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11/29/18 | Best of The Program - Don't Let It Affect Your Life? - Drag Queen Story Time with Pat Gray  - 'I Am Israel' (w/ John Rhys-Davies) - Does This Name Ring a Bell?  - A Conservative Case (w/ Senator Mike Lee)  - Fun with Mike Rowe and Mom Peggy?      

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The blaze radio network on demand podcast. Don't forget stew, and I are travelling we're on the road. tomorrow, which is Friday. The thirteenth or the first separate we're going to be in a template, and we're doing are happily roadshow. Yes, it actually has some lapse in it and a lot to learn and just a lot of fun bring your friends it's in temper on Friday night and then on Saturday going to be in Orlando grab your tickets. Now it Glenville dot com, tour slash. ready for some the interesting stuff on the focus. Today you have first hour. We spent a lot of different types of families starting with a really great story of a family, that forty about ten curve balls in the middle of it? It's a fascinating story about real person going through something
real and then fake per going to something very fake education. It's a real person- I oh yeah, but it's a fake. It's bizarre can even begin to explain it. Also we have like an peggy row on with us. It's a great conversation about family and all I want to try to squeeze in one more thing: Lamont Hill, what Lamar a guy works for CNN so we said and there's no wild cry. He at the. U N reading a prepared text calling for violence and the destruction of Israel but he had seen and even the cares all on the pod cast today the only thinking the date of its Thursday November twenty nine low Petrie Mobile. I dont know why people don't do this. I don't know either
because I think people get stuck in the route of another. Some company been with for a while with yourself on in about where you're monies going, but I mean it's going to a lot of times hard core left wing causes, because these companies spend tens of millions of dollars supporting progress of candidate Cyrus and causes, and it's your money right, your payment to them in their paying into that gene. Greatly is still have the same great service, you know from using backbones and you have the great service. However, you're
paying all the extra fees to these companies that they're taking and diverting two causes a: u hate, yeah admirably that doesn't make any sense to do the other way. Pitcher mobile is fantastic. Go to patriot mobile dot com. Switching, I help conservative causes patriot mobile dot com slashed blazed, get started today when used the octopus placement of wave your activation feed for up to two lines, just stop supporting the left wing parties. Patriot mobile, that conflict plays or one eight hundred a patriot for Patriot Mobile. It's worth a complement to make the switch is makes a big difference back yet I was gonna start with Nancy Pelosi, but I don't really get financing policies not going to affect my life Jason. I can affect my life, I'm not going to allow her to effect. I live what's going on in washing his is the total scam and we all know it. Nobody reads.
he likes Nancy Pelosi. Nobody really wants her there. This is all a power struggle, so I thought it would start. Instead with two stories you and a good story or the really weird story. First, I guess there are good story, let's start with a good story I want the really, but I do want worm still getting the really were you really get. You're gonna get the really the really this. Worry is a story about a woman who has made a choice on her on her daughter. Now you the one that the six rolled daughter, as she says is, is Tino transgendered. There needs to have a sex change, had six and dad his no dad lost
custody mom has custody. Is we called child abuse? I think it is. I mean it's crazy. This story makes that story. Look normal Well, ok, I'm ok, I mean so, let's, let's, let's have some. Let's have some some good news first when, six weeks old, I went Walter, some four tummy issues and they notice my ovaries were not hooked up right. The doktor the time thought it would be best to remove them completely. When I thirteen. I found out that I'd never be able to have children. It was then that I started researching adoption as a group, older. My biggest fear was to have somebody tell perspectives to have to some day tell a perspective sowed the spouse. Then I would we'll be able to have birth of our children, then I'm at Jason the single dad to two wonderful little boys and we fell head over heels before we- engaged. I told him the biggest secret of my life, one of only
and full of people knew about me. I sobbed, as I told him, he grabbed by Jason, he told me it didn't matter. How're children came to us. They would be our children I went through this. Would Tanya and there is something about women that when they can't have children, they just changes them and it's just so devastating to them. Tanya was not supposed to be able to have any children, and I didn't know,
that until we were married- and it was so colossal devastating to Her- and I kept saying to her what he is and we we can adopt the child's gonna be hours and they will matter and we we did adopt and it didn't matter. Rafe is well for some stranger Lately Rafe, is my son upper, but when he behaves Ino he's her son anyway, before we got gates, I told him about this, so we took out fifty five thousand dollars, because it was too many shading. a shady adoption agencies where they would cost you fifty five thousand dollars and in all is said and done so
set out to do it on our own. We marketed ourselves online and through social media we made a facebook adoption paid page and paid for targeted adds. We had an instagram paid with pictures. Her life. We also put a profile of a dog on adoption, dotcom. We were contacted by a handful of women. most turned out to be scams. Then we got a message on Facebook, a young woman. emailed us telling us that her friend was pregnant and looking for a family September. First, we get phone call from this woman in Missouri, and we talked for about an hour a half over them next month. We built a relationship and became increasingly excited. However, she now got us official proof of pregnancy. People can fake ultra sound and blood tests online all the time I was ready to commit, but I because I trusted this woman, but my husband wanted to renew our adoption dotcom profile, one more time we renewed it told her first October over seven. Second, we got a message from another expectant mother. She had been watching
