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Best of The Program | Guests: Franklin Graham, Russ Vought, & Michael Anton | 9/22/20

2020-09-22 | 🔗

The DOJ labeled New York City, Seattle, and Portland as “anarchist jurisdictions,” and OMB Director Russ Vought lays out what that means going forward. Franklin Graham is holding a prayer march in Washington, D.C., on Saturday and joins to discuss whether this is the last call for America to reject socialism. The founder of the Transition Integrity Project said former Trump official Michael Anton “deserves the same fate” as a man who was executed for an intellectual crime, and Twitter doesn’t seem to care.

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didn't even reveal he reported on a story that was leaked from the left and published in the New York Times and the daily beast, and because of this the head of the what? What is it? The transition, the wonderful transition thing that is supposed to be also by partisan, no, its not by partisan, it has one guy who has never been a Republican really in my eyes, built Bristol on the board. It's the by partisan transition integrity. Well hasn't it We in the title minutes it's good, so he said that Michael Land is, it should be, should be executed, for what he's done Michael Aunt is Robert persist. Of our times and deserves the same fate, I was a nazi collaborator and was just shot and it was
diverse Europe. Even then, winning really was a nazi collaborator in France. This is this what you're gonna get the stakes are really really high for the republic. You'll see that into data showed also. We need your support at the place. We talk about it. A lot with Facebook is doing. The facebook has just done yesterday through the plays you're not going to receive really any of our stories on your facebook? Enough is enough. We need your help, join us at least tv off or you can also just sign up for the blaze newsletter at the place, dot com or going back to camp but make sure We have a way of getting ahold hold of you because times are changing seen today
The only thinking the day yesterday we found out the Department of Justice as identify New York City Portland in Seattle. As jurisdictions, permitting and permitting violence and the destruction of property they have identified? these cities, Portland again New York city and Seattle? as putting up with anarchy now, there's a reason why you would declare something like declaring something: a national emergency or state emergency. It trips, certain levers. So what are the levers that were tripped with this department of Justice, now I these cities as condoning violence and destruction of property. We have
us vote on who is with us last week he's the director of the Office of Management and budget. This is the guy who takes the directors, the directives president and of the administration and then says: ok, here's how to implement them so Russ. What what does this mean? What's gonna happen, hey thanks for me, I show you what this means is that we can now take a list of programmes and we're still working on the list as agencies come forward with all of the programmes, all the funding that goes to these particular cities, but we can look at the each one of them and authorities, that we have in each one of them with the discretion provided by Congress? So all this people say we all have the ability to do that. They are all they all have unique laws, and then we can make sure that, as grants are going to these jurisdictions, they have either a component that makes the lawlessness and anarchy way against them or makes them out ineligible for the grant funding so weird
use the authority, given us by Congress to put these grand conditions in place as a result of attorney general bars work. Yesterday we now have the list in which we are then immediately begin to work on that see if any other additional cities are added in the future. So can you tell me who I mean? How crippling are these Do you have any idea yet work in progress and body. We we believe it will have an impact on these on these cities and in the president's siding with the people and of the, Cities who want security, want the police to be able to work, want the autonomous zones and in an all of the other decisions at these measures made adversely to their the sit, the safety and security there, individuals a little less take Somalia, community Economic Development Programme, Substantial resources are going to these cities. Why would we send me
to a city when they're there burning it down or losing their van it that in any way, gonna be conducive to economic development or public transportation grant. Why would we send money to these cities and substantial resources that, when eight to ignore providing vandalism on the bus pass and in their in there as it programme. These are all things that we are concerned. About an inward and take steps to to restrict so can line. Are we talking about before they start to feel this? You think me incremental splint. I think this is something that we still have work, that the agencies need to come. Or to own be with you he needed a rack up of all the funds will break down. The city level, and often we get it at the state level so that we can. We do
began to take over from there. But at least we have the template for which cities were identifying first and what are the city leaders need to do to make sure it doesn't happen? I think this is the real, significant question: that you ask why there on that on the list to begin with these women mixed conversations and mixed results with many mayors and and governors across the country. These in particular, are the three that have made no movement in our direction. They have no desire whatsoever to work with federal law enforcement. Theyve consistently tried to cut their police forces back. That's really what has caused them to be on this list. Is there total inability unwillingness to move direction, where others, but it can, for example, Saint Louis. Initially problematic, but as who, as we began, to work with
the attorney general bar deputy Sector Secretarial Secretary Chad, Wulf, the they have moved in our action and, as a result, they don't find themselves on this list, and so we do think to some extent this isn't it or to change their eye level, no, a media deadline, but now we're going to continue. On a day in day to day basis began to to turn this crucial so last week we had you on because of of these CDC, going against the presidential directive I saw that these they see, director is still there, is anyone going to be upon for going after these direct. Susan and saying we dont care with and it says meaning in a private company, People would be shown the door by the seal on the same day, yeah It's a great question. It's one of the things that we have.
