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Racist don't live in NYC and hang out with Jesse Jackson. Malcolm X was right about Liberals. USA Poll Insanity with Stu. Rebel Media's Ezra Levant joins to discuss Tommy Robinson & Censorship. One Base At A Time with author David Mellor. 

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Pod gas gives a great great episode. Today we were Lou, passionate I shouldn't about air sea and those squad. Taking on Donald Trump. We have a few things to say: even use the little Malcolm X, audio to economic. You feel a little bit better, also most racist, most races, president in history dorians of now deemed Donald Trump tied. Her first play place. Wait until you hear that story also, we had as relevant on talking about Tommy Robinson he's being well he's in jail now in prison. Actually we hear his story, it's one that you should pay attention course, don't I on Facebook because they I'll kick you off? If you do, I don't like that I'm somebody who believes, if somebody tells me not to do something, I'm gonna do it so
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he'll p apparently just is trying to elevate Eo C and make her in the face of the party while sure ok, maybe but I think it's really just a desire to make sure everybody knows who she is and know that the term Credit party is in mortal combat with people who think like her that's really what it is: she's the she is, the the quintessential take them, a scarf, I'm dying to tell you who I am. She is though she and her what do they call it? squad she, squad want you to know exactly what they want to do to this country and what they want due to this country is abandoned. The free market reverse the key Institution. Change us? Fundamentally now
guess. The g o p just wants to elevate eight o c, and that's the only reason why Donald Trump tweeted me Maybe you should leave if you don't like it leave. While that is that's racist, that's racist, you know! Is it or did possibly a the truth, and I, when I say the truth, meaning the way we the way we feel EL. The way people were so tired of place that were bad people, that white people are the problem, so tired of it people are the problem, I'm so tired of it who you know what, if you don't like it There are about a hundred and sixty nine other countries. You could go to right now. That's it's not America. Will
We don't leave things that we love. That was the quote. We don't leave things that we love. Tell me what you love about. It. I have not heard the things you love about it. It's not that Institution, it's not the free market, it's not our history Hell: it's not even half the people because half the people here are clearly racists, What is it that you love and by the way. Call me old fashioned, but you don't, fundamentally change the things you love a man. I bought this Picasso. I just love it its work. Wonderful. I just want to put the knows where the nose belongs. You don't love the Picasso dude.
We are a different place. We have a different system. We were Things out over time, it takes a long time to do it, but this country believes in the individual and theirs the problem, when some he says you know what the individual doesn't really get. It. That's when you have monsters like Andrew Jackson appear. That's when you have quite frankly, money stirs like Sdr. Who rounded people up them in concentration camps. Real ones american citizens. That was you. Progressive president for you now here's my real problem My real problem is with the press. The press is, has deemed Donald trumps statements, racist and deemed
him a racist. There is no, as they said, you know it, because Donald Trump apparently thinks that Some of the things that people in the squad have said were quote. Anti semitic or cool socialist. What why the quotes why the quotes Udall, want to claim what they are saying about: Jews, anti semitic. You can't read into their a at all, no you can't say when they say I'm a democratic socialist. You can't say They are socialists exactly what political did they, they actually said all they described how he was very racist. They said by the way none of the forest makers are socialists that yet Please edge there
you call or saying that right, we'll cut. Why? Because she's, a democratic socialist which is the difference between vanilla, ice cream and chocolate chip ice cream, but about ice cream Omar? I like it is it's absolutely incredible. And, by the way, look up what democratic socialist actually want dollar at it from a eight as somebody who is trying to cover it up. We'll go to the source to the democratic socialists and look at what they want Donald Trump has only saying this, because the G o p is is just quote, want to describe these people. As socialists, I am so sick of this. This is why Donald Trump is going to actually gain points from this. And we can. We can dance around the edges and go well should have set it chimney of have said it. We argue about
at all day long, why? I personally think this president I don't, I just don't believe the guy who was hanging out with Jesse Jackson, is a racist. Just don't believe the guy who lived in New York forever, have gone along with everybody is a racist They say stupid things yeah. Do I we think that these are racist? No, I don't you might have a different opinion on that music make a case button neither one of us know if it's true or not your reading into his motivation. Exactly right and what I read into this is shot up. That's what I read in. Until his comments shut up. I am so sick and tired of you guys, saying everything is bad in Amerika. If you don't like it leave No I've never liked that, because of
Unlike everything in Amerika, you don't have to like everything in America, but your truck to fundamentally transform it, and your you, in every single tactic- and you know what, if America cannot see who these people are once the masks come off your doomed America you're just doomed let let me play what I said. This is back in about two thousand nine. Two thousand eight, when I was a fox this is what I said would happen. The radicals reveal themselves they'll become unafraid I told you this and I believe I said this for something along the lines of look out because we'll be in trouble when the mask starts to come off. I told you: about a year ago that as it would
come unravelled. The radicals would start revealing themselves watch. I think these people are close. I think they tying to tell us what the real agenda is. I mean they're close to taking the mask off, got it so I was it. Things are at The breaking point Donald Trump has brought this to the breaking point. The democratic party is at the breaking point. It's going to be decided in the next year. Whether or not they become All radicals or the sleep average Democrat still has a party to go to their saying that Donald Trump is building unity.
