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Silicon Valley is helping build a Chinese-style social credit system in the U.S. Eric Bolling joins to discuss his exclusive interview with Vice President Pence. PragerU’s lawsuit against Google starts today, and CMO Craig Strazzeri joins to explain why it’s so important. “Luxury beliefs” are the latest status symbol for rich Americans, but their effects are all too real for the rest of us. The Hill’s John Solomon joins to discuss the Hillary Clinton investigation.

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I want to tell you about our podcast today. Were gonna love it? Yes, we're talking about a new social credit system. That sounds great not for China this time, but for us for us we get one to address and we ve all opted into it. All I Ludwig Van Tassel, that's coming up. We have air calling on you to talk to my pants. Has an interview exclusively on employees? Are barriers to night? You don't wanna! You don't want to miss too. That five g does cause cancer, I believe just in cats- and you know I love for cats, it's well and not saying these things, just a piss people now not at all. That was clear. I think these programmes we also try to someone about luxury beliefs, luxury. What our luxury believes its an interesting new phenomenon and you'll see it. It's serve tied to virtue signalling aghast but that is under programme and John Solomon with the latest
Russia Investigation, which is really fascinating, that Russia Clinton and what Patrick Turn has said as well. Part two of our economic update happen every day this week two recessions good for the economy four presidents The only thing came looking for many who hasn't been paying attention. I want to explain the chinese social credit system since two thousand fourteen in China, the social credit system. Is the EU has and implemented and is evolving into single nation wide point system for all time?
these citizens- and it is akin to a financial credit score follows you everywhere there is. No place to hide from the cameras it is evolve, in two: you have to have a certain app on your phone and they might on a you every day you, who take a that. You take this app, you open it up, You have to come to take a test about what the great leader is doing today and heaved the As you all the news of what the great leader is doing and what the communist or doing that is so good for you, then you have to take a test. If you do Open that app every day. Your social credit goes down if you're, not taking that test. Your social credit goes down they track you and feed
everything that they want to feed you and you must consume it if you jaywalk cross the street, your social credit goes down. If you are, if you speak ill about the country, your social credit goes down. If you are talking to someone who has a low social credit score, your social credit goes down. It is, it is horrible what is happening in China, is becoming a true police state orwellian, nineteen, eighty four and at eight to punish for any kind of transgression, they can include member european or support for the following gong or order or Tibetan Buddhism. If you haven't paid your dad, if you have excessive video gaming, criticize is in government late payments failing to sweep the sidewalk in front of your store house smoking or playing LAO music on trains jaywalking. Anything
is unacceptable by the chinese government. In towards points for charitable donations, even taking one's own parents to the doktor, and the punishments are harsh, their bans on leaving the country. Bans on using public transportation so, in other words, sorry All of a sudden you get to the bus and your phone says offender not enough social credit. You have to walk you're, not taking a bus. The you can check. A certain hotels. You will immediately not be hired for any high visibility job. If you have spoken out against the government. You have posted something that shouldn't have been posted: your choice children, will be pulled out of the private school and may not even make it into a public school. It can resume, in slower internet connections, and also a social stigmatization, because you are
you, are now registered on a public social black list. Your view face actually goes up on billboards, electronic billboards. Your neighborhood Anyone who interacts with you their social credit goes down. They brag that they can keep bull walked in their house, just because they won't, they won't be able to go anywhere. It is authoritarianism, game a fine now. I've told you for a while Google and Silicon Valley is helping them. Do these things? What makes you think that they won't do the same here. Well, they are
There are now forty or so pilot projects operated by local governments. At least six run by tech giants, Beijing is, is doing this. China is doing this. They have to nation wide lists. One called the black this, the other one is the red list. That's kind of like up a white list here these. Chinese government shares its list with all technology platforms, They they give you every month of social credit and that social credit is due Germans, the rest of your life. Now some These people are unaware that this even exists at this point, because I haven't gotten it all to the entire country, but their goal. Is China. Twenty twenty two have the entire country on this survey. Is done by the government show that eighty percent of the chinese citizens that are surveyed strong.
