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Best of the Program | Guests: Joe Liebermann & Luke Rosiak | 3/18/19

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Best of the Program | 3/18 - Stay Calm and Carry On? -h1 - Beto the Bizarro? -h1 - Your Father's Democrat? (w/ Senator Joe Liebermann) - h2 - "Obstruction of Justice" (w/ Luke Rosiak) -h3 

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Hello, America, it's a Glennon Stew and we're here to tell you about today's podcast good ones, start with shooting in New Zealand an you know, who's to blame Donald Trump, of course. Who else can you blame for any problem in America? So we get into that, Also, you know Beto Bob Frank O'Rourke as we like to call him here. He we find out that he maybe a little nuts and Reuters actually held the story back when he was running against TED Cruz, but now that the field where socialists can't agree- oh my gosh look. What look who found some new thing about? Beto O'Rourke! New Zealand gun murders, we'll talk about that the rates, the differences as to what's really happening with guns and Joe Lieberman, joy, I asked him. What is it going to take
Democrats to wake up to see? This is a danger, dangerous thing? That's going on in the Democratic Party and we'll talk a little bit about Tony Robbins and my meeting Tony Robbins this weekend in attending one of his seminars in LOS Angelus all coming up under these pocket. So I was with Tony Robbins this weekend in
LOS Angeles. I went to one of his events and I turned off my cell phone. I turned everything off, only checked it once and that was on Thursday night, and I checked it because people were talking. About the shooting in New Zealand. I want to show you play some audio here, because things have progressed over the weekend on this
Let me play the audio of care. Direct are blaming Trump for New Zealand, shooting Mister Trump. Your words matter. You are policies matter, they impact the lives of innocent people at home and globally, and you should condemn this not only as a hate crime but as a white supremacist terrorist attack, and you need to assure all of us Muslims, blacks, Jews, immigrants that we are protected and you will know hello, any physical violence against us, because we are immigrants or we are my number. This is in the same case. I've had enough propaganda. Remember this is what, where is? Care was started by the Palestinian Committee, which was fun it in started by the Muslim Brotherhood they star,
two organizations. They started care sorry, they started Hamas and then Muslim Brotherhood, it another arm outside of their of the Middle EAST. And so in America they started the palestinian committee. The stadium committee had three founding members of their propaganda arm the arm it was it by that guy just heard he's one, the guys that was on the committee that started the propaganda arm here in the United States. For them brotherhood called care, that's who they are that's the way they should be introduced every time, propaganda arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Now I don't necessarily agree or disagree with anything that he said about condemning this violence that no immigrant
nobody should be under this threat. No one should be, however, for him to for him to say that it is Donald. Trump's fault is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! Arnold Trump is responsible for this. When, when was there One down in New Zealand did he make a state visit to New Zealand 'cause. I don't remember that anything anybody, New Zealand saw came the mainstream media from our media and then the media in New Zealand picking it up? So if you really want to have direct blame, I think it would be from the media and what the media is saying, although that too is ridiculous.
The guy who's responsible is the guy who walked into the mosque period. It's a bizarre sign of how we worship the President as a as a mission in this country that we need him to come out and every time there's a crime for him to say well, this type of violence is unacceptable. We have a constitution that says that we have laws that say that we all know that you cannot go into a church, there's no one. There there's no way to justify there's no one who thinks it's. Okay, you do not need the president to come out every time in tweet to you his disdain for a particular attack, just like when Christians slaughtered in the Middle EAST that the media did not step up and cover at all. When that was going on, we all know well, this is this. Is these are terrible, terrible things, the idea that the sorry today is whether the president tweeted about it or not? It is disgraceful, it's it.