With Nancy Pelosi and unity against Trump. Well, I have to tell you, I think it works both ways. I think he's. So building unity for Trump. For himself. They are socialists. I believe If based on their anti semitic, remarks they are also anti Semites Bay on all of their quotes about white people, I believe they are also racists, but I No, but I Do you know they want to destroy the free market? They want to reverse the bill of rights and make it into charter of negative liberties, I'm sorry, positive liberties. What the government must do You don't change the things that you love people, Who are sick of this bizarre, a world that we're living in? people are sick of this world that the media clay not to see this.
This world, where everything that you thank you, know, or new level, put it this way. You might have heard this of your long time listener people are so of a world where everything they thought was solid is liquid. Everything that it was up is down there. Sick, it and they know it they know it. They took masks off, because they ink therein, the majority, but I have news, for them they're. Not! Let me give you flash back. We surround them. It's the other way around we surround them. They have as co opted social media. They have co, opt in. The media giants and the new media giants, but not in the majority, the majority The Americans, no free health care for all.
Legal aliens is insane people, people know instinctively, that you may want more immigrants, less immigrants whatever, but we now you need to know who, coming in the vast me Forty of people know that the vast majority The people do not dismiss Emma's thirteen, they dont look at these as good people or p. Who have just gone astray. They know who Emma set. Thirteen is anything if they don't all they have to do. Is could the local headlines of their paper. In allay today, twenty two people are on trial from Amis? Thirteen? Why are they? on trial, lots of reasons, Canada, one that stands out is they were be heading people and hacking, people too, as with machetes. I don't
That sounds like something: maybe we don't want on the streets of Amerika and by the way, It's not just me saying this eminent for a minute I'm going come back with, show you that people Are now saying this. I'll also show you that what the has been said is is going to resonate with a lot of people. I don't like the way he said it per se, but I got news for you. He's speaking what millions millions of Americans are feeling what this American is feeling. And it's going to work to his advantage, because it's based in truth, the best of a bad that programme,
its Glenn, and if you like, would hear on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his pot gases available. Where ever you download your favorite pike ass. I think we kind of stumbled onto something here with them. Talking about the I'm set wherein right now. I sense the end me, and that could in ten years, but I dont mean that an I don't mean, in a bad way. I mean that we are at a pivot point right now and we ve seen it before we ve seen it before you have that Malcolm X audio? Let me is Malcolm X, audio he's talking about Very Goldwater and I'm not sure he likes bearing cold water, an awful lot. But he also doesn't like liberals Now. Listen. What Malcolm X said: go on becomes President one thing his presence in, I now we'll do it will make black people have the face of the facts. Probably for the first time.
In many many years, and this in itself is good. This will have a tendency to make the negro, probably for the first time I do something to stand on its own. Being solve its own problems instead of putting himself in a position to be lead misuse exploited by the whites. Both as liberals only for the purpose of getting the support of the negro, so in one sense, GO. What is coming in, will awaken the negro and will probably awaken the entire world more so than the world has been awaken since hidden Ok, you know the last part you don't might be unfair, but believe what he said. He said if somebody comes in like very Goldwater shape, things up there, have to look and say you know these are not my friends. I think this is happening. I think this is happening now.
