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Hey pot. What a great day to have the blaze to listen to all of the programmes for the place, because you're gonna get all of the important people and the conservative and their take on its awareness of I have today, please cv dot com. If you use the probable when you'll see ten bucks but the big deal he was going to get all the shows all these different books at this situation, and it's one of those days. There is plenty to say. Let me to say we start the podcast The actual reading of the attorney general report on the investigation- and this is so important because, as you will see, as the podcast unfolds give answers, all of the questions that the Democrats are asking right now. They are being a genuine- and this is a total, disingenuous ask of the american people. While we need to see the whole report, why they release the full report. Well, they didn't they hate and make this decision.
On the facts. They were looking at whether or not Molly could indicted president know as you will find out. None of that is now we also a the big winners and losers, all the things that you should take it out of this and what we took out of this as a day. And then you know what, You may go does that we spent two years thinking about the mother thing when we could have been focusing on a more important things, one of which is life, and we go into that. Great movie coming out this weekend called unplanned, Abby Johnson and Ashley, Rapture plays Abbe in this movie, things this weekend. I cannot recommend it high enough go to glennbeck dot com. You will see that I am going to be in SALT Lake City Utah at a couple of different theaters, with the premiere of this movie this Friday you can grab your tickets online, more on that, and it's also any podcasts.
The only the day. So I want to go. I want to take it. Through the attorney general's letter that came out last night. Now, it's interesting, usually bad news and the government is dumped on a Friday. This Report was filed by Miller on Friday, and I immediately thought, of course, it's good for Trump, because it is not good for Trump. It would come out on a Monday, but it's good for Trump. So it's coming out on a Friday. Now you can play that where another, or it was just time to release the report. Now the attorney general yesterday, he issued a report on the court. So we're never gonna, see the report and that's by law. You it
tis, under a like a grand jury kind of rule. It is full of raw ah information, and you don't just release this by law, so nobody can really release it. They can release parts of it, but you can't release and dump the whole thing and in that the good thing. Otherwise, you end up with what we had that started. All of this, that stupid Russia, gate story with, what was his name from Emma five that that released all of this information. You know that he was peeing on people and everything everything else. You know but the right information. So here is the attorney general's letter that came out yesterday, on Friday, the special council submitted to me a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declarations decadent declination of decisions but he has reached as required by blah blah blah
this report is entitled report on the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. Although my Review is ongoing. I believe that it is in the public Eye first to describe the report and to summarize the principal conclusions reached by the special council and the results of his investigation, the report explains that the actual council, any staff thoroughly investigated allegations that members of the president's campaign of Donald J Trump and there is associated with it, conspired with the russian government in its efforts to enter, beer in the twenty? Sixteen? U S, presidential election or sought to struck the related federal investigations in the report special council noted that in completing his investigation now listen to this? He employed
nineteen lawyers who were assisted by a team of approximately forty FBI agents, intelligence, analysed, forensic accountants and other professional staff. The special council issued more than twenty eight hundred subpoenas executed. Nearly five hundred search warrants obtained more than two hundred and thirty orders for communication records issued fifty order, is authorizing the use of pen registers by now, that is which made thirteen request for or in governments for evidence and interviewed approximately five hundred witnesses. Would you say: that's thorough sounds like it special council obtained a number of indictments and convictions of individuals and entities in connection with his investigation, all of which have been publicly disclosed during the so his investigation, the spot
The council also referred several matters to other offices for further action. The report does not really, and any further indictments. Nor did this. I shall council obtain any sealed indictments that have yet to be made public below Why summarised the principal conclusions set out in the special council report so first thing, he saying is pretty thorough. Leader and thorough. We talked to a lot of people, spend a lot of money and almost two years of everybody's life here, what we found out for first russian interference in the twenty. Sixteen? U S, presidential election, these special The council's report is divided into two parts. The first describes the results of the special councils investigation into Russia, interference in the twenty. Sixteen you us presidential election. The report outlines the russian effort to influence the election and document,
crimes committed by persons associated with the russian government in connection those efforts. The report further explains that a primary concern consideration for the special councils investigation. Was whether any Americans, including individuals, associated with the Trump campaign joy. The russian conspiracies to influence the election, which would be a federal crime. Special councils investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or any one associated with it, conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to end once the twenty? Sixteen? U S, presidential election as the port states. The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities. Is there clear on that,
The Russians were influencing our election, something We told you would happen in twenty fourteen. Something we warned the government. We, we told everybody that would listen to us. This is their planning on doing the Trump administration. Had nothing to do with it. The campaign, or anyone involved with the campaign, the special investigation determined that there Or two main russian efforts to influence the twenty sixteen election. The first invite, of the attempts by russian Organization, the internet research agency. I are a to contact do information and social media operations in the United States design to so social discord. Let me that again,
designed to so social discord in this this by commentary in this The Russians succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Look at what they ve done. I would be interested to see if there was any russian effort after two also accuse Trump and to defend Trump That's exactly what they were doing during the campaign, taking both sides and stirring em up any more of this over this stupid thing on the election. Any more of this, in my opinion, is only helping the Russians We all know now there was oh collusion.
