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Glenn brings the most important news story of the day: Big companies are boycotting Facebook until they regulate more "hate speech." Former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has endorsed Joe Biden. Economist Stephen Moore warns that if Biden is president, we will see a second Great Depression. Also, he and Glenn break down how to deal with big tech bias. Author David Horowitz gives a look at his new book, "BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win."

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In Amerika is sick. Twisted freak. We ve got a great show for your great podcast. You don't want to miss a second of it. We have, Woodson on guy. You probably never heard of this guy is outstanding fat That you never heard before on the tree on America and slavery. Sky is I mean I do I really I want to. I want invite him over and just have him beyond the show every day, in fact these coming back tomorrow, hopeful tomorrow's podcast as well, don't miss a second of that we we also go into the most dangerous story of the day. It is something that I think you really really need to pay attention to an end. It just is at that point now
to where it's all coming. The chickens are coming home to roost. If I may quote Jeremiah right, isn't it always the time where we really have to be very, very careful, and you'll hear all about that and why I say this is the most important story of the dates where we start on today's broadcast the only thing I want to talk to you about. What I think is the most important need store of the day and it comes from the hill and the headline is just Facebook boycott gains momentum. Are doesn't sound like a big deal right Facebook is coming under mounting pressure from major companies to rein in Haiti,
content on their platform or further loss of ad revenue in the Last week, companies like Patagonia, the north vase then in Jerry's Aria I- join these stop hate for profit campaign organised, by civil rights groups in the wake of police killing of George Floyd. Organizers of the Facebook boycott acknowledge that, while previous efforts to change facebooks platform fallen short, the national focus on racial injustice has put the spotlight on all aspects of life, including social media. Now here you have big toe. That already defines hate speech as this speech enemies, each the disagrees with what the mob is saying that hates me, they already agree with it.
They are already limiting speech there. Already democratizing people they kick to people off just in the last two days you're coming for us one by one as it is. Now you have the advertisers, organised by the same people that put me out, but all of us out this. People who had been boycotting rush Limbaugh forever. You now have those people. Coordinating the efforts on Facebook with what's happening. What do you think is going to happen quote this is from Jonathan Green Blot. The ceo of the Anti Defamation League Think the country is reckoning with his legacy of systematic racism
in a way that it hasn't before you see this playing out in the public square and it seems to be playing out in the political arena that environment, I think, creates the current conditions in which this advertising pause has so appeal, knows it. What a pause and not a boycott, because I don't think they know if they can survive without Facebook in Google. You who's gonna win on that battle just like to say to Jonathan Green Blot should watch what is HBO show that out now the. Something of Amerika had been watching it. It's real! It's really really good about Charles Lindbergh. Winning the nineteen forty election or nineteen thirty nine election instead of farm. Instead, Roosevelt It shows how Heyward the Jews or just sold out just sold out. If you
actually think what you're their running the Anti Defamation League, that the people of black lives matter. Are your friends you're insane. You are absolutely insane so the eighty I'll be ended, p, sleeping giants collar change creep ass an common sense have launched stop paying for profit campaign last week calling uncovered to pull their advertising dollars from Facebook for the month of July has been a lot of misinformation, says James Starr, founder of sea and ceo of common sense. He said after Floyd's death, there's been a ton of hate and white supremacist content on the platform, and they just ignore it really. The rhetoric,
our glorious glorifying violence. The groups behind the current boycott are calling for Facebook to, among other things, created threshold for harm or users face users facing harassment can speak directly with an employee in internal. Mechanism for removing adds labelled as misinformation, and, system for flagging content in private groups, so They want more restrictions by the way we have been flagged over and over again. This is how they are limiting our voices, because if you get enough people too, Let facebook know that you think That's misinformation and if you get USA Today ABC News Nbc to say what you are saying is misinformation, your band. There already doing this. Although the campaign was just launched last week, there already received more than a dozen corporate sponsors,
outer where companies, including Eddie Bauer, where some of the first to join pledging to stop buying advertisements on Facebook and Instagram for July, the web browsing company, Mozilla, shipping, company, local postal, the film distributor district Magnolia pictures and will freelancing platform up. Work have also joined the campaign as the world's largest on demand, remote talent platform were committed to building a safe and inclusive space for companies and professional, says the ceo of hop work cannot stand by and be complicit or complacent about the spread of hate, racism and misinformation. Green suggested more companies are likely to add their names to the list. We ve got a lot of incoming advertising agencies and other brig big brands who are thinking about it, and I You'll see that more will come on line in the days ahead through sixty. I digital advertising firm with clients like spice maker, Mccormick in company consumer giant Unilever, in disguise,
were financial services sent an email declines last week, advising them to join the ad boycott David Kirkpatrick author of the Facebook effect and founder of technology, tat technology You're, not tech, comedy called the Pope. Control of the boycott campaigns. Historic there's a small number of really global, influential advertisers. It would gain the attention of Facebook in a way that nothing else ever has they're gonna start cracking down why My telling you this because everything that I hold you was coming is now here. These are the times I literally would like you to, thank God for the blaze, because It is only because of him that I started it is because of him that we said we're going to build a platform that doesn't
