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Best of the Program | 2/19 - Bernie 2020? -h1 - Hobby Lobby and Sex Things? - h1 - Hate Crimes Are Trending Down? (w/ Chad Felix Greene) -h2 - Gun Rights In Check? (w/ Shayna Lopez-Rivas) -h2 - Wicked Jews, Reporting Out of the Closet? -h3

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Hey you over a body, but I'm signalling you to. Let me talk to you. I know The younger normally with taste why? Just all their stew he's ready. The top is fair to say so many important about our business. Here's due to talk hi, I'm still talking about a new subscription to blaze tv about half, slash back. You should use the promo code back to sleep dollars, but, honestly, if you dont use it, we get more money. So I don't really care to use it. The bottom line is, you should subscribe, and if you do you Lots of breeze huddled today I dont know what happened during the show Europe, even here in the cod catches are still it is just coming out. Maybe because he's a fan of Bernie Sanders, we got a great new plan and- and I don't think the plan makes s we're gonna we're gonna cover that also hate crimes going on in the algae BC. Q, community, now know everybody saying on television
a gay man and a gay journalist do tell us all about that. Also the lead. The way beautiful things that could be coming our way in the economy, and this is important to understand what is happening in the economy, because, if you don't want Socialists president better pay attention and do the right thing and we're gonna talk about that. All today's podcast just do what to talk any more normal sector.
You only thinking homeowners, beware: data breach exposed twenty four million of all of us to home title fraud. Title fraud is something that we don't even know about. I mean it's crazy. Nobody is watching this banks can't watch, nobody can watch it because the titles are all kept in this. You know digital vault. If you will- and there is only one company that stands right at the doorway, so when a title is transferred its pulled out of this digital vault and then changed and then put back into the digital vault. Well, the home title ox stands right there. So everything passes through them. They see. Everything that's going through and of yours is a title that is protected. They immediately pull that title out say: wait a minute: let's check Kennedy gonna any,
What did you do this for me? Those lend you know there's nobody else. Does that stupid thanks for asking this question. They are Exclusive Tom title, locked dotcom. We get your free title scan and reported two hundred dollar value. Find out of this has happened to find out of this happened to your parents, home title locked. But is there a website, you're home title locked outcome Where would I go on the internet doin the title lock, dot com? That's what I was trying to say who would have sunk it now he got an exciting platform we go, how to are on the scene reporter right across the desk is stupor. Gears Lou his aids are saying he has a couple of things he wants to do as part of this presidential campaign. One he's gotta go to potty a lot he's gotta go to the party and less well. Must the dull diapers r r freshly change? Now? That's! That's! Not that's not even nice to joke about that. What do you mean well, someday you'll be wearing adult papers. I
looking about the high didn't make one even hint at a joke. You said he and haughty and did not know, was anxious. Opening of high you I thought it was aged, is important if you have an adult diaper. That party is not necessarily interim union to make us all. That's all city Medicare for all men of care for all. Now again, I point this out: every single candidate in this race wants to do medicate Medicare for all, not the case quite recently. In fact, you might think yourself. Wasn't Barack Obama Progressive, liberal president. Well, when he was president Bernie Sanders introduce Medicare for all and got zeal. Oh co, sponsors zero. He was the only one interested
in doing Medicare for all publicly and twenty thirteen sure now arrest, it was marxist nonsense. They re going for that. There never gonna go for that year. How dare you even suggest that you, racist Medicare for all, which means we get rid of all private insurance? So you don't ya, never lose a couple different spends on it. There's the one common Harris talked about getting rid of all private insurance, and some candidates are supporting a version. Life care all where it would just be available to everyone sure, ok, so it's like France, everybody has Medicare in answer, whatever they call it over there. Oh you seek you get these, but everybody also gets too on top of the high taxes. They also get to buy insurance to cover for the stuff that America, for all you know, doesn't cover Yoda, it's a double blessing, its. It is a blessing, I think, is the right word for it, and we should say that it is important
we're Medicare for all to happen to cure are horrible healthcare system currently known as Obamacare. The last thing they told us was going to cure are horrible healthcare system. Remember, it hasn't been repealed. It's still, in effect, the thing they're all running against is thing they all told us was the cure. Last time. Remember that when current start, saying of all when they start listing all the problems is what they're going to say as well. Tromp has got it. It look the only thing really, we see a couple of of regulation changes the biggest thing, being that they zeroed out the penalty. If you dont have health insurance, which I like a fan of. However, the problem with the way they did it was they just seared out the penalty, but the penalty still there so the next we know it. Next, the Democrats have control. They can just non zero out the president president. That the penalty they didn't get rid of the mandate, then just a zero, the penalty. So in theory, what you're supposed to do is actually have health insurance.
