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Best of The Program | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Rep. Madison Cawthorn | 1/29/21

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Bill O’Reilly joins to discuss all the news of the week, including Biden’s excessive executive orders. Glenn reveals generous donations from his audience to previous guests who talked about their struggle to keep their small businesses open. Rep. Madison Cawthorn discusses how he’s being called an “extremist” by his political opponents and the media’s coverage of “unity” in Congress.

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We're going to the podcast his great show today, you dont want to miss it. We have the one the only bill, O Reilly who joins us for an hour today to go through what has gone on in the last week. There's always a lot and bill always has a great perspective on it. We then also talk to medicine calthorpe visa, the youngest member of Congress Republican he's been, of course, targeted, he's very much a threat to the left and they have been coming after him. We go through that and we talk to small business owners from around the country that you have come together as an audience to be able to help through the cove id craziness. People's who'd businesses were really on the on the verge of collapse. You guys have stepped up and have helped them in a dramatic way as we go through that with the people who have helped to today's programme as well. Don't forget to join Valise tv dot com, Slash gladdened, promo code is Glenn. I can get a subscription to blaze, deviancy thirty bucks off. We there's a lot of stuff around today. Glad- and I are both on with Steve Days today or I would Dave Reuben today favour ovens on my shows did as America today that's a great stuff coming up with a blaze. It's it's an incestuous day at the least tv tiers of August. Ladies and gentlemen,.
From his tour recently at Carnegie Hall. Mr Bill O'Reilly, the author of killing crazy horse and killing the mob, which I actually receive this week bill. I have the copy. I'm not going to get into it, but how difficult to get get anything you want to but I'm gonna Opera mass on Sunday for your daughter, no thank you and and then I believe course. If there's anything, I can do to help. There's not. I appreciate you never know we have a lot of cloud, but Now there is an amazing hospital and it just is real, the odd with covered that people are allowed to be with their love, one one person is allowed in, and so she selected her sister to be whether the whole time- and we just have to wait in
who can be at the hospital care be with her when she comes out of its isp so weird time anyway. Bill. Where do we, even with this even begin with this week's news I was surprised by you out it himself. Is this very enthusiastic progressive. This week I thought it. Ease put out of it by now. On the wily dot com was that it really does not have core values, Joe Biden. Saying that with any mouse button look at his career. He changed. Every issue, including abortion, went really hard. The change on that, unless you have been a penny, Look I've been the other way I saw you know my assessment, by was- and I said this throughout the campaign- and after you left him crazy you're getting malleable guy, getting a guy who's, basically
on a court favor with his party in the press and the two press that is most enamored with or the New York Times in Washington Post, People don't understand understand that Joe Biden wants the approval of these newspapers, and that they are guiding him more so than humor or policy or the others, the Obamas that he wants to see those paper praise him on a daily basis. That is what he lives for. So when you're going to take that turf, these are far left newspapers they're. Not Moderate left, they're far left the USA is a bad country. It always has been George Washington on word, and we got a racket and build a new country. And finally, what exact
explain to me, then. If he wants the approval, he is now up to forty executive orders, the fascist dictator that didn't leave office, Donald Trump, Did six six. In his first week Joe Biden has done forty. Eight a world record president of the United States and The New York Times came out their editorial board and said: stop stop with Executive orders, yeah, but you didn't read the whole thing I did. I did. It said stop because your man, had harder for us to get our progressive agenda passed in Congress forever acting as Americans are getting nervous. It was in school, being by for being a progressive alone.
