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Best of Program | 1/8/19 - Officially Under a State of Emergency? - Drugs are a Serious Problem? - Impossible Tasks (w/ Dave Isay) - The Room Tilts Again?

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Hello and welcome to the podcast. It is Tuesday and a very. Tuesday at nine p m. This night The president is going to speak about a very coordination would get it that in the pot cast in second person is, are you let them give this example? Stephen crowded, you might be familiar with him. He's got a shelf very popular. It's coming back on January, seventeenth work. You know it's coming back to where blazed. Oh, my Harry Subscriber going anywhere easily only Y know, there's dozens of dozens of flood back programmed. You might now watch the show. Every day you can watch pack grandly standard gets a news matters.
Dozens of other shows like air pulling Mark Levine and Stephen crowded we're. Could I get this? You get that police, tv dot com, slash fact probably really expensive. Well, what if I were to get ten dollars offered shot? I can do that for you. If you use a promo code back, go there now subscribe and get ready for the shelf come to show every day and Stephen credit starts on the seventh. Ok. So on today's podcast I think you're really going to like it. We had a couple of things one the pros and cons of the President's saying, I'm gonna to exact use, an executive order or emergency measures to be or to build a wall on the border. I think that consensus is that we agree the gold. We don't like the route, and that was surprising when we took it to and talk to people all over the country. It was pretty unanimous. Was
ethics, science and principled audience, and it's too can be interesting to see what the president actually talks about will be able to talk about it in more detail. When you actually goes through tonight, also Jeffrey Jeff Fisher who's been with a show for about twenty years, had a heart attack over holiday. We talked about his fatness, his son, and his widow maker attack. He is one of the very few that have a heart attack this massive and actually live God only knows why he's was spared, but he was prepared and we talk about that on today's bought gas. Maintain the poem title lock, hometown lock is our sponsor this half hour. This is the we're one growing crime in America with according to the FBI with people,
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what would you say if I told you that officially we were already? under a state of emergency, twenty eight different states of emergencies. They never ever go away. You can't once declare a national emergency. The president does- and I make no mistake- I believe he has this power to do it and I think it's an important power for the president to have but way it's designed it never ever I was away because it takes both houses to just majority vote. No, but then it goes to the president and he has to veto he's the guy who just proposed it so It's not gonna veto it. He is. Our iii is gonna veto. In then, have to have two thirds of Congress over overturn his veto. Will that almost never happens and in fact in history it now
her has happened, but if you look at the national emergencies that we have. They all kind of fall into the same category, was the first president to declare a national emergency even guess it was Jimmy Carter. Then happened in nineteen. Seventy nine so we went from one thousand, seven hundred and eighty nine one thousand seven hundred and ninety one or one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine to nine. Seventy nine without a national emergency. We through world war, one world war, two we went through the civil war, no national emergencies eighteen. Seventy nine was the first and I want you to listen to. The pattern walking the iranian government property November? Fourteen nineteen, seventy nine. So that's Obama when he flew all that cash back. There
What Obama was usurping now was giving back their property but that still remains we're still under a state of emergency blocking proper. So Carter did it against IRAN, and then you know that the billions of she sent over. There was essentially the other side of that transaction. They were complaining about how we kept their stuff all this time correct, but we never got rid of the national emergency a proliferation of weapons of mass destruction November fourteenth night. Now before it. So the next guy who did it was Bill Clinton. Now listen of this sort, first present into ever do it. Nineteen seventy nine was was a carter, He only did it once then Reagan Where did it Bush never did it, then, nineteen. Ninety four Clinton, it's out his pen proliferate of weapons of mass destruction, then print in transactions with terrorist who threatened to disrupt the Middle EAST peace process and ninety ninety five prohibit