Do you have to pay a year against the law, but you have to pay a zero dollar parity right, it's a weird where they it and go away. It is democratic control. Okay, so, basically, we're annulled by my care ass, other complaining of got it next up during new deal green new deal. Yes, they all of it green de rain new deal so Medicare for all and in the green new deal now the green new deal. Obviously you probably seen the F a cue that was posted by Alexander Cause. You Cortez his team, which said things like. Everyone gets a job even if there are no willing to work, and I it basically universal basic income that is not necessarily what he said here. He saying the proposed bill that the resolution that went through, resolution basically says every green dreaming were heard of from Democrats. It's not, but it doesn't say some of the things that were in the executing: ok, fifteen,
minimum wage fifteen dollar minimum weighing country wide. Yet so, if you live in New York, it still on a livable wage. If you live in, you outback constant, its sweet living sure you can't know business can run right if they give less than fifteen dollars, as I know which, of course, as we seen and even a high price areas like Seattle, has destroyed industries and destroyed, really proud the ball and not working out for Seattle, criminal justice reform. Now we just pass criminal justice reform, but if you listen to the people who want and criminal justice reform, they were very clear. This was just a first step, leave the act was called the first step act. So there's plenty more to come. I think what the end game here is. If you haven't committed a crime, you go to prison.
Have committed a crime around your legs. Your set free, there's gonna reversed the walls. Well, if he likes the Superman in Superman to where he reverses, he goes inside the little protective thing in reimburses yeah that they get their kryptonite today outside rise, so that desired gets it with it rough. It's just like. That's bridle, justice, reform of the cage or good. I like this. I like this and now, with all of the universe. Big state regulation we're all criminals and we ve all committed a crime. We just don't know it yeah, yes, so we might as well. Go to prison. Sure. Alright, let's make it phone number five free college. We call Yes, that's always fun. Now that, of course, we ve seen the cost of that is a pretty it's pretty high gonna getting the better of months. The government is involved and it's gonna get better. You don't you think I mean you think about it. This way thing about this and they are all
are heavily involved by the way, if you think about it. This way where you ve got a eve, got a college system that would be run by the. U S: government and your expecting that college to teach the constitution and to keep that teach. The founding documents which says you should be very sceptical of the government. You shouldn't trust the government. You shouldn't, give the government more power. Of course, the people who are paying for that. They want that stuff taught right. They want that some gotten yeah, ok, that's gonna! Go gonna work out well, so free college again. The reason why the cost of colleges so high? Yes, because the government is involved in the law on the loan side, guaranteeing very low cost loans to people that they run up and then theoretically try to pay back for the rest of their lives, short theoretically, Iraq, with a bright breaking up the biggest banks.