That's not what it was. It was hold it. Your strategy is not good hold back a little, so I thought you were in their work, Well, it was. It was more than that. It was like look you're just undoing, Donald Trump stuff. The first few were just undoing Donald Trump stuff, and if you want lasting change, we have to go through Congress here's! The here's, the interesting point on this item. I think that one truly understands Joe Biden's real agenda or the the magnitude of force behind him. They learned from Barack Obama, you have two years and you really have the first hundred days where everyone will give you a pass. So you to. GM. It in right now before something happens and theirs it
party, organised or or anybody knows what to do. Everyone still talking about the last president. Just do all of it right now. I think that's what's really happening, I'm just a great it the very nervous, the progressives that lose Congress in two years time, jam everything up now yet again, stone it possible and drive the United States into a socialist state. That's the goal. I mean they want the government to run the economy. Doll out to the favored groups. That's what the equity thing is yep. The large yes, that comes from Washington, so I will tell you bill. I've had I, I kind of have a different view on exactly what you just said and I've been saying the same thing: we're headed towards the social estate. We're not were actually becoming an oligarchy
what what is happening right now is the the use of these divisions, the use of these favoured status, is very convenient right now, but the money, the real money is not going to be going to those groups? The real money is going to these oligarchs, these giant companies and seals and those with connections and those who will play ball with the new? You know reset agenda of of climate change, union jobs, etc, etc. I think that remains to be seen. I think that these are marginalized. Groups has an invite described them will receive a lot of people yeah? I agree with that on the side. I am not convinced that bear is a blueprint to enrich the social media titans.
By the federal government. I think that day, are they have an alliance, the leopard in Democratic Party, certainly allies with Silicon Valley but you gotta remember that the the Amazon and the Facebook and the twitter they develop something that people all over the world walked in. One's gonna, the bird tat they were mass truly. The dollars, an amazing amount of power because of what they developed in the capitalist market place having to do with any politician. Now these people are incredibly powerful, as we saw with taken. Donald Trump's, megaphone away from I can do that to a resident. You can do it to anybody. So I've started a free speech movement
in very, very early I'll. Tell you more about it. Next Friday, it's gathering steam, it's going to be like the tea party, at least Then Americans will know what's happening because Americans, you know they're addicted to the phones you're looking at the screen. They don't really know what the big picture is, but I'm not I'll be in yet, and you may be right, but I'm not there. Yet. I have two more facts that there is a collaboration between the federal government and Silicon Valley. There's a sympathy and alliance, but I don't think it's an organized collaboration. Well. I think, let me give you this you. You know about the made in America executive order. That says the government agencies are going to have to work closer with US businesses rather than paying foreign businesses, and it seems great on the surface. However, the made in America Office, which the acronym actually is M, a o mao
Here they are They say they are going to work Let me give you this. Let me give you this exact quote. This order is deeply intertwined with the president's commitment to invest in american manufacturing, including clean energy critical. So I chains growing good, paying union jobs and in advance a racial equity. So what there what they're saying now is, if you're not part of the clean energy, racial equality thing, if you don't have the right kind of people on your board, if you are not doing critical race theory that you're not going to get any federal money, so they are well. I drew up changing businesses and bringing them into the fold, but there are very few private businesses connected to the federal government. It's not an overwhelming about, but if you wanna federal contract, as you know, bring in.
