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Blaze podcast host Daniel Horowitz of "Conservative Review" joins to discuss monkeypox and the origins of COVID-19. As technology continues to progress, is the progression coming at the cost of our privacy? Glenn and Stu discuss the dangers of sacrificing privacy for technology. BlazeTV host of "Fearless" Jason Whitlock discusses the possible reason behind the rise in crime, chaos, and attacks on police officers by children.

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there's some crazy things going on right now, the e p, a is just lost. It's it's mind. We have the granholm now saying: we've got to move on global warming faster than ever, we've got a transition out of oil. That's insanity! Meanwhile, California says the state owns the water, even if you have a well, they own the water, and you just wrote better report how much you use otherwise you're going to get fined. You tell us how much you use and then we're going to charge you for not even doing any of the work for the tax money. Now also, we had to daniel horowitz on to talk about the monkey. Pox stew just got off a vacation where he was at the bathhouses like crazy, like crazy, the more you go, the the bigger discount you get, yeah gore's drawers and so much more on today's monday, podcast brought to you by relief factor if you're, one of the millions of americans who suffer everyday from pain. I want you to listen up. There is hope, and it comes in the form of relief factor. I just just today I got a an email in from a a woman. That's been using relief factor recently that her name is cynthia. She said last night I was able to sleep through the night without waking up from pain and cramping from my right right, hip and leg. It's almost the end of the second week of taking rarely factored and it's the first time. I've genuinely been hopeful that my life will go back to normal. Thank you. Relief factor. Well. Relief factor is available for you now. Nineteen. Ninety five for a trial pack, try it for three weeks: relief, factor, dot, com relief, factor, dot com and see if it makes a difference. Seventy percent of the people who order the trial pack go on to order more month after month, eight hundred for relief, one eight hundred the number for relief or relief factor dotcom.
the Daniel horowitz. How are you, sir you're doing all right and an glenn. Don't worry. The bad houses will never be deemed as non essential. Thank you. I know that in its weird, it's weird that this is happening at orgies and bath houses in and things like that, yet The government has come out and said you shouldn't do that that way. It's weird, isn't it. I wonder why it's funny if they were able to place travel bans on each other, something big, you do during the article of the confederation we down religion? We pay their people for now wearing a mask outdoors. We shut down in idaho church services outdoors
But somehow with something that actually you'd quarantine, a ball they emanate ninety eight percent from one active. That's always to be essential have you, heard any government official talk about like hey this. Is you know you should stop that the israeli stop that for now Have you heard, though, in fact when I'm hearing is both parties are set to ban red tape from ever defining marriages- the marriage this week. The who are, I think there stepping on the gas pedal further had interest Ok, so, are you concerned about this at all Daniels's, just another nonsensical. You know Glenn, I actually am concerned about it in and the reason is living in a different era, The global warming paradigm, where they make something up to scare you gain control.
You know redefine the world, redefine humanity and create the grey area. But then there is the covert paradigm, where it's actually real. Because they created it ends. Then they use that we have to deal with both problem. The thing baker and then the reaction to it. You know Everything we know about monkey park that need, if you stay away from the bad thousands, you should be fine, but there is the question headed for quite a while, suddenly her liberating so much and then at the same time the things you have the vaccine. And we do understand. There is a concept of self spreading vaccines We also know that last year me of when you twenty one, they held a table pop a thin, nation in germany on monkey park, though the- tell them how know about it. We know that last year, bill gates warned about the coming of smallpox evident.
Can we also know that last year, around July, around the time of year, the the f d a approved, a new therapeutic for smallpox, which Glenn that's pretty funny, code? It costs a lot of money to go through that process, Now, why would you approve something? and spent money on it there is no pathogen ethic things, and how do you even test Have you ever run a clinical trial on that? I don't know, I'm I'm actually a little bit concerned that even if they stay bad. How did they might know, something that we don't know just like they did in march of twenty twenty I have to tell you it their sole malthusian their aunt. All of these movements are anti human and the euro, they believe they were over populated and everything else. I just I hate to say it, but I don't have confidence that the summit,
these people that are working you know with diseases. Our mouth malthusian themselves, you know thinking. You know what okay, we can reduce the surplus population here and it'll. Be no it'll. Help us in the long run? This is really the biggest concern that shocked me. How work. We can be even conservative seem to walk away from this. When I talk to people about the need, reaffirm the number code and prevented from ever happening, a fine laws and the legislature for bodily economy at people thing and in an even lotteries lot leaders were done with cold it over with we're, not worried about that the problem, is, you know after nine eleven, we had a nine eleven commission with a pearl harbor commission. This thing has killed so many people there action to it it killed them. People already What can we do with talk about inflation? Yet inflation seem to have come. From our reaction to this
Do we want to get to the bottom of how this came about, because the shore attack was the natural and why other dean of function. Activities and facilities are coming down. The pipeline is illegal It bizarre that there's no derived to find that out and when I would speak to people and asked them? He? Where do you think of it came from I would in here. Well, it's once in a hundred years we have the pathogen we have a pandemic cause is about hundred year through the spanish flu. Well, now monkey pox. We have two of them Are we really there's after the avian flu, which has caused them to water, a lot of chickens which is contributing inflation. Chicken in need? really I mean what is going on here too. I am actually very concern that there the more gain a function, pathogens and vaccines in the pipeline and I think we ought to have it- you know an accounting of it.
