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Best of the Program | Guests: John Lott, Bill O'Reilly, Ted Cruz & Eric Christen | 3/1/19

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The Best of the Program | 3/1  - Socialist Yard Stick to Measure Capitalism? - h1 - HR8 Puff and Stuff ?(w/ John Lott) -h1 - The Woke Nightmare (w/ Bill (O'Reilly) -h2 - El Chapo Border Wall Crisis? (w/ Ted Cruz) -h3 - High-Speed Rail Nightmare? (w/ Eric Christen) -3

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I welcome the podcast today Mr Glenn Bank will be live at sea pack. You'll hear him talking, From the radio RO there and doing the show from DC You actually see the show and and watch it back. You can also see Glenn speech that he had see pact this morning subscribed to police TB. Stevie, DOT, com, slashed back, he's a promo code back and you can get ten bucks off here. Corruption, see the shows you, the tv show. Everybody else gets prouder mark the van and steal days, impact gray and out so check it out blazed, he beat our camp, slash back glass, has couple of interviews taxi you in his own John Miller, are White House corresponded during the programme also talks to TED crews, who comes on and discusses what to do with the border. He's got a great idea what to do with the border and it doesn't require the emergency act. That would be kind of a nice improvement. There we also have a resolution about the
bottle in California with the high speed Unless they start pitching between the deal and building trains everywhere. We should look a California to see how that one's. Turning out for about ten times the projector costs already, and almost none of its built and We will also go through and talk about going message to see pack the future of this. Country and whether socialism is the right direction. It go spoiler alert. He doesn't think it is. That's all today's protest the only thing I glanced down at sea pack right now glad you with us. I am still thank you so much
to lose your doctor. I wish I was there too. I really Actually it's good to be here because the the the crowd is is very young dynamic and, I think, wide awake. You know it was interesting. I've. Never I've never had to start a conference before. And walk out where everybody's like. I can't believe I have to get up this early things conference, but pillar here because they know the country is in real trouble? They they feel it and the seem today. Unbeknownst to me he is. Is socialism that's what they see pack started out with in this, this opening video about about socialism and how socialism is coming in and what Ronald Reagan said about it, and and that's what my speech was about
get a chance to see it. I did seem like it went when really well was well received. You went through a bunch of I mean we're in a play a little bit. Coming up later in the programme? But should we really went into to socialism and why the things we ve talked about for a long time. Is this sort of conversion of the left from people who deny their socialist. They say, you're a racist for calling them socialist and that conversion to take the mask, often saying you know what capitalism doesn't work. I am a socialist I'm proud of. It have not done it anymore. Here we are- and I mean that's America today- that is what we're seeing with the Democratic Party. I remember saying that well, I was on Fox. I remember saying that you're gonna come a time and again take the mask of has they want to tell you. They want their dying to tell you that capitalism doesn't work, you cretin, and really, if exactly
I had in my mind, is exactly a casual Cortez and what she, what she said, I think, was on sixty minutes where she's like it. I'm a socialist. You know, because this isn't working this isn't working. So, if I guess being for you know, a better system in justice and fairness, you know, if that's what that that's a socialist, then yeah, I'm a socialist, exactly what I thought that they would start to say and now they're saying it in droves. But, as I pointed out in the speech, capitalism, capitalism is about justice and fair. Socialism is about equality. Now, equality sounds nice, we're all for equality, but therefore equality of outcome and equality of outcome does not exist in Nature- is not speak. All lions created equal know some lions killing each other lions it.