Takes a really serious incident with really serious problems, and- and and- and you know, two grades it to nonsense. I will give you I will I I will take us a slight difference. How dare you? How dare you You agree when I say things. Glenn there are times there are times who's that it does matter. If you come out and say something, for instance, if you are proposing legislation to kill infants and commit infanticide, it is important that you come out and say I am against this. However, the press, it has said I'm against this, we're all against this. Secondly, there are two sides to that: one: where half of the country, one major part is saying yeah. We should be able to do that. So taking a stand on that one is pretty clear. There's no! There's! No party that I know of outside of legitimately white supremacist switch
we saw in Charlottesville it was like the Superbowl for White supremacist and, like a hundred people showed up. So I mean this is a look. One person can do a lot of damage, and so, as we said, a million times, this sort of nonsense is, it should go away and it's it's despicable, but you know: there's not a there's, not a huge, the White Supremacist Movement in the United States, nor is there one in New Zealand, someone in New Zealand right now, one in New Zealand. You know there's the the so I the idea that that needs to be the story. Today, I think, is, is the rule? It's just it's a sign that every single story has to come back to Donald Trump. I've talked to punish us for some ill. We did thousands of years ago or something every single story has to be about pop drop. Anything that we can talk about. I can watch football anymore without them bring up Donald Trump. Can we please just to be the president?
It's supposed to be a role. It's not even it's not even Co. Equal branches of government Congress is superior to the president. Our system we can't but yeah. All we do is focus on the president and what he's tweeted in the last twenty four hours I mean. I all the cover just morning was about it because he's tweeting about some show one for why the hell are you covering him tweeting about the Fox lineup porn? What are you saying about? The fox lineup well. We must step up and talk about the important things. What are you doing? Making decisions on your programming based on what one man is tweeting every day, the worse title of any new show in modern history has to be CNN's new day because it's uh
it's the same day the same day every day. Every story is the same, no matter what's happening. It's the same day, all the days of the same today, there are two days on CNN all right. Let me the Prime Minister of New Zealand. This will make you very very grateful. You have a second amendment. Listen to this, while which it's being done is to the chain of events that led to both the holding of the scan license in the position of these weapons. I can tell you one thing right now: our gun laws will change. I listen to him. There have been attempts to change our laws in two thousand five, two thousand and twelve after an inquiry in two thousand and seventeen got it stop. They have tried to change the gun laws over and over again, but the people won't do it. The people won't do it.
So now that everybody is ramped up an angry, the government can just Ben and say we're going to change the laws. This is the worst thing. I've ever heard. Absolutely the worst thing. I've ever heard, that's it as an amazing admission right there and they're committing what we're looking for is to date, we're looking to take people who are emotional about a terrible incident and exploit that a motion to have them to make them do things they when soberly thinking about the issue didn't want to do we didn't want. They didn't want to do this before when there wasn't a terror, tragedy, but maybe if we try to take advantage of their emotion, they'll, do it this time you know it's affecting admitted strategy. What's amazed to me is where, where is racism come from really when with this shooting? Where did it come from? It came from
rational thought, emotional, irrational thought it came from I'm losing my country and we're losing our way out and nobody's doing anything. I got a grant. I gotta go tell everybody that's where that comes from, and what this is the media and the partitions? What are they encourage? Ing it rational thought who is talking about rational thinking? Nobody, nobody is is this is the result of not being rational? This is this is the result of doing everything your mother and father told you not to do calm down calm down, calm down you, don't have a. I have a completely new understanding for the English in world war. Two I've always thought it was in it. I I thought it was kind of a let me drink, my tea with my pinky in my hand and uh,
and maybe we can have some crumpets as well. Let's, let's have some biscuits where I saw the world WAR two PO that says, stay calm and carry on I've. Also known just stay calm. The Nazis are coming so they're putting her blowing you up, stay calm and carry on yeah yeah that be rational, don't don't think of the giant evil, the literal evil that is right across the water and they're coming for you, they're, coming Troy you there booster, was keep calm, carry on that's the best advice, I've ever heard and it didn't really occur
to me until last week when everybody is freaking out about everything and I thought to myself: everybody just needs to keep calm. Oh my god you're the poster guy, I'm the poster guy stay calm, everybody because you can't make any good decisions and never make them in that. In that position I mean we all know you don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. We know that much, but we're going to make gun law. For a nation, while you don't, I mean I don't I mean I I mean my diet, Oreo cookies right. Where would radically change? If I listen to your stupid advice, best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast, if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there was a favor and write the show. I don't know if you guys saw this. Let me read a what
at all said. You know that he had to apologize for his insensitive joke about his wife, which shake Shack is not in the least insensitive. I don't. I don't think so. Either I've, I don't even know it was about strange. Ok, here's one here's an article that he wrote how the world would work without money. After changing the system, including the government O'Rourke foresaw the end of starvation and class distinctions quote to achieve a money, less society or have a society where money is heavily deemphasized emphasized. Things are going to have to change, including the government, as we know it. This is where the anti money group and the disciples of anarchy, meat or or wrote under a pseudonym. I fear we will always have a system of government one way or another. So we will, I have to use other means other than totally toppling the government.
