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Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Senator Joe Lieberman | 1/31/20

2020-01-31 | 🔗
There are two ways to think about witnesses in today’s Senate vote, and one involves … Romney. Bill O’Reilly gives his take on the State of the Union, the Iowa caucuses, and how tired Americans are of media spin. Former Sen. Joe Lieberman announces where he stands on trial witnesses and addresses what the media only mocked: President Trump’s historic Israel-Palestine peace plan. While the Palestinians and Democrats immediately rejected it, the plan provides everything they asked for and more!

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Pay well into the programme big day for the impeachment witness, no witness we actually have Joe Liebermann on. He says for the first time how he would vote. We talked about the difference between this impeachment and the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Also, we addressed trumps peace talk plan The EU is fascinating, we're Billow Riley on we talk a little about the Krona, corona coronavirus virus, which you dont get from beer, believe it or not. I think it might be a cure. You should try this weekend, and also Daniel Hannan from London just a few. Hours away from the official rex, it as the they leave the European Union. His thoughts on vat on freedom. And what America is doing right now and the choices in front of US rate don't miss podcast begins,
The only thing they dont pat good goods for fill in end ass do is always on his Superbowl drip. He goes to the Superbowl and its it's nothing, but you know snorting coke off the belly of hookers. Him for two nays, he gets it out of his system and then he comes back and he's a completely moral guy, mostly well I think he breaks down again around memorial day. Memorial day. Well, dear God, does it right? You don't have to use our wits, which non service. Member of us does it just breakdown around memorial day.
Maybe people again now, after due blow or something you know off the belly of hookers cause? That's the way, I think, as Stew says, that's the way. Jesus would want it now. I disagree with that, but it still so anyway. Pat none word in context of today. Romney meaning he may vote for witnesses, nay, why I want him to honestly. I I just want to get this out. And, as you have said several times, Lance that boil a guess. You're just going to be relentless. Dont have some Willis event. I think there are two ways to look at this and an ino. Quite honestly,
the way we look at it. It is little wrought it. What do you want to use those job at ease? They disagree with us. Well, you're, just plain wrong. There's two ways to look at it and I think the one way which everybody, including me, is king at this. You just wanted over. You don't owe me You know there is nothing to this, and this is John Bolton is another of them. Steel dossier proves it oh Mamma proves it. Oh, my gosh Vince be not Vince Flynn, but What's his name, a general Flynn, it proves it all this phone call. It proves it none of these things every time they may come into a big deal and not one of them have made a move needle at all, none of them are what they say. It is gay, so
when you, when you're looking at John Bolton, I think conservatives generally have supported John Bolton his whole career. We like him right. We trust- and I dont want to throw him under the bus. I think he's wrong here on the the way he's approach this with the book, Yes, and the way the Democrats have treated him is so hypocritical I mean they did. They talked about his lack of credibility when you know before when he was nominated for the? U N positioning all along the line they hated this guy and now it is suddenly got to hear the truth for John Bull and John Bones, the only one that can tell us the truth right to play the opposite. He's lying, I dont think John Bolton is lying. I dont think John Bull has anything real to say gay b b, I know John Bolton and I think he is a man of credibility. I think his credibility has been destroyed by him, taking a big pay day from Simon and Schuster to write a book,
Now does he have anything the book here, why it should happen. In my opinion, there are two ways to look at this. There's nothing there. I'm tired of this. Let's move on cake! that's all understandable and I feel that way. However, away there three ways, also the legal way the president has won his case. No, attorney say you're, your job is at stake. Your your life is at stake. Your name is at stake, everything's at stake and the a comes in with this guy's. I know I got pack gray he's gonna testify against Glenn needs got a big book deal coming out a little while I don't wanna hear from path. This bread is best Fridays. Then there for thirty years, war see, I have to say, okay and I'm I'm like what
she's. Pat turn on me. Don't worry about a pat has nothing we can take him apart, because I know pat and I know a pat has seen and I could tell you everything about it. No attorney would say: ok, let's do that. You'd say no, but if it's pat my best friend and he he goes off and he's gonna release. This book lets it he's get him on the stand, so I in Cross examined him, because the the media will run all of that. The book really stuff from him. They will do they will do fawning interviews, as they want to destroy me. No one will ask tough questions. Do that under the auspices of the trial correct. So the way to do it is to have him testing