Trouble with in a federal bureaucracy, unlike private marketplace, because the career rules that are in place, but we are lucky areas to ensure that these policies do acted and we were able to stop the CDC contract from going forward. I talked with Bob Redfield about and he was thankful to be made aware of it and was certainly helpful and in pointing out that fire and we're doing that as we were unified other instances at EPA, dude a visa and state Department. Recently yesterday, so we're gonna kill new to put out when we see flames and in two in that direction, and we are also looking at ways to expand the presence direction, to figure out to the extent that we can use the laws place with regard to our the careers civil service.
Their impact there, their performance ratings- the that we have. I mean this is Eames insubordination, I mean it. You are going against a presidential direct if you can't be fired for that, what can you be fired for not much clen, to be honest with you and that's, the rules and laws have been put in place, but we do have the ability to build. The record of of where individuals have not performed on believing that it also now we're looking at quite to the best of our ability. Is this? Is this its onyx? No, I M not saying it is, for you rest, but this is unacceptable. I dont know how I don't know. The president accepts That should be priority number one figuring out a way to be able to fire people or you'll never get rid of the deep state. If you can't fire the people I mean that just sends a sends, a message to
All of the other people that want to disagree with the President do what they want. Just get a slap on the wrist. I mean that that's it's absolutely unacceptable. No, we don't disagree on that Ross. Thank you very much We shared it and keep up the good work that climate I go by it doesn't make any sense to use all its interest and I know that I was an vacation last week- I don't know the story. What what's the story as oh the story? Le has meant that, like me, so the story last week was the CDC, the President issued a directive. That said, no, Clarice theory, studies in right, Albania, arm administration or oil after so too Later we find out, the CDC is not only going against that they ve booked. I think a thirteen weak Series on critical race theory: ok against the President's directive,
the CDC is the one that like it here. You're, so about about diseased right contravened. There is a change in the Nora. They said, because racism is a bigger disease than even cove it. That's not that I am not eggs. Thank you. You not signed. No one was fired. Now they stopped it. But no one was fired this the first time I've had a chance to ask when somebody getting it fired. Why had been away and we ve been fired yet so then you today, from the same exact reporter Chris Christopher Rueful, he Just yesterday the State Department, EPA, envy AY are moving forward with critical race trainings in violation of the presidential order. The agencies are pressuring after denounce their white privilege, become co, resistors, again systematic racism and sign equity pledges. The this is against a presidential directive
You are a country that you have the administration in rebellion with they have of the administration if they don't take the residential directives. All of those people who are tied to the cabinet. The cabinet members are the ones that answer to the president and he says you're doing this. They there go out until their staff do this. If their staff is in doing it. You need to keep firing until they do. How is that as it is supposed to run a country if his own cabinet he's own administration, worldly into what he's doing. This is deep state at its at its core. If you teach people They don't have to worry about an elected president. Then what do they have to work? Why electrical at president, why elect one
president who overseas this is his job. He overseas, all of the departments that's his job and if he can't them. Yes, you're gonna do this. I know you're not gonna, do this, then, why elect a president Chaz chipping away at the time foundation of the country while Elect President. If, when he name the Supreme Court Justice and it gets approved by the elected Senate. You just chain all the rules and and make me a make. Fifteen Supreme Court justices can have all of your team in their right white. Why bother with any of this? And I think that that's of course, part of this plan. Been talking of hope for a long time is chipping away at these foundations, and we ve been told how many times that bite is a return to normal see is this doesn't feel like normal? Does it if you like normal wondering at fifteen Supreme Court justices, does it feel to feel no well when they get rid of the electoral college. Does it feel normal way
they're going to do to rip shred every single tradition and Reno rule that we ve been living under for a couple hundred. Here's, your race, our history you don't even know your add states. So you can get more senators to win. Votes like this is normal, I mean like a and how many people with blue check marks an extra their names. To say we're gonna burn down having don lemon, even set it last night. What we need the whole system down of. If they do this, like a wolf that that's the return to normal, your voting for that's what you want because the clearly, this is not and not stand for it: America, they want a civil war. They want one we are asking for is a return to the constitution. That's it that's it. We don't have Many crazy demands, our creed. These demands are: let's live by the rules that made us aware. In the first place. Let's live,
