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Best of the Program | 4/23 - More things to add to the 'what is racist' list? That's  - h1 - Voting for Murder -h1 - Hammering Out Property Taxes (w/ Governor Greg Abbott) - h2 - David Duke or Amy Schumer (w/ Jeffy FIsher) -h3 

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Pay. Welcome to the hard task is Tuesday rate podcast fortieth, we'll talk a little bit about Kate Smith and why she is being targeted, damage she's dead for the love of peat. Nobody knew her racist quote racist song. End quote, I put it in quotation marks for reason will find out here and just a second also Gregg Abbot, the greatest governor in America. He is the governor of the State of Texas. I was impressed when we talked about the new deal. In Dallas, that said, if you steal stuff, that's only we're seven hundred and fifty thousand or let ourselves our seven hundred fifty dollars or less we're, not gonna process.
future unless you were doing it to make money, if you really needed it. No prosecution! Oh you're, gonna love my governor as much as I do. You hear his opening salvo when he just when I said hello, governor waits coming up on the particles, was Jesus a Jew, not according to the New York Times. He was a Palestinian really and Bernie on taxes choose you know, they're all races, racist government, you're, gonna, learn a lot on today. Show you only thinking the day. You know, there's a burst of CHE glaring hillside in Bolivia,
there is a statue of Lucifer in Madrid, Spain and another one in Belgium there statues of Karl Marx, stolen Lenin, all over the world, including a statue of Lenin. In Seattle. Same goes. for now there's a sat statue of Satan in Detroit there. Great, hey kid, it's not a pressing you! It's just a statue of Satan just outside, former ghetto in Warsaw. There's a statue of Hitler kneeling in prayer. There's a monument to fascist soldier in Chicago that was gifted by italian fashion, dictator, Benito Mussolini, doored, large statue of an get man standing on a naked woman in the cemetery in Brooklyn theirs.
At you of a police, woman, urinating in Dresden, Germany and, of course, there's mannequin piss. The statue in Brussels. Have you not the little kid being in the in the pond, which is kind of you can address him up as different things depending on the time of the year? And I'm sorry, that's horrible. It's a horrible statue and it's been oppressing me and I I wake up at night, terrorism Maggie, but there are a lot of it. we have to worry about today. Statues are not that's not all. This is an actual list that we compiled for you today.
The things that have been branded racist. Just in the last two years in America, dogs and dog, walking nine one one calls to yes, a body scanners, classical literature, literature in philosophy. Do you need to say this one milk knitting being cheerful, not being cheerful friendliness not being friendly enough light berries, clowns, the vendors diets, infant mortality rates, the one that comes from none other than Koala? How do you say your name? Come a comma Harris you should when she comes in cheeses, infant mortality rates, machine tweeted that implicit racial bias is one critical reason that
colonel maternal mortality rates for black women is three or four times higher than white women. She blamed maternal majority of mortality rates on, of course, racism, so, but also there's makeup make up personal space is very, very racist, vikings, potatoes, inclusion, inclusion, burger king, Commercials the okey Dokey hand sighing v rainbows. Compliments, childbirth, house plants, nail polish bacon, yes bacon, trying to improve racial tensions, not focusing constantly on racial tensions, mentioning racial tensions, existence if your white and how I would like to just be the first ad,
This monologue will soon be called racist, I'm sure there's an incredible amount of over overlap between statues and perceived racism. I don't have to give you an example, because you know exactly what I'm talking about by the way more statues of Calisto Christopher Columbus are coming down. It was celebrated yesterday that two more states are replacing Columbus Day with India Jonas people's day. There's Columbus, there's Thomas Jefferson there's France's Scott Key aim. am Lincoln of all people. Joy of ARC and many many others now the most recent example is as unexpected is the whole walking your door is racist, but here's the thing on the latest outcry. They had work really hard
this one except in doing any kind of research the contract. She centres on the statue of Kate Smith, a singer who was once called the song bird of the south. She gained faint gained in the nineteen forties Ford got room last saw recall, which I think is a progressive nightmare, but that's a different story. Smith The achievements are a little awe inspiring she performed for king of King George and Queen Elizabeth Sheikh she performed at the White House right before world war. Two Ronald Reagan bestowed her with the presidential metal of freedom. She was credited hoping defeat. The Nazis, thanks to an eighteen hour, broadcast in which she helped CBS, raise over one hundred million dollars in war bonds. Think that this is bad,
in the nineteen forty years. Why a hundred million dollars because of her eighteen hour broadcast, and I was just one broadcast yeah did I like, I think, with a total of six hundred million I mean which is if you today's dollars is over ten billion dollars. Think of that are worth think of that she helped us defeat the Nazis. For decades, both in New York, Yankees in Philadelphia flyers played her version of God bless America at home games. The Yankees featured in the seventeen is
