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Christopher Bedford, chief communications officer of RightForge, joins Glenn to discuss how his company is forming a parallel internet to combat suppression. Kyle Mann, the editor in chief of the Babylon Bee, joins Glenn to discuss the Bee’s newest book, “The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness,” and the website's history. Glenn takes two calls from listeners, the first being an anonymous OSHA worker who's against the vaccine mandate, and a first-time listener, who believes the vaccine mandate is necessary.

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hiding my dear lady actual. Why they're really worried about people? I might if you had asked the nothing so like. I think like that's why, and that is one thing that I say I do. I had a bad case and I think that's an order right. Please are just some of the things we are talking about on today's podcast, with when in Randy first time listener. First time collar on you can catch us in all police at those areas, our whole Atocha, the first days there listening to it, but we liked glimmer. We did we like them a lot and they disagreed with the vaccine mandated my stance that that's none of governments, business. We talk about that. We talked about it with Sean RE as tourney general from Utah and got his viewpoint on it. States are starting to stand up. We also. We also talked to the Babylon, be about their new book. Woken S. The Babylon bees guide to welcome this is hysterical and one more thing grab. Your copy of my new book called the great reset you can get it now on Amazon. It comes out in January, but because of the supply chain disruption it maybe five months before we can get a second printing, so make sure you get the first printing of the great reset get it now at Amazon, Dotcom! Here's today's bought cast,
The only thing came yesterday the President announced a White House partnership with the word the economic forum for the great reset the White House and the United States government now has a public partner, a public private partnership with, Twenty major companies that provide raw materials. This is all part of the change that this woman- I was just telling you about with a controller, is to help Harold in The world is changing quickly and If you want to know about the great reset, urge you to pick up my new book now called the great reset. It is out
in early January. This is our first time we have ever published anything on our own. And the supply chain is the little dicey. if you want to make sure you get it in January, please order it now at Amazon the second printing they say will be five months down the road so get it now. add Amazon, dot com, you need this unique this book It has been bothering me so much that it hasn't come out sooner, but it is the fastest. We could put this out because things are changing so rapidly. You need to understand what the great reset really is, I want to bring in Christopher Bedford, because this is another thing that we all need to work on: the chief coms officer for right, forge and the senior editor of the Federalist and
right forge is in a battle now to build a second internet. I have told you that we need parallel societies, and this is critical, but it is difficult and very costly to do. How are you, sir? I'm great area of very good What what do you guys are building on the second internet. We are building the infrastructure that this will be. A joint goes on. Removing the servers were building what Amazon web services does respect essentially at the high. that the vehicles travel on the ground that should build on. Without these servers you can build where This is what all the information flows on their all round around the globe there and overcome them. They're in California there in Texas they're all over the place and previously in the light of the agenda. Or a free place they didn't have opinions. I don't care what you put on them. You can you can do anything, you want it on them, but after power
was taken down my Amazon web services after checking the right to life, was taken down by go daddy, we started to realize we realise holy smoke. We need this stuff. and the Good NEWS for the right trying to get these things up to that and the conservatives and and even liberals who are injured favoured still continue to have a voice This is not new technology. We know how to do. This word is out of place right now where the peace, look control at the people be shouldered commanded heights- the? U S, economy in the global economy, have decided that Christian, conservatives and uneven doctor if you're just disagree shall not allow them voice anymore, okay, so, tell me how this tell me how this works, and it's just it will you don't become another parlor which you. Stood and, and then was just cancelled by you know all of the Munich of the servers and everything else how d deeply into this. Will this tact voices. We are.