I so you can hold his feet to the fire when everyone is watching, and you have all that information out of the way right taking care of it now down. That's now's Pats book is worth because we ve already heard it in the trial it didn't it didn't, hurt me didn't, do it so pack and do it every wants. But what are you arena is book we have already heard at all, so it destroys the book. It destroys the book tour because there's nothing new to go over. But if you don't do it when that book is released, its a huge event and you have a fawning media that wants John Bolt. To be saying bad things about the president, so the Democrats can then, say you know what let me tell you this right now who John Bolton did you see that, in our view, a hope you didn't watch too long as there's really nothing there, but I know you didn't watch it so weakened spin it this way and that they
operation? We add in this President Republican Party, stealing their selection, that What will happen, but now attorney. If I were Saturday I would say, and it and it you one k and right now. Push for acquittal do not put another witness on and if you believe you won, what do you mean it super win by keeping keeping it going even further right, no you're, not right, but as Nancy Pelosi said. If they don't do that or- and this is what the Gonna hammer the whole year- the whole campaigner, there was no acquitted
because they didn't do a trial, they naturally do a trial. They didn't actually care about the truth, so they just shut it all down and didn't get to the truth. That's what we're gonna hear the whole time right up to the election, and I just don't want. I don't want them to have that talking point well. There is a way to get rid of that talking point and then I think beside the trial. You could end the trial today. We have something, and I wish I could come out with it today I mean I can't tell you how far I have fought internally. And we just do this special now, because I wanted out before the trial is, but we can't do it. We have certain things that have to fall into place for us to be able to release this. But I am telling you I read the script last night
still has chunks in it that are not buttoned up, but we think we're getting the paperwork to prove it, because we ve seen it we just have it in hand and as I'm looking at it and reading this, I looked at my staff last Naomi. I read it last night with the staff around me and as I am reading, it's like forty pages, and I said this is the most powerful special we ever done. This may be the biggest story we have ever broken. While it is, It's me shocking and its much more, the corruption, everything we said that was going on it all Scott on, but there is a deeper story to it. That is how can I put this without it is
It is a story that has driven the news on a couple of presidents and- and I care I just can't say a huge, huge story- and it is not about this president. It's about Barack Obama. We found something that the Obama administration was doing, that will it will destroy why destroy the Obama administration and its legacy to the left, you're talkin about this. Free, Barack Obama, administration, no free. No, this is this. This will pass the left off while
so much the left will be like excuse me and we're going to expose that. So, if they don't do this trial, believe me what we are going to expose next Thursday and by the way were opening it up. It'll be free. We want everybody to see it. It's not gonna be behind the pay, while you'll be able to see it on Youtube and Facebook in and all of our platforms for free but watch it because it is
You can end this trial and begin a new trial that must be done and we are not talking about trying Obama, your talking about exposing Obama and then exposing all of the people that were involved in it and it's beyond corruption and accounts. You'll understand what I mean by that, but it is, it is corrupt, illegal unconstitutional, but be on corruption. I thought this is about corruption and power. It is about that with some Hunter Biden is, is involved his next, the is into his neck up, but it is. It is the worst that we have seen in the past from President's
who of which I know went, through massive trials in history for this, and it is an affront to Congress, the constitution, all of it. So you want to close this down great close it down, but they must now go back and say. How did this happen? We spent thirty, four million dollars on on a mullah report, the Miller Report did nothing Miller Report did nothing had nothing, this started from before he was even in office, and now this How many millions of dollars in time was wasted on this one? What was that really about, and it is not about just protecting Joe Biden- it's really not, and I can lay out the case that that is not what that is not what
Donald Trump was doing. He knows he knows what was going on. I can take you to all the things in the phone call in the July. Twenty fifth phone call that didn't make. Sense and things that we were like. Why Would he say that now we know we found one piece and we're like follow that and it connects all of it and the timing is beyond dairy used. The word perfect it's beyond perfect, so what do you think happens today still earn Pat, I d broadly. I think they probably block, though witnesses.
Now, I'm gonna look like earlier in the week they couldn't stop. It now looks like there are most certainly going to. I think, because what I mean Lamar Alexander, came up yesterday and he said soon enough. I've seen enough, there's even one when a what John Bolton says, it's not impeach of right, so The matter, and I like that, look at it. You too, you know, but if it doesn't matter, then Why not do it anyway, other than this is dragging on, but I like that approach it does matter now. Romney, I dont think, is doing it for the reason we think he should do it. I think he just really eggs, wild our weight and are there might be something there that we should look into? I don't think he's doing it politically. I think I think rum. Is so.