and ending since nine eleven flyers even had a statue of Smith outside their stadium, she become the teams, good luck, charm after she performed God, God bless America before game. Six of the seventy four Stanley CUP fly finals end the flyers one, but this month all of that is changed now she's a racist. We shouldn't even mention her shouldn't, be a statue. She needs to be cancelled Chinese. Be forgotten. She needs to be smeared and destroyed. Here's. What the statement reads: the flyers have enjoyed along and popular relationship. God bless America has performed by the late Kate Smith, but in recent as we learned, that several of the songs, Kate Psmith, performed in nineteen thirty included lyrics and sentiments that her income possible with the values of our organization and evoke painful and unacceptable themes. songs. Now I want you to know
going to be offended by the lyrics and the songs, but hang on the song. That's why darkies are borne out on a room on that one and pickaninny, Heaven, not a lot of room there, either pickaninny she don't know is an archaic, derogatory word to describe black children. She performed the movie she performed this song in a movie in nineteen thirty, three. in the scene. She d did the song to a lot of little colored children living in the orphanage and she sang about watermelons and its re its clearly or racist song, K she's under contract in a movie that she didn't write, but she performed it. Ok,.
but let's look at the really disturbing one. That's why darkies were born don't even want to see the lyrics on the air because they will be taken out of context and used to smear me I'll. Let Kate sing it for herself here it is, One how much money mom. Me
ok? So you listen then you're like what is this the clan meeting? How is possibly was this even acceptable. listen to the lyrics vat, why they were born because but he just had to be content with any old thing. Somebody had be tired and worn and laugh it probable had to plant the corn pick the cotton. That's why people were born. Are you kidding me? How could you possibly record well if we would like to live in the world of ignorance, if we would to live in a world where nobody does any critical thinking you just joy.
to whatever conclusion suits your agenda and that's really important. I'm gonna come back to that. Well, then, you can just be pissed off at Kate, Smith or or You can understand that that is a song from a nineteen thirty one Broadway review called George Whites scandals and it will a sad tire of war? Its supremacists. She actually wrote this song along with Paul Robinson. He was an act dirt and a civil rights activist his father was literally a runaway slave. So what happened happen o o. This was a song that civil rights activists were acts
we singing to mock racists. You know if we get rid of Kate Smith, because of this may I suggest we put we put brooks on the chopping bloc. Have you heard the song he sang. because he saying about the inquisition pattern. Oh did you hear that I'll play it for you in a minute, but he's also Dunham movie wearies. Treating black people it's crazy called blazing saddles here's. Here's the inquisition, last year, there was a look out say we have our mission to convert the June movement without a teach them right. We're gonna see like make an offer that they can
just how was this may power the body do this, the inquisition, we're gonna, converted shoes to lose your skull cap and Jaska. Oh, my gosh I need to take a break, I'm so offended. Best of that programme its land, and I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with bore start your morning, and that is the new This is why it matters like this show. You're gonna, love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life. The news why it matters put forward- wherever you downloaded. The town hall last night, exciting: wasn't it
for he was a rich man. If there could have done it thicker than all of the candidates, I would have been laughed at yeah. You can barely get through any of these things. When did winded winded criminal voting become such a big deal in the democratic because they have do. Have every single go right and because they know criminals are going to vote for Democrats now. Listen to this question that we have from the town hall last night about prison, voting and low, to the way the question is asked of. Bernie Sanders tell me if Fox NEWS would have asked this question exactly the same way if they wouldn't have been called race. and Islamophobia listen. My follow up question goes to this being like yours,
being an opposition at against by saying you think the Boston Marathon bomber should vote not after he pays is dead to society, but while he's in jail, you sure about that, but Chris I think I have written many thirty. Second opposition ed's throughout my life this'll be just another one, but I do believe look this is what I believe do you believe in democracy? Do you believe that every single american eighteen years of age or older was an american citizen? Has the right to vote once you start ship in a way that believe me, that's what our republican governance all over this country are doing to come up with all kinds of excuses. Why people of color people, poor people can't book stop, and I also know they're, not now your printing up. I want Sixteen year olds devote yet now don't know you're just printing up nuth, while if sixteen outcome a twelve year old kid