Is a natural you gotta remember: we beat the progressives in socialist, try to take man and and perfect him into God, because they don't believe in God, they have to perfect Man and man can be a God government and be a god, and that's not true. Founders, understood we're not gods were the farthest sitting from it. We're animals, and there is a natural instinct in us, and so these systems that work are the ones that try to protect equal justice, not equal outcome. And what what's happened is we have social justice and equal outcomes? Will that's not going do anything but provide misery. Just misery yeah are seeing and you too enclosure ism. As I said today, socialism works, it does, I know already says it doesn't putty. Does it does exactly
What it is designed to do, and you can see it in Venezuela. What is socialism always do it? Those who are the ranchers who know there are then everybody else and it puts them in charge the farm or the ranch, it gives them all of the benefits they create fences. The cattle and sheep there just there just too stupid, they're gonna hurt them. Elves and I know what's best- and oh they will. They will milk, the cows and slaughter the sheep and get richer and richer, take all of the benefits and keep all that cattle just breeding just consuming, so they can live off that fatted, calf and and then what if there is a bowl or a cow or a sheep that just will not remain in the fence? They gotta kill that when they got a slaughter it if it won't play by the rules, if it doesn't understand that the rancher is in charge, they gotta get rid of it.
And meanwhile, what is so it doing for the elite right now, Maduro is taking gold and shipping it another. Eight tonnes of venezuelan gold has been shipped away for him through for him and Chavez, His daughter is a multi millionaire. How what did she do, besides being the the daughter of them, but the leader of Venezuela that rape, the country, so all it does. Is it accomplishes everything that it is set out to do, make the leap it rich and in control control all the masses and let them all be equal. Lee Miserable, equally poor and eventually equally dead. Are you imagine something Kennedy cried this in a way I hadn't heard you describe it before with socialist,
this idea of equality and how socialism targets equality be no, but it makes us all equally poor you mentioned holding The socialists yardstick to measure measure capitals and how we ve kind of given in to that over over time we ve given into this idea that were supposed to say well, Oh yes, we swear, it will make you equal eventually, when that's not really, the idea of what capitalism supposed to provide at the end right. It's we say of capitalism, creates inequality. Yes, yes, and it's time to just say it: yes, he does and that's a good thing, inequality of outcome, because If you try to use the socialist measuring stick which, by the way, has no numbers on it, I'd like to say that it's a metric commitment and measuring stick, but it's not even that their there's. No measuring stick this system,
has never worked as they described. It's never been implemented. It doesn't exist, nor can and or will it ever exist? It's like measuring things against a fantasy unicorn warehouse. Your horse can Do what my unicorn does work where's your unicorn. What ally guy, I'm gonna, get it in a minute. If you would get just get your and so we're comparing our horses if you will to their unicorn, which doesn't exist so we're comparing our horses if you will to their unicorn, which doesn't exist. Why are we playing this game Yet, why are we? Why are we? Why are we comparing ourselves to a system that is a fantasy I'll, compare this system to Venezuela I'll, compare this system to Russia, I'll, compare our system to Cuba, but what they ll say is well, that's not really I mean they didn't. Do it right. Ok, show me
they did it right. Sweden, that's not socialism! That's a capitalist system with a giant welfare state. That's what that is so again give me the socialist utopia that I can compare it to can produce one because it's a unicorn. Now, if you can, everyone can sit here and save lots of measure this the perfect thing. These only fair thing to compare american capitalism is too is every other nation in the history of the earth and if you do that american capitalism looks pretty damn sweet when you new look stew, and we ve talked about this before when you look at this, the actual stats that, because of the free market system, because of the free, market, we now have fewer.
