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Best of the Program | Guests: Eric Bolling & Phil Robertson | 12/3/18

2018-12-03 | 🔗
12/3/18 | Best of The Program - Good-by to a Good Man? - From, Many, One? - It's Starting to Come Together? (w/ Eric Bolling) - The Premise of the Coming Insurrection? - 'In the Woods with Phil Robertson' - Curtains for The Clintons? 

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The blaze radio network on Demand- hey the podcast, it's Monday, and that's quite an amazing Monday at that. If you haven't heard the blaze, tv and c r t v have merged. We are now ladies tv dot com and we are thrilled thrilled that we are able now just all come together and BR elves and be one of the biggest conservative outlets. Now in the nation, you can about see for yourself, blazetv dot com, slash back! If you want scribe to he dollars off your annual subscription right now, if you use the promo code back Christmas, so do it on today's podcast. We stop by and talk with Eric Bolling about the President about what,
in with China and the G20, but also some real big wins on the border. Also, some sad news about Dick's sporting goods. Oh my gosh! I I had a hard time choking back tears for their sad news at also the riots in France and so much more all on today's podcast. It's Monday December. Third, let me tell you a little bit about brick house. This is field greens now field greens
is a full serving of real certified, Vegan Vegetarian and USDA organic fruits and vegetables. Now it has all the antioxidants in it has everything it's like drinking a salad, except it doesn't taste like drinking a salad. You don't ever have to have your greens, your vegetables, your salad. Ever again, quite honestly, now I don't know if anybody really recommends that, but that's what it's all about, get your wife off your back. I'm just saying I don't have to eat them. Its field of greens, brick house, gland, dot com, go to brick House, Glenn, DOT, com, use the promo code gland and get fifteen percent off your first order. Again. It's brick house Glenn, dot com, a better you a better tomorrow, now Brick house, land, dot com, America's forty. First president, George H W Bush Bush died Friday evening. He was ninety four.
Bush senior been called one of the most successful one term. Presidents in USA, history. Now that's a little of a backhand compliment, maybe, but it's probably who cold war ended on his watch. Berlin Wall fell on his watch. Soviet union dissolved, Bush navigated. The choppy waters of the massive reshuffling of the world order and he called for a new world order, which I always thought was a little spooky, but we're going to move on. He sign treaties with Gorbachev, mandating historic reductions in nuclear and chemical weapons in nineteen. Ninety he put together a twenty eight nation coalition that expelled autumn. The troops from Kuwait, the American a ground war in Iraq lasted for days, and I never forget
hearing him say the war is over we're coming home. Americans, usually like their presidents, you a lot more once they left office, and this is especially true of both of the bush. Following eight years of the great communicator Ronald Reagan, Americans found George Bush kind of bland. He was accused of being out of touch. Having no domestic agenda is the economy slumped midway through his presidency, He didn't exactly send thrills up the legs of conservatives. He was the guy was pushing for ideal, go agendas that were not necessarily, I mean read my lips, no new taxes and yet. America came to miss the sense of calm and normalcy that he brought to the White House. George Hw Bush is four years in office where the calm before the partisan storm. Yes, his presidency marked the end of an era. He was
last president that served in world WAR two by the time that two election rolled around the shifting the wind seemed to catch Bush by surprise, a telling sign that he didn't appreciate the rising cool factor of is ninety. Two challenger Bill Clinton came at one of the debates when Bush seemed bored and it was one point even checked his watch like good Lord. How long is this going to go on is it was? It was as if America was checking its watch and realized after twelve straight years of Republicans in the White House. Maybe it was time to give this young guy from Arkansas a chain it's by today's standards. Bush was way over qualified to be president. He had been a congressman from Texas ambassador to the to the UN chairman of the Rnc? U
envoy, to China, director of the CIA and vice president under Ronald Reagan and despite his accomplishments, he declined to write. The traditional presidential or because he thought it would be too unseemly to write about himself. I met George H W Bush couple of times. I really liked him he's a good and decent man. Calm and sincere genuine modesty seems kind of like a throwback now, doesn't it and it it makes you wonder with his passing. Are we ever going to see a president like that again, he wasn't perfect, he wasn't a saint, but he was a gentleman. He loved his country and he served it well