the profile and wanted to meet Us Two days later we met and little diner twenty minutes from our house. Just when we thought she had stood us up in water, very pregnant girl and her mom. We hug and she showed us, the ultra sounds of a little baby boy. He then started kicking and she had me feel her belly toward the end of breakfast. She asked how we, felt. She then asked us if we would adopt her baby and love him forever Jason and I sobbed in the middle of a diner, incomplete shock, and three weeks later, we still Therein watched as our sun Andy was born. I was the first to hold him and kissed his tiny hands that was October thirtieth. Twenty seventeen as we took Andy home and adjusted to being new parents, I had continued to talk with the first expectant mom that we had match with she had still never given us any proof. She had told us
congratulations and that she had found another family for her baby. I was happy for her and maintained occasional contact over the next la months, but in January of this year I received a phone call from the same woman. She told me that just hold the other family that she didn't feel good about them adopting her baby. She then told me but she knew this baby was supposed to be hours. I stood there stood there holding my three month old, baby boy and she sent me. pictures of ultra sound of the baby boy growing inside. I was speechless, but I also knew deep down. I knew over the next weeks my husband and I prayed a lot about adding another new born to her family. Only months apart, the sea, were sounding answer came again and again, six weeks after that, call we flew out with Andy to Missouri and met at another woman and her three children the night before she was being induced. We all instantly connected the next
we stood at her bedside and watched as our sun Alice was born, Jason even got cut the cord. I was the first to hold him as well and kiss his tidy here and never did we imagine having to newborn babies only four months apart, adoption. Adoption is an amazing thing. Because of a woman's greatest sacrifice and selfless decisions, I have become a mom to two of the most perfect baby boys I could have ever asked, for we have open adoptions with both boys birth parents, we can talk and send pictures and recently met up with Andy's birth parents at a nearby park Four months after Alice was born. We had a strong feeling to reach out to his birth mom and she had mentioned that they were in a rough spot, Jason and I D,
to fly their fly, her oldest child out to visit us for ten days, so he could spend some I'm with Alice John and I shall had never been on a plane before and he had never been that far away from home We instantly fell in love with a sweet boy. Days eventually turned into all summer. At the end of the summer, he asked if he could watch his new family try out for football before we knew it. He was talking to the coaches and asked if he could try out Sean made, the top football team, The eighth grade in its first year of ever playing and organise sport. He called his mom asked her if he could stay. She said whatever would make you happy John has now been living with us for six months and his football team made it all away to the playoffs. Never Where did we imagine a year ago that we would be adding three more children in nine months to the two
who that we already have now have not given birth to any of the five boys we have at home, Now, but I am there mom, we, since finalize both Andy Analysis, adoptions than they are officially hours, we care custody with our oldest two boys in their mom, and we do have a time long line on how long Sean will be staying with us, family doesn't have to be made from blood. It can come in any shapes and sizes the love that matters. So here we are occurring family of seven and we- love each other deeply and we go out on a lot of adventures. Together, it's not always easy.
There have been many ups and downs and everything in between, but we would never trade this for the world, so many people, Would love to be parents, so many people. cry themselves to sleep because that's what they were born to be apparent. If you are listening to the sound of my voice now- and you don't know what to do, please please adopt that child of yours out, because that child of yours.
Is a miracle, a true miracle that somebody else has been praying for. Child just happened to come through you This is the best one back programme wherever there the drag queen children story our yet was happening where they invite drag queen Junior going, do preacher hate area; no! No! No! No! This is a wonderful story about good of love and appreciation. Some dry, points- would be invited into this library and would read stories to kids in their drag queen get up which it looks all frightening for children, but I mean white face and then series of five horns, although
the head of the drag queen? Then this person read stories to the kids, so some parents took issue with it and they were haters. Obviously they literally mongering. Hatred and does all this person was trying to do what you just did just a red stories to the kids? That's all it's about right on the kids that the parents said well, what about are you like in doctoring our kids, though my gosh listening or not, course right. Well now, amid all the controversy one drag queen has admitted that the events are meant to groom the next generation Dylan Pontiff. Who is One of the drag queen says this is gonna, be the growing of the next generation we're trying to groom the next generation to be accepting of algae Bt Q, I a two thousand and three that sends again for employees and sober
trying to grow in the next generation to be accepting of the algae, BT, Cute Q. I a two values, thought it was droughts, dressed in ST close, for this meaning because by Santana P Law on Andrews when he's on state. Oh, he said that he's been bullied most of his life for me, gay blasted those who oppose the drag queen story, our be even those gathered at a city council meeting in Lafayette, Louisiana who complained about it because they were haters. However, now algae BT, Q, Q aid to activists have said that there, determined to indoctrinate children to accept the movements agenda. could I could. I ask you: just real quickly two for those who don't know. I know, and I know you know.