He is. He is so self aggrandize himself that he's forgotten that he represents the people of the state of Utah he's representing Mitt Romney because I don't believe the people in Utah want to to do this, you, I don't think so. I mean he won what it were awarded trump when by eighteen points in Utah and Utah was not state. That was raw, Donald Trump. They held. There knows because of his personal life. They held their nose and voted for him, but things change. They still. I dont think like him. The way he be waves personally in the tweets and everything else, but they have seen like I, have seen ok, wait a minute, wait, a minute thereof, some amazing things that he is doing. Romney still doesn't like him and me. I think, still thinks he's better than then Donald Trump
and everyone else in the Senate. I mean, I think he really truly believes- and I quite honestly, I think, he's part of a problem of Try to tell everybody that he's the reasonable one and Michael IE is this raising extremist and I don't think that's gonna fly. I hope not we ve done it. They ve done that Michael. Though, for a while, you have yeah they. I dont know how powers in Utah paid him as an extremist, and it's it's awful it's wrong in its. It's not true thought likely, as the most reason the senator thought among the thoughtful he's we he's worked with Bernie Sanders on things. When I can make a connection on the constitution. He'll do it MIKE Lee. Is I mean if MIKE Lee was one saying? No, we should hear witnesses. I would go with MIKE Lee
because there is not really political bones in his body, he hates that cares about the constitution. Only cares about the constitution. And Mitt Romney, I think, is I don't I just. There has not been a bigger disappointment. No Roger Ales, nine embedded, bigger disappointment. Then Mitt Romney, he is just He's he's politically smarmy, I think is so Good luck with that years, Mitt Romney in Utah, under water, in the best of the kind that programme, AIDS and you're listen into the Glen Bag Program, if you like, but you hearing on this yo, make sure you check out Pat Great unleashed it's available. Where ever you download your favorite broadcasts. Something
is it right on. This is just something's not right. And here's why I say this I want to believe that the Chinese have learned their lessons from the past and the avian flu and and all the flues past what was the other one that tsar? Yes, Sars, that the world chastised them and those communist where you know what we should be more open information guy now, it's possible. Maybe by never happens you ever. Never happen. Even dirt. That period called glass knows, which meant openness dimension in there. What amount openness in the pit of class knows in the former Soviet Union. This is at the end when you know hey, you know We want to be less communist and more like you guys, we're gonna be open. Church
global goes on. We can see the cloud we can measure the radiation in their like what now, let's product coming from your microwave ovens, it was insane or so Maybe they ve changed but probably not now The reason why we are not so freaked out right now and- and I think that's a good thing- is that we are both leaving the numbers given to us. The Chinese to the w h. Yo weed oh really know what's happening, we don't have any idea, but Pat what, latest totals. I knows what just over two hundred were. Why that died? Yeah so happily infection looks something like eighty five hundred infected. Ok was the last I heard, but it goes up quickly and exponentially. Yes, okay, so aid
Five hundred are infected two hundred or dead. Now some of those Members are coming from the west, but most of those numbers are n in China Now everyone sang I've, look I've done research on the flu and the pandemic for years for twenty two decades. For twenty years I ve been studying this stuff, be scientists have said. Another one is coming gay it's only a matter of time, so I've gone back through my notes and I've looked at the stuff that we have done before we ve looked at the science. We ve done all of our work and what Others me is this one seems to have all of the earmarks. The one that everyone's been saying in the scientific world. That's gonna, look like this. Gonna jump from an animal
the Annan animal that we haven't really had a problem with before and it's gonna highly infectious. It's gonna mutate quickly, it'll, probably Are some place in China Annie we'll start in, and we won't even know that your infected In your still spreading this disease, which is not done in flows, but that's what the really bad one will look like. Ok, look like best one and every one of those earmarks right. Every one of its gonna be more contagious than Sars is an and you're just gonna have to quarantine. Everybody you're, just gonna, have to stop everything. Ok now lets. Nobody in the world is freaking out k and you shouldn't freak out, don't know, but can we just die some things together? First of all,
and I'm not sure of the actual carriers, but I know it was like Caille am. I know british Airways Lufthansa. Big airlines all across Europe have stopped all transportation in and out of China guy. There are not enough buying from Europe or to Europe anymore. We are Russia shut its board the entire chinese border, coming into Russia gay calm the bill, this brand new, beautiful condominium complex in Hong Kong, and it was open yet for sale. The chinese government came in and said we are going to put infected people in that building, in isolation Hong Kong people thought no you're, not, and so long people got when in the streets and they burned the entire complex to the ground K. So