A lot of african Americans are silently and some not so silently supporting Donald Trump This message from the nineteen sixties is least relevant to today. The message that we just we're talking about with revolution. You have to Remember the Beatles were part of this hippy loving thing. Remember they were you no smoking, pie having incense going. You know off to the mountains to find themselves with veto gurus. All of these things. They were very at beginning they were very much part of the culture but at the same time counter culture and as we got closer to the nineteen sixty eight one thousand nine hundred and sixty one thousand nine hundred and seventy era we're very almost counter culture they were in the they hippy movement and they kept me. Asked you join the revolution.
There was a marker sat down, because what yo see doesn't have, is music revolution, the hippies back, then they had all the musicians on board and then the Beatles out with revolution, and You say you want a revolution. Well, we all want to change the world, but if you What money for people with mines that hate all I can tell Your brother is you're, gonna have to wait, don't you know gonna, be all right. You say to change the constitution? Well, we all want to change your head. You tell me so the institution. Would we better free your mind? Instead, if your carry, pictures of Chairman MAO, you ain't gonna, make it with anyone. Anyhow, don't you know it's gonna, be all right. I think we're at this point,
This is the best of the planned back programme. Hi it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the podcast. Can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs doping, yet it is only helps Donald Trump. This only helps him, maybe that's their goal. May? Even they act like it's there go. I know they just they don't get how far out of touch they are, which is that we're not a merry he's not buying into your definition of racism. Is this not because its News were a new definition of racism. We all knew what racist were for a very long time. You can bottom a million miles away all right, so
let's go? Let's go to a new pole. First, before we reveal the that most gracious president- that's that's holding Donald Trump back from me being the most racist president himself. Ever all time is fascinating, because journalists are using this. They are saying these comments are racist, like they're, saying there in English right, like it's an absolute fact, but everyone understand yeah anytime. You say to anyone that they should go back to another country. That means your racist, despite the fact that, of course Lena, we brought up the example of peers Morgan that we have maybe occasionally mention. Maybe a lot's. Are you know the fundamental part? We know concepts of our constitution so much. Perhaps he would go back to England bright and stop bothering us a meal races, and why do you wear white people? So my exactly a major says: it's, and- and this is the thing I think fundamentally- which what happens with Donald Trump, which is when Donald Trump disagrees with someone. He insults them publicly.
That is the pattern. We all understand. Everyone on earth understands. That's what Donald Trump does when someone says something bad about him would just in a marsh says something bad about him, he trashes and in public right. It's only with like so everyone when the person is why people just say well he's just trashing people he's on presidential whatever it is when it someone who isn't white, they say the motivation. Is This is now. We all know he every time someone disagrees with them. He just comes up with some insult against them, but it's always the motivation of Donald Trump is up. Why, externally from Journalists- and they say every time it happens- to be a black person or hispanic Percinet must be racism. Maxine waters was the same thing. They tried the same thing with Maxine Waters, so you can certainly make an argument that you think he's motivator by racism make your case. That's fine. However, a journalist should not be just applying this like using Donald Trump tweeted, something in English.
Yesterday. It's not that that is not the same thing. You are applying a motivation. You are reading his mind as to what you think cause for this problem, and that is not something you're supposed to do as a journalist, but I of this part of this. This is USA. Today they do April now. What is the issue here? What's the problem with these tweets, if you are, if you are in the media. What you're saying is right that Donald Trump is saying. The comments made the criticisms made by these four congresswoman arson. Chile on American, they should leave there. Is there so critical of this country? They hated so much there against America there on American, they should leave, right that's. That is what he said and that's what the problem is there saying where you can see his courtesy. The criticism is on American. How dare you say that you want them to leave here is how they acquire they. Did you appall about Donald Trump tweets? This? Is it president trumps tweets calling on for democratic congresswoman to go back to their original countries instead of criticized