Brick breaking up banks? Yes, now, surely there will be a cost that is well and of course, there are also be massive problems with the government invading into private business, but then there's some of these guys who are running the banks. You know the five biggest banks in the world. There is that there is absolutely no power there, there's no power to do anything or fight back and government. You know it's like Google. What is Google Gonna do if they're, like hey, you're, gonna, stop doing these things? What are they gonna? Try
equality issues and find out all their dirty secrets and threatened to expose them. No doubt all doesn't do that. How is it tat, thou and big banks in you know global economies running on the backs of these banks? There's no one in the world that has incentive or enough power to hurt a socialist federal government from stopping the banks and breaking them up. There's! No, no, no one! No one! No one! Ok next up is a gender pay. Equity now interesting thing about gender is, I think it the most simultaneously the most important thing in the world and also the least important thing in the yes, yes you're not supposed to theory Otis anybody's gender, but also makes no difference if you notice the wrong gender, it's basically
I call it costs denial, its thick be worst sort of speech you can organise. What is it then that item that that might be in the plan here somewhere but things but gender pay equity again? What a year, I guess you're going for an equal the amendment to do that and which is obviously an executive because all of the never He wants to lower drug prices. Now Elizabeth Warren had away to lower drug prices she's already proposed. We don't know exactly how Bernie wants to do this yet, but hers was that the government would actually have own factories that made pills and those though the pills would go to live. He of course had said does socialist as they control production? That is what the socialist doubts letters. I would assume Bernice, either there or close to them
you're gonna mandate that you can't charge Americans meaner than more than what you charge? People in Ethiopia, which I think is perfectly fair for a progressive to say you know that makes total progressive sense because, for instance, the progressive incomes, acts of king, who you know, you'd, never charge you d, never jar, now peaceful different amounts. If they were a rich in specially the richest one percent, you don't you don't charge them different amounts each hour, everybody exactly the same, and and so that's what they're they're suggesting now seeing that we are the richest. Why percent, even the poorest among us and are the richest. One percent of the world moves can't charge. Americans the richest one percent more for their drugs We have to charge the same price that we charge in Ethiopia. You know who really benefits from this Ethiopians needs because certainly accompany that needs to make money and need to put needs to pay for their business. Like a pharmaceutical company is going to
just take let's say their charging Ethiopia, one dollar the charging us ten there just get a Lord all one dollar, surely they're not gonna start charging. The European and us seven dollars to then easy can't get access to drugs. That's a good policy! I really think they should go ahead with that, because who needs the Europeans there, just a country way over there, who cares about people warming, yet there are going to kill by global warming anyway, I guess there to global warming. We can't let then we'll get further at EL, upright can't let them developments as we heard that seriously in no number nine exe band social Security and social security been such a huge success and is always able to pay now, Sir sure ninety percent of people who go into social security get more money out of it. Then they put into it, but let's expand. It began, Has it been working so well so far and was only cause just a giant chunk of art, multiple trillion dollar debt? Don't worry!
Our future liabilities were up about a hundred trillion right now, huge chunk of social security. Don't worry about it! Lets expanding our unfunded liabilities are more than that. More than hundred trillion. It just depends on what time line you're giving it did. The bottom line is its negative every year, so we can go a thousand years and the future make that numbers, because you want to: U S: debt, clock, dots thing, it's organ and tell me our debt and our own hundred liabilities at the best of a bad that programme on foot liabilities, one hundred and twenty two. Trillion dollar us, as only up by twenty two trillion. Yeah. That's no big deal. Isn't it is easy to use. Call me out for no reason and that, when next up at the Bernie, hinders plan for America, save unions, people are clamouring cynicism. Religious thing. He is
saying Dunes Elsie, I owe put your hands on the radio, written teams, Third of Amerika, you are say, yeah. He. What's a save unions, which I again, we know exactly what that means or what that would cause it's. It could very well cause we, some sort of government matching type of situation also could be attempting to reverse the recent Supreme Court. Ruling in some way, we'll see where that one goes, some kind of kind or I'm here for a second, I have to tell you last night is doing homework with my son and he is now currently in the progressive era. Google, so he's in the progressive era, and he said this is honestly what he said: hey dad. I need to make some three objects. I said: ok he's have her history and it's ok sure what you need, what you to do, and he said why I want to build a bomb I say said: excuse me
He said I'm studying Sacco Investment aid, Herve Sacco in it now. It's then- and I can remember the guy's name, the two guys in the progressive era that you no worse, whereby we were robbers that took money, so they could take the money. And give it to all of the anarchists to build bomb riots in a red square, nineteenth, Arend Scare of nineteen twenty. So last night I find myself helping my son: do research on on how they made the bombs back then, and then, ok facsimile of that bomb with string running inside and everything else. Then he had to make three- and I said: ok, so what's the neck
one he said well, I want to do it on propaganda and how propaganda changed the world, and I said oh and I told the story of Edward Bananas and the cigarettes and what he did with the Ladys is. They were trying to get the vote and hike up their dresses in the parade, your member, that Europe and they would hike up their dresses and in their garter they would have cigarettes. Women didn't smoke because it was a phallic symbol, and so he said when you gonna get timing to have the right where the judges are I'm and have all the reporters there when I want you to do is you're going for women suffrage. I want you to stop and I want you to hike up your dress and in your garter I wanna see you gonna have a cigarette in a match and you're gonna lady you and put it in your mouth and they lighted, and then you can hold that up like the torture. The statue of liberty.