by the constitution? All of the amendments? Let's live by that that's what the right is asking for I don't wanna dictator, I don't know anybody who wants a dictator. I gonna be left alone by the federal government. When we need the federal government. The states can ask for help, but I want the federal govern out of my life. How is that radical? That is the definition of american this is the best of the blend back programme hey it's great
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humble ourself, real realise we have broken the covenant with God turned back to God. If we don't turn back to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, if we don't ask for forgiveness- and thence, except the salvation and and the atonement we are lost, perhaps forever miracles can happen and who knows all about that is Franklin? Gram, hello, Franklin, Aerial, grim, it's great to be working, I'm doing fine! Thank you good. Tell me about what's happening this weekend, glamour of yours so saying the only hope of nation is gone and I'm calling our nation to Prayer- and this was gonna- be on the mall in Washington, starting at the Lincoln Memorial and we're gonna go all the way down to the capital and there's we don't have speakers, we don't have entertainment, we're just asking people to come and join.
No son of SAM, join hands, unlock arms and let us go and pray every step that we take a prey and far leaders praying for those that are not already know, president of vice president, those in Congress both Republicans and Democrats. Pray said God would shake their city and open the eyes of our nation to what lies ahead. If we don't repent and turn of our sins and put our faith in trust, in God, we have taken got out government glad we're taking them out of our schools and is our nation better? No, it's going it's a spiral,
and the only hope of god- and we need more of God and Government- will need more garden, schools, not less of God. We need more and our politicians are ruining the country and I'm just brain that God would get a hold of their hearts and change them. And that's why I'm asking people to join me and that's a twelve noon. The Saturday, the twenty six in Washington at the Washington Monument and we'll go all the way to the capital, praying. We go so Franklin. It wasn't long that long ago that you I in your dad met at at your home, and North Carolina and we talked about the things that were coming and it seemed pretty bad then, but evil is so unmasked right now I
I am shocked that more people don't see it what's happening, grandest of socialism, and that's that's you. You have people of the Democratic Party unfortunate and my father was a Democrat all his life, but the Democratic Party today is not a party of J F K is not the Party of London veins Johnson that this party today is a socialist party that wants to take on patient socialism, like Cuba, like Venezuela, what they had an eastern Europe. All of these are failures. Their warning us too to go in this direction, and it is scary, what's happening because of social. For me, as a christian I socialism is, is Anti God. I've always been aunt, I got they say. Government is the solution, not God, and they blew
believe, bigger taxes, more government control over every aspect of our life. They believe that is the answer, and that is not. The answer lies the problem, and we have a clear boys in this election, and I hope you will wake up and I and I hope, glam people, pray and people boat and how important it is that every person votes every Christian, every gun fearing man. Woman charm in this country needs to needs the vote, and I do people say: will my boat doesn't count? Yes, it does every else counts in many elections are not decided by. As you know, millions of voters decided sometimes by just a handful and it so important that we go to the polls and let our voice be heard. Do you think this is Franklin were at a time where it is last call for America. Oh, I believe that if this country goes socialist, it took it took Russia. Seventy years
our Eastern Europe. Seventy years that you will do the same for our country and may be seventy years or more before this country would change back and put the socialists want to those they want to change the constitution. They want to stop the courts with liberal justices so that the liberal justices will rubber stamp on their agenda. They want to do away with the constitution and rewrite it. They say it's out of date, and I did this is this is what's in front of us and they'll. Take this first amendment Second amendment and we will lose our freedoms and it would take, may be a war many years from now to turn this all around and I
