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Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Andrew Heaton & Jonathon Dunne | 2/22/19

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Best of the Programs | 2/22 - Terrifying Nightmare in 2020? -h1 - Doubling Down on Dollars? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2 - Who Are We? (w/ Rabbi Daniel Lapin) -h2 - 5 Seconds of Wisdom? -h2 - Somethings Off with Bernie Sanders? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h3 - 'Freedoms Disciple.com'? (w/ Jonathon Dunne) -h3

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While the Billy podcast is Friday. We have a great podcast for you to Morrow with Rabbi Daniel Lap and its Ninety minutes. Sit down. You know, uninterrupted, really, fascinating, fascinating, look at socialism, America cap. Listen! How we move forward is people that is on tomorrow. You can check it out wherever you get podcast or on an ablaze tv dot com. slash back what promo code should lose? I would use back, you can sign up, then you say, like ten percent, you know it's interesting about today. Show is, if we kind of started where we ended. We see, first with Bernie Sanders and socialism in his praise, and we have theories on where that's coming from, but then kind of turn. the declaration of independence and why that's so important, that's where we are
the show, but we ended it with Jonathan done freedoms. Disciple he's a guy from Ireland who is so well spoken on. Why we're exceptional not great? Why were exceptional, he's great and in between those we had Phil, O Reilly and Bernie Sanders on Theirs podcast, you don't want to miss. the only thing. So you know you got the other really exciting the dynamic. I would call a dynamism myself Bernie say, now running for president and there seems to be a lot of you. What maybe stop and say that he's gonna be on the show today,
be it is being at times. Are you right, you're, right, you're right when you re right, Bernie Centres can be joining us on the show. Is that our number three? Yes, yes, top of the hour of our number three of today's broadcast wanted to talk to him for a long time. Would never come on over really. I seriously would like to talk to him, because I have respect that. He is open and honest about what he says. I mean what he believes. There's a an incident hung on the social you last night clan. Where Alyssum olano- oh my god, I noted brainy AK genius, yellow olano. Yes, pointed out that democratic socialism isn't real. Just a trick by Republicans scare you into not voting for Democrats, because you're gonna think they're socialists. Now the people who have identified themselves as democratic socialist, I'm not exactly sure what they say about laugh. They don't exist
they don't exist. That x, someone clung himself, a unicorn began, not pits end and end and maybe see gee. I am not sure if aches their deep faye I'll have your. We know that they might be muppets you could you could convince me that burning and it is just like an automaton could it be that he is the muppet up in the balcony area, but we accept a he. Wouldn't he beat that isn't too elite is for him. yeah. He wouldn't be you and now the people we shouldn't, sell these tickets to other people. I will hold onto this lakefront properly odor Metallica at her now until cycles and fully kicks out. We can all share in royal. The Rhine. Okay, so here is here, is the conundrum that I face today, All of this stuff is coming out negative about Bernie Sanders and I think Republicans are pretty thrilled that bird he's Anders is running yet again, I think
This is a very exciting thing to see that Bernie Sanders is going to be even the possibility of being the top of the ticket, so one is probably the front runner right what he is fund raising and things like that, I'm hanging holing yeah, so there's no real for anybody to torpedo him. You should celebrate him, but yet there are all these leaks of all this old news that coming out and I'm wondering who would release that. Who would have the motivation to go and do all the wet works now on board sanders. This isn t this is the latest. Here is Bernie Sir
in nineteen. Eighty six for some reason of being very excited when, when Fidel Castro made the revolution in Cuba, I was a kid and I remember, reading that, and it was just seeing bright and appropriate. The poor people are rising up against rich people on our mental again very distinctly, a very distinct feeling. I was watching the debate. You remember the famous Nixon of Kennedy Debates. What was the first time the presidential camp candidates actually debated, and I was becoming increasingly interested parties did not much but was interest among sitting in student loud should adopt towards watching the debate and at that time, but you ve been out. I was very excited impressed by the cuban revolution. Even the Democrats, weren't excited by the Cuban Revolution now Harry, is nineteen. Eighty eight b e was impressed by the resolution that the poor people would rise up and get rid of the ugly rich. guys and now in nineteen eighty eight he sees the fruit of the revolution of nineteen.