There was no cooperation, there wasn't any of that so anyone who is now bringing this up is only doing the work of the Russians. Stop it right now. The special council did not I find that any U S, person or Trump campaign, official or associate, conspire or knowingly coordinated with the IRA in its efforts. Although the special council brought criminals, charges against a number of russian nationals and entities in connection with these activities. Good the second element involved in the russian government's effort to conduct computer hacking operations dying to gather and disseminate information to influence the election. The special council found
russian government actors, successfully hacked into computers and obtained email from persons affiliated with the Clinton campaign and democratic already organizations this publicly disseminated waiting up justice They also publicly disseminated those materials through various intermediaries, such as wiki leaks based on these activities. The special council has brought criminal charges against a number of russian military officers for conspiring to hack into Q Peters in the United States for purposes of in wincing an election, but, as noted above, the special council did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associate with it, conspired or coordinated with the russian government. In these efforts, despite
multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign. This is really critical, because This goes to why they had they did not pursue a piracy or I'm sorry, a a warrant or an indictment of obstruction of justice. There saying that they made several attack and they were turned down by the Trump campaign every time. Every time they would make the attempt the Trump campaign made Take that meeting, but it was exactly Trump said who wouldn't take that meeting, but we never did anything on it. Is everybody clear on this by the way I'm reading this whole thing, because we just spent two years Of our life two years of our countries precious time arguing about
this- how many millions of dollars have we spent how much could we have done? Had we not wasted all of this time. I think that it is fine to have done this. I think we needed to do this. It's important to know. However, the back and forth all the way we ve been saying, wait until the report is out, wait until the report is out now. The report is out anybody really read it. We ve taken two years, let's take a moment and just look at the facts before we start arguing even more and let's maybe perhaps outline a direction on where we can heal the country. I think the president has an enormous opportunity in front of him. He has the Cavanaugh moment and he has
sees it today or tomorrow, the best of the programme by its If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs stew. Today is the day you wanna join the blaze, because you're gonna get all of the biggest voices in conservative media. Talking about this, we have access to every body Eric pulling mark. Levant end. I don't know a hundred others, Stephen prouder, you wanna, hear what they have to say is subscribed to date
Please go to blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code again Glenn and you're gonna save ten bucks, just try it out for a month. You are not going to cancel. I promise you cause it's a great service. Now it's blaze, tv dot, com, promo code, Glenn. Your take well. I am a little disappointed that you know spinning it. The way you are really be a little disappointed. Ok, I thought better of you really ants do then the obviously are ignoring the bully and evidence of the president and his russian colleagues. What I would have ours. What's the blatant? Never we will we played on my show, because I'm a truth, teller, I don't know about you are, but here the boy and evidence right, the president conquering how Russia ok right here.
I left my much we that's that's the last president. Oh yes, but it is a president colluding with Russia at I'd really kind of like to know why nobody cared about that as he concluded on camera with Russia. But this this is amazing, so I I have to tell you I am. I really thought that there was going to be something We bid because of trumps reaction to it. He was so negative about the Miller investigation. He almost to the point where people thought he was gonna fight. Fortunately didn't fire me
would not have been a disaster yachting fired, Mahler, Vienne and then, who knows who would have taken over what would have happened with that, and it would look really bad as it is too to have complete exoneration on the coup collusion thing. Is amazing, amazing, to the point where CNN actually called him exonerated numerous NBC said vindicated and I never thought here that come out of their miles? Abc news as well? Maybe not ashamed. I'm in this, they are all saying, is huge when for the present- and you know how that Gauls em all they want to have, they didn't want to do that, and that's that's the problem here. They are not there. They won't rooting for you as president to action be a trader. What's his face? Is brain stem you're actually had a guy on who said. We probably remember this- that the press might be a russian agent. The heap might have not just colluded with Russia.