Children dying before the age of five than ever before. In fact, the death of children under the age of five has dropped by half since nineteen ninety now chronic cause that Sweden or the american and free market ingenuity that Americans and the american system has unleashed when, when you kid, everybody that you don't hear that stat. You don't hear that are living much longer, much healthy all around the world. You don't hear that capitalism has yes made. More the world more unequal because we have lifted billions of peace pull out of poverty, and there are still people in poverty and there are more rich people than ever before, but we can work the people in poverty. Why tear down the rich? When you
when you know that seventy percent of the people believe health care and poverty has gotten worse, but just because of the life saving improvements that have happened just in the last two decades. It is the equivalent of averting twenty seven. Major plane crashes, full of children every single day Why are we was? Why are we focused on the plane crash because there's no bad news in in the free when you look at it and step back you're looking at well look at this. This is a problem. Yeah yeah he's got bad, hang nail yeah. He might have even a broken foot on a merits: and capitalism has lost its mornings for sure, but it is. It is
Jill the best system and if we would just recognise that and come back to our centre, the whole world changes the best of the bad. That program like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, weary John Lot, let me John Lot in John is here. Thank you. Phoenix John, come on and john- is probably the leading experts on weapons and guns and and all the stats off, the top of his head. John, it's been a disturbing it's been disturbing real the weak, with what's this past in Congress,
with each our aid and I think it's HR eleven twelve, but this is just the beginning. Isn't it right? I mean these are just ways to make a very costly for law abiding citizens to build our own guns. To denying it's gonna make people s sake mean we're here Martians in DC cause a hundred twenty five dollars to privately transfer gun in Washington DC. They may not stop your eye from being able to go and do it, but there are poor people, the very people that my research kids benefit the most were most likely be victims of violent crime. Poor minorities who live in a high Kramer areas may be great if the police were there all the time but they're not, and if in the system that they have, we keep on hearing this week that there have been three and a half million dangerous prohibited. People have been stopped from buying guns, because a background checks have simply not true what they should say is thereby three and a half million. Initially,
now and then something around ninety nine percent of those are mistakes, while in the thing is primarily hurts minorities. So so here's what I am concerned, because I think all of those are valid, but I think they're doing this and at the same time, they're taking a back door by going through the financial system, and telling city bag and others don't do business with gun manufacturers are gun stores. If they closed down and say you have to transfer at it at a gun, store and then make it impossible for guns stores,
great right. How how are you ever going to be able to obtain a gun, celadon buying anything, not me. I agree. There is many faceted ways that are trying to make a costly for people, particularly poor people, to be able to go and get guns to own and its also, I think, a step towards registration that they're going to be setting up where, if you know right now the bills that they have said that they can put together registration less, but the dealers have to keep records of all the transfers, as well as the sales that they make five years or six years from now democratic. Control of Congress and the presidency, they could change the law that suit all those records you digitize send into the federal german neighbouring instant national registration. That is, Zactly would have a law abiding deploying that's what happened in the Van our republic, while we ve already seen California, in New York, in Connecticut in Chicago Places, where they views registration lists a table.
Already had in order to demand that people turn in got right that they had in those places sorts look. I've, unfortunately, have come to the belief that they really dont want people to own guns, and you can see this in lots ways Socialists never do Venezuela lost their rights to a gun in two thousand twelve right and you can see what happened a crime rates afterward. Yet, of course, now people are unable to defend themselves against the government that Sir, but I give you a couple examples. A few years ago in Colorado, was passing its background checks and private transfers. I got a call from some say legislators. Ask me what amendment I would put up in my suggestion was put by men with their would exempt people below them.
Poverty level from having to pay the new state tax on transferring guns, you think there would be no brainer, but, with the exception of two programme Democrats in the State House, every other Democrats voted against exempting people below the poverty level from paying the new state tech. How many taxes can you think of where democratic will fight? tooth and nail against exempting people below removed from having to pay. None look at the bill that they just past. You have to do a background check on each gun. This transfer. Let's say I leave somebody ten guns, rather than just paying one. Twenty five dollar background check, and do it all in one lump moment lawyer they make you have to spend ten times there you have to stand.