I rely on advertising we're going to build platform that will be open to all voices that are coming under attack if you believe in the constitution of the United States. You have a home here, I don't know how long this is going to last don't know how long, but the blaze he is one of the platforms now and others are not built the same as ours, we haven't. Talking to other platforms? for a while- and I think, with corona virus. They they kind of woke up, and hopefully they are changing some of the things that they do. I am open to talking to any other platform about what makes us different, and what makes us a little more stable, but I all So I am open to talking to any talent. That is, that is on
ropes right now there must be some place that is preserved and defender and is a voice of America, I also put out a call today, please and I have ass people who are Ike minded and I think they thought I was crazy when I said it, but I am a call out right now to people who are in Silicon Valley who see what's going on and no would that be. Only voices that are important at times like these are the ones of dissent. You cannot have lockstep Thinking you cannot do it if you want to survive, you must have people that think differently to at least Percent another point of view:
constitution of the United States? The bill of rights is under attack and I don't know if there is going to be a voice outside the public square and I asked people in the tech industry is there. Any one within the sound of my voice that thinking about the abyss, We too have a voice of America outside of America. Us some place where we can be safe and be free and can actually get in to America. This. Into view. Because freedom of speech is on the ropes and I believe we could be. I think we, be living in a completely different America by Christmas. This is not hyperbole, and I want to
speak directly to those people who are living in the centre of the country. An email from somebody who lives in LOS Angeles and at the same almost the same email from a daughter who, who was up here at the ranch for the last couple of months in Idaho, and she just went back to Dallas I a guy who was up here he's one of my researchers. He was up with me working on this July. Second, project and he was up here for about three weeks. He had been down Bye. But you know Saint George, for about a month before that, because he lives in loss LOS Angeles, and he got out of the city with Cove id, So this is the first time he has gotten back to allay. He wrote this morning, and he said Glenn. Maybe we're missing it because
security is the attack on Fort Sumter kicked off the civil war? Yes, that is officially true, but the, first, violence between the north and south, including localised rioting and looting, started me before that, the path to four. Sumpter wasn't quiet and peaceful? Nor was the break out of military hostilities a surprise honestly. It headed. Ten plus year build up, but in the key weeks and months ahead of Sumpter. It become very obvious. It was an inevitability in this in the civil war. No sorry is the civil war to already under way. Other side is already fighting it. They're using violence to overthrow the United States Constitution and the government, our side, the pro USA side, sits and ass for constructive dialogue. We need and apologize and give them every inch. They demand back then Southern governors advocated their citizens to arm themselves already
They had declared martial law in Kentucky and Virginia by the time Sumpter rolled around now. I'll be. Eleven intifada are. Knocking the streets armed their attacking members of Congress attacking police. They have taken over. U S, territory by force, they have torn down hundreds of plug public monuments, local state and federal We may as well just say it? The war is already here: they're, not Ro Testing Missis, civil unrest and looting looting? This is not about police reform or policy changes or income inequality. This. Insurrection, anti american marxist forces and millions of useful idiots supporters bent on the violent overthrow of the United States of America. There is no way to interpret the day in front of us any other way. You may be right. This up in Idaho, because I mean allay right now and I can
tell you the level of tension, you can feel just walking around a grocery store, its palpable so striking distance difference for being in Saint George or Idaho polite. Is incivility are completely absent, even in casual interactions here marxists have already enjoyed victories over police departments. How long before its National Guard Weapons Depot Fort Sumter about claiming american cannons. Remember powder guns the bill. To these civil war. Looked eagerly samba, similar to what we are seeing today: localize violent clashes and those insurrection taking up. Arms against official government authorities and the insurrection. Southern is democratic media fanning the flame, the side is already mobilized. We're still in the denial phase
after all, we haven't had to fight Marx's directly, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy four in Vietnam and indirectly, via the cold cold war. Since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, we might be a bit rusty Now they are in our midst, our sons, our daughters, our neighbours and we're paralyzed, because the implications of what we're facing our horrifying, but they'd might be real. My daughter wrote yesterday and said TAT, I think I come back up, it is tense here it doesn't. Feel the same. I want you to know for those of you who are out like. I am right now. You're, not in one of the major cities, it is different there, it is. I am in this small town right now, and I too hope that just feels the same and your watching things on tv and and it's still disconnected from you. It does
and feel that way in the major cities. I share this with you, because we have got to wake up stand up, stand gather and know exactly what we believe What I said earlier about the blaze, thank God I mean it. Thank God for the place, thank God for the things that he has told other individuals to do, and they have done it. Thank God for them individuals of for having the the way with all to do that things when it didn't make any sense at all. You know what he's doing, but he is doing something profound and we all must stand in our place that he is directing us and them is always a place.