at the end of his first year as President Bush wrote in his diary, I'm certainly not seen as a visionary, but I hope I am seen as a steady and prudent and able man today perhaps is a good day to recognize how sometimes we just don't appreciate how good we have it until it's gone it's Monday December. Third, this is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to the program we're glad you're here, Stew is joining us. He is gracing us with his presence for just a little while she's got a hop a plane and get to Philadelphia to take his son to another losing game
with the eagle other he's only been to one game and he's one for one right: the Eagles have won the super bowl in all the games. He's been to an one on one in one will be good tonight, a good lesson to learn. We may hurt his percentages tonight. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm not supposed to be on vacation this week, but there's been the phone I've known and there has been I was reading. I was reading the internet a little bit. He was very, very difficult me to to not say anything last week when I was standing in line so many people that are better at our stage show to so many people came up and said you know you guys just have to get together. You guys should get together with C r tv. So we took that at heart and we did that. I was in one of the meet and greet lines in Tampa. A woman talked, I swear. She said exactly what one of have I like how we should try almost want to go back to it. Yeah we got your took your advice and just decided to do it right, while most were sleeping and I've been telling you for awhile just
with we have some exciting things happening this year. While most of us were sleeping, our developers were up very late for the last really few weeks. They I've been launching our website, theblaze dot com, and you can see if you look at it, it pretty massive transformation. It is it's just the beginning. This was just the technical changes that were making to things we've been working on this for months and months and months, but something and to us along the way we wanted our website and our what's called t t subscription site. So, if you subscribe, I wanted to to clear in? I wanted it to quite honestly, I wanted it to be a lot simpler because it's impossible to navigate. It's been riddled with bugs for a long time, and so we have we've spent a long time trying to find the right partners to be
do this, for us get rid of all the bugs, and can we just make it work like ham on or Netflix, so you can find a show and it's easy. The answer is yes and we launched that today, but there's something else. We have a, we are so grateful and so blessed to finally be able to come together. Crtv R has we have been partnering on a few things here recently and it just finally has made sense for everybody just to come together and we have officially merged c r t v and the blaze. The blaze dot com is now please media and the blaze tv dot com. All your news will be found at the blaze dot com still,
but you now, if you've been a subscriber, your value of your subscription just went up on awful lot overnight, yeah. So if you are a subscriber to either one for the same price that you're paying now you get all the shows of The blaze and see yes, so dozens and dozens of shows really great conservative commentators. You know a lot of people that are You know, love to be smarter, live in Stephen Crowder, Eric Bolling yeah, Michelle Malkin, Graham Allen, Phil Robertson, Andrew will cow is back down. Gavin Mcginnis, Matt Kibbe Awesome, the Rome Millennial did in Barelli Kevin Freeman, Rick and Bubba Curt Schilling, who else Ben Ferguson did you say Stucky Steve days I mean they're sold their home and we can go to a movie honestly sit here all day and and listed there. So many so many great ones. So
you have you, have everything from c r t v and everything from the blaze all now under blaze, tv dot com and we are thrilled now this will change the line up on television. If you happen to watch this on television, because we have access to all these great shows that will be discussed after the first of the year. But what you need to know is, if you're, a subscriber already you do have to go in. Just like you, really do put in your email and and you're going to have to change your password. I'm sorry, we tried everything we could so you didn't have to change your password, but you do have to change your password and you'll be able to log on and get all of it. So just poke around get your two week free trial and just poke around by the way. If you haven't subscribed to us, please do. You will notice that I have not done a big subscription drive in quite some time, and I
I've said because I'm not proud of it and when I'm proud of it, when we have the new website- and we have everything done and I'm proud of it, they I will ask people hey, give us a shot. I want you to give us poke around now and if you go to blazetv dot com, you can try it out these dot com. Slash back! If you try it out make sure you use the promo code Beck Christmas Beck Christmas because give you twenty dollars off your annual subscription and that's quite a distance discount. We want everybody come on in and notice what we're doing- and this is coming a I mean it is now a real.
