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Best of the Program | Guests: Elizabeth Johnston, Dr. Grazie P. Christie & Gregory Wrightstone | 2/13/19

2019-02-13 | 🔗
Best of the Program | 2/13 - a Sad Sickening Start? -h1  - "What the Hell is the Green New Deal?" - h1 - California High Rail Train wreck? - h2 - Day of Mourning.org (w/ Elizabeth Johnston) -h2 - Late Term Abortions Harm Mothers? (w/ Dr. Grazie P. Christie, M.D.) -h3 - 'Inconvenient Facts'? (w/ Gregory Wrightstone) -h3

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Hey POD, casters, what a podcast, Today we start with this heart breaking story out of West Virginia about a man who had a child of special needs. Who was terrified school? She put recorder childs, hair and came home One day with just a horse, you have to hear. Also we talk about the high speed train and and why Gavin Newsome is actually I'll pulling out of something on the weak. The green new deal: I'm strange and it's just fun to look back at how bad of a project. This was how much it's costing, how destructive it's been to their economy arena tickets. We have had a couple of great test: Crazy Christie, she's, a woman who has a video that has gone viral viral she's a dock. Doctor in Miami the sheep
more to say about what abortion is really. What what's really going on with this argument of health of the mother but she also has very good Insight on why the women were wearing white, what they were trying to do with the state of the union and speaking to Latin America and a little bit on Venezuela as well. Yes, we have. Gregory White Stone in the choir right sort on the climate. We also have listened with Johnston is on today, with her activists, push it in a new events about an origin, so much good stuff on today. The only thing came to talk a little bit about home title lock.
What is that? What is that story that you read from the New York Times? Be extradited actually Fox news, the hardness around the? U S, deed theft has emerged as one of the most sophisticated and devastating rods ever to menace homeowners? Think that think of that and to end menace homeowners. Why I am now saying at the scanners are no longer content with stealing five thousand dollars. Now they want the whole house that come from the New York attorney General's office K. So this is really bad and the people have been on this, but we heard about this from these people home title off. And we actually heard about it in a hat in stew brought it Danny was like look at this path jumped on the ban. Wagon. We talk to the people, I'm in stews in this really a problem, and you need to protect yourself. I want you gotta home title locked out, come home title, dot com, read all about it. Do your homework and get a free title scan and reported two hundred dollars a value when you sign up. You have to do this for you. If you have parents me
sure they're doing it home, title lock, Dotcom home title log, dotcom owing to the school in school in Florida, but I I want to start with something that I read that just so sickening and We have audio too, Will you what's happening in the school in West Virginia now. Amber Pack is a mom eight. Old special needs girl and her girl just kept saying I dont want. But a school mom. I don't want to go to school. I don't want to go to school and so Amber thought There's something going on some somebody's doing something to my daughter, because she's never been like this so she didn't know if it was a classmate picking on her, the teacher or whatever, so she actually put a recording device,
her daughters, hair and and then recorded absolutely everything that happened to her and try to figure out what was going on. Well, it wasn't too hard to see why her daughter did not want to go to school. Let me let me just start by playing some of the audio. This is. This is what she gotten. These are teachers at this. This special needs class. These are teachers cut one please
I can't write you too. As that ring, I actually so the first thing he says she has exactly well how about, if I just hitch in the face how about, if I punch in the face, how will that be for your anxiety, gay and you hear the girl wine, then cut to please. Are you not have to go pee pee and you just want to go to want to just go into the restroom in masturbate. But she didn't say it that way, cut three, pull your hair and throw it down the more you you!
you're you're, like a cat, This is not by the way. This is not the same teacher cut for your tears, droughts, rapid, and then she wants to destroy everything in sight, I'm a knockout with a knock you out. So that's how quickly your tears dry, you crocodile cut v, you sure you know what you're doing it wasn't just just listen to house severely handicap the child is obviously listen to the reactions of this child. Now it's lunchtime cut six near you won't.
Nothing, they understand what that was, whose lunchtime or snow tension the understand what that was? Whose lunchtime I take this as an actor. You keep. You keep wine and at me, like that, you're not gonna, getting there's nothing. That says I have to give you food what health, I think, she's so the teachers involved have been suspended, suspended, suspended What more do you need. Sincerely. What more do you need if these teachers can't
fired immediately for something like that? What else do you need seem at resigned? However, it seems they tendered their resignation soon after the story, which would make a little bit a sense and something that should be accepted, I suppose, but I wonder if that resignation still allows them to get any kind of you. No pay obviously should be accepted. If that's the case, what what the hell are you doing in this business. What what? What are you doing with your life? If that is the way you're gonna treat people to devote to live. Your life and have your the way you're making your money be with special needs kid. You have to be pretty special person. I know you have to be someone who's pay Clinton and understanding and trying to do something. That is a that's a
a job right. There is a lack of course. It's a clarion call and if you don't have that calling what are you doing working in that world? That's I'm in that is inhuman to treat someone like that anybody, so a special needs care what's interesting, is all of those cuts. All of those that's the same day That's not it. I wasn't in ongoing investigation, that's what, when, when the child got home, mom took the recorder and replaced it all, and all of that happened on that one day.