I think it's interesting that a member of the house into intelligence committee war the americans late last week that your dna is open for grabs and it is its being used. They fear to develop by weapons targeting specific groups of americans even individuals, that this was pretty ouch Was it the last bond movie or the one before I think was all go. It was the last bond movie where they had a pathogen that they could Call the dna- and they could see people out and target people or target groups- and we are now saying that it looks like China is working on this. Well. China is working on it, but again, let's not forget that the current magic tooth that's been
her lip rotated and most people have gotten three doses? they a vineyard. We have this. This study that it does cause reverse transcription and does potentially altered. dna and we really don't have any counter studied that it filberts, or that we have not delved into that and I know we're gonna be talking about that a little bit on tuesday night special, because because Talk about that anywhere else, so I, they ve already have the technology to an extent and they have the motive to do it. Are you listen to schwab to albert boiler The theme of five there they talk about hacking into people. In in planting chips and the the the with a straight face. Now, I would admit more covert I would have left it often wouldn't have taken them seriously, but I think lesson is: we ought to take them. Fear, be at their word. After everything we ve gone through the last two years:
so you mentioned the especially we're doing tomorrow. It's a blaze, tv, special, uncensored on the dangers and effectiveness. of the covert vaccine, and I think we have a clip from that special here it is. Are we don't have that we had a clear our right of store. We have clips so David tell me What does tell me what to say? so is the expert that you have on and what we're gonna find out tomorrow. Well, this is kind of our safe space. The only place You can actually broadcast the truth, which is why it is so important, as described in a blaze because very Soon, you won't be able to get the truth anywhere I mean on off a facebook, I'm kicked off of twitter and we ve seen it Every step of the way where we tried to be the tipp of his spear and speak the truth,
and then you're not allowed to say that within it comes true, but then the next tranche you can't talk about we're. Gonna talk about that the most important words safe and effective and prove and it's hard to do it in only an hour and a half how they are unsafe, In fact, even in fact that this point negatively effective negative efficacy, we're having on doktor peter mccullough therein oh putty is article it is as doktor mccullough. He literally has the author of all this debate that the tipp of his tongue- and I think it so poor has? He is really the most published cartier the gist of our generation and he If it all up gave up his job at biller tax, if he gave up everything all this professor ships to speak. Truth, he now has the board's coming after a medical boards. For speaking the truth, and here is really what got me into this because with not a legacy and dieback thirty always gave all the vaccine
to his patience and he raised, turned very early on and literally everything he has said has come If you here that in more tuesday night She went through all of the all of the paper that pfizer the court said now. You ve got a release. It right away, correct yes, behind a written answer. seventy five years they what I really wanted to hide the the studies. Did he find out in the studies. Sure I mean by this total. Is we now have over twelve hundred peer reviewed study, youth, identifying some form injury or malady caused by the shot in error. Corner of the human body These are no longer experimental. I don't think that's an accurate term, I think maybe long term phil experimental short term. The job We then, and we're going to coalesce
all of the data, the best data we have the best studies we have and really the best things. Are the government and advisers own data. What is so shocking and that's what were the ensconced in either bears? Were the documents were led by the cord and we see. This is the important thing it's not like. Oops I burnt one. I burnt the toast They knew this from day one they knew this. The clinical trial phase they were seeing them, you'll have ninety five percent. That gave the no theory of injuries. And then you come the first month and bears load up with every cardio you're alive. You go injury, you could ever imagine, and then we d be people get covert once twice after getting the shot better than happened by accident
and the point is being knew about it and it's very very disturbing, because it means that the eight new about the did well, I'm and yet that the whole rats nest in Washington d c We need a reboot, we don't need a real great reset. We just need a reboot. We need to shut the system off, booted, backup, Because it is just its corrupt, corrupt to the bone. Really you, then I think that people need to recognise or not, one election away from fixing washington, I mean it's not gonna happen and you pick your favorite choice The president. Are you your dream, candidate, ok, and the bottom line is your. Going to fix, cdc as the a in the oj and the e p just not happening. There is nothing to during the entire thing. he is a maggot infected carpet from head to toe and I
we really need to understand that that window of fixing conventionally had passed that some day, but certainly after march, twenty twenty. daniel Horowitz. Thank you so much for all that you do and have done he is the blaze. Podcast host of conservative review is also the senior editor of the blaze dot com, and he's who's gonna be on with you on this it a steve dace and Sarah Gonzales right. And there are in- and if you know, thieves in town in Dallas that may be feeling all your built bars daniel Horwitz. That's tomorrow, night blaze. Tv is ablaze tv, special, uncensored. Dangers and effectiveness of the car with vaccine, all of the research, all of the things were not allowed to tell you