He was a manchurian candidate who may have grown up as a russian agent. I mean I didn't tell you that far with this, I have to tell you what amazing to me: is they didn't they wouldn't listen? in the end of the audio you just played of Obama, saying hey, listen. I had more latitude and new jus transmit that the Vladimir for me they weren't interested in even talking about it, let alone not investigate where they weren't, interested in talking about it. Had this come and Molly had found evidence of collusion. I would seriously looked at it wanted to know the facts, taken from the media. I want to know the facts and I would have supported that. Assuming that it was real information right. You know, domain if the rule of law was followed and they found him guilty, I would have gone and said we got it come on guys week. We have to stand against this. They they, the Democrats or not,
willing to do that. They're, not willing out at all that- and I'm I didn't mean that progress in the middle of the country. I mean the ones in Washington they're, not the they are operating on. If he's not guilty of this, we know he's guilty of something: that's witch hunt. That is the definition of a witch hunt. I think that one thing then gets left out of this a little, but as the witch hunt existed from the media, it existed from the Democrats, but there's no evidence that it did. It existed from mother, no, an annual witch hunts typically find there, which is now a lot of which has there like I did. I couldn't find a witch relic. This is one where they re. There was a witch hunt. You dont higher Bob Mahler Florida made something happened. Yet you come out and you get somebody who's going to find something on him and in what happened here that in fine anything. I think that speaks to the idea that Mahler actually took the time
it all of this report seriously. The title of the report is report on the investigation into russian interference in the two thousand sixteen presidential election. Not how do we get Donald Trump which, with the media, was looking right like that he will actually looked at what the Russians did and got incredibly valuable information about their game plan and the players involved, how they did. These things this, they actually did things. Try to influence your lawyers, they did just not in conjunction with Donald Trump, bring his campaign or any other thing. Nobody in the campaign was implicated in this. That's pretty amazing. Now they did come out with some other things, but they were not all those p. Who have been arrested had nothing to do with this. It has everything to do with things they were doing also on the side which we told you about during the election. That was one of our biggest problems would Donald Trump a
didn't believe that he was gonna. Do the things that he was going to do that he said he was gonna. Do he has done most of those? I stand corrected he he surrounded himself with those worst p. All imaginable and I said you're gonna have massive investigations, because these guys are dirty. And I remember saying at the same time- and yet here, Raise these great kids, I dont understand it, gave his kid I was worried about vanka, who has turned out to be good. I was well about her with the green thing in her inner in you know her relationship with her dad. Would he cave he didn't. I was wrong on that, but we right on the people who peace around it himself with those are the people that they ve and were doing other things right stone right, not necessarily related to this.
Go and we all those p all of those people. So this is in order the problem now that his corrected itself, because he fired most of those people in all the people. We warned about. He is now distance themselves from the only one is kind of an exception to this is Michael Flynn, who I would not be surprised at all if he gets pardoned. That's because Flynn lied during this investigation. Never got the sense Trump actually wanted to fire him. That time you know he went on. He went along with it because you know he had lied to pence supposedly in, and that was not a huge problem you get. It have some standards in her White House, but I always I've always felt that he thoughtful and kind of got a rocky on he's. The least of the worries at that group- I wouldn't be surprised, often gets a pardon from the president on this, but in other the other people it be like Manifold who are doing things years and years and years
go that God, you know, caught for all sorts of stuff bananas are really had drunk was wrong on my men afford he came out and said metaphor gotta bed a raw deal. No, I didn't know he didn't easily serving, I think, seven years he should be in jail for the rest of his life. That guy was a bad guy long before he met drop what he was doing with my crane. On related the trunk complete completely. I related right completely unrelated here that guy was a criminal long before he met Donald Trump. Definitely I mean look. They they did any. Was it a half dozen trump associates got indicted. All of them, though, for either things completely unrelated or lying. Two investigators good lesson to not lie to investigators here in the middle of this should learn that with the clear investigative- yes, that's not altering the anybody went down for that. So so, let's lead by example in- and I didn't I
recall saying this, but just in case I ever did I ever said the Miller was a hack I Raymond I any ever saying this anything like this, but let's just lead by example. Mahler is not the guy that the right has made him into heat the Democrats right and social Miller. He and many Republicans, especially the beginning. Yes right, like people came out to get me a mother's. A great pick for this and over time If we narrative he's every leanings idea, I look, it does seem that that was the case at all right so we were wrong about Mahler. Anybody who said that on our side was wrong about Malta, spars Weena as far as we know, but it seems as though he was very thorough. Thee any general said he was given everything that he
for there was nothing that they turned him down that he wanted to do. He was very thorough and he came out with a very thorough report and when it was in question. He said it's in question. I dont want to make this decision is in question. I dont know that took great boy all too not fall on one side or the other that took great balls, people going to say our he just whipped out. No, he didn't know he didn't news. Because improve it. He couldn't prove it, and so that is the hardest position I thing to take, especially because I Betty had, his personal feelings, one way or another George, the president. Now, let's see if the media and those in Congress can say you know what we were wrong about the president. We said we said that he was lying, that he was colluding, that he was treasonous to listen to him.