now I know you yeah, China doesn't have any base for the eighty five hundred people. They got a ship em to a brand new condominium, complex in Hong Kong and the people. Like no you're not and they burned to the ground. All schools, all rules have been shot indefinitely. And over seventy million people say. Andy million people are now quarantined in China for something that is caused, two hundred deaths and as eighty five hundred people sick. I mean there are other diseases that are going on right now that have two hundred dad and ten thousand people infected with it. A imagine. Our government
saying you there's something going on right now and we just want to get a handle on it, so we're closing LOS Angeles Chicago. No one in or out LOS Angeles Chicago, New York City, my Hell, let's just close the entire turn seaboard aright leaving near I ninety five shut down, I nodded I've, no buses, no trains, no planes. Nothing would would we be saying. What are you not telling us that is the yeah is what you'd be saying you be saying that you can shoot, cripple the economy right, the apple in tell all of these companies. Major companies are thinking of suspending operations in China. We are now talking about the ports, the Ports are now closing around the world. Worked from China, really for some
its killed, two hundred people, something just doesn't seem right, unless China is just like we are going to. Everybody you get us sniffle And you will never spread to another person, o Oak, ok, or maybe they're drying out can we can people in cities and their trying out all their new technology, possibly. There, are either being super medical and die hell with the economy which away no way we could have a plague here and there, be reasonable conversations to have. If you shut this down you destroy the economy of America and it will take us five and we may never recapture our position, you must
everything you can to keep things open what's happening. It does so like they're lying doesn't tunnel does, and I ve got a nice history of law. So the chinese yeah yeah I don't know yeah yeah. He usually. Communist governments are so open and honest, North Korea, all forthright yeah yeah bidding goes wrong. You tell everybody about it: look out. We might have a problem here. We just wanted you to know since bother you all have you thought of. I mean I had a conversation my family last ice. I said look. This is not going to happen, so not gonna happen, but let's just all mentally prepare. This is What our line is going to be if it looks like there, darting to cordon off areas. This is
but our families going to do. I want you to call the schools and find out we go our kids go to an international school. So has an hour any of the poor since anybody ban in China in the last couple of months so we want to know about. I don't need to know the names, but I want to know about it. You know, taking these precautions is anybody doing that. I don't think I dont think America is really paying attention to the next we prudent, because we only have what we had the first person to person infection in was at Chicago. I think we're though the white came home from whew Hon. And her husband got infected. That's first on that's happened here, so I think that's why it others. Only a few people infected that we are absolutely sure about, and if it, but if there were
a thousand people infected in the? U S, I think people would really start to worry about it, a thousand people, is that the programme happen overnight. The problem of this is the average flew and think health common. The flu is the average flu has a an it's called an hour, not rating, which means how how ease it, is to pass. For instance, smallpox is like has an hour not rating of sixteen to eighteen. Twenty is the top and it means that one person affected. In fact, sixteen to eighteen other people guy the flu, the regular flu is one point one. So you have the flu gonna give it to just over one other person. I ve spanish flu, the one that was the pandemic of nineteen eighteen was not infection,
until you started to show symptoms. That's a big one, and it only had an hour, not rating of two point. Four this one. They believe has an hour not rating of three point: eight pay. So it's it's almost double that of the spanish flu and here's the bigger problem. You are, in fact, is the minute you meet someone that has it even. If they show no symptoms, it can jump to you and the incubation period is anywhere between five and fourteen days and in those five and forty days you can be spreading it, but you have no symptoms and the way it spreads handshakes right like by shake your hand and you have it and then by touch my eyes, it goes through the eyes that arose the mouth correct. So it's not even airports, not airborne. So anybody you shake hands with or few gets me he's gone. There is another problem here, but that's, but that's
nor that's the normal way, flew young people. I know don't stay away from me. I got the flu you're not contagious For you show symptoms, this one is so, everyone you meet. Everyone you around! Okay! If they have it, then you don't even know they have it, and so this one remember this. The spanish flu killed fifty million people worldwide. Six hundred seventy five thousand here in Amerika. Can you imagine something killing six hundred? Seventy five thousand american? I mean to put it to put it into context: the spanish flu, which only infected a third of the world and only killed ten per cent of that third, that killed more people than World war, one and world war. Two combined a flu
and they did it in eighteen months. That's what we're concerned about and quite honestly it you know, here's one time, I'm saying maybe we should pay attention to Europe. If Europe is grounding their planes. Why isn't the United States of America? We should be Rounding our planes when it comes to China, sorry till we know what we're dealing with no planes in no plain out. This is the best of the planned back programme hey it's Glenn.