and they home of free speech, kind of the alamo of free speech blade. Stevie join us? If you have an already, we really really good, shows and really good opinions that are heard every day and we go into the things that you can't you can go into on social media join us now, blaze, tv dot com, blaze, tv dot, com, slash, glenn and use. The word is the, is the code uncensored. I can't see it. who unsafe, unsafe If promo code unsafe, save twenty percent, now blaze tv dot com, this is the best the Glenn Beck program. So this is this is great. Now the chinese, the f b, I
just figured out. There might be some things going on with the Chinese, and slide away. Wait a minute wait a minute. What do you mean age, a chinese secret there is something going on here with a with a chinese. Object The chinese offered to build in Washington DC, they said it's gonna, bring all kinds of tourists too. and they wanted to build a up. beautiful or nate chow knees garden at the national arboretum in washington d c, and they would have temples and pavilions and seventy foot wide pagoda and it was thrill all the local officials were like that is so exciting. And then If b, I started looking into it and they found a couple of red flags
I gotta. They noticed it would be a strategically based on one of the highest point in Washington DC just Two miles from the: u s, capital, and they said that's kind of the perfect spot. For you know or for gathering intelligence in in communications to grab everybody's intelligence communication. And so the thought that that might might not be bad And then the other thing that the chinese or like what? What what's the problem, they wanted to build the pagoda with materials ship to the. U s in diplomatic, pouches So when you are put something in a diplomatic pouch, it can't be searched customs. Now what They possibly bring it. I bet it was fish. Have you been to a country where, were you a lot of fish, and did you bring any fish on this trip? I bet it was fish. I better fish do
they killed the project and cancel d d of the garden which, You know very, very, very nice, but you know the chinese are purchasing land all over. the country which you know, I don't think that's epoch. I uncovered china, made her. Waterway equipment, atop, EL towers, near a u s military base in the rural mid west They said that's kind of a problem when they checked with strategic command, because apparently it could steel, blocker, rob. our nuclear communication and that might also be. Maybe a mate made may be a problem. former officials described the probes finding as a watershed moment
The investigation was so secret that some senior policymakers in the white house stew, you're doing a you're doing a secret dive in to china, you don't work anyone to know because you know you can't get out of the bag. China could doing It's a senior officials at the white house didn't even know. Do you think that joe and hunter Biden might have been on that list of hate just to tell them that we tell everybody else in the white house? Don't tell them what we're doing with china. The president is on a need, is yeah me. It needed no end. He definitely does not need to know in two the twenty with congress approve one point: nine billion dollars to remove chinese made while way illegal technology,
Two years later, they can't find the money to do it got darn it. You know the none of the. equipment is removed and it's still there. and with just waiting for reimbursement money, and they can get it done. The fcc applications to remove twenty four thousand pieces of chinese made communications equipment. He had do because they can't. can't raise the money there: three billion dollar short, the f c c and theirs I what what Where did I put that three billion dollars by the way we sent more money over to ukraine. As we can see it s really good. China has also issued a stark private warning to the binding ministration about a possible trip to taiwan in august. to buy Nancy Pelosi, they cited six people familiar with the chinese warnings
It say they are significantly stronger than the threats at beijing has made in the past when it was unhappy the private rhetoric suggests a possible military response. According to the financial times the white house, security council and state department declined to come and other report. China's foreign ministry did not immediately respond reuters request for comment on sunday, so I'm trying to think. besides insider trading, why it so important for nancy policy to go to taiwan? Just wondering food. Ok sure your president, you know I don't want to back off of taiwan, but I mean unless its critical that we're over there in taiwan, I didn't
think it is with nancy policy. I mean if it was somebody good that we are sending sending over there, but Nancy doesn't even know what she's talking here's, what we do you don't have to be a sophisticated as mission impossible. You don't you put her on a plane dropper in some vienna tropical destination, have somebody that looks different? You know. Just not white speaks another language doesn't have to be beautiful, taiwanese or chinese, and and just tell her. She went to Taiwan then she pick that went up I mean it seems like her and her husband are usually so drunk they wouldn't. Even so, we recognise the difference. yes, she is. A little irene just a little hammered seeming during the day she seems, hammered he's been charged with it right here: You know he's right.