Of love and honour and integrity. Always this is the best one big program right. I know what you're thinking people ask me all the time Glenn how on earth do you maintain that unbelievably handsome figure, it's not easy to have a body like this. I said four a m by running two miles than I bike back. Do I do now seven and fifty crunches finished the morning with ours of hot yoga?
we say, don't do any of that. What I usually do is sit my fat but down on the couch at night and eat a bowl of ice cream, because I really have a sweet tooth and my wife has been saying to me for a while: you're gonna try these belt bars. It's like you're eating a candy Barnum like that. No its not are they protein bars, yeah yeah! Well, that's like eating the door. Mat, ok and then I got desperate. I went indoors stash and I actually had one. Then I begged built bars to become a sponsor cause is like eating a candy bar. The cocoanut cream or mint Brownie is mind, boggling go to built by dot com use the promo code back you'll get ten dollars Your first order use the promo code back ten dollars off at billboard dotcom too Tell me why I told you You're all right we've got to get Carly Fiorina on because she just came out, and she said she's voting for Joe Biden, because we just can't have Donald Trump in office anymore, and I don't know what the hell she's even thinking, I mean here see with somebody that was for
was for crews and now with, but with what we are facing with Marxism. I, what Stephen more, is with us now. Do you understand that Stephen? it clearly Florina wooden yeah but I was crazy. I was before he got started working with Donald Trump back in late, two thousand after tea, and I was actually advising curly I'd make items like hourly. Allow, personally, I think, she's gonna. Do I think that that I think the job I would call you know my son is twenty and eat you Doggery up earlier this week, I say no doubt this will be the first time I vote Eddie. You know I'm having a top down here. He said if I vote for Donald Trump Lookin out for years of chaos and writing in the streets, and he said if I vote for Joe Biden Brunettes warriors were great
russian night with all that. That might be the trick with a joy, but there is no question about the second year. Joe Biden has elected President glum and he puts in place and you got me out, you close your speaker. We will have a second great depression. There is no doubt in my mind. The laptop is when it comes to economics, They want to raise taxes, they want to get rid of american algae. They want to raise and title. They want reparation payments may want trillions of dollars and no entitlement it will destroy the american economy shall, for someone like Curly, who is a great sea, all Hewlett Packard has a good understanding the economy to say that I would oh for Joe Biden, I dont get it. I don't get the logic behind that they must be personal I don't know I don't know. Let me let me switch topic, so I want to talk to you about TAT. I love Stephen. There are a lot of people. Dont like Donald Trump,
all other like I'll drop at all I mean. I know a lot of people do not like Donald Trump, it's not about his personality. Folks. I was personally or even his behaviour h about who can get this economy back on its feet and who can lead us out this crisis weren't and anyone who actually thinks the Joe Biden would be better for the american economy and I'll drop. I personally think needs the other had examined with. Not with the first of all the the laughter is controlling this. I mean black lives matter. I did a special last night, Stephen, that the that should put the press in being some sort of constitutional prison. Because of their unwillingness to tell the truth. This is all well financed by the left and by the democratic operatives
any it's it's dumbing. How right out there it is! These guys are part of this. If you then go them the the White House and the the Congress. There give away the store they'll, do because their beholden to them you have more chaos. You lose America forget about a depression. You lose America, your throat, that's right by the way the people, ears of lack life matter and even black people had initially in order that I know the anarchist organization that hates America hates our constitution. That's why they want. You know baby to erase our history as a nation. A here were weak away from July Fourth or Independence Day and a red. You know I'm sorry, but why is that? If we are such a racist country that every single you know hispanic em and blocks all over the world. When it comes to United States, Stephen