and Republicans governors are actually asking people to bring their idea the pole with them. So we can verify that at you and when now you have to do that. He always you can get. You have to do that when you pick up prescriptions right. You have to do that when what are our door druggist, our pharmacist Are they racist because you can't get up a prescription without your I d So are you they racist? That's life, saving medicines and it's not just in casting a photo you out of millions right as light as a saving someone's life, where I have to show up with ideas becoming any so racist to claim that minorities can produce an idea they can they can they do and by the way you to release our it ass. It were getting his aunt to an eighty percent is actually one of the most popular things in all of our discourse, and yet the Democrats continue to get away with that harping on it too Maison yeah. What do you mean I am, I admit, to a legally.
Torn on this issue with a with centres was mentioning an even within the Boston bomber. Should they be able to vote while in prison. I know tat. I am where I bit my whole life by on the limited minor question. I would like to hear you cause you're elicited this listen to this question, but understand this is due who's. Never ban, you know, he's always been. Look. We ve whether all kinds of storms, lucidity glad I don't have it. I can't say the things. I have no idea what you're running you to say her. Now I want you to say you're what you're gonna say what you said earlier today about you know you ve had a new look at this. Go ahead, I owe up my new perspective on it at early, so I guess I feel like I'm torn on it and I get I don't know it glens leading to hear such. I hope I don't go through your thing here, but so the idea being that like, if someone is in prison
and one of the issues in the campaign is about prison conditions. Should the person whose being affected by those policies be able to have input in them using example that used today and are not saying that this is your that man, maybe you just using this! For me, I don't owe you all eyes. I knew no can now and wonders acts of my first example wasn't what, if they ve outlawed air conditioning in prison and it's really hard, and should you be as a person who is effected by the policy be able to say wait a minute? I want a politician who is going to oppose that then to appeal to Glenn. I said If they started out long, they started throwing as we put foreshadow many times. They started throng people with unacceptable political opinions in prison. What if you are some you're? Some outrageous talk show hosting you get into prison in and you are now in prison for some bs thing that you shouldn't have to do what if they started, throwing Kate Smith's to the world in
in writing because they said these horrible things. Should you not have input to say you know what I dont think that candidate, who is my belief violating the constitution, should be able to go for a gun. Gun claim is another good one. The second amendment get thrown in jail because they put in one of these crazy policies. Should you not, while you're in prison, be able to say I want to different politician who sees the constitution the right way and I think there's an hour. I think this is a largely meaningless conversation number one they're, not there we're not their number two. We will be next. We would never mind but never to also like. I know we all get all we get all excited about the actual meaning of a vote in this very, very important historically, and all that in that they I did and that these are turning over elections. Oftener it's gonna be unlikely, but just from a from a principle manner like. I think that a few people who would oppose those policies that put them in prison shouldn't you could, in theory
you're right of your Hitler. You could put you could put Jews in prison who could never vote you out of office right and you could come up with some ridiculous way to put them in prison and then they would have no input to overturn that way. Yeah. That's kind of a separate topic, though, from what we're talking about here, because we're not at that place. If we got to that place than ye I might think differently about it, but were not there now itself, whether or not they want to vote for their own air conditioning they lost that opportunity. You loss at right. Sorry, look here, Here's the thing is through the air conditioning thing that it's a a moral society. Ya. Don't you If you're not don't want oral horseshoe them right now, nobody is declared unconstitutional nobody home. Today's America is going to say I don't care if they drink swill rhodomontade Kay Let em starved it than we dont we're not like there? Yes, oh, so that one doesn't work, because we see who are a somewhat more all people that don't want our prisons to be nightmare. Someone
somewhere? I know what I mean: that's family principles are about what we know like you're. Not you don't come up what we do, There's! No! No, I don't know. What's in a week, is putting soldiers in your home Then you are not doing more time, but we still have the third amendment and it still stands as a legitimate prince erect, and I think the principle is that I happen to agree with. I don't agree with once you get out of prison that you ve lost that right forever. I don't think that's right. You ve paid your debt you ve paid your dad, but while you are in prison, I'm sorry you lose your rights, your in prison, so there's How can do serious in it off serious enough that you could lose your voting rights for ever and Burnside old world?