Could you just tell me what each of those go through the letters yeah? Well, the El Lesbian course gay? Yes, bisexual! Yes, trans, yes, Q is, here then the next q is questioning. The eye is intersects, which means it, which means you cut. It escaped between both believe you're like, even though their load, your fluid. Ah I a wise and that half instead of I I dont, know. Ok, I aid than the last as a sexual. You don't have any sex with anybody and then the two is to spirit. You got to spirit nimble. You got two inside of you you're, both male and female, inside and at an ailing we badly called. When you have to spirit. I don't you do it, don't you do it?
you hateful jerk rarely I can't even question. I gave no alone when I'm gonna Megan Kelly when it is one of the car you use for questioning. I know you're chroniclers, not hateful questioning I just wanted a loving question. Where are you adopting intolerant. Will it end in love? Well, I think everything ends in a hurry I mean I M is optimistic and as well. Grounded in my optimum as a psycho is my by the way, I believe, are all on the bandwagon of quilt bag. Yes, I, like it better acronym yeah, it's a little easier to products and algae Bt Q Q. I ate it in order to feel like an insult, but it's not it's not actually that and they seem to like it cool and I think it first of all, we have to make it the sequel quilt bag to, and I think we're all than thing. We haven't covered it you, if you do quilt bag to electric bugaboo. Here in Hungary,
bunch of different things. We have zero on Colombia. Are you mugging, I'm? No, I think back to electric, you can open up that Quill Bank put a lot of stuff in bright all sorts of things, but I like open the yarn about it, because this trenches person says I'm here to tell you all that time that I said I wasn't indoctrinated anyone with my beliefs, about gay lesbian and by and trends in queer people. That was a lie. I am come to indoctrinate your children into my L. Gb t: kick you I to agenda and I'm not a bit. Sorry all twenty five years of my career as an activist since the first very first time is a sixteen year old. I wouldn't stood shaking in breathless in front of eleven people to talk about my story. I've been on a consistent campaign of trying to change people's minds about us
I want to make them like us. That's absolutely my goal. I wanna make your children, the your children, like me and my family, even if that goes against the way you have interpreted the teacher cheat teachings of your religion, so there it is their there You know the mask is coming off. Not this mask right now, the with horror and right now- and I was always days right- it's one of those that answer more beautiful. Would you want to go by right? This is the best of the planned that programme I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on. Itunes begs generous Davies.
is a guy that you absolutely no and love. You love all of the characters he has ever played. From Indiana Jones to Lord of the rings where he was gimme. He is just great. Hurt him. Do a ton of documentary see did one for us he's the narrow of I am Israel, m: Israel, film, dot com, and we are hearing that again on Friday on the ablaze network. We we welcome you Rhys Davies to the programme. How are you, John The old man on yourself, good, I'm a little confused by everything that's going on in today's world, but not alone, and that alone, in that. Over here, we have we have about an additional set of problems. We ever a government that was elected
today regain our independence that has managed to do a deal that would probably have been rejected by the french after they collapsed in eighteen. Seventy I mean no sovereign nation on earth has ever been asked to surrender quite as much of their liberty to leave and organization is as Britain But what do John? What do you have to for Americans have been so the unification bearing on what we are doing and it we it's a mass. But if you're following at every day. What is good, What is this deal? Look like four breaks it at once, it looks looks basically is if we will lose any of the advantages that we had by being in Europe.
And but still be bound to it. In terms of we cannot leave the Customs Union, we cannot leave the the. We cannot make a trade treaties with other people without. consent of the EU? Why would would anyone sindbad? Well, we were brought up scare been going on now. Everyone saying. Oh my god, you realize much work would get a full uppercliff lies the disruption, but will have the Bank of England? This says that this of chaos coming up ahead. Any economic forecast, those fifteen years ahead, is got to have some element of ever in it. Can you predict to me what your bank account
fifteen years. I got it. It's it's nonsense, but there is the possibility that the extent of the mountains will will come found, the actual breaks it moment itself and Anne and then everything wearing two very different world, because it was the democratic will of the people. But we should leave the EU and I once again, if an elite blocks, the wishes of the people by subterfuge. Coming or ignoring disdaining them at elite. It will ultimately find themselves in a very uncomfortable situations. I find his fascinating, that people are saying that
People want to leave the EU or standing up against the the immigration thing which now our own Hilary Clean and was over in Europe saying I ain't allows a real big mistake. Oh yes, I think so Hilary, but anyway who is standing up there I mean. Billy called bigot and racist and everything else instead of saying wait. A minute here is a group of people that are tired of being told that there's nothing unique about their culture, their, they can't recognise their culture. They have to live in service of everyone else's culture. You know it is If you fly the british flag or the swedish flag? Now you know your called a racist, you have to use your you can't have it any pride in your country and there's a difference between a Europe, nationalist and
somebody who is just proud of their country, will you right, of course, but there is a will. There is a great dream of a sort of sudden some news, virus in western, european and and your part of that civilization, which actually despises it diminishes. It believes that all real bad. Wherever we ought, we occupy, I mean just the abolition of sleep They worry alone is one of the glories of civilization and of mankind, and it it it. It was it wasn't a chinese abolition, it wasn't a Muslim, all arab evolution. It was british and western european christian civilization, but got rid of it
You know we have open. We all of us have a chequered history in terms of national identity and things like this, on the whole, I'd sooner be in a western European Chris. denies the world then in oh yeah, any other civil innovation, that's going right. At the moment we haven't you They want to live in China. Saudi Arabia or anywhere other than a few countries in Europe? America. How are you well? Are you feeling about? You know the Asia Bibi, who is the has asked the United Kingdom for refugee status, is a woman who's going to be killed? Her children be killed
cause she's, a Catholic and she will not conform in even the Pope is offering her a place to live. She's gonna be beheaded and killed and dragged through the sky it's a Pakistan if she doesn't get out of there soon what what is an absolute disgrace? Isn't it you know we are. We are constantly asked to accept refugees from war zones and things like that, and some of them are genuine refugees, but many a just simply. Smart economic migrants who want to do better themselves, but once somebody is actually being persecuted they happen to below the Catholic or Christian, or anything like that, where we can turn our backs on them, somehow Somehow they represent well, not terribly important people. I mean, like the shaggy now clearly was terribly important, but this poor woman not not important
important Johnny around Europe You ve narrated, a film. I am Israel and its in for K, and it it it. It really shows the inspirational story of of Israel in the holy land, like people have never seen it before. Where does you're? Where does your your courage, to do things like this? Come from these courageous man, you know country better, come there are countries so finance films at the moment that I I I have to bite my tongue not not to speak up, but when, friends, mummy and things like that. You have to be quite sometimes, but in truth, in truth, that there are no separate from the mental things, we should believe in the right of freedom of speech the right to exist. But God
in some places. Israel, Israel, is historical obligation, that anyone who belongs to western european christian civilisation or is a benefit Europe must acknowledge, must be preserved. It would be I you know that most of the good things that we have freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, these things have a germ in second century a d Christians in Rome saying I dont believe that the emperor should have to make and can make a choice before me, whom I would worship and coal tradition of freedom of speech, freedom of Association right to vote and all these things they base.