What what destroyed parlor is Amazon. Web services came around one of the things that destroy them. Maybe you can no longer have the services. You can no longer have the infrastructure that your built on, as essentially that has collapsed the ground underneath parlor short collapse. the same time they got hit by fly and that I had bought the apple stores. They were never allowed to sell their products. We are answering that part of the problem. The Amazon, where services, of course, we are the grounds that you can build, decide son so you're on possible by any existing Eu Us law if you're on your own was right for then they would have to dig the wires out of the ground sees the server farms which, As you know, this is a place at word, a dangerous place in the world, even talking about the great reset. This is, it could happen somewhere down the road. I now existing yours telecom law We we can still have this ground and that a network for do you won't get parlor if you're on with us and when other sites had been taken down. Previously
download their web her by their server, provided we ve got. back up, setting them against the hacking attacks. That's the business runners free speech. Ok, so first of all which hit the funny, because this is wildly expensive, wildly expensive to do. The good news for us is a lot of people. January realise at the same time, so Silicon Valley long had political. People were involved with it, not just with the left. A lot bulgarian phobia, Ronald all kind of types yeah. The elite said had continued the scene, bad sign, and had seen different lots of funding you talk about all the time. The things aren't going right that stands. A ship is increasing. The corporations are no longer on the side of the constitution, the bill of rights, the declaration of independence people, but you're just not on a vote of no not on the side of people and while we were saying but airline January when parlour and the President of the United States were deep platform
taken down, that was it at the moment. For a lot of these folks allotted is people who made a lot of money gone valet, who had a lot of expertise, read a lot of intelligence, read all the skill such so State Lake reconnected. These folks here no together for years and years near their work and different companies. I sign, I know someone personally, they reconnected and This money end- and the like, I said with this- is not new technologies, so the infrastructure existed symptom In answer to a quiet, the need to grow up in a number of these companies The people who are working with partners already had it, but they have this. The news is not part of a normal commercial power pretty they hadn't realized boys. VOX is a new era, for we were able to get I'm altogether very quickly. We now have servers. Never single continent, except for Antarctica, is fantastic so. How can we help? How can we get involved here too?
forged com to. If you want to move your domain over we're getting a lot of business for announced. Some of those, some of them are big, a huge like we have the president social media platforms working with us some of them are small, like when your neighbor emails you from there last night dot com. This third address they bought. So it's big and small, we're bringing people on- and this is the infrastructures- can allow was to do with me, unfortunately need to do what you talk about a lot which is built banks built around our own flood is on social media. farmers, because, if we're not allowed to play on the globalist playground them enough to build around here and that it states that free you that it right forged outcome. So so people understand this is not if you're on twitter they can still, Hansel you, but If there is a another twitter like social media and its on right, forge can't cancel you, yeah? They will not be able to cancel that website right right,
so you don't you just don't disappear and and go away and never heard for and never heard from again I can Thank you enough for doing what you're doing. May I I pray that this is one of the answers. As you just said, we have to do this on everything on everything and we are way behind, but Chris I can't Can't thank you enough. I've been So then shouting from the mountain tops for a long time where is where we where is the place to go whose building the rate Oh free America, who is building something where we can't be cancelled in the end, and I am thrilled to see your work. Thank you so much. the you and thanks for letting talk about it. You bet lightforged go to write, forge dot com right, forge, dot, com, aright,
holy promising stuff really source. If you need to get through this, in only mention the banks, and I think there is a huge role for crypto currency there to a big time and by the way things working together is a big deal. You know the met a is coming. Crypto currency is gonna, play a very big role. All of these things, anti apps, big, big role. That's all the future. of what is coming, but the first step you could do is a get over to write, forge and also get your mom. out of these big five banks. It's your money and its. I know it's only one step, but you have to send a signal to these banks. You know the reason why they the reason why they are not rating. The way they usually are is because People have so much on deposit, Now your money is their money. There loaning it out there using it anyway, they want,
The two really hurt them. If we, Had fifty percent of the country take our reserves out of those banks and put them in our locally owned and operated banks. That would be Quite a message to send I'm telling you it is the bank that is going to lead. The way on the great reset they already are doing at the infrastructure is already there. You, We need to take action now. If you have money in any of these big banks and you're, not for the great reset and e jeez Anna entirely new of a replacement for the free market. Take make statement tell them why and true as for your money to a local bank- and this is also why the SSC is currently threatening coin base so that they cannot give people in It on their money, correct they.