The american people wake up and reject socialism and reject the agenda, the Democratic Party and on an that's why I'm warning people to join man was just pray because I believe the only hope is God is and is not the Republican Party or democratic parties. It's God is the only hope for this nation, but we have sinned against God and we need to repent and turn from our sends em and believe on his son, Jesus Christ and trust him and as a nation. That's where our heritage is that's our foundation as a nation. A whip turned from that foundation, so love This common Saturday, I hope people would join with them all and much less march and pray as we march and praying for our nation Franklin. Could you ask, and let me ask one last question of you: I was shocked to be asked by somebody who I would have never guest did know how to do this and they
to me- and they said why said, have you talked to got about that of Europe? If you preyed on that, and they answered by saying No. I dont know how to do that. I I m answer, but I'd like to hear your answer: how do you for somebody doesn't know how to pray? How do they pray YO glimpse? First of all of the Bible says all of us have sent and we ve come short of God Standard, and the Bible says that the wages of sin of the penalty per cent is dead, but the Bible also very clear that God so loved the world that he gave
his only begun son but also ever believe it I m sure not perish by should have everlasting life and if we would just in our hearts- and this is a problem- this is just an hour harsher, say God I must centre and I'm sorry forgive me, and I believe that Jesus is the one who took my sins than he died in my place and that you raised him delight, and I would invite him to come into my heart. That's a prayer, and God will hear that prayer and he will answer that prayer any or change your hardy or plans you and he will give you a new life and you'll give you nuke a brand new beginning on how many times I met people. If I could just start over again, you can but is rather per simple per like that God forgive me I've sent. I'm sorry Franklin, Graham. Thank you very much. President CEO of Samaritans Purse presidency, Yo Billy evangelist Ec Association, the prayer Margie happening this Saturday, beginning at noon. In washing didn t see there are. No speakers is no stages, there's no music, it is real.
We truly just a prayer march, which our country desperately desperately needs to cry out for the protection and the healing of our land and please, if you can and be a part of this- the prayer March, twenty twenty, and if you can't from wherever you are just pray away. It more than ever. Thank you frankly, gram appreciate. Thank you listening to the best of the Glenn Beck, we go right to Michael Anton who has to gotta, put us on Speaker, cuz he's driving so make sure you stay say. First, Michael welcome to the programme how area I thank you
your former national security officials, Trump Administration, you're, seeing your fellow at the Claremont Institute the author of the stakes. You have been talking the transition in TED Integrity project The transition integrity project is something that is not seriously looking for integrity. They are looking way is to war game. How Biden can win and what they have to do, no matter but the scenario is, would you would you That is an accurate description. That is a description based on their own report that they deliberately leaked to the media. So I now denials which actually haven't even been made would be not credible based on this document, again deliberately leaked to the right. Why do you think they leaked it? Do you think it was because they were arrogant,
and they thought everybody agreed with them or to cause more problems. Myself position is that they leave it to get this idea into the public mind out into the bloodstream early so that if they go ahead and do it, they are planning to do, they will have number one. They will have their supporters ready to go and ready for action and number two. They want to get into that hinder the public mind that, as some of the cliffs, you were playing said Trump can't we So it looks like he wine he cheated and his victory will be a legitimate. Therefore, whatever we do to get him out of, there will be justified at so to the american people. They want to say, don't blame us. You need to blame him if we, if we go ahead and do something like this so Niels Gilman, who serves as the vice president of programmes at the Chinese Communist Party, linked by Grogan Institute, took to Twitter
He is the founder of the so called by partisan transition integrity project and he called for the EU to be executed. In fact, going to read it- Michael Anton is the Robert Priscilla which of our times and deserves the same fate. I think I'm mispronounced sing Roberts name, but this is A remarkable claim, the head of this by partisan institute I had honestly I meant to figure listeners. I didn't recognize the name, so I had to look it up turns out. He was a french intellectual who was use of collaborating collaborationist material in world you and was executed by firing Squad nineteen, forty five, so that, in other words between