certain transactions with respect to the development of the iranian petroleum resources. Ninety ninety five also Eighteen. Ninety five blocking acts, assets and prohibiting transactions would save significant narcotic traffickers that eighty six regulations of the anchorage and movement of vessels with respect to Cuba, then in ninety seven blocking sudanese government property and prohibiting transactions with Sudan blocking property. Since who threaten international stabilization efforts in the western Balkans. That's two thousand one! So now George Bush is good. Into it. And here's where it really picks up the speed, continuation of export control regulations- August, seventeenth, two thousand one declaration of national emergency by reason of certain terrorist attacks September, fourteenth thousand one. Then number, twenty third blocking property and prohibiting transactions would persons who commit threatened, commit or support terrorism, then blocking
property of persons undermining democratic process or institutions in Zimbabwe March Stu thousand three, then protecting The development fund for rack and certain other property in which Iraq has an interest march, two thousand three fucking property of persons and prohibiting the export of certain goods goods to Syria may to them for what in property of certain persons, undermining democratic process, the processes and institutions in Belarus June two thousand six also in October, two thousand six blocking property of certain persons contributing to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Then blue, King property and persons undermining the sovereignty of Lebanon and its democratic process in institutions in two thousand seven, then we have in June. Two thousand six continuing certain restrictions with respect to North Korea and IRAN. Korean Nationalists, and that is
two thousand and eight now we're in two Obama. Time block property of certain persons continuing to the conflict in Somalia, blocking proud Many have certain transactions related to Libya. Blocking property of transnational criminal organizations blocking prom, a person's threatening peace, security, stability and Yemen blocking property. Certain persons contributing to the situation in Ukraine. That's in twenty fourteen blocking property, certain persons with respect to South Sudan in fourteen block in the property, a certain persons contributing to the conflict in the central African Republic blocking proper Suspending the entry of certain persons contributing to the situation in Venezuela then brought Brok block the property of certain persons engaging insignificant, malicious cyber enabled activities and to any fifteen and the law one did Obama, did blocking property of certain persons contributing to the situation in Burundi, mats and twenty fifteen
now? What are those all have in common all blocking? property and possessions of pretence, terrorists, or of inflation and newly inflamed hot spots around the globe. Right they none of it. None of it would fall under the category of spending or anything like that. It's all blocking property and that's what has been used for right. It is. It is me, sure that people, the bad guys don't have access to more funds or train were funds across international borders or that we do anything to help the bad guys. That's. The emergency action has been so It was first used in nineteen. Seventy nine- and I would say to both in ethical, out of those having common, not all certain that certainly not September fourteenth doesn't want, but most of them, I would say, are lower on the priority list of american sovereignty and security. Then the then the border security issues I greatly what what
Burundi might be very important and probably is, but I would not put that on the level of September eleven September eleventh or building a wall on our southern border. Right I mean, I think, like, though, does it mean There was no reason to use those things, but you know so here, is the here's the here the issue: the Ets since two thousand and six that the Americans have said. We want a border wall, that's when Congo including Hillary Clinton, an Barack Obama signed, into law. Wall sift, secure fence, act of two thousand Essex Lou we signed it in Everybody in the Senate in Congress try to convince beyond all Glenn this time. It's real. No, it's not. I mean, I know it wasn't, and you know it wasn't there had no intention of doing it. They were just placating the american people, but this and start in two thousand six.
Reason. Why was popular for Obama in Hillary Clinton to sign it in in two thousand? Six was because we all knew what happened just a few short years ago in two thousand one and no was willing to do anything about it. Our boy there is north and the south are trouble, but there's another there's another piece of the puzzle then overwhelming problem that we have is overstayed. Visas and they ve never fix that either. That's was the number one problem and September eleventh that still the number one problem with terror and a border wall won't have anything to do with that. It won't fix it, but I don't. That's where the american people are. They know that they don't think this is a fix all they just I think this is one box that needs to be checked and no one will ever check it.