The states were on American. Do you agree, Porthos, controversies, you're, mad Donald Trump for saying someone else is opinion is on American and you pull them asking if Donald trumps, criticisms or on American, you're doing the exact same thing, your accusing them of the exact I am so every day I become more and more confident that they could just logo. Let him go there just destroying themselves. I mean you just can't care about the stuff we ass. I do get when it. When it comes down to rewriting history, though I get a little offended, Well now you I say that they're doing that I can use a Pulitzer prize. Winning Historiae historian. His name is John Medium Use on MSNBC here and is now saying. There's a number there's a tie at number one for the most racist present pray that in american history sought
ought be Jack, Andrew Jackson. You know on the whole, you know bluffing, you know a bloody bloody tears been obey. But what of the trail of volunteers that whole thing could be there Jackson, I would vote for Wilson. I knew you would vote for reaction of Kosovo. Where does he say which wind, but he was Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson, was the number one time I so not. Jackson and not Wilson. Andrew Johnson Johnson said that in a state message that African Americans were incapable of self government and relapse and relapsed into barbarism if they weren't closely supervised, sounds pretty darn racist but I don't want anybody want it way. We're going back the K K, K in the twentieth century group, recognising rights, Are we Wilson here's how bad Wilson was ready for this
he reads segregated the government. They fell down a doktor one village has put this enough into perspective. I am not defending Johnson at all. I don't know much about Johnson. He I know it was the first president to be impeached. He was here Deal with were people who were on their side as far as I've gotta Johnson, so he might turn out to be a horrible horrible racist as well. I guess it's a pretty bad comment. My guess is. He was, however, put that into the context of of his time, one of the things that All abolitionists had to deal with were people who were on their side, but they said they're gonna, kill us Ok, how do we can we can put them on ships and send them to some place at home because, we ve been really bad to them, and they're gonna kill us, and I was one of them. The other was the more compassionate they ve now her had to do anything other than
exactly what they ve been told for generations. How're they going to build a society and live in a society when we ve or no part their families. When we ve weave, we ve put in these little communities where they have no control this I'd, be the most cruel thing you could possibly do so put it in the context of that's what he was maybe saying he may Ben just out and not racist, but the actual are and at the time which maybe he was just going- for in trying to make it and he was really undercover racist, and he was only saying this to reflect what thoughtful people were thinking at the time, but Let's compare that was just say: that's the he meant, as their inferior. Woodrow Wilson. This just want on his hit parade.
Woodrow Wilson ACT. Actually red, segregated the government gay we weren't segregated new, had posted. Mr generals and people are working side by side in the government, black white, no problem until Woodrow Wilson Woodrow with Woodrow Wilson, then re segregated. There was one office, and I don't remember what it was. There was one office it might have been. In the mail service where he couldn't segregate the blacks and whites there was this one guy whose job had to be done in this office, with all the other whites gay this story know where you're going on this one he built up. Page around that implore, you ok
He wanted to make sure that that guy was segregated, and so they built a cage for that employ that he had to stay in all had died. They called him screens gone hands around about employ. Ok, all right. She screamed the blackness familiar employees. Also, he completely separate segregation is not a humiliation but a benefit and ought to be so rich guarded by you, gentlemen, other you go out with you now. I think that's the what some remarkable about Wilson and why you know like, for example, Wilson, didn't wasn't as big a government guy as many people who came after him, but he changed. He went against the grain right in the other direction and the same thing with race like we were. We were slowly advancing past the racial or in a horrific mistakes of the past, and he said you know what let me jam on the brakes. Throw things.
Z breaks, spend the car right our drive in the opposite direction. That's really hard did he did it and he did it as fast as as me you watch and mission impossible when Tom Cruise pulls up there and break and he's going. Sixty miles an hour any spins around and he's go in the other direction at sixty miles an hour? That's how fast he did it This guy was an outright he's responsible for but we re institution of the clan of decline. The thing about that the clan I was away and legality bring it back brings into the White House the movie that essentially real launches the clan based on his writings is book. I mean like this is a guy Wilson to me blatantly is the most racist president, because he'd so rope the mould of the time he it's it's it's a difficult matter. He didn't but he didn't in some in some ways he was with the certainly the progressive move.