I think the masses would support such a radical move at this time. Haha yeah yeah. The things you worry about as a teenager and how old was. He then said the fifteen year old bed? No, this was a. That was something else that he wrote this is he still a teen, but it doesn't give the age. Let me see if I can find the actual article does not give a date yet night, being one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven. So it's in that case that Ult COLT publication that he wrote for under a student pseudonym and again it's it's more than anything. It's it's weird right! It's Weird. I don't think it means he can't be president. He wrote strange things in nineteen, eighty, seven do you know the whole killing? Children are stuffed weird, weird, but yeah I mean I mean battle. Bundy doesn't
to be president of the United States Bundy. I don't know about other people, but I'm I'm averse to that. It does there's a symbiotic relationship between the new abortion policy of the Democratic Party, the party and and these writings, however yeah they're they're, they seem to be embracing death an awful lot. They just kinda like death, a lot like a death cult now yeah this is it is by the way we have Joe Lieberman on in an hour from now anxious to hear I'm guessing Joe's, not part of the death cult. Oh no, I don't think so. Yeah, I'm anxious to hear his view on what is it going to take for you know the Democrats like him.
If there are any day- and I don't mean the ones in washington- I mean the ones that live in our neighborhoods them to wake up and go wow. This is changed a lot. This is not the democratic party that we knew. This is all this is a dangerous cult. I don't you know I, I know Bill Clinton's not spoken out about this, but in the way he governed he should be able to even recognize people in the party now, because now he wasn't, he wasn't the extreme. I mean we've come a long way since two thousand and eight v degree. I think you've got along way since two thousand and sixteen right now I know I mean but consider again that Joe Lieberman spoke at the Republican National convention. In two thousand and eight I mean he was the Democratic Party nominee for vice president in two thousand, like it went that far the guy went from the standard bearer, basically of the party too,
who, speaking in almost becoming the vice presidential candidate for the other party eight years later and on much, he was ahead of his time is really ahead of his time when he he saw the extremism starting to take root and
he knew, I mean, I don't think he has any love for the Republicans I mean I don't think Joe has a bad bone in his body. So I doubt he, you know he hates anybody, but he doesn't necessarily have any love for the Republicans. I think he, I think he just has recognized way early before any of us really how dangerous this was becoming, and now it's I mean I can't think of another name other than a cult. You know a cult and occult doesn't let you out a cult, I mean think about what do they say? This is the scientologist thing they get information on you and then they hold your feet to the fire, and if you want to leave there, not letting you leave and not letting you leave they'll destroy you before they. Let you leave you come out, you try to say something against them. They destroy. You
It's it's a cult, that's what this is. The democratic party is become a death cult and they will destroy. Look at look at look at what you're doing they destroy. It's like you get up in the morning who, are we going to destroy today and just following along and they mean it? I mean. When Van Jones, is not the comfort, rible or welcome, but he spoke it Z pack. Now we got all kinds of trouble for it and you know that's well, that's a whole another issue. He got a whole bunch of trouble for speaking at CPAC from the right, and I think rightfully so. However, he he's he's reaching out going. Oh, I don't really have a home here. I don't have a home will have a home in the Democratic Party. I don't have a home here, the guy
there's a communist may still be a communist. He was a communist revolutionary. This guy was the most radical guy in the Obama administration and he's no longer welcome. It's pretty amazing. What's that tell you when you think about Van Jones speaking it pack, that's, certainly something you couldn't have imagined in twenty ten. We could have imagined that now 'cause, it's not like Joe Libre speaking and not at all. No, this guy was a revel. Illusionary communist things change fast, though I mean had you heard the name, Beto O'Rourke as uh, two years ago I mean, I guess he was in Congress, but he was a completely unknown unknown member of Congress and now he's the big.