If you're doing a transfer indeed see you'd, have to spend one thousand tuna FIFA. What's hats! One reason is what what's the point of counting a separate background check on each gun, you're doing it on the individual nothin? And so you know it just all these little things when you read through their that it's pretty clear that they're just trying to make a costly look Judy John D D. The the mask is come off of the progressives on on socialism. You know when I said socialism, but you know the people in the White House or socialist. I was called a racist and I said at that time: there's going to come a time with bill pay the mask opposite you damn right, I'm a socialist! Does this doesn't work? Do you think we're? close to the time when, when socialist now in the Democratic Party will stand up its
you're. Damn right, I'm trying to take your gun because guns are dangerous and it won't work right. I mean you go and you talk to these people use you say every law that they have makes it more costly and there's like no end to the number of laws that they Iraq would be willing to push for this, and you have things like red flag laws are getting past psych. Fourteen stew, it's now that have these laws. It's kind of like the old movie minority report, the Tom Cruise Movie, where they're trying to predict whether somebody's going to commit a crime but its they don't even listed many. These laws specific things they just it's kind of like the old definition pornography no it when I see it in so you can have a neighbour
a friend were relative or somebody else going, lodge a complaint and without any experts without just simply on the basis of somebody feels that you might possibly be a danger. The judge can go and take away your guns for up to twenty one days depending upon the state in all. They have to do is me, what's called reasonable, cause or probable cause which regional causes just a little bit more than a hunch that you have it in terms of a standard or they could take away your gun for a year after hearing. But who is to be that you'd have to have some experts? Yes, now it's just kind of killing. People have, whether or not I predict in I was on a panel for Uniform State law,
as there are concerning putting together model war for this- and they have people were running, these laws in different states come in, I was saying, was how do you predict whether somebody's gonna go and commit a crime and also what we look at their past crumble, history and say what you already? have laws on that. If your phelan, even it's a non violent round, you lose your right ever got what they do. Is they don't wanna have specific things. They want to say one of your rested, but not convicted or complaint, but not even arrest and they want to make it so you don't even have to have an Judith Jude that you are guilty of something before they can take away your guts John, thank you for everything that you, do I thank you for everything you ve done. You you were Stir mental in the book, control
because you're out there and you are able to get this temporary information to people that you have it all in your head. Why just say so frustrated because they're so may these rules, I don't think even allow the congressmen their voting on this understand the obligations for these law. I agree John, thank you. So you back we'll talk again affected. We ve got to do it special on guns and John will be the first that will to invite. This is the best of the planned back programme. Bill O Reilly bill back are indeed. I am in DC, gave a speech at sea pack earlier this morning about socialism, and I
can't believe bill where we are. I made a list yesterday on the air of all of the things that these so Listen and Nancy Policy in the way of people were running for president. I can't think of something that they haven't whole heart Lee embraced that America's Russia has never been four with Rep, regions being the latest yeah, because a media used to criticise people who were loons and now it does it so you can that's why I said out of there in your face, is that all If you are an extremist Certainly the progressive movement has gotten to that territory Ten years ago. Yours abatement anymore, but not pneumonia. So
they consider they do what they want. No criticism from their team and would you seen- and I think that Media is doing them such a great disservice. I mean you know the media is in on it. They want it. They're doing them such a great disservice, because it's no one is checking them, so I think they believe if that there are in touch with the average American, but when you too about slave reparations. You talk about killing baby shortly after birth, you talk about a tax of sir, indeed percent you talk about Universal health care, I mean ending capitalism, the american People are not for that. Are they oh, but you make a mistake in the sense that you think the media support That's crazy! Stop They don't really supported that
companies that are running all of the information flow in America. Data want socialism made of what is needed and wine Mickey to. The person of their Reality, this new world and dizzy land. They don't want that. Ok, bye, the in who was in quite embracing this crew because of Trump Sea have trouble Mr President, if there were another republic in who was in eight as flamboyant out of would be seeing all this, but but because, shops in a wider issues is open the door to madness madness. You, like the american people- don't want any of this and that's why? it actually helping president, so I am I am Am I I'm thrilled that the masks have come off.
And they finally say what there actually, for. I think that's really good the problem, though, is bill if you're right that this is really about Trump, if Trump loses. If, if economy goes down or if something happens during the election and he does lose this election. We then have a group of politicians. I mean anyone so far that is announced will take us red lines of socialism and if they control the house in the Senate and the White House, They will move on these things and it's it's nights out in two years. I can't imagine what you say I can. I can see Trump losing. What are you who is to somebody like Biden not there? Somebody like our house, But you don't think I could give you don't think I knew that ball, but I think if you look at the abortion pull, for example, after that,
easy news of Andrew Pomona Governor Virginia the edges flip. A most Americans say you know enough about supporting any of this, and I think that's what you gonna gonna, see in a trunk discipline himself a bit more. Now you know really really get net now by gas, flowed above it and then run your campaign and methodical way. I gotta get chance to win you talk to some leadership of some of the biggest voices out there today and I dont want of it was private conversations backstage, and so I want to say who said this, but they are concerned that it is going to be nothing but investigation, and smears from here on out and which will weaken people for the ability to be able to actually stand up and fight.