Interpreters, incredibly racist Iraq, but I also see the inertia of the time, Yet rightly everything was got. The people were going one direction, but the the the brainy acts Thee you know the leather patch jacket scientists. I academics, you know, do you know what origin of the species look this up foul yeah, the real title. You told me about this: the museum is at the museum. He idea- and it is the full title of it- is a little revealing yeah the origin of these species. Thank God we have this now, ok, so let me see if it's even on it is ice. I twice when you talk about the Oda search for it, it is it's a hero but you haven't origin of this species. Is the Charles Darwin K a book of war, the subtitle or were, of course it's a little blurry here so on on the second helpful. Thank you internet. Thank you for that ok or origin of the species by
means of natural selection, right or lower reservation of faith races in the struggle for life K soda, here. I just want you to put this into perspective what the founders we're saying and and what people were saying at the time was look. They do, We have a society that we recognise K. We have built this society. They were dumb. They were wrong and we'd all right nice that, as does really civilization, I mean there are living in the jungles and their their hunting with spears, blah blah blah blah blah. So they all recognise that at at the same level, remit. This is two hundred three hundred years ago, so there for having this conversation of all right. So are they fully, developed or not? What is the deal
Lincoln, and people like John Quincy Adams and yes, Thomas Jefferson. They all said not enough, they are men, but we don't know like Jefferson, I don't know, what's gonna happen if we release them now, we have to have a full plan here have to have a full plan Lincoln dead. They are men fully men, but then origin of Species happens and this is where the racists all flock no its scientific proof. Now, there is a favoured species are favoured race. There is a consensus, a consensus, and science is now proving it that there is a superior race and in order- the species- basically he's saying you don't you should do- is just we have to take the Africans and put them back in Who Africa put it back in the oven? Let him bake a little longer, so they can They become fully human because that's where the monkey image comes from origin,
now the species not fully human see we all of all from monkeys by us. They're, not there. Yet the argument by Darwin, and so many others right, that's what that's I Woodrow Wilson in his book. Has all the African Americans look like monkeys? That's all that's that comes from and and Donald Trump beats that guy that's insanity. Instead, this this historian ought to be ashamed of himself absolute. Ashamed of himself is the best of the Glenn Beck program, Glenn and you're, listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out Pat Gray unleashed it's available wherever you download your favorite podcast
Levant is joining us. He is the founder of rebel media, dot com, rebel media. Also, the host of Ezra, the as relevant, show he's been. Programme with us several times he was. Involved in another media group, if I'm not mistaken, with a good friend of ours and anyway, I wanted to have as wrong, because there's a story while this guy named Tommy, Robinson Tommy is a guy who has Ben, a guy who is speaking out about what's happening in England, especially with this. The sex ring that the government of grape has covered up like nobody, his business when you read about this sex ring eve, from sources like the BBC You see why is this really bad and a lot of people are running for cover now he's been
he's been, is facing jail time forth. That he says we are not. Billy crimes, he's being politically persecuted, he's asking for a site. Let me hear in the United States wants Donald Trump too, to grant him asylum. I've read: all kinds of things. Even from the blaze. I read something last week that I read while that's really bad, but that's not what I've heard from other sources. Don't know I've tried to get Tommy rabbits and on this programme, because I think we just need to ask questions and then hear it from him. I dont trust any any body or any source anymore. I wanna hear it myself A guy who's been a very good friend of his for a long time is as relevant. So we thought we would get him on the phone and get his look at Tommy Robinson. Is I answer? How are you
great thanks for the opportunity Glenn, I run since a really colorful character. Me. Let's be candidates, he's not the kind of guy that political pundits like you you're used to dealing with he grew up that very working class in a poor city called Luton, and when he was young I was a bit of a soccer hooligan, but over the course of time he's become I think that unwillingly, at first a political activists as Luton became-
Is Lamb fights through mass immigration? He saw the changes to it, but I think what really animates in these days is a phenomenon we don't have in Canada, the United States. Yet thank God, and it sees rape gangs, and this is not like rape as you and I might conceivably someone's grabbed into a dark alley. Rape and and then the greatest runs off these gangs of men who trick and trap and exploit girls as young, it's eleven and then they rate them every night for years and three years and even example, there's a city called rather room in the UK, two hundred and fifty thousand population small city fourteen hundred girls, one thousand four hundred girls were raped continuously for a decade before police prosecuted. It
and I know that sounds I'm thinking. How could that be? Everyone must have known one thousand four hundred girls in a city of two hundred and fifty thousand. How could it go on for a decade or there was an inquiry into it, and you know what the answer was Glenn, because the rapist, moreover, overwhelmingly Muslim standing men. No one wanted to talk about it. They were all afraid they be called its he says, so social workers, doctors, police, press politicians- they all they all shut up about it because they thought this rate. Is pretty bad, but I don't want to be called a racist right now.