To waters. That's not how they're gonna have to pick up on what we should dismiss any one who can't handle it that way. We should dismiss Anybody who is still stirring this up, because what we learn in the first half of this investigation in the report they came out yesterday was they wanted to stir up the Russians. Onto the stirrup animosity. Tween the american people, they ve done it. We now know the president was not involved, nor was anybody else. No other American was involved in that, thank God. No other American was involved in that and took that bait, but we, as the american people, have taken the bay. We now know what happened. We now know the truth of what they were looking to do. It is up to each of us now to say: I'm not a russian operative. I know
they're trying to do, and I say that I will not stir this up even more. This is the best of the blend back programme hey it's Glenn and your listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out Padre unleashed it's available where ever you download your favorite broadcasts are so The Miller report came out on Friday. People are starting to say, we ve got to see the whole thing. Well, you can't it's. It's explained in the attorney general's letter. We went. Were that last hour, but anybody who's. Calling for that is being disingenuous, or at least hasn't done. There hasn't even read the four page report. We I mean, you can say you want it right and you can say you want the maximum amount released. That
legal yet right. That's ok. Position is the position that bar took in the letter. We want to make as much of this by a public as possible, but some of it is restricted by law, were bringing in the special council to determine what part of this can be really send, will release it as soon as we can and will release what we can totally affair and way of living. Any calls of why won't they release at this point is ridiculous, is absolutely ridiculous. Aren't so let me go the winners and losers, the loser, big loser, Democrats. A second biggest loser media and I only say that the Democrats or the biggest loser, because the democrats- are not going to learn from this. They are not I'm going to turn and that they're going to double down and it's going to make them look even more extreme is going to make them look. Absolutely ridiculous. Nobody wants to hear
this anymore, nobody wants dear it now and you can understand their motivation if they can get fifty thousand pages base certainly will be able to mine out a couple of things that are at least politically embarrassing to the president in some way. Further the right to be something in there that they can use their advantage, which is why they want to see the whole thing. So I went on the year when I was a fox. I went on the air and I said President Obama is a liar your member, during the the state of the union, where he was saying you know you, not if you're the cost of your health care is gonna, go down and we're not gonna use this for any illegals, and somebody shouted liar now, Joe Wilson. You lie, you lie and I went
the year and said me he's right: he is lying, he is lying and I was called into Roger Rails office who everybody thinks is evil. You know Republican who just would do anything. He could do destroy Barack Obama and he said do not say that again. And I said what are you talking about? He may miss speak. He may have a different point of view but no American, I don't care what side IRAN wants to hear that their president is a liar. Now I happened to disagree with that. I think people want to know the truth, and people are tired of hearing spoke when the evidence points to they know we have the thence that he knew this would not work. It was a Trojan horse to bring us to single payer healthcare, which is where were what their arguing about. Now we knew that
because we had audiotape of him saying in so I continue to say he was a liar now. Did that help my case at all? I don't think so. In the long run, I think I think Roger was right in the long run that people don't want to hear that and if you are on the other side, you certainly are affected by that Pushes you away and makes you say you know what I just can't even listen to you getting me, listen to you, and so we draw sides. That's a compelling case not to call the president a liar. However, that doesn't reach to this level. The american people do not want to hear that their president was colluding with a foreign government that makes him a foreign agent and an enemy of the american people. Nobody wanted to hear that, but that's what the press and the Democrats have been saying now for two
years two years now. The evidence shows that's not true. You can They, whatever you want about the president. You can say he exaggerates he does on this or that he does this, or, I think he's out of control on his tweets There were, you can say all of that, but this particular charge. He's been exonerated, he had nothing to do with Russian. The Russians trying to get information and to hack into our election. He had nothing to do with it and it's now been proven. By the special council, every single person on the left loved said was the archetypal guy perfect guide I have well he's just ruled, for you to continue down this road, which the Democrats are. They are bleed