I'm if I'm reading the american people write, the american people know that this is a problem. And their tired of waiting around and being told by one party or the other, we're gonna fix that because Bill Clinton said he would fix that. Senator Barack Obama said he would fix that Hillary Clinton said she would fix that George Bush. Said he would fix that. No one has fixed that no is serious about it, except the american people. So tonight. I think people are going. Split into camps. The demo rats who had been brainwashed that oh no, this is just racist. No, it's not They are going to be against it, even though their leaders signed it in two thousand six. When all the rest of the Democrats remembered September, eleventh
you're gonna, be brainwashed and they're gonna say no. This is nothing about re, nothing but race. What does the right say about it? I'm so stew, Let's look at what Let's start a pro income list, the pro As I see it is that this would mean that there would be a permanent solution and, I think, So the number one thing the conservatives are looking for were tight. Of having the same battle at being told we're gonna take care of it. Knowing that they're not good care. They're, not gonna, be serious about it, and so this provides thing that goes beyond this president and it's done right now They decide to blow it up her terror, down whichever I would necessarily pass the future president right, like you see them not repairing it. Just not just let it go to waste ok, so you have a permanent solution. You have
or a security. You haven't solve the problem, but you have more security, heavenly improvement right. Yes, a move in the right during a big move in the right direction, and you have accountability right. Count ability. How do you mean that you have somebody who is willing to say I'm responsible for this year? That's nice to hear occasionally right the buck stops here. That's the one thing that I think both rip Listens and Democrats want maybe not on the same things, but they some someone to say buck stops here. And in that is. That is the real problem with like government shutdowns and things like that. The more we I don't believe in the federal government, the more we want, someone anyone justice been in, say I'll fix it, because we think
these things are common sense. I believe the border wall is common sense I mean I want a bigger door, I, what or qualified people coming, and I want the best people from all over the world to come in, but I would I don't want our people coming in through the windows and through the side, doors that we, don't know who is in the house- and I, what that in any way, shape or form. I dont want that from Sweden, and I dont want that from Libya, and I don't want that from Mexico. Like the other basic common sense when it comes to having a country and having borders, you have to be able to control them if they get out of control. Rightly, we know one stocking about offence between us and Canada, because that is not an out of control border. This one is, and we have to do something to stop at the fence. Would it would help quite a bit and
They ve already let us down after they weave elected them and they ve passed bills promising it. Ok, including the votes from Diane Feinstein apart bopper by boxer and Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton! This is not a republican measured very recently. No, it was two thousand six, and that is that's the thing president's gonna hang his hat on tonight. I think, if he does this, he may not do this. I think he's into union, and it is hardly actually saying that it emerged and see Edward and shifting funds to pay for the border wall without pass into law. Yes, you think he's gonna do I do to you I guess I'd say: yes, there's a lot of reporting on it that bed, that's definite. What he's considering he may also just be threatening it look, he may be saying like look, I'm going to do this either way you might as well get your dhaka and give me the money, because I'm gonna go. Do that as a year he may give. You may say you got seven days right. Might the window where or thirty days wherever it is because it has been in a things
getting to those at elevated levels to were starting to Iraqi, starting to see the reporting about people who, who we know the tax refunds, they ve solved, in short term, but that you get the foods. Thing: that's right around the corner of the several different programmes that will start becoming major news stories. If they get this fixed by then I wonder whose writing this tonight. This really has to be written, really really well and his his gun My is to make people understand the seriousness of the border as a separately from some political issue. Right this goal is to say too person who's in the middle? Who cares about? security but is, day, partisan or is a huge trump person or whatever to this then that hate. You know you ve, been hearing all this stuff, and may I say that I'm lying about this here, the facts, really is a serious situation and we may need to make it a national, can see? This is the first time that he's done anything from the oval office. He has now
I've given a speech behind the resolute desk in the oval office, but not an address to the nation. I don't know, I'm pretty sure. Look it up. We murders. I am pretty sure that that is a prime time address. Prime try, as is his first prime time address from behind the resolute desk, the resolute Ask is generally reserved for real Lee important speeches veto my helstone kind of speeches to where we're going. The war or there's a national emergency or the Something really grave that we need to talk also. It has traditionally been used for the farewell address
interesting as these media struggle yesterday with should we even take this is something that we should even tat. Yes, it first vote. Yes, second of all, if you would have even suggested that under Barack Obama, you'd have been a racist for suggesting is unbelievable you're listening to the best of the global problems, like listening to this path cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell case. The only thing that I can think of that is a con a national emergency is. It is not unconstitutional. The president has a right to do that. We have twenty two national emergencies already running they just now. Virgo go away and all sorts of different types of national emergencies. I well one of the the findings about this is at which I had collar last our saying. Well, one ways he could do this is because of the opium thing