Imagine why that child a special needs did not want to go to school when the government runs everything who do you run too? If this were a if this were a private school? People would be clamouring and it would end immediately. Immediately? There would be. There would be thing. In place, because the. Corporation that ran it? If it wasn't in bed with the government or press would have to stop it
they would stop it before it started arms. Hurry, but these teachers resigned. What I loved was the school administrators that were horrified by this skew Smee hang on. It's not just one teacher: how is this going on in your school and you don't know it if its one teacher you're like ok, but it wasn't just one. So how is this happening without you, knowing it? How You created an atmosphere where this kind of thing could go on. We have
asked, touch with humanity and common sense? Look it look at the heat that the school in Florida is getting The school in Florida that. Actually is doing the right thing, I mean: what is that? What is the right thing? What is the right thing? Protect your children right, Do you not, would you not do everything you had to do to protect your children crush? You would, of course you would if they were, people outside of your house- and you knew that wanted to come in and kill you and your family. I don't your- how you feel about guns, when all is said and done, you would get a gun or you would do something to protect Europe
Emily from somebody coming into that house. You would do it. Because in the end, its either them or your kids and what are we argue about We argue about whether we should have a mall cop. We argue we argue about well, we don't want somebody with an automatic weapons around my kid I do if my kids are in danger, I do, If that will stop somebody from coming in in shooting up a classroom, yeah park a tank out front, I don't give a crap, I dont care. Keep the bad guys away so here's a sky, Well, that's making sense and saying you know what we have all these turns that have come home. They have made a difference, and now they feel like they don't make a difference. Put the matter school
We are so we are so short sighted that we don't even we don't even recognize the threat of baseline. That was a horrible horrible, game, changing situation that happen in Russia about fifteen years ago. When this thing happened, terrorist look over a school on the first day of school and they soon lot children and parents just slaughtered them held under the school this or is horrific. Military had come in. I don't know. I'd rather just have a couple of vets.
Just say: hey we ve hardened our school and yeah. I've got an automatic weapon, and if you come on school- and you are going to do something, we're gonna kill, you does it's better that we kill you than you anybody else. You see what happened in Portland a couple of weeks ago. Precedent cover it school shooting guy comes in, the police happened to be there They happened to notice this guy and he just off and though he they start questioning him and he gets a little aggressive he's in the school. They push. Outside of the school. They push him through the doors they start to tackle them. He grabbed his gun. He shoots the deputies, he shoots heading five or six times. Nobody is. Nobody. Is king. Thank God, but he's discharging his weapon. Well, that's not
really a story that wasn't a school shooting why he was in with a gun, shooting he. Wanted to shoot children the cops stopped him why isn't that a story at the best of the best that programme what the hell is. The green new deal: what is that really? You have all the Democrats signing on now Mitch Mcconnell will see how real it is, but they're all signing on all the Democrats. They have what seventy some co sponsors Witherspoon this year. You have most of the democratic presidential candidates signing on and what is it in reality? It is the abolish of the car
industry. It is the abolish mind of the combustion engine car within ten years. It is the grounding of aeroplanes. Within ten years, the abolish meant of air travel it building of highs, rail, which, by the way, Gavin Newsome, just pulled out of the house. Speed rail in California said it's a boondoggle They always are so build a high speed rail. You want to get rid of cars. You want to get rid of airplanes, plus you're, going to ban all oil natural gas and nuclear energy. In ten years. Though by twenty twenty nine you're gonna. Do all that now.
Remember that Bain Capital said just because of new technology. We are going to have a thirty percent unemployment rate by twenty thirty Ok now that may change and it may change, because He always or pessimistic What happens when we start building cars? What's gonna happen to all the blacksmith swell the blacksmith gonna go away in, there's got to be some pain, but we're gonna. Mechanics so let me new jobs created now people, it understand technology and I tend to agree with them. Say that those jobs are not too there's no new job. It's going to be re created because you're gonna have robots that are going to be able to do it, and I know that sounds like safety, but we are I'll living in that time, where science fiction is becoming science fact now how it all shake I was gonna be up to us, so we have
this displacement coming just from TAT, ology. This is the best of the blend back programme. I it's. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes banks, so stew, one of the things that you have been on you I mean you ve done so much for the wonderful world of stew, where you kind of took on all of these topics. The you know my son He just started watching Adam, but is it Adam destroys ruins rulings everything here and
proud of my son. He came to me and it also said he starts quoting all this stuff that you know and I'm like what the fact that may be where I got the fingerprint thing and thought I've got to look into that but he starts quoting almost up. Did you know dad I'm like not wait? What are you reading the Encyclopedia the one where there was going on and he said I ve been watching the show and he and I said- and he said- and it's all foot noted, which I was happy to hear him say and I said: have you followed any of those footnotes, thanks. No well you just because it says it was founded, doesn't mean that its accurate, that's, why they footnote via follow up right angles and your also they footnote it. Also because, like no that's fact now washing posts at its right Are they doing political acts even correct? He is he's an communist run. You look at the Lincoln, it just says it's like an
the only thing which Satan Walker Tribunal out is that so he said, I've been saving a couple of them, because I want to watch them with you, because I want to know what you think but people when, when I was doing one for wireless, do would would compare that show to the atom ruins everything except he has it by half. Large budget is that you acting out every city minutes. It's pretty and he's also liberal. I mean it generally speaking, although sometimes I do find it too. Right on so I had to tell I hadn't o my son. We watch the one on about the border and I said: ok, he said so is that right is an accurate. We stopped away along, and I said well, let's watch the whole thing and then we'll go. Back, and so I said Tom, I have to tell you
I would say ninety percent of it may be? Ninety eight percent of it is is accurate. However, it's only half the story, so it's inaccuracy is is in what it leaves out. So I can't dispute the fact that he sang, although some of em I can, but I pan dispute easily. Well, yes, but he's only giving half the story here. Guy and so I've been trying to get him to watch wonderful world of Stu. I just wish. I knew there was a place where they all live, where you could just get online and watch them policing get all every episode. I'd blaze, tv, dotcom, slash back promo code back as us. On the back episode, so one that's convenient. I should write that down. So one of the episodes, who take on these high speed rail yell. A couple of them actually won in Britain.