I'm a nice. There are few things that I think he had to pass along dear. She pack pals right thing here is the first thing and I said this onto a wily dotcom last night, if I were pray- tromp. I would tell all my children and any employee of the Trump Organization to take the fifth amendment, if called in front of congress- That is not a fair and impartial body any longer. It is not a quarter law, but you can be prosecuted if you like trap you into perjury, do say a word shit there like they did. The godfather, and you say we're not talking, because we don't believe this is a fair proceeding. That'll shut down all of the hysteria off column. Secondly, if sheep Does not organise a counter grew to the boy;
Cotter of move on media matters, Bonner Group, all of these people, they will lose the culture war. It's got to be an organ conservative group back come out and say a Mercedes Benz View Polio, partnership, because these people threatening you on the fire lap we're going to our people that you're doing it their hand. To be a central organisation from the cancer But if side in this country to fight. George Soros funded groups that are running while threatening for you. I will in this country, I will tell you a bill that I will that is already I'm beginning to see that already in action,
don't know about it yet, but I see that force already in the in the late stages, the outputs our is we're gonna. Take we gotta it's the best of woodland background. I love your idea of L chapel paying for the wall, love well it is simple. Common sense is, let's use money criminally forfeited from El Chopper from other drug Lord the billions that they made illegally traffic across the border, and, let's fond and pay for the wall you do he had, he could pay really his assets would pay for. All of us would potentially if we could track them all down and find them they would. How much do you think we could actually track down well
where the idea came from is is this. Is this is a little over a year ago, when we were debating the wall and Democrats were complaining, it costs too much right now. Set aside, I think Democrats have never in the history of the universe, thought anything caused my butt, but at the time the estimates for the cost of the wall where between fourteen and twenty billion dollars at the very same time, the Department of Justice Estimate Nl Choppers global criminal network is about fourteen billion dollars, and- and so I saw a natural and even elegant symmetry yeah, that's what s it forfeiture is supposed twenty four right and in my view this is criminal assets forfeiture out civil forfeit. Her Russia has been abused many times. Yes, this is after in EL choppers. Casey's has ten criminal convictions right and end. Look. It's just like, if, if you know a dry
dealer in Dallas has a ferrari and it gets convicted of Vienna Drug dealer. They seized the ferrari there. That's that's criminal forfeiture in this case, L trap was got a lot more than a ferrari and there's a justice to you, using the billions that he made trafficking across our borders illegally, to prevent the next narco trafficker from doing this, I saw my pants was just me. Here and he just said we are going to build the Wall MA, My worry is the wall will be built. You agree that I do agree with that. It is going to happen. We're gonna get the job done, and I commend the president for standing up and leading in this. How is he going to do it? Well, so there's a lot of focus on the emergency declaration and your stance on that is well. Let's take it one or two time I don't know. What's gonna happen in the Senate on that it is going to be a vigorous discussion and a couple of weeks, but but the Good NEWS is regardless of what happens on that, the wall is going to be built. Why so? The President Saturday, I just said they need five point. Seven billion dollars will lead to a little bit about.
I'm sorry, I know math is terrible for may have no. I know it's alright, but limitless do a little bit anyway. Congress appropriated one point: four billion dollars, baleful, free and clear nobody disputes the wall that could build abandoned miles where the wall, beyond that, the president has announced that he is going to take about six hundred million dollars in drug forfeiture body that he has an Does that to build a wall that takes you to two billion, a nobody disputes that clear, indisputable legal authority to do that. Beyond that, there's a second provision. It's called ten, you I see said section to eighty three hour that gives the defence department the ability to choose expend funds to stop narco traffickers to stop drug trafficking and, in particular, in it explicitly says, and statute
to build fences and border barriers, and so that in the U S code. So why are we? Why are we even debating this national emergency thing? Why? Italy, it is a very good question that the fund that that that statute of law applies to has about four billion dollars in it. The administration is announced they're going to take to two point: five billion from that. So that takes you about four point, four four point: five: if they took another one point two from that fund, we'd be at five point: seven we'd be done and you wouldn't need a penny from the emergency declaration. That's cause in this big fight. How do you feel about? Emergency declaration at this point, I'm still on reviewing the legal authorities on reviewing the arguments from the administration. I agree that the border is a crisis. I've seen it first, and you and I have been down on the order together. It is a crisis. People's lives are being taken and all of the Democrats and media folks that are saying, oh, it's not a crisis is not a big deal.