I approve of the social credit system. Of course, they do in Cracking them now if you are disturbed by any of this, let me tell you What's going on now in Amerika the New York State, Urban of financial services announced earlier this year that law if insurance companies can base premiums on what they find in your social media post. If you have, Instagram picture, showing you teasing a grizzly, bear it Yellowstone with a martini and a hand in a bucket of cheese fries and the other you're gonna pay higher rate, however, If you are doing yoga, You're gonna play a lower rate. Anything that shows your healthy and wise you're gonna get the lower rate, it shows you that you are doing anything at all dangerous. Your
get a higher rate. Now that seems kind of reasonable. It's like well, you know I I have insurance on me. I can't go to war, Or I can't fly a plain, I can't go cliff me, no, climbing all the stuff, I'm never gonna. Do I'm fine there, like you, can't do these things anymore. I'm like does that include jumping out of it. Perfectly good airplane with a parachute. Nor out, I'm like good check. Thou up my list. So you don't have a problem with it per se. Unless you do those things. If you are somebody that is into adventure sports, you better tell the truth. We are in a pay, a very high penalty. Now there is also something called Patron scan so the earns companies you're gonna like well. I think that's probably ok.
You say you don't smoke and then your seen smoking on Facebook is probably ok but thou, and now we have paid train scan this guy when he sells three products, kiosk desktop and handheld systems, and what is is designed to help bar and restaurant owners manage customers page on scan is a subsidiary of the canadian software Company, a biometric company, it's now on sale in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, and it helps spot fake idea ideas, but it also tracks troublemaker. So, when you arrive at, let's say a patron scan using bar they do. Is they ask you for idea? They scan it. The company me trains a list of objectionable customers dying to protect venues from peoples who have previously had a problem in any bar fighting
actual salt drugs through theft or any other bad behavior, but the bad behaviour that list is up to each restaurant, so If you go into some restaurant with a mega hat, can you be put on this scan. Now few are banned in one bar. You will be banned in all bars that use this system and that's it Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, no matter where you go, you are known as someone who can't go into the bar now, but a behavior all up to the individual bar the years of each bar can ignore the bands if they want the data of on offending customers is deleted in ninety days. So even if you're not doing something wrong. They're still.
Holding all your information for ninety days, the they keep a private list. That are not shared with other bars if they want. But if you are a bad customer, it can be kept for five years they do have an appeals process, but it's up to the company whether they live intuit or not, or an air b b. We all know that when you get in two an goober, if the driver has written something bad about you, you're, probably not going to get in to another goober. If you have, somebody who knew who didn't like you can say whatever you're going to not be able to use Buber air, be in B. Now the same, and that is a private life so if you are in a than air in b and think about how big Araby and be, as now,
if you're in an air be and the owner didn't like something or said you did some thing. Even if you didn't do it, they can Third Araby and be its kept confidential. You have no right to see what your accuser is telling you and you are banned from all air B and be what sap. Also, hoping for communications, new social credit score, for example, who can be banned on what's app. If too many other users block you, you can also get banned for Going for sending spam threatening messages trying to hack a reverse engineer the what's app app more using the service with an unauthorized app. Now the small potatoes in the United States, but not for the rest of the world, because in mundt many parts of the world, this is the main form of communication not be allowed to use what's up in some countries is like
not being able to use a telephone in America now here's the problem. Nobody likes anti social, violent, rude, unhealthy, reckless people. We got it. So what's wrong with this technology, as I have said before, what is now being built completely chain Is our system You have always had protections of the first and second amendment. We ve had protections of privacy supposedly under the constitution. We don't any more first amendment freedom of speech, nope, freedom of assembly, nope freedom of of of assembly, with people that you choose Nope sought protected
Freedom of religion, no they their banning Christian, adds now, just because their Christian that runs out like a good thing man that's protected by the constitution, not really second amendment nope, anybody can say no, no here and they don't have to do anything about it? They can pressure bank now to say: don't do business with the gun manufacturers. Gun businesses or people who have a gun? Don't do business with them? We're going to cancel their their financial services totally fine, because it's a private company. Dont quarter. Soldiers in the house, while the USA is already doing it, but so is so, is Google. So as Amazon there listening to your conversation, there is no such thing as privacy, anymore.