This is. This is not some anarchist, outfit coin bases been of great corporate citizen, it's the andreasen, Horwitz Guy, they there very compliant, they compliant their greed. They go along with all the regulations that this is not some like. You know, Liver, Terry and we're in a light. The banking system on fire type of argument- and here they are just wanted to give people a relatively reasonable amount and set up the point. One percent you get from these big banks when you leave your money in there now, and they are they threatened them then they will sue them. They say if they open up a service that they worked with the government to set up in the first while yet you know it's an amazing thing, because if you have any bitcoin the current bases, its a bank it's a year keeping your money, there
digital. Your keeping your money there at coin base, so you can use it, withdraw it when you wanted a central factor in exchange, I mean it is effected similar that yeah I mean it's very. So I what I mean is it's a place to deposit your money? Could you can't physically put that underneath your mattress to place where you have it on deposit, and why that money just sit there. Why can earn money for the people who own it? That's that's the idea behind a bank. Why not the government is doing everything to trap us into one big bank and one digital currency, and once they have that it's done you're not going in a mean once you have that you are at the bark of the beast kind of stuff. I mean I'm not saying that as a mark of the beast of I'm just saying this is what it looks like this one, because you won't be able to do anything with your your did? it all passport and your digital,
This is the best one big brother, a lot of things that are going on, and I I want to talk about the vaccine mandate, but I also want to give you a update on Afghanistan, Afghanistan. We stopped all operations in Afghanistan, and I want to tell you why It's not that we ve run out of people. You're gonna hear something here in a minute that is he's going to make you worth we have stopped because we can't there more people, to get, but we can't get anyone out because we ve landed a week. We run out of what we call lilypads. These are countries that have taken. Many cases, my word or the word of the Nazareth Fund that we will get these
people out of their country, so they're not just trapped in dumped in their country and we'll take em to another country that wants them and then we will place them and help fund. You know year transition and in all of it, we have the funds to finish the job we don't of the funds to get more out of Afghanistan, but we can't get them out of Afghanistan now, because no country will take any more refugees as lilypads its full. Now I can't we get those refugees out because the United States State Department has kicked in the knees and hobbled us and no country, is gonna, take any refugees from any one, because the state department is blocking them,
It is my feeling that all of these refugees are gonna be coming to the United States of America. I can beak for the five thousand Christians that we have taken out. They were be a blessing in America, but I can't see: I too, on behalf of what everybody else took out what the United States government took out. I have no idea, and if we all of these refugees this going to make an impact in Amerika, I believe, the ones who love Amerika and the ones who love cod are good. to be a very big blessing to us, however, right now there still sitting on a tarmac these countries are getting pissed they're getting pissed at us. and the getting pissed at the United States of America. Now let me give you something that
I don't think you're gonna have a hard time, believing. but there is a new number out about how many a man americans- are trapped in Afghanistan Stu. What was the latest number from the state Department that you heard few hundred, wasn't it four hundred Half of them wanted to stay That's what I remember hearing the same. to parliament has done, just released a new number and they ve released it to foreign policy, the magazine, foreign policy, foreign policy, dot com, this department now says they believe. As many as forty Thousand- U S. Legal permanent residents remain in Afghanistan for teen thousand
Congratulations. We are turning into a country that is going to be Ah,. A nasty scar on human history. If we turn this around. Yesterday, a couple of things happened, the president still not doing anything on the southern border. Remember he said I'm not pay. We are not paying four hundred and fifty thousand dollars to people who came here and our suing us. That's it garbage report Well, here's the White House yesterday say not so much listen to them.
And it is perfectly comfortable with the Department of Justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the. U S. Government deal J can obviously speak more to that process. The president was when he was reacting to was the dollar figure that was mentioned that you mentioned to him yesterday, as press accounts today indicates there's been press account on this. The OJ made clear to the plane to that reported figures are higher than anywhere that settlement can land ochre so you're saying we're gonna pay, just I'm gonna be four hundred and fifty ok. That was the Wall Street Journal. That said, that logic tapir asked: did they it wrong the answer was no, they didn't get it wrong, so the president either was lying to you or he's not in control of its own administration. He doesn't any idea! What's going on this issue,
Another thing that we said about France wait a minute. you. Didn't the president didn't know that we change the deal and we sold you S, submarines to Australia and pulled rug out from underneath France, the president didn't know that. Well. Now you ve got a second case of it, so the president lying or the President be removed because he is not in charge of his own faculties or his own administration either. That's all in the case, but in this particular instance, I believe he's just lying. If you, why the clip with Peter do see. He's specifically goes back to the exact dollar amount to try to use to try to what was another four hundred, fifty thousand per per person? Was it per person he's going he's trying to give these specific number he's not disagree into. The entire premise of the question is,