help me out on that. I think we are in real real trouble, especially if the Democrats win the voices of conservatives are going to be lost its. Why I built the blaze because I was for I saw all of this stuff coming Why do you say, like glad is over the top and the east is too much of the consumer Glenn is over the top by me to use too much on the conspiratorial. As I have to say, I was right you were used coming. I didn't think that these people are that crazy. But you you know. I've been kept. My help to you. How did you get back with one's got over the top here you know, but now I look at the actions of these people. They are nuts they contain Marduk. Forty lunatic ideas? would have been laughed TAT three or four years ago. Are now mainstream liberal I mean my goodness
one appeared on the statute of a grant of job per cent of Washington of Theatre arose about Winston Churchill, some of the greatest people, whacked Accomac, our somehow race Or bigots, or will we not matter which you know you are winning an argument with the lap? This is more is wrong. I got you know you are winning an argument with the left when they reach to call you a racist because they run out of arguments, so they just route lino resort to your racist. Well now I don't know if you saw, but there is that the same group of people are now taking on Facebook and they are saying you have to hunt down racist and you have to start banning them, demonetizing them and silencing them more than they already are. And this is of grave concern of mine, and on top of it, though,
eight- and I know you just wrote an article four fox on this right is coming out and saying. Well, we should we should regulate them, that's the worst idea. We could do it I'm so Why did you and I are like mine on the ground because You know a lot about conserve our friends in I'll think out loud crazy that I wrote that article now. Let let me come to state my position first. While do I think that Merit Google, Amazon and Facebook and twitter about love, you know about biases, and I did do I think that they give ninety percent of the money Democrats here ass? They do and do I agree with the political positions now. I dont think that they are Taking them in their arming, alot of people were published. Are concerned idea shop. They do disgrace, its concern and I am not denying that you're one bit. What I'm saying is that the internet first ball. If it had not been for
great technology companies. You know what do you like: the politics of Google or Apple or Amazon, their amazing companies? trillion dollar companies that a legal moral add, but the only people who will benefit if we take down Amazon and Google and Facebook and in all companies couple and Microsoft Chinese, I'm in China. Behind this plot, to try to break up hijacked because they want companies like a waterway and Tik Tok. A member state A christian prim position that we now have does point One point number two: we never could have even gone through this crisis of the last two months. Had it not been for our amazing technology company, not just the big five but thousands and thousands of innovative knowledge companies that made it possible for us to continue with them, with our work for many of us, from their homes were remotely. It just been. Using thing, and so, let's not punish companies for
successful. I hate that idea. So here's what has to happen, though, they are becoming more powerful than the government. I dont know whose more powerful and The constitution does not apply to them. It only applies to the government and I don't think the one thing I can say I dont think our founders ever considered corporations. Being or powerful, then the king or the government and so there is really no protection against them. They can do whatever they want. They can silence whoever they want. We have to give stop giving them special protection. They they have all the rights that are afforded to any company, but they choose be receiving any special rights or any special protection from the government
I certainly agree with that, and I would say this now that you know you- and I talk before about this- that the worst president. I think I wonder if you still believe But I believe that where were the worst president american history was Woodrow Wilson, who gave us to have a chance to make me from battering yeah. That's all you know so what Wilson was the one who is behind all these. Quite people forget this everything I was only the second radical progression movement. The first progressive movement was during the period. But they had aroused about and and bad Woodrow Wilson and welcome. Was the one who basically took and try to break up all of America's great company. There is a mythology and history, people not learning the right American, history, blind. You notice that the idea that Henry John D Rockefeller, and and again it's amazing, maize and Americans who built this country a robber barons is crazy, eminent for it.