This is very well. This is very well documented. If your first hearing this this is very well documented, even by sources that would never want to be called as Lama foe by Mean BBC has even documented this particular case. It's horrible, what's going on foot and that's just one city- should ease in towns all across the UK so fast forward to last May. Tommy was standing outside a courthouse in Leeds where a twenty nine per Gang was
on trial for raping girls as young as eleven and I say again, glenn- and I know this is hard for you listening to hear these gross interest rate once their raped every night. I, these gangs of men, and in this case bizarre early, there were two women who were involved, so the trial was over that the jury had finished their deliberations. It was judgement day Tommy who was an independent journalist who used to work with me before Berlin by this He was independence. He was standing outside the courthouse live streaming on Facebook, his commentary on this phenomenon, so he was standing outside the quarters about eight hundred and thirty in the morning and as the accused rapist we're going into court, she called out to them, and he said this quote. How do you feel about your verdict today? That's what he said.
You feel about your verdict today, he didn't swear to me didn't insult them. He did not impede their access of court. He felt himself saying that and the three or four many talk too, they swore at him. They insulted his wife. They insulted his mother and that's a plan that tint and seven police swooped in and you can see this month on youtube- they put him in the back of a police back. Ok, so now I saw this and I was perplexed by it, but it is fair to point out that the the english laws are different than the american or canadian laws. That is against that. He knew he was breaking a law by doing that correct. Well, the thing is he didn't report on
they goings on in the trial. He didn't know what was going on in a trial. He hadn't been in the trial. Now come back to your point in in a second because that's what they they said. He was in contempt, of course, and I just described what he did. He didn't go into the court. He didn't Say what was happening in the he didn't know he hadn't been in. He was talking about the general phenomenon and He read out the names of some of the twenty nine accused. And he read it offers the BBC website another website just that date. He just he. I suppose he assumed if the state broadcaster of the United Kingdom, the BBC as the names of these twenty nine accused and fair publishing, and he thought he could be them.
And in fact, as we did a hurry up my story Glenn because I know we're short on time so use putting it back with Patty Wagon taken the judge in a trial that lasted less than ten minutes. He was found in contempt of court. He never said a word in this trial by the way his law extreme- was about seventy five minutes long. Obviously, the judge The review is suddenly find that lie stream in ten minutes right. They finished this drumhead trial in ten minutes because it was almost lunchtime, gladness crazy and they had to go for lunch and they sent him to prison for a thirty month sentence.
He was the first journalist in nearly a century to be imprisoned for contempt of courts and guess what they sent him to a prison with a high muslim population mainly moved him from a safe prison where he was an award by himself to a very a dangerous prison called only so the prison governor said the warden said. Well, you know I hate to do it, but for your own safety, we ve gotta, put you in solitary confinement, o sucks to be you and so for ten weeks he live. A box for twenty three and a half hours a day for content of court. Now we crowd funded his appeal. The court of appeal throughout this can be
She said it was done in properly for about ten reasons and freedom from prison. After ten weeks in solitary confinement, the court of appeal set everything about was improper, but the attorney general prosecuted him a second time I do over for the same offence, and last week they sent him away for nine months gland. Now he get some credit for time served, but right now, Tommy Robinson is in Bell Marsh prison. The special prison for terrorists and murderers he's in isolation in gaol Marsh prison, serving a portion of a nine month trial, but nine months sentence for doing what I just said you get for saying. How do you feel about the verdict today? Keys in prison, glare aren't so Azra
Is there anyway to speak to him from prison? People can send an email, ok, but I dont think you mean yeah? So we agree with him on Tuesday glad it I'll tell him you're interested in talking, but here I want to give him a. I want to give him a fair trial, and what really bothers me about this is that Facebook now will ban you if you, if you are defending him or you know, playing in the thing from him, you will be banned from Facebook. I don't like that. I want to make my own decision and I've some things from his past, etc and I'd like to hear- is version I'm tired of hearing second hand versions. I would like to give him a fair hearing has if, if you is being wronged. It is encumbered on all of us too, to stand up for him? He aims.
Be a dicey guy that you're? Like I don't know, I mean it's kind of a little way this way in a little way. That and people make their own decisions but he's being made. It he's being disappeared and that can happen. Used to have a million followers on Facebook and nearly a million on twitter, so he could respond to the criticisms of him, but they silenced in so its fall into his surrogates and his friends there Glenn, if you like, I can address some of the criticisms in that blaze article. They point out that he has a history going back fifteen years of petty crimes and other offences, for example, when he was twenty one. He was you cake has a certain meaning. People look down on him and people like him and that's one of the problems is that the more posh classes of society in the UK will it's not their diet.