And if you like what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast, I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs Bill before we go to Iowa. There's a new report that shows the evening news spin on the PETE Veneerings they looked at all the evening news programmes, they found their news. One hunt, two percent negative on Donald Trump Defence night the five percent positive for Democrats apps, Thirdly, humanly impossible impossible. If you're trying to be at all fair but they're, not yes, Everybody knows that right. I did the story last night on the nose, the news on door. I we got down and
basically look at the audience. I said, I'm sorry to bother you. Because I know you know this already- that if you watch and America, in television news network for news, you're, not gonna, get the news anymore, that's not what they are in business. To do it is to promote an ideology number one and number two to elect candidates that back up what ideology there want! That's what the industry is now so now, but that being said, there was an another pole taken by Well, who read or of people who read the New York Times people who read the New York Times when they heard the New York Times endorse a list. With war in and club, which people who read the paper fish Five per cent of those people moved to Joe Biden. Ok,
even their own readership- is I leg, trust these people that accurate to say: why would you take for I wasn't I that Americans no matter how nutty they may be politically on both the right and the left. I essentially We an honest presentation, correct I mean I think, ninety percent one honest even better like to hear it aren't, even if that that's why I have been so successful and in all the research on these shows that do you may not like me. I and I understand tat boy you'll get a fair play when you listen to me analyze blue suit. You tat. If you can't do that
don't worry. I'm gonna tell you what what what has happened now in America is a lot of people. Don't seek the truth anymore. They don't care about it. They want an outcome right. So the me to people want now to be crushed. That's the outcome we want didn't want, baroness looking facts and that's what you're getting in politics. So the outcome that the lap wants is tromp out of office. How you get a model offers. Does it really matter to them why they declining audiences? That network news have to be. I mean, look at CBS Evening NEWS, my God, it's a collapse and CNN collapse. So that's the reality in the We live in right now, you're still standing that Joe by he's. Gonna take the carcass. Now you distorting me
well that's what I do and part of the mainstream media. Now, I'm you know, you're a guy by the pool, I'm minnow. I'm here just get up yeah by it's gonna get I'm taking a cowboy boots away his right now, I said by Mr Wynn, the nomination, but I have been dead fast in saying I was so crazy that nobody can predict it. Yeah, you're, crazy, hundreds. Fifty thousand people bought out of his state about three and a half million hundred fifty thousand, who bowed their don't go to the polls back. They got over those school house or a little VFW. Whatever it may be, and expand around I bought a bird aid. I bought a jog. Ah, out of an hour, they say I'll jailer right this down. Will you want very informal, very unjust
and only the wheel. True believers participate not about, and it was. This is on the right to remember TED crews, one I will conquers wearing a moray which What was what's really interesting is it's not all like that. So I went to a couple of high schools for the Caucasus and they would have the you know, for instance, next they'll have the Bernie people here. They'll have the Elizabeth WAR and people in this room and can go, listen to them and their their bark. For your vote and they'll say: law Warren doesn't have a chance. I know you really like war and but she doesn't have a chance throwin with Bernie, because he could take this and then you'll get your socialist utopia, and so it's it's not going in and making a personal decision it is. It is the party very, very active. Going in and the ones who make the most compelling strategic argument. I think
are the ones that usually come out here, but there's a lot ideology and Bob did it: oh yeah, yeah yeah, I mean look if I had to put body down now on the I awoke hawk. Yes, I would say centres where Mind you, those pretty well by run around a bus Bad my arrival, this Nebraska life Yoda people out the window, a booted you're wrong about you. Remember that Birdy and wore an enclosure David holed up in the set of they couldn't get Iowa. Meantime little pieces document Dory sliding down the chimney a charming. I saw your door case. I would state standards by the booty
one, two three, which makes the state of the union address even easier when he, because Trump could make this about capitalism versus socialism. I think trouble go light on the individual, yes, heavy on ideology. Like I just said you may not like me. What do you want these people? taking the station wagon out your goulash, because that's what they're gonna do are they gonna? Take all you stop. They want to one your life in every way, shape and form an eel hit. The guns he'll hear one stop in the state of the union. I am pro life on pro second amendment on this. I am that and look at these other people take everything everything I have you be foolish tromp not used.