And no law can stop these things, because their private companies They can do whatever they want in in other doing it by force because the gun China is going this way just is Orwell predicted in nineteen? Eighty four, but John, stairs brave new world predicted Hawksley, sir, It would come with a big happy face on it. It would come through. Service in- and it would be great and you'd- want this service both of oh. I remember a time within the last ten years. People were saying: oh look, Huxley was right. Orwell was wrong. No, they were both right. Why Nineteen eighty four fits the EAST Huxley applies to us in the west
at the best of a bad that programme they its Glenn, and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray, unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast welcome to the programme fellow Blaze coworker Eric bawling, who is heard on the globe do we have my they raise the minimum wage a glad now they haven't told me that I'm I'm on way from making a fifteen dollars an hour and that's why I'm loading for raw Bernie Sanders so you met yesterday with the vice president. Tell me about it. So yeah real interests and those of faith in freedom conference? I guess a fundraiser, the jet he was putting on a job Carolina
and I get the up to this. What you wanted you I will expose the one I want my spread out in actual Deirdre White Ribbon, Charleston our Central of green bone. I got a few like twelve minutes with widespread one on wine exclusive. It was fantastic us it. I am driving out there, I'm thinking there's so much going on right now, there's some is going on a trump world. Why do this? How how much the as you know, when you get someone that you use to cope reaching out you doing you a favor, don't want! I want exclusive, how hard you press the gas. As you know, what is too much happen I gotta go full throttle, asked them the important stop. I asked them which would suffer the key
Now the national tweeting that calm down everyone were were good friends with the vice president. I said yes and point blank is Nikki Hayley buying to be that the vice president and twenty twenty one- and I said, has the president told you you are his running, making twenty twenty the questions. I think he is me they're Maya, but I will tell you this. I guess I floated the theory among friends at the White House and I have said I have nothing against my pants. I really like my pants and I think my pants was a one of the reasons why Donald Trump was elected because he was able to galvanise the religious right and and make people feel comfortable with with Donald Trump. However,
I think, having Nicky Hayley on the ticket with Donald Trump, with no offense to MIKE pants, I think, would be very advantageous for the president. This time around you I'd. I agree. I think here he couldn't lose with either. One might think your prior right there Maybe you know you eat, checking out the box with with Nikki Haley the you know Trump. Let's be honest, I believe he's going to win with a wider margin than last time allowed to come down from the suburbs and in the other you know about in the key areas, certainly firm up that what I did you know, I think it's easy arrived with with it. But the female life. But I know that I mean I know when you have twelve minutes. You probably have four questions, maybe if the person wants to wants to talk to, you get into the economy at all and the trade war is. Are they do you get the sense that they are,
very well aware that, if the account- Me turns this then it's gonna have a real uphill battle, so sure yeah. That's. Why started because, like they had said at the time the presents why back to IE seven- and I couldn't we were in the midst of a trade war, China with conflicting comments coming out, one from the present one from Stephanie aggression is comes director, not one from the present again, I said, look are we? Are we prepared to present said he is prepared to continue to raise tariffs on China infamy em if they dont, if they dont lantern in play ball, he says we are and what I said in all honesty. Mr vice president, I am against garrison. I loved the Latins. It gets you doing by tariff
not what happens I like I could, but it seems to me working as it is this is this president trumps idea is asleep minutiae talking in his ear with Larry COD low in the other ear near playing harbour. China is coming from the presidency said he laughed, he said Eric, as you know, I'd known the present for fifty years. As you know the present for a long time, he has allowed smart people run away everything he does directly from the president's up immediately waiting. I may need to be right at play here about China prior to set one case. Guy, isn't this? What does about looking hurricanes Eddie? He laughed again. He said I, you know they're dead. That's enough said are its: when is this interview, air we'll put it up? Why tonight they come it's gonna be around
Seventy Amanda and the blaze platform usual you're. My show usually comes out around seven p m on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday. So that will come out tonight. Is it really fascinating? I got it for somebody. I asked him: what's: what's the what's with Greenland idea, TAT all about me really explain dinner in a way that I had ever. Thought like it became known. I went into thinking in our Trump oh, really high profile real estate buying and maybe some sort of What was the motivation I went towards. Its security is financial and he really broken. How did it may yet? I mean is Donald Travel. The press is made fun of down on this one it. Nobody should we ve had three or four presidents that have wanted to be. A greenland and it is always around sideways, but it actually is a very wise move. If somebody could get it done, Eric will watch
that tonight only on blaze, tv, if you are not a subscriber, please subsidy, I can support the talent that is trying to find the answers for you We we are a good, solid team and and voices that are across the spectrum of the conservative movement, but we are all doing our very best. To get you the truth, Eric does Amerika you can't spell, Erica without Eric in middle. To night. You don't want to miss it. It'll be download around seven p M, subscribed to the blaze now they exert? This is the best of the blend back programme we gotta go Craig string theory who is
They see em all with Prager University Prager has and going through trouble with Google? They are there starting their lawsuit against Google. Today night Circuit Court, I thought it was a supreme court, but it's not there yet night Circuit Court, which is raising courtroom. Welcome Craig. How are you I'm great. Thank you gonna, make you perhaps sure so you're getting ready to go in and and and present. The oral arguments tell me tell me listeners first, exactly what you are you're fighting yet so good. When you too bad. You know they are a giant cooperation that has a lot of power and control and control. What people see, and so, over the past few years, the communists we continue to get worse in saying that there are now over two hundred Gregory video.