Fundraiser in history will naturally Nancy Poulos. He couldn't even name a single account by accomplishment when she was asked the other day. What did better or what would you say, his major accomplishment? Was she just babble energy for the she realized. What do you have for breakfast this morning? She has no idea yeah. She is she's she's kind of lost her marbles I think something's wrong with her. I do too yeah Dr Drew thinks something's, not right with better or roller. Do DR drew DR drew all right good, so that was- and this was before he can all this stuff broke about the children, the fantasizing of running over children at Home- and it is, it is kind of interesting because it from the time
I I first saw him. It did seem something's not quite right with him and now we're seeing some of the evidence of you know what he's writing at fifteen and sixteen years old about big killing children and then doing poems about how he needs a shine and he's talking about cows, the read that one! No! No! I didn't. I didn't read the cow, but Shine poem, some good stuff, I'm not by that point with my relationship with Beto
are you they are like this. He authored a poem called the song of the cow song of the co and an excerpt is, I need to but shine right now you are holy sacred cow. I thirst for you, vied milk. Well, my well sage ability used a different word. I love the cow good fortune for those that do love me breeze my feet. The cow has risen, our full wax. My a a word scrub, my giblets, then how has risen provide milk if that isn't the next president of the United States, my god, I don't want to live in this country anymore, that type of phone number for the surest path to the presidents, and so what is drew say about it. So he says that something is just off. Something is wrong with the guy and he can't quite put his finger on it
there's something not right, I don't know what it is and he's he has promised to get back to us when years. It out. That's alright could tell, by the bizarre hand, gestures constantly now I was very happy to see Jimmy Fallon pick up on that particular thing. That Beto does, which he is the very strange hand gestures when you're thinking about the presidential like nickname, I would surely get. I think. Sweaty Beto is a good one, because if you ever watched him in Texas, you notice every time he got a big debate stage. If he's doing a big speech is very sweaty dude edit lutely, I would totally get into his head and sees what he better when it has a nice ring to it, although I also like wacky weaving inflatable arm flailing to Ma'Am that, because I know that he is a little long, yeah,
but even flammable yeah. You know it is a little long for twitter. However, him standing out in front of a mattress store, doing a speech is exactly the same thing play right if you run out of Saturday's or was that when he announced next to his wife sitting on a couch next to have you seen that video she seems like a hostage not at my wife yeah, and he is he is throwing down with the finger the whole time. He is just one hand is just thrown down the finger like. I will kill her As you drive to my by my cult, I will kill her and her children and you're like wait is this? Is the best of the Glenn Beck program
hey it's Glenn an. I want to tell you about something that you should either end your day with or start your morning with, and that is the news and why it matters if you like this, show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us that all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters, look forward now, wherever you download your favorite podcast senator Joe Lieberman, who has been a gentleman his whole career and has been a guy that both sides could look at even if we strongly agree and say he's a decent man who just wants what's best for the country and we just disagree. Jolie. And joins us now in the program Joe. How are you, Sir
Glen, I'm I'm a much better after I heard your generous introduction. Thank you very much. It's it's great to be talking to you again, yeah, our our friendship goes back a lot of years. Does Joe Joe. I wanted to talk to you because of the op ed that you wrote, but a little deeper than that you you talked about Illata, Mars comments about is a moral test for the Democratic Party into that a little bit, yeah! Well uhm! I I must say that in my life, so I might have to stretch to remember- and I can't remember another time, when an elected member of Congress spewed forth that of explicit and really grotesque Antica. What does am- and I can't compared to the experience I had in two thousand when I goodnight
headed to run for vice president with Al Gore and first jewish American. I have that honor and people always ask you: did your face Anti semitism? I honestly didn't and wow what a change and to me it's. It was a moral test for the House of Representatives and, specifically the House Democratic caucus, because leaders affect the behavior of everyone else, and so here you have a congresswoman following a saying something really country to all of our best values and his the Democratic Party and it needed to be condemned with as much directness as she spoke, and it was. I mean what what emerged was a hodge, add resolution that seemed to condemn all bigotry and I think it
it leaves her words standing, which is not good for the Democratic Party and not good for the country You said that this the democratic leadership mumbled and they must not mumble. They must be clear, which I agree with, but I that I wanted to ask. You know: there's there's a serious issue of this in the Labour Party over in England and England has been going off the rails for a while on Anti Semitism and we're seeing the same stuff happening, and it it usually coincides with the is in socialism, and nationalism with those things start to rise is. Is that I think that jewish people are a canary in the coal mine they're, the first ones. So I'm looking at this I'm seeing this I'm seeing that the Senate would not take the easiest vote ever and say: no we're not going to kill children after they're born it's the easiest vote over
the number there's, not a single person running in the Democratic Party that will stay. And uh and say that they are a capitalist they hem and haw and mumble. What what will it? Eight hundred and forty four regular Democrats to wake up and go wait a minute wait a minute, and I mean even the ones in Washington with the Labor Party. You have party members standing up an exposing and if they don't they're leaving six of them have left not saying where you go, I'm just saying: is there anybody that's going to stand up in this party and say we're in trouble guys were yeah yeah. You know it's the way. You phrase the question was exactly right because I know from personal conversations that there are a lot of Democrats. In Congress who don't buy into this?