Are we did an interview with a guy? Air Christian is his name. He was. He was kind of leading the fight against this train and system in California. They were trying to do and he actually got thrown out of like public hearings, because he would ask questions about the cost and how feasible these things were. And how the exploding cost really had at will. I me was mesmerizing how fast it is. This is the case with every one of these things we did dumb another light. Rail is another big, big pet peeves the world, because there are light rail systems all over the country and everyone likes defend their own light. Rail system erodes is all mine is pretty good, but I think overall there all terrible, the best case scenario for a light rail system is that no one ever steps foot on it, because every time it moves it costs money and it costs money to the the, percent of taxpayers when five percent of people actually ride on the thing
It's almost always really inefficient, the it's always subsidized. It's one of those things where they'll be like. Well, it only costs dollar for motor ecstasy. No, it doesn't cost you a lot more our because you're paying for it in another way. This is something that we all understand when it comes to taxes and healthcare, but for some reason we just had In the stall Jake thing about trains and the United States, I mean trains were big part of our history. Or something that was really important to the foundation of this country and its all. That's all true, but we have this weird nostalgia as if the Technology needs to exist anymore. There are things far shipping or its valuable, because Those lines are already laid, there's a reason. There's no reason to build a new set of train tracks in the United States of America. Today. The budget always doubles and then triples than quadrupled and people want to see it through to the end, because politicians make these promises free time. It is a thing where you wind up paying
more and more and more that the budget always doubles and then triples than quadrupled and people want to see it through to the end, because politicians make these promises and then the very end of the game, you have a light rail system that does something vit. That is in a very limited way in a very inefficient way? It goes to slow. It doesn't go as fast as you can get there when it when there is a car and almost every single situate and at the end of the day you have something that goes from one place, to another, when we, as we all know, population centres shift constantly. If you had, if you one hundred percent new two things would say the exact same way for a very long period of time that people wouldn't move and people wouldn't have different priorities. You couldn't maybe make an argument for it. But these things change all the time. People move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Some neighbourhood dirt decides to be its no longer trendy no stop in the place Robin all. The new restaurants are that it is
efficient way to travel, which is why we moved on by the way from trains to cars, to playing most people. Don't understand that because in the power centres, for instance, mainly in New York, the site way is so critical to people. I mean it changes it. It changes the value of property, because, if you on the east side. The trained not that Second Avenue train as well. Has it been completed. Yet I note was lose, it was supposed to be completed forever and and it actually affected Property Valley use, because you wanted to be near a subway stop and there wasn't one there- the problem is that's New York, right, yes, New York and when you get of the major population centres you're not going to it a train, because you're already driving, you would be driving from. You know twenty miles to go, get to the train and then
ARC and then get on the train and then wait and then go another. Maybe twenty miles and then what do you have? On the other end? There's no car, there's no goober! I mean it's not like it is in the major cities, and the other thing to about the subway system, even in New York, near first of all, is obviously the best possible example. Yes, because this very can you know it's very congested and very contained in this small area, an island there's no were to expand all the things that aren't don't apply to any of these other projects. You ever will bring up New York. However, if you are bringing we were making New York today, you would not put a subway on it. Did the fact of the we exist from a long time ago, doesn't mean you wouldn't stop using it right. There's! No one else too old road there's no way to do it. That way, you wouldn't build New York the way, is today. If you started today and that's the problem, you'd put the traffic underneath you probably with the traffic, might put the traffic on rate, but you probably build it all on that island the way it is only right you're going to make last year and make more room for cars to go with you
oh cars or there when they had built New York. There were like you know what we need. We need more horse space right, so yes use technology that you had at the time? If something already built, you don't just abandoned it, because it maybe those infrastructures such a large part of the cost But ninety two percent of its costs of light rail across the country are paid by people who never use it, Ninety two percent of the costs are paid by people who don't ride. The train. Tat is come We totally insane there's just a a feel good project for a politician to say: look what I'm doing for this community how much, how much as the american people paying for Amtrak. Oh god, I mean it's billions an, and that really only is for the elite, that are going to Washington between Washington and New York. That's how they travel. You know. That's for the the government officials,
to move. I mean a lot of regular people use. It is well, I mean eat. You do use that train if you're going from washing in New York, but that's what that's for that's a Washington New York thing you're not going to Washington New York immediately. Only driving view on business in your generally driving. Yet, of course- and this makes sense right at me- I think it's four percent of people in Dallas commute by public transport, four percent that doesn't include the suburbs but endows four percent of people, so they build this light rail and goes all over the place. Every time someone steps on the Dallas Light rail system you have to pay them four dollars and twenty one sense. Oh my gosh, so the best thing in the world would be no one rights it and we just park it somewhere, because everything I'm somebody steps foot on it and it's rare. If you ever see the boy, no heed our another by IRAN's empty all the time. All the time course that if it's running empty, even worse right, but it would be better if they just stopped all the cars for D.