That are being restricted. You get this guy and five of the videos Dennis privileges on the ten commandments. Are being restricted so that only the hide, thereby us at this point? It's it's really unfortunate, though our There are cases really centred around this argument about a public form. The distinction between a public form, a publisher, though a public forum which could be a physical location or could be a website, is a place where the business invite someone to come on trees. Are the business, invites the public to come and use their platform for speech, so you tube says anyone can come on here and give us their opinion, but then they turn around since or ask for the political viewpoints that's the basis of our other lawsuit. What do you think the odds are of winning cuz this? This doesn't just affect you that affects
anybody who is being shadow band- and it is, in my opinion, critical that you win this. If you lose this and I'm guessing, you will in a night circuit court of Appeals concerned, same- but if, if you do lose this, this is a very bad blow to freedom of speech. These corporations will have no restrictions on on any of their behavior. Now that right up exactly right and then I think it is crazy. And if we lose that were in big trouble, it's getting more and more scary, and if they have the power to to control what people see unjust, restrict content that they disagree with than this is. This is really scary and Most of America doesn't, even though this is going on. Is the mainstreaming a gas completely ignored decision, whether their due
in things like, for instance, they they are banning Prager University, as you said, two hundred different videos Dennis is the best voice. On the ten commandments. I mean his books on. You know him. Books on the old testament in is his his videos on the table immense, there's, nobody even close to him. There is nothing that is a political power. Citizen that is going on with that. This is just an ty religious bias that they have yeah exact in a quite clearly showed that their targeting us for our identity and our answer you, can it may be aware that project their talk just had a couple. Google whistleblowers come out you I wanted to mention that you guys you and your show it's on a black list that they have an internet Prager you,
I've been targeted, their own employees are coming out and is meeting that their targeting conservatives and, like you said, benefit methods in the thinking, amateur or so mainstream that it's really getting to be absurd. At this point, there own employs admitting it yet the they continue to go in front of Congress, and they continue to say that there are, but equally neutral, which is, which is obviously alike. So what is your? What is your attack me? What is the you know? You're going up against Google? Has who has more money and power than God at this point What is your strategy? Others is a classic case of David and Goliath than one one reason: I'm really proud to work and represent Prager. You were fighters Dennis only says that courage with our goodness
but our currencies is useful, so we're very courageous. I pray for you and we will really fighting for freedom of speech not separate her ear, but for all american. So this is a very important case and there is a lot of supporters there today at the court, has four criteria, which is very exciting. Alot of people recognise how important this cases, and so you can, I think it is crazy belonging to take. This is fine as long as we need to open up to the Supreme Court to keep fighting while the Good NEWS is. If Europe turn down by the nights, court. They are the most overturned court in the country. I mean if they say if they say the sky is blue. I swear to you that its red, because they're wrong almost every time that that is Europe are I Craig best of luck. That we can do to help. Yes, I would encourage the please the programme com. We have a petition against each other. The hundred thousand people have already signed there. So
The interest that we are non profit is into any donation will help us keep spreading public awareness on this issue until we get did fighting in the April shit. You haven't, you bet thanks Gregg proceeded, your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. Rob Henderson rights in the New York posed a former class made from Yale recently told me that monogamy is kind of outdated, not but first society, so I Esther. What are background is, and if she planned on marrying, she said she comes from an affluent family works at a well knew known technology company in yes, You personally intends to have a monogamous marriage, but quickly added that marriage shouldn't have to be for everyone, but yeah was raised by a traditional family. Planned on having a traditional family,