as you are waiting for your overseas. There were reports that resurfacing that european integration is planning to pay. Illegal immigrants were separated from their families. At the border four hundred fifty thousand dollars each possibly a million dollars per family. I think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegal. If you guys keep sending that garbage out yeah, but our true a garbage, forebore yeah. three fifty four and fifty thousand dollars Four persons origin, that right and wrong a family member or other under the last administration has not good at it. So for fifty exactly per person before forty nine five sure that then at least nine hundred man I'm not paying a dollar zero dollars, I'm not a pain. They dollar dollar amount that we settle for zero, zero, should it be more than we give gold star families. I think no, I don't think so. We don't do that we don't
Do that and its president. Will this prayer it is changing fundamentally our economy. Yesterday he announced standing next, to bill gates that there our twenty public private partnerships that they are. making the White House the United States government and the World Economic Forum. I thought it was a I thought it was of some sort, conspiracy theory, because the World economic forum doesn't have any power. Well now they do because the President just partnered with them and Twenty major companies that provide many of them raw materials. they're going to help reshape the great reset and there are more to come off They reset the banking system in Scotland this week
all vs g stuff that we ve been talking about all done and the press it is all doing all of it through the public sector, so it never has to go to Congress. He, cut Congress. Out of all of this, that was yes, oh, no, sorry. There is one other thing yesterday, he nominated the soviet woman who went to the Soviet Moscow. Universities were on the Lenin, scholarship she's, now officially nominated for the controller of our treasury, so she is going to she wants to remake the bank's get rid of all the banks and make the FED the Only bank in Amerika, so They will have complete control over you that happened yesterday. What else happened? Oh vaccine mandate here.
Is the president, ah vaccine mandates. in December of last year. No, I don't think we should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand to be mandatory, but I will do everything in my power, the like, mask have to be made mandatory nationwide. So why is the president doing this now by the way, if you think you escaped, because you are a business under one hundred he is now working on the plan that will be really soon for all companies no matter what size? So you will now have to get the vaccine mandate Or you will not work, you will have to get the vaccine mandate or your. Company will be find out of business, and that will happen quickly. Peep like me. The daily wire daily, why is suing.
we will join them. We don't have a hundred people working in this company. Blaze is different than the structure of the daily wire. Everybody is an independent person that they bring their show independently in and folded into our spine. So we don't have a hundred employees. But we will be affected by this once they put the new mandate and then we have standing and we will be suing them too, because it will but every business out of business that doesn't comply, and I I will not comply. I asked you a year ago. What is your line and I had a really hard time because they had crossed so many of my lines. But I am very very clear on this. One. I will not comply. When it comes to the vaccine and the mask mandate, you know you thought
you could just well I'll just get a test once a week, but that means you still have to wear a mask at work. All the time and you are forced to do it, no, no I'm not doing it. no. This is my line. I hope it is your line as well, because if they can do this through OSHA, through OSHA cutting out. Everything else cutting out the entire process if the government- the I'm sorry the president can say: I'm going to reach in and destroy businesses, I'm going to destroy lives. I'm gonna, destroy jobs, I'm gonna make people where something and I'm gonna make people inject something into their body. You have no,
freedom if they can do this. Then can do anything. There is the last line make if we allow them to cross this line. There is, no freedom left in America. if you think they won't come for you. If you, Jim to go along with this, I'm telling you right now the regulation is coming on how you can spend your money where you can spend your money, the Regulations, will come for your speech, it will come from your church. It will come America. This truly, is your last call, so do you choose to do you must? stand together. You ma
find the people in your company and you have to find the companies we have to find the companies that will stay and and then we have to support them. We have to start gathering together. The people the border, our border patrol, I know you can't go on strike legally, but boy it would be surely awful. If, because, you were having to do the vaccine mandate. If a lot of you started to get sick at the airports. Because you know who will raise hell on that basis. As people travelling all around, if all of a sudden air customs and border patrol I'm sorry the lines are really long. A lot of people are sick. Those bids People will raise hell. you need civil disobedience and it
starts with saying this is my line I will. Not cross. It. I will lose my job, but I will not lose my freedom I will not lose the right to choose for my children what they Put into their minds and what they into their bodies. No, the best Glenda programme. We are aware, when forbids Albania a first time, listener may and being her last time. Listener. George, I hope not by She has disagreed with May she's with Randy, who shall not be named
because he's an eye ass. They won't tell us where they work. Obviously, but they work together and we don't know what kind of we have sketchy details honestly about. I released, we don't aids and we do not. We don't need to learn the not here to delve into that, they have their private lives and that's that's and they sound like consenting adults. You know boy, thank you very much Gwen for fruit for calling in and having a good sense of humour and in talking about something really really serious, but in a reasonable way. Thank you are so, let's about a couple of things. I want to start with. Just a couple highlights that I wrote down on on what you believe in what you were trying to get out, You started with it's not about politics, and I One hundred percent agree with you that seem is not about politics.