Our aim was a humanitarian planetarium crisis when Obama was, and yet it is yes that being said I do know, I'm a constitutionalist, I believe every President Republican or Democrat has to follow the constitution and follow the law. So I'm studying the laws carefully on that and we're having right now in the Senate a vigorous debate. My hope end up in the outcome is number one. We build the wall and we get every penny of the five point: seven billion that the president says. We need to build a wall but number two. I hope we don't set a precedent, amen for the next democratic president to head use executive power. I declare emerging, as you know, they will the warming and gun control and health care, and and and what have you so. I was just talking to Bill O Reilly last hour, and he said I said, We are on the edge everything that you
talking about everything. I've talked about for the last fifteen twenty years. It's here now and we could see a socialist president. Yes, Senate and and house and they'll take it they will shut it down their turn, they believe in what they're talk correct and there and there that naughty. Am I what? This happened to the Democratic Party is: is both frightening and really dangerous for this country? It's not good for one of the two major parties in this country to get so extreme and so out of touch with with with the american people. I've never seen anything move so fast. If we don't get the destruction of life without with we're not talking about abortion anymore, we're talking about a we don't get that right. The creation of
I threw a I and this socially spreading its lights out the Democratic party. They are now the Party of Lake Term, abortion and infanticide They are now the party of open borders. Not only do they oppose securing the border there. Now, they're presidential candidates are saying, tear down what border walls we have and abolish ice abolish. I stated that they are now the party of socialism and seventy percent tax rate right now. Ass reparations other talking about their seriously talking about reparation there. Now the party that chased Amazon out of New York City, because they didn't want twenty five thousand jobs, and then they attacked Amazon on the way out the door. This is unhealthy. This is extreme. You take this. A new deal which every one of these democratic presidential candidate falling all over themselves to support the green new deal. It's incoherent on its face, but if you actually take it at face value, it would ban every airplane. On earth. It would ban every automobile on earth.
What being on every cow look be beyond that, though, if you actually read the bill, which I know you have, it says clearly too change our financial structure in our system to us. That is revolved around social justice. Well, that's the end of capitalism and the free market and look all of this is driven. Fundamentally, the Democrats are a party of hatred right now. The unifying theme in them credit parties. They hate Donald Trump and that burning, blinding emotion, has driven out common sense is driven out reason. Everything is justified because tromp that's dangerous for our countries. It is, it is
see great. Thank you very much. The best of the is sort of power bring up of socialism in a time where you're, seeing the results of socialism so clearly in Venezuela and other places, and I was to be very strange, how something can become popular right at the moment. Being shown its a failure and other example of this. Is the green new deal part of the literature around the green new deal includes As totally overhauling transportation by massively expanding electric vehicle manufacturing building, charging stations everywhere and build out. High speed rail at a scale were
air travel, stops becoming necessary, create affordable public transit available to all with the goal to of replacing every combustion engine vehicle thou I can't even describe I don't you though there is not even a number of trains that would No there's no number of trains on earth that could make air travel stop by necessary hit. This just air travels better. Drain travel in every way in almost every single circumstance, but raising to see that now there pushing for high speed rail all over the country, while the same time sort of the the Marquis attempt. At giving high speed rail to an area that can use it was already prove many years ago and is in the middle of one of the most catastrophic, lapses in public history California, they promised a highs.