The union to draw that contracts? Being time, Bernie gets Iowa embedded zipped into New Hampshire, the next week, where he used a favorite son jump right. So wise campaigners collapsed. A lot of her people come over the burning and then it'll. Look there providing and believe me all. The cable tv left wing journalists were scream, Bernie, Bernie, burning I'll. Take then a lot by they bathing binding is good, not make it to the finish line. Where the deaths than a wise guys in the Democratic party. They don't want Bernie Sanders at all, but the media favours sanders over by any. If if Sanders wins, Iowa and New Hampshire. Would you almost certainly going to an Then he wins in Nevada worries. Performing pretty well he's got
pretty serious momentum by the time you get to South Carolina. Can anybody stop him if he wins those first three? I am eating number one another? Don't I don't think he's gonna win the battle. I think the bite people really trawl allotted stop into the vat in the union's unions. Rice, wrong right. You gonna go with by lets us part, then, by will wipe out Bernie software Linux? African Americans are a big party that elected on a democratic Cyrus and Deborah Library to bury does it? Does it appeared with the minority communities suspects or african Americans fascinating gazelle like him, and I did a big thing on Bernie and I dont know what do you guys know did not, but he has made millions of dollars only in his wife right, I'm off the public dogs,
hunt you're buying he's adjustment. Jean Sanders is Hunter by are, although good news overseas, it was here I'll. Give you one example: Jane Bide was appointed President Burlington College to wondered. Stood two hundred students ran at the college into bankruptcy and part of the reason was she awarded her daughter, five hundred thousand dollar one working contract, from the college. You ve got to students. So when you get to the ridiculous part
Why has ignored it? They know it because Peters White Use book outlines the press is not even mentioned it. Even the conservative press, the fact use people haven't even mentioned it when I did this this week on the nose. The news I called out why? What? How did you get that ago? It's probably grappled yeah, maybe five million dollars. You got three homes and never had applied the job and they were in a private without even Wendy. They do it I don't think the left cares as long as you're making money how they don't is larger. Making money and you're you're toeing the line and telling everybody that you know there to be somebody
oversea against all the corruption of all the other people. You're. Fine, that's true! But there's not enough far left not to point Bernie Sanders. I agree with the nominated I get a moderate democratic concerned. Are you concerned at all about Wisconsin and Bernie Sanders. The his people I mean we ve had to people exposed, by project vera toss, are saying: they're, gonna burn things down. They're gonna be training there waiting for a revolution they want. One Democrats are going to do this to them again, wait until we get Milwaukee, they were fired by this. This campaign, and they occupy the same position that the guy who were to Virginia to shoot. All of the Republicans on the baseball diamond held these people are serious note paying attention to it do you feel Wisconsin's gonna go if the. If the Democrats,
are seen by those guys as manoeuvring to hurt Bernie Sanders. I think tromp as a very good chance to take with constant. I do to everybody's got its more problematic form in Pennsylvania. I, but with constant and make in the working people, have benefited greatly from the Trump economy, both state I think that he's got a good shot to take those again right that a good shot. Why is Pennsylvania of Wise Pennsylvania prom form because it is vital, as I think it will be, the african American Bout that the home last time around they didn't like Hilary we'll come out, provide because Barack Obama will campaign,
till the last time. You had gonna finish an odd that that's, the deadlines are Philadelphia. African american boy comes our big, provided that is gonna that pudding the top? There is a lot of topic, but before you go, I gotta find out what how you feel about big gay ice cream beloved Are you seen their currency that Michael Bloomberg at the where he guides us its favourable if you ve never tried it, you got a deal, you gonna, try. It bases its the best man. A blue bird is telling people in an add that highlights ice cream, denying he likes Ba ICE Cream and it's very, very authentic ii. Accessibility. Psych, hey where's, my ice cream. Somebody handsome this via this container of big gay ice cream, and he takes one by bite of it- needs like big gay. It's the best ice cream ever
so I didn't know you had had or leave never tried it on retraining, ok, well, man, why Ok, you because you hate is five but remember this is a bad doesn't know, had offended doggie methods, relax. I putting him with my tire? What right? I admit the dog said that he did but anyway that toward arms- I guess when when Bloomer was mayor of Europe Everybody remember you couldn't during Doktor tablet nine out of that right and incompetent. You got the pepper. He was carried I'm leaving. I will follow you that Europe is the best
like listening to this podcast? If you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell? to tell you I look down and- and I knew that we had schedule Joe Liebermann, but I'm looking down and I'm anything else, I'm out things I have to say to the Lebanon and yet his opinion on and then I realized wow Joe, and been friends for a very long time, and I treated him and I I've never said this before. As this is pretty new, I is Jonah phone Joe S high more than I do say it s great area or worse. Thank you and let me just sit there. Let me start here I was very very hard on you during the impeachment of clinton- and you know that I was, I was really very hard on you and I have to apologise to you because I think-