These stem from that idea and a few other ideas as well, but we have an obligation to tour to remember our past and remember its inception and and and Omar it and Israel that curious people. with their balmy eggs. Ordinarily magical relationship with their guard. His is, we are indebted to them and and we must not allow that to be too to be lost.
your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. But if you, if you haven't, read this yet it's it's disturbing to disturbing, reinforce along read, but the Miami Harold has done an investigation into Jeffrey EP sign. No, if I were to say to you that name, your Jeffrey Epstein Senator rippling Gothic, these items, but when I said that name, there's there's another name that immediately pops into my head. When I say it for you, Bill Clinton Bill Clinton, that's exactly because there was a big too. remember this. There is a lot of reporting on it bits and pieces at the time where this guy Jeffrey Epstein Hedge Fund, guy, really rich guy, took people like Bill Clinton in his private jet to all sorts of
places around the world, including one island that he owned. That was believe too. have sex slaves sexless any end, they called him an under age, sex slaves, bungling and on the plane they called it. The Lolita Express was what the media kind of picked it up Clinton was good friends and you're. Really close of the guy was very close, very tight into politics in general, in so but it was amazing when that popped out to see the headline from Miami Harold. This is separate from the story There's amazing reporting in it. The headline, however, is how a future trump cabinet More gave cereal sex abuser the deal of a lifetime. So again the obsession with Trump continues here now trumpet He also was on this plain. He also was friendly with this guy who's, a very powerful guy in the community. It does not condemn Bill Clinton that he slept with minor with minors, and it does not condemn Donald Trump that he slept with minors, there's no private.
that at all- but they were all this guy- was a big money guy- he was very friendly with people the community. They lived in palm beach of one of the girls who was abducted, worked at moral logo, one of the women who was Billy abuse that revealed in the story. I think, for the first time, while I'm was actually at was actually approached at Marilla. Go to do this this. The way it happened is insane, though he Jeffrey Epstein had eight has multiple mentions. Any has private island, but the multi dimensional has in palm beach. He would he went out and was able to recruit sixteen fifteen fourteen year old, thirteen year old girls from local schools and middle schools in the area and the way it would work is he got to begin there's only one brought in one, and it was somehow he convinced her to give him a massage for two hundred dollar
Now the massage some would, I dont think the first one didn't even turn sexual, but it started to escalate and when he would get bored of the girl which options it after the first or second interaction, he would offer them more money to first of all, get more sexual and do more sexual things. Without with these under age girls in some of them, he had sex with some. He did all sorts of crazy. You know twisted sort of stuff with, but then he would pay them even more to go out and recruit new girls like from their high schools from there. schools from the mall from all of these local places were teenagers hang out here.