Ten years ago, and if you read his autobiography, is the worst decision of his light. Punching a cop are even those of us who yeah if Tommy is a flawed man, obviously, as we all are, but I got an unknown over the years and he's a character and he's he's not from the walks of life. You and I are from when he's very working class, which in the UK has a certain meaning people look down on him and people like him and that's one of the problems is that the more posh classes of society in the UK will it's not their daughters who were being raped by these grooming gangs. It's the working class, indigenous white girls. You know that that's no one cares about Tommy, as this is a voice for the working class, and yet it gonna mean he's not. He's not a perfect. You know polished, he doesn't know which fork year if he dined with, but not an. I you know
I didn't understand this until I started working with my new assistant, who was one of my protectors for a long time. Miss Craig Pool and he is from Scotland and he was working class working class and we'll, do not understand the class, action here in Amerika. We think we do, but we re We don't so I I do did I tell you what Ezra I'd love to do a podcast where we could press all of these things one by one, because there are among other things, that that need explaining need answers to because the case those both ways- and I dont honestly know what the truth is. If you can line something up with him, I would love. To do an extended interview with him where we can go through these. I am not hostile to him. I know the blaze, our
cold, but that wasn't written by me and I don't approve the articles on the blaze. I was on the air that day saying I don't which way to go on this guy and the blaze decided. Well, we do But I dont know if I agree with them. They brought up some good points, but I also to sum up, fair points on the other side that I'd like to hear from him I'll get your contact info from your producer great. I get to see him in prison on Tuesday and if he has the ability to phone out of prison, I will encourage him to talk to you and try to keep his own best advocate and, if not, maybe I can write to him and he can right answers back and you can get him to me. That's a really good at
thanks very much Gwen three bidding me the chance to make this point that you bet. Thank you very much. This is the best land back programme. Now I speak my mind. This is one of the keys in this story is. Is act Lee, saying things out loud there it's if it helps it solves a lot of problems David, or is the author of the new book one base at a time it is one of my favorite stories. In fact, years ago, we we bought story. We were gonna, do a book in and other things with it cause. I just find it so inspirational. We now got around to it, and I was feeling so guilty You gotta hear this story, so he wrote the book one base at a time I now do
Yet a dime off it, but I want to promote it because it's one of the best stories of ever heard David welcome to the programme. How are you great morning to MR back. Thank you so much for all your support. You bad you bad! I'm! Sorry! It's taken so long to get to this point I want you to tell the story and don't jump ahead? I want you to really late. Story out and start with you when you're you're young and you want to be a major league, baseball pitcher. Yes, sir, my dream was to make it to the majors. My grandfather played in ages in nineteen o too, in my dream was too on his footsteps. I play baseball high school and had up to you to play baseball college with scholarships and a month. After I got out of high school, I was looking into a Mcdonald's, restaurant and
a car pulled it off the side of the sidewalk off the street and stopped and they got out and change drivers. So I stopped and while they train drivers, I waited for them. They got back in the car and emotion for them to go ahead, dried and bullshit for leave to start lucky and so started walking and I heard him rather engine in squeal their tyres. So I had to and it turns out in the car, was Thirdly, an idle rays I left hand and my left leg in the car hit me. Who me twenty feet in the air I slammed into the brick law right where that door it out at Mcdonald and assured I looked The car was speeding at a higher rate of speed and hit me a second time. Handrail in the car bumper against my knee against the wall, cash one,
but who were these guys, while this this lady said she stepped on the gas instead of break and It was a letter, play one of those moments where you know your life flashes in front of your eyes. You know I thought not always my leg crushed. I thought my dreams were crushed because I grew up a red Sox fanatic. My dream was to to make it to the majors and someday stand on Fenway parks. My out you, I thought at the time I would go to college on a scholarship study, some kind. Business in school- and I do you know what that lead. I just hoped I would get drafted in and make it to the majors and when I was here It literally was a moment a it first I became, I became a really upset angry eighty I'll get it