she maintain the traditional families. Are old fashioned in society should evolve beyond them I ask myself, what could explain this welcome to the programme Rob Henderson! How are you, Sir fine. Thanks for having you bet, I really enjoyed your article. What Splashings, that an Is it a problem here, you know goin, I studied social psychology and how people are influenced by others as a phd Cambridge and based on a lot research teams that social spatters deserve a key driver and how people think and how we behave and in fact the whole of this research shows that respect and admiration our peers contributes more to our sense of well being, then, even how much money we make, and so this sort of how I came up with the idea of luxury believes, and so this we experienced the sort of pleasure to or a pressure to display our status in new ways, and you know
one way we do. It is by displaying a sort of our prestige. Our intelligence are education and reduced by coming up with a sort of clever, and Our arguments, and so one concerned I have is bad. You know the beliefs of the upper class debate continues to change, changing, updates as people below them, adoptees believe, Spencer, their beliefs, the upper class police, become, or wild and more exotic and further did. Themselves from ordinary people. They sort of constantly updating their belief wardrobe. So what is What is is causing them to do that an end, because in the old days If you are rich, you might have lived a different lifestyle like the Vanderbilt lived, a different lifestyle, but they didn't want to be known as as denigrating or or
tearing apart everyone else, they wanted to be seen as the average decent American. What's happened yet widening might be going on. One is that done just sort of luxury goods in and having no fancy items. It's just these goods more affordable to everyone can purchase them and another. Is that it's maybe not so cool to display your wealth with? material goods anymore, I think a lot of people maybe think it's her third tacky or it sort of them makes people feel bad enough. If I to avoid this item, but you don't get to have it until both those things simultaneously make material goods. So appealing so new way that the upper class can display air. Their status is to have these sort of unusual, and in some cases even
tsar, believed and in many cases they hold. These believes what good intentions they think there may be doing the right thing, but I think alongside that may be more kind. Hearted motive is, after this motive to sort of display their social class So give me a gimme some examples of luxury beliefs, chairs, so one believe but I talk about, and then your post article is the belief that all family structures are equal. There's this. Nine judge mental attitude that lot of educated people have You know what are your single parent or step parent or have you no polymers sort of situation, with the parents I mean other legal, but now the action empirical evidence is clear that families were to marry. Parents are the safest and most beneficial for young children and their often its numbers of
upper class to know as you, as you noted I reading the article there that's rough with two married parents, and you know somehow these are there. Shortages of the belief that you, a monogamy, is outdated or that in a marriage is something You know and oppressive structure that, in all families are exactly the same, and I think this relaxed attitude about monogamy in marriage, trickled down to the working class and the poor and, as you said, in a marriage between our marriage rates between the upper classes, Lower class Americans were actually quite similar, I'm in eighteen sixty because strong social norms in place? and then affluent Americans during that time started expressing more scepticism about marriage and monogamy and this sort of trickled down to the lower classes and eroding than the social norms her for those people, but for the upper classes, marriage rates actually remained roughly.