actually turned it into a under age, sex pyramid scheme in which he would reward the girls who were in early to go, recruit new girls to come in they go through. They now have for the first time a bunch of these women giving interviews about about what happened, and this is not like an ancient history- is the MID two. Thousands like two thousand I have two thousand eat something like that and they would come in. They bade have sex with him. He had enough. sex slave, that he had apparently imported from the eastern Bloc. That would wood was hooking up with the girls, while he was watching and then there is a lot to sort of twisted sexual stuff that went on and, of course, he's been. They were all almost all targeted in communities where in households where they were in need, they were. disadvantaged people who don't have money who were abused to me was all this typical servant: horrible stereotypes, it expected of the situation and was people who would jump at two hundred dollars for almost anything, so he was able to just
paying in paying and paying, and when he of at anything about yourself it what got two point of a hundred different teenagers, a hundred. He was able to do this with over a relatively quick prepared of time. They talk about ties where he had three of them. In a day, three, in a day, He with his appetite, was not able to be sitting here, so they go through this whole thing, eventually, as it kind of expect to get a hundred different teenagers in a situation like this. Eventually one of them talks, the police goes talks to their parent. The police goes interviews them finds out. Oh my gosh. What, while this is as credible is rich, been important guy here. Did he do this well, that one gives them to other names, the people who ve recruited and who were them anyway, that every time they go to a new girl, there's two or three more names, they're getting and Adele is built and built a bill to build a virtually gets two hundred
So the story is already super twisted at this point. They all have really credible stories. They can describe the inside of the house. They can describe what was in certain drawers like sex toys where they were. They go eventually the police raid, the house they have, I mean everything they haven't names and all of the name. Her on the flight registry from flying them all around. The world some of them they have a black books with phone numbers of all these liking of fifteen. Sixteen year old girls that came over from massages, you know that there's been accusations from some of the girls that he would loan them out to other people on the peace. That's not necessarily firm near, but they go through. All of that sort of stuff, then, were really kind of that
Amy Harold and again with despite the title of it- and this is where they focused sum of England's at incredible piece of reporting really is, but they go into talking about the actual investigation. The police tried did everything they could to try to make this this case. Stick I mean that the people were actually investigating. It really seem to care and and did everything they could to make the stick. But political influence money was able to get him to a position where the the the higher ups locally were actually negotiating and have having the defence attorneys help right. The d
that was being made now? Can you how you hook up with its one fifteen year old and discuss at fifty? That's your basically I'm in my mind, your in jail for ever your dear everything that people accused Roy more of right, but Emily Wayward horrible at Roy Youse accused Horowitz, were swords and even remotely close gray, didn't know with one with one want. Yet this is hundred himself. This guy should obviously be in jail for forever, so that its we need the police locally got started, getting wind that this was. They are trying to make a deal with the sky throughout what this is crazy. Now the tropics, Joe was the guy who was the the local district attorney herb a camera rigs? It's not even that it's another position. I must have the name of it, but it was. He was a guy who's who has had the power to make the deal and there's trouble. People who were of the power to do at the cost of his name is the current labour, Secretary, his defences? Look, the other guy we're dealing with wanted to just make it a misdemeanor and go away. So I got it.
Our deal and that he had to register as sex offender. He was charged with two council felony prostitution, one with under age marked Bob two counts too, there's a hundred, so he basically got the big. The cops or locally were like that. What we can see what's going on here, so they turned the investigation over the FBI and the F b I started looking into and they found tons of stuff in the middle of the F b I invite nation. They sign a deal, get the war. He gets just thirteen months. I think it was in prison thirteen months and in there is a problem. Not to prosecute which I had no idea. This was a thing that could happen, a local fiscal signs of a deal not to prosecute so it cancels. The FBI's investigation. They can't do anything because they and a deal word nobody get prosecuted. Not only can he not be prosecuted, they sealed all the rest
birds and in addition to that, no one else associated with him can get prosecuted over this. So if he deadly loan about other vips, they can't get prosecuted and believe me goes the jail thirteen thirty months in jail. They give him a private wing of a person Oh, my god, with his own personal security of my camera. Let him leave and go to the office twelve hours a day. This is his prisoner please go to his own office for twelve hours a day and he gets to have low, outside in the This is a carom over the name Geringer from daredevil. This end in the devil this this this Marvel thing on Netflix, the chief bad guy. poor human being. He's, let out by the FBI he can live in the top floor of this. You know like writs, Carlton he's living a luxury life he's got everything back, but in a distant some strings you can pull. It hits
unbelievable, that it's happening in real life and in America this is the kind of stuff that people are fleeing their country to get to us, because there is no rule of law. This is the best of the Glinda Programme and don't forget rain us on Itunes, MIKE Lee Senator from the senior senator from Utah. is on with us now hallo, my courier doing great be with you thanks. I want to talk to you about a couple of things and I think one of the reasons why I really like you is because you always look at things through the constitution. I mean you do you know where you are clerk for Supreme Court, justices and and Europe
Talking about I want to talk to about two different bills. One is: is about protecting presidential power. Can you tell me about this with me?
afford our I'm sorry, mauler you're sure so dislike Coon's legislation designed to protect Robert Mahler from being fired, is only one problem with that. It's not constitutional justice. Scully pointed out in a great opinion eroding the king called Morrison. The also the Department of Justice is part of the executive branch. Its run by an attorney general was appointed by the president. Informed by the Senate, serves at the pleasure of the president. You can create a new de facto fourth branch of government within the Department of Justice, one it's completely isolated and insulated from the executive branches chief executive officer, it's wrong to do that, and for that reason the Congress allowed the former independent council statute to
fire tunes and flagrant trying to do with his bill would be to create a new de facto type of independent council. That's wrong! It's unconstitutional and I oppose it. Ok, so I just wanna make sure I understand this. This helps the president, but this is not something that you're trying to do to help the president you trying to make sure we protect the constitution and the structure of our country. The delicately right I'd be doing the same thing and with a democratic president right, because this is about the structure of the constitution, and that is a non partisan issue. So the president, because he is the chief executive. He the overseas and he runs these departments, the Department of Justice? So here The chief executive, so he's the guy who can fire and higher now that could be horrible, politically for him
Could the record the Senate or the House Congress take any action against him constitutionally? If he did do this, or is it just a short, ok sure look, there's no doubt there would be political consequences, and there is no doubt that there are some things that would happen in response to it in the Congress if he did it and that one of the reasons I don't he's gonna find first about been almost two years for grant automatically, wouldn't find him by now and I was going to bring. Secondly, he knows that they would be dire political consequences for him to, so that's. Why he's not going to do it anyway? That's why this is so much ado about nothing. In my opinion. In any event, even if we're not much ado about nothing, it still constitutional and we shouldn't do it. because it would then create a a fourth branch that v com.