He kill two birds with one stone. He was working for a tobacco company, but he was also working for the women suffrage movement and how it changed. So I built a bomb with my son and then I talk to you about the the phallic symbol of the sea and and and end the eleven hike we hugging up her skirts I up their skirts, and so he went in and he said, hey MA am. I need a garter belt and my wife said. Excuse me, and I said she said I know he's. I need a garter belt and she said well, I don't happen to have one son and she said what are you to doing Enzo ease explained to her and she said: oh, I think you can get was it hobby lobby last night was: I was living in a world that you didn't even Sandra, set a hit. Irony lobbies, nobody lobby, women, hobby law, but you start to carry
I don't know she said she thought that they might be in like a marriage, I or a wedding I or something like that. Ok, I officially I make an bombs with my son and buying you know. Sexual things at all be lobbied. World makes sense that should make allowance. I actually think it years. Kids are gonna, be really bad at history. What I actually I was thinking about this either. Do you you? Your career has basically been made at finding these little nuggets of history that nobody knows they dont teach in school. So unless the person teach happens to be a you know, a fan of your show. The whole point of these shows being successful. Was that the history teachers weren't teaching it so when you are these little stories from history there unless they go in
to them all what you know: they're, not gonna, do which, if he gets there, because I won't get me if he gets a mark down on that history. We're gonna have a little talk with a history again and make that really does here all afoot. Now. Here is where you can find it. What part is not accurate? I'm begging history teachers worst. I admire. This is the best of the Glen Back programme like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the Shell Chad Felix Green, I would never introduce you as a gay man in a gay journalist, except in this particular case, because you it gives you,
credibility that you just don't hate gay people. Although I have error that that is actually a charge that people have levelled against you because of these. These stats that you have looked into welcome to the programme jet. Thank you yes, Chad and tell me what you found when when you look into hate crimes are trending. Down down fluctuates really by just a few out between two dollars: exchanges attempting, for example, We saw a immediate spike back in two thousand thirteen and then ever since really gone down I thought she waits really by just a few out between two down this exchange. It doesn't emptying, for example, when they say there was a seventeen percent spike. It change I fifty or incidents, and we have to remember that these are reports there not confirm convictions. Just this just means because of that
The Irish Jude reports right in the end, there is a huge difference between a report and a conviction. Because he's some alone has showed us here. Unless couple days I mean last yesterday, I showed all these hate crimes that I think I had to. Five of them that the the media had jumped on and now None of them were true and so would be included in the heinous crimes. Statistic, correct, correct. Sanity and hatred can be anything reported from somebody stealing Rambo flax from residences as a protest to someone finding swastika on a wall to someone reporting to the police that somebody yellow name at them, as they were dragging by Adam Ribbon, for example, reported this that he was walking with his boyfriend in New York City?
and some random strange walked up to him and said TAT. He hated gay slurs and then ran away if he reported that the police, the police, would have listed as a reported antigay, you know, it's amazing to me. You know I hate the hateful things that have been said to me. On the street and I would never have run to the police to report them. You just kind of like amp while care, but he hasn't it Indian everybody has to armpits, don't share it with everybody, wise, What exactly Chad is? I hate crime I hate crime is its different by state, but the essential definition is that it's that there also called biased crimes they were introduced. After that matter, Shepherd Rob evidence and basically it's the idea that a person targets
protected class for were violence or intimidation, harassment because of their protected fly status and achieve long now into crimes against persons, property and so so, could you say: would the Jesse Smollett case who is that a hate crime because he came into it with a bias against Trump supporters white people I mean: isn't that a hate crime I mean, I think all crime, hate crime, Leslie Emily. It said the dead. I don't care. What motivation is it's a crime, but isn't this a hate crime what he perpetrated, I believe so If we look at the law as equally apply to everyone, it should be abolished It's not, in my opinion, hate crimes for it. Quality and the law because they protect certain people and there is a difference between
a racial din of their fire and a gate at fire. The truth is that if you and I were both marked on the street because I sell for dinner fires again, I would receive more justice more protection. My crime would be seen as worse having a priority over yours. Only on a characteristic. I dont think that is justified. Would you would have to claim that, as the victor when you wouldn't. You have to claim this was under me, because I was gay. I yes, for example, there is a recent hate crime in Austin. That is it's the most