Socialism is the solution to our problems and and uh. The government can take care of everything. All your knee, don't worry the were, and I was going to be paid for because you can be paid for by higher taxes and and and it's gonna be paid for by higher taxes on the middle class, the but they're there the intimidated, I guess, and to some extent this happens in both parties in different ways by the active minority, but honestly for Maine to look at Totalism has worked here and we found our own way need to do it. It's just not pure capitalism with the markets. Just fear of everything, because we've we've added a support for people can take care of themselves. We've done some regulation, maybe sometimes too much regulation but wow his system work. Then you know it's still working
today I I know there is still some in equities. I know some people have fallen outside of the I don't like mainstream, but look at the unemployment numbers there. Solo look at the stock market content. Can it be high? I mean this is the still the greatest economy in the world, so why would you want to dump it for something that failed terribly in the Soviet Union and Cuba and now is it's ruining a wonderful country which is Venezuela is it just makes no sense, and I think it's follow in the mob and but that mob does not const dude? In my opinion, majority, or even a plurality within the this country in it? For me, it's the way the Democratic Party is, it makes itself into a losing party, not successful.
Find party again so Joe, I'm having a hard time convincing my audience and I believe this and I think I think the majority of I can't even say this. I don't know how many people believe this, but I do that. The average Democrat, who is my neighbor is not for infanticide, not for an end of the free market. They're, not anti semitic, Semites they're not for any of these things, but what is it going to take two bake them up to the hijacking of this party 'cause. If it's dead, it's dead, if it does you wake up right sure, I agree with you and sit on the the totally that the the the the the loudest voices in the Democratic Party in and it's either in Congress
or it's the the candidates for the presidential nomination. Two thousand and twenty honestly do not represent the rank and file of the party and uh it was in the best way for that to be changed. Is for the Democrats who who are Instream, Americans, very loyal Americans, not socialist, certainly not anti so much to come out, vote in the primaries and hopefully find a candidate that they feel reflect their point of view. But I want to say, looking at the House of Representatives itself, when I got involved in the last election with a group called no labels that was working till center right Democrats in Center Center left Democrats Center right Republicans to try to create a sensor group work together, negotiate compromise, get something done and
really the Democrats took over the House of Representatives Majority, not because because your core test store or Omar to leave it's a whole bunch of really first rate, centrist Democrats who believe in the things you just talked about going bananas. Finally, they had to do that because they won swing districts or even reply. Look in districts in with the kind of a socialist good and occasionally anti semitic, extreme rhetoric- or it could have one knows this week. So that's the hope of the party if they will, if they will stand up, speak out and that this. Why why I said that the House Caucus of Democrats failed the moral test, because they they kind of covered over Congresswoman Omars um error, her evil
and once you do that, you know it's. It's an old line from Dante. The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who would times of moral crisis better preserve their neutrality, it's not, time to mumble it's time to stand up and speak clearly against this nonsense. So do you see- and let me ask stu because he he's been following this: is there a single person stew that has come out? I mean even CNN blasted them for the is there a single candidate that has come out that has said they are a capitalist 'cause. You said Joe, you know vote for somebody who is not that way. Is there a single one? So far for the discussion, there has been a couple on the k, even Elizabeth Warren claims to be a capitalist. I think Beddoe said that this weekend, okay, but even without using names, I'd be curious center. If you, what is your? What is what is the name?