Eighteen in the Soviet Union. Most people here also were extremely impressed by their public transportation. Recitations themselves were absolutely beautiful, including many work, The word chandelier the what beautiful it was, a very, very effective system. Also, I wasn't by the youth programmes that they have their palaces of of culture. For the young people, a whole variety of young programmes for young people and cold. Programmes which go far beyond what we do in this country. We went to a theatre in Europe's level, which was absolutely beautiful. Had three separate stages: agricultural Programmes are put on my professional actors and actresses looting, a puppeteer area and the clause a highest price on the ticket. Thank you was the policies that will now be wonderful. Now, the gulags and the torture and the cries of the oppressed
and you know the millions that were killed, but have you seen the scandal I mean I hate rich people in their opulence, but as long as the people have chandelier in their subway system and it was beautiful, was gorgeous. You didn't see it I mean there's a cost benefit analysis to everything I mean for me, a chandelier to train station worth about four or five hundred thousand dead. If I, if I can get it, one chandelier per four hundred thousand I've starve to death in the fields are executed, they tried to get potatoes. I think that's about the right ratio. Well, I'm people might say a little lower and I hired that's the debate right. I would like to have more than one chandelier and I also want these great youth programmes, because I was very impressed with their youth programmes. You know when they're turning their parents in to the KGB That's one of the youth programme is one of the youth programmes. I love that. I let you love to me. A good youth programme, you're Talkin, one point to one point: three million dead: I trade, you know if it lets say it's after school basketball
it's about one point, six million, for if you get his jailer with three stages in a puppet theater, I might go yes, who millions for that. Really ya. Think that's about anguish, handlers! Well, if we put the chandelier here you're in the funding and not to five to five five well, we could debate two to five three right. You know how many million have to die, but I was impressed by this this. is a nightmare. There is a nightmare, he's terrifying. As President United Stu, I have to tell you, I don't know Woodrow Wilson, here's what happen Woodrow Wilson was that kinda guy he was that kind of guy. He was the kind of guy who is like yeah. Well, you know if you're gonna have to kill a few people are going to have to kill. A few people have put a few people. Buying bars will have to do it because it's the right thing for this state of collective and yet for the collective, and so that was that scared, the american people so much that they backed away and we
got the roaring twenties. We went with a with Harding and then Coolidge, and we got the roaring twenties so they had to soften everything after that and we didn't have any kind of re emergence of the progressive until the great depression oh I've been waiting to see what our bottom is an I think we're gonna hit our bottom. I really doubt Our bottom has not come yet there's not enough pain for the american people. It's the line in the declaration of independence, and I can remember it look up the declaration of independence. For me, real quick, but there's that there's a line in it that says basically people will suffer all kinds of oppression, though this is keep going crazy they would rather have they known, then the the possible pain of a switch of the unknown and silly just get worse and worse and worse and worse. But then there comes a point to wear their like. Ok, I've had enough and they rise up
Do you realize how fast this is going to happen? If we allow it to happen, it could happen in twenty. Twenty that they completely redesigned this country and flip the end Tie Constitution upside down that we lose the free market system now as long as we dont lose the vote as long as we do lose drew representation, which is always the first thing that people do. always we don't lose that we might to be able to turn it back on, and set it right might? Might we did it before under Wilson. We might be able to do it. The differ, between wilson- and today, is infrastructure, Wilson didn't have the universities, he didn't, have the media, he didn't have the government infrastructure.
he didn't have department of Homeland Security in all of these things, they had to do it from the outside and That'S- It was easily shut down in the next election. I dont think it goes back. I don't think it goes back. I think, once you flip this, this system upside down it counts. The five, because there are so many employees now and in one term the federal government would grow to an expert at an exponential rate. I mean think about Bernie Sanders. Let's say he wins. The nominee from which is a it's a possibility. I still find it to be the most likely possibility, but he's the current aren't. You bet he's gonna Bilbil count em out, just because of the Democrats will destroy him. An remember to Sanders is a little bit different. Then some of the other candidates who believe in socialism in that he is an ideological, not a politician, number one and number two,
four hundred and ninety three years old has nothing to lose he's, not the type a guy who's playing for the future here of of his political life. He's these play for future of I want socialism disruptor right sums, disruptor becomes in wins a nomination at scenario. If he actually wins the presidency, they absolutely irc beholding out of the house and there definitely taking the Senate. Can they get to sixty votes in the Senate? Probably not, however, as we seen over the last two cycles here, each side has taken Another thing that used to have to be sixty votes and changed into fifty. You seen the Democrats did it with judges. Republicans did it with Supreme Court this time, and Donald Trump has said many times that he thinks the Seville buster should go away. So he can get things done. The fact that Trump has said You told Sanders, isn't gonna get in there and make that same argument, and if they did, they can get that through. There's then they'll.