and one that we see where today, men were leaving a bar three a m and a group of men started yelling, homophobic slurs at them and they got into confrontation. Then they beat him up, badly ran off and the now it is referred to in the hay cracked. The police have stated in that area in Austin, there has been a rise in random, targeted attacks at three p m on that area. At not. You know that I'm a night by gangs, as it is no indication that they were specifically targeted, but because the people used homophobic slurs while they were attacking it is now considered a crime and if their predicted hate crimes will be added to their sentence, which means that they will get involved. They harsher punishments because they use those
or not because of what they actually get tired of Chad feel extreme from the Federalist Chad, in the way that the media for trays, this sea- but maybe it's half of gay people- are victims of gave her of hate crimes. That's what it feels like give any aid Denny concept of what the percentage is of love of gay people who go through a hate crime in a given year. I guess it's as as around with numbers generally as zero point: zero you're a one percent. As their attribute bee population has grown from three percent to four point: five percent over the years that Reduced was down to see your point: zero, zero, zero, eight percent of the energy be key population and that they stop population of gutter. That's just zero point zero zero, eight per cent of the fifteen, Nl Gb key Americans report. They crimes but doesn't tell us how the heart veering
they will say the opposite. They will say that it's worse, they just don't report it correct. My answer to that. That's always a response. When we talk about anything where the numbers do not match the narrative is disabled. That's under report. It imagine how many reports it would take to move that. One two point: one percent or to one percent you'd, have to multiply the incidence by a thousand you'd have two hundred and twenty thousand incidents in a year rather than twelve hundred which we currently have. You couldn't really go any further back, there's only fifteen million people in America. He couldn't have any much much higher than that, so we would have to agree that hundreds of twenty thousand people are gay. People are attacked and simply because of their sexuality, but fail to report, and I do not see that as being reasonable base
on the fact that every person who reports get a glowing shining media I experienced they are glorified as victims. They are protected. They get your views, they get go fondly money. There's no downside to telling the media that you were victim of a crime or the police as a gay man. What do you think of the Jesse smaller case, but that we are, there was washing in times reporter, who said are not watching times Wash impulse reporter yesterday, who said I so want this to be true. I want this to be true because I D, I dont want. I dont want real hate crimes dismissed, and so we need this to be true bright, but your take on it when I first saw their story, it had immediate red flags up its very first tweet I set was something seems very off about the story. I've been covering
hate crimes. Every time there is a bigger or time look into it. You what's happening for years, and I am accustomed to a huge spike in media reports and that nothing was unique about this. Was that the police action continue to investigate and historic attributable forward and we found out black, but my first response was. When you see a hate crime report- and it sounds like a movie, so look at he be show something's wrong. People just do not behave in this way. People do not stalk out on the street wearing political here, waiting to see if they come across a gay person. An attack them is different for Jews. It's different even for black people, but use guy get very targeted hate crimes, but the most, if you look at actual, he grabbed her gay people entrance people are a little bit separate because they have a different world of of.
Text sex work in drugs and that's what effect. But you look a gay people, but should be fully opportunistic crimes. You know they're leaving a bar three m: they get them into a verbal fight with somebody or their things like em. I'll, give you an example in two thousand seventeen there were fifty two murders of algae BT, and eleven of them were done by people that the, but they knew personally and forty five percent of gay male homer thought. Homicides of forty five percent of gay men who are killed are the result of hookups. They met somebody online and their purse. Target them, targeted them or killed them in and occasionally that there have been people that have been serial killers who have targeted evenin. Specifically, for that reason, but my husband and I walk into Walmart or just Don't you see somebody in a red hat who yells homophobic source Alice and beat us up for the fun of it just doesn't happen.
I want to talk to you about. It is that you still might want to take a quick break, and I want to come back in and talk about, also the the stats that you see. The other things they include include the including prison riots the numbers that were seeing are so skewed that you can't really trust any of these numbers and Does that mean? How do we ever solve a problem if we don't really know what the truth is last night on the news and why it matters Jason was was in he's. Our had researcher, and here Sarah we're talking about the stats of hate crimes and how I hate crimes. Include numbers from like prison right area. Here, it's it's crazy to to be able to quote any of these, and have it mean what the public thing
It means do you have anything on that Chad? Did you look into any of those kinds of stats? I didn't especially on algae BT, related staffs racial aunt. Jewish crimes are a little bit different. I did research into the idea released a huge surgeon, Anti Semitism MA am last year before we saw more of what we are seeing today from Congress people that sort of thing but, for example, They sat a jewish man who had heard. I called him, several hundred bomb threats and each one of those was included as an incident. In the Elles in the infidels numbers and eat Looking at I don't know if your There was a young man whose name was just a one and the headlines.