Twenty one since every single time there are Ninety, six thousand brilliant eighty passenger trip on the Dallas like real every week day. Most of them are obviously round trip so that forty eight thousand passengers as we could they all of those passengers a new Prius for about one point, two billion dollars, which is the cost of just one of the four lines that make up the doubts. Rail system, so you by everyone who uses it, but for line The whole thing is seven billion dollars less than how much taxpayers have already invested in the train and we can by everyone, right at a new car. That's how bad these and are in Dallas, is not an outlier here. All the thing when you're single might towns not like that. Yes, it is. I promise. Yes, it is it's a debacle. I've lived all over this country and every city always, you know our newer and a bill. Light rail, be right. Lyra, where you know over the new we're we're gonna, build a high speed rail between Jabba and our landowners, worrying most people are in Orlando. They don't want to really be therefore Disneyworld data.
Or be on the beach, a Saint PETE. Really really would they would they They tried to build it disaster disaster, and you could make the case that people would want to go Vacation and spend a few days and Disney and then go to the ocean or to the gulf and beyond the beach. You could make that case that you're in disney- and you want to take a high speed rail to go, see a space shuttle launch. You could make that case. No disaster cost the fit analogy, desire not just benefit analysis. Now so did Evan Newsome, wake up and suddenly recognise the free market system and go you know what this is a debacle. This doesn't work, what a waste of money really your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme
Welcome Elizabeth Johnson. How are you trying to learn? you so much for having me I'm great, I'm trying on the wet my pants right now I did you get the math. I do the math and I've been listening to you for eighty years. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Thank you thank you and I haven't cured you of that. Yet how hard I crash going back to my ear doing back when you were doing Braun, trivia, every Friday, back, ok, so Elizabeth tell me about yourself first quickly,. Who you were before you whirl before you snapped yeah, my home schooling, mother of ten children obsession my my affectionately left twenty years have been my children, my husband educating my child
and now really we ve been very active in the pro life and movement for twenty years, but was really was the turning point. Four b was: when can Davis went to jail for not being able to, according to her conscience, sign a same sex, marriage license and then went. Obama issued his transgender bathroom directive, and I do that Little daughters were going to be submitted to men in their dress rooms and walk rooms. I no longer recognized my country. I was extremely alarmed, and I said I have got to get off of the sidelines and get onto the front lines of culture. That's when I found my first video and the rest is history it well. There was a huge hunger for a bold and, when necessary, even confrontational response to the outrageous moral and social issues
the day so tell me about some of the sum of the place, are going to get into the what you ve paid, what he has come at a high price, but tell me You know teen votes for anybody who doesn't remember your involvement in that. Yeah. We're dealt in Vogue, a black eye that they were never able to recover from by the great cod when seen both boys teaching little child. And in a fashion magazine, teenagers, to have anal an oral sex with one another we had had enough and we built up. The fire in my back yard and advise the magazine in that lack. That of video was viewed, I think about fifteen million times, and we started operation Pulteney folk. I dont have
fine, I don't have you no money or anything the work with it is when I say grass roots, this is grassy and is ready as it gets, what we do and that and we started operation Pulteney Bogan started, calling their advertisers and, of course, the editor of Team boat responded to us on Twitter by posting a picture shooting a bird us with his rainbow hold her finger nail in a picture of him kissing his his lover. By thy, we didn't, as parents appreciate that that was how team boat responded to us. There not concerned at all about the sexual abuse, of our children, and so five months later, they shuddered bear point the dish and they were the only only magazine of all of cod. They math magazines bow glamour. Bribes, there were the only ones who had two shuddered their print additional so I want to talk to you about abortion cause you. You cover the senior in your new book, a you cover all,
What the issues that every parent is dealing with now when we are talking about abortion, because I think that we have You approached the cliff and we are looking into the abyss right now and if we don't pass test. If, with America as things stand and say you know, has no We do not do what their purpose seeing in New York. This state is this this This law is a more in wrong. We have gone from Let's have an argument and we're making some progress to. They have gone to the insane lines where the Nazis were and even the german people stood up. If we don't pass this test, I think we fail as a nation.