on the table and they will drain themselves of all the blood and, quite honestly, I'm kind of thrilled about it. I'm thrilled, but the american people and good Democrats will want to hear any more about him colluding, because its now been proven. And if you're just going to continue to do this, it's best just a wrap it up and they go find something else. If that's what you want to do- and you realize the the moment, the heat of the moment allows such odd decisions to be made, for example, build. The left has said this entire time, assuming that Trump had done something, illegal and something horrible. They went the entire time, building up the credibility of Bob Mahler now, all too Fifthly, I think, on the other side of this you know, tromp envelope and on the people on the right spent the entire time degrading the credibility of Bob Mahler. So it's like that. Neither of those was a good decision
I think it from the letter from the Democrats position now they have to complete legal back on themselves and say ah well. What we meant to say was: he totally did not now, because their first answer is just well we're sure, there's something in there that he found but being- and it's not in the summary Slavonic after bar first, but if they get a lot more material from Mahler and they don't get the crimes that they want. They're going to look ridiculous because they're gonna have to start turning on Mahler, and I think the same thing can be said about the right- I mean yes, there's no reason to. There is no reason, especially when out of privacy, Donald Trump Haddock, collusive information in us right hit information that no one else had, which is he didn't actually do it right leg. He knew the time, but he didn't do it. So he knew the whole time that there is a really good chance there. Fine, nothing was going on, so what I mean he was protecting. I think himself. I think people around him were protecting themselves in case something came out that they thought was wrong, that they would be able to say well disguise a hack. We don't listen to him
but you know my good. Why not think that was ever true and now that he's come out and exonerated the president completely when it comes to collusion. You know the Republicans are all all over the place on record saying: Mahler was due in the middle of a witch hunt, but she just you know. I don't think that that's a fair analysis of what he was doing. And again, like you go back to Salem, they weren't like are. We can then. He which is today that they always found, which is what a witch hunt indicates that you're finding people that are guilty of nothing's. You don't need to create so? The whole thing, though stew, is both sides were. On four saying that it was a witch hunt because you had to know what Miller is doing and Mahler was his varies Xilai. It was a witch hunt on the media. Aside, the I think that's totally tray, It was absolutely a which they would have taken absolutely anything and they ve got nothing yet and it wouldn't it mattered what they got. They would have taken anything and that's why they are in a credible loser on this issue.
Of waiting for the facts. They wanted it to be true, so badly that they put people like John Brennan on former CIA. You want to talk about. Somebody has no credibility. He was you're, saying this. Guy is a trader that the president is true is it'd treason against the United States. The media went with it the media should be asking today, John Brennan, we're: where are you hear what what what what happened here? They hyped and looked at every one who could possibly say something bad about the president and they ridiculed anybody who said anything good? Now, let me ask you and I hope you could answer this. The easily. We are on the air today saying the president was cleared now, is still open on the interpretation and I think it's a value,
exercise? But I happen to agree with the attorney general on this that he was in that he did not engage in obstruction of justice, he's just a horse in a hospital. That's what he his ease, a whore in a hospital. No one knows what the horse is going to do. This is outrageous, in the comedian. That did this whole thing on a horse in the hospital and is so true. We don't know what the horse is going to do, because there's never been a horse in a hospital That seems to me. That is a good enough explanation on why he was firing people etc, etc, and there was oh crime. So what would he be covering up. If they would have found that he was involved with the Russians. Do you believe We would be on the air today saying all that's not true. Bob Mahler is wrong and we ve got to stop these