is overseeing and the Justice Department right yet yet effectively at because this is a principle prosecutor, ill officer. Oliver. U S attorneys in a country like the attorney general himself are appointed by the President, confirmed by the Senate and serve the pleasure of the present. That's how the system works. This bill would create. Many department of Justice within the department just as one that would operate outside of the executive branch chain of authority and that not okay, so I can break down for people and in ways that maybe they they understand in their real life. You know we were all may have our own rules is mom and dad, but my but dad have to agree that What the rules and the rules are. This is I got you saying no to your son or daughter, foregoing to a movie and then Mom, says well, know, there's this special carve out over here. Dad can't say that on this movie, because
disagree with them. Yes, you can go that just causes chaos in the family and destroys the family in the end that, in the end, be analogies, not perfect, but the out of your point. retrying caused ok art MIKE or is the the other you're really in some ways getting hammered for by conservatives on on criminal justice reform and you ve been Ben spearheading this, along with others, and I happened to agree with you, but some servants are saying you're, just going soft on crime, that the opposite is true. They could not be more wrong in order to fight crime. We have to be smart about the way we fight it like a new case hardly a square. She, a former attorney general of the United States, former federal judge,
real hard knows prosecutor has explained, pretty soon. We will crossed the threshold where more than one third of the money going into the Department of Justice goes to running. The presence of part of this is because of the fact that we rely on these sometimes excessive and I'm a mandatory penalties within the federal.
criminal justice system, guys like this guy Weldon Angelos, who talk about in the past, have sold tree dine backs of pot while carrying a gun, and I guess fifty five years in prison poured its ridiculous and it diminishes our ability to fight crime effectively. So our bill would fix problems like that, giving judges and added degree of discretion to put the long dead there really bad people, but dangerous people behind bars for a long time, but make the right choice on other piece of risk. This bill would also provide incentives for prisoners to go through training exercises that would have been proven to reduce their rate of recommending an offence once they get out. This will make the american people safe and that's why, president from support it? That's why I'm proud of you,
This effort MIKE? Why have we not her her heard any led, the President come out in favour, or anyone in Congress stand up for Asia Bibi and say we welcome Asia Bibi, the Christian from Pakistan. That is we have spent nine years in prison because she blasphemed the profit and and Supreme Court in Pakistan, heard her case and said it was a travesty of justice and because of that, her her and her family under threat England his past Germany has passed where leading the way on this. I don't know, that's a good question, I'm happy to look into that. Would you We get countries yeah I'd, be happy to get countries around the world to do crazy thing to sound like a particularly agree, just one and though, whenever we ve got a country that purports to be an ally in at least some respects, we ought to be able to act.
some degree of leverage on that, and we have we have far too, you know what we should be welcoming where we're having this problem and the border now and we're having debate on what a refugee is, Here's one hears here's a catholic woman who refuses to deny her faith and oh, she is. She is going to be headed in dragged through the streets she's in hiding now she's trying to get a western country to take her. Nobody will same time. We two million people now these wiggers in in concentration camps in China. in Washington DC just two days ago. There was this. This woman, who has escaped from China she was old into one of these camps fire times, and she begged them for death there. There when things that are worse than George Orwell was doing in nineteen before, and I think they're trying to sterilize the entire weaker population and we don't seem
even be talking about this. We should meet as a as a government. As a party, we be showing the world what a real refugee looks like and it Somebody wants to come here for more economic, opportune, The real refugee is somebody like these people. That is why we have refugee programme. This is why we have asylum laws is to take on people like that were being persecuted and there is a real distinction that is not how to diminish. The Diana of anyone circumstances around the world, but it is very significant. The distinction between people who live in the country that can honestly depressed generally on the one hand and live in a country where the government is actively persecuting people based on their faith or based on some other immutable characteristic based on there are more than what they do might get em terrace. If you have any any thoughts on the investor
he should on Jeffrey Epstein. The soldiers came out It has a lot to do with areas. Certainly, a lot of really shady interaction, serve very seemingly, a sweetheart deal in which you in here Reportedly, allegedly, we now have done all sorts of things Stu Teenagers- and it was a very firm, really twisted tail and You were one of receiving thirteen months in prison with all sorts of beneficial treatment, and it certainly seems like he the beneficiary of his political connections at his money. Is there anything can do to stop that sort of thing from having going foreigners or anything. We can do about this particular case. Probably nuts not everything that we can do about this particular case, wants a deal like that is done in camp. Really be undone sport that dealers concern? How do you live in case in this is there: was he made a deal with what was at the local prosecutor not to prosecute yeah? That I
and even though it was possible basely, they said they be they. The agreement was a non prosecution agreement which the cover not only him but his friends and others associated with this. These incidents from being prosecuted even by the FBI. The White Red was essentially cancelled. The FBI investigation that was going on is that impossible, my it does happen and someone that would do want to know more about it before attacking it wholeheartedly. I will say normally that is not the kind of Senate you expect to see from that type of really by criminal behaviour once in a while