When I agree, I believe that this is not just a horizontal problem up policy problem that we have a very serious vertical problem between us. Culture and God we do not have got hard on this issue and that this is why we are organizing something right now that is most important thing I have ever died, and I know that you at your listener, stood out like this. This is the day, of morning. It is just a week and a half from now on February, the twenty third, we are asking of arrogance, to wear black, to not shop, to close down their businesses and to repent with us for the sin of abortion. This is just a week in a half away on February twenty. Third, if you got a day of mourning dot org, you will get all the information you need.
Talk yet there we are asking Americans to stand in solidarity with the pre born. You know we tried alight Glenn over the years. We tried a lot of different. You know compromised, provide measures just taking scraps from under the table. From these politician we ve tried so many things over the years. Can we try for day as a nation to get on our faces before God and plead for him to change our hearts and have mercy on us, and maybe he will hold back the judgment from us that we very much deserve right now. So I'd ask listeners about a day of mourning: dot org, we're gonna, have a huge rally and all
or the penumbra, there's gotta be speaking their black conservative David J Harris Junior an eight year old abortion survive will be sharing with us, not gonna, be a pep rally. It's not gonna be a fundraiser. It is going to be a sober time of repentance and praying for. God send were bible to us, which I know that you know so much about time than history, where we ve had a massive spiritual awakening guys we I wouldn't miss that that is what we need more than anything right now, and so, if your listeners could get behind us and be at our Albany New York rallied, this thing is going viral and spread it now to over tens. These are gonna, be live streaming, our Abed again with no money on business, become inexpensive event, twenty thousand dollars. This new in Albany I've had to borrow two thousand dollars for mine. Succeed. Your hopes by a few days ago that we could, by plane tickets to get the more speakers there, but I just thought is: put
on our heart Glenn, and are we really believe that this is the call to action right now? The day of warnings shall please vote a day of mourning, dot org, and I hope I can make some of your listeners in in New York on the twenty third wears a being who wears a being held in Albany the venue as us The venue is actually the Empire State Plaza Convention sent her room. It was the this glance. It is literally underneath the ground, where Cuomo and radical feminist sign and celebrated and cheered like they had won a super ball game when they signed that infanticide law. It's like fate of thought he crushed us, but he didn't realize that we, just keep and we're going to be the seeds under the ground who were going to rise out from under the ashes of his terrible infanticide law, and we are going to see an end finally to the child, killing, I believe, as a result of you know it's interesting and a to go. You know religious on Yahoo
more than we already have, but in my face of baptismal proposal. Fonts are underground We believe that it is dying and pink cleansed. In and rising again. So we all of our baptism Funds have to be in the basement level, or you know, at the ground level, underground and dumb its striking to me that you we are holding this underground as you are. As your morning, death coming back up out from under the ground. Hopefully renewed idea, I'd like to talk more about this myself. I'd I'd like to help you in any way I I can you are facing pushed back and in its meaning
Pretty extreme is the best of Doktor Grady Christy is, is from Miami and she gave this great ta, that the right to Life March and it's gone viral, you might have and I'm gonna- ask her about that. But she's back she's from Miami. She also has are your from Latin America or your people are from Latin America, crazy, I'm I'm a cuban parent, my counter cuban and I grew up in Mexico. Ok, I got it from all sides.
Ok all right, so you have this just as great understanding of what is happening. I think I just want to start with. What's what the white really signified, because I just read a story two days ago from the New York Times, that the Democrats are concerned about from stance on Venezuela, because there Switzerland's could be like Cubans. They could become conservatives and not vote for Democrats, because the Democrats look they're wrong on the venezuelan policy and so they wear white just by happenstance least. That's what I think. Tell me the significance of the white that there are wearing during the so during the estate, the union, so that the way the state of the union on Democratic what they were referring to suffer jet. The old took agenda, the road, when my mind wandering the moat at those women or white when they demonstrated, or sometimes they did, I get
but when you're watching this from Miami promoted the country. The optics are very different because to us here, the wearing of white, It is done by women, especially who demonstrate peacefully for human dignity, and women who are being but who live under an oppressive authoritarian system like the one in key, the one in Venezuela. So many years, women demonstrated in White and Argentina when there we're being disappeared by the government, and so they demonstrated asking for information on their children who have been kidnapped, tortured in Cuba. Women in white dress every every Sunday. They walked a church in Havana and on wait a church. These are women, a political prisoner, their wives and sisters and mothers. They wait: a church there harassed by Castro's courses, so here in my hand, addressing and why just look stupid, because
it signifies that there is something called the. What is it the Damas De Blanco? That's it that's! That's what they're calling spanish the ladys of light? and they said they stand against oppression and they said against the oppression of government, and so it is a it's a us as not to settle in the hits in the Cuban venezuelan world or latin american world, it's not so subtle, Tipp of the House- at of hey we're, swear standing against those who want to oppress, but do they. Do they realise that the oppressor is the big government to the big marxist government? Usually yet I went with higher by watching from here and under Funding is that we know what real oppression looks like. We know what it's like when the country, when the governing you not dictatorship, destroys your life