That is such that their basically getting married, the same rights today. So why the disconnect why the people reaching it they say this delay. Not believe it you're better interesting. Question about believed. I think that many of them we do believe it on some level, but I am also not entirely sure how much believe actually matters. I think that this drivers, social status, is so strong that people can kind of convince themselves in a strange beliefs if it gives them the sort of respect and admiration of their people. You know it's trendy and cool and the moment in one social group today that you know Polly. Embryos is its fine. Then people will just say that, because they don't want to risk being ostracised an outcast by their peers, so so help me out on one thing how did it become a luxury
to have some of these beliefs, for instance, all families are equal, really started at least the way. I see it, we either one of two ways. It either started as a minnow, deconstruction kind of postmodernism plan and was planted, do too? destroy our society or it came from a place to where nobody, wants to nobody, stir, Harmon or say things that makes the single mom You know where the mixed family feel bad and so you're like now, you know, and you have a good. You have a good marriage and you have a in our you. Have a good family in your family is mixed in, so that's fine whatever, but we we can't seem to find it within ourselves to actually go the extra step and say
nothing to do with you, but if there is a choice, its best the family stays together. I know this first Amadou, more sky and from First, marriage. I have two children. It would have. And a lot better for them. If mom and dad we're still together their life, dramatic equally change their scars and everything else, which is normal. That doesn't make me bad guy or be no mom. A bad guy had person. It's just that happens sometimes, but we should be able to say yes, but that's the goal to get here, How can we dont say that how combat how come? Why is that gone. Yeah, well I mean I, I think that the first reason you, u positive there about you now for a post, modern deconstruction. I think that that that's
damn balk at I'm sort of displaying ones, intelligent and education. You know you certainly learn an idea like that in ITALY, University or at college. Right I mean in ordinary people. Aren't you their days reading about you know very dark or something like that and and again second reason he said you know that this idea, like you know, we don't want to- I don't wanna, make people feel bad. We don't want to judge people. I think there's this belief that in another their downtrodden in and we shouldn't make others feel bad? We shouldn't you know, sort of elevate ourselves, above them by telling them that certainty in certain behaviors lead to better outcomes than others On the one hand, it makes us feel good to have these do no sort of fancy beliefs about was modernism, and we also, I want to make others feel bad about their lifestyle. Choices luxury belief would be the one that may be
comes from you, understanding, Post modernism, an understanding or is it Instead, the level of aid don't wanna be ostracised- and this is what my peers are saying, because they went to college and were indoctrinate with this crap. I think both of those are are in a sort of key components of. Of luxury believed and in the way that luxury believes impose costs on others to know. First, you know: they're, the expression of life believes, require in a learning that sort of complicated vocabulary and then? You know. On the other hand, the luxury believe us, doesn't matter. You know things exactly the same. I dont want to judge and yeah. I think that there is a sort of both of those components at work here, so that the outcome is that the person expressing this belief is raising them. That is also, you know. Intentional you're not reading harm verve, where people below them, you
point. Something out that I think is so good in this. You talk about the Religion is irrational, are harmful. Members of the upper class are likely to be atheist or non religious. They have resources in access to thrive without a unifying social edifice of religion to tell me why the upper classes different than the lower class in this house about a year and Vertical Yeah, I mean yeah. A lot of members of the upper class seem to have a sort of passed, a attitude towards religion that you know there is there non religious or you know, atheist or agnostic, and be sort of approach, religion. The actual standpoint, but they also have you know in their own lives, the upper classes tend to have resources and social connections to thrive. Ouch having to rely on their neighbours. Or their community sort of people who
go around them and I think religions sort of provides that unifying social out of it so that people can come together. A reason to to care for one another, and I can yeah downgrading the importance of religion doesn't really harm the rich very much. You think it harms the poor, no lack of religion can give rise to sort of meaninglessness and killings of despair. Well, whereas the rich they already have those resources, they already have the access and oftentimes they find their meaning your traveling, the world or through unusual Hobbes or or even they were, as you point out, even their profession, they might have. Profession, but most people have a job and there is a huge difference rights exactly I only have about forty seconds left. Can you can you just tell me? Where are we in this trend? I mean you know. Ashen clothing goes out a style. We are we.
Beginning this middle of this. Where are we yes? But that's interesting? I think that dumb one one sign and that we may be shifting trends here is the popularity of this article. Doubt, and I think that a lot of things that I point out that article you used to be known as well. Conventional wisdom. Me know what your parent family is get brigades correct I sure when that became buyer and adapting to stay but a lot of people now you are pregnant with it and agree with it, and I think we may be slowly turning the tide such that a lot of people are coming around back to these more you know, sort of typical conventional believes. They don't feel the need to you know. Sort of job on the bandwagon is further for the latest GINO bizarre luxury belief I hope that you are right, Rob Henderson! Thank you so much