We call for while was that she was kicked out of his home for being gay and he was now homeless and you gave out torn he wanted, but college oh yeah, yeah yeah. Well, I research that and The church was that he was eighteen. When the story happened, he actually came out. He was fifteen heated descriptors parents, churches few on homosexuality and he left on his own. But because of this story that he said I was kicked out, I was rejected by my family, the fifty thousand dollars from donors. He got a free ride, the college and Ellen invite. I'm on the stage and celebrated him as announced british Euro, that a huge benefit personally to every minority but specifically dealt in future, be able to say I survived the hate in this country and its becomes so and wouldn't that to say I've never experienced acre like me is devalued. It's much. You need you received. Social benefits
I'm just saying I survived acre and one of the things that I always point out is: if we have such a small amount reporting, how is it that so many algae BT activists well very loudly say that they have experienced multiple hate crimes and one when it is simply impossible? What we're talking about four hundred people out of three hundred twenty five million, but that's it. It's interesting checks. I think the Jesse's Jesse smaller story, alot of people on the conservative side, have taken the media doing a terrible job with it. Certainly a big part of the story, but I think this developing incentive to climb up the intersection reality ladder and show how you know shit victimhood has become the trophy Go for in the society and in those incentives I think our are even bigger More than anything, the media is doing.
Absolutely. When, when he released historian, and- and I said that I do, I did Necessary- judge people who immediately stood up for him or who sympathized with them, because first achievement the passion once we started to see things that were problematic and they started to be always and yellow people who questioned or asked questions. That's when I started to be frustrated, but the truth. That, once this story came out dozens and dozens and dozens of activists and celebrities and politicians all suddenly poured out their love to this person, and that is from a king and perspective. That is a very difficult thing too. To be strong enough to walk away from? I imagine
the whole world telling you how brave you aren't how wonderful you aren't, how you are the voice of a generation that right campaign and chat reference for the president of the largest eligibility organism. It always is thank you, you speak for all of the clear, pure see people in the world and in America all the all the kids who face hate every day and dont have a voice, can now feel safe because you have a voice, that's a variant, hawks akkadian position to be in that. The left is so used to people, not questioning that it. It seems like a very easy thing to go after an hour and I'll be honest. I believe that all very often they believe these things are true, even though they set it up. There's this, my fellow
ahead of I'm just acting. Not what I know is happening every day, because I have the power to bring to light even though didn't happen to me. I am bringing a voice to it, because I know that it's happening everywhere. So what do you think will happen to him in the eye community. We only have a what one minute do you think Jesse is going to pay a price for this or they gonna give him a soft landing. I think we're gonna, I'm surprised by that the sort of the negative that I'd have. I can't believe he did this. The truth is that everyone, a sort of baffled and hurts, but their switching to look. How excited conservatives art accounts, and this doesn't mean hate crimes, aren't real. I believe that I think that whatever happens, Jim legally he'll probably fade away, but the story is going to be more fully.
On this just shows the sample adheres to fight real. Thank you so much chance, Felix Green from the Federalist Break reporter and a great yes, thank you for being on a catalyst your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme just read a tweet from my Kirsten powers. Cheeseburgers got a string of tweets, but this that the most important I fence I spent the last few weeks in a mostly twitter free zones. Ben time, reflecting on what role I may have played in what is indisputably become a dangerous toxic culture. I am not proud of what I have found five,
years ago. I asked: will anyone in the press do this and take responsibility for what they have done? I'll take response, Believe what I done. Will you even look at yourself she's, the first person to do it, but I know of and I would like we disagree on a lot of things, but I would love to have her on and talk to her about this journey that she has made herself. I think that's the hats off hats. All right I want to introduce you. Do somebody Jane. A Lopez. Rivas is a a gun rights activist and she she has a rather die?