you were right in watching Dershowitz and I, by all of his stuff, but in what Dershowitz. If it's not a political crime, if it's a cry, the especially the one he committed, which was perjury about his marriage, was so dead set on. You can't have somebody committing perjury who's, the president, but if we All these lines, as I understand from Dershowitz, we come a parliamentary system where it can really easily become a vote of no confidence and then the president doesn't mean anything was without that. We looked at it and all of you here you first of you, you don't have to abolish, reads in her back decades and we had a disagreement but you're a big man a menu
civil. I mean that's Debbie, I grant you produce thanking law. How do you make evil Why Don t we spend a lot of time during the Clinton impeachment trial going back and looking at what the intention of the words of a great man who wrote our constitution about the impeachment, and it seemed to me that they were sitting very high bar for tickets, a president out of office and the reason is what has been discussed by Arthur Schwartz and others, which is the centerpiece of the system. The new country they're recruiting was elections. You have to have consent of the governed for those who govern and you would only let Congress intervene
when it was an extreme situation. I really that the country I either feel that the country would be in danger if a particular president was kept in office. I was before the 25th amendment, which came along a lot later than that set up a procedure for removing a president from office. Physical or mental and incapability, so that's where they required two thirds vote in the Senate and in I felt that I set it, then that the President Clinton's behavior, what morally reprehensible, and it wasn't just morally reprehensible, but it had an effect on the country because a leader I learned growing up- and I learned a lot from Vietnam from the Bible that the leader is actually help to a higher standard than than average people cross. The impact the morality of wrong doing his greatness about amongst
In short, I thought he had done something terribly wrong, but it, but it had reached this threshold for impeachment hand. I find us running this very different facts situation, the whole business about Ukraine as opposed to Clinton Lewinsky, but in the end, at the same time,
than I think it's probably gonna, come now to up to a year what I would call a reasonable and just conclusion or less put it this way. A conclusion headed, Madison and Hamilton were here alive today. They would say that this is what we intended. How would you like to know if you are sitting there? I probably vote of four witnesses just because an aggressive being a little, my even about were or I'm about to say. I know there were some fear that appeared witnesses. It would be of fifteen seventy where this is the future. I will go on for weeks and months button. In the good old days, we wouldn't have negotiated a compromise across party lines, as we did
let me get no because one or you're all the evidence, but let me say that I thought Lamar Alexander statement last night alone. It disagreed or what I just said above hearing where this is yours was right, which is what the call from all that I know now the cold would it not because I want or you're all the evidence, but let me say that I thought Lamar Alexander statement last night alone. It disagreed or what I just said, a bus hearing where this is news was right, which is what the call from all that I know now. The call the prisoner Trump may with a presidency. Let's give Ukraine was inappropriate, was wrong. It should have been done, but the did it reached the point where we can say nine months before an election. I will come back to the point that he represents. If it keeps him in office, he represents a danger to the country. I don't think so. I think it's up to leave it to the
people in November, in other words the impeachment, as our framers intended, I believe, was not meant to be punitive to punish you either criminally orbit. Are you out of office? It was meant to protect the country until the next election. Look closer to an election, the higher the threshold for convicting somebody president in removing him from office, so I think it's coming to a fair conclusion. Hopefully we can get back to governing. If not, we leave the one of the election and the other people. So bright, Lenny, switch subjects. Benjamin Netanyahu was in the oval office this week they had a big announcement. I mean I'm not a dummy. This Vienna helped Benjamin net who, I am sure in his fight back home- He'S- had some trouble. So I know that this is you know. A lot of this is political. However, the the peace plan that was
Heaven and honestly, the the words of President Trump to the Palestinians at that press conference Was I thought, astounding and everything a reasonable group of people should at least sit down and consider, but it was rejected right out of hand, and no one in the press is their barely even reporting this? What are your thoughts on these then. I totally agree with you in your introductory statement and in what you said just now gloom, and I think there was politics, but but I would put it this way. The politics may have been more and the timing of the announcement. The politics wasn't in the substance of what this was the result of a real effort and persistence directed by Prs.