Eat rail. To take you, I think it was from what lost angels or San Diego all the way to San Francisco and We ve seen its become a huge disaster. I want to walk you through this has gone so far with Eric MR he's. The executive director of the coalition for fair employment, Eric walk into the programme could be what you d: better greetings: people's republic, the California Workload dream is too big and no cause great. You agreed that during its true, what the dream is a nightmare or not is not is not material in this particular conversation about Eric is, is been basically the guy who has in fighting against this train from the very beginning. Can you take us through how this thing started and all the cost estimate and take us through this store Is it really is an amazing journey will just to be clear. I have been a guy fighting this
close to being the guy. There are group above farmers and citizens down in the central valley that have really been fighting this with their wallets with their daily lives and devoted towards stopping this government ground of their land of their businesses, fighting it in violation of the law that was passed by the people of California. In you know, ten years ago, that approved an initial ten billion dollars in funding for the concept of what would be no is high speed, rail, taking people from San Diego to San Francisco and three point two seconds. I actually was about two hours it passed naturally, and since then it's been all downhill, it's basically been all downhill.
And what we have now is a project that is wrong. What the estimated we would be about. Sixty billion dollars is now approaching a hundred doing. We know it will be much more because all these projects always are studies have shown and what were finding out is happening is its receiving in just the past two months. It's received three significant flows. The first was the Gridley worn report that showed that, instead of actually paying for itself, three senora have any private investment which the authors promised there would be if we approve. This is because they understand, there's not going to be. This isn't going to be They making operation and sure enough. This Grimly Warren Report shows that in fact is going to have to be massively subsidize because nobody's gonna wanna sit in a train for nine hours from more said Anne.
Over to the Bay area or from Baker. Steel to the Bay area spent nine hours of the day on a train, doing not nobody's going to do that, and since they ve already admitted that it's not going to be going from San Diego, let alone LOS Angeles up to the barrier for starting the middle, the central Valley, because who doesn't want take a train from Madeira to present them they were. The population of California is really look at travel blocks. I mean that is the ultimate dream of any traveller that trip dogma the autumn, a California dream about, but nobody's gonna wanna, do that this report showed there's gonna have to be massively subsidize, which is in violation of the law that was passed. The second thing that happened was the Governor Newsome, as liberal as he is
this far left as he is kid had a moment of honesty in his state of the state's piece which, when he which which he called the question, the whole concept of a San Diego to San Francisco lines and look, let's be real. This is going to happen there. There aren't the resources for it, it's already massively over budget behind schedule. So let's just finish up what we started and then we'll see where we are well. He immediate immediately got blow back from the trade unions which have a project labour agreement on this making the union, only project, of course, divorce. Nobody benefits from government large, just like special interest groups. Do they know how to latch on to California? There's nobody at the head of government like labour unions, they they really take the case when it comes to that, so they gave him some blow back. He was forced to backtrack a wee bit, but he didn't have a moment of clarity there. The third thing that happened:
don't worry. Nineteen, the Federal Railroad Administration sent to state of California a letter saying and wasting out in four simple appoints exactly why they were revoking their cooperative agreement that they had with these state in because its violating the law that was passed by the people in a number of ways it it's it's over budget, it's behind schedule, it's not in fact going to adhere to the time the timeliness they said it was going to get people from place to place so that our assembly, taking almost a billion dollars back now and threatening to withhold it four days from now for days from now California is gonna, lose that billion dollars. That's very much needed just to keep the current scheme that they have going going. So these are the three big closed to something that again was initially approved by the voters, because sounded really super carefully super duper and die it's guy.