A rainbow of people to sit there and say yeah we're having a great time working for Lenny. So let's get the contract to send you. Europe want to send you a rough copier on the same, we're we're on it. Path. Yeah. But I'm not a conspiracy a guy, because I know how incompetent the federal government and the state government too. To I mean I just can't execute stuff like I'm not a conspiracy guy either, except when there is a conspiracy. It's not a theory. It's a fact and I'm gonna send you an early draft of the book the great reset that I'm writing right now, Billy you, you have to see what they're doing in Davos this week it is that now that some of these people act, truly believe this is going to be great, but it's called Stakeholder Capitalism and It is now being they are saying this week. Capitalism is dead and
It's going to be replaced with stakeholder capitalism, and these are the titans. Of the world. I mean the build back better thing, that's happening all over the world, that is about stakeholder capitalism, you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Let me go to Katherine Hill. She is the owner of Miss Kitty's lounge. She was on with us for ago. I think She grew up and animal lover and an advocate and she rescues animals and she kept them are found them a new home She was doing this. You know at the age of thirteen and she's been doing it ever since, while she opened up neighbourhood bar called Miskities Lounge in a formula
named Miss Kitty, because she saves cats. The rent was always paid on time. Every month everything was fine until the pandemic struck. At the same time she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. She underwent six months of chemotherapy, fifteen rounds of radiation and IRAN. Radical mess me cancer has been a tough journey. She continues to fight and she kept her lounge going all the way through it. She was managing all the way through when the pandemic. Struck. She was, down by executive order, she had no income, she wasn't able to pay the rent and all of this just started to really destroy her life. Her efforts were destroyed and her- Her landlord was now
not exactly a friend of people who are struggling, she's on with us now high Catherine. How are you, hi? How are you doing good? The last time you were on, I think I were you were one of those that I had to cut short, Story, and I love your story so much, and I love the fact that when We told you that we wanted to raise some money. You were one of the businesses we selected you said I too, I don't want any of the money. If you raise any money, give it to cancer. So you selected a a charity, can you tell me about the charity? Well, it's all proper that's better research, cancer, research, first stage, for which I am stage for now. And so like very little cancer research money usually goes to stage four so lives. Why is that?
I don't know okay and So met a viper, what did they do? of the money goes to. Four cast research. And so that, where chasing the science right now, I'm on a new drug with a lot for it when I'm on now is was just approved in April, so chasing the science. So that's where tat well I I'm thrilled to say This audiences just truly amazing. They raised a total of two hundred fifty two thousand five hundred and ninety three dollars. We have for small business owners and something else him until the audience about That means Meta. Viver is going to receive a check in your name for Fifty thousand dollars
Thank you for sharing. How are you feeling I'm better like this. The new treatment minors is a lot easier than the last I was on so what are the doctors say? We're just hope. You now just were grab onto whatever hope you can the best life now oils and with your family Hogan closed. Are our thoughts and our prayers, and I know people ridicule that, but I know this audience and they are praying for you and will pray for you and your family. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you. We have several people that we want to talk to quickly here. I don't know if you remember Joe Crowley, he is break away,
This is a he opened his first restaurant in ninety ninety three and he bought. This property, just twenty minutes out of downtown Boston, and it was a It's a historic site, it has a great heritage and he really was working to bring it all back. Well, an cove id happened. They remain closed. They are looking now at a march reopening. Hopefully, the founder and the owner of breakaway is Joe Crowley and he's with us now hi Joe. How are you are you there yes, I am hey. How are you I'm doing great good hear if you got yeah, so tell me what is happened since we last spoke you're in pretty dire straits. The last time we spoke yes, while gland first
foremost, my health is getting better. I know we spoke about and I had a heart attack in the bureau and I'm getting stronger and better and in my family, supportive, and we're very grateful for that, as as an establishment was still closed, we still have a full lay off of employees in the state. We're we're just now looking to possibly have a march or April opening which we're not allowed to have live team in the building yet people really are not willing to commit to having functions and fun fundraise some gatherings. So it's really I sit and wait. The vaccine roll out in in the state is banned on very disorderly, very slow. You hear stories about freezes being unplugged and thousands of vaccines we'll be thrown away. The elderly in the school teacher.
Having trouble make an appointment, so we're waiting for food service to come up to protect our employees. I think when, when when the vaccine out gets a little smoother, we can start in a reopen and maybe having some outdoor concerts when the weather. Today's ninety degrees, outside so you know we're not gonna get outside nine for so many reasons, Joe come to axis, for so many reasons, life that big fancy wants is down there, yeah. No, it's great so Joe! I I want you to know that we have. This audience has raised just a ton of money, and this doesn't make a dent in what you guys are facing. And we have divvied the money up and we have a check for you.