take your children on your husband and just explodes the country, so much suffering so many years of suffering. Cuba and Venezuela and then we just look at these women do democratic women, her elite. We don't know how breathing on the plate, especially they have the right to protest, their government without being afraid of being imprisoned and tortured. So it's it just looks about one here retarded doktor, Gracie christie- she is from Miami. She is with the ethnic association dot. Org Catholic has the Catholic Association dot Org. She spoke. At the right to life rally, and you talk to me, abortion and the fallacy that a woman's life is in danger and that's why we would perform a late term abortion. Can you dress at yes, I did but very short little twitter, video, explaining that
when a woman is in her trimester of pregnancy and she and her It is in danger, which are the very rare occurrence, but it does happen. There is no need to avoid the child that what can happen, and what should happen is that the child should be delivered so a mid term. Abortion for the mother's house is never medically necessary it's, the preferential option should always be to try to preserve both the life of the mother and the child. I want to make sure that I have this right cause. I had a doctor tell me the other day that the right thing If the mother, the health of the mother, is really in jeopardy usually means Sicilian, section right now get the child out of her right now correct exactly exactly, and let's have six minutes procedure and skill hands. So if there is real urgency to end the pregnancy, the waiter and bring as he has to do with this action, not an abortion which destroys the child and the
and the other case is in destroying the child. That's a three a process, so if the there's health is in danger. That would we ve got to. We ve gotta move, but this is a three big process to kill and then actually give birth to a dead child, and so when the women in white at the state of the union address when President troubled spoke out against, there came a thoroughly trimester abortion and they just sat there with their our papers. You know this is what the advocate in their advocating this crazy procedure, where the child and that that birth as a quick, the fairy interaction where the leaf the child gets a chance of life and the mother will do just fine. Your parents
being from Cuba and you growing up in that community. I know I know cuban refugees or or kids of of the refugees from Cuba and they all they know exactly. What coming? How are your parents dealing with this right now watching their new country now going through this? But what are they sang at night? Well, what? What really astounded sat Q then and other people have lived in a socialist nightmares- is the way that the Democratic Party is embarrassing. She lives on back just budget flipped without were just getting our going. What this is our You ve been tried and found disastrous and and caused so much human suffering, so much pain so that where there is a lot of that going on down here, how come he help the venezuelan people. You know we we can't get into
this way let the people that we have in Venezuela. They don't want to talk to us because they're afraid that they will be found in and disappeared. Maduro has has blocked all of the aid. He knows, whoever country, all the food we I mean in the last election, which was totally rigged in oh he just arrested people were running against him, but in the poor, stereos be he I care about what the slogan was in Spanish, but it it translates to you give I give meaning you give me. Your vote and I'll, give you the food UNICEF but for me, he's blocking all food and humanitarian aid, because he knows he has the food. Control. What do we do, but he's gotta be treated.
The pariah that he ate by the entire world over the entire political community of the world, and also especially the United States, and also we have to remember that in Cuba, the dictatorship in Cuba that keeping Venezuela going right now, I think also there has to be a big crackdown on. Our relations with Cuba, because there is a lot of help coming over there from us in the way lots of different ways, but even just tourism, the we are helping to prop up the cuban economy and Friends are spending a ton of money making Venezuela how also Mexico Mexico Does the President a Mexico's one the only in this hemisphere, there's only two other countries cuban. I can't remember the other one. Maybe Chile, that are not that there are still siding with Maduro Mexico sky. Do you know anything about the new president cause? I don't know
such other than he is a he's a you know. I do a hard marxist, but his all I know is my mexican frontier and there's a lot of back the concern in Miami again. Everyone in my eyes from tomorrow I'll be another girl, but they're really destroyed by by the new president. They really think he's gonna be and another one as well as another. Yes, yes, it's a very distressing thing to have a marxist at the helm of that good country, doctor I appreciate it. I preach it Europe strengthened willingness to speak out house how's your career, doing with NAFTA years, Vinos being oh outspoken on abortion. One other thing got scared me a little better. The amount of hate that's been poured on me over this. Let me especially my little twitter thing, Atlanta Viral and I'm surprised how much personal Anima people think it appropriate to
but I guess you're, not Christ, not now. I am not surprised, I'm not surprised it is it's an honor to talk to you. Thank you so much the best Glenda Programme, Al Gore made a movie called the inconvenient truth, I remember when Stew went or when I went Stew was holding his breath. He had already seen it any new man if Glenn gets his tea, into this one and he swayed by the Vienna whatever and I've walked out of it. I went balance powerful movie and I called you from the lobby of the movie theater and I said
all the other side. I want to hear all the other side and we hear debunked it p. By peace and lead to a book and inconvenient book which had inconvenient facts, but that was only part of that book. There's a new book out now, called inconvenient facts the science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know and the author Gregory White Stone is a right. Stone is with us now to go over some of it. How are you going on good thanks for everyone? Can you you bet, okay, so that we were just talking off air about forest fires, ATLAS Talkative, start there. On on what climate change is doing to the state of California yeah, it's just awful, you did. You know that forest fire, the number of forest fires actually are declining in California, cal fire. That's the the source of all fire related dating California, according to cal fire. The number of fires have declined by almost fifty percent over the last thirty years now granted,