Ass all of this crap. Listen! This is why this is happening to the Democrats. Why has these socialism train all of a sudden just pick? Ups is like you know in back to the future? To is that on the wild West. three and three o j so end. Ever they throw those logs into the train and they throw that last bundle and that's what gets it up to eighty eight miles an hour. It's as if the Democrats or the democratic socialists have thrown that last bundle in and Oliver sudden. We are hyper speed to the cliff and does not feel outweighing. Why did this happen? What cause that at the best of the best program. Bill O from Bill orally, calm bill. You, Who are you I have so much? I want to talk to you about you,
you're gonna have insight that we have. We may be miss this week, but I want to start the dessert. I want to start with this crazy story out of Chicago and Joy, see small at well, it is a great story, and you know he's doubling down by telling the whole who had been heads. I didn't do it this, is it It is true. I remembered Chicago, please her on lying about me, so May the guy is mentally ill news affair, does seem to have a job. No, I I think that might be fair. I'm ok. I think it might be a time evidence now, yes compiled by the Chicago police, which treated him with respect. Beginning and the guy still claiming that no to widen,
jumped up to thirty in the morning and fourteen below zero, whether when he came back from the subway but he's going he's doubling down even more than that. His lawyer came out yesterday and said this is what we thought. we were dealing with was bad enough, but now look at the just in our eastern persecuted, Barbier forty, oh my gosh it all. I think that at this point disengage and- and this is a lesson for people in their personal lives as well. once you get into a point where there's a rational and that truth and said don't matter anymore, so illusionary world you gotta, get away. Okay, so ample! that story behind me. I met and I feel bad for any human being that self destruct that way, but the pole,
a story here, come our Harrison Corey Bucker to Senator. In my opinion, you have destroyed their credibility, for ever so cast members can members of empire have come out and said this is horrible. They are, destroying him foxes, distance themselves and not Fox NEWS Channel Fox. Has since themselves, and yet the presidential candidates don't I do, but they don't know that do because both worker in and Harris on a Reza may have the witch Doing against bread cabin all, so this is to write so there, which hunters that, through these people are and I'd also be to you that no American about four. Why should you be said? I could live in a different country now, but there, which hunters
How should I a pretty good shot at the number to spot on Biden Ticket, but now Biden puts you there, boy you hear about is just some away. That's all I hear about trouble. But a town on that, and so will pants like crazy? So that's a big unintended cause this whole thing that the media will never report the second big story of this is that many millions of Americans now believe CNN is trash, You add their media critic, the ball guy, what it what's his name that dishes animal there. Don't turn over elaborate unbridled sources. Brain cells are potentially I'd, start a vicious. I believe this man- ok, And Laura Logan pointed that out
comes out and he says he says on the air mainstream media covered the small act responsibly: It that's the end him delusional generational, so look at the numbers. I just got him from last night for CNN Cable NEWS. they are now evaporating, what are their light in? What are their nightly numbers like they have declined in the last few weeks about twenty twenty five percent. Only gas yeah. How many is that that MSNBC, what they did was they just ignored it if you can believe it, they were all over smell bad when it first started the sister Then the usual virtue, signalling that new, aware, noble and the country is terrible, but we MSNBC, We are so noble and so smart and
when it turned what MSNBC did- and this is all corporate we discuss this before their ordered. What to do and say, was dead and cover it they ignore, even their big, show: Matthau, ok, but see it and try to defend it, see the difference. so the liberals who don't want to see this anymore here this anymore they went MSNBC because even they couldn't stomach. The lies coming out to sea. In it I mean so, you got to really big stories off small at you. Ve got the disintegration of two presidential candidates and integration of CNN now? How long people remember I don't know, but it can be built but at any time will you have may I have one more big story. I agree with everything you just said: one other story that is big and yet undeveloped, and that is how much time-
Will he get for this now he's accused of sending his own? letter to himself a threat letter to exert probation and a fine, that's a mistake, a minute hang on. If you did that the put penalty is seven to ten years for just tangible fraud go back. I know, hang on just the second one the three for the reporting of a crime. If sky he is facing from basic ending aid to thirteen years back, I understand you where you can carry a gun b. Gang member, and they won't even give you any jail time. So here's the here's, the the undeveloped story yet to come, and that is if, if this guy We have thirty on the blaze today we have added last weekend reporter went through and they found like twenty different or is it were fake today?
the blaze has a comprehensive story on thirty of these fake, left wing. You know I was you know I was victimized somehow another by Donald Trump supporter. If you don't, if you don't make an example out of the sky There is no truth on the local level. Police won't be able to believe anything they're, not gonna. Do it back, I'm telling you this is Cook county cargo and also what does not happen is there the lawyers so small that will go in say our client has psychological and emotional problems. We want to make it please deal don't put, in jail. He'll get therapy, give em probate. Can you pay a fine for all expenses that this Chicago PD put out and that's what will happen you're with Bill O on Glinda programme? It is Friday we're talking about the law
of Amazon to New York and what that means politically. oh see and others are celebrating. The New York Times had a deal on their their daily podcast today about what it means for York and they were so arrogant. Saying loud, New York doesn't really need Amazon and we'll get those jobs anyway quote we we create in New York City, thousands of jobs every month anyway. Oh, do you really, but what do the rest oh people think on the streets and we from Billow Riley's house. There is a vantage point where you can look down at the little villages and towns. Real people actually live. What Our the hour, the average Democrats looking at you know, Joe,
creation this isn't job creation. These are serial killers when it comes to job creation. Twenty five thousand jobs lost. Ok, I'm I'm, I'm glad you follow the New York Times, because I dont yes you already have it out with during their life on it? and they lied. Today is what your report is accurate data is I have no, yeah? Why do no reason why it is so little Your Cuomo, the government of the governor of New York State, and I use the word little because he shrinking, in my estimation, almost every day. Little Andrew Cuomo comes out two weeks ago, because we are our two point five billion dollars light on tax receipts, so we expected to point five. Billion dollar, more taxes in New York City. And the reason we don't have them is because large,