And break away from eighty four thousand five hundred eighty four dollars and seventy four cents. Wow, that's that was completely unexpected, why I have no words. I I you know I will my crew, no and my management. Now as soon as we come off, the I've, no words Glenn. Such an advocate for small businesses within the last year and in Europe is showing speechless know. Everyone knows me knows: I'm never speechless. I had a thank you You're welcome. It is the audience. It's not me. It's the audience, we're all in this together, I mean I, this audiences, a small business audience, and I grew up in the bakery of my at the back of the bakery of my dad's bakery end he lost his business in the end, and I know what it's I know what it's like to struggle
as an entrepreneur and a and a small businessman- and lucky enough to be able to be a spokesperson for millions of Americans that share your pain and understand it and wanted to help you out, I You we're wrong with this news that you're giving me now we're going to meet as a management group next week and we're going to start making plans to warm to definite get that open, and maybe sooner than we would have before maybe March. Even if it's means bringing a dozen employees back we're going get right out with that fun, and I cannot thank you. It's unbelievable! It's great Thank you so much it forward brother? Thank you. Man it feels good. Doesn't it. It just feels so good. I dont know why not that hard, it's real
not that hard, I dont know why our governments in our inner they ve put people out of business and how they are not being is beyond me, but when, all work together. We can do something incredible and something that maybe governments shouldn't be doing anyway. Unless they're putting us out of business, all right want key to California to the other coasts now cronies Is a sports grill and the the owner or co honoured a folds is a guy who started is first location. Thirty years ago inventory California they say they have the coldest beer and the best Buffalo wings around he has. Five locations, and they. Last time we spoke in fact he's on with us now Dave last time you black good. Last time we spoke, it was
really Trouble for you, you're still. Are you open without door dining? Or can you, have you been able to open back up yet where we have five where's, but the Agusta store is the store that my orders, and I chose to defy the orders and and they are allowing outdoor dining again, which is kind of crazy, believing it was just an arbitrary decision, but other stores in Ventura County. They have returned to outdoor dining. Thank goodness because we were losing thousands of dollars every day. I'm not kidding people don't realize that, and you have twenty one thousand dollars in fine and fines right. I I just at dislocated right now in it. It was it's probably about more, like twenty four thousand dollars now, because because either after they allowed us to. In a week, to have outdoor dining again, there still find me now the official he'll data you can reopened.
Doors I dont know why they waited a week. But I still state open, and the crazy thing is. If you look at this, I just have these numbers here when they closed this down around November twenty night, there were two thousand forty nine people in the. Hospitalization too, years ago? There were six thousand two hundred thousand people a triple But now they just say: ok: now you can open, it makes absolutely no sense. I dont understand the logic are still logic. You live in California. I know I know alright, so if we as you know, our audience has done a fundraiser for you and we are doing this giving this money out and we have a check for you for eighty four thousand feet five hundred eighty four dollars and seventy four cents. Well, thank you.
It is it privilege and an honour to stand with you Sure I can share with some other people too. You know we're in a bind man, but but was very cool man, good people. Thank you. So much Glenn you're welcome, let us know how things are going to make sure you make sure you stay in touch, so we we can now here about the amazing return dear you're, the man Glenn, you have good people, best for you. You know I have the following you for a long time. I think you're solid man- and I am I Think I might even get a got going like you thanks so much. I appreciate
buddy. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Madison author, an eighth generation Resident North Carolina, is eleven th congressional district. Twenty. Fourteen yearly died in a tragic automobile accident, left impartially, paralyzed and in a wheelchair his ordeal really built his faith, made him a fighter. Helped him appreciate every day and in spired him. There everyone. He encounters overcome whatever adversity they face in their daily lives. He's a statistical, conservative Madison is committed Defending the values of faith, family and freedom,
he's the youngest member now of the hundred and seventy seven Congress Madison Cahorn, not only represents the residents of fine. Now Carolina, but also young, Americans across the nation want their voices heard in the highest halls of democracy. He is under. Back now as an enemy of the state or the enemy of Congress. We are joined now by congressmen, matters Catherine. Madison. How are you when I'm doing well, thank you for having me on my show, and it's no exaggeration, that I am under attack by what call the mainstream media and by really a socialist in Congress, you know the number one reason I think the laughing and no surprise we knew this was gonna happen is to give the people in my district here that they had it wait? You up. Every election you can send someone who wears tasseled loafers completed, pants and soft.