This is a major issue. Well, there is a national health emergency on opiates, a different type of national emergency, but until he actually he promised to do They are a national emergency on opiates, but it took him but Trump awhile to do it, and in that time the media was constantly complaining that he wasn't starting. National health emergency and obviates the complaint about a constantly until he finally did wind up doing it now but the sea, its related matter no, No, it's heroin in these sorts of things. Now they want to do a different. If a national emergency, it's a very controversial thing right, so av smart, he will include Opie Lloyd's. Tonight he will include M S, thirteen and he will include Vive LA monetary in crisis that has been. As to your recently by people who wish to do our country no good at all
oh, he should include that we will open up, are our immigration and make it easier for qualified people to come in does? I don't think anybody has a problem with with him again as long as they're here in their qualified right. We, but we don't want to miss thirteen and again Emma's. Thirteen gets this political sort of thing all. That's just Donald Trump trying to scare people to just put this in perspective. Amis thirteen kills four point three times as many people that die in school shootings in United States four point three, I am. As many people die in the hands of Amis, thirteen than die in school shootings in how much do you hear about? Is thirteen you? Don't
Are you out just a nonsensical all just Donald Trump is making things up s thirteen wages, but letters and numbers you just thrown together? No, it's it at a very violent gang and they kill a lot of people in the United States is a real problem, a real problem. If you think school shootings are a real problem which we all know the left does. This is four times the size and the president should include things like that. If he's gonna make the case now. The only downside I can see on this is I don't like the way this is being done. I don't I I want to set this precedent. I dont want the next, as an ant, coming in and saying. I'll tell you a national crisis, a national emergency, global warming. Here, all the stats, because they will here, the olive oil behind a national emergencies to take things that aren't partisan issues. There are there's not disagree, as we all know that we know IRAN right is a big problem and we need to stop their funding right. That was the first time it was used during the again during the high costs
crisis September, eleventh right after that, we all know we're on the same page. The votes are all you know under two zero. She's related to that this is one where obviously Republicans what has happened. Democratic, don't- and you can tell me the thing that isn't partisan now, Why are you did say usually only in emergency situations but again, that's why there's a national emergency part of this right, but is in the national moored. Look, I'm not making a case for this cause. I don't think this is the right way to do it, but I gotta play devil. Advocate cause. There is no other way to do this anymore, any other way to do it has been destroyed because we ve made everything partisan when you said well, we should know well, we all do We all knew that two thousand six, they all Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton signed,
a wall into law, repass, eighteen, nineteen, but it s okay, so it wasn't partisan issue it just is now yet climate change should not. Be a partisan issue, but it two part of unity is partisan, extraordinarily sit. I mean you right, yes and that they will say the same thing. This is not supposed to be a partisan issue and we, to pass it's a national state of emergency on the climate, and we can do ex wincey they ve tried it. I mean this is how a lot of times the EPA has tried to control the missions and put new standards on which are things that I fought against the entire time, because there I believe those are completely unconstitutional. This one would not be its allowed through the law, it would be. Not only would it not be unconstitutional, it would be completely legally. Whereas I could tell it's just a new way of using this aid is an. It does seem to be an expanded use of this power, which I dont want that ever I don't ever want to be on the ear telling you that the government is taking is, is it
getting more power to do something, as they already have enough. They only have a lot of power and the reason I know these things are hard to do to pass a border wall is going to be hard to do, and that is sort of built in your system which really crazy is we went to the moon and the nineteen sixty when we didn't have the technology we didn't have the technology and we said we have to do this now, because it's easy, but because it's hard, we don't need any technology we don't need to do it. Eventually. Technology has been around for a while in or out forever. Look it it's hard to do now. Heart. To do was go to the moon in nineteen sixty nine. That was hard to do get, together in putting a fence or a wall up to stop people from coming in across a border? That's not hard at his people, unwilling to do it,
Yeah I mean I just you know we all if this was the way that this could have been done, we wouldn't have needed to have a conversation about laws for the past two years right. I think everyone realized for the past two years and putting the administration that this was not the way to do this. The same, whereby the way that Brok, oh Mamma, had the conversation about Dhaka and they said we can't do this- we had a pass a law. Then they came up with another way around it. This one is a little bit different. I think it's better than the Dhaka thing. There's no question about it, but it makes me a little uneasy. Doesn't let's look at it this way, the Only reason why we have Donald Trump, the thing Donald Trump really connected because remember he wasn't connecting at the beginning until he got onto the border wall when he started on the border wall. That was his in his first opening speech. I was like nineteenth on his last year. It was not a high priority in that speech. People forget that the whole mexican rapists thing that he got beat up on so much that was like, I want to say it was like two or three per cent of his speech lose if it was not
something he focused not at all so soon ass, he started to get onto that. That's when he really took off. So let me just let me just pause at this. This little thought here that perhaps because the Democrats refuse to deal if what they said they would do in two thousand eight and they agreed that we needed a wall but then for a political reason or some other reason that never has been vocalize. They decided not to build the wall. That's the reason why we have Donald Trump as president, because politicians views to do exactly that, what they said they were gonna do, but what they were. What a bill and signed on to do. They passed a law that say shall be built and they never did it.