the story at the beginning. She was against guns and she had. She said she had all kinds of misconceptions. You know from the gun control groups that she kind of hung out with, but something happened that changed her mind and she has written a great article. Four, the Miami Herald, the latest gun background check legislation would not have stopped the parkland I in fact it does so much more than that and China is joining us now, hello Sheena. How are you I'm doing great good man. You bet shaded for those of you who don't know. Can you give us a a? a brief look at what happened you. I am sorry, I'm so uncomfortable even asking you to go through this, but can can you talk about what happened to you a new problem. I am in two thousand and fourteen. I would
I'm my college campuses trying to open it. But he had the library that night finals were just a couple weeks away and instead of studying, I ended up being attacked and raped on my college campuses. I'm he had a knife. I had pepper spray, it didn't really work out for me. And so from that night I made a promise to myself, but I was never don't be a victim again and I started I'm just delving into self defence. Training and came up came up by time, Irons, training and have not really looked back sense right and now you are talking to friends and you become a gun rights activist with some credibility behind you and you just just took a friend too
A a shooting range who was what neutral on guns are what were their opinion on guns when you in a lot of I'm just not either neutral and gun, not very comfortable. Guy got kind of oasis put out this standing notice, essentially to everyone in my own network but like if you do you know if you want fire, Safety training like weed out, but you don't have to agree with what you guys don't happen every touch again again by if you just want, you know basic safety and knowledge of how to use one. I have no issue teaching teaching you that, and so I took my friend who is, I wouldn't fishes anti gun, but she wasn't very. Gone out of the rain, and he absolutely fell in love with you, what every minute she was out there. So
I ended up writing about it for the Miami Harold because of HIV, and how that would essentially in TAT her training. In the future This is amazing. Now this is called the by partisan background checks. Act of twenty nineteen or age are eight and it's supposed to make sure that gun safety is just by partisan, common sense, gun safety, except it's not explain what it will do, so, I am as what thereby person back on track spell as it does not actually one of the worst things out It does not define transfer, but essentially I'm it bans any private trend other firearms to answer one individual to another, so essentially an end, example, an article that I gave, I took my friend out to do to the shooting range. If I wanted to lend her a firearm, so she could go back and like continued
on her own. Eight would essentially criminal. If I didn't first go to a federal, irons life easier and get back on track down on her, even though she's a curse friend and I know her well, I know she found a criminal. I know she socket hurt yourself or others by eight would essentially illegal punishable by up to a one thousand fine or a year in prison than theirs excuse for ignorance on this and would it ban? Would it ban you from take Her to the shooting range yourself and handing her the gun like, for instance, automatic weapons, I have some but fully automatic weapons and they takes all kinds of special licence. Everything else it's a nightmare to get through, but I cannot hand that weapon. To somebody else unless they're on my license,
Oh, if I just said, look at this and handed it to a friend, I could go to jail. I go to prison, for that. Does this does does hr eight go that far. Do you, oh. I'm HIV originally did go that far. However, in order to essentially circumvent people from saying like. It's going to be, and the Democrats and the people that had written a doll essentially changed to include a thing. It basically makes very few exception by the essentially covers only the transfer, the actual transfer of the fire. When do you are not their sole venture, but the problem is it really doesn't define the word transfer at all now, though in theory, could include that I did there's nothing better than region really important laws that are cryptic, also you say, It will not stop criminals,
stealing firearms, getting them on the black market or getting them through straw purchasers now and in fact there, The study that showed that ninety percent of criminal get their guns through elicit methods, essentially and in a dozen thought any of those methods. This eighty eight was also put this bill and mark up the day before tackling shooting anniversary, and the most ironic part about that is that this bell would not have thought parkland in anyway. If it was passed by like at all, it would have had no impact on it because I am personally committed that the horrible I passed a background check anyway. You need to know how many many many guns are being used by a by criminals or killers that have borrowed a gun from their friend
Do you have any idea? I don't I don't know the actual like number for that, but I guess we recently read a study. I was, I think, in the journal. Preventative medicine, but essentially like that ninety percent of criminals, they get a survey and make that had been put in prison. If Ireland can related crime and they suffer like ninety percent of them, so that they did not get the bait? They got it essentially from those off the book mean an means wearily somebody new who they were and gave it to them as a gift even though that legal or they stole it or otherwise,. Were given shared it with other like gang members, that sort of thing so you're talking about like the Missouri if criminals are getting a guiding from like illicit means anyway there
going to follow the law. Anyway, what are the odds age you? The age passes in the house, I think it'll per year and in the sun, I don't know, and I would really hope that if it did pass Senate that President tromp wouldn't Simon into law by you, I have concerns there too. So. China. Thank you so much for turning something bad in your life into something good, This is the best of the Glen Back Programme, can switch subjects and go to fair here's. Louis Ferko,
on Congresswoman Omar Lucinda. This fair kind of Amr Moussa honour when he can only note seeing of democracy because it wouldn't know damn democracy from the beginning republic needs to be broken up. Now you got my sisters in name a hundred and two women in Congress. I am I happy at what she was uses. Funny language miss all mouth from Somalia. She starts talking about the bench and they trying to make her apologize. Sweetheart. Don't do that or pardon me for calling you sweetheart, you do have a sweetheart, you sure using it to shake you go.