says. Not only am I a nazi, but I deserve to be shot to them. Of course, lots of people reported this to Twitter twitters terms of services. Twitter never does anything against the left when they incite violence against the right. If the conservative from a twitter account so much is jaywalk, their account will be suspended or end or bad. You remember the old Google slogan don't evil, Yapped, Google I took down after a while. I dont know what to say about twitter anymore, except this is an evil company that has accompanied at countenances violence against, gets perceived enemies and refuses to do anything about it. While very strictly policing speech of its perceived enemies. I dont know any other word for that, but I am not the first person to have had this treatment for them and twitter done nothing about it? No, I I'm very aware of that. So
What is it that they are accusing you up here, because what website resolving was accused of was an intellectual crime which he was the first. I think the only one to be exe did under that. It was very controversial at the time, an intellectual crime, not a political one, I'm not a military, grime intellectual crime. They executed because they said he was spreading propaganda and inciting violence, so the only again that you could be spreading would be if there own words that they leaked out where it was indeed propaganda. Right right, I don't know what the act. What could the accusation be? I would welcome anybody involved with the transition integrity project, plus the senior Democrats who have engaged
to talk that includes Joe Biden, talking about the military dragging the president out of the White House, Hillary Clinton Al Gore Bill Clinton. I would welcome any and all senior Democrats in anyone involved in this project to come forward and say we disavow this kind of talk. We are not calling But if we want the military to play no role at the upcoming elections, we want the votes to be counted fairly and we want the real winner to be president, even if that means a second term for Donald Trump. If you win the election fairly, I would love to hear them all say that I will have nothing more, but that's not what they said, and mostly they were silent on my article until finally out of the blue, this person- I've never heard of who is apparently knows some friends of mine. So we have mutual acquaintances. Calls for my execution and complete silence from these.
The difference with which he is affiliated day apparently have no problem with it either it is growing, and this is what it's called so the institutions that I'm affiliated with I worked for healthy college and I'm a senior fellow, as you said, at the Claremont Institute, they're, taking the seriously there looking at it, and you know I don't. I'm not gonna predict what necessarily what they're going to do, but I reported this in a number of different directions to institutions, I'm familiar with a workforce affiliated with and other in other ways. I'm taking it seriously. I don't I don't you know, I don't think I can afford into a political climate, this heated to just brush off this kind of incitement to violence when a multi billion dollar company like Twitter. Allows it, and this apparently fairly well funded institute, for which this person works has no problem with it. When you have violent supporters, and you say things like this- it is definitely a threat, and I don't think,
its necessarily a threat with violent supporters. However, I do think it is a threat if these people get power, that's exactly what's gonna happen to people like you and me and everybody else. If you don't stand where exactly where they tell you to stand, they will execute you they will well. I really, I really hope it doesn't come to that. I would be about the worst possible outcome. I can imagine her America, which is why yeah I get accused of whatever I'm it used up, I'm trying to lower the temperature of politics in America, I'm? Trying to do- and I think who talk from anybody- is insane dangerous and destabilizing so to accuse me of raising the temperature politics that America for opposing coup talk is the absolute reverse of the truth. Will the New York times- and I think Washington post did that with me last week, went over the documents and read the documents from this organization. The new
times said that. I was a conspiracy theorist and that I was full hunting civil war. I dont want the war I'm telling you they will go for civil war, if Donald Trump wins and and wins fairly. It will be. Civil war well my chosen some sometimes you know sometimes loose talk, is just loose talk and it is entirely possible. Donald Trump could win the election
barely and people a lot of people will be very upset and perhaps take to the streets, yes, but also, perhaps as they did in twenty. Sixteen twenty seventeen accepted the election without violence fell, if not to say that the left accepted it. They also dreamed up. The Russia hopes tried to impeach him, didn't teach him, try to remove him and lots of other things, but we didn't have a civil war. We don't necessarily have to have a civil war, even in the event of a Trump victory this time, but the left sure isn't making that outcome less likely with all their talk. Unfortunately, heated and horrible destructive rhetoric makes it more likely I'd. I think they really need to cool it turned down. The volume turned down the he turned down the rhetoric and knock it off and that's up an unfortunately right now, not what they're doing Michael stay safe. Thank you so much. Thank you.