If you're, looking for an ultimate reason, why Donald Trump? How could Donald Trump our present? Well there? It is that stuff like that and report. Kids and the Democrats failed to build a wall that they pay the law. On the basis of what I mean truck, we one thing about Trump and these moments is he doesn't like being a defence right, so this is a way for him to turn. To being an offence. I've got something I can use and I will use it. I think there's a good chance that he says tonight. You ve got two weeks to to hammer this out. Or I'm going to use this. So that puts him on the offensive, It makes me uneasy that sort of power, but still it It is an understandable thing that, because the basic thing behind it, everybody, He's with at least in this audience, I think most people are on the conservative side, which is this is a real problem. People are ignored. We need this thing built figure out a way to do it,
and that is a completely logical way to think we have to make sure we don't cross some barrier which we're gonna get burned by direct left who them their own devices. The american people would solve this problem. We would solve it. This is the best of a bad. I also, Because it's a new year, I really want to focus on the big issues and Was overwhelmed during the holiday with the number of people that road in and said, how close they were to giving up how they had wrestled with depression, how they had been wrestling with alcoholism, and
how they had a new commitment to continue another day and sometimes we forget about how alone people can feel it's because we don't talk about these things, because we cannot bury them and they are. They are kind of first principles there the things that we should be talking about with each other. We should be look. Out for one another, but sometimes he sings make us uncomfortable and you dont know what to say. I know that is true for me in many cases with veterans, because I have. I hold them in such high regard. I don't necessarily edges Don't necessarily know what I would do in their situation.
And it causes me sometimes do not say anything one of the biggest regrets and regrets in my life, I'm good friends with Chris Kyle's wife, but I was not friends with Chris because I stood at a charity fundraiser shoulder to shoulder with him, and I only shook his hand and thanked him for his service. I didn't even talk to him because I was so intimidated. Our soldiers are going through real tough times, but its those hoof. Those who refuse to give up that make the difference our partners recur. Have eight have a great stir. Retail between a marine The corporal Zack scales he was deployed to Iraq in two thousand three, he was there at the.
Beginning of the invasion, while serving on the front lines, he lost five friends within a two week period and winning I'm home he had a hard time still. He had hard time holding down a job. He found himself homeless. So worry course: set down with him and his father Scott to talk about the difficult. These that he face during the war and how he got back on its feet. An amazing story. Listen- I remember saying every gift: I've been given, I dont have a better one, then, to be your dad, and I remember you- smile and Santa Lovey do dad, and then you got car and went to war. So what his life like after you came home I was pretty sure someone who's gonna kick down my door, and I were scared to go to sleep. I couldn't sustain employment. I couldn't pay rent
and pay for groceries. It all just kind of fell apart. And then I was homeless, crazy thing was that I didn't think that there was anything super wrong night time, I stayed on coastal trails in hiking trails and in the daytime I could just pass out at park. There was a time very where I didn't know where you were, and it is given. To watch anyone let go of hope. What are your son? It's excruciating. I remember great relief that you decided to go into impatient treatment. I remember one night you getting out of the car to walk back and treatment building. I was dark in your head, was kind of down and for a moment. I could feel the way you were carry.
Is I watched you walk into that building. I uttered these two words that I don't know they were some kind of prayer or not, but they just came out. My son and I was absolutely overcome with grief and and the beginning of hope. What is life like for you? Now, it's pretty graduated undergrad, yes, I heard Schumacher just ask I remember my dad's in this to me, and I feel it is so true between you and I It is your life, so you have the last word but then, as you do, That gives me the second to the last word Second to the last word is, I believe in you I'm on your side,
there's a powerful thing I learned from somebody who had and kept as a sex slave in Mexico. She had literally, she had changed scars around her neck scars all over her. Back where she had been beaten and burned and chained for a couple of years. I was recording something with her and I said I want you to say hi. My name is so and so- and I owe you to be a slave and she said no. I won't say that, and I said: ok, ok why'd. She said I never considered myself a slave. They They have changed me, but I were considered myself a slave. Our lives are a blank piece of paper and we
Are the only authors of it if someone else's authoring it or if you don't greater taught you well new page and start again. It sounds ridiculous because it's too easy, but it's true. David say from my story: core is with us now Dave. Can you give me an update?