It shouldn't be about politics. The virus should not mean the virus will kill Republicans Democrats and independence in olden freedom lovers in communist all the same. It not about politics The vaccine was developed by an distributed by and fully funded the distribution by private funding. So the government, really had nothing to do other than, daddy, I mean, I know with the bid the polio vaccine is that was that way, yeah yeah here we're talking. We obviously were involved. We were involved were involved, but the distribution was privately funded. did you talk about the polio vaccine right that you charge for this vaccine. Obviously we went through. We have the big mass distribution sites in all and all of that so polio vaccine, do you know how long it took us to get to fifty one? Fifty six percent of the people patient, polio.
Are you asking me that, yes, I'm sorry. how much? How long did it take for polio? I mean the polio vaccine. Kids were crippled by polio. How long did it take for us once we had a vaccine to get to fifty six percent vaccinated. I do not know took six, years, and I can't imagine and I just can't imagine that, do you mean kids were being crippled, but it took six years. But we why two polio out The reason why it took six years is because people are naturally skeptical and the United States government, does not have the right to impose its will on these kinds of things to be able to tell you what your do
doing with a new vaccine like this. This is a new vaccine and you brought up the immune, compromised that is one of the reasons why, like Stew, he got vaccinated. I haven't because I had a very bad case of covert just about six months or eight months ago, and I have the antibodies and I'm watching closely window. People for me here any bodies are not going. Alas, how do you know that. Can you based on scientists at all, yet ok go ahead? Well, more personally affected by it. So are. Doctors! Now we know that We don't know how yeah we don't know yet because there has been enough time. Have
have you talked to end it because I've I've talked to Johns Hopkins, their head of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins it is a better a guardian against Cove id, then the actual vaccine, Europe. We don't know how long it's going to be effective do you know how long it was effective? How long were the antibodies in the bloodstream or effective, in those people who had the flew of the pandemic of nineteen. Eighteen, do you know now They found they found the antibodies dormant in their bodies. before they died Oh and I mean decades later decades later we don't know, we don't know yet how long and all we have to do is monitor and watch and when you start to see people live
you have to get your boy cashed it you can get your, I tell you, finally with you that we are we go through that you have to get your. tested in order to know if you have the antibodies or not and technically they're, saying maybe three to six months they don't know that your foot, they don't know that. I said they don't know that and in its course, there's think immunities a complicated thing, but there's no several studies that are showing that natural immunity last longer. That does, Mealy languishingly gotta get the vet. He should go get the virus, so you can get naturally do you prefer to get it obviously, through a guy, it's a better way to acquire it. However, if you do a choir to predict, if you have a case is aggressive you're more than We too have longer lasting immunity, at least that's what the recent studies show, however, look that is a developing situation than they dont have all the they don't answers, and-
and so it is a bad thing- was based on back previous Cuba Twond, it's nice. I know what you do, but it's not that view that's why they were able to get this out as in it They were able to, and a larger warm at sea every one of us has cancer cell, but our body, it's just a matter of which one I'm activated at lunch, one still Clara we're not affecting other people the fire. So look I sold. So, let's go to your cause. I was gonna talk to about the immune, compromised. I understand that and I I agree with you and that's why we're we do take. If somebody is immune, compromised, They are on high alert all the time we have an employee here. That is immune compromised. We have
taken steps to make sure that they can work from home and they can do things that they want to do and need to do and we too get very very seriously, but a few are immune compromised you have to live with that risk. You can't be protected from everything, otherwise we would all be in a bubble, but the rest, can do the things that we can do instead all of us having to have our hour medical health decisions made for us by one individual that it vigil needs to take responsibility, alert us, and we can help that individual. Never before have we protected the group that is most likely to get it back Forcing Ninety per cent of the rest of the population to do things they didn't necessarily want by the way we are up at eighty percent of people have been vaccinated already aid.