There's fifteen announced candidates? Is there? I have an idea of the number of those candidates that represent what you believe is the average regular. You don't have to use names. No I'd say right now, based on what I've heard, probably who are three aspire to it. It's really shot king and I mean uh they've gone way beyond. Just look at recent history, where the Democrats who want- and I'm not saying you have to say there were you love to marry. You hated him, but uh Carter, Clinton and Obama and Obama was probably the furthest of that group to the left. But you couldn't, he was an extremist there with the way he ran. He ran on working values, etcetera, etcetera, so it is, but here's the encouraging thing if I'm it is only two or three of the fifteen who feel the way we talked about the way that actually has a chance to to the majority or plurality of votes,
the others are going to split up that that other boat and maybe one of those centrists will have a chance to actually get the nomination. Honestly, we can hope and pray because look Erica needs to strong parties that are not extremist parties, that's been, are always been our, but it's always been what's work for our country, is ultimately they get to get and they solve problems. I mean President Reagan TIP O'Neill, President Clint Newt Gingrich, I'm really very different, but they they both all those pairings rose to the occasion, and we we desperately need that to happen to them that took courage and I eat ice. I see it is very rarely and I ifes I've pose the same questions to my clie. What is going to take MIKE before somebody stands up, because I I really, if jailed at the the the wall,
we don't want to wall because it's racist, we don't want to wall, because because we even think it's really that effective. We on a wall, because we don't believe Congress will actually do anything that will last they can say one thing, but then they'll when do the opposite either after the next election or even even when they're not close to an election, the wall all is really more of a statement. I think the America people at least those on the right, don't trust Congress or any administration to get this done and leave it alone and go with it no, no it. I think, there's a lot there in in what you're saying and that this is actually a perfect example. What's wrong with our political system now, because we're fighting over something that really both
it's agree on an because, but here's what I mean, because I think, because President Trump is so focused on the wall. The Democrat Democrats are saying well well the heck with that. I'm gonna be against the peace for it, but look back. I mean under Clinton and Obama. Money was appropriated and spent to build a wall in parts of the the southwestern border. Last year, Democrats put up an immigration bill in the Senate which didn't get past. They had a fair amount of money in it to build other parts of the wall and along the border, and I think the president understands that. It's not you can't bill, oh, and he said that you can build the wall in every part of the borders, just not geographic topographically,
born his other things you can do, but do you does a wall help in some parts? Of course it does to basically for the rule of law, which is that We have rules for, did you get in here where a country, that's always been very welcome welcoming to immigrants. They've been the word strength, but there are rules. These are rules of law and you can't just delete them without some some response from the government. So I mean it's a classic case you're absolutely right, so people give up on the Congress in tonight. If you look back at Obama, President Obama, he too started are governed by executive order and on different issues: climate change, immigration, cuz. He you gave up on Congress and in some ways President Trump and a lot of people have done the same on immigration, 'cause they've, given up on Congress, Chili Berman now miss you,
it's good to hear your voice to my friend at. Thank you. I'm glad you're doing well regards to your family. Thank you. You too. This is the best of the Glenn Beck Program of Justice. I mean this thing sounds like a spy novel Luke Rosiak has been, is the author of it? He is also reporter of the daily caller, and I got him on for something that he wrote to this weekend that I'm just not seeing everywhere. This should be the lead story everywhere, suspect in Kavanaugh confirmation, Doxxing has in stained ties allegedly possessed Senate data and the g OJ may hide the details. Listen to this story. I didn't want to. I didn't
bring you this story. I wanted the guy who found this story in his followed it and has all information to tell you look welcome to the program thanks for me. Let's talk about the doxing now this is this. Is the letter that all kind of wondered who released about Kavanaugh, saying that Kavanagh raped me and all that is at the same letter? No actually a guy who, during the confirmation, hearings, he win on Wikipedia and posted the personal addresses phone numbers of all the republican senators on the Judiciary Committee? Ok and you found out that he has an awful lot of him formation because he was working where we is working for at one point for dying
Einstein and then later for Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire as an it guy, and so here's what happens from the beginning. This is a rich, really rich he's a social he's, a classic Bernie Bro he's a socialist now, but he grew up as the son of a ceo and went to California's biggest companies, guys with big Feinstein donor. He built a uh. He built a university building named after fine fine signs, husband he's literally the chairman of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. His dad he's a really well connected guy, so he gets internship with Dianne Feinstein, he goes ever become an it guy for Hassan and he uses his powers as an it guy to start downloading, all the Senate's information really sensitive stuff.