You have nothing to apologize for Israel and a pack pays off sentencing Congress to do their bearing so you're. Not so if you. Stop laying down. You was sent by the people to shake up. Say again: It's amazing he goes on to talk about the dirty Jews and how the dirty Jews are breaking up the women's movement and trying to get him to say horrible things along. Is this clip, Sir Simon Eighteen, just listen to this wicked Jews. You jump right. The women's movement,
we will have the power to change the world so He says he still going he by the way he still has an account on Facebook. He can still say all of these things. You can't question on on Twitter whether or not just see? What's his name, it created a hate, cover a crime or committed a great hate crime, can't say, learn to code, God forbid, you say learned, we're gonna, get losing your account. You can say all of these things. Now there were two to report. That I think show promise that show that maybe maybe slightly a few things are starting to change, and why I mentioned when I mentioned earlier, and that is Kirsten powers. Now she is she's. The reporter was she was on Fox was annoying
Well, you guys use the Democrat that was on fox and those debates right and so just like I said, but there are a lot of republican so that way as well on television. But she just tweeted that she is spent I am away from social media and now she is examined her role on what she's done to divide the country, and she said I dont like the results, and I find that very, very comforting and interesting from her, because I would not say she was one of the worst offenders Amsterdam, on television and, if any, I think, she's on the better side generally of democratic Congo. Commentators but- she I disagree with her- and she was one of those people you're just like frustrated with yeah, but she doesn't. She wasn't aflame for our, and this is a What does she is or not? I mean just the fact that she's at least examining- and is so how's it of there is also the CBS reporter. All this is Laura Laura Logan Laurels
if your member Lara Logan, she was the one that was raped in Egypt and the during the during the revolution the the spring, the european area of RAG glorious arab spring, that was so wonderful and peaceful. She was raped in that here she is she's a sixty minutes reporter. I want you to listen what she said in this in this pod cast about reporters. Listen to this. Eighty five percent of journalists are registered Democrats, so that is a fact. Right and one's registering Democrat when they're really a republican, so the facts are on the side of what you just stated. Most journalists are are left or liberal or democratic whenever you want to give it How do you know you're being like How do you know you're being manipulated how'd? You know there's something not right with the coverage when they simplify it all and there's no grey.
Is no grey zone. One way well, life isn't like that. For example, you know all the coverage on Trump. All the time is negative. There is none Think there's there's nothing, no mitigating policy or event or anything that has happened since he was elected that is out in the media that you can read about right. Well, that tells you that distortion of things go in real life, because Oh, the media has always been historically always been left, leaning. We have abandoned up pretence, or at least the effort to be objective today, unbelievable frankness, and she is absolutely right- it's what I wrote about in addicted outrage. I said if, if you talk to every,
the wheat everything we watch on Donald Trump's, all negative or it's all, absolutely positive. It's not true Mcdonald's is the greatest example. There are times you want Macduff Food thereof comes you like, and I will be brought up all afternoon. You can say Mcdonald's has bad food, but if I say to you yeah, ok, Algeria, the shaken, maybe a couple, but their fries are the best, if you can't admit, dolls fries and are the best there's something wrong with you. There is something wrong with you, this Donald Trump is Mcdonald's the other, some bad things with theirs from Greece. Things to you got to mention both if not you're, not an honest broker. The blaze radio network on demand,
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