You will see agreements like that if there is a failure of evidentiary proof if there is significant and uncertainty as to their ability to prove the crime if there are chain of custody problems with their evidence war, if somebody has the ability to offer more evident circumstances like that can come into applied, but, like I say, that's, not the kind of response from the guy. UKIP equate Sea or with regard to offences like what you're describing because this guy goes back to your beer bill on criminal justice reform. I mean we can't be in a country in which someone who has a small mount of marijuana is fifty five years in prison and Geoffrey Epstein molests, but a potentially up to a hundred under age teenagers and makes them into slave yeah and and wind up with thirteen months. I'm because I think, comes a criminal justice reform? Is it both sides, that is it making sure we punish the real criminals? More harshly
and one set of em with minor offences a lot less harshly is it is it? Is it both sides that equation absolutely is an endless. This gets right to the heart of the point. I want to make it clear, which is then in this bill, but we're talking about really is hard on crime, if you, if you want to make the american people safer, should pass this bill because when we are so focused unlocking the guy who sells three dine bags of pop up for fifty five years that end up having an effect when you have minimum mandatory senators that automatically take you there and then you have prosecutor real policies that encourage prosecutors to bring those cases because their easier win, easier, approve and result in an automatic. We really high sentence, you end up missing the boat or you end up diverting scarce resources away from
Other far more dangerous offenders and so yeah, I think this quite arguably helps proves the need for this bill. I just think that there is, as there were, good we're growing into the state, and- and it's it's you know it's wiping are clamouring to get here. They're they're, not clamouring here for two to work at Walmart. What they really are clamouring into work here for is a fair share and a system of of justice that isn't corrupt and its, Seems like arse justice system is becoming one. Where were where hammering people for doing very little. If you have now connections you of course get the maximum sentence, but if this in person has a lot of connections. They get nothing, they walk away. No, that's exactly right in that, mind the legitimacy of the criminal justice system that's a yet another reason why we need to pass this bill, and I also like hell you connected that to the porter crisis. I think that
Two are related, and I are look what what scares us about. This is not the country of origin, if not anything, about their ethnicity. It's the mob behaviour that we ve seen mob lawlessness. Now, if you go to anywhere any venue in your day to day life, whether its church, the grocery store, a sporting event, a rock concert and amusement park, it even your workplace, chances are pretty good. You're gonna have to cross through a gate offence, a door, something where there are rules governing your entrance and your exit. If you break those rules, especially if you break those rules as part of a large mob, there will be consequences you will be thrown out and if you can't be thrown out, if we reward to be
He drew up a mob in that respect. Those same values that you today enjoy will quickly become ruined. They will quickly no longer be created. They won't be there for you to enjoy. Why don't? I just can't believe so. Many people are standing up for this, as you would save this mob and and yet at the same time, the people who created those mobs in in Europe, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry of the policy that we in Libya. There now going in talking all over Europe saying a euro. This migration thing this immigrant thing. That was a real mistake, and yet still standing up for it here, but make any sense in their disregarding the fact that there are people right here. Men and I lived for two years along the Texas Mexico Border, and I can tell you, there's no group of people more concern than the poor middle class Americans, many of whom some name
but most of whom are themselves immigrants or the children of immigrants. There's nobody more scared than they are about uncontrolled waves of mass migration. No, it's easy for people were hundreds or thousands of miles north of that border living in their data, Jimmy recent in their bid to elite schools to say let them all in its quite another thing for those who actually live in the areas most affected. We have to be worried about them centre likely. Thank you so much the best Glenda programme we want to welcome programme, a friend of the show and his mom- Ike row and and his mother Peggy hello, ok, how are you
good morning, I'm fine! Thank you good. I diatribe MIKE I'm sorry that we're going to waste your time here. We really wanted to talk to your mom vote. You're are you there MIKE I'm fine is my mother. There I didn't hear and you're not like you're, not wasting his time after all, ok good, so Peggy. I wanted to start with you in first give you a compliment on raising an amazing son. He is I don't know how you did it, I'm raising a son, I dont know what you did, but he kind? He is smart. He is one of only two people there. I've come into our broadcast studios, in the last one. Almost ten years now and after he was done, he went in to the control room and shook the hand of every person that we
he had no reason nothing to gain from any of these people, and he is he's a remarkable man. You did a great job. well. Thank you. You know, I really can't argue with anything you ve said hoping you would say: well, it has its moments of court, yes, not perfect, but he is unfailingly gracious to everyone. He respects our people and the jobs they do, and you know it's always been like that and that's sincere. is that nothing fake yeah so MIKE, can you tell me what it was about your mom that helped you turn out this way, we're goin on it somewhat of a disadvantage? I can't hear my delightful mother are now talking to you. So so God knows what she say she just ass. Ever he got that
that works to our advantage. By the way, I might add, is proof booth. Really you can. I came in changing the way we do this right or the end of my misspent career, but either way Glenn what? What was your question precisely hey, I was just now- apparently Peggy can't hear you either. So this is not going to work out well button, I don't know why can we do? We were working on the origin of their decision, some technical issue. This is this not happened before I know what I was asking was: what is it about your mother that helped you turn out, because I know a little bit about her. You know her mom. What is it that your mom? Did that helped you,