Like me and like what, when you say, sensitive stuff like what well you had the the judge? Won't, let me be in court to hear it because he says it's too sensitive for the american public to know what was taken, but that this is bad. This is worse than anyone knew. So basically, what happened is he gets fired for Senator House and Office for reasons that, he refuses to divulge. Oh by the way, this is a felon when he was first hired. So Maggie has hires a fell in and gives him the keys to the all of our servers, I'd like to Maj, and then he does something bad again. We don't know Waht 'cause, she won't say and he's fired and so then, the eminent Sheila Jackson Lee over in the house hires this guy, even though he's just been fired and he's also a felon How is this happening? How is this happening so now we're up to
confirmation hearings of cabin on you know. Diane Feinstein is architecting. This whole plot on Kavanaugh, with the Blasi Ford that you mentioned, etc lot of dirty tricks afoot. And what do you know
find starting acolyte goes in and uses the data that he had access to it and I teach guy to get all the information about senators personal lives and expose it where people could go, hunt them down and harm them and do whatever I mean. This was a really heated time during this confirmation hearings, and so the problem is he snuck back into Maggie Haskins Office, which inspired him to get to log on to their servers and download all this information and they caught him in the act and he said well, you know I have everything already. I got your g emails. I've got your signal encrypted chats. I've got all the information about the senator's kids. If you tell anyone, I'm gonna release all of that, and so he starts blackmailing democratic Senator Maggie hasn't. This is this is a bad bad dude who had access to everything is legit
blackmailer. It has been. This is a guy that he tried to blackmail. You didn't give any call the cops anyway and the cops arrested him, and it was like what literally one day of news stories about this in the Washington Post New York Times and says fast forward little bit and you're in court, and I'm the only reporter who bothers to show up, because I thought during two thousand and sixteen the Democrats really cared about political hacking. It turns out that they don't they dropped this news story after one second 'cause it was a democratic guy, and so it turns after he wasn't bluffing. When he said I have everything. I've already got all the information he wasn't kidding. He has everything so now the prosecutors are saying this is so bad, it's worse than we originally new. It's so bad. We can't even discuss it in court and yet that it looks like now there going to settle? This could be sealed yeah I mean so there's really no basis as far as what I can understand for kicking the attic
uh they let his mom states. It's you'd, think with the sensational stuff that we just went through. You would think that at least one reporter from a mainstream news organization might think this is newsworthy. But that's not the case. It's literally just been me and his mom at each court date, and so there after mom's day may kick me out for no for no good reason. Other than Dianne Feinstein is the head of the Judiciary Committee, which oversees all the federal courts. She is the guy that hired this guy. His dad is, you know, big donor and highly connected political guy in California, and so now you know American ever gets to find out. The extent of this frightening national be breached this hack on the Senate, and so they use his money to get him out, and it's so funny. 'cause he's a skinny, little white kid and he was freaking out about being in DC jail general population, and they said that openly in court. They said they go, they gotta get him out of GEN pop he'll do any
to get out, please judge, and so they bring the money in and they say, we've got, teams of psychologists will pay for the finest care, and so they get him out of jail. Even though the judge the prosecutor was saying, look after we apprehended this guy. He was black telling us and saying. If you don't, let me out of jail and drop all the charges, I'm going to release all the data that I have that's obstruction of justice right there. This guy is a flight risk. This guy is a bad dude. You can't let him be out in society and they use his connections in his money to let him out they seal the proceedings. And now it looks like they're going to do a plea deal with him. This is phenomenal to me, but it it gets worse than this. You I have a new book that is coming out struction of justice. An this book is is story that we covered through you. You were the only one really doing this in and connecting all of the dots you put it together in a book and every you should read it, but
it's so frustrating because nothing was done and when, when Joe Lieberman was on just a few minutes ago and said you know, I think the Democrats to afraid. Yes, they are afraid the Republicans may be afraid to, but of whom blaze radio network on demand.
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