Is going to go and you get along with everybody in DC, and you might see in the HE signs signed onto a bill, but you know really just someone: go to DC and keep the SAS quote or they could jug chosen. Somebody like me: somebody who wants to go there and destroy the administrative state, get rid of what we call the swamp creatures, the bureaucrat who have a lot of what did, but they are appointed in the meal there promoted within east realer agencies, and then they pass ridiculous. Regulations on me. They don't. Congress is a the inner, because I'm supposed to speak out against a radical agenda, radical agenda or being through executive order in being able tell the american people what to do and when to do it you know, I stand against that. If I'm hated within Washington DC but beloved in my mountains of Western North Carolina, then when I got I think I'm doing something right, sir.
Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez. Yesterday responded to TED crews, when he said hey, we can work together she said I am. I I'm happy to work with almost anyone other than the g o p who's trying to get me killed If you want to help, maybe you can resign. That's Are you dealing with her at all? Is a menace. There, any relationship there is, well there is not. I think this speaks to the broader issue that we're seeing in our culture and now it's seeping into our government. It's called cancel culture There? You don't exactly brood, every ideological point that I do so I want to get good. You know db, has been calling it Pelosi and Joe Biden. You heard or an older people calling for I'm using air quality. Unity, Gaza
many times my french colleagues that it as well, You're talking about the american unity, we imagine it was under one awaken nor- or you know in December- twelve right after the twin towers smell that kind of american unity. We are talking about Soviet Union the kind of unity will you silenced, every single voice of dissent, with absolutely no diversity of thought and therefore, Everybody agrees with the ape like an imperial Rome, and they were there. Somewhere where they were enemies. There was an uprising, they would kill, everybody create a desert and then they would go back home and say: look I brought pieces to the legion. That is what mean by unity and I'm telling you it's wrong. The is not conducive to a healthy and prosperous society, you're having dueling ideas. It is what leads us to making better decisions for the american people so Madison, you know we can and we have unified before,
but we have to have proof symbols in common, we dont to have policies in common? We don't have to I have faith in that. We don't have anything really in common except a few principles, and principles. Everybody raises their hand to say I will protect and defend those principles. Are they Are there principles we can unite on Madison We don't, I know you, we don't agree on the constitution and bill of rights, know that, nobody really agree under the earth. People like oftentimes like to refer referred people like myself, Josh Holly, Matt Gate had coups. They say we're far right, but I win. When I hear that, because as you know, there's no such thing as far right for me. There's no such thing as a sinner light. For me, there is the constitution, that is the only thing that guides me. If you do not agree with that talk with you I do not see eye to eye we a governor
The problem is- and you see AOC, to bring her up again. Literally said that perhaps it's time to start a commission to look into this journalism, that's so dangerous. That means getting the freedom of Press, the press, these people want it since you're. What can say so that they can control what we can think about, and you throughout the Covid nineteen pandemic, they're trying to control when we can congregate, when we could worship where we can get together? in seventeen? Seventy six, the way the seeds of the work of our freedom were planted. It was done in taverns, who's, gonna churches and done in town squares, but they ve done rid of the new town square. So you can't really speak your mind there on social media. You can't go out bar anywhere in the country and I'm telling you let us go to church. So, what do you see as the the main fight for you? Where are you? What are you gonna concentrate on cause, it's everywhere So what is the thing that you say
This is where I can be most effective, you know what there's multiple points so on one side, I'm elected to help with people in my district and now that we're moving into the era of big government under the Democrats, my goal is to get as much money as they or we can give back to my district. Although I completely disagree with it and I think it's bad for the entire country's economy and prosperity in the. In turn, So you're going to be working on infrastructure, I'm of trying to get more worldwide but you know what, where I'm really trying to cross boundaries, boundaries and break into new people group that don't normally think thoughts is, is I'm to to these they concern of ideas of limited garbutt, shelved determinants a personal responsibility away, to bring those and package then well on social media that people My generation have been deceived by socialism can realize that you are our policy. Our ideas work,