and let me tell you, I don't think so, because your ears, like blessing children, rape, you ve, paid your dad. I may we either believe in the pay your debt or we don't want. You paint your debt. If your. If your crime is so bad that you can never ever recover from it, you should never. ever be out of jail, yeah yeah? That's it s kind of the argument that, like the media maidens long list right like if, if you are a threat enough to potentially molest, children that we need to tell everyone in your neighborhood about it. Maybe you shouldn't even the output yeah yeah. That's what I do think that the EU there are things that we don't understand. We don't understand, you know if you can ever be cured, and God forbid in this this table,
destroy me? Probably in maybe a year and a half, but if you can be cured from pedophilia yeah. I know it's old timey. He believed it cures better value for money. be a year and a half the IDA I'd be a week it? How I know I know, but we don't know we don't know, and so we don't want to take chances with our children. However, you know the voting booth is not a schoolyard with kids in it? Now? You just hope you don't move into an area where the voting booth ends up being in the school, because then, here in your solved, if you have
Maybe it is a crime against children go to school. He can go to school of own, so we got you covered. I think to amendment my general position on this forever has been if it's part of the punishment and you receive you, do the crime and receive the punishment you know about it in advance. Right like it, it's all publicly available that you're not gonna, be little vote anymore. probably o k and fair, but I can understand the other side of that would cause the other issues into. You know that part of your voting right is is saying like I think laws should be this way and if you are on the wrong side of that law and then there's no one there to overturn an unjust law that could be problematic.
The long term scenario, and I don't have the costs of having somebody vote in prison is. I would rather we the american way used to be that we err on the side of of a freedom of freedom, always err on the side of freedom measure. What you're saying is well yeah, but maybe these guys get out and they're gonna vote for this or that well yeah me ie, but what about the guys who come out and they are truly reformed or we gonna we're gonna punish Angelou, just the other day. The correct I was released under trumps second chance, yes, and he in out completely reformed and actually get out of prison than they brought him back in on some technicality and trumps law, by partisan off other scares. What's grace and now this is not Bernie Sanders, because Bernie Sanders doesn't think you should ever lose that right, even
you're. So even what our serving you were, the Boston Marathon Guy Common heritage label of old, basically, the same yeah. That's that's crazy! It's, in my opinion, that's craziness! What isn't, in my opinion, is to be able to say look you lose it for that time period, but we either as a country believe in forgiveness and redemption, or we don't so if you pay the price, we must let it go. We must Let it go. I think you should not put a voting booths in presence so, but if they can escape prison and get to vote, thickish batch account that's my policy on buildings running allow Georgian George Soros we'll have I ever an appraisal This is the best of the blend back programme.