wage earners like Glenn Beck, and he eight decided you specifically obscurity. moved out of the state. Would you did know you're in Connecticut, but were moved out? Ok, so that's a fact in stone, so the enemy, at Times concern issues without need: Amazon, Wee, wee, greater job or time. Then there, of course- predicting little Andrew our itself You can't believe a word. Those people say nothing now I dont your call. before the break was either folks who elected Boccaccio court as gonNA wise up and see what she's peddling is hurtful to them and the country, a true and I'll. Tell you! I don't know if the news penetrates now
through to seventy five percent of the american people will hang five percent twenty five percent of us follow it, but seventy percent of us are so addicted to the machines and everything else that they don't. Let me let me give you a prime example of this. Here's a Cassio Cortez trying to explain how taxes work to do, show that mean a week appeal to seventy five percent of Americans watch I'm always so I started with a wild tat. You are you. There is little Susan. Please look through the camera and explain the time for the dominant
I just wanted to accept it. No one thousand over me, I saw a marginal tax rate, is thing: if you make more than ten million in one year, which is a pretty good year, this doesn't do. You may have no chatted ban million, yet seriously you mean more than ten million in one year. Your time millionth am one dollar gets tax. Seventy percent, which, by the way we use, are marginal tax rates and under republican presidents of ninety per cent, and it was when we experienced some of the largest rates at that guy you're crazy, like she's, only is going to have to wait, although even I'm just like an end, it really consent. So the question is in ten million enough like when does it starts with a tour I like when, at what point is a moral that were building Jeff Basler Sahel Ipad when
We have the most amount of homeless people in New York City. This is this. Is this? Is the bodega boys? That's how people get their news? Why those Jake we're gonna, viewing the amateur like guy? Ok, what We have now is somebody who really wants to be a car dash in all right, so sure understand macro economic Shias and understand that anybody ten. million dollar you already paying? Fifty percent of that? Ok, not on a corporate level ok, not a corporate level- I think the guy We should go in there and I don't think Amazon should be paying no taxes which they did last year. Nothing, I don't think so. I don't get it wrong. Ok, I'm! So I'm whip
Miss Guerrero goes on that, but for me, When I earn money at all, I pay have half in state and federal taxes, and that's not enough for this woman. I'm sorry achievement should be celebrated, not punished. I spilled Let me switch subjects here in the last few minutes the Miller investigation, is supposed to be finished next week a were false, be what happens? What what are we gonna see. Deanna reported that I dont trust anything CNN says, but I think the indicates. Genes? Are that the new, Ernie General, made a call tomorrow and said when you gonna have it. I think that's what happened
I have that on fairly reliable information is still always knows force so bar got in the first call, quarter, smaller winning a habit and Emily gap, ok, so I'm gonna go with it that more will put out something, but it's not gonna, be public it'll go to bar and then bar will brief. Congressional people as soon as he does that it'll week out and it's true, the whether this works bill is that basically falls onto bar to do a summary of the Mulder report. Is that right? a mind and then body that to make their public, to put it out, your folks and I don't believe, there's gonna be anybody in boys off is gonna put it out we just have to brief Congress the greater so scared now the Department of Justice that don't do it. but as soon as he goes over to the ill and gets into the committee,
so this is what it says, two seconds later, but you're not going to get an accurate appraisal of it so ship. Those guys they're going to negative, no matter what it is. And then the Republicans, even it was Old age areas in terms, so the folks will not yet real accurate barometer and then, of course, the news agencies reported accurately they'll. They have too much passionate in it, so comes out of this in the end bill. What does this mean for the? Unless there is a charge levelled against Donald Trump? It beans, not a thing. I mean if it would, if it's one of the kids Donald Trump Junior, if you're not originally wanted the kids its market. the anything like that it if it were I would have already we got. It's gone, here's what it's going to be an You guys. I have this on tape and you can play it back. It's going to be Donald Trump
It did not understand that his innovation violating the spirit of our elections by acting with russian agents, bad act, where's that going to use that word during the campaign. And the Russians tried to subvert our election by the trunk camp, it was so naive and so distracted and so incompetent that it played into their hands the Russians hands, that's what it's gonna be, and is it true bill that is more we're gonna get essentially on reading this right is we're gonna get bars report a trump appoint These report about what the Mulder Report says now you'll get them all report some down the road right, so bar can't distorted so that's what I have something to eat briefs distorted and will impress, of course, will never
report accurately because the cat. so what I already convicted tramp of russian collusion, so they have report accurately and then a people who are invested in tromp who have defended him can certainly say oh, he was. He did something wrong you can't do that. Everybody's got to stay where they are is like Jesse Smollett keep going debate, he cared admitted this had to be supplied. To get the actual full report, I pointed out that I am here they always money the taxpayer they'd thirty million bows needs. They would actually they'll, be cool, it'll, be redirected. It's like it's like Glenn backs life. You have to read: DEC a lot of it's a lot of his ugly? I don't know I don't know, I don't know if I go there in that challenge with me their bill, but thank you so much Bill O Reilly bill already died. O Reilly died, gum, good taught, you talk.
next week, the archaic Douglas, bill, O Reilly, dot com sign up. This is the best of the planned back programme. like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, if you haven't listened to my podcast that happens once a week. You really need to. They are really really good times a ninety minute. Conversation with deep, deep thinkers bull that are in the news, and then people like Rabbi lap and who It's an awhile you'll. Just and so much from this guy, if you if, but once once or twice a year, I get a chance to spend time with him and he's always just a fountain of information and wisdom that I asked
become into a podcast. This weekend is going to be rabbi lap and we talk about socialism we talk about. What's coming with the country, we talk a little bit about history and the most basic of human questions. Who are we? Listen? The Bible is not man's book about God. If it was, we talk about. The creation of the universe is God's book about man and fundamental to that is the basic question of what all we are. We nothing but a creature on the continuum that starts with bacteria and moves up to two people, or are we a completely different creatures, as I say, touched by the finger, a God? That's really what we have to ask ourselves.