she had the best of AIDS and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning with, and that is the news and why it matters. If you like the show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us they all get together at the end of the day and just talked about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters now, wherever you download your favorite podcast, the man who previously worked at the Associated Press, the Washington Post the Washington Times he is an award winning investigative journalist and now the The key to vice president at the hill is name is John Solomon. He is somebody who actually is looking for the truth, and I appreciate his work and his
willingness to come on. The on the programme. Welcome How are you going? I don't want to be with you go and yet so tat me. I wanted to talk about a couple of things. First of all, The FBI seems to be investigating the Clinton's again where That is a good question. The FBI should be investigating the curtains again based on the fact that there was a discovery of some highly classified evidence that the FBI never examined as part of its content e mail, server investigation, its remarkable were three years past Because of that investigation at the very controversial close down case. James call me remember: all things are one arm of area. We now we learn three years later that there is highly classified pile of documents variant. Information and information that the agents working the case themselves said was going to be important to look
before they made a determination, Hillary Clinton whose culpability and they never looked at it, but the other way somebody would allow them to look at that evidence in so three years later, thanks to some letters between Senator gradually centres, grasping Johnson and the inspector general of the Justice Department, Michael Horwitz, we learned of the existence of these documents and the fact that the FBI I looked at him in an what's frustrating. Is those senators can't get an answer from the Justice Department in FBI's, the bar trumped Justice Department has not answered the senators about one, can take a look at this evidence. Why do you suppose it's happening? It's a room couple thing the inertia inside bureaucracy right, and so there is something these documents. It must be remarkably sensitive and perhaps may may cause pressure questions to reopen the case. And that it does not appear the F B. I wants to go down that path, but it isn't fair to us in America and it is an equal justice system. If you don't come,
the job you started, we gave Missus Carleton they passed during the twenty, If you know action, even though there was broad evidence, be transmitted highly classified information on a private server, she did not get prosecuted. And then we find out that a key piece of evidence was unexamined. That always makes especially from the american public, so John It's not. I'm not is concerned about the investigation in the Clinton's because you think I know what I think what a higher than I am. Really concerned that We should be investigating the entire justice department. I I think that everybody in the FBI is dirty. I don't think everybody in the Justice Department is dirty. There are people up. Currently that are dirty and we'll move things for political reasons, and that is it's, not America, once we lose trust in our. Justice system we become, you know me
sick, our Haiti or whatever, right now? so in Cairo and we always expect that were whether Eared democratic a black and white or black. Living cannot again or live in Florida. We're all gonna beat do the same when the Justice Department looks at us and over the last few years we have seen a really strong body evidence that people got treated differently. Basin their political connections or their political affiliation, and that trouble the everyday American I go out when I'm on about travelling in the real world. People come up the insane. I feel like yours to justice systems one today, for the Democrats in every country, on the other, for Republicans in every a common man, and I think that perception is deeply troubling M M and really cuts at the roots of our our great democracy, and I think bar has an enormous opportunity to fix the Justice Department, but the people that are so good at
ninety nine percent of them are amazing agents and investigators and lawyers get the one percent out and get this house put back in order that we can trust the illegal, do you believe Bill bar? Is that guy, I think, he certainly has the credentials to do it. He has shown early on in the rush investigation, to talk candidly and honestly and not use the euphemisms and the bureaucratic barn that we heard earlier people use and that job the real question will come. How will he really identify the false? Will he really punish people? Will there be real criminal prosecution and The next three months are telling point we're going to learn from the inspector general just how bad the Russia via was we're going to and from John Durham just how much spying went on a political campaign and then it will be an bill bars corner to decide who does he? How does he punished them? How does he fixes? How does he make sure
never happens to another presidential candidate or another American ever again. What does your gut tell you My god tells me there will be a lot of shaming we are really honest. Accounting like we got after nine eleven. If you remember all the mistakes of the F B, I made failing to connect the dots before nine eleven they'll be alive. Of shaming a lot of honest discussion about what was wrong. No more, these euphemisms and spin jobs that we ve gotten from the Justice Department FBI. I think the threshold for prosecuting a former FBI agent or an f b. I just department official is very high in this because of the natural inertia in the Justice Department. Another gets right, but I do think that if it exists, well we'll find out why you know well whether the Justice Department serious if they carry out some prosecutions. We know for fifteen months now Andy Mackay, I've been sitting there identified having conducted, created or committed criminality.