like listening to this podcast? If you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're their due? favour and rate the Shell Gregg Abbot you. Having on insane. Yet have you Texas? Allow lawlessness in the state of Texas that way? is going on in Dallas. Canny is unacceptable. It is the job of a district attorney to enforce the law that he took an oath to preserve and protect and defend the law. The steady taxes he is violating is oath is unacceptable of a water range policy. He ran for the wrong job. They should run for the legislature where he will fail in its policy. But let me tell you something: We are not going to allow district attorney than the steady taxes to hijack our legal system and to promote lawlessness. Do not prosecute crimes that insanity work Send him back into New York or some other place, what kind
Curtains, do you like me? I just love you. I love you. I saw this come out over the weekend and I if you really need it, if its necessity for you, seven hundred and fifty dollars, they can just rob you that saying what are we have charities for what we have churches for? What do we have soup kitchen for where this is not What are these people thinking on the other. We would get the NBA play. Arson and hockey player scorn on right. Now, I'm in a nice big tv that I can people over to watch the game with me, and I found one poor only seven hundred dollars, so I'm just gonna. Stop by and grab me a tv not worry about paying for it. I can be able to host a good tv watch. Gay rights is insanity who we talked
We talked about this there making the case right now I mean this is socialism in in a nutshell, except it's with with crime we, talking about yesterday there making a big deal out of having access to the internet will if I. access to the internet and wifi, but I dont have a computer as long as steal one four, seven hundred dollars, I'm ok, citizens, but were put yourself in the shoes mom and pop grocery store. Or some other top a store. Yes in some part of town in in Dallas, county somewhere, They may have people come in and say: listen, I'm just gonna! Take this or take that from the store owner, because there's no fear whatsoever a being prosecuted that that is lawlessness by this district attorney and are very, very proud. All the law enforcement agencies, both in the state of Texas, as well as endemic Adele County, come out is
as I did as well, the attorney general did. We want to send a message not just to Dallas County, but also to the entire set. A text is now that this type of lawlessness is not going to be allowed one a lot to be promoted and we're gonna work to shut it down how Do the police feel about because they're gonna be the ones who a star boxes in a call, today. We have these guys. They come in every day and they steal Muffins and off the counter they just take em and they walk out. We can to continue to do this. How did the police is. How are they expected to deal with this concern and take the brunt Of the store owner or the person has just been robbed when they say I'm sorry, there's nothing. I can do Actually, inanimate ass. One reason why the place was so, grimly angry about this because they too taken oh, they too, or they risk their lives every single day where they could be shot and killed.
because they were gone down in downtown Dallas a couple years ago that they put their lives on the line to promote safety, to protect the people whose communities they patrol and now they are being told by the prosecuting attorney in that account in that country that these criminals may not be prosecuted, and so it is time the hand police officers- and they are rightfully angry about this governor. This his way above your pay great, but I know you're doing something about it. I want to tell you a story of something that happened to me, or this is way below you. The way below your pay? Great sorry wanna tell you something you happen to me that I could not believe I lived in in the state of Texas MA
My home taxes, my my taxes, went up property tax property taxes through the roof through the roof and everybody that I know where the taxes have gone through. The roof might Excess went through the roof because I own three and a half acres. Everybody else in my neighborhood only owns one acre and even my houses built across those three acres, or you know two and a half of those acres in in its are we gonna one story? The tax assessment came back that I had pay for all three acres as if there was a home on all three, because I could I'd by land up is laws? I told my house down by land up and be able to sell three houses on there. it was insane, so we
wrote a letter saying we. Yes, we're coming a wee wee wee want to contest this returning wrote a letter Karma was in the wrong, was in the wrong place. We went to defend dead with our attorney before my wife walked up. He heard the woman at the taxes. Sesar is sitting at this little council she's. Does she want up and she hears the woman say I am so sick of these rich people and their problems, blah blah blah blah blah. My wife is like, oh dear God, so she she prefers that's it. The woman looks at her and said How do we know that you meant that that this letter means what you say. It means we said, will pick because we are the ones who wrote it. Our attorneys wrote it for us. We are the ones who wrote it, nay said well, but they come here.
Instead, it could have been written about this, we're like note, but that was a mistake on the comma. We are fighting for this reason forget the karma we're here to testify. This is what, I believe they rejected it, because the two other people the woman and said I dont care whatever you decide and of course, she decided now we're not accepting this because of the comma governor This is in sanity, it sanity what's happening to people in with property taxes in Texas dwarfing as theft, but excellent authorities in that's why we? Your focus this session as we speak right now, reforming your property tax system. Doing three things one is to address import which I can about an end to rein in and out of control appraisal system. Our brothers on others is top on you and many we're listeners, but think about the average.