four or do you think we would be on the air saying: ok, that's an indictment now it has to be proven in front of a court of law. That's a bad thing for the president, but we do no until we see all of the facts We can run it through, but this will probably mean impeachment. Do you think It would be saying that today or do you think we just be toeing the line to support the president blindly Solicitor quiz here I Oh, you would say that we would be saying, looks like it's gonna be impeachment and let's wait for all of the facts to come out, but this doesn't look good did do You have that from your media source today. Ask yourself about. Every media source left and right They behaving kids, Simply they be saying the same thing if it had turned out the other way
and what are they saying today asked that about your candidates. Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme with Ablaze TV is Eric Bowling and Eric is up in Washington friends with the president's. How are things in Washington today Eric? What is the what's the feeling at the White House, but that that I think they are Let me try and get on the phone and texting and talking to a lot of my friends there, not the presidency itself, but just about all, is you know that the senior advisers to him in and why not in his communications department, there was the date they really were per holding back. Watching the events unfold,
Don TV in the media- and I found it very interesting that they didn't jump immediately to spending my days, trying to figure out the reaction, maybe they're waiting for four eighty bars assessment of what was going on, but you know there was an end anxiety, they're ready to go in there ready that space we tell the world is to suspend what we ve been changed for the better part of two years and in finally to have indicated they feel good over their very confident. They feel very, very great, since this is a win for the present went for the administration. This will be the twenty twenty model that day try data they doin I tweeted this morning I treated in it in I held off to the whole weaken also on between this, my first tweets in striding and was ass. It was since then
There are times in the Washington Post each received a Pulitzer prize for their reportage on chomping, russian collusion, and now we know that was all fake news. Do I get nominated as a potential Pulitzer Prize winner for taking the other side of the argument for the black and suddenly I just find it very very interesting. I watched a lotta cabling the bread this change in a town like all of sudden Mahler, who is the best together. The world has ever seen is now, while he left the latter holes, he left behind him up to the he left a lot of up to two states to pick up where he left off. So we see we ve seen this there's. This is really nothing new. Is it Erika mean this is what they did with coming term. They said look at this kid look at. Look what's happening and then, when that turned out not to be true, they said well that those kids serve their guilty of something Look at these old pictures from twenty.
Is they don't have anything to do with these kids? I mean they we'll go and they'll give it a day where they say. Ok are. I well must be wrong and then the less reason. Less reasoned heads will gather around and they'll say, nobody's guilty of something else, while media and there's no there's no evidence about whatsoever there just grasping. I find it very odd that the day after this, the report is released at the left. To start saying, oh boy. Can you believe this war, the war coverage on this thing when new, while for the last two years, has repeated every single hour and MSNBC Yazzi CNN had led with which you literally almost everything our last two years, all day long on each of them or with something trumpet in russian collusion related up there,
Well, you know, will leave drain that leave train their their audience. You know like Pavlov Dog, they ve, they ve train their audience. You come here and we're gonna feed you this food and now all that there is no food left in the ball. They dont know. To feed their audience? their audiences use of this right. They're, trying to feed they all it's not over knowledge of weird, but it is I'm at least some of the butler washing paused, for example, said, collusion under my finally, there they're gonna they're gonna be honest with their readers. Sailor, get young people we waste our time. I'll! Never forget part quickly, baby now bailing out that they're gonna go hand in hand with the higher followed come on. I should this is gonna, be massive wasted time and money in earlier years. While recalling thanks, much even find Eric and his show America tonight on.
These tv join us now blaze, tv, dotcom views. The problem go back safe, ten percent right now is the best and we're going back there One thing that we can do that will make or break us. I believe if we miss this opportunity, the United States of America will exist no longer, at least in the form that any of us recognise and we will become a very, very dark nation, and that is abortion. It has never been more clear. Then it is right now how you can be hearing policy emissions talk about ending the life of a child after their born.