Tromp, but really carried out by by major Christian and the others who work in the administration for it and it cushion is being pushed? Her is being marked by the press. Interview with them, as they were away. What makes you an expert- and he said well, I mean you know: I've been here: on this last a long time just the last year of red, probably twenty five different books on the different. You know peace process headline was? Oh, he thinks he can read twenty five books and be an expert it I mean It says that this nasty, I give a lot of credit for what he did thought to a lot of people in the Middle EAST, including some of the Palestinians, and this this is a total no beginning, and I think it's hopeful and really this peace plan offers a noteworthy well well. Everybody was trying for the less well since the Oslo Agreement and nineteen. I think those ninety three everywhere
trying to fit within that format totally and nothing was happening, and here again all the efforts that prison trump pressure were making with the Palestinians were going nowhere. So they simply decided We're gonna begin a new conversation and they did it gives Israel secured a lot of what it wanted, but it honestly, as you have said, think about it, gives the Palestinians a state that about twice as large as the territory they now governed and its capital in EAST Jerusalem, which they wanted and a promise of fifty billion dollars is it's unbelievable. I hear people yeah it's under its younger than none and I'm sorry to interrupt you. It's it's it's staggering. I think how good this is at the first initial offer
Andrews may no interest that no, I just by the current posted leadership in weight, which has proven I went my time in the Senate over and over again. Just about every time I visited is really. Several miles to see President Abbas or the person or thirty nice man pleasant to be with good to Turkey, but buddy is proven. Himself incapable of being a leader who take the risks for peace and prosperity for its own people. But when you pointed out a few moments ago to the really significant difference in response to the really significant differences in this Trump families, peace plan, is the response of the arab world. Oh my these! people lead lined up against Israel. They like nothing. Hence them they're all. They are incorrect me if wrong job, they are more,
pro Israel, it least sounding today, then the democratic candidates that are running for president well, I can't see every Saturday, but some It's a gonna, get yes slowly right and There you had in that room. I was there in the east or the way, those on Tuesday, the ambassadors. The United Arab Emirates, big important country, ally of words from Oman and Bahrain and then that giants really in the arab world. So do you
maybe a post of the two wholly mosques of Islam and Egypt, which has been a historic centre of the arab world and the largest population in the arab world, both saying not endorsing every element of the plan but sit supporting it and the reckless calling on the Palestinians to come to the table and begin a negotiate that right now, based on what preceded in recent years, don't expected from this palestinian leadership but maybe we'll be surprised anyway. I think you know prison trump has, to put it mildly, unconventional sometime. This upsets me but other times, because he is willing to be unconventional and what the folks in the high tech world call it disruptor others. Rubbed it. He does things are unable things to happen that you look
and you say you know what this is something we ought to try and believe me. This is a step towards peace in the Middle EAST are about their camp when and after palestinian leadership and when there will be one, if now, palestinian leadership that is willing to get engaged with Israel in your right. This is a this first offer, if you will, can be changed. It does something that Israel won't allow to be changed, but something's can be negotiated in the Palestinians. On the people of Palestine, the palestinian people are to rise up and pushed their leaders that go to the table with Israel in a process, as the Saudis in Egyptian said under the auspices of the UN That is why we can mediate and they can get something done. The blaze radio network on demand,
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