Conservative destination, it's not just you're, not paying for just one guy or a couple of guys. You have now some of the biggest names in the industry all coming together and we are not finished yet we're thrilled. It's really cool, I think, there's a huge value for one who's already subscribing or who's thinking about maybe subscribing to one of the other. Now you get both for the same price as one I mean it's I to me it's it's a no brainer on that from that perspective, but in addition that you know you said that, like it is one of the most common questions we have had, probably in the last decade of like you guys all are all doing your own things and it's great, and I understand that. But wouldn't it be great if you could all come together and we don't have to pay for nine different services here, I'm thing where everybody in the same place, everybody kind of it, has the same basic values right the constitution, the bill of rights, but I think what's interesting here is the real diversity of the
right is on display. Here you have people who were gonna. There should be a lot of disagreement. I think between host, which is, I think, great and healthy, and it represents every pretty much everything from your libertarian to Republican, to super truck fan to people who don't like Trump, so much that whole aspect on the right is referee in in here, and you need this many people to kind of get all those will. I will tell you this: it's refreshing, because if you go someplace else, they especially in the mainstream media, is you all have to walk in lock, step yeah, you walk in lock step and you do what the boss man says. There is no boss, man. Here there is no boss, man, you know it, you do what you do. That's it, and so you know these mark. Levin is not going to be talking to me about my show and I'm not going to be talking to him about his show and neither of us
to be talking to Steven Crowder. Everybody does their own thing. Do you believe in the constitution, the United States do America are you a America, America you want to it destroyed. No, do you want to change the constitution? No urine, so we're not, I gave you the Linda Sarsour Show note hell in or it is. It is unashamedly conservative constitutionalist and that runs the whole spectrum, but you gotta love America. You don't want to see it destroyed, and if you believe in the constitution, I know it's a really hi. This is not be a hurdle. Anyone has a difficulty clearing, but no they do in this world so join us now at the blaze, tv dot com- and I want to thank you for subscribing to the blaze for so long and being so supportive over. The years- and you know
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mobile dot, com, slash blaze or one. Eight hundred the patriot is the place to go beginning today. Right now, the blaze and c r t v have come together and we have joined our voices into what is called blue these media. So if your subscriber of c r now get everything else that we had, if you're a subscriber the blaze I'll get everything that c r has and we're coming together, one banner called Blaze TV and we are thrilled, really truly thrilled to be joined by some of the best voices. But I just I want you to know what media is. Media is a is a collection of voices that answer to themselves, they're all independent thinker, and it is a what I hope to be an ever growing platform for the entire spectrum on American right now. It's important that people
stand with the american right is. The hurricane right is based on the sanctity, the power and the dignity of the individual and a rejection. The socialist collective that is found in the American left and the European right, that's who's coming together and we're thrilled, and one of my old comrades when I was at Fox Bowling, is joining us now. How you doing Eric Good Morning, Glenda great to be back with you, I woke up, but why he got some news. I see my phone was popping like oh wow, ok, so you were by the way. Thank you very much and congratulations to you as well. The when you were in town. I don't know a few weeks ago you sat down and you said Clinton we just have to get together. All of us just have to come together at it, took everything I always put my tongue in half to not tell you
we're we're going to go to. I know that it was. You know I I I visited your studio on. It's just me during that you know the location all that going on and it's it's just struck me. That is if we could combine forces, you know who knows. Maybe other people join us as well yeah. What we think will be the go to place for conservative, talk onto and and all of the media ways yeah. I agree so Eric. First of all, thank you for coming on today and thanks for joining we're. Gonna talk to a lot of the hosts firm, the what was see our tv now blaze TV, the this week and we're thrilled to have you on and your podcast we're cutting into a show to that'll air. I think on Thursday, at five o'clock, but I wanted to talk to a little bit about Donald Trump and the border and also his g twenty summit. So can we start with a border? I I I read a
several stories today about how the the people on the border are. Turning back, the Mexicans have with it's. I think it's an eighty percent disapproval rating of these people who broke into their country and tried to get hours, it's really turned sour. It's turn nasty down there and their starting to go back. It looks like it may be, may be. It looks like it's beginning to be over, which I think is a gigantic win for America and a gigantic win for Don trump. You know go, and I remember we leading up to the election and and determine making its way, and we all knew on the right that this is clearly going to be a test to find out how successful they were, because if this caravan made it through there be, you know care about two three and four way behind it and then you know ultimately