on on Zan Glenn Happy New year, it's great to talk to you well, the sack is, is getting his phd now in psychology, and I will say you know this is the first time as as, as you know, a story for interviews to people who care about one another coming to have a conversation, and we ve had a dozen big special initiatives. Should the ears- and this one is part of the military Voices initiative, voting focusing on the voices of posting eleven of that's in there and their families. The first time ever had this conversation first time ever talked about what what happened in enough to sack in Iraq and I met so. I dont get a chance to meet a lot of the participants in story cork. We ve had half a million people who participate, but when I'm giving a talk, sometimes people from stories will come into the into the come to the talk,
an sacks that's got came to talk a little while ago, and this goes back a little bit what you were saying about the the woman who you had interviewed, who is the sex slave and- and I remind me of that Mandela quote where he said: Nelson Mandela- they contain my body, but again they catch him myself as acts dad Scott after I played a story handed me. I just a very brief quote, which stuck with me- and it just said Here- is the world beautiful and terrible things will happen. Dont be afraid, so how can people get involved in your new initiative? One small step this is trying to bring people together that maybe don't see the world politically the same way, but your preserving the voices of people who are very very different from one another, but
can find common ground. How do people get involved in that? So we have. You can come to your website at story corps as to your y, see or Ps Dot, Org backslash, one small step which has one work and at you described exactly what we're trying to do. We have had half a million people who know and love each other, like sack and Scott, come to story core and now we're working to put people on opposite sides of the political divide together, just to not stuck about politics. Just two Remember that someone who disagree with is also a human being rescued, penny started a yet.
Have you actually started to record these? Yet? Oh, yes, we have, and it's you know it's it's it's it's kind of addictive. It's a beautiful thing, tat to see him, and none of it will surprise you. You know it. It brings out kind of the opposite impulses of social media. When you do a story, court interview, I each of those interviews, goat is goes to the Library of Congress. So your great great great great great grandkids can hear the voice of your grandmother, your friend, to ever you're talking to your voice and unlike social media, which is so disposable. You no story Korea's the ultimate kind of long game right. But when you come to a story for both and you're talking to someone across the political divides, you know that your great great great grandkids, going to listen to their someday show. You really are your kind of best highest South show it's it's just that it's a beautiful thing to see an end, and I think that it's it's enough already right in the country of what's going on behind and it's it's it's it's just an existential crisis.
Andrews and we ve forgotten that we belong to one another. I can't wait to hear some of those of voices that your collecting, if you want to be a part of this, go to story. Core seal are p S story, core dot, Org slash one small step, and that is again one one word Dave. Thank you. So much will talk to gain its great doc. You talk to you but this is the best one big programme So it's early in the morning,
My whole family and my grandkids everybody's around and I walk out into the main room, and I said everybody, we have to say a prayer and everybody on your knees and my family. Just looked at me- and I said Jeffrey has just had a heart attack and it's a big one and by the end of the prayer most of us were in tears because we just love him dearly. And we were greatly concerned about you Jeffrey. Thank you for the support they overwhelming support between go workers and listeners, and viewers of this network was unbelievable and proof that the well wishes and thoughts and prayers work. Yet so tell me what it was like that morning, you got up in the morning in,
we're tell me you are sitting on the edge of the behaviour of as the bed and the pain in my chest was not going away. Move back A couple of days of pain. Did you ignore, before you were sitting on the bed and wondering whether you should go to the house? A couple that I remember him? so for two days you were having Hartwell a little bit when it went away so I know that you told it's gone, ok, you're, fine, and then you just move. I love this you're, you convince yourself that it'll do can change that innovation. Is it a pain like you ve ever felt before, and not really I mean you really honestly looking back on it. It was dumb not to do something. Does not to go see somebody about it because we realise it adds that right now. That's just not that's not the point of hurting yourself what you sleep, the pain of indigestion, heartburn right and
on the morning of the the pain that would not stop it. Just doesn't stop, there's no way. Just I mean it starts. Just in it stays. There continues down your arms and I didn't have so much. That is more just of complete pressure on my chest. Nonstop pain all over, the entire just so I am resale renewal. You feel nauseous, like you're gonna, throw up and there s some profuse sweating. I understand absolutely with big times what more than usual refugee active clause was image. I'm surprised your family didn't draft. If it is usual for the surprised at the lifeguard wasn't called out o the shirt was still. I believe this was still sobbed couple desert knows so you told Amber now. To call now and in the first time you don't don't worry about it, I'll be fine
Yes, if it goes away and then the last the last no was more of a no yes call. You know it we also know owns yes. Do you? Ok, we're learning an awful. I believed that we do so so she said that your pulse had gotten down too. I think forty five, Whenever I mean it was down to nothing we're the moon is really about it. Is that it stopped. If you'd. I believe that I believe that an in transit I'd say you know what we although one woman in the rescue, the rescue in the ambulance. People were all there with him. I don't know five minutes, maybe I don't know how long it took them to get there. I know we live in some strange area that it took three transfers, I'm a nine one want to get the right, nine one one for my wife was she was freaking out, and I know that only was pretty fast, but even less right, you don't you,
well, I'd want. One is like you want something now and all hold on. I will transfer you hold transfer you please old, screaming at the phone, but they are relatively fast and then in transit. From my home to the to the hospital, I apparently went off to deepen farther close to the end and that once we got to the hospital you remember it. I remember the were neighbourhood. I remember look I remember looking out the window say out of the way there leaving the neighbourhood and then I remember going into the hospital I memorandums banging on the door of the e because of you. Nor would open a member that have overlapped the virus to go to be fair, though a lot of businesses have rules, do not open the door for you.