Because everything flows out of that one's. Once we decide that question and you can never know it, you have to it's like everything else in life. When you get married to a woman, the is no way. You can possibly know everything about it before you get married. That is a step you take with faith. When in almost every major decision in life, when you choose a career, I have no idea all the implications that that's gonna have thirty years later and so assembly on on this decision, you also make a decision in your life. You say: look this list these two ways to live my life. I either to live my life as if I am truly a purposeless collection, of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen and phosphorus and and carbon, or I am something that God created and put your with a purpose and the implications are absolutely huge and the kind of sis
eighty? First, all the kind of person I'm gonna, try and make myself become. The found me I'm in a raise the society I wanna be part of. All of this is shaped, as I said earlier, by a belief along these lines, as opposed to any facts, bye, bye, lapping, the latest in a series of interviews with fascinating people. People but I don't necessarily agree with some people I absolutely agree with, but each of them are people that I really want to talk to coming up. The next couple of weeks we ve got a guy who is, I think, the only survivor to ever jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and His story is Phenomenal. He's now motivational speaker trying to get people to understand. Oh I've been there, you know he was kept alive by seals. No, I'm not like Navy seals, but like see also yield seals eels see lions
lions came up and hand held him up, while the coastguard could get to empower convincing. Incredible oddity conversations have had on this path cast a lot of really interesting things. Can I make a recommendation for another? Yes, do we have the short clip from this Alexandria cause? You call, has interview. We just did. I think you should talk to this guy, because this is insight. You're not gonna, hear and run around saloon has illustrated like she's only explained it and I don't have separated us, but even so, that's crazy, like she totally explained it and I dont have ten million dollars, but even though I am just like na I mean that's. You need to get this guy on this, a huge. Can we hear that one more time? That's when they not sure you're, crazy, She's only explained it and I know how to avoid, or even I'm just like now. I gotta get outta here seekers printed without on it, and we can you imagine. That is deep. One more time. That's really deep, with
crazy, like Cecily explained away, not, but right now I killed movement. I think about I. I. I am, I really am. I bet you are. I have no idea what C4 guide said. I I bet you are. I want you to sit back and think about that American. just think about what you say: bladed and yet I'm still gonna like you're, crazy she's all. They had something in Oslo, even onto your listening to the best of the Glinda programme. We go now to Bernie Sanders. Who is joining us? I think are you in New Hampshire, Sir I'm in Vermont,
you're from my is the people's New Hampshire, Rattle Hampshire's, the one percent of a month? I would never set foot in New Hampshire primaries. Ok, well, welcome to the EP. Welcomes the program like you, it's gonna be here. I would like to say hello to you and through you looseness, specifically the once make less than forty seven thousand dollars a year, those the hardworking Americans on her report technical and yellow, but what about the? What about the other people that are making fifty fifty five? Even a hundred thousand? Oh, you mean the Rockefellers of the United States, that is sucking wealth out of the middle class, the hardworking middle class, its composed of people that work and coal mines chimney sweeps have nothing to say to those people. So what? What exactly is why? Why do you think you ve connected to the people is so dramatically now? I think we're finally awaking as a country that wealth is entirely dependent upon fifth and there on this
ending, but the way we handle it used to either take the money of rich people or potentially break them into smaller organs in pieces and redistribute them to the masses, and I am the only person that wants to actually take blood out of Jeff Beetles an end resupply at the other, more hardworking people you are, you actually won his blood. Yes, you either that way at that point, because you you have access to the bank account if your blood not allow people know that, but otherwise law in the seventies, if you, if you would give you get something else, is blood you, you have some recourse to the checking him. I don't think that's true, sir. It now some of the at some of the proposals that you are making are, I mean they sound like the former Soviet. union of the other. I will. I will acknowledge their robust proposals to try and save the United States from these sending back into a plutocratic hell hole where aristocrat
with poor pets, are beating call orphans with whips flail amusement, yes glad! If that's what you mean he gave, you haven't worn top hats for a very long time around the time of Abraham Lincoln pending, and that is entirely due to the new deal of if the off, what we have here, they'll be top hats everywhere in orphans living like aids? So you are, you are you're for they green new deal. I suppose I a lot of problems with it. As I imagine you did, I thought it was a fairly anemic and and very tiny in its scope, I thought it could have been three four times more. I thought it was and when I'm elect the president, I will make a hyper me on green deal. That's new hyper. I put the new green deal. Ok and what's in that Hyper New Green deal. Thinking like I appreciate that I know you want. I don't always see eye to eye on. I
being able to spell out the policies are important working Party United States together, but that the number one problem is Medicare fall. Now I know what you're going to segment you're going to say: how can the United States afford to pay for medical care for all of the people of the entire planet earth? And I tell you we have enough money. Do that and it is unconscionable waiting at the wealthiest country in the history of the world can give help get everyone on earth. So you blonde Medicare for all for me for all for all for everybody, for everyone on earth and if there are other planets and have life, we will also give it to them, but Now everyone on earth, ok, so is so. Do we have borders in your world? Yes, we do. We do have borders because you have to be. You have to be aware and conscience of rich people from other countries. You ve been lost. Them from coming in. So you have borders around rich people. Yes, ideally we would not let him one from the Cayman Islands. For from Switzerland, those two places are awful, and if we do not
our declare war and that we should quarantine them. Ok, are I: how do you go to you? How do you, for instance, New York, just rejected you know Amazon and they said we end New York doesn't need, you know, Amazon's jobs. We create thousands of jobs every month. Anyway, we are bigger than Amazon and you killed. Five thousand jobs. That of gloom. This is this is a fundamental misunderstanding about the economy works the EC, the the account naturally produces wealth. It comes up to kind of bubbles out of the ground, like you're, probably a proponent of trickled down economics. I'm rip up about a proponent of of drivel up economics like from the septic tank, it rises from the bottom and it just naturally happens and evil people.