Clearly lie just light weight. You might find you fight with Tears Papadopoulos in fifteen month. He hasn't charge despite to Trump Attorney general's. So when you look at that case, you have to wonder are they going to do it now? The statute of limitations is coming up on that and it's gonna be judgment. Time she went away. Any Mackay gets indicted for lying. Just like the other people in the Russia tasted, then I think people will feel just It was done if he walks. The discontinuing question of to justice, department or two systems of justice is going to persist, and I don't think it's just one for the Republicans and one for the life of the debt. Kurtz. I think it is one for the privileged and then for the rest of everybody else. On a very good point, John too, dream of the article that you wrote a few days ago, the ten, declassified russian collusion revelations. They could rock Washington. This fall yet
behind the scenes there's been, an apparatus at the president has been building as an unveiled it yet, but it's gonna be a special off it's going to declassify and give us too visibility into what really went on in the Russia case from from the beginning origins, all the way back to March, when George Papadopoulos first met with an act, Dynamic in Rome all the way, through The end of the Mulder report on hold on hold on hold on shore. Is this a real office, or this a political office. This is a real office volcano to be empowered with the power the presidency and it's gonna fulfil the very public statement at Donald Trump may that he was going to decline, The five this information. I think a lot of people thought when he gave the classification authority to bar the bar was gonna. Do this sort of public relations reclassification, explain all the documents he gave that the power to bars that he could do is investigation CIA F B. I did want to give up something. He had the power to go, get it declassified, look at it or share with prospects.
There's an FBI agents working at the gates, but for the public, the president We ve had a different idea in mind. Somebody that could tell a story, explain it all in Layman's terms, help us understand what happened, so it never happens again. That office is being set up and I would begin to believe that a MID September Ford or Going to see the documents be declassify that we ve been waiting for for more than two years. I picked my ten favorite that no from all the investigators I've talked. You are the most transformational agenda and they range from statements that George Papadopoulos in Khartoum it made the FBI informants or on tape with clearly expressing their innocence, and that was not provided to the final report too. Do you really basic information like what what was in the face of what was excluded in the fact that we still don't know it was an all those reductive pages? There is a never gonna amount of very important information that will really rank a Washington in the fall when these documents get caught,
I'll give you one fund, one, it cottages teases. Imagination. The house investigators did the House Intelligence review. They had. Fifty three interviews are really key people most of the main players in the investigation there's. A revelation in one of those interviews at the Democratic National Committee was in touch with the CIA and you have to ask yourself the CIA as no responsibility and domestic soil they d and sees a poetic organ patient. Why were these two organisations talking and I think when we get, that answer will see just how big a dirty political trick, The rush appropriately was holy. Cow are equal one more question I had somebody a very well known, big business person who, but to me and said, Gland Patrick Burn is out of his mind in saying- and I know Patrick he is, is different e thinks differently easily rotarian, but I I think, he's dishonest.
Have you looked into this stuff with Patrick or any more? What do you think? I am a lot, supporting over the weekend after his CNN interview. So what I ve learned is that the original material that might. I urge colleagues to regard a fantastic journalists, were the best of the country reports, early on about Patchett Bird, is spot on those are accurate facts and not her story line is the accurate storyline. What burned it didn't do with the FBI? What was going on there was some soft operate. And going on now how much he initiated versus the FBI. Control them is in dispute, but I believe the Justice Department, Lord, who interviewed burn a few months back, found him credible and that its time match the other time minds of things of their finding in the ongoing investigation. I think is more recent comments. What I've been? told by people who are in the know of the evidence. His more recent comments, spinning a more elaborate conspiracy of multiple people, the FBI controlling him. I dont think those are gonna pan out with the fact, but
I do believe there was contract in exchange of information and the the I might have been using him as a soft way of probing this Trump Russia. Illusion fairy which, of course, has fallen apart very clearly before our eyes, but I think it's, those of us the revelations were gonna get these documents in the fall. There were multiple efforts to pray monitor spy in the truck campaign and we don't know them all. We think we do, but we don't. I don't think we know seventy What really want ominous investigation get this far? we'll be that opportunity for accounting boy. Oh boy, I mean There is real. If, if people are really looking for the truth, and it is half of what I think it might be We have a we have of A government or a justice department that is really out of control, not all of them just some theirs. Strain in there, that is really out of control.
Agree. I talked to the senior Justice Department official, who has been in a game that non partisan, better job twenty thirty years, and he said things that he seen have shocked his conscience and he said thought I saw everything in my thirty years. I think people are beginning to realise it was a political operation conducted under the authority of the US intelligence community, something we never envisioned as America but happen, and we have two x it get it out. There punish the bad guys and then it won't happen again. I think I think that's the right recipe for solving what happened here. I think so too, but I have a different man than I was twenty years ago. I wonder I wonder if anyone really will be punished I am concerned. Why wait and see the Abbe up? I think that the real legitimate concern, John Solomon, thank you so much executive vice president of the hill, and thank you we backed by the blaze radio network on demand
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