Here. The people got the railroads, build our energy industry, build our banking system and made America. The great country that we are the January Ford is how Henry around he provided they have A country with honour will my point: is you got what you got? Companies that are given things that people want, how can go? the monopoly. Google. Those caused me anyway I can go on Google and find any information. I labourers your they don't even charged me. For I mean, Was that raising prices on consumers how's that monopoly behaviour? can put out. You know that I hear from a lot of businesses. That say you know Amazon. They take your product then they make a product like it and they put you out of business you know there are complaints like that and Google has Ayman. Google has a monopoly because they have the ability to buy any howdy
and so no one can come against them. You're saying one is that there too successful and you look, I mean those Something was bigger companies being too successful. We have five companies market today that our trillion dollar companies, or at least they were before the financial. This financial crisis. Have you not think about every Morocco, is a shareholder in these companies, every American You know they inquired hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people I don't know, I don't find that to be a problem and by the way, if you dont like what you always do, or facebook? I don't have a facebook account did ya like one I've got a life, is the boy I don't. I don't trust them button, but nobody, the gun, you haven't you ever after my twitter account or that you have to have a facebook account of those Google. You know I come don't use in its valley. I You aren't you glad when you- and I are talking five or six years from now, there's gonna be other,
Policemen were displaced, these companies from the top down from the top of the heap that capitalism. I can sure. I believe that I don't think anyone's thrown Google in five years. I just don't think so with the algorithms that is coming and a I mean, I think when I disagree on the dangers of ay I, but I'm telling you I'm right on this one too the a I is going to change everything and they, it is. Its mind control panel. Abilities of a I r. Are going to change. Absolutely everything Stephen, I mean And I don't- I don't- want the government to have all of that power. I dont want will. They have all that power. I dont know how to get rid of it, but we have got to think out of the box here and We will agree on one thing: star
giving Google special protection and Facebook and everybody else, and don't regulate. If you regulate that will They have all the money in the world to by all the regulation the brunt and they will regulated in their favour and then we're really screwed really screwed. That's why we have the big three automakers and we put great companies like Auburn out of business. And what you completely there and you know, I think that when we remember it wasn't so long garden it that the internet was really getting going and what made America Supreme Power is? Are you see? This is a bit of more nationalistic that, thank God, that Google, on Facebook and Amazon and Apple. Our american companies, not chinese companies- are german companies. Offer we launched in other countries. Would love to have companies alike are in fact there are the ones who are saying that their monopolies they're trying to tax our companies. I think we have to stand up for american companies, but I ought
I think we need competition and that the magic of the free enterprise system, if somebody you come along and create a new. You know a better might mousetrap and the other thing is, you are so light. What happens? This is the course of history. What happens over time Box is bit the brig waited controlled Regulators, rather than the linear eye on the street. That's coming by detroiters, you know, that's why big business combine hours rest then the linear eye on the street. That's coming by to try to do you know, that's why big business tends to support regulation
Steven Moore. Thank you so much. I appreciate your time. You were listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Is the Glenn Beck program? David Horowitz is a good friend of the program. I discovered him through his book radical son. Also, his really amazing work on something called discover. The networks. If you want to understand how the left works discover the networks is one of the most important tools on the internet. Today. David Horowitz joins us, easy author of a new book called blitz. Try pool smash the left and win bliss by David Horowitz. David. Can, you believe, were here at this point. You believe Here, David You know I've been already about this for thirty years, but I know hope you all. I know
that's when one of the hardest than has been one of the hardest things when it started to happen, because you been warning for thirty, I've been warning for about fifteen and You always hoped I mean I, This hope that I was wrong, and now that it's here it's let me start. This question day before we even in the book? What is the thing that the left is afraid of? What should we do cause? I know they want violence What should we do? What would be the thing that they would be like all crap, not bad. Yeah. I would like to see a republican legislators. We to the Democrats. Poverty is a racist already has a fictitious party
Terry impiety. I'm treat them that's quite as badly as when Sweden public policy, accusing the Republicans ordering the sky, George Floyd, we don't be such a whole, this reasoning, we don't even know that there was any way through element involve a killer I need to know what they haven't been investigated- there's been a trial for guys. Poor caps are accused of murder, a burglary, George again american another is Asian American Hauser racial element involved could go through all of these cases, but you- and I both know David, you and I, both know that this is just an excuse. This is
This is so well planned and coordinated with black lives matter, which is now. The charity, it is a sick. Preparation and a global corporation That's why this is happening all over the world. This was very well ploughed. Fidel Castro called it a day right, nor their money doesn't go. Black people were almost the billion Are you two million they re goals in the Democratic Party, would you tell you in their pocket I am going to democratic party, would collapse the way it has on the beat up the signs pulling at all more on the Foreign Affairs Committee, where she stopped security toilets, but Even I was shocked by this. So do in grim, thirty or forty years.