should be a freeway. So we we do in the right in the left. Media was saying: oh, but there's still one thousand miles away or they're still, you know twenty days away, it'll be past the election and had nothing to do with the election. They were being really ridiculous. I remember Stelter going on saying anyone who talks about the caravan should put a map up and show us where they are and I said the stop there on twitter. I so you're out of your mind about where the arts with the, but they intend to do once they get here now, take a little bit of their their deflection. Well yup. Thank God, what's wrong, it's doing what you did at the border saying they're not coming across not coming over now there's a video circulated. Well, I can't remember the group that it was at that that
at least if you want and the walk up and down it was either ARI Horowitz. Who was? It was big. It was epic times that too okay and they don't literally when it was a three minute. Video and you do not see a woman or child in this video at all, yet Reuters she's the one picture of a tear gas canister flying past the woman holding two kids in diapers you're kidding diapers, and that was their symbol. Instead, what we're? What was really going on? This is a male young male dominated caravan. Those looking for financial sign, not political, sound. We talked about this ad nauseum, but here's the Good NEWS. The good news is, as it dissipates the rest of Central America. So Wall basically said don't from means good at the border. She don't trying come through here, don't try to come to our borders as a way to infiltrate the United States for better economic conditions. That is the message that I got these these. The the enter that I saw today the interview of the people who came up in this quote unquote caravan by the
a we should ask Brian Stelter and everyone else. Yes, they were so far away. How did they get the border so quickly aid for those buses, something that we know, but they will never I'm not even saying because you're racist, if you say I'm sorry, anti semite? Yes, I know yes, I know on on on the phone and the guys in the shadows, so the message that I'm seeing in print today are the messages that say. Basically you were told this was going to be easy. We were told that America would accept us. We were told just come and that was a lie that message going back into even Mexico and Central and South America is real. The important because stop people who want to exploit
those who really do have troubles even economic it'll. Stop that people say that's not even true. Don't was those guys, but it also sends a message that for the first time I think we may, since Eisenhower, we are serious about the border. I think you're. Right and then we we forget that there are a lot of republican presidents that were offering should be announced, forms an amnesty for people who made it here. Reagan again, we actually join. George Bush was never really rough on the border and when you write one hundred percent, but if this because the you know the litmus test became or the or the judge has to do that, you can know whether or not people work would be offered a better economic lifestyle here in America and then there's a billion people. That would be here the end that that never could have been the reason. But the fact is it and again we
talk about this a hundred times, but you know they show their hand to care about when they didn't stop in Mexico, because they were no longer in fear of their lives, they will let their own country and they're actually given an opportunity to to at least make their case in Mexico. They don't want that. They didn't stop there. They need to get our borders and hear from our you know the other end of the tear gas canister. So I, yes, it's not racist. We use that to control crowds right here in the United States against anyone within without what you know with with without any sort of bias, and also all these other lucky to say what they if they were, instructed used tear gas because trunks. So you must be a racist again against Latin Americans or Latinos Hispanics that step and say that in in a city that is the key to control crowds. Well, I I will just say this for anybody who might have said that they should look at history because for years, prior to the day, four years prior to the tear gas canister, there was
another uprising at the border at the same location under Barack Obama, tear gas was launched, also pepper, balls and tasers. So my think Donald Trump was restrained and the other staff that everyone should know is that under Barack Obama, tear gas was launched, one thousand six hundred times to stop people from coming over the borders when it comes to when it comes to Donald Trump, Eric talking to Eric Bowling host of Erica, which has Eric right in it. I don't know we are going out there yeah, that's right, so Eric Bolling, who is from C r t v, which is now part of blaze, Tv Erica. I call balls and strikes on Donald Trump, some,
say I like some things. I don't like, for instance, the border really good. I got to give him credit on the Jim Acosta thing when the Jim Acosta thing happened. You know, I think Donald Trump is a hot head and says a lot of things that is like. Okay, that wasn't necessary might feel good might be funny, not necessary, not helpful. But when it came to Jim Acosta, I watch that exchange and I saw a restrained president. He was like well thank you for inform Well, you and I have a disagreement on this, but after the dust all settled, there was no one in the media that played, except for the right media that played the audio of Jim Acosta everything he said to the president. During
exchange was wrong was proven wrong once they got to the border. How well? How do you like? It is now possible to keep buying them all construction? The present are that's what american journalism is about. You actually should be doing what you're doing and and I'm right I disagree. If you are a lot of them, I think his gruff miss or his holder at times yeah, you know for it, especially in the in the president's off.