So that's dictate visually. There's a restraining order here, very plausible rioting and go to the normal iii are situation right that we went, went straight into surgery ride straight. In luck, I love for a heart surgery. Research amounted to be honest, but I haven't seen paperwork or build up with all its not come Don't worry everything's here. If I may now it's coming law, its covering, I know, there's gonna end up at the front door. Oh, you know the umbrella Jaya bags or there is a first thing when I heard that was the first thing we called a charge and ensure that you did not have any problem with paper work. I can imagine ever stand there with paper work so, but it's now. You may not believe you saying it was amazing. Guy was a man. There was nothing we having a boot straight in and write to the right to the surgery and they had the one. One on the left.
I was a hundred percent blocked, that's the widow maker, as they call it a negative There's a reason. They call that everyone knows what is to represent blocked you die and if its not attended to fast enough right, I mean, if you don't get to it in time. If someone believes that no means no in your world. It doesnt called I'd, want one you're dead right amid the symbols that they gather Van time to fix it, your life flash in front of your eyes. Really did you know I was to us was often outside. I remember very by the me this morning when he came to the hospitals. I dont remember ever thinking this. Is it within clash between? I remember I, I didn't think I d ever think policies at a blind eye.
I never thought that is easy to of that's why you are alive. I wonder if that, whatever it is you that may do not think that is what helped you carry on very possible about. I've never thought. Obviously you know I'm it's carrying your having a heart attack and you know kind of freaking out and going through whatever you go through when you have the heart attack in the chest, I wanted to stop and I wanted to be fixed, but I never thought us. Is it a nurse anybody again? So, let's get this over with one eye things, you too will we talk jar at your place, sir, that pass we can you mentioned, which I thought was really interesting, was it's kind of they brought you in and they did their job and cleared out the problems, and then you can I They can reset it you're like if they had just known. Let's say two weeks earlier that you had this blockage, you will still have surgery, but you wouldn't have had the heart attack. You would be back. I mean you. This is remember. This happened what ten days
go twelve two weeks ago and hear your back at work. We're we're. There are around the generation, we're probably the last generation where something like this combating actual you're done you're done, you would have had done. Bull, bypass surgery, double double bypass surgery, was like. I was crazy when that's last resort stuff, no only with a view to everything they do it to them both. They do. I think, though they break it just open once in a while, if you needed in four particular cases, what I knew but I guess so. You were gonna put it like that. I had a step put in the one valve and the other of they cleaned out, and I learned yesterday that they left a couple of hours on the other side of my heart that were like thirty or forty percent block their leave. Those because out knuckling themselves out now you'll be fine.