at the dui on his dark it. So I think you know just a combination of the two, her appearance. His His actual seemingly d. Do you I dangerous almost killing somebody accident. Those two combined, I will probably believe almost anything. I say we do it sent him over, by the way there is a great great say done by John whitehead and Mr whitehead from rutherford institute on technology, and they say we are now crossing the line of no return. We are, we are at this line. We are, the cusp of a cultural, technological and societal revolution, the likes of which we have never seen before, while the
medical left and right continue to make abortion the face of the debate over the right to privacy in america. Government in its corporate partners, aided by rapidly advancing technology, are reshaping the world into one which there is no privacy at all. Not that was once private, is protected. We have not even begun to register the fall out from this soon ami bearing down on us in the form of artificial intelligence surveillance, and yet It is already reorient doing our world into one way in which freedom is almost unrecognizable. ai surveillance, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and widespread surveillance technology to do the police state. Last so the manpower and resources to do effectively or efficiently to be everywhere to watch
everyone everything monitor, identify catalogue, cross check, cross reference include everything that was once private, is now up for grabs to the right buyer governments. Corporations alike, heavy heedlessly adopted a. I surveillance technology without the care or concern for their long term impact on the of citizenry as a spur The report from the carnegie endowment for international peace warns a groan number of states, are deploying advanced a I surveillance tools to monitor, track and surveillance citizens to accomplish a range of policy objectives, some lawful there is violating human rights mode. fall into the murky middle ground. Indeed every new ay. I surveillance technology that is adopted and deployed with any regard for privacy. Fourth, amendment rights and due process the
it's a citizen, we are being marginalized, undermined and eviscerated digital, authoritarianism in ism as a centre for strategic international studies. Cossack cautions involves the use of information technology to surveillance. Repress manipulate the populace. dangerous human rights and civil liberties and co up doing and corrupting the foundational principles of a demo Eric and open society, including freedom of movement, the right to beak freely and express political dissent and the right to personal privacy on and off line now Is this article? I've got to go into more tomorrow, but it is fascinating to me. They say there are nine steps,
nine elements of the chinese model of digital authoritarianism, so see how many we have done. dissidents, suffer from protested of persistent cyber attacks and fishing we ve had that, social media websites and messaging apps are blocked. That's happened, posts they criticise, government officials are removed, haven't had officials, but had it on policy mobile and internet access revoked as punishment for activism haven't had that yet pay Commentators drown out government criticism. Oh, I think that's happened. New laws tightened regulations on online media. yet citys this behaviour monitored via a I and surveillance tools, absolutely
Individuals regularly arrested for post critical of the government no and now in online activists are made to disappear. Are you not yet it glad it's interesting. A lot of those that you said have not occurred. have occurred, but just not through the government right like we, I've seen people get kicked off for comments. They ve made about ironic and lose their access to their business to their banking system. In all of this, for for whatever their business does or comments that they ve made it just that hasn't come through the government egg? I know it's the sort of the approach that you outlined in the great reset where it comes not from the government. Through an arrangement over overt or not between the government or people who just share the ideology of of those in power and and execute those punishments. Side of law. It's it's just something they and their able to do it. It just has
up in american tradition, we ve always compete given people even access to mean of simple like banking, regardless of you political opinion that has changed and it hasn't come through the government through law were, I think, will be clearly unconstitutional. It's come. Instead from these cover, he's doing it on their own, but the effect. is the same on the people who are impacted. in it's hard to know where the government ends and where these private companies begin You know when the when the white house is saying we're in touch with social media and telling them, which sites or in which voices need He turned down, is that the government is
his twitter and facebook is at all a tool of the government. Is the government a tool of facebook and google? I don't know, I don't know where one ends and one begins: you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program case of wedlock, how's, the fearless. How are you, sir? I'm greg atlanta? How are you. Well, I'm good! I you know, I saw two videos. Last week I saw these children punch a cop hitting a cop. I mean little kids, I'm sure you saw this too and then the four year old than the four year old, picking up a gun and shooting at the cops- and I thought is this but we had a new level now. What is happy to us, jason, you don't.