area of land is increase, but that is are. You burn has nothing to do with global warming or climate change, but rather it they were poor. Forest management are Gregg, it has everything to do with. There's no water in California and it's getting hotter in California. The dirty little secret is with fires. There's three things: we need for wildfires forest fires, nay, nay, mission source, you need fuel, and then you need arid and you know what we're doing man's actions are actually contributing negatively to all three. But it's not because global warming. The show- Nah conservancy says there. Four to five times as many trees breaker today then, what a normal healthy for should have forty five times too much, and what that means is of course, more fuel as easily understood
but it would also means is the second largest source of aridity of loss of soil, moisture and oil that sucked out of that out of the ground in the soil, from the trees from the trees. So now you got forty five times too many trees competing for that same scarce soil, MR, when you think about it now its leading to the aridity and there's estimate one thousand percent increase in the last forty years of people living in fire prone areas. So now we get ignition sources up, we get more fuel and we got more readily and it's not due to climate change and global warming course that causes a lot more. Damage when the fire actually happens to be a lot more homes, intensity area burnt. California has increased so necessarily each fires about twice ass, big ass. It used to be, but the Good NEWS. Client this report is that worldwide fires, the number fires is declining Amis, the experts well, but
probably those fires are put out because of all the hurricanes ah begun with the airy burned, we're talkin they are there torment number of fires and once that fire ignites they count, so even if its put out its counted. So what we find is soil, moisture across the world is increasing in the fire experts tell us it's because of climate change. Increasing precipitation and the climb alarmist will say well that only the flooding in it might in some cases, but the Good NEWS see we're seeing increased oyster around the world and then because of increased seo to fertilisation effect plants need less water, having ok, all right but test I mean you're such a denier. Let's go to the real facts. Let me take you the real facts, the the polar icecaps are are melting the polar bears are having to move. You know down into civilization, because there will that's, that's just They have no ice, they have no more ice and
at the same time you see how hot it's getting and at this time how cold it's getting all around the world. Answer that one well, sir, nice is diminishing in the parliament, the northern Polar ice cap, just as an aside here we go any further. You may not realize you could melt the entire northern polar ice cap and would have scarcely any effect on sites on sea level, and the reason is its ice. That's floating on the ocean, so as it melted displays We can it's, it's only. The land based glaciers, the cause sea level, but We have in my new app I've gotta a chart showing the Klein of Sea ICE and then comparing it to the increase in population of polar bears. So our sea ice has been diminishing. Polar bears are increasing, not grant a part of its because we stop doing trophy hunting, but certainly the loss of sea ice hasn't hurt them. Attaining that
the extent and the study related in the book. They compare, bears in a high ice loss area along a Russia to the areas of bears a dick, how much and those bears where there was a lot of ice loss man. They were a fat and happy, they were much much heavier more successful than the bears where there was a lot of ice. Do you also have an update on a state that we talk about all the time when it comes to polar bears me back in the sixties, it was about five thousand polar bears that existed in. We talk all the time what we said this just the other day that it's about up to about twenty five thousand, and that number had come from the mid two thousand fish, so I I honestly hadn't seen an update and quite some time you have adopted in the book Yeats, its twenty seventeen Susan Crockford, probably the top polar bear export and I can-
Decatur I wanted to get the best data we published the book about a year ago. We got a new app, that's come out and eye contact. We were back and forth. Is it what's the best day to have to date and that's? What's an incorporated in the app confirm what I have in the book there and the average now bear my it's dangerous and pretty tough to measure polar bear populations share. As the the american people taste a lot like seals, land and polar bear rife, but but average she's estimated twenty eight thousand five hundred votes increased. Since that that were examined with first time. I heard five thousand a twenty five thousand
I thought it was impossible. Bear minders and there's like an error bar like this year, might be off by a couple thousand busy and it's pretty tough. The bottom line is a hundred. We haven't seen it a significant decrease out. That is virtually been increasing. Just how much that's the question. What when it comes to the fires and leaned back up a little bit too, that one of the things that people will say when it comes to these fires getting worse is we just have had so much drought. There there's been more more drought now than theirs ever been before, and that's causing all of these problems should get worse. You again again being told flies in the face of the science and the facts. I think it is. This point might be my the interesting for your viewers to fight after I didn't set out to write a book I set out to seek the truth and in that search for the truth that led me to there. And that was one of the stunning things about drought and forest fires when I found out that actually droughts or in a slight decline, and especially the big droughts were declining