Percent of adults? Yes, yes, so we are looking at a very high vaccine vaccination rate. You said that We didn't do what we should have done. What is what abortive wipe this off? Well, Can you give me any stats? Can you name the country that masked up and stopped this because masks don't work unless it's a nine and ninety five mask will not. It is. Therefore, a hundred percent. By right, too, nine and ninety five, they have to be at least like three to five layers. Those are that's not what of that's our people are wearing. You know that. I mean the masks that even the president where's is a joke. It doesn't it. not effective? If you
truly worried about it? And you want to prevent some of it. Somebody else or you want to get it for you. have to wear an end. Ninety five mask and that's not what people are wearing and that's not what be is being recommended and really was about. Truth. That would be, out there. If it really was about saving people and protecting. People with masks, we all would be wearing and ninety five masks and the CDC would be very, very clear. Those little surgical mass, don't work. The little gator things don't work, the fat Brick masks that you're wearing do not work. The virus is smaller than the holes in the fabric. Doesn't work and there hasn't been a single country. I mean I don't want to be New Zealand or Australia, but they gave up on that that doesn't work this.
It's going to be something like the flu of nineteen eighteen. That is going to be with us every season and I agree again, with the flu season. Seasonal flu shots. I get a flu shod, I'm fine with that, but I am not forced to take it. The vaccine is not political, but the government, mandating that people do something that they don't want to do that Is political and you talk about the the immune deficiency Tory compromised me tell you a story of somebody, I had a conversation with yesterday: she's pregnant. She was told by the hospital. Have you had your vaccine and she said no, I'm not against it, but M pregnant and do we know for sure this is not going to affect the baby They said most likely not, but we don't know because it hasn't been.
Still hasn't, been tried enough, she said. Well, I don't want to risk anything with my baby. Now are You comfortable enough to say that a prey a woman who is owing to protect their baby and do the best thing and doesn't disagree with the the vaccine, are you saying you have the right or Biden or tromp or anyone else has the right to tell that person what to do with their body. Already like about what I'm gonna work, there is a lot of people still leave that aren't educated enough, knowledgeable and not fight. I do come from We have doktor style and my neck it had a baby and yes, baby
mom and baby man to get that need it. Ok, so you're! Ok, because you have a family of doctors and somebody in your family had a baby. So you comfortable, mandating for every woman who is pregnant- I d, care. If you don't have a family of doctors, you personal experience, your personal fears with out enough time for research to be done, the right way, you feel comfortable to say too that person I better than you know that that is, you know. That is a different like. I said that That's the can of worms right there. Ok, so so wait wept. So if there are no exceptions here, What do we do? I mean ok, that's one person
that's just one person there are many cans of worms where eighty percent vaccination rate we probably would have been in the nineties. Now if the government hadn't gone so spooky, Johnson and Johnson off the marketing. We probably be there already yeah, and you know then you're up to ten percent. Then you ve got ten percent. There's nothing in their human race does at one hundred percent. Nothing or compliance does not exist now, except for voting for Stalin. Bad happens at one hundred percent, there's nothing else. So we're Ninety per cent vaccination or would be at ninety percent vaccination. If the gun wouldn't been so weird about it and they wouldn't have taken Johnson and Johnson that everything was fine until they are set down transportation when they saw started they did. People and there would have been simulations of math by the way, with ultra violet light,
on CNN fabrication of yours, I'm sure where they had people around the table and bay they shot. You know, people with mass on and without mass line and the distribution of you, you're, saying at the particles than it was significant that this that there are two studies in labs that do show pre sum of some effective measures of mass a has not really proved out think to be successful in real world application in any major way it make. Maybe it'd increases it by few. We know ten twenty percent, which may not nothing, but still I and ninety five would be a real recommendation. I thought if you want, and I'm not against mass scale and in ninety five, is what you should be wearing, that way, you can depend on others to wear stuff right. Ninety five prevaricate K ninety five years fund to we're math from putting a plugin,
when we go, when I have a network break, I have to take its been great talking to you. Randy, it's been a little suspicious with you over the shoulder, but I really appreciate it. I don't think we convinced each other at all, but I'm glad we had this conversation. Thank you so much I could buy make a real, real, quick quickly, quick allay Adam up as a central left is talking on conservative radio on finding action. actually quite reasonable, we did it, that's good! That's good! I mean look at one of the big problems. Is that the less popular than the right light made I'll talk to each other, we would love to talk to you. A euro, lonely phone call. Really. I think that I have taken this week. I don't take phone calls very much but so you know we take a day we talk to anybody and Try to be reasonable. The media and the politicians on both sides, screwed.
up for us? Thank you so much
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