Venier, who is being driven out of their home, that they may have already paid off, because the property taxes are increasing so much can no longer live in their home? It's insane think about the millennial whose look into by their first home and they they average out their monthly income. things like that. Poor figure out, you know, weaken afforded by this home four hundred thousand dollars, wherever the case may be, but then, when they had a factor in what the probably taxes are they realize, while they're not gonna, be able to afford to live in the homes of the poet port one is we have to reform an appraisal system in the way they pay This marks in the state of Texas for property owners for homeowners is it they are able to jack up your appraised value by ten percent per year by God, they're going to try to get every penny from you, but
exactly that and there is no limit on businesses and what they can increase of property taxes by and so that the cost of what you're paying for your good and things like that, you bet you may by somewhere, is goin up a whole lot, because poverty, taxes and the seller is going up so much but port one. We want to reform the appraisal system. a point too. We want to use state money to buy down your property tax rate so that we will lower. They might probably taxes that you pay and then point three. We need to close the back door to prevent taxing authorities from being able to come back again and raise your property taxes back up. That's why people have seen in the news that the text since it has already passed out in the Texas how soon will pass out limit on the ability of taxing authorities to raise your property tax right? We are going to hammer down property taxes in Texas. Thank you for that. Ok, it do. You have to
could I could I hold you over for one minute and then come back and I cuz I want to talk to you about what's happening to our steak, I think they'll be there at you know, there's any good to ask me to give me like. I got to get to the capital. I guess I'll text. I got to take care of no answer, and we are, I am very concerned. Texans are not aware of the efforts to flip us, blue and we are. We are close to losing this state. It feels I just feeling something: that's not happening, no other, and it is true. Obviously, the elections got close this past year with a better effect, but one of the better. If it was the fact that he raised eighty million dollars, he was able to spend that money on getting people to read I heard about and go about who had never voted before, and so what we are working as to counter that make sure we get conservatives out to vote and get them right
stirred and oh weightless. We understand it. If we lose taxes, we lose the United States of America. Do there will be no other taxes for people to go to, and this is worth fighting for. We are going to work every single day to make sure we fight to keep taxes that conservative, bastion of the United States of America Governor God bless you thank you so much your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme? we have a fabulous new game, show glad it's called. Is it David, Duke or Amy Sumer, which were Is it it's gonna, be very difficult for the audience due to come up with these answers, and that's why we brought in and expert has, did you do with neither one of us wanting to read a bunch of David. Do quote so we can be taken out of context and we don't care about Jappy. Its
do you know. I don't think this is fair to say: is it David, Duke or Amy? It should be? Is David Duke or somebody just as bad as David Duke Rikers. That's the thing there Saint Kitts, myth is as bad the races of that day, because she sang the song which was apparent here- is that it was a sad tyres attire to show that racist were dumb, as rightly right. So we brought in jeopardy and again and has nothing to do with not wanting to behave like readers completely expendable pick out. Some people said that welcome Jaffe. Thank you, the harvest of this again that Glenn has given a brand new, very clunky titles, yes, David Duke or some just as bad as David to authority at second reading. I dunno I happen to know these gonna. I've heard this particular Amy Humor Bit, but I mercury is to know if you can actually tell. I think some of them are gonna, be difficult. Ok, go ahead by our noses.