Downhill. Since then, because I was we've learned, you know what Texas you're doing it the right way, you're doing it with private investment, where you have market forces being brought to bear that cuts out the nonsense and and the line and forces people to have to be accountable here in California. Doing at words. Government only project and its give it's getting government only results. You know it's like the GNP and the post office on steroids and the results are predictable about kind of where we are in it. In a nutshell, and by the way most helpful in it are shown opposing this now. Of course, data across California's, most people opposed of course that this is the problem with it, with the with the way that this happens in a fifty one percent of people vote for something at whether as well listing or not, and it gets approved. I'm going back to this cause. The initial approval had
certain requirements that had to be met by this train. I think it was two hours or so from San Diego to San Francisco. They have now admitted right that there's no chance that that's possible they. They are. Instead of going to cost about, sixty billion hours are just ten billion dollars. When we voted on it, then it was sixty billion dollars its net. It was then a hundred billion dollars and it's gonna be even higher than that. It was promised. There would be no subsidizing once they got the thing built. We now know it's not gonna before itself, there's been a private investment that was that was promised. It seems like cow on your rights, these these laws and these these initiatives and they think, if they right in form of a law, it will become reality like there's some magic trick that happens to physics when a peak when illegal thing is past and the state says it's going to happen. That mindset is caught a big just killing
the budget of California. Well, my my my wife has a saying my wife Command fighter for squadron should the colonel and she she is. She, you know, is in charge of a lot of people who were the Tipp of the sword right now in the fight against terrorism, and she has not a lot of time for bovines guitar did you when it comes to the US, is right to call it when it comes to you know it's we need to get the job done, How do we do it and one of their operating principles? Is you know? Ok, you have a plan. You have a step that you wish to take, but what are the second and third and fourth order affects what what is going to happen. As a result of that you know, don't you say we're going to do this, and this is going to be achieved. You have to understand. You know when they plan, as you really think, the airlines are not going to adjust their affairs in order
or them in order to keep the market share, that they have people from writing trains. There was no assumption about based in the model that these that the government created in developing this and that's the problem with government plans is there is never any understanding of second and third or effects. There is never any contemplation that the market will somehow bend and adapt to try and keep their market share. In this case, the airlines or or carmakers heard, and still I sell cars in the state and an end. Older sumption too soon. As you know, Penn has put the paper or out the window because they just aren't based on reality. They are based on real market realities, and that's what's so frustrating about you know. Living in California is, as I kind of quick. When I opened up your segment, you know no dream is too big and no cost is too great to achieve those dreams and it it's it. It really is
You don't really is the fact I wanted. I dont understand intervention this before that. Look. It's approved largely because it sounds cool out, because I have a whole train. We could train. We could take that at the casino beginning, but I mean I learn their fine right but like You watch the documentary series back to the future vigour on a train in the one they go in reverse in time. It's eighteen! five. When there on a train, we have planes, we planes get you faster from a big location to another big central location, cars to faster in buses, even get you there to a specific location more efficiently. This. Why? This obsession with trains, this old tat, knowledge ii that, yes, it moves a little bit faster than it used to, but it's still time to see no set locations to each other when populations move. There is very little, do about it, expects spend another hundred billion dollars to go to the new place. It just is completely
we have this weird fascination with trains weird, how progressive seem to always view the future is having to go back to a nineteenth century technology, be it solar or belong at source case, let's early one b c technology when power trains, it's very, very strange, newer technologies to keep give us power we need like neutral or which would do away with the centrally to output and want to have anything to do with that. No, but they want, is to be on solar and wind which, if its cloudy and there's no wind you're in trouble, and when it comes to transportation, let's be honest, and this is getting it out from a more macro
thirty thousand foot level. Why the question? Why? And I really think at the end of the day, it's about control, it's about, wanted to control people's movements automobile really ushered in an area freedom. It's only been about a hundred years, where this is been something that humans have been able to do because our country so large, then you need to America in the sense that we really have these wide open spaces that were able to travel around freely. You know it's like, but a line from October, where at where were you know the captive speaking to a second in command and he's talking about when they back? You know you want to live in Montana, and he says you know. I want to travel from state to state no papers required, right and and and and re mister
you play by shark Argos no papers needed since in the Soviet Union, of course, any two papers, the travel everywhere, and I think the left ultimately about control and train to control. Your point, eight m point B, of course, the second and third or that question is ok. When I get the point b how do I get to where I'm going out? How do I get my business? It really is mainly ivy. Never thought of it that way from a control presented its really interesting. I wish we had more time we're out of it out to get you know. We should also at some point get does, is talk again about what the trumpet ministration is trying to do, taking back a bunch of this money as well, but we'll get their necks They are christian executive director of coalition footage error pointed instruction thanks so much Eric never thought of it. That way. There is a great point, the blue, he's radio network on demand.
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