his lack of signed, cowardly. I just thought it was really good. Did you write the hunt for Red October because I watched added real good? No didn't I dont want either LAO What have you written her ordinary? I gotta go. got a couple out there. How many? What is this? The the twenty third nineteenth money is in this got our bacteria lack ice. and this one he's the annoyed starts in he's on vacation or while he sees these having a good summer and he's on the fiord he's got a girl. Oh, what is it this is,
very attractive. Girlfriend who works for the norwegian intelligence service, and I'm not gonna, try to pronounce it because it has an o with a slash, throw it so solemnly slowly calls that! Ok! So tell me why this book is good, is of insulin book. Well, gotta vacation days out of six days. You see, calls wants him back or they won his resignation, so he decides he's gonna come back. It is calling he loves his job and get ready to leave in these walking out of a cafe in Oslo and sees a ghost climb out of it. Actually, I have somebody he killed years ago halfway around the world and that starch office huge chase all the way up into the Arctic. So here The thing that you that you and I have known each other- we ve been friends for a very, very long time and it I've by. I think coined the term faction is what you write? because it is the
it's always based in fact, and I can always tell what you're concerned about just by reading your books and reading this one you are, you are concerned about something happening in the Arctic, and and how far behind Russia and China are in the area. Can you tell me What you were thinking on this I've been friends with the former national security adviser, Robert O Brien, since college, and this was an issue that I had brought up with him China inserting itself into the Arctic. So the Arctic is getting warmer in warmer in the ice is melting up there, which provide a lot of opportunities and China. Suddenly the Russians were bad enough up there. They ve opened up fifty more than fifty old. Cold war era basis up in the Arctic, so there,
moving very quickly up there in China has declared itself a corner important here, arctic State, which is the Seinfeld of diplomats, terms, because it means absolutely nothing but right course China is to the arctic circle any settlements or eight hundred miles away, so China's trying to get a foothold up there. They ve got to icebreakers they're putting icebreakers up there. We only have one in it. Doesnt work very well. Why should have thirty? We felt the curve. Even might Bumpo said we are playing catch up in the Arctic in there are. Why is it important that we're up in the arctic show There are huge deposits of rare earth, minerals, gas, oil there's a whole bunch of but their that we're gonna want access to on the commercial site. On the national security side, we don't want Russia in China militarized in the Arctic. In taking over that area, China has been sneaking soldier. Imposing a scientist eats they're moving very quickly. It is they next cold war, no pun intended.
This what's going on up in the Arctic, ok That's why that's what you're concerned about, but you also in it and- and maybe it's maybe it's just me but I felt there was a little Eric small. Well, influence in this book. oh yeah, yeah yeah? Yes, yes, so that, yes, very good! Very good! Yes showed the Chinese have all these different forms of state craft, and I joke in the book that they have as many forms of statecraft as the Eskimo have words for snow shows. There is a kind of a honey pot. operation where someone the Chinese, are trying to get influence in DC and they put a very attractive young woman, chinese woman, chinese women living in allay up to Sweden. A deal with somebody to try to get China's ends push through in Congress Correct
did swallow, I'm I'm not a dummy. I mean I don't get. You know any kind of phone calls for my friend say a common or anything like that, but but I do I mean I'm not a dummy. I do read. It did well play any what what what did well well same thing thing play any role in this area. I think that was that, something that way you know? I was clipping a lot of articles out of the paper when this was happening in you know, there have been people that have been busted for not registering as a foreign age. That's another thing that really makes me mad. In fact they just busted another guy for lobby. On behalf of you a Monday, so that kind of stuff People trying to exert influence on behalf of four nations in not registering as an agent is something that I don't like, particularly on its Americans doing it. I just think it's absolutely it's terrible and I don't care what party you come from. You cannot do that
You can't go in and try to lobby for China or somebody else in not Europe basically where it on your sleeve. Like a mask our uniform, I want to know who's paying you yeah you, the spy says something in the book that stuck out, I underline it, said the dog think of it is China. Think of it a consortium of investors, along with an experienced chinese oil and gas corporation doing about it, there's that there is a lot of trying to put people at ease when, when they're making these deals, the Chinese there very happy to be an old, let people with their beak and make money off these deals and they phrase it and put it in certain terms, so that people really can tell themselves delighted themselves that they're not do this on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, but that's exactly what's going on, regardless of who China puts up as a face on this thing they
the Chinese tried to by canadian mining company in the Arctic, so they could actually get some real estate in the Arctic that they could claim. Is there's been in that stuff they were doing in Norway using a chinese real estate investor in trying to use him to by all this property up there. So it is a crime. being endless thing is China pursues this belt in road initiative, where they're putting money all over the world and in trying to influence the politics and the government where they're making heavy investment coming now? How bad are we read well You know we ve got a lot of problems in its it goes back decades and over multiple administrations. Armenian under Clinton. There was the missile technology from Laurel by God, given that the Chinese, in a day, a bully, the crap out of american companies who do thus in China to turn over there, their sensitive trade secrets and things like that. So it's it's a bad thing, but that the thing it seems to me the most is that they were putting the brakes on
W H, oh and the beginning of covered, so that they can. Around the world and try to buy up the ppp. They knew it was common. They knew how bad covered was going to be in this still made the debate. You drag their feet. While they went around the goblin Up Mass in all sorts of stuff it should we to be much better as a country, they are a national security threat. Yet if you're on cholesterol, medication guesswork comes Rogliano, China, it's it's, we have sold, are sold to the Chinese, where I me we're looking. We are the ones who invented the damn chip, and now we get all of the chips. Gm is stopped, making trucks and they say This chip shortage may may go on until twenty twenty three it crazy in with two teens who needed cars. It's it's! It's
that's what's going on and if we don't get control of our supply chains and stop manufacturing critical items like PPP, unlike medications and China, we're never gonna be able to stand up to them when we need to win look it. I don't know if you saw what happened yesterday, but it it felt like thing that China would do. There came out and said that this was just a software update that caused a shut down of like Bank of America's website, Eighty in tee I mean a whole list of giant corporations. Were offline yesterday for a while, and I thought This is a cyber attack. This shows how people are just don't do not take us seriously and how far behind we are in our in structure we and in don't talk to me about the infrastructure. Joe Biden is doing, I mean actual, section of our infrastructure. We have I think, we're already in a war,
with China and and Russia is cyber war, unlike we ve ever seen before- are we haired at all no on this front, not in what's called Grey Zone conflict, which is where the cyber attacks that the term for the arena in which those are happening in Glenn you and I use ago years ago, about a white paper that was written by two chinese peel aid colonels behold, unrestricted warfare, worthy chinese strategies military strategists, said there is no way they could ever beat the United States on the conventional battlefield, so they needed to find other ways. Things that we took for granted in thought were harmless in could weapon those internal against us and use them against us in that's where we're and we are woefully ill prepared to handle this kind of conflict, and it's not going to let up look at the key to look at the the gas pipeline that got shut down.
ransom where from those russian hackers, it's bad Chinese. We hear all about the russian hackers all the time, but the Chinese are even more sophisticated. They have office buildings just full of these people. All they do is hack and look for vulnerabilities all day long I thought the author of a new thriller that is out perfect for the summer. It's called black ice more in just a second he's also is also the movie born identity, ray I was here very lasher, incredible Isabel! I mean I'd, lose respect for him. If that wasn't is at Liberty,
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