The duke or someone just yet bad. Are the didn't people laughing. I can never tell. Well seeing that its from Munich talking about laughing. I would say that if someone just as bad as David do call Amy Schuman. Do we have Amy Humor Audio, people have never they all my look alike and they don't make facial expert wow. Well, someone just as bad I'll tell you that David do. Thank you and I hope for the future, the Future general, she's real, as we all know how bad David Duke is, but we don't realize their other people just as bad as David Duke question number two glass: up to now who's the wet back wow again. This is why the Jappy reading these life, saving David, Duke,
David, you could do we have any sooner Oddy on that line and actually is like the West back and like I was any Sumer somebody just as bad just this ban has David doing in the next one really bad. I think that white people were no question the creators of what we call White America was that David Duke or someone just as horrible say that again cause our stuff say again. I think that white people were no question creators of what we call White America. Oh, I think it does. It have to be in a comedy routine. Is that sounds like Amy Schumann? Do we have Amy Shimmer of that line that doesn't sound like? Maybe that's exactly, they would say: yeah White America definitely built what we would call white merrily could have been yet there has been a serious policy state, for maybe she saw it so it was either Amy humor trash,
be racist against white people or data to being racist against people of other colleagues that incredibly confusing gameshow really back to our host Jeff Fisher, course you know the miracle of AIDS. We all do it's the only disease that turns fruits and vegetables. why? I don't think even Amy Shimmer would have said that but that is a joke farms. That is your final answer, Sir David Duke Nor do we have Amy sure audio of that one year. Correct nice word nice worth while so much best friend is black she's teaching me how to freestyle rap that I'm teaching her huh freestyle swim that israeli humor play the audio and my best friend is black and a story,
and jewelry media. At its core she's been teaching me. I, like Freestyle, rap some kind of good at since eating her out of reach, thou swim and it's ok. That's the audience laughed at that today, but will be ok in the future. I think we need to identify with phone technology- everyone whose, in the audience laughing at these I think that laughing at that sad, it's a sad statement. You think that all white people freestyle sway. men, all black people, Freestyle, Rapid Europe, clearly erases the interesting take on that. But yes, look at our next that deficits, the host of the fabulous gameshow get back in the kitchen. Those dishes are going to do themselves. That is something that David Duke absolutely said. But I bet Amy Human also said: let's ear do we have Amy? She, Morocco lack an occasion. I decided to do them,
talking about his spandex saying they need a guy like that. It even has the hosted. Does that looks? Ok, David Duke would have said yeah, because that's just a straight racist line right like hey manage divide that it was about women. No, no! It's about Hispanics is about his and it s because you see Spain is what you do is according to Amy Humor, when we take out the context of what she's actually doing here, and I think this is because when they bill all the Amy shoot tumor statues that are clearly coming when that happens, we can all revisit this fifty years and tear them all down good thing, there's never humor? I am so sick and tired of hearing about slavery. You think slavery didn't exist in Africa, even indian tribes, that's David, do and do we have Amy Humor audio. You are correct again land, you pretty good at this game. You see
You know these racist things very. Well, that's indifferent game show up. Look at is the J Game show contestant all day? They do thanks very much Jeffrey. By way, you can get Jovi Mass killings that podcast you and the fat tuna fat with Jeff Fisher Available were all podcast are, I believe we can get to the line about Mexicans and their work habits Do we have that one? It would be the fourth clip on our list from Amy Humor. Tell me: is this David Duke or Amy humor? Would you know when you heard this line? If it was just read to you, I mean nothing works on ninety percent of the time, rain that mexican how that, but that I mean again this is it out of context taken out of context, which is what they ve done too,
multiple occasions taken me out of context. They just did it to me last week, just last week you take things out of context and it's bad and but we're a play that game because taken out of context, You ve already decided America by letting these things stand you ve already decided that you'll just go along with it. So whoever they want to sweep up and believe me, I mean they will come. For you. Eventually they will it will come for. You there are already eating their own. They had it. We have power yet and there are already kicking people out of the club. What are you It's gonna happen to you, you may one wrong move your out. So good luck to you. We by the way as conservatives welcome you,
to do your comedy and Amy Comedy you want to do anywhere. I mean pay for it? I may not enjoy it myself, but I stand by your right to do it any place you can draw you'll, never find us outside protesting. Applying to throw pies and you never trying to stop you from speaking at college. We ones are the fascist which ones the fascist, the one who says Hey Book the theatre go make as much. Is you won't tell any joke you want or the ones you say you, Can't say that you can dear. You say that I'm gonna protest, I'm gonna pick it and I'm going to burn every book that you have ever hello, which ones the fascists, the blue his radio network on demand.
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