It annoys a lot of people and I think that's what got him elected. I don't think we have like well. I agree with that concerted conservative in the White House, unless it was someone different, I don't think JEB Bush would have made amounting to beat her up in TED Cruz, should be healthy. There's anyone on that stage in the republican side. That would be Hillary Clinton, except for someone new like Donald Trump, so you gotta take some of the bad with the good. As far as had Costco thing, this is important. I think no ones really touched on this, but that was handled so well, and I will tell you why that happened. Bill shine, it was only about five or six months into the job when, when this, this kind of heated up with CNN in the cost that was handled the way it was because it will shine. There was certain amount of presidential restraints in that hole in, of course, and look at it came out very well at the end, but Costco is was sat down back into his high chair in the front rd of the briefing room, Sarah Sanders field. These questions civility returned to the briefing room because of
chinese pride, the best influence on President Trump I've ever seen. I think this guy's going to be. I personally think now now you know, let's be honest, he's a friend of mine, I've known for fifteen Chine fifteen years, a long as I've known, Donald Trump, and I think doctor, I think Donald Trump will be well well sure the american people be well served if shining were to rise to the ranks of chief of staff at some point, but I think you saw that media interaction with costs that toned down or or at the you know, the bomb diffuse, because bill shines influence on so that I think that's where that was added, and yet you book, but it wasn't, that cost was wrong in that instance, always long. They just they're just need picking the president to pieces just whatever he says, although the
wait and no better evidence than if you go back over history in video, you can see you can see Bill Clinton saying we should be closing our borders down using your barackobama saying we should close our borders. Are you needing Nancy Pelosi saying we should take no more illegal? So I mean it's just it wasn't? It wasn't a policy issue, it was Donald Trump and they need to go the other way. Ling friend, that we work together at Fox NEWS and he's left Fox, join C r, T v and now see our tv has merged with the blaze and is the blaze tv dot com Eric. You know the one that you and I agree fundamentally on terrorists that they are bad your case, as I understand it, has banned the he's doing these terrorists as a negotiation ploy it. It looks like there was some good news coming from China, China, so
Gonna drop the tariff on our cars, which will help an awful lot, but they haven't reached an agreement. Yet what are your? What are your thoughts on the terrace? I think in a night. The reason? Why does this? Because I've spoken to dollars from about it like when it when it first, you know the that retaliatory terrorist when he first announced some retaliatory tariffs against the European Union, again, Mexico against Canada in a threatened to blow up math, which she did I was I spoke to what's so, what's the plan here, and he literally said this- I don't want higher in for and for you and eyeglasses. As you know, your true libertarian, I might cause them Turbo Terry, and I would hate tired, higher taxes, tariffs on anything higher fees on anything you know get now the way uhm, so I hated it. So when I spoke to him, I said: what's this all about it, he literally
this is about getting them to reduce. There is if they reduce errors, will reduce ours, and you know we talked about in the left to say our now. This is just a way of raising money. It wasn't and end at, as evidenced by look would have first will be. He read renegotiate NAFTA to better deal for United States. Next, with the E. U European Union said yeah, we have to play ball with them, we'll record there in goshen asian process of the terror structure and now try. This is a sticky I don't. I was at a ninety day moratorium, we'll figure out from there he's winning the trade war. You know why he's winning the trade war, because we're still the strongest find me in the world where the biggest customer being to the world to China, to the European Union to the rest of the world. We need a customer. You have leverage, he had, never as an american people as a president used leverage of being the biggest customer in the world, get a better deal. Finally, now trump comes along and uses the
and will reduce both sides of the terrapins incoming and outgoing. If they do, this is brilliant and I'm glad he's holding all these countries speak to the fire. We will have a three year won't treat system if this goes through, and I think you look, I could say all evidence is that they are going to work Eric. What time is your show post everyday? We posted five hundred pm eastern on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every day. I have a question for you Glen to be the company picnic on the toggle war. Yes, I will be real event of Crowder Purple Robertson. You know, Allie Stuckey is amazing, she's, so strong too, and Michelle out most have her. Let you know by barking orders at us, yelling who do you have in your sights like Glenn Beck is like the being able to not at the end of the open, the tug of war gonna be holding that we're just going to pull your right over the line. We only need one, we have Jeffy and he's an anchor, and that's that's all
because that happen believe me Eric, I'm always the guy. When it comes to these things, I'm always the guy who's like oh crap. Ok will take back, so I get it Eric bowling thanks. So much God bless. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program, and we really want to thank you for listening Phil Robertson, who does a show called into the woods with Phil Robertson, from duck dynasty, fame.