As I said while, and I said no one knows, and no one knows the here- every whether there might be droughts here and there, but with all over all right through exactly droughts is all have always from with this. They always will The good news is the most severe droughts or are being exacerbated mainly by that increases soil moisture. We talked about before one arm and this increase in soil, moisture alleviates those droughts are gonna, charting a book and all my have shown the most intense insignificant droughts, the twentieth century, and if you look at those there's a really bad once the decimal, the dust Ball, the Sahel droughts there were they. There were numbering, uncover twenty eight that they recognized in the twentyth century, but we find that most of those almost all of them, were in before nineteen sixty, so ass, you go too is increased
asked temperature increase than yes temperature Werner temperature increase. Thankfully we have been for the last three hundred years. We say, thankfully, and you actually show that pretty well in the, but oh yes ass when he comes to, let me know the the amount of greens or greenery were able to grow. I mean it's increased almost everywhere in the entire world, and also its fair some aiding. If you look over human history, if we look of less forty five hundred years, each of the warming trends that we ve seen the Minoan, the Roman, the medieval warm per each one of these correlated a benefit of of civilization. We seek a great correlation between the rise and fall of temperature rise and fall of civil
nations? If you were Emperor Lana warm period, you had a good cause. You could figure such as food was bountiful. People had time to to dream, to tinker invent in the coal periods. Just again opposite of what we're being told. The coal periods were were bad, things happened, consistently, famine, crop failure, pestilence nasty population, cold is very, very and in the little ice age, which was just recently. We started warming at the end of the slight late seventeenth century and it said beneficial warmth that were recognising today yeah, but if it stays on this worst case, projections will be his hot as the sun in a thousand years ha ha. I mean that's the problem vastly. Is they take these directions and then say worst case scenario? Well, that's not happened to the world before and if you look back how many
honey, hothouse, an ice house periods have there been any other, but most of the earth has been significantly going back to the pre came have been significantly warmer than we are backed by as much as fifteen to twenty times or degrees.
Height fifteen to twenty times hotter different. This called hothouse events or or ice house events, which is what we are in now during ice house events with ice at both poles or some one of the pole, stirring hothouse, there's no ice on earth and freely and bit that big. The key thing here, as we look at carbon dioxide, it's in the past up until now is consistently. Temperature has caused carbon dioxide to change. In other words, when it warms the oceans vent carbon dioxide, sir carbon dioxide increases during cold periods. It sucks up to. I know it sounds guarantees of it. If you put your leader of of ginger ale in your refrigerator right, you open up and goes you put that out in your when you're patio in August and open up a man, it's like a volcano and then with that's doing spewing
carbon dioxide. We have that same event happened with a warming ocean to the actually that the temperature change precedes changes. Mincio too, when did seal to become bad because I remember being taught in school, where you taught this saga has said what you that the owners of the miracle of the miracle of the circle of life is poison to man, not for that you breathe out what you can no longer use, but the trees breathed in and they breathed out poison to them. If you will just the air, or that we can breathe the ox. You know we breathe and it's it's. This circle is uneven, taught anymore. I don't know, but tat. I know you and I learned at it But did you learn that learning you you fit on important pointer goin? Is it They need to demonize carbon dioxide and they need demonize terrible it, because this is this drives
all of these anti, the environmental people to keep it in the ground movement, the anti fossil fuel divestment, movement on college campuses, it's all driven by demonization carbonate tied they're, saying that carbon dioxide is driving dangerous increases in temperatures and that those dangerous increases in. And pictures will necessarily lead to catastrophic. That's right, well what they, what these predictions are in their production there based on failed climate model. What may happen thirty, fifty or eighty years in the future? What I've done in the Balkans in the in the app is is to say what what's actually happening today and we ve been warming for three hundred years. We ve been in adding significant seo to four
since the end of world war, two shouldn't. We recognise something bad happening by now, but yet now we see crops continue to increase not entirely do it do to open significant contributors, warming, temperatures, lengthening grown seasons and increasing co2 leading to co2 fertilisation, and we see these bad things are predicted. Just ain't hat haven't even even a u N says the net Ben to increase EU level until I think it's about twenty eighty he's a net benefit for the globe, which is not yet states a statement. You'd never here said other. That does mean it will have negative consequences. In some part. This is again the: U N saying this, but they say net net for the globe is actually a benefit until about twenty eighty.
I think that you are a good person used, because I have not a history of of I'll protections and where is alleged right, but even if they're saying it and, of course, their their energy governmental panel on climate change at the U N Climate, alarmist organization, things like there's there things that they can Should that kind of say, tucked away here and there that I've publicized here's an inconvenient fact, and so this yeah can you can you tell us about the app we're before relief yeah, real, quick, yep, Appstore Google play store search for convenient facts. Its awesome is powerful, puts it put. It puts this information palm your hands, it's well source. Well referenced and videos were light to each one of these as well. This is something that you can have in your pocket, at all time. So when you meet a climate alarmist, you go to the app and it will help you with that arts and crafts. Everything is sourced everything,
is a triple check to make sure that it's exactly right and you have the argument so you're not go and cheese. I wish I heard that guy. I wish it would have listened written it. On it or I did write it down, and now you don't have the paper. It's there on your phone with inconvenient app give the inconvenient app he's radio network on demand
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