and my God day when I was three and my mom two brothers helped raise me. They inspired me throughout my life. Firstly make sure stronger and aims I only need to look at that moment as an opportunity, and learning opportunity? Inspired me to find a career? I would love to do so and not dwell. Gotta go ahead, the end, not dwell on the past, but let me let me go before you before you move forward. How many surgery, Did you have to have? What did the doctors say when you were taken and ended in this woman didn't pay any price. I would imagine you shouldn't go to jail anything, no, sir! She did not go to jail. Chooser ashes. Parttime stripper did not ever insurance. I want I'm catches for two and a half years. I walked with a case for ten months during fiscal there,
He had a horrific injury and fiscal therapy and actually at forty five surgeries, and I figured I'd better than forty six than hit by a car three times that's better wait, wait, wait, wait! He destroyed these things are not drop these things out. You been hit the first time when? Were you hit a second time while the second? and was actually out Mcdonald's. The car came at a higher rate of speed way with a cell K. Ok, that's the same incident. Ok, so you were hit there. Then you had a second time: ok, the third Yes, sir working for the more brewers and ninety. Ninety five and we have done just taken all the side of the beasts of the field at county stadium an graded order. The topsoil and we are waiting for this to arrive, and I
the car behind the bleachers and I was out in the left field area nevertheless, the understood king around and irrigation head and because of the correct, and I was very hypersensitive to car noises. I heard this card thought that's. Why do I hear a car, and I turned around? There- was a field entrance gate behind the west, the other's position, and when I look there was car coming from behind the bleachers toward the feel shy rain over to where the warning trap that the open fields- eighty put my arms up, and the lady smiled ass, big ass. She could and stepped on the gas and came right at me. It hit me I hit the windshield and landed in a pile at the base of the outfield wall, pads at the gate at the open gate and he went speeding down the warning track following the curve of the track. She was going so fast when she went behind home plate.
The dust cloud, Conover roosters pale, trying track material. Ten rose up into the stands in a couple. The grounds keepers came over to ask me what they could do to help I ask them to call nine one one and behind the bleachers we had big steals security gate tiresome to close those up, so she could get away and it always laying on the track she made of lap around the Fiori instead of following the curve of the grass ass she had before ass. She got closer to me. She there are then started Amy right at me, dear cod, but I thought I guess she's literally gonna run me over again and at the last minute she swerved to miss me and slammed on the brakes and stopped right beside me. Sat up in her seat waved excessively at me, smile you and then stepped on the gas sat back down stepped on the gas and pulled out. Covered me and track material drove through the gate behind the bleachers, ok, ok
before we get into this. Tell me she went to jail well, she was, she didn't, go to jail, Schweitzer Mental Hospital. You know I put myself up against the wall pads and got behind the bleachers, and she was car screaming at the guy to let her out every other word was across word and I noticed her. There was still running, and so I went over and took the keys out of Recognition became all hurry, yelling and caution spitting in my face giver. He's my son, I'm sorry MA. Am. I can't do that to you a car like the doors and when the deputies came, I gave them the keys and when they unlocked the door, she tried to stab the deputies and they got her out of the car and put her in the back of a squad. Current asked her why she was there you she said she was there to do it
that for a movie and as a result, they took her the county mental Hospital instead of the jail of cash, was on a Thursday. And on Sunday evening I received a phone call. They would like me to come testify otherwise you're gonna. Let her go on Sunday! So when I went to the court the hospital Mental Hospital on Monday, those regular courtroom in the hospital. Her return he was there and she if your rights to appear in person, she was in a straitjacket in her own in her room and the deputy testified. I testified in the doctor testified that she had a past history with mental. One thousand ninety one she rested- choose Florida for Florida, restocking, Iglesias, like you. Ninety three cheers I stood on international charges threatening the queen of England and the night before she did this county stadium. She had tried
to a soap opera in Chicago She got away, but open security staff got a picture her in a license plate unblock because of her rights is a mental pay. This data was cancelled. All they could do a sign, her up a real test of your driver's license and oh she got to pick the date. Time of the tasks of the doktor said. If she took her medicine morning should be able to pass the test in the afternoon. Ok David, I'm gonna take a rest here for just a second. Your story is not done and it becomes really hopeful here soon, not too soon, but soon, and you have to. This is his story? Is written in a new book now called one base at a time. It is true a great book if you're a baseball lover, if you're in If you are anybody who has ever had any problems or PTSD amended PTSD this guy's had. You would be.
I mean just the moon, the movie poster for steam would have made me wet my pants, but wilt can New Historic here in the blue radio network on demand
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