And the country doesn't seem to really react like oh, my gosh, those are that's. A killer is beyond me and if we don't stand together and turned back to God and turn for that, one, the basic principle of life. I think we're toast I think this is our last call, the Good NEWS I was watching a film recently. It was screened in advance. For me, and I went into it with much trepidation, because I know the person who the stories about- and I thought please don't wreck this story. Please don't write this story with something that's really preaching and then just the only bible people will watch. Please don't write this story and they didn't it is called unplanned. It opens this weekend quickly. I will tell you, I am flying out to Utah on my own time to be able to be at the door,
Britain, commons at six thirty and thanks giving point theatre at seven forty five, I'm gonna do premier opening screenings of this movie in Utah. It is rated are, but it is you'll find out no reason for it to be rated are, except for political reasons, Jordan, Commons and Thanksgiving point. That is this Friday. Even go to Mega Plex theatres dot com. I dont think they have them up for sale yet, but I am, I am told, by noon. Pacific they'll be up, but that is this Friday. Please come and see this move. The and join me join me now is the woman who I know who I thought up STAR Agnes. Its Abbe Johnson. She is the ceo and founder of, and then there were none and she was the author of unplanned, which is now a movie. The true life story of her life and actually branch her. She
the one who could have ruined this movie and didn't hear welcome, is she plays Abbe in the movies or thrilled to have both you guys here. First of all, Abbe you're, I think about to change the world. That's kind. I don't know why. You know I've peoples oh my gosh will eat what has this been like him no. No it's it's very feels very vulnerable. To have. This out. You know it's one thing to write: Your story at something else to see it, see it Anne and have it visually out there for everybody by twenty five feet: tall. Yes yeah,
by its at you know. I tell people all the time I didn't. I didn't sign up to this field. Who said that you know, Abbe Johnson would be a household name. I really did it. So that people would see that gods, redemption and his mercy is something that should be talked about in every home an end to make it in a way that it is not easy. Last autumn fear for sure yeah when I, when I first got the email and I and I found out who these guys were, and they said you know we and I found that there are the directors of Gaza not dead. I thought Well, I mean real out exactly what I'm ok. Well, oh you like my stories not like
he's not dead sort of story. I think it's the opposite. I think tat. What what makes this story so powerful is for people who don't know who you are. You had an abortion till he had to abortions. You then ran the joint working at a plan. Parenthood, as a volunteer than you, ran the clinic forepart plan. Parenthood. You became their employee of the year nationally and then the wind will get into this little while than you had something happened to you
in the clinic that changed your course forever? So you are not one to point the finger you're, not what your whole are. The reason why I think you'll changed the world is because you, the movie, starts with the people who are hang in all holding the posters up that are you now show in the dead babies in a column, baby killers, you're not going to appeal to anybody with that you're just not now, and you start with that, and it shows you pointing that out and the good guys that you're now we can go with their saying we're not with them either right. You're home message is one of love: the mothers yeah. I can't point fingers ethylene I and, as I tell me all the time I had to divorce ends, I have ever seen over twenty thousand abortions. I'm
when that can condemn or point the finger at anybody. I mean I've, I've done it, but I I I sometimes wonder you know if, if I had gone in that day that first day that I went volunteer and those aggressive people were not on the sidewalk, let's say they weren't there and it was just people peacefully preying on the sidewalk. I wonder if I would have come back or not. I think maybe I wouldn't have, because I remember thinking is that the Christian Pro I've movement, somebody dress up like the grim reaper yelling baby killer, calling the murderers time that they're gonna go to Hell. I don't want to have anything to do with that saw who I am, and so This film, though, really show thing and it allows you to frame it in your head that you're being compassionate because yet
These women are going through hell and to have those guys outside you're, actually being compassionate by walking them in to plan could well that's why I tell people when you're out their screaming at someone or pointing the finger. Then you are creating a safe space inside that abortion facility and you never want the abortion facility to be seen as a safe haven that those are the people there. It take your child's life there, not your savior, but when you're out their acting like maniacs. That's the perception, that's what happened to the wind in no on no planet anywhere. Would I, as a woman who has had a crisis pregnancy, be like that? I'm a grim reaper suit. He seems really
approachable me over there are now back. I tell me I'm gonna help. I I want to talk to ethical is kind of high the robes yap. So let me let me let me switch over to actually here for a second did. You know her story before you got a phone call. Oh, I had no idea. You Abbe was why new, when they had offered me the role who she was, but when I had different, I knew nothing about her. I blew off the audition. Had this crazy lady, I Instagram sent me a message and tell me that she had heard God and thought TAT. I was meant to play their role as those ladys insane and you say, as I blew it all, that she was really persistent and she kept messaging means a and actually are really really think that you are supposed to play this role. Will you please let the producer send you a script now site ok, one eye, and so like Abbe. I was curious. Who are these guys making this
The other was may be another cheesy christian We had no idea who it was and I read a cup. Pages in Abbe was working plan parenthood in the script that I got, and I thought she was a pistol. I was like vows use, really fine. I can. I wanna get to know who this lady is and I, bugger up online, and I watched one of her videos and I was floored. I knew immediately after hearing her testimony. My heart was broken. I had been blinded and I just remember, crying in time a husband there I had to be a part of China stores the world. Then you didn't get the job. Until the day before the Philby. Now I got a phone call. That said, hey actually the role as yours can you gonna plain and five hours and
without hesitation, because I had really committed to praying over it, and I was so moved by the story. I said yes, I just got on the plane. Had the ground running on Oklahoma, we had four days of reproduction to ready to film and I arose the screw users as Anna Script is over a hundred pages, I'm a ninety nine percent, a movie and so is calling out texting Abbe listening to her book on audible, reading the scrub learning everything I've thought about the pro I've movement, because I was not involved beforehand. It was a nonstop learning effort in four days and for two days and then it just continued on from there I mean every single day. There was. I just took a step by step, seen by seen- and I was learning as I want
and how many days worryin production. Being there are thirty two on the coffee, bad. You know we don't work on Saturdays and Sundays, remarkable let that happen. How nervous were you abbe that somebody is playing you? I can't even magic. What that would be like was actually more nervous if they didn't have somebody to play me because everybody else have been cast except for me, and I was like Ok, I am an Atwater S, John Wayne Movie without John Wayne, like idea, step in and play myself.