Is now a part of the blaze tv. It was CR tv and it's being folded into the blaze as we merge together an announcement that came late late last night, but here's what he said on his show into the woods they'll see that no through traffic, you say: what do you call that you called out of gate? It's a wall, it's a barrier. We welcome visitors, but we ascertain whether they're going to be personally with us or not. If there with us, I like it and you can come in, add determined who comes, who goes sure like immigration, kinda kinda, like that Phil Robertson, joins us now from into the woods hello Phil. How are you Phil? Are you there? Are you there Phil
I'm pear, how are you, sir, I'm doing well good to talk to you. You know, as I, as I hear this clip, I think, to Myself- can't believe that Americans actually or the place where they need what really be a first grade education on the importance of a wall in a gate we have to know who's coming and going just like. I do all my own private land hold your private land where our home? Is it it's so nation find out loud? We have to have borders and ever that's to get in line land. We need to know who's coming and going comments, script for crying out loud,
so, but tell me how you really feel free to fill seriously well, what update around the bushes and yeah you open up a thousand miles of open road between you and about the country you are asking for. A lot of trouble. What's happened to America is that we've lost a religion and because of that, we've lost our morality and because of that, we blow birch virtue and because of that, we're operating like children running around tearing up stuff waving signs. You know it's. We, repairing the what we have sold as of this God. Thank for about the last six years is a re creations of the hippies. So so Phil, you know it's it amazes, because we we're talking to people who do not have a plan of replacement. I'm in our for
is spent years researching and saying: okay, what worked? What didn't work in other places, and then they found these truths that they found self evident, which were all preached from the pulpit originally your. Hearing a plan to replace anything and what that actually looks like and how that works? It's just always a morph and the same thing. The said you just said: we've lost our God. We have a civilization, the western civilization that was built around the images of two men Moses, and Jesus the lawgiver and the lover and the those two men have always been held up as This is how we want to be fair, and this is how we want to be charitable and a and r icon was be more a Slike
is those are erased, who's replacing? What? What are we replacing it with we're, replacing it with the work of the evil? One? Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. This is the nation's six about Canon following it's not against flesh and blood. We are to put on the full armor of God, so we can take our stand against the devil's schemes, for our struggle is not against flesh and blood. It's really about the Europeans, the rule the problem, the ones running around hollering and this lawless man step. That's emerged from the evil, one we're wrestling against the rulers, the authorities, the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of all of the red rabbit.
You know we have. We have been told, but really almost since the dawn of time, that there would come a time where good would be evil and evil would be good and- and I don't think it's ever been more clear as it been more clear in your lifetime fill than it is right. Now it is cleared crypto with apostle. Paul wrote, Romans Becaus they. This is verse. Twenty eight thousand one hundred and twenty nine Sunday started not to retain the knowledge of God. He gives them over to a reprobate man. They become public awareness of evil tapping into the Phil. I don't know if you have, I don't know if you've moved, but we've your signal is break.
Horribly. Now we can't really understand you. Are you there? Can you move back to argue with? Are you there? What's your okay, we're we're will try to get him back on the line, get it get a clearer line from him. I died. I'd. Also I'd love to know if you ever met the bushes. No, because he's fills a simple guy. You know who has been now made famously wealthy and hasn't changed. I like it's practical break down, though, because it's really is you had a
This should be easy to understand. That place is clean. The clip again play the clip again. Listen to what he's talking here. Let's play the cup again you'll see that no through traffic, he said what he called that you called out of gate. It's a wall, it's a barrier. We welcome visitors, but we ascertain whether they're going to be personally with us or not. If they're with us know how, like it, ok stop now. Could this be done by high? It's elbow, she did. She finishes her gate and if I want you to come in open it I mean it's the same thing. I can't believe it's a society who actually have adults who don't have puppets on their hands
trying to explain this to other adults, it's not just immigration. I mean the things we're arguing over ITALY, this not just the all of it. It's all of it anyway. We're going quick break. Phil Robertson is now a part of the blaze tv. In case you haven't, heard blaze, tv he has merged. Now it's c r. We announced this late last night and if you go there right now at the blaze tv dot, com
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Mcginnis is a comedian. Man he's a comedian, he's a satirist he's a provocateur, but that's what he is he's a comedian and between him and Andrew Heaton and and Steven Crowder. The comedy chops of the blaze tv, just fantastic things- are heating up, become a part of it right now at blaze, tv dot, com, slash back of use the promo code back Christmas, you're gonna get twenty. Dollars off right now, back Christmas is the promo code. It blaze tv, DOT, com Phil is back real, quick, yeah, hey sorry about that, we do you're, just break it out. Thank They gave me a cell phone which I've never owned in my life. Now I've got a land. Mine may be out of work, yet let me ask you this fellow 'cause. We were just talking about how you're just
of common sense, it did the fame and fortune of duck dynasty. Did it ever challenge the the rock that you had built for your family or the your family stood on? Not one does not one time did I ever deviate from God becoming flat, two thousand and eighteen years ago, dying for our sins on the cross being buried and resurrected. So no, it didn't bother me the hatred only spurred me on more yes, one last thing: we lost George Hw Bush this weekend and I don't know if you ever had any dealings with him, but I was I was struck in the remembrance of him this weekend. How
I've lost this simple kindness that I think he really embodied. He was a simple god, fearing great virtuous American, no doubt about it. Phil, thank you so much you follow. You follow Phil at Duck Commander Pr Duck commander PR. Also now on the blaze, tv dot com.