take more than their fair share. So the job of the government is to allocate theft, which is what all promises into smaller units that are more equally distributed, and the people of New York did that they saw the benefit and having a type of law. Who is a technocrat with a sort of rest and having damage charge of money. That is the key the that is the future of mankind. So Bernie there has been a lot of lava dirt. That has come out on you that that that that that essay, that you wrote about how the men have US fantasy of women on their knees bound and gagged and beaten. That's their sexual fantasy women their fantasizing about being raped by three minute once limit s. It was a long time ago. I believe it was nineteen, seventy three, which is also them, I'm ahead sucks rehire, not! I have not had any relation since that time. I believe should be expunged. Duty, the good neighbour that I've had of not having any sacks not at all,
and until everyone's having an equal amount. I refuse to engage in conall relations with any american rack. Are these? Are these things being like the videotape of you print praising? You know Castro's revolution. You still stand by that Castro was quickly to an agreement. He didn't lotta. He brought universal education to the island of Cuba. Here he was a fanatic for cigars, but they were. They were also made by good working Cubans and he was an excellent baseball player, which I myself am a fan of if you notice, I'm originally from Brooklyn, but look undigested until capitalist stole them and set them to LOS Angeles, came but fear but care throw himself was a killer. I mean Castro. Had a couple of detail You know all all leaders have a couple of things that may be our foibles, that they to deal with you know. I I frequently criticised on my fashion because I like distorted
suits their owner. Pringles can does that detract from my excellent policy chops. I signal but store any a crumpled suit and killing. You know hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that their there now I dont wooden, compare them again again. I think that the issue of land is we're trying to make a better more just more equitable society, occasionally occasionally people might die. but they will die worse than in the capitalist system which is based on. I'm making a puree out of workers in his eyes and giving it the cows to feed them and wheat the cows and creates gases, there's also to cycles that I don't think your acknowledging and the capitalist some might say that you're crazy burning. Ah, I am, I am crazy, like like f the I was crazy, I'm crazy for just crazy for equality. Does that make me crazy glancing up, ok or it will will love? What is what or a poet question. You know you
You you ve, come out against Howard Salts, yes, because he's wealthy, yes, and but you say, to run as an independent is, is horrible, your and independent I'm an independent strategically when it suits the ambitions of me. The working class people. How would Schulz is a billion, every billion it is a policy disaster in the United States. I think his money should be taken and every Starbucks should be converted into some sort of organic organic farming facility for Let us not! The king came up. One percent vegetables are decisive letters. Are it so you are your for the Democratic Party, all the rifts between you, two of healed, there's, nothing but love with you in Emma Credit pray. I am a strong supporter of the Democratic Party. I am adjoined the Democratic Party. I am proposing legislation actively that we should all legally be friends and I believe, once its past, we will usher in a new new utopia our end, just if anybody wants to pitch in on your campaign. What? But what do you recommend
I knew you can go to my website. Bernie Sanders two suits in a crumpled pringles can org the other ones worry taken, unfortunately, but that that one was until available right and you can go there and donate on my patriotic count and I'm trying to the crowd fund a new state in between Massachusetts and New Hampshire, a new state. Yes, it's going to be Vermont! and I will be will this be- will be, but only slightly better. So there's a lot of projects to get involved in the main one is to get me like the President think I'm going to pull it off this time. If I don't I'm going to keep doing it at least twenty four, thank you very much. Bernie Sanders for being a part of the programme, my pleasure regular, thank you and you like these honest and I see it isn't a mamma to. I think we should explore next time. I don't know I've seen Vermont, you know Vermont one. I dont know how you'd make it better. Can you have too many
months, I don't. I don't think I don't think so. This is the best of Woodland Back programme then done is known as freedoms disciple. He does a podcast on the blaze. He is from Ireland. He so desperately wants to live here. in the United States, but we are now getting action. Getting a visa here is is ridiculously difficult, and so he is in ireland- any comes in to visit from time to time. In that he speaks around the country about Amerika and what makes us. I love this not what makes Amerika great, but what makes us exceptional welcome to the programme from Ellen Jonathan Dunn. Thank you, sir. I was going to be here. Yeah, it's good to have. You here, you're at home in America, aren't you? Yes, yes, where I feel comfortable, I do
come over here, I'm sending on home when I'm one day when I fly back at some back to Ireland and it's the waiters, its life, it must be hard for you, because I can't imagine America there's, a lot of people are there in Ireland who are like you know what America's really got but the thing is the frustrating thing and why I do what I do is: there's not many Americans today who can actually tell you white and exceptional nation. I talked him the people on all sides- and I get America's great because we're Americans now you're good because you're, a set of values and principles- and I was very blessed- If such a distorted you and you know as well as when I came over first a seventeen year old boy went Clearwater Florida, my grand dancing, I fell in love with your country, then I fell in love with your people, cause you're, sorry from your open minded. Your inspiration are always looking forward. You ve got this can do attitude, then what the international law people like you and Mark Levant, I fell in love with Erika the idea. It's the idea that makes you exceptional. When I hear people on all