Why talk about this last week in ants, like we're living in a real life version, The novel lord of the flies and people are. You know they crash an airplane and me a bunch of kids survive on island. descend into total chaos and brutality and depravity because there's no adult supervision, because there's no faith in god, and that it's happening with young people. There is no adult supervision and folded descending further and further depravity and chaos and foolishness and when you look at a merry you know you asking is this organised and I think all of this is organised. The people trying to undermine america have
promoting the environment, the disrespect for authority, the disrespectful, country, the dismissed for law enforcement, once you impose that mentality on the culture that is the kind of chaos and depravity that's gonna, just become more and more pervasive, How do we get out of that war? Is anybody? Is anybody seen anything good happen. and the black community towards police officers, for instance. Well, as it relates specifically to the black community. I think it's it's it's. What the entire american community is going to require and that's a spiritual reawakening. The only hope, as this call it has become more and more secular more more godless, it's it's just gonna become more and more depraved. And again you talk about a constantly, but
this is rooted in the destruction of the family, culture and and so, when you tear apart families, this is what happens, and so is the problem most acute with african americans years because the destruction of the black family- the tear, the the impact that has been most heartily fell on black people, but it's happening in all parts of american society, because even where there are two parents were still talking about a traditional family structure, we're still not talking about a true commitment to developing a nurturing young people you know we we deal with our young people, there we deal with our jobs after we deal with making as much money as we possibly can and secure our second third car and how would we they don't have? America doesn't have the commitment to young people and children that we
to have, and so we shouldn't be surprised that these kids are turning on us and turning on the culture and the society we left them with cease that's a big topic for you today in your show, to day work talk about kyler, Murray and the contract being given out in the end. fell. How you know, I'm less excited billina failed and I have been in it. Time in my life, but but that the top tomorrow, but I'm gonna get into bed with your audience were maybe really really interested in is I watched it sermon from a minister called bishop, either way you jackson and happy, gave it to me. So I watched it yesterday. It is one greatest
sermons, if not the greatest sermon I've ever what in it me realize what what the price, Let me, with this whole january, sick thing, and why doesn't fit right with me in whose really to blame and again he would see It wasn't whether his the gist of it, what the it's is like, as christian as believers we're sitting on the sidelines in this cultural war and- and we I have to get involved with this whole separation of church and state. Is misuse and if will return to a job, the bat this mentality. And impose our will on this culture you know the left or the right complain about the culture and so forth. For me, this wasn't his eyes. But for me my take away was I'd. Look at what happened on January six and
I blame the media and I blame the left and I blame all the lies were told, but I asked blame us as christian, because we, we need, rather than in again this isn't an antitrust statement, but it's just a fact. Rather than fly the trump flag, We need to define a Jesus flag, They just flag of faith flag demanding that our politicians builder should that is respectful of the today. christian culture that this country was founded upon. What we We deserve that we're all that does the reparations we're all our founding fathers built a detail. Chris, and culture in in founding document. based on that and work watching Attention and leaders, betrayal, all that troy all that and we haven't mustered the strength, as believers took, to take on But why should do that of letting the left is crucial.
these lunatics define all the oh and instead of letting political people and again, I have no problem with the mad crowd, but if that had been a group, of course up there praying and an? And asking for america to restore some integrity and facts and true to this society, a group of Chris, This would have never been baited in to entering the capital and that we will never would have let re ups and the other the floor is bade us into the lunacy that there now using against us. And so we gotta put away these political identities in brief, the true identity of this country, amby only identity. They can really save this country nets. Faith in god I will tell you that this faith in god this is how far away we are did you know that
we are now sending money overseas through blinkin through. the bureau of democracy, human rights and labour grant programme, and it is pro, odin, atheists, atheists and humanism, I did know that doesn't surprise me in again he don't gather, as believers and say, know what you're doing and make them talk about what they are actually doing, that we draw one and the same gland we just haven't done it enough is enough that the dry, queens at schools grew mean and trying to base our children into a lifestyle that is unhealthy and does it made the reproduction what we gotta stop this week we can draw a line in the sand over what they're doing I killed them,
coward and we did deserve the destruction it's coming in his country Thank you so much, I really really enjoy. Talking to jason, went lock the blaze tv host of fearless,
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