What we need to find somebody and they had offered the role they talk to two gauss previously about it, and there is very honest. The directors are very honest with eminent said. You know you may never work. In Hollywood, if you take this, if you take this role, I mean this could be a career killer for you. They were both young young, younger and they they were dislike, I'm just not ready to that's. That's fine and you know, but they wanted them to know. I had a time so, And then they called me or tax me or something and they said: okay, we we have found. We found the girl to play. You were an offer, her the job, please be praying that she takes it,
Now that I've been praying. Please, I'm really praying Otto haven't got Oklahoma number eight weeks so so anyway? Yeah I mean it was. It was a loner racking because I didn't know anything about actually and I knew about a film she had played in And I was like things out: Filmer her cause she's I'd. Ask me really you really good and eight. I was stew and I looked at each other before it started and after the first seen we looked back at each other like ok, all right, all right I'll, be gay. Here we are we're, not I'm not holding onto the seat as much as I thought I would in fact I wasn't holding out by within ten minutes. I mean you're, really good and a really good sitting there
I've ground. In actual fact, it was not a good film anomaly. I see this as a representative of light. What this film is now, so you had your and the gods not dead. You any positive, positive or covenant. Ah, here I heard, but we did like each other. We talked in among the very time we get along immediately and incite. I want it once I torturers like ok, look, I don't think she's gonna cheese it up. I think I think she's gonna do a job, but emanate is nerve. Racking has I dont want somebody? That's not gonna represent me and my story. Well, oh yeah, you know so I had to take a break. Then we come back to see how you felt you know as you were, making it and, as you were talking to her and then with the final outcome yeah, you know I I would have lost. I would have liked
ten pounds of sweat without going into the movie. Theater, Abby Glenn said he couldn't imagine someone portraying him on screen. However, he is portrayed by both Homer Simpson and Eric Well, I so I have been, and I thought they were pretty darn good guys. That's great however, remind everyone knows that I grew. I forgot about the earth Carpentier anybody you put me in a parka and it's pretty much our so so. Please tell me about tell me about the experience of actually filming id and getting into it and and doing it. It was an s incredible and challenging. Experience have ever had as an actor because telling abbeys
there's a tremendous responsibility to tell it accurately and honestly and to make sure that she's proud of me, and I wanted to make sure that I understood everything that she went through coming from the pro life side. It was easier for me to understand, but being able to work on the Prodi choice sight of it a fright and see some things that she saw an take part of pvc room, the pieces of children room and being able to do that scene had a walk out several times before I could get through that seen, and I had to call her and say: okay like how'd it. How did you think of this? How can I get through this and sword like to ask the of every? First of all, everything in the movie is accurate. What was said by the. Plan parenthood people I mean anything of importance. They didn't come, take the signed down at the end, but any ed wildly locate yes banal, Michael and down. Might not my daddy I'm dead programme are so
when you're is it p, o is that really what it stands for in plan? Parenthood allow Amazon for products of conception, but we said parts of children are pieces of children as a joke because joke MIA so it shows in the movie that you go in and usually I would imagine that they take people in and they don't start with the feet the hands and ran everything because its disturbed, but the first time you were in the p, o c room. That's that's what they showed you and you didn't seem to have a problem with it, and I've gotta take a break now. So when I come back- and I want you to talk about that experience and why, wasn't a turning point for you at all the blaze radio network on demand,
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