But Michael Anton author of the stakes, former national security, official Trump Administration Senior Fellow Claremont Institute and the man, the Thee. You know it it's amazing to me that an organization like the transition project that says that no no we're not radicals we're not radicals. Immediately go to an execution for somebody who, speaking out against them. That's the definition of radical. I dont know if you know that When somebody disagrees with you, you say that dangerous and they should be executed for it. That's a definition of radical, maybe just me. I don't think it is so pretty this pre far down that road, and we are supposed to continually deny this. We all see it with our own.
Eyes theirs? It there's a new story from the New York Times today, which has a guy. They they threatened to burn down his house, not all radical right. Why? Well, maybe he committed a real crime? Well, he He was fine, the american flag so decided there, burn down his house. Other New York, headline for it. Some protests against police brutality take a more confrontational approach. I would agree it is more confrontation, burning eyes house down for having their some. Sometimes some I mean when his anybody gonna be banned from Facebook for saying these are mostly peaceful, but not the knot, Can I bet they're, not gonna, be man? Look! Here's a till! It is saying that it's mostly peaceful, that doesn't mean anything. You want the percentage of minutes of the of the of the rights are peaceful, the them the leap the majority of of participants-
rights are peaceful. None of that matters right, like a man, you ve point this out a million times there. You know it wasn't. Seventy five percent of all Germans participating in the nazi regime and murdering people, but it was still pretty notable that we need a so called Nazi Germany you're pretty comfortable. Here I mean I just it just like it doesn't matter when, when that, when the bad actors in the group are controlling our controlling it, I mean look, look what they say about like bug: organizations like the boy Scouts or the catholic church. When you find Reno priests or people who have committed terrible there. I later it's a whore zation, but there's no, no one one apple? Always all spoils the whole bunch bear babe yeah that thing it's always the way they apply to two organization they don't like, but when its black lives matter, they get pass on everything everything everything
This is why we are asking you in no uncertain terms: please join us at blaze, tv, I I we were. We were demonetized and the algorithm. Was pretty much turned off on us yesterday, you're not going to get any and nation from the blaze we have had four months of, I play their games and jump through hoops. I'm sorry I'm not gonna higher or stand around whether company hires, you know whole team of people to jump through their hoops every day we have and When we get it wrong, we correct it, but there are times have told us to correct things that it is objective really true and what they're saying is objectively false and we won't correct it? Well, gives us to strikes and the third strike came here.
Today on something we changed. It was my it was my monologue. Where I said: go ahead, banned this because you have to explain what you band well. They did ban it, but not for anything that I said, but for something that in the title which we choose enjoy ourselves without a problem. We didn't need them to tell us. We changed our self, not good enough, not good! enough, you will not see blaze stories on your news, your news feed now from Facebook. You will not my stories on Facebook. They are pressing us they are due. Strewing us, and this is just the beginning. Telling you this is just the beginning when fire rages. They are good to say we ve got to shut down people who disagree with what we believe. It is true. If I believe that this
This Michael Anton sorry that Niles Gilman and his group planned this whole thing out, which they say they are, are throwing the election, I'm going to say it, but you won't hear it You must right now either joy blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn use the promo code, Glenn you'll, save money or just join our newsletter join our news letter joined the Glen back DOT com newsletter join the news letter at the blaze tv dot com go to here we your settings right now and set blade blazed, calm as your homepage. Don't let it go to Google. Not a blaze, dot com and make it your homepage. Now we're not going to our voice is going to be diminished. It already has been
you will not see those stories coming from the blaze at any cost, and of real clip anymore. We try to be careful. We try to be true, we correct term stakes when we make them, but it's not good enough for the radicals at Facebook. Fine, so be it. Hopefully, he'll show been court and we'll settle. Then this is an outrage. And just a few weeks in front of the election. Meanwhile, they don't. They don't apologize for anything, they dont correct anything We just have to live on their rules. And when you shot a whole, the half of the country out and you refuse to listen to them, you choose them of thing.
That. The other side is doing. You are calling for disaster and the disaster. Will be on your hands and had not ours. We do not want a civil war. We do not want violence. But we certainly don't want your little socialist utopia, autocratic, state either
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