Besides, the US, a new need to be more like European Eatby, like everyone else. No, we to be more like you, not because your Americans, but because of certain ideals the lot right to life liberty in the pursuit of happiness, the right that you have the right to pursue your happiness. You can do anything you want doesn't matter, because we raise your class background, your education, your parent people, don't see the difference between you and me. They would think Scotland, Ireland, England. I mean I can go over there and be whoever I want to be. Why can't you be there that over there She's got not there's no incentive to be so people. Let me get break down into certain policies that you need to beware of. we will now for two for twenty twenty you're talking of a progressive tax goes in its the millionaires and billionaires the price, but that is, it might start there, but eventually attacks to the average Joe, the middle millions of innocent, and let me give you some stats about, aren't, aren't you proud progressive nation with a proud, progressive tax code. Every cent everyone earns over Turkey, two thousand euros, which ballpark would exchange rates by thirty four thousand dollars, is taxed at four
percent. Oh my gosh, why would you work? Why would you do the incentive my mother is over sixty and she made some changes in her life a couple years ago. What you work five days a week, all her life and she was on decent money for what you did I stutter down to like. I need to do a little bit less and I need to just want to do different things. live a bit more? I suddenly did our numbers is that if you the train a half day week or treat a week. You don't lose like a hundred bucks if you like, but that's two days, that's work. I was that work and because I brought a right under the thirty two thousand, that thirty, those thirty two thousand euros she safe, so much money. She was effectively spending to over days effectively workin for the government, putting our softer the hustle. If you have that incentive or lack of incentive. Why workers? Why community? Why want and bones, but that's only for workers when you're innovating. Why would you want to do? Why would wonderworking of forty percent of income tax to the government. That's income tax, then did we have parasite than we have a? U s c What are those so it's pay related social insurance.
Then there's a: U s c, which is a social charter which all supposedly goes into the healthcare, but we are like a government like you all where its is to go into these different forms but it'll themselves into one big posh, Vienna. Everyone just takes out of it. What you will so you up or up to fifty, but that's pretty much me bill, rightly talked about it today. Fifty percent of his pay check because he lives in New York, goes to taxes about Forty six forty seven percent of might paycheck goes to taxes What we are doing that it's just on D, the rich, yet that's happening. You think the difference is that really had a chance to get there get it. They did the reasons Training for me is about socialism and about big government is the have tone and when I hear Bernie Sanders in some of the socialists speak their view right on the problem. Is the solution fall down on the reason that free market capitalism is. The answer is because it creates a same level playing field for everyone,
big businesses that lobby government unused these policies in your use, these regulations and tax policies they made their money, they can pay to forty percent tax motor people, don't Toy America's exception. If we go back to your history, you studied a history of the world and we much every revolution, you're the exact opposite, because usually revolutions and using this in France right now, with the yellow professor notice, there did people at the bottom of it By this I mean this not from a class or not from a standard from an income point of view, with nothing to gain and everything to lose wanting their slice. It a pie, your founders, readings, act opposite if I use modern day language, your fifty four seiners, a declaration on the penance where the bourgeoisie the greedy capless, the millionaires and billionaires of the day if they wanted to, they probably could again The king and said: hey, listen, king, we're all people? We? All these people would status with money would not well known what land with property with businesses. Give us a better deal in disguise the average American they didn't. They fought for freedom for everyone. I have stood,
the founders so many times, and I never looked at it that way. That is a great observation they had not. They had everything to lose. That is why there and edible, but let's go even one step further, the frustrating Please could you using certain words in your culture right now, and one of them is winning. everyone on my friends on the left, my friends on the right these I just want to win America was never vote, winning that's going to some of the stories about winning. Shall we, if fifty four sign as your declaration in the pennants one as a judge from New York, this is very rare for to night. He was respected by both sides. The ought, as a fair judge, after he signed the declaration of independence. How many cases did you hear virile? Why? Because wasn't about winning. It was about doing the right thing. Other people who signed your declaration, opponents lost property lost or stature lost or fame. have their wives? Are mothers are sisters rate? What was winning like to them, but you go in the Revolutionary war, the people who fought, who went and actually went about who lost her brothers.
who had no shoes, you haven't got guns, you haven't, got the right training. What did winning look like to them? America was not built on a great idea of winning. You want to in study. The french revolution does that's all they wanted. They wanted to get there, but a pair We then compelled the other side and that ended with the gating America was built on the premise of doing the right thing. It's why you had divine providence. You get us and you understand it's not about winning. You have to do the right thing and you answers- are in your constitution or are in the bill of rights, and if we have these conversations, you win an example of someone. I had a conversation winds make someone went Johnny, Do you talk about government and stuff? You know Bernie Sanders. You have to admit money in politics is a problem. I absolutely agree with you. Money in politics is a problem. Lobbying is a problem. He went how'd, you fix it, why? Don't you tell me how you fix your Bernie Sanders support our duties he's at while campaigns an answer law, as you know, the answer to the constitution, Watson that document a fix.