This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. I happen to enjoy this a great deal. If I, if I may give a piece from the New York Times, the snow is falling lightly. My thoughts are racing darkly, I'm feeling something for in something I've never felt before it takes me a moment to identify it. I feeling sorry for the Clintons. This is actually at the deer. In the twenty seven years, I've covered bill and Hillary I've experienced
motions, they've dazzled me and they've discussed it may, but now they're mystifying me, I'm looking around in the Scotiabank as Scotia Rios Scotiabank Arena, the home of the Toronto mate Maple Leafs, and it's depressing. It's two for the price of one in half of the arena. The hockey rink is now half curtained off, but even with that, organizers are scrambling at the last minute to cordon off even more sections behind the thick black curtains. They say due to lack of sales. I paid one hundred and seventy seven dollars weeks in advance. I passed on the pricey meet and greet option. On the day of the event, some unsold tickets were slashed to ten dollars.
I get reassigned to another section: is the Clintons ADI's space space shrinks, but even with all the hurting, I'm still looking at large swaths of empty seats? I cringe at the thought that what what the Clintons Okay out in see it was only four years ago that Canadians were clamoring to buy tickets, to see the woman who seemed headed for history. It's sad to contrast with the sold out by awful book tour of Michelle Obama who's getting a lot more personnel will get a lot more personal for premium prices, but introspection has never been within the Clintons range. I can't say the more the Clintons, would make like aging rock stars and go on a tour of Canada and the this at the moment when the Democrats are hoping to break the stranglehold of their cloistered, leadership at what point at what point will they get to the point? This is not inspirational. It's not
for charity they're, not raising awareness about a cause like Al Gore with global warming. There only awareness about the Clintons, it can't be money have they spent all Goldman Gold yet do they want swim in their cash like Scrooge Mcduck again, this is the New York Times the Clintons ten copies were the of the Smithsonian they've hoovered more than two billion dollars in contributions to their campaigns foundation in philanthropy after the White House, the money grabbing raged on with the Clintons making over seven hundred speeches in a fifteen year period, blithely unconcerned with any appearance of avarice or shady special interest and foreign countries buying influence. They stockpiled a whopping two hundred and forty million dollars.
He's even leading up to your twenty sixteen presidential run. Hillary was packing in the speeches talking to the Institute of scrap recycling industries of the American Camp Association and Ebay, and there was that the infamous this, the tri factor of speeches for Goldman Sachs Worth six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars she they are, no one? No one coming to hear them talk now. Imagine if bill wasn't there how few people would actually go to these things and I can't imagine, paying any money to see the Clintons. What do you want to hear from them that we haven't already heard forever forever and the left is turning on them and I'm telling,
if you're on the right and you're laughing at people like Ocasio Cortez, even though it's very easy to laugh at a lot of things, says or Bernie Sanders. The left likewise laughed at Donald Trump they're like he'll, never be president they'll never be in power, but the left is starting to turn on the establishment they're going in a different direction. They're going on Nancy, Poulos E and she's held that one at Bay I don't know how she's holding them at bay, but she's, holding them at bay, but there they are turning on the establishment. This is this. Is the war of that the Democrats. Thought that they would have to fight. You know they thought all were going to use these people on the extreme left and we'll gain power and in will get the votes and we'll be able to contain them. No, they they have turned on you and the Clintons are no longer there to protect you, the blaze radio network on demand.
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