Let me just like you used to do these lectures on tax. Play. You know everybody with calling them level and the right They were you participant participants in our society instead of enemies of it. While the EU is just a few years ago, it was races to call anybody a marxist, but now all of the Marxist, our coming out in then saying it in and doing exactly. What I said they were, they would take the mask off. They were waiting to tell you. Yes, I'm a marxist in your system is ugly and will destroy it day. Give me some hope here. That's the best thing that could happen now they have come out of the closet in a way to away most Americans. You know about Portugal
he to the blaze? They don't read cover dynamics book, I've written on the left, but this is dramatized when a menace. They are the real threat to everybody. Yeah I can see there are criminal Like I say I just wish to a public. Good boy was speaking with the same voice. The trump does need a little bit Hasn't had floated away because the president, you can't leave to one man alone to fight this battle anyway, so it witten, but nothing. David, give me give me why you say in your book. The trump will smash the left and win tell what he should be doing today, because there is a lot of people now, San Marino, Joe, by
Who did you not least the chaos? Will stop would show by NATO, be more chaos? Donald Trump Joe by hey. I know I know so what from me doing right now. My book club is a guide to the civil war it shows how the them to democratic. Weapon Ized Ways personally predicted what had now, but it also shows why trumped, despite being the most pillar, five Why don't you were being in? All history has been able to prevail? right now when I look at it, but you know that We need a powder dry The way out He asked he can come out well, surely hers, you know it but also speeches. Joe Biden is a puppet footing. Criminals right you
he's been pretty good, but I think their savings for the campaign, I you know, it, is so easy to write the tv as I will put out and because the left has been so, I'm always said to let no one never knows went to stop, and so they expose themselves in ways that them down Why have the resources to fight at this point? Even we, we have we have only a few minutes left Gimme a we had spent an hour on chapter to divide, sabotage and resist you. You outlined the nine biggest dangers to America. The left poses can you give me given just give me the one that you think is the biggest that the people are not really paying attention to order I understand There they are.
The title of my bag report. The ugly within a year ago, but their enemies of America They want to destroy work. I think I made that pretty clear. If you paid any attention do what their leaders say and do what they do and the Democrats are provided cover funding. You don't look about accusing me looking at being murderers have accused. They are running on Trump, is responsible for all, from the virus What does it have? Any control over the healthcare system is one of the state level in all the worse things, surprise, surprise it democratically. The third trump will prevail, First of all, Americans are stupid,
No, they didn't look at the morgue and Democrats. They all my word that their peaceful protesters, but anybody who What is going on in Latvia Square knows that national guy there climbed. The way that has been done and a little ski actually said in progress block that exceeds left and right to burn it down in the sixties, that to say the card, so the occupying army in the inner cities my grandfather, the occupiers of the inner cities, my book, let's start off with. Why was for thirty years with a major problem, Everybody knew Donald Trump was noble.
Was calling him a white supremacist submit So what do you think promised before even got into power, and the answer is, he was a threat to their dirty Little secret, they ever major scandal cowhide, which is the democratic system. But you shall, before they control every made. You understood either Barrack every killing, fields, cargo, Detroit, Baltimore, one hundred percent and add for fifty two. So everything that's what there is in a Republican excited by the apples. Or any of you said he's only layers of left wing racist, deprived of their black. Usually does it observed them from being racist unless you drunk Did he left wing?
only way which. Which is a phrase drink. The Kool aid, a phrase that came from Jim Jones, which is eight, was a marxist Democrat that had everybody drink the Kool aid on David, who never turn apparently George employed in supplies. He killed them. Police procedure didn't kill all. But if you have covered nineteen as he did, which attacks right nothing that German couldn't YAP David. What's going on quickly to terms who never gave a speech in Michigan doing the care pay. What have you got to lose? You said that the black community schools are when you got a crime
the charge, you know there have any job, that's because of the understood, and that's why other white supremacist David Horowitz from the Horowitz Freedom Centre. He is the author of the new book blitz. Pull smash. The left and win David is a national treasure. I believe he is one the bravest guys he was a radical communist back in the sixties, found what the real intent was was not to make things better, but just to control Amerika he got out. Became very outspoken and has had a very difficult life because of it, but he has never ever sat down. True national treasure, David Horwitz, the name of the book is blitz. Try
pool smash the left and win its available everywhere now
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