now the way you are like MIKE. Yes, she well look like any good mom. She provided a great example, but she also had something that a lot of good mothers today don't have, and that is her own good mother living a hundred yards away, who basically had Carte Blanche to walk into our home anytime day or night and completely upset the apple cart in a way that was both horrifying, instructive, unforgettable and its it. I mean really so. Thank God, go ahead like when you have a force of nature, you're living in your neighborhood has a key to your home? You simply sit back hope for the best and take. Not so Peggy. That's where I want to go. I don't know if you could hear him yet, but MIKE was talking
about your mom and said one of the things that really affected him. What is that she was a force of nature and she the key to the house. to end in it which made things exciting, the Little I know about your mother, you scribe her, and this seems like an understatement as an as Baltimore Orioles Van, that would throw her underwear at the tv and swear at the empires whom I worked out by the way I could hear MIKE. Oh you're, gonna get good. hi mom. How are you hey MIKE long time, Let me be honest, ok, so normal together, we thought so tell me so,
Peggy. Tell me about your tell me about your mom a grown up with your but yeah. You know I I say in the book that I actually had to mothers and that's true. Mother number one was refined and sophisticated he enjoyed the opera, the ballet should pay contract bridge. She dressed impeccably and her home was always ready for gas and- in eighteen. Fifty four, the Baltimore Orioles came to town and mother number, one just kind of disappeared, mother number two crazed bought more or your fan. He did she jumped up and down and hoped and hollered, and she would drag me out to Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, and she would,
Anthony Isles and shouted senators and on piracy and have you had never seen any of this from your mother before O? Absolutely not complete one. Eighty from my mother and for a young teenage girl, Theory embarrassment horrifying existing Irene They had to be very careful. When I invited friends over, I had to make sure there was no ball game on a day, ok, so so so after the ball game, she would go right back to mom number one. You know in most cases he would unless of course, there was a sports programme on like baseball talk, or you know where they could talk about. The game, the post game coming it mother number two would remain as long as there was anything baseball happening in the area
number one. You know mother number one would return now it was there I mean I know of it was, is: was there something wrong with her, or was this just her passion? I I don't think there is anything really going with her. It was yesterday he just loved baseball, and you know to my knowledge, this was her first encounter with sports, except for high school, where she play basketball and my mother was always in charge. So I always think that she probably was the captain of her team, but no on previously she had not really had anything to do with record. So this was a surprise Yes, so MIKE, let me ask you the same question is something wrong with her or yeah
A girl with you know a fundamental defect and Anna Chromosome, probably I so far to say with a deficiency, but it was definitely an anomaly because among Many other trades, my my grandmother. She was a correctly. You know in the same way like if she was still around today and on on Facebook. Much like my dad. Actually, you know she couldn't bear to hear a story being told whose facts didn't comport precisely with her recollection of them. Unless, unless she was talking about my mom or any of her grand kids, in which case she lied like it was now
I may say he- imbalance, o Glitt man honestly. What did she say? I was an extra basically Emmy opera. I had one line I sang in the chorus right. I told you the story back me: you think, I'd another Baltimore opera, but my group other love opera, and so when he learned that I was singing at it. I mean she was literally introducing me to her friends as a guy who was touring. With Pavarotti and the main go- and you know I mean I was literally a star of the opera world and I basically forests gaunt my way in to the Baltimore opera. I didn't know Italian. I didn't do anything, but when my group mother talk about her grand plans, we could do no wrong and I didn't know
how to behave. You know when I was eighteen nineteen hearing this version is me that sounded pretty good, but wasn't true, but I swear there was something in her that that made a kind of a cell phone Billy Prophecy sheep. She made everybody around her want to be better than they were in whatever. She had to do and in my case it was just wanton prevarication. I just meant a family I just met a family yesterday that line of all twenty five acres in in Houston and the family split it up back in the fifties between like five brothers and now those five brothers all live in. How and with their families, and now their kids are trying to buy some of the property around and they keep splitting it and they said it's the greatest thing ever
it's not a compound, we're just all living next to each other and that's the way I used to be, and I think there something really really good to be said about having family right. There. Are you gonna? Do I'd? Peggy opponents sit up well, it could be like a sitcom, but you know holidays would come and there was no question as to who would be in our house are who would help us celebrate birthdays? The fourth of July, Memorial Day every holiday, my parents were there. We were so supportive of the children, and I know it must have seemed to MIKE. Oh, they pop cannon out all the time, but really they respect for privacy for the most part an ear. They were active people. They both worked so on they weren't at home. all the time, but my mother did happen.
She knew how things should be and when she moreover, and if I was playing on the floor with it children. She would invariably say well. It must be nice to have all your housework dawn and I knew in my hand The name of your book is about my mother. Thank you so much fora for sharing her and thanks for coming on the programme, and I I really don't so impressed with your son? And I I know that's not come from him? No that's coming from an amazing family, and I just I just really wanted to tell you a job well done job well done on. I will accept that compliment you and you won't get. Any disagreement
While the lying continues in the family, doesn't it efforts aimless? My thank you. So much God bless when thank you, as always I do. I owe you a solid for that Facebook thing once upon a time, and now I m sure, how do I know you don't appreciated? Thank you so much eighty eighty one years old, New York Times best seller. When has that ever happened, Possum so great. Peggy Sue you go and strong red another one. God bless land- this has been business, been fun thing right. Thank you about. My mother is the name of the book you can find it now. Peggy row MIKE rose mom This is great people, the blaze radio network on demand
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