Although clean themselves out themselves are now the numerical. Those arriving bottles in areas they dig medication. I have now scrubbing doing its work right right. It's a very Oda. They have me out some gonna blood. Then I get a mosquito bite me. I'm dead! Look at yourself, don't got yourself, but the that yeah. That's that's it it said side of the out now that we ve got the other side's working good. Ok, so now how far medicines can emulate is exercising its amazing. I me Ray Kurzweil said Glenn. Just stay alive until the twenty thirty then you'll never die now mean that I want that either we I don't want that either, but I mean that's. That's I mean that's how far medicine is going to go, we're just at this steep steep curve, we'll come back and talk about changes now,
changes that are wives are now yelling at us about because of you. So we were up in the mountains until Sunday and what day was 28th was on a Thursday or Friday. Yeah like that and had to drive that we just got a text message. We can get text messages, but I can't make any phone calls up the mountains, so I had to drive twenty minutes freaking out and I called Amber right away and then they called Pat Stu and pad ended or stew ended the conversation with basically the difference. When someone, Like appear a friend, this happens to it changes the way you think about the life. I don't know how much longer we can do this to our bodies. Rightly that's exactly what he said. We can do this door bodies anymore, we're not young and very disappointed. I just liked open
yeah. I like apologize to view entirely to stoop what else Another thing I wanna know in and actually Jeffrey it's good. I've got to lose fifty pounds. I wanted the doctor say to you They are, you know they have. Obviously you know that of lose weight and eat ride and get get below exercise and get right. Yet your hearts, we're all you know who were in another way, you're saying there I felt like it was our eye lashes, I'm really out across the bow and warning it's all right, but you do something about it, but they really were most concerned about. There was another thing that involved myself in is that not down that comes to you. They were most concerned with these smoking. That's a haven't! You picked backup I mean I I nobody smokes around me. I didn't
We had started smoking again and assist in so that's what they're most concerned with is that the smoke exactly smoking honour, protect, you can put a patch on you, can chew, don't smoke doll baby, don't do not no smoking, so you're done with the smoking. If you actually stopped here. Two raping and supply made a point of that momentum that in austria- and I thought about this, the other about the voting, because I don't know that they know anything you're sure no there's any actual, deep study. That proves that decides on and honestly is pretty favourable towards raping as far as a work placement eminence much lower and the risk of a sort of scale. But again that doesn't mean person who just had a heart attack should take it up. I think, if you stop it's better, I mean I think that that is where the rat Riah companies talk about. That in that like this is a way to stop is not necessarily something it certainly not something. You just start from from scratch. Like if you're not smoking don't start raping. But if you are smoking payments in general, I feel for you coming out of a mess heart attack
Zero spoke of any sort, zero, zero smoking of any that you should not even go to LOS Angeles so that right pretty much you yeah, I would speak, kills the rave parties Yes, I know, that's always says nothing about the girl became the heroin. Is it good day they did talk a little bit about supplements or unwanted one day with the harp dominates the hard done point out. A few things about some of the supplements, but that's about it I was asked about this. What are these supplement? Just vitamins, glad vitamins or supplements vitamins, so he Some shady fraud in Mongolia. Are you dig him like rhino war? Those are illegal, so I did they. I mean you know. We were occasionally mentioned on this programme before you. Wait. I mentioned that he, I think once or twice a people. A bond time was really remember this. Now we have learnt the show yeah Michel. Today's
Do you like? Hey man, I don't wife notoriously likes fat men we or like at the prison this line at the pre Christmas party. You don't she said you know now. I came up to me and she said you are looking great. I was right. I got him when loud, yeah yeah a moment he raised it, really yeah really yeah. So I got wow. I am as big as the highest got to stop such, but she, like sermon, plump envelopes and she's she's, a fan of thirty two righted and do things right now help Why would she have also inventories good cook The things you should have I know so it's not going. Are you gonna make a change in this room? I already have stew. Oh my gosh. Look at that here.
Gonna die rather died and stop twinkies yeah. That's what we're seeing if I may I'm going to lose fifty pounds this year, you're going to lose fifty pounds. In Toulouse, with accidents- good, that's it! important jointly all glove around of course, I will get it I'll lose out. It's easy, fifty biodiversity about how much weight should you image. How much will you could you were a you're, really you're, really svelte for awhile and he lost what over a hundred power out about it again about seventy five. Eighty back after you gain how much once in a while others that jokes ray I arrived together, but I mean thirty pounds from where you were. I think so. Maybe a little bit more than that ok I'll have now. No really here,
got a lotta waterway, your element to alarm hollow and so had yet to plan a goal in mind. What you want to do is that they actually right now that the Dutch were more concerned with less good, the heart healthy and, let's start exercising and start getting that back and everything else will fall and the smoking no snow, isn't it! You know that rather says that's. I wasn't there put me in some place. I have to go to now. Some heart rehab place so whenever they have to go with what they say, I know I just using or a row? Analyzed love those I think, on dry under I have the one Frank Underwood, our very end, I started using it, it will wipe you out and if you do five minutes a day even but you do five, today twice a day they recommend more than just five minutes. No,
actually it's like ten minutes, they say ten minutes a day and you did it. I don't have all body work out here. I'm up to four, and then I just want to kill me. I don't. I don't have the strength of the packaging to be able to reach for a knife. I needed an official figures about. God bless you. Let me do the blame. Radio network on demand
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