right now. You are many people in this country. Are only being exposed to what the left is telling them, and you know the left is telling them that everyone on the right is xenophobic, bigoted racist. And that we're all uneducated You know what, if they want to attack people for not having a college education. I got to push back on that and say that I think that if we had less people wearing suits and ties more people wearing work boots. Making legislation, decisions in our country we'd be doing a whole lot better. What is your life been like the election and man, the entering into Congress, Anything you been surprised by so I'll see you ve been a tail to city. On one side, I have created a lot of enemies inside the beltway of Washington D C on the left to test me because I'm willing to stand up and speak out against
they know that I've got my own platform. So I don't need to bow down to these journalists who think that they can determine everything that happens in this country. So sometimes I go to Washington. I feel pretty despised, I come back to Western North Carolina, I agree with love and thankfulness from people, because they're excited to have someone that actually represents their viewpoints and people are, turning to real. I just like you saw how the EP is not allowing just normal everyday Americans to be able to beat these hedge fund managers, just as you saw the election. They didn't want normal everyday Americans in Wisconsin or Arizona to be able to determine the election outcome When I got there and speak out against this, these people had detested, but the people watch your carolina, the people I would to represent they they love and it it the honor of a lifetime to get you know. I tell
there we we ve, talked about on this programme several times greatly since nine eleven eve you you know, Nancy Policy is talking about building a fence around the capital and that she is feels the enemy is within. I gotta gotta believe that makes the Republicans feel good. The enemies are within their surrounded by people in Congress that want them dead. According to Nancy Policy and the best to keep Congress safe and for the continuation of our of our system of our government in case of a horrible terrorist attack. Something else you know this strikes the building with lightning or something the best to protect it to say all of the congressmen in the Senate home we can, do all that you do electronically and You, then, are more responsible and more plugged in to your local area, and
you don't lose touch with those people and those people can actually not lose touch with you. They don't have to go to the hallowed halls and see everybody all puffed up in their big offices in in Washington DC they're, protecting for continuation of government. They are protected corruption, at least easy corruption. It makes the lobbyists have to spend a lot more money flying all around the country. I don't know why we haven't propose this in Congress, yet Well, you know what I do think that there is something to be said for all of us coming together and sitting down and creating relationships. I do understand what you're saying and I've actually made the decision. Although it creates a lot more stress on me, a lot more travel time. I do not live in Washington DC, I don't have a resident there. I sleep in my office,
and the reason is because of exactly what you just said when I don't want to be inundated inside of Washington DC. I don't want that to be my home. I don't want to feel like that's normal. Decided to live back home in my district, so I've got to fly a whole lot more. My wife is, or my wife is here- my church. Let my friends- and you know what I've got to go out to cracker bail. I've got to go to the gun, show I've got to go to church my constituents can look me in the eye and say: hey, Why did you vote on this bill? Why are you doing this? Why are you backing down? Why don't you have a back boot and you know I there's a lot to be said for that. So I don't think we should allow our congressmen and women to be able to live in Washington DC. I think that's the reason they put it on top of a swamp. It is yeah The only thing is, I do have a little bit of concern about doing Congress through electronic means If I look back to history, history, like really when the death throws of the role of the public were happening right
to the fall? There's really a lot of centralization of power in almost merely what what they call proxy voting I got to give that some more thought. There is something to be said for living in your district, which I committed to do for the rest of my term in Congress Madison! Catherine! Thank you so Much best of luck and keep up the proverbial and metaphorical fight. In Congress. Thank you so much Glen, your I beg you if I blow was talking ginger.
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