that article one section eight aiding causes are there of what the federal government can do. Everything else is left to the states. Now you ve set. You believe that you share this. If you follow, thus everything else has got to go to the state you dont have lobbyists in Washington. You come to Texas, you come too often you come to New York. He come to Chicago. but even states like Texas beyond me. What two months every two years in jail for twenty two months of the year lobbies cant, do anything in Texas, then you encouraged ought to go up. Where that's how you solve these problems: the constitution, the satin your country, right now, you've ve, come so far off your government. Your founder set, there's aiding things the federal government can do. Everything else is to the state here's the sad truth about your country? Can you name aiding things the federal government want to know? Can you name one? they tell you a toilet, you can go to. They tell you what cars you can drive, they tell you what mortgage you can have. The can tell you how much income you have. They tell you sweet you're allowed. They tell you what matters
you have they moving? The federal government cannot do in your life because here's where the differences, Work is founded, you're, so exceptional. They said your rights come from your crew and there's limits on government. Why I'm terrified No one addresses this problem. You wanna know the real butler. Today, it's not Donald Trump. It's not Democrats and Republicans the bar. of the data we need to start explaining to people. It's not you reverse- is tyranny. It's the law of man versus the law of nature, your exceptional for a fact, because every other nation winter to King Dictator, a monarch, an oligarchy theocracy Any them are all based on the LAW of man. There's no foundation, it changes with popular opinion and widows and with elections wave elections. yours founder said: Nano we're gonna base it off the laws of nature. Slaw natures got because there's principles They were true children forty years ago, their true today, and they will be true. Two hundred fifty It is why socialism doesn't work because it
ex away, and in is in the face of the law of of nature, it does it it says that men are not Animals and that somehow or another we can equalize everything and make every body the same. It's it's in nature. Nothing is the same All the lions are not even equal Yokota very want. Thus we right of a people, you know we want people to do there from things, because there is the key word to any to emphasising your declaration of penance. You have. Right to pursue your happiness. You not guaranteed happiness. We have the right to pursue it. It's about the individual. We all have different things if you want to go We set up the blaze which you day than you, wanted to have this empire to the stand and be a beacon for true gopher gonna. Do you as an island nuff? Absolutely enough? Not, I hope but also there's no market first
That's the reason you have a difference of people. Take me: what's the difference between Ireland and every are in America and the rest of the work, you haven't beacon, you're, not using it right now, but you have a road map to success. We don't have that. We don't have nature's law, we don't have a fundamental belief, we're all created equal. We have a class, That's how I got my showing Volovya. Remember. I rang in your annoy me when we could have named. Please stop using the word middle class. It goes against the founding of a principle of America. Can, if you have a you're going opera, glass, stew, your middle and lower, but yet were often they created equal network, the cat. You can't have it throwing them I am much more upper class at either of you what I'm the lower class based living, but the idea that you have to do if you want to go, be a baseball star and earn like money. Machado give you based if you want to be money Machado, you want to sign a ten year tree undermining daughter, deal gophers if you're like me and pops? Like to speak- and I don't want to do that- for free gophers- it all goes to your pursuit of happiness. You can set up a business.
do you want to be a stay at home because that's popular to attack the. If that's your dream and life go fresh fundamentally comes back to your, and indeed You will and you can do whatever it is. You want you have one opportunity in life and we need to encourage people cuz, here's, the cultural difference between American, the rest of the world. Everyone three pulls people down. There is a saying, I'm sure you may have heard you get too big for your bridge. Will you can't do that when you got a bit success within your no rich in whom have all these things? You have you become a new car? You have This money, you're, were all these monies. Are Google Gee? I see how much money your work, your two big you need to pay more America was about in a walk gopher. Why don't you do it yourself? You can do it. Nothing stopping you. It's all appear in the mines that so many people have become a victim love. I could never do that Ike. Why could I do? I can come from the right class? It doesn't matter It doesn't matter. It's all in your my dream, big you're here,
five years ago quickly. We have about a minute minutes. A half left tell me what, if anything, is different since the last time you were while the Good NEWS to report is I've been around a lot of Texas and in Oklahoma, Saint Louis, you people are still awesome, it hasn't the wage. Each other on line has an interest rate of heavy tree people on the street, which, thank God, touch wouldn't never does you're still open, there's no racial issues, I've tat conversations with black people why people gay people stray people, there is nothing. and there? The biggest thing I've learned is: there's an appetite for founding principles because every one right. Now they won't a mountain because it or politics are going. Things are making sense right now. What we need to do it You wanna go big and you want to actually make America exceptional again. Now is the time to make the case for founding principles
have to understand the declaration in the penance and make the case not about the Republicans. Are Democrats are leffertses make the case for principles, because here's the thing people say to me: can american prosper again? Can America the exceptional get? That's not question. The question is yes, you can the question is: do you want to the question? Is: are you willing to go through the supply and sacrifice that your founders venture to get us This is why we gave him a show on the Blasi. It's a podcast. You can listen to it. Freedoms decide old Jonathan done. I urge you to to seek that podcast out, listen to him and support him and one day I hope, to welcome him as an American to our shores. This year you will Jonathan. Thank you so much The blaze radio network on demand,
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